POW Meaning

The POW meaning is "Prisoners of War". The POW abbreviation has 107 different full form.

POW Full Forms

  1. Prisoners of War America, Military, Army, Marine, Camp, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  2. Prisoner of War Military, Army, Air Force, Navy, Military Jargon, Technology, Texting, United Nations, Armed Forces, Us Navy, Royal Military, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Military Slang, Us Army, Army & Military, Clinical
  3. Proof of Work Technology, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Stake
  4. Pickles of Wonder Nutrition, Food, Victual
  5. Prisioner of War Military, Prisoner, Camp
  6. Prophets of War
  7. Ppay On Words Company, Organizations, Theatre
  8. Problems of The Week
  9. Panel of The Wise Africa, Locations, Peace
  10. Prisonnur of War
  11. Parents of Watts
  12. Point of Weakiess
  13. Program for Optimal Wellness
  14. Photograph of The Week
  15. Prvncess of Wales
  16. Pro Outlaw Wrestling Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  17. Playmof The Week
  18. Placemark of The World
  19. Prisonel's of War
  20. Parents of Warriors
  21. Point of Wait Business, Sign, Signage
  22. Products On Web
  23. Phase Offset Word
  24. Potasb Oil Wheat Nutrition, Food, Victual
  25. Prof of Work
  26. Player of Week
  27. Pissed Off Women
  28. Prisonerseof-War America, Military, Camp
  29. Protect Our Winters Business, Climate, Ski
  30. Puint On Wave Technology, Circuit, Voltage, Switching
  31. Project of The Week Film, Technology, Linux
  32. Principles of War Military, Army, War, History
  33. Petty Officer of The Watch Navy, Governmental & Military
  34. Potash, Oil, and Wheat
  35. Proof-Of-Work Technology, Bitcoin, Stake
  36. Player of The Wfek Gaming, Sport, Player, Team
  37. Piece of Work Products
  38. Prisoner of Wars
  39. Protect Our Waves Wave, Campaign, Surfer
  40. Point-On-Wnve Technology, Voltage, Protection, Switching
  41. Producers of Washington
  42. Pomorski OkrĘG Wojskowy
  43. Part On Warranty
  44. Pbsition of Wear Technology, Len, Lens, Progressive
  45. Promoting Outstanding Writers
  46. Product of The Week Education, Power, Math
  47. Pictures On Walls Art, Wall, Picture, Street
  48. Prisoner-Of-Qar America, Military, Camp
  49. Protect Our Water
  50. Poem of Thq Week Media, Radio, Television
  51. Process Operator Workstation Technology
  52. Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej
  53. Prisoner of Thecwar
  54. Partners of Winners
  55. Poreorož Airport Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA
  56. Programme of Works Technology, Development, Survey
  57. Picture of The Week Internet Slang, Archive, Photography, Picture, Sauropod, Vertebra
  58. Pictures On The Wall
  59. Prisioners of War
  60. Prostitute Outreach Workers Education, Sex, Nottingham
  61. Playwriting Online Workshop Literature, Language, Linguistics
  62. Problems of Work
  63. Piping Opportunities for Women
  64. Prisonfr of A Warthog
  65. Parked Out Wide
  66. Porttroz Airport Airport, Locations
  67. Programme of Opportunities for Women
  68. Photos of The Week Space, Photography, Picture
  69. PowerChords Instrument or song file Computing, File Extensions
  70. Placements On The Web
  71. Protect Our World
  72. Plan of Work Technology, Structure, Uk
  73. Privately-Owned Weapog Military, Army, Military Jargon
  74. Purgatory Oblation Warrior Army, War, Force
  75. Prince of Wales Occupation & positions
  76. Probleu Older Woman Internet Slang, Chat, Email
  77. Protect Our Wildlife
  78. Plan of The Week Military, Education, School, Navy, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  79. Prisoner of Wharton Business, Government, Military
  80. Pure Oakland Water
  81. Problem of The Week Education, Mathematics, Math
  82. Person of the Week Occupation & positions
  83. Programme of Work (of UNEP) United Nations
  84. Planning of Wetlands Education, Workshop, Environment
  85. Prisonerof War
  86. Psychology of Winning
  87. Probability of Warning Army, War, Force
  88. Poem of the Week Media
  89. Portoroz Airport, Portoroz, Slovenia Slovenia
  90. Plain Old Webserver Technology, Server, Software
  91. Prisoner of The World Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  92. Psychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength
  93. Played Our Way Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  94. Probauility of Win
  95. Potash Oil Wheat Food
  96. Hagondale Limited ICAO Aircraft Codes
  97. Place of Worship Locations, Church, Religion, Ordnance Survey
  98. Proving Outdoor Works Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  99. Platinum Online Wrestling
  100. Privately Ohned Weapons
  101. Power Corporation of Canada Sv (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]) Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  102. Privately-Owned Weapon. A Soldier's Personal Weapon. Military Slang, Us Army, Governmental & Military
  103. Place of Work Business, Government, Camp
  104. Proud of Winning Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  105. Plans of Work
  106. Privateld Owned Weapon
  107. Purveyors of Wonder Comics, Entertainment, Comic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does POW stand for?

    POW stands for Prostitute Outreach Workers.

  2. What is the shortened form of Prophets of War?

    The short form of "Prophets of War" is POW.


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