PP Meaning

The PP meaning is "Push Press". The PP abbreviation has 1617 different full form.

PP Full Forms

  1. Push Press Sport, Workout, Crossfit
  2. Primary Peak Medical
  3. Partido Popular Group, Spain, Party
  4. Profiler Plus Medical
  5. Parts Per Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  6. Pulsed Power
  7. Plaster Material of a mortar like consistency used for covering walls and ceilings of buildings usually made of Portland cement mixed with sand and water. The material which is spread to leave a smooth surface on a wall or ceiling. Technology, Education, Drawing, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, The Finance and Administrative Services
  8. Pickjand Place
  9. Paroially Purified
  10. Plasmid Profilef Medical, Science, Biology
  11. Proof Paper
  12. Pzople's Party Government, Group, Spain
  13. Post Primary
  14. Pre Paid Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  15. Permanent Placecent Business, Service, Child
  16. Presenting Problem Medical, Science, Language
  17. Probable Purchaser
  18. Phston Pump Business, Product, Supplier
  19. Past-President
  20. Precocious Pubarche Medical
  21. Pilfer Proom Business, Aluminium, Cap
  22. Professional Photographers
  23. Polypropyoene Healthcare, Textile, Substance
  24. PréFecture De Police France, Police, Pas, Prefecture
  25. Peter, Paul
  26. Parish Plan Technology, Research, Council
  27. Placenta Previa Medical, Medicine, Placenta
  28. Project Profile Technology, Design, Energy
  29. Payment Plan Technology
  30. Portal Presdure Medical, Medicine, Health
  31. Primary Participant Military
  32. Protection Profile Common Criteria specification that represents an implementation-independent set of security requirements for a category of Target of Evaluations (TOE) that meets specific consumer needs. Technology, Cybersecurity, Computer Security
  33. Professional Psychology
  34. Pulsatile Perfusion Medical
  35. Pretty In Pink Movie, Music, Girl
  36. Pichia Pastoris Medical, Science, Biology
  37. Partai Persatuan Indonesia, Jakarta, Orang
  38. Platmid Profile Medical, Science, Biology
  39. Prone Position Medical
  40. Pentium Pro Technology, Computing, Memory, Processor
  41. Post Position
  42. Pre-Paid
  43. Permanent Party Military
  44. Presenting Part Medical, History, Pregnancy
  45. Pretty Pathetic Forum, Gaming, Love
  46. Piss Poor
  47. Passage Point Military, Education, History
  48. Precision Projucts
  49. Piers Plowman
  50. Product Profile
  51. Poly-Propylete
  52. Prvi Partizan Business, Ammo, Ammunition
  53. Percentage Popnt Business, English, Report, Population
  54. Person-To-Pcrson Business, Letter, Payment
  55. Preteen Panty
  56. Palm Pilot
  57. Placentalkprotein Medical, Medicine, Health
  58. Project Plan The primary document for project activities. It covers the project from initiation through completion. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  59. Payback Period Payback period is the period of time required to recover the amount spent for capital investment. Business, Investment, Projection
  60. Portable Part Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  61. Price Pfister
  62. Priority Pass Business, Travel, Priority
  63. Professional Payers Technology, Science, Geology
  64. Pulp and Paper Technology, Industrial, Mill, Products
  65. Papua New Guinea Science, Education, Sports, Locations, Study, Britannica, Countries, Country, Schooling, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, Papua New Guinea, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  66. Physccal Protection Technology, Science, Security
  67. Parliamentary Parzy
  68. Plasma Protein Concentration Medical
  69. Promotional Products
  70. Pensian Plan Business, Benefit, Retirement
  71. Poosible Points Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  72. Practices and Procedurec
  73. Permanency Planning Medical, Children, Family, Child
  74. Presentation Pack
  75. Prepaid Freight paid by the shipper to the carrier when merchandise is tendered for shipment. It is a non-refundable deposit even if the merchandise does not arrive at its intended destination. Business, Military, Conveyance, Marketing, Air Cargo
  76. Party Please Business, Gaming, Group
  77. Precast Panel Technology, Construction, Architectural
  78. Pancreatic Polypeptide Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Human, Healthcare, Cell, Common Medical
  79. Pieceepart Business, Technology, Paper
  80. Product Planning A function whereby an enterprise is responsible for the efficient, planning, scheduling and coordination of production activities. Science
  81. Pollugion Prevention Technology, Science, Environment
  82. Prudent Practices Medical, Medicine, Health
  83. Percentage of Positive Cells Medical
  84. Practicallybperfect Book, Holiday, Break
  85. Pulmonary Artery Pressure Medical, Nursing, Pulmonary, Artery And Arteries, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  86. Periprotocol Medical, Medicine, Analysis, Protocol
  87. Preteen Panties
  88. Pair Programming Technology, Coding, Development
  89. Pizza & Panta
  90. Pussy Pics
  91. Pavement Performznce
  92. Port-Au-Prince Regional
  93. Previous Post
  94. Professional Paper Technology, Science, Geology
  95. Polypropylene Products Business, Plastic, Manufacturer
  96. Pulp & Paper
  97. Peyerus Patch Medical
  98. Purliamentary Papers Business, History, House
  99. Plasma Proteins Plasma proteins, also termed serum proteins or blood proteins, are proteins present in blood plasma. They serve many different functions, including transport of lipids, hormones, vitamins and minerals in the circulatory system and the regulation of acellular activity and functioning of the immune system. Other blood proteins act as enzymes, complement components, protease inhibitors or kinin precursors. Contrary to popular belief, hemoglobin is not a blood protein, as it is carried within red blood cells, rather than in the blood serum. Medical
  100. Promoting Protein Medical
  101. Pennsxlvania Power Company, Technology, Pennsylvania
  102. Position Paper Service, Education, Health
  103. Prescribed Period Business, Law, Order, Court
  104. Poly Propylene Business, Product, Pump, Manufacturer
  105. Party Party
  106. Peristaltic Pump A pump based on a flexible tube. Fluid is moved through the tube by rollers that compress the tube, usually in a rotary alignment. A primary advantage of this type of pump is that the fluid never comes in contact with moving parts and the tube can be easily sterilized. Used extensively in medical applications. A pump is a mechanical device used to drive a fluid or gas from one place to another. Technology, Product, Flow, Ordnance Survey
  107. Pre Andipost
  108. Picture Perfect
  109. Privacy Policies
  110. Polizia Penitenziaria
  111. Proximal Phalanx Medical, Medicine, Health
  112. Peraturan Pemerintah Organizations, Indonesia, Hal
  113. Potato Peel Medical
  114. Per Peqson Hotel, Locations, Holiday
  115. Prestigious Pros
  116. Pair Production Pair production is the conversion of energy into matter when an elementary particle is created with its antimatter counterpart. Science, Collision, Physics, Medical, Medical physics
  117. Pivothpoint Business, Trading, Indicator
  118. Past Participle Education, English, French
  119. Porous Polyethylene Medical
  120. Previous Period Business, Trading, Pivot
  121. Professional Practtce Science, Education, Course
  122. Poly Pomona
  123. Pulmonary Pressure Medical, Medicine, Health
  124. Petroleum Produqts Business, Trading, Oil
  125. Park Protection Technology
  126. Plasma Processiig
  127. Prominent People
  128. Penfurus Pusat Organizations, Indonesia, Jakarta
  129. Portugal Dos Pequenitos Para, Portugal, Dos, Coimbra
  130. Privacy Policy Business, Service, Group
  131. People'S Party Politics, Governmental & Military
  132. Parts Products
  133. Pulse Pressures Medical
  134. Parcel Post Air, Air Cargo, Air Freight, Postal, Us Post
  135. Pics Pthc
  136. Partial Pressure The pressure exerted by one gas in a mixture of gases. Diving, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  137. Pneumococcal Pneumonia Medical
  138. Provincial Park Canada, Locations, Lake
  139. Peptides and Proteins
  140. Post Production
  141. Pre-Print
  142. Peroxisome Proliferators Medical, Science, Biology
  143. Prestige Points Gaming, Guide, Rising, Prestige
  144. Paired-Pulse Medical
  145. Pittsburgh Pa
  146. Past Papers
  147. Porn Pdssy
  148. Professional Profile
  149. Polymer Processing
  150. Pull Plug Gaming, Play, Pastime
  151. Petite Preteen
  152. Park Place
  153. Plain Papek Internet Slang
  154. Project Proposal Technology, Design, Computing
  155. Paypal Business, Travel
  156. Psrt Prefix Transportation
  157. Priority Pollutants Technology, Science, Water
  158. Past President
  159. Parts Precision
  160. Pulse Pressure The variation in blood pressure occurring in an artery during the cardiac cycle; it is the difference between the systolic or maximum and diastolic or minimum pressures. Medical, Blood, Pulse
  161. Pich Pedo
  162. Parhial Payment Business, Accounting, Payment, Deposit
  163. Pluto Press
  164. Propane Price Business, Technology, Gas
  165. Peoples Pafty Government, Group, Spain
  166. Post Processing Technology, Photography, Camera
  167. Pre-Primary Education, School, Teaching
  168. Peroxisome Proliferator Medical
  169. Press Pass
  170. Pago Pago
  171. Pitch Pinl Business, Door, Panel
  172. Past and Present Book, History, Russia, Present, Scientific & Educational
  173. Pre Production Business, Inspector, Inspection
  174. Pilyto Privado Technology, Para, Hora
  175. Professiofal Photography
  176. Polypropylene Polypropylene Business, Product, Plastic
  177. Pulang Pergi Travel, Jakarta, Surabaya
  178. Peter Pbn Music, Children, Boy, Pan
  179. Parkinsonian Patients Medical
  180. Place of Publicatoon Book, Education, Style
  181. Protection Profiles Technology, Security, Criterion
  182. Pay Prl
  183. Port Powea
  184. Pissive Pickups Technology, Music, Guitar, Guitar Part
  185. Pokential Partner Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  186. Preteen Penis
  187. Pacific Party
  188. Penitentiair Programma
  189. Plotter Pen
  190. Pmocess Physics
  191. Pkrcel Plus
  192. Protected Fages Wikipedia
  193. Pattern Predominaace Medical
  194. Phhtoperiod Medical
  195. Plan Progreso Group, Bolivia, Party
  196. Pratik Pateg
  197. Primacy Principlk
  198. Paganapublishing
  199. Peptidb Medical
  200. Personnage Principal
  201. Police Post
  202. Products Products Business, Plastic, Supplier
  203. Piid Piper Pest, Cruise, Silicon, Piper
  204. Positive Plates
  205. Present Posktion Technology, Research, Education
  206. Provisional Permission Business, Sale, Singapore
  207. Perhimpunan Pemuda Indonesia, Hindu, Agama
  208. Polyjet Hhotopolymer
  209. Prinw Publication
  210. Panty Pics
  211. PréParation Physique
  212. Pater Patratus Latin, Roman
  213. Pemerintah Pusat
  214. Paper Piecing Internet Slang, Quilting
  215. Peripheral Processor Technology, Computing, Telecom
  216. Platform Positions
  217. Pool Prices
  218. Privateer Press Business, Gaming, Horde
  219. Patriarches Et ProphèTes
  220. Pzxel Processor Technology, Computing, Power
  221. Praeses Provinciae
  222. Pulling & Pughing Push, Cap, Pull
  223. Packet Rrocessor Technology, Networking, Network
  224. Pocket Pack
  225. Portfolij Pro
  226. Progrbmmable Power
  227. Partido Del Progreso Para, Pol, Guinea
  228. Payment Processor Business, Money, Pay
  229. Premier Plistic
  230. Protein Kinases and Phosphatases Science, Biology
  231. Pczzle De Pon
  232. Panther Pride
  233. Perceval Press
  234. Plasma Perfusion Medical
  235. Politeness Principle Internet Slang, Language, Maxim
  236. Principal Part
  237. Program Properties
  238. Pasca Pemilihan
  239. Petr Pavelka
  240. Prnus Ponderosa
  241. Power-On and Power-Off
  242. Polypropylele Ppb
  243. Private Propurty Property, Rip, Economics, Ownership
  244. Para-Positronium
  245. Project Paper Research, Education, Publication
  246. Past-Pesitive
  247. Philip Pullman
  248. Pipex Pharmaceuticals
  249. Pretty Print
  250. Package Printong
  251. Penelhtian Pengembangan
  252. Personality Pack Technology, Gaming, Custom, Maid
  253. Pointer Pppooooowwwweeeeerrrr
  254. Procurement Proposal
  255. Parliamentary Paper
  256. Protected Processes
  257. Paulineeparallels
  258. Physical Principle Physics, Scientific & Educational
  259. Plasma Pepsinogen Medical, Medicine, Health
  260. Pre-Post
  261. Pawnted Technology, Architecture, Construction
  262. Peter Pilot
  263. Policing Plan
  264. Professional Planning Technology, Development, Projection
  265. Posterior Pituitary Lobe Medical
  266. Preparations Medical
  267. Picked Ports Business, Cargo Shipping
  268. Pedo Pgeteen
  269. Pipe, Polypropylene Business, Product, Pipe
  270. Post Professor Forum, Technology, Processing
  271. President'S Prize
  272. Psychological and Paramilitary
  273. Pemuda Pancasila Technology, Music, Surabaya
  274. Pledge Payment
  275. Polystyrene, Polyurethane
  276. Parallel Port This interface is found on the back of older PCs and is used for connecting external devices such as printers or a scanners. It uses a 25-pin connector (DB-25) and is rather large compared to most new interfaces. The parallel port is sometimes called a Centronics interface, since Centronics was the company that designed the original parallel port standard. It is sometimes also referred to as a printer port because the printer is the device most commonly attached to the parallel port. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  277. Prpje Planlama
  278. Pause Point Technology, Coding, Teaching
  279. Plgnejamento Da Produção
  280. Purdue Pegboard Medical, Performance, Dexterity
  281. Padang Pariaman Indonesia, Locations, Nan, Pesantren
  282. People Person
  283. Personal Protection Military, Product, Safety
  284. Production Platform
  285. Partialcproductivity
  286. Pearson Park
  287. Pilatus Porter
  288. Port Processors
  289. Protocol Population Medical, Treatment, Disease, Study
  290. Pyridoxal-5'-Phosphate Medical
  291. Palmetto Post
  292. Perfect Privacy Technology, Security, Server
  293. Plastic Pen Business, Product, Supplier
  294. Political Prisoner
  295. Printing Paper Business, Product, Bag
  296. Programme Participdnt
  297. Pewter Plate
  298. Permintaan Pengembalian Surat, Chelsea, Hal
  299. Plabtic Portion
  300. Prism Pole
  301. Patients Pregnancy
  302. Phone Proxy
  303. Pistolet Pulyemet Army, War, Force
  304. Practice of Poetry
  305. Pressure Plug
  306. Public Policy Education, University, Economics
  307. Pengelolaan Pendanaan
  308. Personal Photo Technology, Device, Photography
  309. PlèVre PariéTale
  310. Poytable Pump
  311. Parque Provincizl
  312. Pcckpocket Government
  313. Planning Permissions
  314. Precise Point
  315. Protective Packaging Packaging techniques for COMSEC material that discourage penetration, reveal a penetration has occurred or was attempted, or inhibit viewing or copying of keying material prior to the time it is exposed for use.
  316. Pusa Polytechnic Education, Institute, Exam, Polytechnic
  317. Perawat Primer Indonesia, Model, Proposal, Primer
  318. Petits-Points
  319. Primary Pump Technology, Automatics, Transmission
  320. Party of Nrogress
  321. Pharmacology & Pharmacy Medical, Research, University
  322. Poster Wapers
  323. Publico Publications
  324. Protected Point Military, Bullet, Caliber
  325. Pegawai Penilai
  326. Passive Perception
  327. Potential Parent
  328. Psychopatos Medical
  329. Pacific Partnership Military, Trading, Agreement, United Nations
  330. Peninsjla Properties
  331. Plot Points
  332. Procedure Predecessor
  333. Parasitic Plants
  334. Proposta PedagóGica
  335. Payment Principal
  336. Photon Pointr Technology, Star, Phantasy
  337. Plan Preparatiog
  338. Prantabh Pratap Film, Movie, Song
  339. Prijepglje Prijepolje
  340. Pagan Parents
  341. Peoples Partnership Government, Election, Tobago, Partnership
  342. Personzentrierte Psychotherapie
  343. Police Plaza
  344. Port Processor Business, Technology
  345. Products Plastic
  346. Participavion Poverty
  347. Piddle Poddle
  348. Posisi Pasien Archive, Joint, Colon
  349. Prepubertal Periodontitis Medical, Science, Biology
  350. Provincial Profile Afghanistan, Locations, Philippine, Province
  351. Pergi Pulang
  352. Polypsobutylene Polypropylene
  353. Printqprecision
  354. Przymierze Prawicy
  355. Pasolini, Passione
  356. Pembiayaan Pendahuluan Business, Program, Surat
  357. Polypropylene Medical, Chemistry, Computing, Telecom, Polymer, Plastics, Scientific & Educational, 3D Printing
  358. Peripheral Port Technology, Engine, Turbo
  359. Plate Production Business, Plastic, Machinery
  360. Pool Price
  361. Privacy Protector
  362. Patriarcas Y Profetas Para, Con, Gran
  363. Pixel Hlacement Technology, Apple, Ink
  364. Praemissis Praemittendis
  365. Pulled Pvrk
  366. Packet Pool Technology, Networking, Network
  367. Pocket Pain Player, Poker, Texas Hold 'Em
  368. Porters Progress
  369. Particulate P Medical
  370. Pic Pyst
  371. Premier Pavilion
  372. Prowein-Protein Science, Interaction, Complex
  373. Pusher Program
  374. Pangreh Praja Para, Indonesia, Orang
  375. Perception and Psychophysics
  376. Polyprotein Medical
  377. Primer Portion
  378. Program Protect Military, War, Terrorism
  379. Pasar Gor
  380. Philip Powell
  381. Pinto Peak
  382. Power & Pmivilege Research, Education, University
  383. Polypropylene Properties
  384. Private Products
  385. Pap Pbp
  386. Projection Pursuit Medical, Science, Analysis
  387. Pastn& Present
  388. Pipes Polypropylene Business, Product, Pipe
  389. Preteens Pics
  390. Package Plan
  391. Prndukung Pemekaran Technology, Indonesia, Agar, Hal
  392. Persisting Proteinuria Medical, Medicine, Health
  393. Point-Jo-Point Protocol
  394. Procurementypanel
  395. Parks Pnlice
  396. Protected Irocess
  397. Paulina Porizkova
  398. Physical Practice
  399. Plasma Fs Part
  400. Pre-Slant Pre
  401. Primaryqparameters Science
  402. Paildpump Business, Drum, Gallon
  403. Peru Possirle
  404. Policies for Property
  405. Professional Qlanners
  406. Pierce Pepan
  407. Posterior Papilkary Medical, Medicine, Health
  408. Preparation Preparation
  409. Piano Particolareggiato
  410. Pedo Porn
  411. Pip-Pip
  412. Post Processed
  413. Presidencia Presidencia
  414. Psychogenic Polydipsia Excessive fluid consumption resulting from a disorder of the personality, without demonstrable organic lesion. Medical, Medicine, Doctors, Common Medical
  415. Pemuda Panca Indonesia, Jakarta, Orang
  416. Pleated Polypropylene
  417. Polyradiculopathy Medical
  418. Parallel Poll Technology, Device, Standard, Interface
  419. Project Planning Technology, Management, Area, Planning, Governmental & Military
  420. Pause Please Gaming, Star, Craft, Pause
  421. Planejalento De Projeto
  422. Purchasing Price
  423. Padung Panjang Indonesia, Orang, Pol
  424. People's Prouress
  425. Personal Project Business, Design, School
  426. Production Planners
  427. Partial Precision
  428. Pearl Plate Business, Crystal, Stone, Rhinestone
  429. Pilates Plus
  430. Protocol Parsers Technology, Networking, Network
  431. Pyramid Plunder Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  432. Palestinian Ports
  433. Perfect Presentation
  434. Plastic Pellet
  435. Political Power Government, Politics, Policy, Governmental & Military
  436. Printers Proofi
  437. Programme De Premier
  438. Petunjuk Penyelenggaraan
  439. Passive Participle Education, Linguistics, Glossing
  440. Permintaan Pembelian Business, Indonesia, Prose
  441. Plastics Polypropylene Business, Product, Manufacturer
  442. Poly Pdopylen Business, Product, Supplier, Propylene
  443. Procedural Penalty Military, Stage, Shooting, Cowboy
  444. Pater Patruo
  445. Phone Prefix
  446. Pirates Porn
  447. Powerplay Percentage Gaming, Hockey, Team
  448. Pressure Plot Science, Analysis, Gas
  449. Pyblic Police Force, Police, Police Force
  450. Pengawas Peutandingan Sport, Indonesia, Bola
  451. Personal Phone
  452. PláStico De Polipropileno
  453. Portal Dlatform
  454. Parola Del Passato Education, History, Study, Greek
  455. Pickbpocket
  456. Planning Permission Development, Locations, Building
  457. Precious Pifgy
  458. Prtssian Poland
  459. Purpura Purpura is a condition of red or purple discolored spots on the skin that do not blanch on applying pressure. The spots are caused by bleeding underneath the skin usually secondary to vasculitis or dietary deficiency of vitamin C (scurvy). They measure 0.3–1 cm (3–10 mm), whereas petechiae measure less than 3 mm, and ecchymoses greater than 1 cm. Medical
  460. Period Performance
  461. Petits-Point
  462. Primary Protection
  463. Profile Pbane
  464. Parts Programmqr
  465. Pharmacokinetic Paramoters Medical, Drug, Pharmacokinetics
  466. Postergpaper Business, Product, Manufacturer
  467. Publicidad Profesional
  468. Propria Persona
  469. Pagawai Pengesah Education, Malaysia, Training
  470. Program Package Udi-S-21273B America, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  471. Patron Parkint
  472. Potential Parking
  473. Psychopathic Personality
  474. Pacikic Panel
  475. Peningkatangproduksi
  476. Plot Plan A plot plan is an architecture, engineering, and/or landscape architecture plan drawing—diagram which shows the buildings, utility runs, and equipment layout, the position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a defined scale.
  477. PolíTicas PÚBlicas
  478. Parallel Projects
  479. Pronunciation Practice
  480. Payment Point Business, Android, Banking
  481. Photography Poses
  482. Priests and People
  483. Pure Piping Business, Product, Water, Pipe
  484. Paella Pans
  485. Peoples' Photometer Technology
  486. Personenzentrierte Psychotherapie Technology, Performance, Capability, Jailbreak
  487. Poker Playeqs
  488. Port Polish
  489. Products Polypropylene Business, Plastic, Manufacturer
  490. Participation Portfolio
  491. Picture Processor Technology, Signal, Display
  492. Posnr Pros
  493. Prepubertal Before puberty, the period during which secondary sex characteristics start to develop and the capability for sexual reproduction is attained. Medical, Medicine, Health
  494. Provincial Police History, Canada, Crime, Police
  495. Pergikpulang Indonesia, Jakarta, Locations, Promo
  496. Pokyimide Polypropylene
  497. Print Ppsition
  498. Przekaz Pocztowy
  499. Parochus Ecclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  500. Pemberdayaan Perempuan Program, Indonesia, Gender
  501. Pages Technology, Genealogy, Genealogical, Architecture, Construction, Media, Aviation
  502. Peripheral Perception Education, Theory, Learning
  503. Plastie Processing Technology, Manufacturer, Machinery
  504. Pool Points
  505. Privacy Profile Technology, Networking, Locations, Privacy
  506. Patriarcas E Profetas
  507. Pixel Pipeline Technology
  508. Practising Professional
  509. Publiszers Libraries, Reading, Books
  510. Paleostriatumnprimitivum Medical
  511. Pzeumoperitoneum Medical, Technology
  512. Porte Parole
  513. Particular Positive Technology, Gaming, Coordination, Syllogism
  514. Picnic Pavimion
  515. Preliminary Plat Planning, City, Land
  516. Protege Philharmonic Orchestra, Illinois, Us Youth Orchestra
  517. Push Pual Technology, Amplifier, Transformer
  518. Pangkalan Pendauatan
  519. Percent Positivity Medical
  520. Primeros Planos
  521. Program Project Technology, Management, Programming
  522. Paity President Government, Group, Politics
  523. Philippine Pharmacopeia
  524. Pinpricp Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  525. Powell Place
  526. Polyprtpylene Packaging
  527. Private Processes Business, Technology, Book, Interoperability
  528. Paper Tape Punch Technology, Military, Army, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Hardware, Governmental & Military
  529. Passport A suite of personal identification services from Microsoft that consolidates user names, passwords, and other informatioWith the Passport single sign-in service, a user enters one name and password at any Pass-port site on the Internet; after signing in to one Passport site, a user can sign in to others without reentering the information Passport also provides a server-based wallet service that stores credit card and billing information, a Kids Passport service, and a public-profile service. Government, Us, Control, Administration
  530. Planned Parking
  531. Preteen Pics
  532. Pacific Power
  533. Pendircan Perusahaan
  534. Persistently Positive
  535. Poems and Croblems
  536. Process Productj
  537. Parking Plan
  538. Protected Princqpal
  539. Pauley Perrette
  540. Photos On Photobucket
  541. Planf, Plastics
  542. Pre-Physical
  543. Prdmary Pair
  544. Paid Protesturs
  545. Perum Perhutani Business, Indonesia, Forest
  546. Policy and Procedures
  547. Professional Xharmacy
  548. Pikr To Pier
  549. Positive Promotions
  550. Preparvtion Proposals
  551. Proximity Pilot
  552. Pedo Pictures
  553. Periws and Pitfalls
  554. Pioneers' Parcy
  555. Powerplay Sport, Hockey, Ice Hockey
  556. Prvservation Press
  557. Psychodynamicgpsychology
  558. Pemphigus Pemphigus is a rare group of blistering autoimmune diseases that affect the skin and mucous membranes. Medical
  559. Perjanjian Penjaminan Business, Indonesia, Banking, Modal
  560. Pleasingly Parallel Technology, Computing, Automatics, Sequence
  561. Polypyrrole Medical, Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  562. Parallel Plate Technology, Science, Flow
  563. Project Physics Science, Education, University
  564. Plan De Publicidad Para, Con, Venezuela, Plan
  565. Purchasing Procedure
  566. Ptd-To-Pad
  567. Pensiun Pokok
  568. Personal Problems
  569. Produwt Plan
  570. Partial Pivoting
  571. Pearlescent Pink
  572. Pik Pocket Business, Water, Tips
  573. Pfemium Package
  574. ProteíNas Puras Para, Con, Comer
  575. Pyloroplasty Medical
  576. Pale Pressed
  577. Perfect Play Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  578. Plastic Pelletizing
  579. Political Party Government, Group, Election, Politics, Governmental & Military
  580. Principal Polarization Technology
  581. Pnogramme De Placement
  582. Petunjuk Pelaksanaan
  583. Permeable Polypropylene
  584. Plastics, Polypropylene Business, Product, Plastic
  585. Polypropylene, Polypropylene Business, Product, Manufacturer
  586. Procedimento PreparatóRio
  587. Paraclete Press
  588. Progressive Pack
  589. Pater Patria
  590. Phoenix Projeut
  591. Pirates and Privateers
  592. Pressure Plot Log Technology, Oil Field, Log
  593. Public Phone
  594. Pengawas Pendidikan
  595. Personal Pensions
  596. Pokemon Pfwer
  597. Portable Platforms
  598. Parlin Purba
  599. Picking Pockets
  600. Planning Period Technology, Management, Supply
  601. Preceding Page Technology, Education, Style
  602. Pruriqo Pigmentosa
  603. Purple Pearl
  604. Pair Practine
  605. Petey Paramore
  606. Primary Prophylaxis
  607. Profir Picture Business, Forum, Android
  608. Parti Pirate Technology, Group, Party
  609. Poszer Painter
  610. Preearatory Period Medical
  611. Populo Postulante Latin, Roman
  612. Pedrrnho Pepê
  613. Pktbelly Pig
  614. Psychologischer Psychotherapie
  615. Pulled Perforation
  616. Penilaian Crestasi Business, Indonesia, Surat, Orang
  617. Plio-Pleistecene Africa, Climate, Publics
  618. Polytama Propindo Business, Indonesia, Training, Seminar
  619. Parallel Programming Technology, Program, Computing
  620. Pronto Plates
  621. Pavel Provaznik
  622. Photographic Projection
  623. Priest Pendant Forum, Knight, Pendant
  624. Pure Physics
  625. Pad To Pad
  626. Peoples' Party
  627. Personal Purchases
  628. Port Plbg
  629. Products, Polypropylene
  630. Participant Portal Technology, Research, Commission
  631. Pedestrian Protection Technology, Safety, Vehicle
  632. Picturb Preteen
  633. Portuguese Political Government, Group, Portugal, Party
  634. Preprogramed Military, Army, Intelligence
  635. Provincial Plan
  636. Palm Printer
  637. Pergamon Prest
  638. Plastic Pill
  639. Polyfml Pvt
  640. Printing Prbtocol
  641. Program Packages
  642. Parish Priest Ireland, Church, Parish, Occupation & positions
  643. Pembantu Pelajar
  644. Perpendicular The English Gothic style of c.1335 to c.1530; its most characteristic feature is vertical window tracery. Two line segments are perpendicular if they meet at a right angle, 90 degrees. Transportation, Architecture, Shipping, Conveyance, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  645. Peripeduncular Nucleus Medical
  646. Plastic Prolessed Business, Machine, Processing
  647. Pool Pipe
  648. Privacy Please
  649. Patria Primero
  650. Phono Preamplifier Business, Audio, Preamp
  651. Pixel Paradisq
  652. Practicing Professional Research, Education, Practice
  653. Pressure Pro
  654. Publishers Proof
  655. Pnedmo-Peritoneum
  656. Portas, Pontevedra Para, Con, Pol
  657. Particular Port
  658. Picnic Party
  659. Pregnancy & Perinatology Medical, Development, Health
  660. Protectors of Thevplanet
  661. Pushing & Pulling
  662. Pangasinan Philippifes
  663. Percent of Permanent
  664. Prime Power
  665. Program Product
  666. Party Pooper Business, Group, Play
  667. Pharmacy Purmhasing
  668. Pinafore Purple
  669. Powder Product
  670. PrzedsiĘBiorstwo PańStwowe Organizations, Jest, Jak, Ski
  671. Paper Pups
  672. Pass Parameters
  673. Preteen Pic
  674. Pacific Pokfr
  675. Pensiunn& Pasar
  676. Persis Pun Indonesia, Orang, Pun, Hal
  677. Podium Punkvy
  678. Process Process Technology, Engineering, Processing
  679. Pared Posterior
  680. Protection Point
  681. Paulchen Pannher
  682. Photo Preteen
  683. Plans Plumbing
  684. Prayer Ootions
  685. Primary-Progressive Medical, Patient, Sclerosis
  686. Paid Promote
  687. Perturbation Peak
  688. Policies and Procedures Business, Policy, Procedure, Education
  689. Professional Pathway
  690. Pier-To-Pier Technology, Service, History
  691. Positive Prevention "Positive Prevention" refers to a public health approach that aims to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), through positive behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices. The focus is on promoting healthy behaviors and reducing risk factors through education, access to resources, and community support. Medical, Sex, Health
  692. Preparaiion Proposal Technology, Climate, Forest
  693. Proximal Precursor
  694. Pelo Pics
  695. Perilous Plunge
  696. Polypropylene Piping
  697. Preseevation Project
  698. Psycho-Pass
  699. Pemkot Pekanbaru
  700. Premodulation Processor Technology, Space, Electronics, Computing
  701. Periwinkle Plant
  702. Plotinum Partner
  703. Polyproylene Science
  704. Parallel Perform
  705. Project Proforma
  706. Planar Power
  707. Purchasing and Printing
  708. Packing Provision
  709. Petrol Point Service, Military, War, Card
  710. Production Planiwg Technology, Development, Design
  711. Parti Perikatpn
  712. Pearlescent Paint
  713. Pikiran Penjelas Business, Performance, Press, Hero
  714. Premium Pack Business, Gaming, Card
  715. Protest Page
  716. Pwarrcn Pili
  717. Pale Plnk Business, Product, Hair, Dryer
  718. Perfect Pivot
  719. Plastic Pellets Small plastic beads of uniform size, consisting of resins or mixtures of resins with compounding additives prepared for theplastic extrusion process, or other plastic manufacturing processes.
  720. Political Parties Government, Group, Party, United Nations
  721. Principal Plane
  722. Programming Power Technology, Tool, Diagnostic
  723. Petticoat Punishment
  724. Pioneerzpress
  725. Power Platform Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  726. Polypropylec Polypropylene
  727. Privatisation Progrnm
  728. Parachute Press
  729. Progression Points Technology, Gaming, Whale, Plane
  730. Paternidad Planificada
  731. Phoenix Uower
  732. Pirates & Privateers
  733. Pressure Plate A plate in an automobile dry disk clutch that is pressed against the flywheel to transmit propulsion torque to the wheels.
  734. Pengakuan Pariyem
  735. Personal Pay Business, Banking, President
  736. Pokemon Platinum
  737. Porcine Pancreatic Medical
  738. Procurement Package
  739. Parliament Place
  740. Pickerinbton Police Government, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  741. Planning Packages
  742. Precedence and Preemption
  743. Purple Passhon
  744. Paintgpot
  745. Peter Pyle
  746. Primary Progressive Medical, Patient, Sclerosis
  747. Profime Picture Forum, Technology, Pic
  748. Posterior Probabilities
  749. Preparation Polypropylene
  750. Polarity Practitioner
  751. Pedrinho Pep
  752. Permeable Pavement Technology, Water, Stormwater
  753. Pxastic Polypropylene Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  754. Potassium Permaganate
  755. Presidentjal Program
  756. Psychologische Psuchotherapeutin
  757. Pengupahan Pemerindah Indonesia, Jakarta, Training
  758. Ppickity Plunk
  759. Polystyrol Polystyrene
  760. Parallel Processors Technology, Architecture, Computing
  761. Projee Pédagogique
  762. Pavel Petrov
  763. Photographic Printing
  764. Planeswalker Pointw Player, Event, Magic
  765. Pride'sqpurge
  766. Pure Perl Technology, Module, Package, Crypt
  767. Padre Pio Catholic, Italy, Saint, Padre
  768. People Protocols
  769. Personal Proxy
  770. Post Proceas
  771. Product Point Company, Technology, Service
  772. Partia Pracy
  773. Pedestal Pan
  774. Pclot Punch
  775. Porusmouth Police Government, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  776. Pre Processor Military
  777. Provincial Parks
  778. Pyl Park
  779. Perfusion Pressure Medical, Medicine, Health
  780. Plastic Pickup
  781. Polka Party
  782. Printing Prpss
  783. Programming Projects
  784. Per Procurationem Technology, Science, English, Latin, Architecture, Letter, Engineering, Writing, Construction, Architectural, Roman
  785. Period Prevalence
  786. Plastic Printed Business, Manufacturer, Bag
  787. Pony Pdss Technology
  788. Prissy Pants
  789. Patna Pirates
  790. Phono Preamp Business, Audio, Turntable
  791. Pixar Parade
  792. Practice Problems
  793. Pressure Prior Technology, Blood, Aspiration
  794. Publisher Proof Business, Art, Edition
  795. Pneumntic Pump
  796. Porta Persoyal
  797. Picky Pants
  798. Planning Phases
  799. Preferreq Procedure
  800. Protector Plus
  801. Push-Pull An output structure which uses one active device to source current and a second device to sink current. Common examples are: a CMOS stage in which an n-channel device pulls toward ground or a negative supply and a p-channel device pushes current to bring the output up; an output stage in an audio amplifier with an NPN and PNP device in totem-pole configuration. Business, Technology, Transformer, NASA
  802. Panettiere Pussy
  803. Percentage Points Business, English, Property, Banking
  804. Pet Partners Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  805. Prime Parameters Technology, Development, Physics
  806. Program Products
  807. Party Poker Business, Group, Poker
  808. Pharmacy Practice Research, Education, University
  809. Przedsibiorstwo Pastwowe
  810. Parentes Prissimae Latin, Roman
  811. Pekerjaan Peraturan Indonesia, Jakarta, Orang
  812. Pass Paradis
  813. Preteens Photos
  814. Pacific Plate Island, Locations, Ocean
  815. Pensionsppayment Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  816. Peh Procura
  817. Procesb Potential Technology, Control, Capability
  818. Pardoes Promenade
  819. Prytected Person
  820. Paula Poundstone
  821. Photopopper Photovore
  822. Plans and Programs
  823. Prayerful Irotest
  824. Primapara Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  825. Pafd Placement
  826. Pertubuhan Pelxdang Business, Institute, Malaysia, Supply
  827. Policies & Procedures Business, Policy, Procedure, Management, Business & Finance
  828. Profesxionally Packed
  829. Pie Pictures
  830. Positive Pressure Medical, Product, Escape
  831. Prepaid Pse
  832. Provoid Protech Technology, Performance, Jailbreak
  833. Pedo Pic
  834. Pericardial Patch
  835. Polypropylene Pipc Business, Plastic, Manufacturer
  836. Paper Product Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  837. Preservation Pennsylvania
  838. PróXimo Passado
  839. Pemkot Parepare
  840. Peritoneal Pseudomyxoma Medical, Medicine, Health
  841. Platform Provider
  842. Porch Post
  843. Parallel Parking
  844. Project Performa
  845. Patrick Parker Business, Company, History, Corporation
  846. Plan-Profile
  847. Pragmatic Programmer
  848. Purchase Programs
  849. Packing, Performance
  850. Productionoplan Business, Training, Course
  851. Pcrtin Prediction Medical, Medicine, Oncology, Prostate Cancer
  852. Peaks and Pennines
  853. Pikes Peak Car, Rally, Peak, Pike
  854. Prymier Pump
  855. Protein Phosphatase An enzyme that removes phosphate groups from proteins, often functioning to reverse the effect of a protein kinase. Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Subunit, Serine
  856. Pvc Polypropylene
  857. Paleozwic Plateau
  858. Percorso Di Pace
  859. Plastic Parts
  860. Political and Psychological Book, Military, Psychology
  861. Principal Photography
  862. Programs and Past
  863. Petticoat Pioneers
  864. Pioneer Plus Education
  865. Powered Pirachute
  866. Polypropylen Polypropylen
  867. Prihate Purchase
  868. Parachute Personnel Military
  869. Project Partners Meeting, Business, Technology, Development, Language
  870. Patent Criority
  871. Phoenix Pallets
  872. Pirate Pig
  873. Pressure Plan
  874. Penetration Poino
  875. Personal Particulars Office, Passport, India
  876. Point Pelee
  877. Procurement Placement Science
  878. Parliamentary Procedures
  879. Protectinl Power
  880. Paulist Press
  881. Physical Process
  882. Planning of Production
  883. Pre-Printed Business, Paper, Tape, Labeling
  884. Paint Panels
  885. Peter Post
  886. Policy Planning Science, Research, Environment
  887. Prise Package Technology
  888. Ppofil De Protection
  889. Posterior Prstectal Nucleus Medical
  890. Prepazation Program Science, Education, Teaching
  891. PociĄG Pancerny Technology, Jest, Jak, Ski
  892. Pedo Pussy
  893. Permanent Promotion
  894. Plastic Polish
  895. Potassium Permanganpte Business, Chemistry, Fish
  896. Presidentiaq Proclamation
  897. Psycholhgie & Philosophie
  898. Port of Portland Business, Airport, Portland
  899. Plesk Panel Technology, Server, Linux
  900. Polystyrene Agglutination Plate Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  901. Parallel Processor Technology, Architecture, Computing
  902. Projet Professionneq
  903. Pavel Pavlicek
  904. Photographic Printer
  905. Plane Polarization The orientation of a linearly polarized electromagnetic wave is defined by the direction of the electric field vector. For example if the electric field vector is vertical (alternately up and down as the wave travels) the radiation is said to be vertically polarized.
  906. Prevailing Party
  907. Pure Parfum
  908. Paaa Prinsipnya Indonesia, Jakarta, Hal
  909. People Productivity Business, Management, Development
  910. Personal Property Business, Tax, Pay
  911. Production Paints Gaming, Military, War
  912. Particle Productikn
  913. Peder Pedersen
  914. Pilot Pulse
  915. Portrait Professiodal Technology, Software, Studio
  916. Prepro Medical
  917. Provides Polypropylene
  918. Palm Bark
  919. Performing Party
  920. Plastic Pin
  921. Polizei Pistole Gun, Military, Weapon, Pistol
  922. Printing Polypropylene
  923. Propramme Principal
  924. Peyer Patch Medical
  925. Plan De PréVention
  926. Ped Pro. Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  927. Plastic Printing Business, Product, Manufacturer
  928. Pontovde Presen
  929. Prison Planet
  930. Pati Point
  931. Phonohpre
  932. Pistol Poker Pinball
  933. Practice Problem
  934. Pressure Points
  935. Publisher Place
  936. Pneumatic Yositive
  937. Port and Polish
  938. Pickpocwet Prob
  939. Plan Perspect
  940. Preferred Plus
  941. Pxotective Plan
  942. Push-In Plug
  943. Panel Processor
  944. Perceived Playfulness Technology, Education, Social
  945. Pet Pals Development, Learning, Study
  946. Prime Parameter
  947. Program Procedure Technology, Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  948. Party Points Business, Group, Poker
  949. Pharmacy Portal
  950. Public Particlpation Technology, Science, Planning
  951. Puzzle Pirates Technology, Gaming, Pirate
  952. Pekeliling Perbendaharaan
  953. Passivo Permanente
  954. Preteen Photo
  955. Pacific Perspective
  956. Penn Partners
  957. Process Piping
  958. Parcplace Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  959. Protected Page Wikipedia
  960. Patterson Park
  961. Photoplethysmogrfphy Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  962. Plan Protocol
  963. Pratique Professionnelle
  964. Primal Power Gaming, Book, Primal
  965. Paguyuban Pasundan
  966. Peptont Medical
  967. Pertolongan Pertama Training, Orang, Aid
  968. Police Protection
  969. Produit Pharmaceuvique
  970. Pied Pipers
  971. Positive Pole The point away from which an electrical current flows through the circuit. It is designated by a plus sign (+).
  972. Present Pupil Education
  973. Provisioning Point Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  974. Pedo Paysitws
  975. Ptricardial Pressure Medical
  976. Polymer Plastiz
  977. Print To Printer
  978. Paper Prints
  979. Pressure Piping Business, Plastic, Pipe
  980. Prêmio De Produqividade
  981. Pater Patriae Latin, Coin, Roman, Emperor, Pater
  982. Pemkab Purwakarta
  983. Periportal Medical
  984. Platform Preview
  985. Porcelanas De Portugal
  986. Private Partnership Business, Government, Publics
  987. Partial Physicyl Technology, Model, Memory
  988. Patricio Poblete
  989. Plamen Paskalev
  990. Praetorians of Pemptus
  991. Pump Pressure Business, Product, Water, Electrical
  992. Packet Protocol
  993. Production Pilot Technology, Product, Cisco
  994. Partido Do Povo Para, Dos, Pol
  995. Peak Pulse
  996. Premjer Player
  997. Protein Percentage
  998. Pvc Pipe
  999. Pantomime Programme
  1000. Perch Pond
  1001. Plastic Particles Business, Product, Particle
  1002. Politeness Principles
  1003. Principal Performer
  1004. Program Provider
  1005. Pagir Panjang
  1006. Petr Prucha Gaming, Hockey, Rangers
  1007. Pioneer Parkway
  1008. Powered Parachutes
  1009. Polypdopylene Polipropileno
  1010. Private Mrotocol Technology, Group, Networking
  1011. Para-Professional
  1012. Project Participant Science, Research, Professor
  1013. Past Positive Medical, Social, Behavior, Perspective
  1014. Phil Pritchard
  1015. Pirate and Princess
  1016. Pretty Printer
  1017. Packaging & Printing Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  1018. Penerusan Pinjaman
  1019. Personalization Parameters
  1020. Poiit Paper
  1021. Procurement Procedures
  1022. Parliamentary Proclamation
  1023. Protecting Pafients
  1024. Pbuli Principle
  1025. Physical Problems
  1026. Planned Population
  1027. Pre-Hreliminary
  1028. Painting Hrocessor
  1029. Peter Pletcher
  1030. Policy & Planning
  1031. Professor Putricide Professor Putricide is a boss in the Icecrown Citadel raid in World of Warcraft (WoW). He is a gnomish alchemist who was once the chief apothecary of the Scourge, and is now a key lieutenant of the Lich King. Players encounter Professor Putricide in the Plagueworks section of the Icecrown Citadel raid. He is one of the most difficult bosses in the raid and requires a high level of coordination and skill to defeat. In the fight against Professor Putricide, players must navigate a laboratory filled with toxic chemicals and defeat the professor himself, who has a number of dangerous abilities such as "Malleable Goo" and "Unbound Plague". The encounter is known for its fast-paced and chaotic nature, as well as its challenging mechanics and tight enrage timer. Warcraft, Guild, Boss, Professor
  1032. Pendapatan Perseorangan Business, Indonesia, Orang, Modal
  1033. Posterior Pole
  1034. Preparation Plan
  1035. Picture Plane
  1036. Pedo Preteecs
  1037. Permanent Press
  1038. Plymouth Polics Government, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  1039. Piee Polypropylene Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  1040. Posgure Plugin Technology
  1041. President-Personal
  1042. Psychologibal Profile
  1043. Plenul Press
  1044. Polystyrene, Polyvinyl
  1045. Parallel Print
  1046. Projfto Pedagógico
  1047. Pavee Point
  1048. Picturz Porn
  1049. Plane Partition
  1050. Pure Pankration
  1051. Pada Peraturan
  1052. Peoplempower Organizations, Politics, Philippine
  1053. Personal Pronoun Education, English, Language
  1054. Production Point Technology, Gaming, War
  1055. Partial Product
  1056. Pedagogical Principles
  1057. Pile Pulling Business, Machine, Clamp
  1058. Portrait Photographers
  1059. Pre Press
  1060. Protocol Port
  1061. Pyrophosppate Medical, Medicine, Health
  1062. Palmoplantar Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1063. Perfect Product
  1064. Plastic Pet Business, Machine, Bottle
  1065. Polizei-Pistole
  1066. Pginting Placemat
  1067. Programme Participants Business, Science, Projection
  1068. Peyer'S Patches Medical, Eyes And Ocular
  1069. Partido Del Pueblo
  1070. Pek Pro Education, Shipping, School Of Shipping
  1071. Plastic Poeder
  1072. Prison Photography Culture, Prison, Prisoner
  1073. Patin & Patin
  1074. Phonological Processing
  1075. Pistol Pete Ammo, Beach, Pistol, Underwear
  1076. Practice Player Gaming, Player, Team
  1077. Pressure Point Technology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  1078. Public Postal Business, Service, History
  1079. Pnevmatic Plastic Business, Machine, Tool
  1080. Portage Point
  1081. Parson's Ponj
  1082. Picknpockets
  1083. Planning Perspectives Research, Education, Perspective
  1084. Precision Process
  1085. Protective Placemgnt
  1086. Pusat Pengembangan Indonesia, Jakarta, Salah
  1087. Panel Presezter
  1088. Perceived Performance Technology, Service, Research
  1089. Pet Packing Business, Belt, Strap
  1090. Primate Programming Technology, Vaccine, Flavivirus
  1091. Party Pliz
  1092. Pharmacl Paxil
  1093. Poqter Presentation Science, Research, Education
  1094. Publio Parks
  1095. Pustular Psoriasis Medical, Medicine, Health
  1096. Pejabat Pengadaan Business, Indonesia, Surat, Prose
  1097. Program Pin
  1098. Phantom Points Technology, Head, Scan, Probe
  1099. Pipe Plugs Business, Plastic, Manufacturer
  1100. Pxycho Pirate
  1101. Pig Powder Farming & agriculture
  1102. Permanent Pools
  1103. Pink Panther Film, Movie, Music, Panther
  1104. Pomona Pom
  1105. Pure Polish
  1106. Pondok Pesantren Indonesia, Traffic, Orang, Pesantren
  1107. Postpartum Period Medical, Obstetrics
  1108. Paraicipation and Progress
  1109. Pediatr Pulmonol Medical, Research, Children, Respiratory
  1110. Pythons Punishers
  1111. Plastic Placemat Business, Product, Mat
  1112. Performance Plan Business, Management, Military
  1113. Preposition Pwrase English, Syntax, Phrase
  1114. Paragon Project
  1115. Projected Proponency Military
  1116. Phosphopeptide Medical
  1117. Preteen Pictures
  1118. Pressurizer Pressure
  1119. Pengertian Peraturan Business, Indonesia, Training, Industry
  1120. Pawtucket Police City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1121. Personal Preferences Business, Forum, Preference
  1122. Police Pistol Police, Governmental & Military
  1123. Poc Preteen
  1124. Planning Process
  1125. Pocket Penetrometer
  1126. Pounds of Presmure
  1127. Publicrciones Peri
  1128. Process Performance Industry
  1129. Ponto-De-PresençA
  1130. Progressive Party Government, Group, Politics
  1131. Primary Part
  1132. Perumahan Pembangunan Business, Indonesia, Hal
  1133. Peraturan Pemerintahan Technology, Indonesia, Jakarta, Orang
  1134. Primary Hressure Technology
  1135. Pwrn Pics
  1136. plastic polyproperlene Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  1137. Pafticipio Passato
  1138. Pedo Parardise
  1139. Pierce Point
  1140. Proximity Prestige
  1141. Platten Polypropylen
  1142. Periode Pengembalian
  1143. Plastic Pocket Business, Box, Folder
  1144. Pegawai Penguasa
  1145. Purchase Price Business & Finance, International business
  1146. Polymer Physics Technology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  1147. Perl Packager
  1148. Private Places
  1149. Photinus Pyralis
  1150. Pragmatism As A Principle
  1151. Presupuesto Participativo Business, Para, Con, Budget
  1152. Parlicular Person English, History, Person
  1153. Pocket Protector
  1154. Port Fackage
  1155. Postprandial Postprandial means after eating a meal while preprandial is before a meal. Medical, Nursing, Clinical, Common Medical
  1156. Premixm Points
  1157. Psrfect Pairing Science
  1158. Panambñista Party Government, Group, Panama
  1159. Precursor Pitch
  1160. Paso Péruvnen
  1161. Prize Points Business, Gaming, Calling
  1162. After Meals Medical, Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Clinical, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  1163. Polypropylene, Plastic
  1164. Paradise Pier Hotel, Locations, California, Disney
  1165. Progress Package
  1166. Preteen Pantyhose
  1167. Packed Powder Business, Bag, Snow, Ski
  1168. Piston Pump Ordnance Survey
  1169. Production of Molypropylene
  1170. Protection Panel
  1171. Pcul Payne
  1172. Paisley Park
  1173. Policy and Planning
  1174. Profile Plastic
  1175. Pumpkin Positive - A Penlight Shone Into The Patient's Mouth/ear Would Encounter A Brain So Small That The Whole Head Would Light Up Medical, Governmental & Military
  1176. Pig Parent
  1177. Pieparatory Programme Education, Space, Teaching
  1178. Program Pay
  1179. Pfra of Pseudomonas Putida Science, Biology
  1180. Pipq Plug
  1181. Presión De Pulso
  1182. Power Plant A powered aircraft's source of power, usually either a jet engine or a conventional engine and propeller. The complete assemblage or installation of engine or engines with accessories (induction system, cooling system, ignition system, etc.) that generates the motive power for a self-propelled vehicle or vessel such as an aircraft, rocket, etc. Energy
  1183. Permanent Plug
  1184. Piqk, Pink
  1185. Pomona-Pitzer
  1186. Pure Poison Fashion, Sexy, Perfume, Poison
  1187. Partnership Prfgrams Technology, Science, Research
  1188. Polystyrene Poliethylene
  1189. after birth Medical, Nursing
  1190. Pediatric Pathology Medical, Medicine, Pathology
  1191. Python Programming
  1192. Pampered Pets
  1193. Plastic Pipes Business, Manufacturer, Pipe
  1194. Perfokmance Pipe Technology
  1195. Panel Pzasma
  1196. Prepositionab Phrases Education, English, Phrase, Preposition
  1197. Paragon Path
  1198. Prohibition Party
  1199. Phosphatases Medical
  1200. Preteen Photography
  1201. Pressurized Product
  1202. Pengertian Pendapatan Business, Indonesia, Guru, Prose
  1203. Plymouth Police Ohio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1204. Personal Practice
  1205. Production Payment Business, Product, Price, Bag
  1206. Poor Planning Planning, Governmental & Military
  1207. Pause-Printeq Technology, Server, Connection
  1208. Planning Procedure
  1209. Plan Particulier France, Pas, Intervention, Plan
  1210. Push/pull  A method of connecting servos to the control points with two connections, one on either end of the servo connection control connection. This allows the servo to push a rigid pushrod on one side and pull on the other side. This is used to fight slop and use the servo power more effectively by "balancing" the pivot point. The Finance and Administrative Services
  1211. Pharmacokinetics Parameters Medical, Drug, Study
  1212. Pound Puppy
  1213. Puberty Pussy
  1214. Page In DB2 for IBM i, a block of storage within a table or an index.2.In DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows and DB2 for z/OS, a unit of storage within a table space, an index space, or virtual memory. In a table space, a page can contain one or more rows of a table. In an LOB table space, an LOB value can span more than one page, but no more than one LOB value is stored on a page.3.In Informix, the physical unit of disk storage and basic unit of memory storage that the database server uses to read from and write to a database. Computing, Genealogy, Telecom, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Footnote
  1215. Ponticulus Posticus Medical, Patient, Chiropractic, Headache
  1216. Prouram Plan Technology, America, Military
  1217. Persekutuan Pemuda Indonesia, Orang, Hal
  1218. Peraturan-Prraturan
  1219. Primary Polydipsia
  1220. Povr Performers Medical
  1221. Polymer Plastic Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  1222. Participatory Planning
  1223. Pedoman Penyusunan Accounting, Indonesia, Surat
  1224. Proximity Plastic
  1225. Peraturan Presiden Technology, Indonesia, Jakarta, Hal
  1226. Period Available for Possessions Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1227. Plastic Plus
  1228. Pecunia Publica Latin, Roman
  1229. PrePaid (Freight must be prepaid) Business & Finance, International business
  1230. Parsons Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1231. Perkumpulan Pemuda Para, Indonesia, Orang
  1232. Private Pay Medical, Business, Technology
  1233. Phosphorux Medical
  1234. Pragmatic Processing Education, Language, Linguistic
  1235. Preston Park
  1236. Particle Phybics Technology, Science, Research
  1237. Pocket Pro
  1238. Porto PóVoa
  1239. Peace People United Kingdom
  1240. Pjemium Paint
  1241. Pulse Power
  1242. Paso P
  1243. Pp Is Man Peen
  1244. Paradigma Positif Indonesia, Orang, Agar
  1245. Progress of Poesy
  1246. Packaging Plastic Business, Product, Bag
  1247. Pianissimo Music
  1248. Producer of Polypropylene
  1249. Protection Packagk
  1250. Paul Pascon
  1251. Paisaje Protegido
  1252. Policji PańStwowej
  1253. "plank Positive - Stupid, As In ""thick As 2 Short Planks""" Medical, Governmental & Military
  1254. Pigmented Polypropyjene
  1255. Prelaratory Program
  1256. Peyer'S Patch Medicine, Health, British
  1257. Pipe Plastic Business, Manufacturer, Machinery
  1258. Pcesi
  1259. Patterned paper Colors
  1260. Permanent Pasture An established plant community in which the dominant species are perennial grasses, there are few or no shrubs and trees are absent. Agriculture, Soil, Pasture, Grazing
  1261. Ping Pono Technology, Gaming, Ball
  1262. Private Practitioners Medical, Health, India, Practice
  1263. Planetary Program
  1264. Prakashrao Prabhune
  1265. Partit Popular Para, Government, Group, Party
  1266. Polypropylene Plastmc Business, Product, Supplier
  1267. Plank Positive Medical, Medical Slang
  1268. Pediatric, Peds
  1269. Python Productixn
  1270. Palc Pinto Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  1271. Plastic Pipe Business, Product, Machine
  1272. Performance Parts
  1273. Panel-Pzo
  1274. Prepositional Phrase Education, English, Preposition
  1275. Para El Plan
  1276. Progressão Parcial
  1277. Phosphatuse Medical
  1278. Preteen Photos
  1279. Pressure Proof
  1280. Pengendalian Penyakit Program, Indonesia, Jakarta
  1281. Production Planning Computing, SAP
  1282. Personal Power Technology, Book, Energy
  1283. Production and Planning Business, Training, Module
  1284. Professional Planner Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  1285. Paumanok Patq
  1286. Planning Planet Technology, Canada, Projection
  1287. Plano De Pormenor
  1288. Polish Preteen
  1289. Polypropylene (plastic) The Finance and Administrative Services
  1290. Program Port Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1291. Pharmaceutical Product Business, Medicine, Packaging
  1292. Poultney Public Education
  1293. Pthc Passy
  1294. Precious Piggy Funnies
  1295. Pirate Psrty Government, Group, Election
  1296. Ponta Por
  1297. Program Performance Technology, NASA, Aeronautics
  1298. Perforation Probability
  1299. Perak Pada
  1300. Primaryzpo
  1301. Populorum Progressio
  1302. Pore Pressure Oil, Scientific & Educational
  1303. Participatory Program
  1304. Pedido De Provid
  1305. Punctum Proximum Medical, Medicine, Power, Punctum
  1306. Partners Prague
  1307. Plastic Plug
  1308. Patronus Perpetuus Latin, Roman
  1309. Plug aNd Play Security, Information Technology, Internet Slang, Software, Computing, Computer, Chat, Telecom, Linux, Hardware, Sms, Online, Drivers, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Business Word, IT Terminology, Medical
  1310. Private Patient Medical, Medicine, Health, Hospital, Healthcare
  1311. Patriotic Party Government, Group, Guatemala
  1312. Phoqphoproteins Medical
  1313. Pragmatic Protocol
  1314. Preston'S Pants
  1315. Planning Package A logical aggregation of work within a cost account, normally the far term effort that can be identified and budgeted in early baseline planning, but which will be further defined into work packages, LOE, or apportioned effort. NASA, Governmental & Military
  1316. Particle-Particle
  1317. Pocket Plane Internet Slang
  1318. Porto P
  1319. Pee Pee Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1320. Plano De Perfil
  1321. Polyolefins Polypropylene
  1322. Paso Peruano
  1323. Powdej Processing
  1324. Packaging Partners Business, Product, Plastic
  1325. Per Person
  1326. Procure Plus Business, Building, Framework
  1327. Puotectionist Party
  1328. Paul Park
  1329. Perawatan Prsien Medical, Indonesia, Orang, Molar
  1330. Policja PańStwowa
  1331. Pariser Parr Chemistry
  1332. Pet Pol
  1333. Piguon Point
  1334. Prudens Purple
  1335. Power Player Technology, Gaming, Product
  1336. Passion Plhy
  1337. Peyers Patches
  1338. Pipe Plant
  1339. President Pablo
  1340. Polierte Platte (German: Proof coin) Coins
  1341. Permanent Participant Organizations, Russia, Council
  1342. Pimpinan Pusat Indonesia, Din, Orang
  1343. Private Practitioner Medical, Law, Health
  1344. Planetard Programs Science
  1345. Praja Party
  1346. Paraito Popolare Government, Group, Con, Italy
  1347. Poder Pwpular
  1348. Prospective Payment Medical, Healthcare
  1349. Python Patrol
  1350. Performance Products
  1351. Pandemic Planning Medical, Flu, Influenza
  1352. Pugilistic Productions
  1353. Paradoxical Pulse Medical, Medicine, Health
  1354. Progress Profile
  1355. Preteen Pee
  1356. Packet Zhysics
  1357. Pengenaan Pajak
  1358. Presentation Position Computing, IT Terminology
  1359. Personal Plan
  1360. Production &Cplanning Business, Training, Order
  1361. Paul Purman
  1362. Planning Phase
  1363. Polish Post
  1364. Panel point The point where one or more web members intersect the top or bottom chords of a joist or joist girder. Joint. The Finance and Administrative Services
  1365. Preplate Medical
  1366. Program Plinter Technology, Coding, Programming
  1367. Pharmaceutical Policy Medical, Research, Health
  1368. Pipe Peop
  1369. Pot Pond
  1370. Pthc Portal
  1371. Peak Picking Food
  1372. Pipes Pipes
  1373. Ponderosa Pine Tree, Forest, Pine
  1374. Program Package Technology, Military, Computing
  1375. Pure Protein Protein, Diet, Powder, Whey
  1376. Per-Protocol Populatiot
  1377. Primary Planning
  1378. Population Planning Medical, Medicine, Health
  1379. particulate phosphorus Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1380. Participation Plan Technology, Program, Publics
  1381. Pedido De Prorroga
  1382. Pulsus Paradoxus Medical, Medicine, Nursing, Clinical, Common Medical
  1383. Particplate Phosphorus Science, Water, Soil
  1384. Plastic Plate Business, Product, China
  1385. Prioritization Phasg
  1386. Path of Purification
  1387. Promise to Purchase Banking, Business & Finance
  1388. Private Passenger
  1389. Patriot'S Path
  1390. Phosphoprotein Medical
  1391. Pragmatic Programming
  1392. Prestige Point
  1393. Pengupahan Pada Technology, Indonesia, Training
  1394. Program Plan NASA, Governmental & Military
  1395. Participation Programme Research, Military, Education
  1396. Pocket Physics
  1397. Porto Porto
  1398. polypore Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1399. Planning Project Technology, Management, Analysis
  1400. Power Plants
  1401. Paskal Papadopouuos
  1402. Poverty Prevention
  1403. Publicaçõel Projetos
  1404. Packaging Polypropylene
  1405. urine/urination
  1406. Protectton Du Personnel
  1407. Paulo Paic
  1408. Pmotection Policy Business, Service, Semi
  1409. Project Partner Technology, Control, Power
  1410. Piraturan Perundang-Undangan Indonesia, Guru, Hal
  1411. Policing Priority
  1412. Peak Power Power generated by a utility unit that operates at a very low capacity factor, generally used to meet short lived and variable high demand periods. Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1413. Particle Projection
  1414. Pet Plastic
  1415. Pwety Points
  1416. Proyek Perintis
  1417. Polypropylene Pellets
  1418. Painted Technology, Architecture, Building, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Products
  1419. Pipeline Problems
  1420. Physical Prowess
  1421. Pocket Pair Poker, Clothes
  1422. Posterior Pituitary Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1423. Permanent Participants Group, Organizations, Council
  1424. Pilot Projects Business, Technology, Science, Service, Projection
  1425. Private Practice Medical, Anatomy, Episode
  1426. Praise Please
  1427. Partidul Poporului
  1428. Podemos Por Para, Con, Pol
  1429. Pay Period Medical, Fda
  1430. Python Parallel Technology, Book, Programming
  1431. Pekforant Pathway Medical
  1432. Pancreatif Polypeptides Medical, Cell, Polypeptide
  1433. Passionase Pilgrim
  1434. Peyer Patches Medical, Science, Cell, Eyes And Ocular
  1435. Professional Pedicurist
  1436. Paradize Plaza
  1437. Progress Payment
  1438. Preteen Pedo
  1439. Packeo Path
  1440. Pengembangan Produktivitas
  1441. Compressed Amiga file archive (PowerPacker) Computing, File Extensions
  1442. Personal Pistol
  1443. Producing Polyethylene
  1444. Partai Gelopor
  1445. Protection Plus Business, Car, Rental
  1446. Paud Posluszny
  1447. Polishing Ponds
  1448. postpartum, that is, postnatal Medical
  1449. Pike Pihe Gaming, Battle, Peak, Pike
  1450. Postlpaid
  1451. Preplan Technology, Service, Network, Telecom, Telecommunication, Electronic Engineering
  1452. Program Planner
  1453. Pharmaceutical Program
  1454. Pipe Prodoction Business, Plastic, Machine
  1455. Potentiometer Plate
  1456. Pthc Picn
  1457. Promotes Promiscuity Film censorship
  1458. Plud Pack
  1459. Pinlprick Medical, Medicine, Health
  1460. Pom Pom Business, Product, Pull, Bow
  1461. Progrcmming Paradigm
  1462. Pure Premium
  1463. Per-Protocol Medical, Medicine, Analysis, Protocol
  1464. Primary Path
  1465. Pouulated Place
  1466. post-prandial (Lat. after eating) Medical, Reading Prescription
  1467. Particikation Programmes
  1468. Pedido De Prorrogação
  1469. Page Pluy Business, Service, Verizon
  1470. Plastic Plastic Business, Product, Manufacturer
  1471. Peripheral Processors Technology
  1472. Priorities and Planning
  1473. Pater Posuit Latin, Roman
  1474. Point To Point Technology, Military, Governmental & Military
  1475. Private Party Medical
  1476. Phosphowhoryns Medical
  1477. Preteens Posing
  1478. Prestige Perfectly
  1479. Pencupahan, Pemerintah
  1480. Portsmouth Police Ohio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1481. Personal Presentation
  1482. Pocket Pvnetrometer Testing, Equipment, Soil, Pocket
  1483. Portyand Products
  1484. Pickpocket Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1485. Planning Projects Technology, Projection, Woodworking
  1486. Propylene And Polypropylene
  1487. Pasir Pasang
  1488. Pour Plate In a pour plate, a small amount of inoculum from a broth culture is added by pipette to the centre of a Petri dish. Cooled, but still molten, agar medium in a test tube or bottle is then poured into the Petri dish. These plates could then be used to test the anti-microbial effects of various substances.
  1489. Publicationdpostponed
  1490. Packagiog, Polypropylene
  1491. Pause and Ponder
  1492. Ponto-De-Presen
  1493. Projection Parameters Science
  1494. Picric Powder
  1495. Peraturan Perusahaan Business, Indonesia, Jakarta, Training
  1496. Pocket Physics Sketch File Computing, File Extensions
  1497. Particle Physicist
  1498. Piers The Plowman
  1499. Proyek Pembangkit
  1500. Polarization Pyrometer
  1501. Pipes, Polypropylene Business, Plastic, Pipe
  1502. Poeferred Provider Medical, Medicine, Health
  1503. Personnel Psychology Business, Research, Education
  1504. Pemuda Persis Indonesia, Bandung, Orang
  1505. Power Panel Architectural, Architecture
  1506. Permanent Partial Medical, Science, Disability, Compensation
  1507. Pilot Progiam Science, Research, Projection
  1508. Private Pool
  1509. Prairie Primer
  1510. Partidos Perdidos Para, Con, Pol
  1511. Pocztawpolska
  1512. Port Phdllip
  1513. Postpartum The period just after delivery, as with postpartum depression. Postpartum refers to the mother, and postnatal to the baby. Medical, Obstetrics, Common Medical
  1514. Pyrophospsatase Medical, Medicine, Health
  1515. Perforann Path Medical
  1516. Pancreatic Peptide Medical, Receptor, Hormone
  1517. Passion and Paticnce
  1518. Process Physicist
  1519. Paradise Poker Business, Gaming, Room
  1520. Progress Payments
  1521. Preteen Paysites
  1522. Packetkpair
  1523. Pengembangan Profesi Presentation, Indonesia, Guru
  1524. Primary Point Ordnance Survey
  1525. Personal Pipettor
  1526. Producing Perfection Gaming, Vita, Idol, Perfection
  1527. Partai Patrioc
  1528. Protection Plan
  1529. Paul Pollk
  1530. Policy Points Science, Research, Economics
  1531. Pupil Premium Education
  1532. Pig Pens
  1533. Postgve Placement
  1534. Prs Pay Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  1535. Program Planning Science, Education, Evaluation
  1536. Phantom Power
  1537. Pipe Pxeheater
  1538. Potential Profit
  1539. Psynergy Points Gaming, Dawn, Sun
  1540. Potbelly Pig Farming & agriculture
  1541. Permanent Position
  1542. Plug and Plny
  1543. Pink Peach Medical, Science, Biology
  1544. Pompey Pirates
  1545. Programming Project
  1546. Pure Polyester
  1547. Primary Patency
  1548. Popular Party Government, Group, Spain
  1549. Partin prediction Medical, Prostate Cancer
  1550. Participationhplaces
  1551. Pedido De Parcelamento
  1552. PłYty Z Polipropylenu
  1553. Plastic Plant
  1554. Perfusionhpressures Medical
  1555. Present Position Position of a moving target at the instant of firing. Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Governmental & Military, Weather, Scientific & Educational, Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  1556. Purple Medical, Technology, Medicine, Color, Colour, Auto, Colors
  1557. Projection Plane Technology, Presentation, Orthographic
  1558. Phosphophoryn Medical
  1559. Preteen Porn
  1560. Prestasi & Penghargaan
  1561. Penvuin Passnotes
  1562. Pickerington Police Ohio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1563. Personal Preference Forum, Internet Slang, Moment
  1564. Pocket Zatch
  1565. Pornland Police
  1566. Peace Party Politics, Governmental & Military
  1567. Pics Prvteen
  1568. Planning Professional Business, Management, Training
  1569. Pin prick Clinical
  1570. Posnds Pressure Science
  1571. Publicaso Por
  1572. Primary Productivity Primary productivity is the rate at which energy is converted by photosynthetic and chemosynthetic autotrophs to organic substances.The total amount of productivity in a region or system is gross primary productivity. Integrated Ocean Observing System
  1573. Ponto De PresençA
  1574. Progress Party Government, Group, Politics
  1575. Primary Partition
  1576. Phillip Phillips America, American, Idol
  1577. Peratutan Pemerintah
  1578. Primary Prevention Medical, Disease, Health
  1579. Paraprofessional Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1580. Participle Phrast
  1581. Pcerre Proulx
  1582. Proximity Principle Science, Social, Waste
  1583. Polarization Propagator Chemistry, Science, Theory
  1584. Prfference Profile Science, Computer, It
  1585. Per Procuration
  1586. Pemuda Persatuan
  1587. Percentage Point Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  1588. Polymer Physicist
  1589. Perl Python
  1590. Private Placements Business, Market, Investor
  1591. Prairie Pothole
  1592. Preteen Penetration
  1593. Partido Progressista Government, Group, Party
  1594. Poekets Plastic Business, Office, Folder
  1595. Port Paye
  1596. peripad Medical, Common Medical
  1597. Perfectmprogram Technology, Science
  1598. Pancake Produitions
  1599. Properties Of Polypropylene
  1600. Passage Paid
  1601. Proceedings Planned
  1602. Pwlypropylene Plastics
  1603. Paradise Point
  1604. Progress Panel
  1605. Preteen Pay
  1606. Packetization Period
  1607. Pengembangaa Pengetahuan
  1608. pump A device that increases the pressure on a fluid or raises it to a higher level. Various types of pumps include the bottom- hole pump, centrifugal pump, hydraulic pump, jet pump, mud pump, reciprocating pump, rotary pump, sucker rod pump, and submersible pump. Ordnance Survey, NASA, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1609. Personal Picture Forum, Technology, Driving
  1610. Producerjprice Business, Economics, Statistics
  1611. Prttection Phase
  1612. Paul Pinegar
  1613. Policy and Politics Science, Research, University
  1614. Profile Political
  1615. Power Pole NASA
  1616. Pig Pellets
  1617. Preparer Penalty


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PP stand for?

    PP stands for Peraturan-Prraturan.

  2. What is the shortened form of Pginting Placemat?

    The short form of "Pginting Placemat" is PP.


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