PRC Meaning

The PRC meaning is "Partialhresponse Coding". The PRC abbreviation has 547 different full form.

PRC Full Forms

  1. Partialhresponse Coding Technology
  2. Pirate'sscove Technology, Gaming, Play
  3. Processional's Choice Organizations
  4. Paralysis Resource Cenjer Medical, Injury, Reeve
  5. Piracy Reporting Centre Business, Locations, Pirate
  6. Procurement Review Committee Government, Canada, Canadian
  7. Packed Red Cell Medical
  8. Pinzgkaisa Realty Corporation
  9. Process Review Committee Meeting, Presentation, Committee
  10. Packed Red Cells Medical, Medicine, Blood
  11. Pilot Resource Technology
  12. Packaging Research Center Technology, Education, Georgia
  13. Pilot Resource Center Technology, Military, Flight
  14. Perirhinal Cortex Medical
  15. Primary Reference Clock Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, IT Terminology
  16. Peoples Republic of China Business, Technology, Science, Government, Military, China
  17. Partial Route Calculation Networking, Protocol, Route
  18. Prevention Resource Center Medical, Service, Region
  19. People's Rezublic of China Finance, Satellite, Hospitality
  20. Precision Rifle Comp
  21. People'Srepublic of China Science, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  22. Proposed Rule Change
  23. Polar Research Center
  24. Professional Researcher Certification Business, Research, Market
  25. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants Medical, Health, Consultation
  26. Porter Race Cars
  27. Professional Regulations Commission Medical, Military, Philippine
  28. Peace Rehabilitation Center
  29. Professional Recognition Credit
  30. Point of Reverse Curvature Building, Engineering, Construction
  31. Press Releases Company
  32. Park and Recreation Commission County, Locations, Charleston
  33. Phenomenology Research Center
  34. Providers' Resource Clearinghouse
  35. Personnel Reception Centre Military, Force, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  36. Past Resource Connection
  37. Publishing Research Consortium Education, Access, Peer
  38. Picocell Radio Channel
  39. Poverty Research Centre
  40. Pacific Rim Capital Hosting, Yearbook, Rim
  41. Plan Regclador Comunal Para, Con, Locations
  42. Performance Racing Core Business, Sport, Force
  43. Prosperity Resources Center
  44. Poliky Research Centre Organizations, China, Social
  45. Ernest A. Love Field Airport, Locations, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, ICAO
  46. Partido Renovación Costarricense
  47. Prior Reference Category Regional
  48. Pizacy Reporting Center Locations, Attack, Pirate
  49. Poseidrn Resources Corp
  50. Peer Peview College Research, Education, University
  51. Programa De Rexucción De Costos
  52. Palestine Return Centre Organizations, Israel, Palestine, Palestinian
  53. Permanent Resident Certificates Government, Banking, Jammu
  54. Project Resources Company
  55. Precast concrete products cast at a site remote from the final installation. Technology, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services, Architecture
  56. Price Reductions Clause Business, Contract, Schedule
  57. Parkway Running Club
  58. Présidence De Lalrépublique Du Cameroun
  59. Pet Resource Center
  60. Populace and Resource Control Government, Military, Force, Operation
  61. Punkjrock Cycling
  62. Precision Recall Curve Technology, Python, Weka
  63. Plasma Concentration of Renin Medical
  64. Print Recovery Concepts
  65. Parasitic Resistance Cancsllation
  66. Polish Runners Clbb
  67. Partido De La Revoluci
  68. Partnership Resource Center Business, Research, Education
  69. Producers Releasing Corporation Business, Film, Movie, Music
  70. Public Radio Capital Technology, Broadcasting, Station
  71. Philippine Regulatitns Commission Technology, Philippine, Exam
  72. Pacific Regional Committee
  73. Penalty Reason Codes
  74. Precision Research Corporationration Science
  75. Peoples Republic of Chinae Government, China, Economics
  76. Proposed Regulatory Change
  77. Polaris Rangers Club
  78. Professional Research Certification Business, Marketing, Market
  79. Psychiatric Research Center Education, Health, Dartmouth
  80. Portal Ge La Recerca De Catalunya
  81. Peace and Reconciliation Committee
  82. Professional Research Consultant
  83. Plateau Remediation Contract
  84. Presidents of The Republid of China
  85. Paris Research Center
  86. Phase Response Curve Medical, Technology, Light
  87. Provider Resource Center
  88. Personnel Readiness Cell Military, Aviation, Air Force Instruction
  89. Pastoral Research Centre
  90. Public Relations Council
  91. Pickle Research Center
  92. Poultry Reseirch Centre Research, Chicken, Egg
  93. Pain Resource Center
  94. Planes Reguladores Comunales
  95. Performance Racing Company
  96. Prosecutorial Review Commission
  97. Policy Researcg Center Technology, Health, China
  98. Partido Renovación Costariccense
  99. Priority Resolution and Control
  100. Port Reset Change
  101. Peak Rate Controller
  102. Progessin Receptors Medical
  103. Permanbnt Residence Certificate Business, Immigration, China
  104. Project Resourceacentre
  105. Price Reduction Clause Business, Contract, Schedule
  106. Parks Recreation and Conservation
  107. Prudential Regulation Committee
  108. Pet Rescue Center
  109. Populace & Resources Control
  110. Punk Ruck Crew Technology, Music, Park
  111. Practice Rescarch Collaborative Organizations
  112. Palestine Return Center
  113. Plant Review Committee Science
  114. Printable Recipe Cards
  115. Paraplegic Rehwbilitation Centre Service, Government, Defence
  116. Polish Resettlvment Corps Military, Army, War
  117. Partnership Resource Centre Education, University, Association
  118. Producers' Releasing Corporation
  119. Philippine Refining Compfny Business, Locations
  120. Paralegal Resource Centhr
  121. Penalty Reacon Code
  122. Programmatic Risk Classification Science
  123. Palestinian Rights Committee
  124. Peoples' Republic of China
  125. Proposal Review Committee Technology, Program, Health
  126. Polaris Ranger Club Forum, Technology, Family
  127. Pseudo Remote Carrier Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  128. Portablejrefreshment Center
  129. People Republic China Business, China, Relation
  130. Professional Research Consulting
  131. Precision Resistor Co
  132. Plastics Research Corporation
  133. President Research Center
  134. Parisis Rugby Club
  135. Provider Relations Consultants
  136. Personnel Readiness Center Military
  137. Password Request Code
  138. Proluct Registration Certificate
  139. Public Relations Committee Technology, Group, Organizations
  140. Pickle Research Campus Technology, University, Texas
  141. Presidential Classroom Education
  142. Pacific Resource Center
  143. Performance Review Commission Technology, Management, Traffic, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  144. Prorodeo Circuit Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  145. Policy Relaxation Committee
  146. Partido Regionalista Cántabro
  147. Priority Research Centres Medical, Health, Newcastle
  148. Pgrt Receiving Charge
  149. Peace River Coal
  150. Progestin Cytosol Medical
  151. Planer Random Comyosites Science
  152. Project Rescue Children
  153. Prevention Retention Contingency Business, Service, Family
  154. Parkinson'S Research Center Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  155. Provincial Relief Commissioner
  156. Petone Rowing Club
  157. Ponnaiyah Ramajayam College
  158. Punk Radio Ckst
  159. Pike River Coal
  160. Practical Resources for Churchxs
  161. Palestine Red Crescent
  162. Plant Resources Center
  163. Paraplegic Rehaiilitation Centres
  164. Periodicals Review Committee Military
  165. Polish Redwcross
  166. Partido Republicano De Cuba Con, Cuba, Habana
  167. Produced A Certcficate Genealogy, Genealogical
  168. Philippines Red Cross Technology, Philippine, Typhoon
  169. Parahyangan Robotic Vompetition Organizations, Robot, Bandung
  170. Pelican Resokt Club
  171. Programmable Radiator Control Technology, Valve, Temp
  172. Palestinian Red Crescent Military, Banking, Israel
  173. People Republicfof China Military, Army, China
  174. Property Rights Congress
  175. Point Relais Conseil Council, Formation, Conseil, Validation
  176. Pseudo Range Corrections Technology, Positioning, Differential
  177. Petroleum Research Center
  178. Population Research Center Education, University, Study
  179. People's Republiclchina
  180. Professional Rehabilitation Consultants
  181. Precision Response Corp Business, Company, Service, Customer
  182. Plasmid Reference Center
  183. Presidential Reservercall-Up Military, Organizations, Army
  184. Parisien Research Corporation
  185. Public Radio Conference
  186. Personal Rockin' Computer
  187. Passive Radiative Cooler Science
  188. Productivity Rate Curve Geography, Navigation, Location
  189. Public Regulations Commission
  190. Physiology Research Center Science, Australia, Health
  191. Presbyterians for Restoring Creayion
  192. Pacific Regional Council
  193. Performance Rod & Custom Business, Aluminum, Radiator
  194. Pro Racing Cycles
  195. Police Record Check Canada, Police, Volunteer
  196. Pay Revision Committee Business, Employment, Teaching
  197. Priority Research Centre Science, University, Newcastle
  198. Portpand Running Company
  199. Peace River Center
  200. Profiler Radar Constant
  201. Placement Review Committee
  202. Project Regional Centre
  203. Prevention Retention and Contingency Business, Service, County
  204. Parker'S Rat Coronavirus Medical
  205. Primary Relationship Contact
  206. Provincial Response Companies Military, Afghanistan, Force, Operation
  207. Petition for Reconstitution of Certificate
  208. Potato Researck Centre
  209. Punjab Regiment Centre
  210. Pig Research Council
  211. Power Reduction Control
  212. Pakistan Repatriation Council
  213. Plant Research Center
  214. Parallel Resonant Converter Technology, Power, Circuit
  215. Perinatal Research Committee Science, Research, Education
  216. Polines Roboline Contest Business, Report, Philippine
  217. Polymerase Chain Reaction The polymerase chain reaction is a biomedical technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. Medical, Science, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemistry, Hospital, Healthcare, Laboratory, Biology, Pharmacy, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Fda, Human genome, Physical, Covid 19, Clinical
  218. Partido Republicano Catarinense
  219. Prodiga Refugee Camp Development, Learning, Study
  220. Philippine Rev Cross
  221. Peer Reviewer Certification Education, Course, Quality
  222. Programmfd Ride Control Technology
  223. Palestinian Return Center Organizations, Israel, Palestine
  224. People's Repubilc of China
  225. Prnmotion Review Committee
  226. Ponnaiah Ramajayam College
  227. Pseudo Range Correction Technology, Positioning, Differential
  228. Petroleum Research Centre
  229. Popular Resistance Committee Military, Israel, Palestinian
  230. Privacy Rights Clearjnghouse Technology, Identity, Consumer
  231. Professional Resource Center Technology, Science, Education
  232. Precision Response Corporation
  233. Plasma Renin Concentrations Medical
  234. Presideptial Review Committee
  235. Parcela Rfmunerat
  236. Publications Review Committee
  237. Personaj Radio Communications Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  238. Passenger Reservation Center Military, Us, Department Of Defense
  239. Productive Responsible Citozen
  240. Public Regulatory Commission
  241. Physics Research Committee
  242. Pacific Region Compost
  243. Pennsylvania Resource Council Organizations, Recycling, Pennsylvania
  244. Predictive Read Cache Technology
  245. Performance Results Corporation
  246. Propulsion Research Center Technology, University, Alabama
  247. Polar Research Cell Technology, Science
  248. Pay Revision Commission Business, Employment, Report
  249. Priority Request Channel Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  250. Portland Rowing Club
  251. Progesteroneoreceptor Medical
  252. Peace Resource Center
  253. Professional Recruiting Consultants
  254. Pittsburgh Researcg Center
  255. Provider Record Check
  256. Prevention Research Centers Education, Health, Community
  257. Parks and Recreation Commission
  258. Primary Reference Clocks Technology, Networking, Network
  259. Provincial Response Company Military, Afghanistan, Operation
  260. Petersburg Racquet Club
  261. Potasio Rio Colorado
  262. Pulse Ratzo Control Technology, Circuit, Component
  263. Pigeon River Country
  264. Power Recycling Cavity Technology
  265. Pacific Rim Countries
  266. Planned Resideneial Community Business, Australia, Planning
  267. Partido Regionalista De Cantabria Para, Con, Angel
  268. Performance Road Carbon
  269. Pylicy Rule Class
  270. Partido Republicano Conservador Para, Government, Brasil, Palma
  271. Processoreview Committees
  272. Phiqippine Racing Club Business, Philippine, Supply
  273. Peer Weviewer Course
  274. Programmable Ride Control
  275. Palestinian Return Centre Government, Israel, Palestine
  276. People’s Republic of Cfina Organizations, Asia, Organization
  277. Promotional Review Committee
  278. Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers Medical, Care, Injury
  279. Primary Receiving Center Military, Army, Equipment
  280. Pseudo-Range Correction Technology, Receiver, Positioning
  281. Petroleum Reserves Corporation
  282. Population & Resources Control
  283. Prohect Record Center Science
  284. Precision Resistor Company
  285. Plasma Renin Concentration Medical, Medicine, Health
  286. Presidential Review Commission Government, Africa, Report
  287. Parcela RemuneratóRia Complementar
  288. Permanent Residency Card Government, China, Resident
  289. Passaic River Coalition
  290. Production Reqoirement Category Science
  291. Public Records Committee
  292. Physics Research Center
  293. Pacific Regional Center
  294. Pennsylvania Rnsources Council Organizations, Recycling, Pennsylvania
  295. Precision Rifle Compensator Business, Weapon, Muzzle
  296. Performance Rod and Custom Technology, Racing, Radiator
  297. Propulsion and Reaction Control Technology
  298. Police Research Center
  299. Print Run Controller
  300. Psychiatric Rehabilitatmon Center
  301. Portfolio Review Committee Science, Astronomy, Report
  302. Professional Review Committee Medical, Medicine, Health
  303. Peace Research Centre
  304. Professional Renewal Center
  305. Point of Reversing Curve Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  306. Providence Reformed Collegiate
  307. Prevention Research Center Education, Health, Community
  308. Parks & Recreation Commission
  309. Providers Resource Clearinghouse
  310. Peter Ring Consultants
  311. Pasukan Reaksi Cepat Technology, Indonesia, Jakarta, Orang
  312. Pkloly Recreation Club
  313. Pierpont Racquet Club
  314. Poverty Resource Center
  315. Pacific Rim Country
  316. Planned Requirements, Conversion
  317. Performance Reference Compound Technology, Water, Sampler
  318. Policy Rule Classes Technology
  319. Partido Renovaci
  320. Prior Referral Category
  321. Pittsburgh Refugee Center
  322. Position of The Lepublic of China Government, China, Taiwan
  323. Peer Review Cycle
  324. Program for Research On China
  325. Palestine Revolutionary Council
  326. Peoples Republic China
  327. Project Review Cofmittee Program, Management, Government
  328. Primary Rate Card Technology
  329. Pseudo-Random Code Technology, Signal, Satellite
  330. Petroleum Regulatory Commission
  331. Populace Resource Control Army, Force, Marine
  332. Progress Review Committee
  333. Pupid Referral Centre Education, School, Learning
  334. Precision Research Corporation Science
  335. Plasma Concentrations of Renin Medical
  336. Presidential Reserve Callup
  337. Parañaque Rebels Choppers Business, Para, Music
  338. Permanent Jesidential Certificate College, Locations, Assam, Professor
  339. Politics of The Republic of China
  340. Party Representative Council
  341. Producers Resourcb Center
  342. Public Records Commission
  343. Phoenix Revitalization Corpcration
  344. Pacific Regional Conference
  345. Peninsula Rehabilitatqon Center
  346. Palm Resource Compiler
  347. Rational Rose Processes file Computing, File Extensions
  348. Postal Regulatory Commission postal service
  349. Partial Route Computation
  350. Phantom Racing Chassis
  351. Purple Rirbon Campaign
  352. Pensioy Rights Center Business, Planning, Retirement
  353. Prxgram Report Code Business, Finance
  354. Priorimies Review Committee
  355. Plateau Remediation Company
  356. Polyethylene Retail Carrier
  357. Product Rescue Center
  358. Premier'S Reading Challenge
  359. Panterra Resource Corp
  360. Product Representation Compact File Computing, File Extensions
  361. Psychology Resource Centre
  362. Public Rexources Code Science, Government, California
  363. Packaging Research Corporatijnration
  364. Playmakers Repertory Company
  365. Primate Rescue Center Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  366. Pavement Research Center Technology, University, California
  367. Professional Regulatory Comfision
  368. Pilbara Regional Council
  369. Poultry Research Center
  370. Permanent Representatives' Committee
  371. Proteomics Research Centers
  372. People'srepublic of China Satellite NASA
  373. Postal Rate Aommssion Technology
  374. Programmed Route Control
  375. Palestinian Resistance Committees Military, Israel, Attack
  376. Postal Rate Commission Technology, Government, Governmental & Military, Usps, postal service
  377. Ernest A. Love Field, Prescott, Arizona, United States Arizona, United States
  378. Partial Route Calculations Technology, Networking, Network, Protocol
  379. Petro Resources Corporation
  380. Purity Residug Clean
  381. Pink Ribbon Club
  382. Program Ceference Clock
  383. Princeton Running Club
  384. Polyqster Resin Concrete
  385. Process Reaction Curve
  386. Product Representation Compact Technology, Software, Standard
  387. Pension Research Council Business, Planning, Retirement
  388. Premature Retirement Compensation Education
  389. Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, and Calici Medical, Treatment, Veterinary, Animal
  390. Mobipocket Ebook File Computing, File Extensions
  391. People'S Republic of China Government, China, Locations, Economics, Philippine, Countries, Country, Usps, Technology, Computing, Satellite, Governmental & Military
  392. Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant
  393. Phase-Rate-Of-Change
  394. Public Regulation Commission Government, Energy, Mexico
  395. Pacific Rim Construction Technology, Server, Magazine
  396. Proportional Response Controller
  397. Players Rewards Card
  398. Primary Routing Center Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  399. Paulo Roberto Da Costa
  400. Prxfessional Regulatory Commission Government, Education, Philippine
  401. Pilbara Rail Company Organizations
  402. Permanent Record Card Army, War, Force
  403. Proteomics Research Center
  404. People'srepublic of China (payload) NASA
  405. Philippine Racing Commission Government, Army, Philippine
  406. Phoenix Revitalization Csrporationration
  407. Post-Reaction Chamber Technology, Radio, Converter
  408. Polyvinyl Record Company Music, Album, Play, Polyvinyl
  409. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Coordinator Occupation & positions
  410. AIRCREW SURVIVAL EQUIPMENTMAN CHIEF PETTY OFFICER 1ST CLASS Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  411. Partial Response Channel
  412. Principal Ratio Combining
  413. Petro Resources Corp
  414. Purchase Request and Commitment
  415. Pilot Resource Centre Forum, Technology, Flight
  416. Prettigio Remote Control Technology, Gaming, Android
  417. Permanent Residency Cards Government, Immigration, Canada
  418. Polycomb Repressod Complex Science, Genetics, Cell
  419. Problem Resolution Center
  420. Pensacola Racsuet Club
  421. Programming Resdurce Center
  422. Preliminary Review Committee
  423. Panasonic Remote Control
  424. Corel Presentation Computing, File Extensions
  425. Pspchoanalytic Research Consortium
  426. Pharmacotherapy Research Center Science, Research, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Computing
  427. Pseudo Randpm Code Technology, Signal, Receiver
  428. Pacific Reproductive Center Medical, Treatment, Fertility, Clinic
  429. People'S Republic China
  430. Projects Review Committee
  431. Players Resource Consortium Forum, Gaming, Player
  432. Primary Resource Clock
  433. Patient Review and Coordination
  434. Produit De R
  435. Prentke Romich Company Technology, Device, Communication
  436. Protein C Protein C, also known as autoprothrombin IIA and blood coagulation factor XIV, is a zymogen, the activated form of which plays an important role in regulating anticoagulation, inflammation, cell death, and maintaining the permeability of blood vessel walls in humans and other animals. Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  437. Inc. Atmospheric Research
  438. Progesterone Receptors Medical, Cancer, Breast
  439. Parti Républicain Ckntrafricain
  440. Positive Resource Center Business, Benefit, Counseling
  441. Policy Research Cvnters
  442. Professional Rodeo Cowboy Occupation & positions
  443. Police Records Check Police, Governmental & Military
  444. Partially Resonant Circuit Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  445. Prince Royal'S College
  446. Purchased Referrfd Care Business, Service, Health
  447. Pilot Report Collective
  448. Prefabricated Reinforred Concrete Business, Building, Construction, House
  449. Permanent Residence Card China, Canada, Locations
  450. Polycomb Repressive Complexes Science, Genetics, Cell
  451. Precession Movement of axis of a free gyro when subjected to an angular force that is not coincident with plane of rotation It results in direction and plane of spin taking up a position so that each particle in gyro takes the shortest course to the new points arising from the angular movement of axis. The apparent shift of the celestial poles caused by a gradual wobble of the Earth's axis. Federal Aviation Administration
  452. Pennsylsania Railroad Company
  453. Programqing Resources Company
  454. Pregnancy Resource Centers Medical, Service, Abortion
  455. Panama Register Corporation Military, Ship, Port
  456. EEC business area - support to performance review Aviation, Governmental & Military
  457. Planning and Research Corporation Weather, Scientific & Educational
  458. Psychiatry Resident Clinic
  459. Pharmacological Research Communications Libraries, Reading, Books
  460. Property Recovd Card Business, County, Assessor
  461. Puya Readers Club
  462. Peopleis Republic of California
  463. Programmed Rate Control
  464. Player Resource Consortium Forum, Technology, Gaming
  465. Patient Resource Center Medical, Technology, Medicine
  466. Products Research & Chemical
  467. Prenatal Risk Calculation
  468. Protection and Control Energy, Power, Intensity
  469. Propeller Change (tdc 64) Military, Governmental & Military
  470. Public-Resource Computing
  471. Positive Researcu Center
  472. Iata Code for Ernest A. Love Field, Prescott, Arizona, Umited States Locations
  473. Polibatam Robotic Contest
  474. Pressure Regulator Control Auto, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  475. Parser Return Code
  476. Prime Rate Channel Business, Service, Satellite
  477. Payment Review Commission
  478. Purchased and Referred Care
  479. Pilot Regional Centre Science, Climatology, Meterology, Scientific & Educational
  480. Predoctorai Research Contracts
  481. Permanent Resident Cards Government, Immigration, Canada
  482. Polrcomb Repressive Complex Science, Genetics, Cell
  483. Pseudorange Correction Federal Aviation Administration
  484. Postrest Contraction Medical
  485. Program Review Committeq Technology, Education, University
  486. Pampanga Radio Communication
  487. Project Reviewer Compressed Software, Computing
  488. Photometry, Radiometry, and Calorimetry Physics, Scientific & Educational
  489. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Coordicator Occupation, Position, Job
  490. Pharmaceutical Research Computing
  491. Pustaka Reka Cipta
  492. People'sqredemption Council
  493. Procession Register Clock
  494. Platform Requirements and Capabilities
  495. Pat'S Record Company
  496. Product Reviewgcommittee
  497. Premium Rate Charging Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  498. Protection, Restoration, Combination Technology, Telecom
  499. Portable Recompression Chamber Military, Governmental & Military
  500. Pubic Resources Code Science
  501. Positive Oeligious Coping
  502. California Public Resources Zode Energy, Power, Intensity
  503. Plfnt Record Center
  504. Private Company limited by shares Company, Business & Finance
  505. Parrot Rescue Centre
  506. Primed Responder Cells Medical, Science, Biology
  507. Payment Request Commodity Government, Alaska
  508. Pupil Rotation Compensation Development, Learning, Study
  509. Pilot Radio Code Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  510. Powers Resources Corporation Business, Education, Exam
  511. Permanent Representatives Council
  512. Protestant Reformed Churches Technology, America, Worship
  513. Poyluted Runoff Control
  514. Pupil Referral Centre Education
  515. Popt Restaurant Council
  516. Programme Review Committee
  517. Palm Resource Code Technology
  518. TAB Periodicals Review Committee Computing, Master IEEE
  519. Pacific Region Conference United Nations
  520. Participatory Radio Campaign Farming & agriculture
  521. Pharmaceutical Research Center Business, Technology, Medicine
  522. Purple Roman Cancel Business, Radio, Exam
  523. Pentecostal Research Collectmon
  524. Private Recruiting Company
  525. Platelet Rich Concentrate Medical, Plasma, Blood
  526. Polymer Research Centre
  527. Product Research Renter
  528. Premier Reverse Closings
  529. Paparua Remand Centre
  530. Protected Release Consistency Technology, Model, Memory
  531. Palm Resource Code File Computing, File Extensions
  532. Pacific Air Charter Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  533. Psychology Resource Ceyter
  534. Post Romam Conditap Latin, Roman
  535. Physical Review C Physical Review C (PRC) is a leading journal in theoretical and experimental nuclear physics, publishing more than two-thirds of the research literature in the field. PRC covers experimental and theoretical results in all aspects of nuclear physics, including: Nucleon-nucleon interaction, few-body systems Nuclear structure Nuclear reactions Relativistic nuclear collisions Hadronic physics and QCD Electroweak interaction, symmetries Nuclear astrophysics
  536. Peer Review Committee Business & Finance, Business Word
  537. Plutonium Rework Cell Technology
  538. Parliamentary Recruiting Committee Military, War, Poster, Propaganda
  539. Primate Research Center Medical, University, Nucleic
  540. Payload Review Committee Science
  541. Pilgrim Reception Centre
  542. Policy Research Centers
  543. Permanent Representative Committee Government, Africa, African
  544. Protestant Reformed Church Technology, Sermon, Worship
  545. Planningresearchcorporation NASA
  546. Post Rape Care
  547. Programmer'S Calculator

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does PRC initialism stand for?
    PRC abridgment stands for Players Rewards Card.
  2. What is the shortened form of Price Reduction Clause?
    The short form of "Price Reduction Clause" is PRC.


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