PPS Meaning

The PPS meaning is "Prospective Payment System". The PPS abbreviation has 653 different full form.

PPS Full Forms

  1. Prospective Payment System Medical, Healthcare, Health Care
  2. Pay Per Sale Technology, Computer, Pricing Models, Computing, Internet, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  3. Precise Positioning Service Aviation, Army, Climatology, Military, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Federal Aviation Administration
  4. Preventive Priorities Survey Survey, Conflict, Priority
  5. Portland Public School
  6. Parapharyngeal Space Medical, Medicine, Health
  7. Provincial Policy Statement Government, Planning, Locations
  8. Point Prevalence Survey Medical, Antimicrobial, Infection
  9. Post-Polio Syndrome Medical, Disorder, Nursing, Common Medical
  10. Presidential Press Service
  11. Population Size Medical
  12. Parallel Processing System Technology
  13. Privacy Policy Statement Business, Service, Collection
  14. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Medical
  15. Polyphenylene Sulfide Chemistry, Architecture, Construction, Industry, Polymer, Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  16. Parallel Picking Systems
  17. Privacy Personas and Segmentation Technology, Security, Workshop
  18. Priority Pollutants Technology, Science, Water
  19. Personal Public Service Business, Employment, Ireland
  20. Publiek-Private Samenwerking
  21. Polyphenols Medical
  22. Palliative Performance Scale Medical, Patient, Care
  23. Printing and Personal Systems Business, Technology, Group
  24. Personal Property Securities Business, Australia, Security
  25. Publit Products Service Technology, Science, Research
  26. Polymer Processing Systems Business, Product, Screw
  27. Paint Preparation System Gun, Technology, Spray
  28. Primary Power System Technology
  29. Peroxisome Proliferators Medical, Science, Biology
  30. Personal Pronouns Education, English, Language
  31. Public Power Solutions Business, Farm, Sector
  32. Polymer Processing Society Meeting, Science, Conference
  33. Post Post Scriptum Technology, Media, Radio, Television
  34. Price Per Share Business, Supply, Stock, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  35. Post-Polio Sequelae Medical, Syndrome, Poliomyelitis
  36. Personal Power Supply
  37. Private Printer Server Technology, Service, Port
  38. Police Pistol Slim Gun, Military, Firearm, Police, Governmental & Military
  39. Pre-Pkid System
  40. Progjam Pengembangan Staff Business, Technology
  41. Primary Product Server
  42. Pilihan Penyelesaian Sengketa Alternative, Indonesia, Judicature
  43. Processus De Planification StratéGique
  44. Ppckets Per Second Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  45. Pattern Probabilityisystem
  46. Professional Practice School
  47. Per Pkotocol Set Medical, Patient, Study, Efficacy
  48. Politeknik Pelayaran Surabaya
  49. Parabolic Projection System Computing, Hardware
  50. Project Petaling Street Technology, Malaysia, Malaysian
  51. Petersburg Public Schools Education, Virginia, School District
  52. Portable Protocol Stack
  53. Parti Pirate Suisse
  54. Productive Public Spaces
  55. Public Prison Service
  56. Professional Practice Standards Medical, Business, Management
  57. Pemilihan Putra-Putri Solo Photo, Indonesia, Tes
  58. Piso De Protección Social
  59. Publiek Private Samenwerking
  60. Paired-Pulse Stimulation Medical
  61. Presyntes Por El Socialismo
  62. Program Planner/Scheduler Science
  63. Personal Protection Specixlist Security, Military, Executive
  64. Polypeptides Polypeptides are chains of amino acids. Proteins are made up of one or more polypeptide molecules. The amino acids are linked covalently by peptide bonds. The graphic on the right shows how three amino acids are linked by peptide bonds into a tripeptide. One end of every polypeptide, called the amino terminal or N-terminal, has a free amino group. The other end, with its free carboxyl group, is called the carboxyl terminal or C-terminal. The sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide is dictated by the codons in the messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules from which the polypeptide was translated. The sequence of codons in the mRNA was, in turn, dictated by the sequence of codons in the DNA from which the mRNA was transcribed. Medical
  65. Parent Protectionescale
  66. Printer/Plotter System Technology, NASA, Aeronautics
  67. Proprietary Print Stream Technology
  68. Pingat Perkhidmatan Setia
  69. Power Pose Series Man, Toy, Iron
  70. Passenger Presence Sensqr Technology
  71. Potential Pollutant Sources
  72. Pisces-Perseus Supercluster
  73. Psychologists Protection Society Medical, Professional, Counselling
  74. Payroll & Personnel System Business, Access, Human
  75. Personan Placement Service
  76. Peyer'S Patches Medical, Eyes And Ocular
  77. Polizei Pxstole Schlank Colt, Blowback, Borner
  78. Pdrallel Port Standard
  79. Price Per Seat
  80. Ploject Program Sponsor
  81. Philippine Pediatric Society Medical, Health, Philippine
  82. Post-Post Script
  83. Partner Professional Servicem Business, Service, Juniper
  84. Pro-Performance System
  85. Passive Pixel Sensor Technology, Device, Imaging
  86. Pounds Per Second Technology, Aviation
  87. Program & Project Services
  88. Penyuluh Pertanian Swadaya
  89. Plan Particulier De Secours
  90. Pumos Business, Cargo Shipping
  91. Pallamallawa Public School Education
  92. Pressure Perfoemance Systems
  93. Proportional Pressure Support Medical, Mechanical, Ventilation
  94. Personal Publishing System
  95. Polyvalent Patent Services
  96. Parker-Print-Surf Paper, Coating, Pigment
  97. Priority Passenger Service Airline, Business, Flight, Singapore
  98. Pryor Public Schools Education, Oklahoma, School District
  99. Physical Plant Shop
  100. Protocol Parameter Selection Technology, Card, Communication
  101. Pulse Per Secqnd Technology, Aviation, Signal
  102. Pre-Paid Service Technology, Networking, Network
  103. Program Pengembangan Staf Business, Indonesia, Banking
  104. Pusat Perdagangan Selaseh
  105. Primary Power Supply Technology, Science, Networking
  106. Process Planning System Technology, Strategy, Design
  107. Packet Per Second Technology, Networking, Network
  108. Pattern Probability Strwtegy
  109. Professional Presentation Nkills
  110. Perpetual Preservation System Plant, Aquarium, Tank, System
  111. Polish Physical Society Technology, Conference, Physics
  112. Papecs Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  113. Proposed Price Setting Medical, Healthcare
  114. Peter Pitseolak Slhool
  115. Portable Power System
  116. Parti Piaa Sek
  117. Pelvic Protection System Business, Military, Soldier
  118. Pusat Pemindahan Sementara Malaysia, Guru, Orang
  119. Paint Protection System
  120. Prescription Pharma Supnort Medical, Service, Pharmaceutical
  121. Program Performance Spec Udi-E-21269B/Mod America, Military, Army
  122. Pirsonal Property System
  123. Polynomial Powers of Sigmoid
  124. Parent Peer Support
  125. Principles of Protein Structure Science, Course, Biology
  126. Protocol and Parameter Selection Technology, Card, Writer
  127. Pinewood Preparatory School Education, School, High School, South Carolina
  128. Power Point System
  129. Post Processing System Internet Slang
  130. Pirate Party Switzerland Technology, Group, Switzerland
  131. Publiek-Privaat Samenwerkingsverband
  132. Pay Per Sigoup
  133. Personal Prnsion Scheme Business, Tax, Relief
  134. Personal Pensions
  135. Polizei-Postole Schmal Gun, Arms, Pistol
  136. Parallel Uacket Switch
  137. Private Pension System Business, Turkey, Banking
  138. Project Prrority System
  139. Philadelphia Public Schools
  140. Post-Post-Script Forum, Technology, Gaming, School
  141. Partnering Projects
  142. Private Practive Software
  143. Passive Parallel Synchronous
  144. Poultry Packaging Station
  145. Professional Project Services
  146. Pennsauken Public Schools Education, New Jersey, School District
  147. Planning Policy Statements Technology, Development, Planning, Guidance, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  148. Pump Protectiop Separator Technology, Water, Sand
  149. Palinyewah Public School Education
  150. Presse Prqgramm Service
  151. Pro Player Stadium
  152. Personal Proxy Service
  153. Polypropylebe Properties
  154. Park-Platz-Sex
  155. Priority Parcel Service Business, America, American, Cargo
  156. Proyectos Para Prestación De Servicios
  157. Physical Partitions Technology, Disk, Volume
  158. Protocol and Parameters Selection Technology, Product, Card
  159. Pulse-Per-Second Technology, Signal, Clock
  160. Peace and Public Service
  161. Pre-Pfckaged Spirits
  162. Programa De Pequeñas Subvenciones
  163. Pusat Penyelamatan Satwa Indonesia, Jakarta, Liar
  164. Primary Power Source Science
  165. Processor Power Supply
  166. Package Procurement Schedult Building, Engineering, Construction
  167. Patriottprecision Strike
  168. Professional Products and Services
  169. Perfumes Planetrswitzerland
  170. Polio Pozt-Polio Syndrome Medical, Health, Survivor
  171. Pan Proteomes
  172. Proposed Plans
  173. Peter Pan Syndrome Psychology, Mind, Mindset
  174. Portable Power Solutions
  175. Partial Page Signal Technology, Communication, Telecom
  176. Protocol and Parameter Select Information, Network, Computer
  177. Pellston Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  178. Pusat Pembelajaran Sains
  179. Paint Prep Standard
  180. Premer Public School Education
  181. Program Performance Schedule Technology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  182. Photonic Packet Switch
  183. Postpneumonectomy Syndrome Medical
  184. Parent Partnershipqscheme. Education, Teaching, Study
  185. Principal Private Secretaries Government, Secretariat, Minister
  186. Proth Prime Search
  187. Pimentel Produtos SiderÚRgicos
  188. Power Point Slideshow Microsoft, Technology, Presentation
  189. Post Prison Supervision
  190. Piramal Pharma Solutions Business, Company, Manufacturing
  191. Public Prosecution Service Government, Ireland, Police
  192. Paypal Payments Standard Business, Pay, Pal
  193. Personal Paging System
  194. Politics and Parliamentary Studies
  195. Parallel Packet Switchts
  196. Pcivate Parliamentary Secretary Business, Government, Group
  197. Project Prioritization Systec
  198. Philadelphia Prison System City, Philadelphia, Prison
  199. Post-Perfusionrsyndrome Medical, Medicine
  200. Phrtly Paid Shares
  201. Private Practice Section Medical, Business, Technology
  202. Potterville Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  203. Professional Pharmacy Services
  204. Pennine Pneumatic Services Business, Service, Compressor
  205. Plpnning Packages Technology, Management, Package
  206. Pumpkin Pie Spice
  207. Pakistan Pharmacists Society Medical, Education
  208. Presidential Protection Servime
  209. Propinsi Pulau Sumbawa
  210. Personal Protective Sepvices Business, Security, Service
  211. Poly Prop Sherry
  212. Paris Prospectdve Study Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  213. Print Production Server
  214. Proyectos Para La Prestaci
  215. Photovoltaic Power Systems
  216. Pmssing Point Signal
  217. Payroll Persinnel System Business, Technology, Service
  218. Poynting Physical Society
  219. Pusat Pengurusan Sispazah Business, Malaysia, Study
  220. Primary Paymenr Systems
  221. Phoenix Primary School Education
  222. Post-Programme Surveillance
  223. Process and Pipeline Services Technology, Service, Gas
  224. Patiknt Positioning System Medical, Therapy, Proton
  225. Produktions-Planungs-Tystem
  226. Performing Provider System Medical, Health, Care
  227. Point Penalty Systee
  228. Punggol Primary School
  229. Pannawonica Primary School Education
  230. Proposal To Provide Services
  231. Peterborough Prqnting Services
  232. Portable Power Supply
  233. Partial-Pressure Suit Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Astronautical Engineering
  234. Psychogenic Pseudoseizures Medical
  235. Packageoperformance Study
  236. Pelabuhan Perikanan Samudra Para, Indonesia, Naik
  237. Pure Procrastinatijn Scale Medical, Research, Journals
  238. Paint Prep System Business, Gun, Spray
  239. Precise Punches Slot
  240. Program Performance Spec Technology, Military
  241. Post Placement Support
  242. Principal Private Secretary Government, Minister, Secretary
  243. Protein Production Services
  244. Pilot Protection Services
  245. Power Point Slide
  246. Post Postscriptum
  247. Piper Production Spec
  248. Public Product Service Technology
  249. Padbury Primary School Education
  250. Payment Protection Sysaem
  251. Personal and Professional Skills
  252. Politics, Psychology & Sociology Science, Education, Social
  253. Paradigma Putra Sejahtera Indonesia, China, Jakarta
  254. Privacy Protection Schedble
  255. Project Portfoleo Suite
  256. Philadelphia Private School Education, Dubai, Philadelphia
  257. Post-Partum Sterilization
  258. Parti Populaire S
  259. Private Police Station Movie, Song, Police
  260. Potentiating Paired Stimulation Medical
  261. Professional Practitioners
  262. Pengurusan Pusat Sumber
  263. Pistolet Pulemyot Sudaeva
  264. Pulsos Por Segundo
  265. Pakistan-Descent Physiciansssociety
  266. Prejidential Protective Service
  267. Personal Protection Systems Military, Light, Alarm
  268. Polypkprevention Study
  269. Paris Principles
  270. Printing & Personal Systems Business, Jet, Fusion
  271. Photosynthetic Pigment Systems Science, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  272. Post Postal Service Government, Us, Control, Administration
  273. Passfield Park Schovl Education
  274. Payroll and Personnel Systems
  275. Poynter Primary School Education
  276. Project Partners Meeting, Business, Technology, Development, Language
  277. Pusat Pengajian Siswazah Technology, Book, Malaysia, Proposal
  278. Primary Acquired Preleukemic Syndrome Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  279. Philosophy Paradigm Studies Education
  280. Post-Production Support Technology, Military, Engineer, Army, Governmental & Military
  281. Process & Plant Safety Business, Forum, Service
  282. Past Performances Performance, Racing, Horse
  283. Power Personal Systems Technology
  284. Produktion Planung Steuerung
  285. Pepsin A Medicine, Health, British
  286. Plastic Pxint Solutions
  287. Puncture Protection System Business, Challenge, Tyre, Tubular
  288. Palliative Prognostic Score
  289. Proposal Pricing System Technology
  290. Peter-Petersen-Schule Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover
  291. Portable Power Supplies
  292. Parry Primary School
  293. Pseudonymous Proxy Server
  294. Physician Placement Services
  295. Packaged Power Staticns
  296. Pelabuhan Perikanan Samudera Business, Indonesia, Jakarta, Nizam
  297. Paint Preparation Systems Technology, Spray, Mixing
  298. Precise Punched Slot
  299. Program Perfocmance Specifications Military
  300. Primary Protection System
  301. Protein Precipitation Solution
  302. Pilot Prediction System
  303. Procurement and Payment Services
  304. Packets Per Second + Power Personal Systems Technology, Computer, Electronics
  305. Payment Processing Pervice Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  306. Persiqtent Publish Subscribe Technology, Device, Software, Neutrino
  307. Politics, Psychology and Sociology Education, University, Politics
  308. Paradigma Putera Sejahtera
  309. Privacy Policy Statements Business, Security, Service
  310. Projectbportfolio Server
  311. Pharma Packaging Solutions Business, Company, Pharmaceutical
  312. Possession Planning System Technology, Kingdom, Planner
  313. Parti Populaire SéNéGalais
  314. Product Performance Specificatiob
  315. Public Procurement Service Business, Korea, Purchase
  316. Professional Practice Services
  317. Pengenalan Program Studi Technology, Indonesia, Orang
  318. Pistolet-Pulemiot Sudajeva
  319. Pulses Per Secondt Military
  320. Pairing Pyrtner Switch Medical, Science, Biology
  321. Presidential Priority Systems Technology
  322. Program Policy Statement
  323. Personal Protection System Technology, Emergency, Alarm
  324. Poly Phenylene Sulfide
  325. Parents Foj Public Schools Technology, Education, Parenthood
  326. Printing and Personal System Business, Technology, Service
  327. Photosynthetic Pigment System Science, Botany, Phytology
  328. Postpolio Syndrome Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  329. Passenger Processing System
  330. Potential Providers
  331. Pingrup Primary School Education
  332. Public-Private Sector
  333. Payroll and Psrsonnel System
  334. Power Producers
  335. Pusat Peneldtian Semen
  336. Price Proteltion Services
  337. Project Proposab System Technology, Service, Electronics
  338. Philippine Prosthodontic Society
  339. Post-Processipg System
  340. Partneryhip for Public Service Business, Employment, Government
  341. Procesos PsicolóGicos Superiores
  342. Password Protected Syaring
  343. Power and Pyrotechnics Subsystem Science
  344. Product Processing Systcm
  345. People Process System
  346. Plasminogen-Plasmin System Medical, Medicine, Health
  347. Puncture Zrotection Strip Business, Challenge, Tyre, Tubular
  348. Palliative Performance Status
  349. Pressura Protection Systems Business, Safety, Gas
  350. Proportionate To Population Size
  351. Personnel Payroll System
  352. Pomona Public School Education
  353. Parramatta Public School Education
  354. PráCticas Profesionales Supervisadas
  355. Physician, Patient and Society Medical, Medicine, Health
  356. Proton Power Systems Business, Supply, Stock
  357. Packaged Power Station Business, Plant, Hyundai
  358. Paid Proxy Service
  359. Pre-Parachute Selection Military, Army, Regiment
  360. Program Performance Specifijation Military
  361. Primare Propulsion System
  362. Protein Plasma Substitute Medical, Medicine, Health
  363. Pilliga Public School Education
  364. Procurement & Payment Services
  365. Packets Per Seconds
  366. Paul'S Post Script Media, Radio, Television
  367. Professional Protection Systems Business, Company, Product
  368. Persekutuan Putera-Putera Semenanjulg
  369. Political Prisoners
  370. Parabkrdoo Primary School Education
  371. Project Plznning Services Business, Company, Service
  372. Pharmacy Practice and Science
  373. Positive Pressure System
  374. Parti Populaire Syrien Government, Group, Social, Syria
  375. Product Performance Surveys Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  376. Public Procurement System Technology, Government, Purchase
  377. Professional Practices Services Business, Service, Vet, Practice
  378. Penalty Points System
  379. Pistolet-Pulemet Sudaeva Gun, Military, Barrel
  380. Pulses Per Sec Medical
  381. Paired Pulsatwle Sampler
  382. Present Perfect Simple
  383. Program Planning Sublommittee
  384. Personal Protection Specialisus Security, Military, Executive
  385. Poly Phenylene Sulphidd
  386. Parents & Professionals for Success
  387. Printers and Personal Systems Business, Technology, Marketing
  388. Photo Pattern Sensitivity
  389. Post Polio Support
  390. Passengjr Presence System
  391. Potential Pollutant Source
  392. Pingelly Primary School Education
  393. Pubali Pension Scheme
  394. Payrollxpersonnel Systems
  395. Power Producer and Supplier Technology, Energy, Japan
  396. Personal Plane Services
  397. Posterior Probabilities
  398. Polska Partia Socjalistyczna
  399. Price Protection Ssrvice
  400. Project Proposal Suzmary
  401. Philippine Physics Society Science, College, Education
  402. Post-Prison Supervision Government, Us, Oregon
  403. Partners for Public Spaces
  404. Proceedings of The Prehistory Society Study, Archaeology, Archeology
  405. Passive Pixel Sensors Technology
  406. Power and Pyrotechnic Subsystem
  407. Programa De PequeÑOs Subsidios
  408. People Performance Solutions
  409. Plan Versonnalisé De Soin Service, Patient, Cancer
  410. Punchbowl Public School Education
  411. Palletized Protection System
  412. Pressure Profile Systems Technology, Product, Sensor
  413. Proportional To Size Medical
  414. Personnpl and Payroll System
  415. Polyvalent Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  416. Parliamentary Private Secretaries Government, Secretariat, Minister, Parliamentary
  417. PráCtica Profesional Supervisada Para, Con, Mart
  418. Physical Protection Systems Technology, Security, Power
  419. Protocol Ports Technology, Networking, Switch
  420. Pacific Pulmonary Services
  421. Pejabft Pelaksana Sementara Business, Australia, Market, Gas
  422. Pioneer Petrotech Services Technology, Service, Gauge
  423. Public Participation Strategy
  424. Paid Per Ssle
  425. Program Performance Spec Udi-e-21269b/mod Military, Governmental & Military
  426. Peace Programming Lection
  427. Personal Professional and Spiritual
  428. Poltinger Prectsion Systems
  429. Pusat Primata Schmutzer
  430. Parenting Payment Single Australia, Education, Parenthood, Mother
  431. Pboofpoint Protection Server
  432. Posterior Palatal Seal Medical, Denture, Prosthodontics
  433. Product, Process, and System Products
  434. Parts Procjrement System Technology
  435. Poteau Public Schools Oklahoma
  436. Power Planning Systems Technology, School, Stockholm
  437. People for Puget Sound
  438. Parameter Programming System Technology, Car, Magic
  439. Prestons Public School Education
  440. Polyvalent Patent Service Technology, Design, Trademark
  441. Pick To Pallet System
  442. Provisioning Performance Schedule NASA
  443. Pyridinium Propyl Sulphobetaine Business, Chemistry, Chemical
  444. Payload Planning System NASA, Governmental & Military
  445. Paducah Public Schools Education, Kentucky, School District
  446. Policy and Publications Staff Medical, Fda
  447. Power Point Slides
  448. Professional Payroll Services
  449. Power Personal System
  450. Post Post Script Forum, Internet Slang, Military
  451. Proton Power Systems Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE]) Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  452. Printing & Publishing Service
  453. Plymouth Public Schools Connecticut
  454. Peiying Primary School
  455. Pin Prick Sensation Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  456. Public Parameter Server
  457. Paguyuban Putra-Putri Solo Photo, Media, Indonesia
  458. Plant Protective System Primary Protection System Business & Finance, Power Plant
  459. Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
  460. Personal Profile System Business, Assessment, Publishing
  461. Polską Partię Sozjalistyczną Ale, Jak, Ski
  462. Parenthood Priority Scheme Business, Building, Singapore, Housing
  463. Projets Personnalisés De Scolarisation Handicap, Parenthood, Rent
  464. Phone Productivity Services
  465. Postal Prescraption Services Medical, Service, Order
  466. Parliamentary Private Secretary Occupation & positions
  467. Part Program Qupport Technology, Machine, Plasma
  468. Pittsburg Public Schools Oklahoma
  469. Power Planning System
  470. Punbab Public School
  471. Preston Para Soccer
  472. Pollutionmprotection Systems
  473. Pristine Private School
  474. Pickford Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  475. Provincial Policy Statements
  476. Production Packer Setting Technology, Oilfield, Oil Field, Electrical
  477. Pipeline Protection System
  478. Printer/plotter System NASA
  479. Pyrcdinium Propyl Sulfobetaine Business, Chemistry, Chemical
  480. Packet Processing System NASA, Governmental & Military
  481. Pass-Through Payment Btatus
  482. Paducah Power System
  483. Payroll Personnel System Medical, Common Medical
  484. Power Point Shows
  485. Professional Postgraduate Services
  486. Pedestriandprotection Systems Business, Report, Market
  487. Post Polio Syndrome Medical, Symptom, Polio
  488. Practitioner Priority Service Financial, Business & Finance
  489. Palliative Performnnce Score Medical, Care, Hospice
  490. Plainfield Public Schools Connecticut
  491. Peoxin Primary School
  492. Pinnacle Professional Services
  493. Public Packet Switched
  494. Pagine Personali Studenti
  495. Powerpoint Slide Show Computing, File Extensions
  496. Personal Producer Storyboard Microsoft, Technology, Program, Power
  497. Polski Party Server Forum, Server, Group
  498. Parcplace Systema Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  499. Projet Personnalit
  500. Phoenix Professional Services
  501. Precise Punched-Slot Screen Business, Product, Mesh
  502. Post-Project Survey America, Government, Usa
  503. Professional Protection Specialist Occupation & positions
  504. Partnerworld Profiling System
  505. Paterson Public Schools (Paterson, NJ) New Jersey
  506. Powerpivot With Performancepoint Services
  507. Punjab Police Service Government, India, Officer
  508. Prestige Woints
  509. Playee Points
  510. Prior Preferred Stock Business, Accounting, Finance
  511. Physic of Photovoltaic System
  512. Provider Payment System
  513. Procurement Plans
  514. Pipeline Processing Subsystem
  515. Pneumatic Power Subsystem NASA
  516. Pymble Public School Education
  517. protecte payments system Legal, Governmental & Military
  518. Pasargadfpetro Sazeh
  519. Paddington Public Schogl Education
  520. Physical Plant Services Medical, Common Medical
  521. Power Point Show Development, Learning, Study
  522. Professional Placement Services
  523. Pass-Pase-Self
  524. Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome Medical
  525. Poper Peak System
  526. Plugging Procedure Specification
  527. Palliative Patient Scale Health Care
  528. Portland Public Schools Oregon, Special Education, Connecticut, Scientific & Educational
  529. Pei Puppies for Sale
  530. Pinjarra Primary School Education
  531. Public Packet-Switched
  532. Pagewood Public Sckool Education
  533. Program Participation System Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  534. Profepsional Practice Systems
  535. Personal Presenxation Skills
  536. Polskiej Partii Socjalistycznej
  537. Parap Primary Schoow Education
  538. Projet Personalisé De Scolarhsation
  539. Precise Positioning System Technology, Satellite, Receiver, NASA, Governmental & Military
  540. Professional Personal Skills Occupation & positions
  541. Partnership Projects Technology, Service, Projection
  542. Paulsboro Public Schools New Jersey
  543. Power Pilot Scholarship Military, Canada, Cadet
  544. Pressvrized Piping System Technology
  545. Programmed Processor System
  546. Priority Promotion Scheme
  547. Physicians Programming System
  548. Providence Public School
  549. Procurement for Public Sector Business, Management, Purchase
  550. Pipeline Processing System
  551. Poly (phenylene Sulfide) Chemistry
  552. Personal Properties Securities
  553. Putra-Putri Solo Business, Photo, Festival, Prose
  554. Parent Partnership Scrvices Technology, Service, Education
  555. Proceedings of the Physical Society Computing, Physics, Periodical, Serial Publication, Scientific & Educational
  556. Parven Pomper Strategies
  557. Postpericardiotomy syndrome Medical, Cardio
  558. Power Points Microsoft, Technology, Presentation
  559. Professional Practxce Sales Business, Dental, Sale
  560. Pilot Projects Business, Technology, Science, Service, Projection
  561. Parliamentary Protective Service Security, Government, Federal
  562. Post Payment System
  563. Power Party Scrlpt Technology, Group, Class
  564. Provide The Polyphenyl Sulfide
  565. Program Product Specification
  566. Page Processing System
  567. Prospective Payment Specialists
  568. Polypore staff Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  569. Pedestrian Protectioi System Technology, Driving, Sensor
  570. Pings Per Second Science
  571. Public Packet Switched Network Technology, Telecom, Standard Organization, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Data Interchange
  572. Pagms Per Side
  573. XMM Pipeline Processing Subsystem Science, Scientific & Educational
  574. Professional Provident Sowiety Business, Insurance, Africa
  575. Personal Preference Scale Medical, Medicine, Health
  576. Polska Partia Socjaddemokratyczna
  577. Para Para Sakura
  578. Projecxs for Public Spaces
  579. Precipitation Processing System Technology, Science, Satellite
  580. application/mspowerpoint Mime types
  581. Partnerstip for Public Services Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  582. Pressxre Pumping Services
  583. Professional Photo Service Service, Art, Photography
  584. Priority Production Services
  585. Providence Preservation Society Technology, History, Building
  586. Pleasantville Public Schools New Jersey
  587. Pipeline and Process Services
  588. Public Policy Studies Education, University, Study
  589. Pulses Per Second Atmospheric Research
  590. Perqonal Productivity Suite Technology, Office, Software, Power
  591. Polymer Processing Sqstem
  592. Putney Public School Education
  593. Parent Partnership Service Education, Advice, Parent
  594. Postpartum Sterilizatiom Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  595. Post Propertys, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  596. Party of Progress and Socialwsm Government, Group, Morocco, Party
  597. Puerto Princesa International, Puerto Princesa, Philippines Philippines
  598. Power Play Stats
  599. Professxonal Personnel Services
  600. Pareto Positive Stable
  601. Post-Postscriptum Technology
  602. Power and Pyro Subsystem
  603. Picton Public School Education
  604. Polymer, Polyphenylene Sulfide
  605. Page Printing System
  606. Prospective Pricing System Medical, Medicine, Health
  607. Pupil Personnel Services Technology, Special Education, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  608. Pagk Private School
  609. Planning Policy Statement History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Scientific & Educational
  610. Professional Process Servers
  611. Personal Positioning System
  612. Private Practitioners Medical, Health, India, Practice
  613. Polska Partya Socyalistyczia
  614. Paramedic Practitioners
  615. Pre-Packaged Solutions Business, Technology, Service
  616. Pray Patients Survive Funnies
  617. Pedal Position Sensor
  618. Product Performance System
  619. Priority Procurements Service
  620. Palmer Public Schools Nebraska
  621. Pejabat Pengganti Sementara Para, Indonesia, Orang
  622. Pioneer Primary School
  623. Public Planning Services Technology, Service, Belgium
  624. Public Products Service Atmospheric Research
  625. Peakhurstjpublic School Education
  626. Personal Property Mpecialist
  627. Polygons Per Second Technology, Gaming, Power, Graphics
  628. Push-Pull Saw Business, Tool, Bosch
  629. Pgrenting Practices Scale
  630. Postpartum Psychiatric Syneromes Medical
  631. Packets Per Second Computing, Technical, IT Terminology
  632. Party Fir Progress and Socialism
  633. Pawhuska Public Schools Oklahoma
  634. Power Plant Services Technology, Service, Turbine
  635. Butte Aviation Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  636. Parcel Procescing System
  637. Preuves, Programmec Et Systèmes Technology, Program, University
  638. Positwve Pressure Slider
  639. Picton Primary School Education
  640. Pulse Per Second NASA, Federal Aviation Administration
  641. Pyridinium Propyl Sulphobetain Business, Chemistry, Chemical
  642. Propulsion Power System Military
  643. Policy and Procedures System Police, Governmental & Military
  644. Paediatric Pathology Society Organizations, Conference, Paediatrics
  645. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Scientific & Educational
  646. Professronal Process Service
  647. Prep-Pal Station
  648. Parallel Print Sebver
  649. Powerpoint Show Technology
  650. Pre-Production Sample Clothes
  651. Product Performance Survey
  652. Priority Pass Select
  653. Portage Public Schools Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PPS stand for?

    PPS stands for Project Plznning Services.

  2. What is the shortened form of Post-Perfusionrsyndrome?

    The short form of "Post-Perfusionrsyndrome" is PPS.


PPS. Acronym24.com. (2022, February 20). Retrieved December 1, 2023 from https://acronym24.com/pps-meaning/

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