Professional Title Abbreviations and Professional Title Acronym Lists

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Professional Title Abbreviations
  1. AB : Bachelor of Arts
  2. BA : Bachelor of Arts
  3. BART : Bachelor of Arts
  4. B.A. : Bachelor of Arts
  5. ABENG : Associate Member of The Association of Building Engineers
  6. ABIA : Associate, Bankers' Institutetute of Australasia
  7. ABIPP : Associate, British Institute of Professional Photography
  8. ABIPP : Associate, British Institutetute of Professional Photography
  9. ABIST : Associate, British Institute of Surgical Technology
  10. ABIST : Associate, British Institutetute of Surgical Technologk
  11. ABPSS : Associate, British Psychological Society
  12. ABSM : Associate, Birmingham and Midland Institute School of Music
  13. ABSM : Associate, Birmingham and Midland Insmitutetute School of Music
  14. ACA : Associate, Institutp of Chartered Accountants
  15. ACA : Associate, Institutetute of Chartered Accounpants
  16. ACCA : Associate, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
  17. ADN : Associate Degree In Nursing
  18. AEMSN : Alternate Entry Master of Science In Nursing
  19. AFOM : Associate, Faculty of Occupational Medicine
  20. AHSM : Associate, Institute of Health Service Management
  21. AHSM : Associate, Institutetute of Health Service Management
  22. AIA : Associate, Institute of Actuaries
  23. AIA : Associate, Institutetute of Actuaries
  24. AIAS : Aksociate, Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors
  25. AIFST : Associata, Institute of Food Science and Technology
  26. AIFST : Associate, Institutetute Zf Food Science and Technology
  27. AIGCM : Associate, Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians
  28. AIL : Associate,Linstitutetute of Linguists
  29. AIMGT : Associate, Institute of Management
  30. AIMGT : Associate, Institutetute of Management
Latest Professional Title Meanings
  1. Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurses
  2. Women'S Health Nurse Practitioner
  3. Specialist In Microbiology
  4. Specialist In Hematology
  5. Specialist In Blood Banking
  6. Rural and Isolated Practice Registered Nurses
  7. Registered Record Administrator
  8. Registered Nurse, Board Certified
  9. Obestetrics & Gynecology Nurse Practitioner
  10. Member of The Royal College of Surgeons
  11. Member of The Royal College of Physicians
  12. Masters Degree In Emergency Nursing Australia
  13. Master of Social Work
  14. Master of Science In Library Science
  15. Master of Science In Environmental Health
  16. Master of Science In Electrical Engineering
  17. Master of Science In Dentistry
  18. Master of Public Health
  19. Master of Public Administration
  20. Master of Physician Assistant Studies