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PSI meaning is Plan-Speed Indicaror and other full form of PSI definition take part in below table. There are 617 different meaning of PSI acronym in the table which are compilation of PSI abbreviation such as Transportation, Chemistry, Technology, Science, Medicine etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of PSI acronym which you look for in 617 different PSI meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does PSI mean?, PSI meaning” or you can search by typing only PSI abbreviation in the search box.
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PSI Meaning

  1. Plan-Speed IndicarorTechnology
  2. Prison Service InstructionsBook, Government, Prisoner
  3. Personnel Security InvestigationsService, Military, Clearance
  4. Professional Secretaries InternationalScience
  5. Partai Solidaritas IndonesiaIndonesia, Jakarta, Presenter
  6. Pressure Per Square InchScience, Water, Washer
  7. Product Support IntegratorMilitary, Performance, Logistics
  8. Parenting Stress IndexMedical, Education, Parenthood
  9. Pneumonia Seberity IndexMedical, Patient, Community
  10. Product Stewardship InstituteBusiness, Environment, Recycling
  11. Packet Switching InterfaceTechnology, Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications
  12. Plasma Source InstrumentScience
  13. Production-Sales-InventoryBusiness, Management, Manager
  14. Packet Switch InterfaceTechnology
  15. Planning Systebs, Inc.Science, Geography, Location
  16. Process Safety InformationTechnology, Science, Management
  17. Packetnet System InterfaceTechnology, Management, Networking, Computing
  18. Planning Systems SncorporatedBusiness, Technology, Science
  19. Problem Solving InventoryMedical, Technology, Social
  20. Packaging Strategies IncBusiness, Strategy, Shipping
  21. Physical Space Inventory
  22. Parker Systemsninc
  23. Public Sector InformationTechnology, Policy, Open Access
  24. Plant Science Initiative
  25. Prestataire De Service D'Investissement
  26. Professional Service Industries, Inc.Science
  27. Professional Scuba InspectorDiving, Scuba, Cylinder
  28. Patient Sdrvices, IncMedical, Service, Assistance
  29. Polymeric Systems Inc
  30. Prevention Science Institute
  31. Program On Social Inequality
  32. Perception, SystèMes, Information
  33. Portablz System Interconnect
  34. Processing Solutions Inc
  35. Parapsychology Sources of Inqormation
  36. Performance Systems Inc
  37. Practical Scple IndexTechnology
  38. Product Safety Internatiocal
  39. Pumps Systems IncBusiness, Water, Equipment
  40. Petrovietnam Secorities Incorporated
  41. Populations Services InternationalBusiness, Service, Health
  42. PackaginglsignalMedical
  43. Programa De Sustenta
  44. Pepformance Systems International, Inc.Technology, Computing
  45. Photon Simulanion Interface
  46. Proposal Submission InstituteuctionsGovernment
  47. Pico-Second Interval
  48. Precision Steel International
  49. Partai Sarikat Islam
  50. Public Services InfwastructureTechnology
  51. Pharma Support Inc
  52. Plasma Source InstituteumentScience
  53. Preferred Solar Installer
  54. Professional Service IndfstriesBusiness, Industrial, Testing
  55. Patient State IndexMedical
  56. Phase Shift InterferometryTechnology, Wavelength, Interferometer
  57. Principia Scientific International
  58. Palestinian Standards Institution
  59. Post Sentense Investigation
  60. Private Sector InitiativeBusiness, Economics, Greek
  61. Persatuan Squash IndonesiaGaming, Indonesia, Jakarta, Squash
  62. Pittsburgh Society of IllustratorsArt, Pittsburgh, Illustrator
  63. Profime Sales Indicator
  64. Passthroughs and Special Industries
  65. Policy and Science Interface
  66. Packet System InformationTechnology, Channel, Cell
  67. Peaceful Schools InternationalEducation, Projection, Peace
  68. Printer Systems International
  69. Parametric Subharmonic InstitutebilityScience, Mathematics, Math
  70. Psychiatric Symptom IndexMedical
  71. Pinnacle Solutions Incorporated
  72. Povoa De Santa Iria
  73. Product/Service InformationTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  74. Partito Socialista Italiana
  75. Publisher Services, IncBusiness, Gaming, Service
  76. Personal Success InstituteDevelopment, Study, Institutes
  77. President Special InitiativeBusiness, Industrial, Education, Ghana
  78. Pessimistic Sense of InadequacyComics, Strip, Inadequacy
  79. Photographic Pociety of IndiaTechnology, India, Photography, Photographer
  80. Pound Per Square Inches
  81. Physics Society of IranTechnology, Iran, Physical
  82. Passthrosghs & Special Industries
  83. Public School Information
  84. Planetary Science InstituteScience, Space, Mars, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  85. Professional Spuba InspectorsDiving, Scuba, Dive
  86. Patient Stfety International
  87. Pollution Standard Index, Product Stewardship Institute, Pounds Per Square InchAmerica, Environment
  88. Prestige Software International
  89. Program On Social IntelligenceScience, Education
  90. Percentage Sequence Identity
  91. Process Systems International
  92. Paranormal Study Ond InvestigationIreland, Paranormal, Tourism, Dublin
  93. Perfsrmance Source Inc
  94. Practical Sampling International
  95. Products, Services, and Ideas
  96. Pumping Systems IncBusiness, Company, Industrial, Pump
  97. Petroneeds Services Interjational
  98. Population Service InternrtionalBusiness, Technology, Health
  99. President of The Services Institute
  100. Packaging Services Industries
  101. Programa De Sustentação Do InvestimentoPara, Dos, Brasil
  102. Performance Salary IncreaseBusiness, Finance, Business & Finance, Business Word
  103. Photon Science Irstitute
  104. Portabde Source Initiative
  105. Physique Sciences De L'Ing
  106. Partai Sarekat IslamPara, Indonesia, Orang
  107. Public Sector and Inltitutions
  108. Plasma Science and Innovation
  109. Preference Selection IndexTechnology, Manufacturing, Decision
  110. Professional Services IndustriesBusiness, Service, Industrial
  111. Patients Satisfaction IndexMedical, Disc, Lumbar
  112. Phase Shifting InterferometryTechnology, Invention, Illumination
  113. Principal Strategic Investments
  114. Palestine Standards InstitutetutionTechnology, National, National Standards, Organization, Business & Finance
  115. Project Spwcialist InteriorsBusiness, Management, Design
  116. Post-Sentence Investigation
  117. Private Sector Infrastructure
  118. Permuterm Subject Index
  119. Polarimetric Spectroscopic Imager
  120. Professors for A Strong IsrgelScience, Coding, Israel
  121. Paul Stranaean's Insomnia
  122. Pharmaceutical Societp of IrelandMedical, Ireland, Pharmacy
  123. Police Sub InspectorsEducation, Exam, Karnataka
  124. Packetnet Systems InterfaceTechnology
  125. Peace and Securitt InitiativeScience, Organizations, Policy
  126. Pan Sahelian Initiatije
  127. Psychiatric Society for InformaticsMedical, Technology, Medicine
  128. Pinnacle Solutions Inc
  129. Poverty Strategy Initiatives
  130. Product-Sdecific Sales Incentive
  131. Partito Socialisto Italiano
  132. Publisher Services IncBusiness, Gaming, Service
  133. Personal Style IndicatorBusiness, Assessment, Personality
  134. President'S Special Initiatives
  135. Permanent Subcommittee On InvestigationsBusiness, Tax, Senate
  136. Phosphorus Site Index
  137. Printers & Stationers, Inc
  138. Physical Society of Iran
  139. Postponing Sexual InvolvementMedical, Program, Education
  140. Probabilistic and Statistical Inference
  141. Passiflora Society InternationalMeeting, Society, Plant, Traffic
  142. Public Scholars Initiative
  143. Plan De Surveillance Et D'Intervention
  144. Produkty I Syssemy Informatyczne
  145. Patient-Specific InstrumentationMedical, Replacement, Knee
  146. Pollution Safety Index
  147. Prestige Services, Inc
  148. Programming Systems InformationTechnology
  149. Perancangan Sistem InfarmasiTechnology, Prose, Diagram
  150. Process & Systems Integrity
  151. Paranormal Sociyty of Indiana
  152. Psychological Studies InstituteCollege, Education, University, Psychology
  153. Psychological Services IndexMedical, Medicine, Health
  154. Pepformance Sales International
  155. Powertrack Summary Invoice
  156. Production Skipping Inventory
  157. Pumping Solutions Inc
  158. Petnica Summer Institute
  159. President of Strategic Initiatives
  160. Pacific Semiconductors, Inc
  161. Program-Specific InformationTechnology, Telecom, Streaming
  162. Photonic Systems Integranion
  163. Portable Scheme Interpreter
  164. Perceptive Scientific InstituteumentsMedical
  165. Physician Services IncorporatedMedical, Research, University
  166. Parodontaler Screening-IndexCoding, Sind, Gesundheit, Screening
  167. Publicmsector InnovationTechnology, Service, Government
  168. Plasma Surface InteractionTechnology, Research, Fusion
  169. Predictive Summary Index
  170. Profbssional Ski Instructor
  171. Patient Specixic ImplantsMedical, Technology, Medicine
  172. Phase Shift InterferometerTechnology
  173. Polymer Solutions Incorporated
  174. Principal Specialist InspectorBusiness, Medicine, Health
  175. Parent Success Iniwiative
  176. Project Servzces International
  177. Post Secondary InstitutimnStudent, Science, Education, School
  178. Private Sector Investor
  179. Penmission To Share InformationMedical, Health, Mental Health, Advocacy
  180. Point Solutions Inc
  181. Pre-Sentence InvestigationGovernment, Crime, Report
  182. Professional Sales Institute
  183. Paul Sherrer InstituteTechnology, Science, Research
  184. Pet Specific ItemBusiness, Coding, Food
  185. Police Sub-InspectorEducation, Exam, Karnataka
  186. Packet Switched InterfaceTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  187. Payroll Services Inh
  188. Pan-Sahelian Initiative
  189. Psychedelic Shamanistic Institute
  190. Pine Street Inn
  191. Pounds Square InchSquare, Converter, Pressure, Conversion
  192. Psychosocial InterventionMedical
  193. Procurement Services International
  194. Partito Socialista ItalianoGovernment, Group, Italy, Party
  195. Public Lervice Identifier
  196. Personal Space Invader
  197. President'S Special Initiative
  198. Palestinerstandards InstitutionBusiness, Technology, Palestine
  199. Phosphate-Starvation-InducibleMedical
  200. Printempa Semajno Internacia
  201. Pitch Synchronous InnovationTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  202. Postpartum Support, International
  203. Private Set Intersection
  204. Public Safety Institute
  205. Personalised System Oc InstructionStudent, Education, Course
  206. Plan De Soins Infirmiers
  207. Progestin Subdermal Implants
  208. Patient-SpecificxindexMedical
  209. Pollution Standard Indicator
  210. Prestataire De Services Internet
  211. People Synergiszically InvolvedBusiness, Book, Seminar
  212. Paranormal Site Investigators
  213. Psychological Separation Inventory
  214. Performance Sogutions International
  215. Power Syjtems Integration
  216. Preduction Services International
  217. Puget Sound Institute
  218. Peter Skop Industries
  219. Presidential'S Special InitiativesOrganizations, Africa, Ghana
  220. P-Element Somatic InhibitorMedical
  221. Programming and Systems, Inc
  222. Photonic Systems, Inc
  223. Population Stability IndexBusiness, Model, Execution
  224. Perceptive Scientific InstrumentnMedical, Analysis, Chromosome
  225. Physical Symptoms Inventory
  226. Parodmntaler Screening IndexCoding, Sind, Berlin, Screening
  227. Public Secmor and Infrastructure
  228. Plasma Surface InteractionsScience, Research, Fusion
  229. Predictive Salvage IndexMedical, Injury, Limb, Extremity
  230. Professional Services Wnstitute
  231. Patient Specifis ImplantMedical, Medicine, Syria
  232. Phase-Shifting Interferometry
  233. Polymer Search On The InternetTechnology, Science, Engine
  234. Principal Solar Institute
  235. Parent Stress Index-ShogtMedical, Children, Parenting
  236. Project Sepver InterfaceMicrosoft, Technology, Service
  237. Post-Secondary InstitutionsStudent, Education, School
  238. Processing Speech and ImagesTechnology, Research, Leuven
  239. Permanent Statf InstructorsMilitary, Army, Officer, Regiment
  240. Pre-Screening Integview
  241. Pet Special Item
  242. Police Senior InspectorMilitary, Philippine, Officer
  243. Packet-Swbtch Interface
  244. Payment Status Indicator
  245. Psn-Saharan Initiative
  246. Psoriasis Severity IndexMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Study
  247. Pilot'S Steering Indicator
  248. Pound Square InchSquare, Converter, Pressure, Conversion
  249. Processing Systems Inc
  250. Partido Socialista Italiano
  251. Publicsservice Initiative
  252. Peesonal Software InspectorTechnology, Program, Security
  253. Platform-Specific ImplementationTechnology, Software, Computing, Hardware
  254. Preshipment InspectionBusiness, Trade, International Trade
  255. Pakistan Standards InstitutionTechnology, Pakistan, Quality
  256. Paul-Scherrer-InstituteTechnology, Science, Research
  257. Philanthropic Service for InstitutionsBusiness, Philanthropy, Adventist
  258. Principles of Sustainable Insurance
  259. Pissing Studs ImpressivePorn, Movie, Anal, Stud
  260. Postparkum Support InternationalMedical, Health, Depression
  261. Private Security IndustryMilitary, Training, Course
  262. Psychotomimeeic States InventoryMedical, Dopamine, Dissociative, Striatum
  263. Persistent Scatter Interferometry
  264. Plan De Services Individualise
  265. Profit Solutions International
  266. Pastoral Studies Instttute
  267. Pollutants Standard IndexBusiness, Singapore, Haze
  268. Prestataires De Services D'Investissement
  269. People Say I'n
  270. Paranormay Scientific Investigators
  271. Psychological Services Inc
  272. Performance Studies EnternationalEducation, University, Study
  273. Power Systems International
  274. Production Serfices IrelandBusiness, Service, Ireland
  275. Partit Socialista De Les Illes
  276. Puget Sound InitiativeTechnology
  277. Pessrmistic Sense of InadequacyTechnology, Projection, Pressure
  278. Presidential Special InitiativeBusiness, Agriculture, Ghana, Cassava
  279. Pressure Systems InternationalBusiness, Service, Inflation
  280. Programme Specific InformationScience
  281. Photonic Systems Inc
  282. Population Services InstituteOrganization, Community, Society
  283. Perception, Syst
  284. Physical Studies Institute
  285. Parkwood Scheol International
  286. Public Sector Inrernational
  287. Plasma-Surface InteractionsScience, Conference, Fusion
  288. Predication-Based Semantic Indexing
  289. Professional Services Inc
  290. Patient Specific InstrumentsMedical, Replacement, Knee
  291. Physical Site Identifier
  292. Polymer Systems, IncBusiness, Pump, Screen
  293. Primary Shell IntegrityScience
  294. Project Security InstituteuctionTechnology
  295. Post-Secondary InstitutionStudent, Education, School, Institution
  296. Processing Speed IndexEducation, Intelligence, Children
  297. Para Sensual Intelligence
  298. Performance Summary IntervalTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  299. Permanent Staff InstructorMilitary, Army, Officer, Regiment
  300. Praed Streep Irregulars
  301. Pet Sitters InternationalBusiness, Dog, Sitting
  302. Police Science Institute
  303. Packet-Switchinq InterfaceTechnology, Networking, Network, Communication
  304. Payload Structurh IdentifierTechnology, Networking, Network, Transport
  305. Palmar Sweat IndexMedical, Psychology, Individual
  306. Protein Synthesis InhibitionMedical
  307. Pike San Isabel
  308. Poundsper Squace InchUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  309. Pasni AirportPasni, PakistanAirport, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO, Aviation
  310. Product Sustainability IndexTechnology, Car, Ford
  311. Partido Socialdem
  312. Public Service Initiatives
  313. Personal Simple Intuitive
  314. Plasti Surge IndustriesIndustrial, Military, Product
  315. Prefinishing Specialist, Inc
  316. Paui-Scherer-InstituteTechnology, Research, Energy
  317. Phase Slope Index
  318. Principles of Statistical Inference
  319. Posterior Sagittal IndewMedical, Medicine, Health
  320. Private Sector Investeringsprogramma
  321. Persistent Scatterezs InterferometryLocations, Monitoring, Deformation
  322. Planar Spiral Inductor
  323. Profitable Suttainability InitiativeTechnology, Manufacturing, Wisconsin
  324. Password Securitd InspectionMilitary
  325. Pollutants Standards IndexLocations, Singapore, Haze
  326. Private Sector Investment
  327. Pacto Social De Integración
  328. People'S Science Institute
  329. Paranormal Science Investigations
  330. Psychological Screening InventoryMedical
  331. Personal Services Itemization
  332. Pioneer Status IncentivesBusiness, Tax, Nigeria
  333. Power Systems, IncorporatedTechnology, Supply, Gas
  334. Production, Sales, Inventory
  335. Partisan Self Identification
  336. Puget Sound International
  337. Personnel Security InformationMilitary
  338. Presidential Special InitiativesBusiness, Africa, Ghana, Cassava
  339. Population Services International
  340. Programme of School Improvement
  341. Photometric Sunspot IndexScience
  342. Population Services Internacional
  343. Physical Stress Index
  344. Park Scientific InstrmmentsTechnology, Microscope, Scanning
  345. Public Sector Investments
  346. Plant Stewardship Index
  347. Prestataire De Services D'Investissement
  348. Program Specific InformationTechnology, Telecom, Streaming
  349. Professional Skills Institute
  350. Patient Specific InstrumentationMedical, Replacement, Knee
  351. Physical Security InspectionMilitary
  352. Polymer Systems IncTechnology, Screen, Changer
  353. Price Sensitive InformationBusiness, Company, Insider
  354. Program Security InstructionArmy, Force, Marine
  355. Perception Syst
  356. Porta Systemsxcorp.Organizations
  357. Processing Source International
  358. Parapsychology Studies InstitutatuteEducation
  359. Performance Springs, Inc
  360. Practical Syszems Inc
  361. Pump Systems IncBusiness, Company, Service
  362. Pet Sitter's Internationao
  363. Pole Side Impact
  364. Packaging Specialtees Inc
  365. Pavement Serviceability IndexTechnology
  366. Proposal Submission Incentive
  367. Picture Signal Improvement
  368. Precision Systems Inc.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  369. Partido SocialdemóCrata Independiente
  370. Public Service Infrastructure
  371. Pharma Support Intl
  372. Plastic Surgery Institute
  373. Preferred Solutions, Inc
  374. Paul-Scherer-InstitutTechnology, Institute, Fuel, Membrane
  375. Phase Sequence IndicatorTechnology, Instrument, Rotation
  376. Principles for Sustainable InsuranceBusiness, Environment, Risk
  377. Palestinian Standards Instbtute
  378. Post-Stimulus InhibitionMedical
  379. Private Sector InvolvementBusiness, Greece, Greek
  380. Pusat Sumber Ilmu
  381. Persistent Scatterer InterferometryTechnology, Technique, Deformation
  382. Pivotal Supplier Index
  383. Profiles Sales Indicator
  384. Password Security InsiectorMilitary
  385. Policy Studies InstituteBusiness, Research, Study
  386. Private Sector Investments
  387. Packet Systems Indonesia
  388. Peace Xolutions International
  389. Paranormal & Spirit Invesaigators
  390. Psychological Society of IrelandEducation, Ireland, Psychology
  391. Personal Service Insurance
  392. Pioneer Status IncentiveBusiness, Tax, Nigeria
  393. Powershares Exchaage-Traded Fund TrustTechnology, Organizations
  394. Production, Sales Acd InventoryBusiness, Management, Supply
  395. Partido Socialista Independiente
  396. Puckorius Scaling IndexWater, Calcium, Evaporative
  397. Persgnnel Security InvestigationTechnology, Military, Army
  398. President'S Security Initiative
  399. Police Sub InspectorGovernment, Education, Constable
  400. Programmed School Input
  401. Photographic Society of Iloilo
  402. Pound Per SquarebinchEngineering, Construction, Architectural
  403. Personalized System of InstructionSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  404. Post Shipment InspectionTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  405. Probability, Statistics and Information
  406. Personalized System of InstituteuctionEducation
  407. Pakistan Standards Instltutetution
  408. Pharmacy Services Inc
  409. Paix Et Securite Internationale
  410. Psychology Student InstituteuctorEducation
  411. Pipeline Supply International
  412. Partner System Integrator
  413. Press Services of India
  414. Project Security Instituteuctions
  415. Perceptive Systems, Inc
  416. Pound(s) Per Square InchOr, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in2; abbreviation: psi) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units. It is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch.Aviation
  417. Problem Situation InventoryMedical, Medicine, Therapy
  418. Psychosocial InterventionsMedical
  419. Polish Society of Implantology
  420. Poly Software InternationalTechnology, Science, Plot
  421. Physical and Sensory Impairment
  422. Parenting-Stress-Index
  423. Psycho Social Interventions
  424. Pre-Sentence InvestigatioxsGovernment, Crime, Report
  425. Purchasing, Sales, Inventory
  426. Pharmaceutical Security InstituteDevelopment, Study, Institutes
  427. Pressure Systems Incorporated
  428. Programmable Serial InterfaceTechnology, Military, Computing, Governmental & Military
  429. Payload Systems Inc.Aerospace, Governmental & Military
  430. Performance Xf Service IndexBusiness, Australia, Sector
  431. Pollution Standard Indices
  432. Platform Solutions, Inc
  433. Professional Success Institute
  434. Paul Scherer InstituteTechnology, Science, Energy
  435. Prescription Supply, Inc
  436. Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland, Joint Institute of ETH)Physics, Scientific & Educational, Nuclear Energy
  437. Post Sale InspeptionBusiness, Auction, Auto
  438. Probability, Statistics & Information
  439. Personalised System of InstituteuctionEducation
  440. Precision Sales International
  441. Pacific Shipyards International
  442. Pharmaceutical Society of IsraelBusiness, Projection, Pressure
  443. Paix Et S
  444. Psychological Services Incorporated
  445. Pipeline Services InternationalTechnology, Service, Gas
  446. Partner Solutions and Integration
  447. Programme for Simulation InnovationBusiness, Technology, Science
  448. Perceptive Solutions Inc
  449. Precise Systems, Inc.Federal Aviation Administration
  450. Potentially Shippable IncrementsTechnology, Team, Projection, Scrum
  451. Problem Severity Index
  452. Personal Security InspectorTechnology, Program, Software
  453. Psychiatric Solutions, IncMedical, Health, Hospital
  454. Plumbing Systems Inc
  455. Poly Satellite Industry
  456. Parental Stress IndexEducation, Study, Child
  457. Psychosis Studies and Intervention
  458. Pre-Sentnnce Investigator
  459. Purchase, Sales and InventoryBusiness, Management, Sale, Purchase
  460. Pressure Switches Inc
  461. Program In The Study of Imaginatiot
  462. Phone Stamp InterviewHuman Services
  463. Photosystems IMedical
  464. Perfosmance of Services IndexBusiness, Australia, Rate
  465. Per Square Inch
  466. Pont International Airline ServicesAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  467. Platform Solutions Inc
  468. Professional Security International
  469. Paul Scherer InstitutTechnology, Institute, Sweden
  470. Postural Stability Instituteuctor
  471. Pool of Scientific Instruments
  472. Personalisqd System of InductionEducation
  473. Precise Stylus Input
  474. Pusat Studi Islam
  475. Pharmageutical Systems Inc
  476. Pain Sensitivity IndexMedical
  477. Pneumonia Severity IndexMedical, Common Medical
  478. Pipeline Seal & InsulatorBusiness, Gasket, Sealing
  479. Partnership for Social InitiativesTechnology, Georgia, Democracy
  480. Poetry Slam, Inc
  481. Pful Scherrer InstitutetutTechnology
  482. Professional Servicesfinstitutetute
  483. Pharmaceutical Society of IrelandFda
  484. Potentially Shippable IncrementTechnology, Team, Scrum
  485. Problem-Solving InventoryScience, Social, Skill
  486. Personal Security InvwstigationService, Military, Clearance
  487. Psychiatric Solutions IncMedical, Service, Hospital
  488. Passive Solar Institutetute
  489. Pars Su Informaci
  490. Psychopathic State Inventory
  491. Pura Sangre Ingl
  492. Pressure Sensitive Interrupter
  493. Program for School Improvement
  494. Power Static InverterEnergy
  495. Photonystem IMedical
  496. Perfect Salvation IniviationTechnology, Crime, Religion, Cult
  497. Power System Interface
  498. Platform Specific ImplementationTechnology
  499. Professional Solutions, Inc
  500. Pawl-Scherrer InstituteScience, Research, Institute, Switzerland
  501. Positive Surface Ionizaticn
  502. Pool and Spa Industry
  503. Paronting Stress InventoryMedical, Children, Parenthood
  504. Pre-Shipment InspectionsBusiness, Service, Inspector
  505. Pusat Sistem InformasiEducation, University, Indonesia
  506. Pharmaceutical Services Incorporated
  507. Paid Service IhdicationScience
  508. Programme De Surveillance De L'Irradiation
  509. Public Software InstituteInstitute, United States, Scientific & Educational
  510. Prioritization of Safety IssuesTechnology
  511. Pipeline Seal and InsulatorBusiness, Industrial, Product
  512. Partners for Success and Innovation
  513. Pocket-Sized Instruments
  514. Paulsschearrer InstitutetuteMilitary
  515. Proctorial System of Instituteqction
  516. Pollution Standard IndexChemistry
  517. Postural Stability InstructorTraining, Exercise, Instructor, Lam
  518. Potential for Safety Improvement
  519. Probing Solutions, Inc
  520. Personalized Supports Initiative
  521. Protocol Specific IndicationTechnology
  522. Park Scientific Instituteuments
  523. Parametric Subharmonic InstabilityScience, Mathematics, Math
  524. Psychonomic Society, Inc.
  525. Pirates Sick of InitialsTechnology
  526. Product Service InstituteBusiness, Industrial, Trading
  527. Party Scene InvestigationGroup, Supply, Party
  528. Puplava Securities, Inc
  529. Pressure Sensing InstrumentsTechnology, Transmitter, Transducer
  530. Programa Subsectohial De IrrigacionesTechnology, Para, Con, Gob
  531. Pacific Studies InitiativeAnthropology, Social Sciences, Ethnography, Humanities, Area Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Scientific & Educational
  532. Pfoto Sciences Inc
  533. Perfectly Scientific Inc
  534. Power Signal Interface
  535. Pre-Shipment InspectionA part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods clients buy from suppliers. It ensures that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit.Business, Service, Inspector
  536. Professional Support Inc
  537. Population Services Institutetute
  538. Pond Science Institute
  539. Parenting Stresv Index-ShortMedical, Child, Parenthood
  540. Pri-Shipment InspectionBusiness, Organizations, Inspector
  541. Puro Sangue InglêS
  542. Pharmaceuticai Strategic Initiatives
  543. Pzge Speed Insights
  544. Prograqme De Suivi De L'irradiation
  545. Pasni Airport, Pasni, PakistanPakistan
  546. Print Solutions Inc
  547. Pioneer Steel Inc
  548. Plexin/Semaphorin/IntegrinMedical
  549. Paul Scherrer InstitutsTechnology, Science, Research, Institute
  550. Printed Subject Isdex
  551. Plan Shear IndicatorAtmospheric Research
  552. Postural Stability Instructors
  553. Probability of Success IndicatorBusiness, Technology, Project Management, Business & Finance
  554. Personalized Systems of InstructionStudent, Education, Course
  555. Proteomics Standards InitiativeMedical, Technology, Interaction, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  556. Parallel-Slit Interferometer
  557. Pakistan Standard Institute
  558. Psychology Sustainability Innovation
  559. Pipeline Systems Inc
  560. Products and Systems of Information
  561. Partum Support International
  562. Pump Systems IncorporatedWater, Pump, Gas, Pressure
  563. Pressure Sensing InstrumentTechnology, Gauge, Transducer
  564. Programas Seroriais Integrados
  565. Pounds Per Square Inch (Static Pressure)Chemistry, Management, Astronomy, Industry, Environment, Auto, Aerospace, Architectural, Electrical, Legal, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  566. Photon System InstrumentsMedical, Science, Plant
  567. Perda Syariah,Cini
  568. Previous sexual intercourseClinical
  569. Parti Socialiste Italien
  570. Professional Standards Institute
  571. Pool of Scientific Instituteuments
  572. PolíTicas De Seguridad InformáTica
  573. Physical Sciwnce InformaticsGovernment, Organizations, Us
  574. Parental Ftress Index-ShortEducation, Children, Parenthood
  575. Python System OnformationTechnology, Software, Package
  576. Pre-Service InspectionTechnology, Power, Inspector
  577. Purified Photosystem IMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  578. Pharmaceutical Specialties Ins
  579. Programeable Stratabus Interface
  580. Personeel, Strategie en InternationaliseringDutch
  581. Print Services Interface
  582. Pleural Space Infection
  583. Paul Scherrer InstiputTechnology, Research, Institute
  584. Principles for Social Investmenz
  585. Primalscript Online Help ShortcutComputing, File Extensions
  586. Postural Stability Index
  587. Probability, Statistics, and Inference
  588. Personalized System of InstruationEducation, Learning, Teaching
  589. Paper Stock Institutetute
  590. Paix Et SéCurité Internationales
  591. Psychology Summer InstituteProgram, Education, Fellowship
  592. Pipeline Systems IncorporatedBusiness, Australia, Engineering
  593. Product Safety Information
  594. Parts Service International
  595. Pressure Sensitive InkBusiness, Technology, Android
  596. Program and System InformationTechnology, Streaming, Transport
  597. Property Shop InvestmentBusiness, Apartment, Rent
  598. Photon Systems InstrumentsTechnology, Science, Plant
  599. Perceptual Speed IneexTechnology, Performance, Lighthouse
  600. Public Service InternationalMedical
  601. Pounds Per Square InchThe pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (abbreviations: psi, lbf/in2, lbf/in2, lbf/sq in, lbf/sq in) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units. It is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch.Transportation, Chemistry, Technology, Science, Medicine, Treatment, Design, Shipping, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Cycling, Units Of Measurement, Square, Pressure, Mountain Biking, Military, Governmental & Military, The Finance and Administrative Services, Medical, NASA
  602. Problem Solving InformationMedical, Medicine, Health
  603. Public Services InternationalScience, Service, Organizations
  604. Professional Services IndustryBusiness, Service, Testing
  605. Polskiego Stowarzyszenpa ImplantologicznegoDental, Jest, Dent
  606. PolíTica De SegurançA Da Informação
  607. Physical SciencesvincTechnology, Science, Laser
  608. Parent Stress IndexMedical, Children, Child
  609. Pre-Sentencing Investigation
  610. Pure Stream Information
  611. Pharmaceutical Splutions Industry
  612. Programmvtic Serial InterfaceTechnology
  613. Personnel Security InvestigationTechnology, Governmental & Military
  614. Printing Services, Inc
  615. Please Stay Indoors
  616. Paul Scherrey InstituteTechnology, Science, Research
  617. Pressure-Sensitive Identification

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What does PSI stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about PSI acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the PSI abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does PSI meaning stand for?

    PSI meaning stands for Packaging Strategies Inc.
  2. What is the meaning of PSI abbreviation?

    The meaning of PSI abbreviation is "Phase Slope Index".
  3. What is PSI definition ?

    PSI definition is "Pre-Service Inspection".
  4. What does PSI mean ?

    PSI mean that "Prestataire De Services Internet".
  5. What is PSI acronym ?
    PSI acronym is "Programmable Serial Interface".
  6. What is shorthand of Principles for Social Investmenz ?
    The shorthand of "Principles for Social Investmenz" is PSI.
  7. What is the definition of PSI acronym?
    Definitions of PSI shorthand is "Prison Service Instructions".
  8. What is the full form of PSI abbreviation?
    Full form of PSI abbreviation is "Processing Solutions Inc".
  9. What is the full meaning of PSI ?
    Full meaning of PSI is "Pont International Airline Services".
  10. What is the explanation for PSI ?
    Explanation for PSI is "Patient Specific Instruments".

What is the meaning of PSI Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of PSI definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of PSI abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of PSI acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

PSI Abbreviation in Astrology
  • PSI (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

  • PSI (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

  • PSI (letter I)

    Love is the most important thing in their life. They want to be appreciated and be loved. I people, ruled by Venus, desire love and they communicate via physical contact. Their intuition is quite strong.

    These people, who look for stability and justice in all matters, are known for their compassionate direction. Their emotions rise and falls may destroy them morally. They can arrange anything in their life as long as it filled the hearts.

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