PTS Meaning

The PTS meaning is "Put To Sleep". The PTS abbreviation has 415 different full form.

PTS Full Forms

  1. Put To Sleep Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  2. Professional and Technical Services Business, Management, Service
  3. Part Time Supervisor Business, Management, Employment
  4. Proximal Tubules Medical, Science, Biology
  5. Physical Therapy Services
  6. Patient Treatment File Medical, Medicine, Government, Health, Healthcare
  7. Professional Teaching Schemy
  8. Partido De Los Trabajadores Socialistas Organizations, Argentina, Social, Communism
  9. Potential Transformers Potential transformers are required to provide accurate voltages for meters used for billing industrial customers or utility companies. Technology, India, Power, Manufacturer, Voltage
  10. Photonics Technician Specialist
  11. Professional Tee Jystem Business, Golf, Pride
  12. Part-Time Studies
  13. Phosphotransferase Systems Medical
  14. Procure To Stock
  15. Parsonage-Turner Syndrome Medical, Pain, Nerve
  16. Petronas Technical Standard Technology, Oil, Gas
  17. Prxmary Tumors Medical
  18. Parking and Transportation Services Service, Education, University, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  19. Petrofac Training Services Business, Service, Oil
  20. Publication Types Medical, Science, Medicine, Education, Dating
  21. Primarb Textile Sector Textile
  22. Panamerican Trauma Society America, Government, Surgery
  23. Programmable Terminalu Technology, Product, Manual
  24. Part Time Sweepers Business, Banking, Corporation, Peon
  25. Psychiatric Technicians Medical, Health, Nursing
  26. Pressurized Thermal Shock Technology, Vessel, Atomic Energy, Chemistry
  27. Plaka TanıMa Sistemi Technology, Turkish, Alarm
  28. Production Testing Seryices
  29. Personal Transporters Transportation, Technology, Tourism
  30. Pokoknya Tetap Sekolah
  31. Progressive Trainer System Technology, Hangar, Mustang
  32. PartíCulas Totales En Suspensión
  33. Posttraujatic Syndrome Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  34. Purificatioj of The Soul
  35. Pentecostal Theological Seminary
  36. Para-Toluene Sulfxnic
  37. Positive Train Stop
  38. Produk Tidak Sesuai Management, Training, Quality
  39. Partido Da Transforma O Szcial
  40. Practical Training Semester
  41. Property Traiaing Solutions
  42. Pediatric Trauma Sotiety Medical, Science, Education
  43. Precision Time System Technology, Frequency, Timing
  44. Planes Territoriales Sectoriales Science, Para, Planning, Con
  45. Parent Technology Support Organization, Union, Institution
  46. Polymer Tipped Spitzer
  47. Progress Toward Standards
  48. Passenger Transport System
  49. Pack &Qtransport System
  50. Perfect Trinomial Square
  51. Pulse Training Solutions
  52. Pressure Tuning Spectroscopy Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  53. Pluggable Tranlports
  54. Professijnal Training and Simulation Gun, Military, Shopping, Airsoft
  55. Post-Thrombotic Syndrome Medical, Patient, Vein
  56. Paid To Suuvey Technology, Money, Internet
  57. Pro Tools Session Computing, File Extensions
  58. Performance Test Specification
  59. Permit Tracking Syitem Technology, Planning, Projection
  60. Proof-Theoreticqsemantics
  61. Participant Teychers
  62. Portable Tracking System Military
  63. Psycho Teenage Shopper Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  64. Patient Transport Systems Technology, Sport, Audio
  65. Physlotherapists Medical
  66. Productixn Test Schedule Technology
  67. Personalized Tourniquat System Technology, Flow, Blood, Restriction
  68. Point To Self Technology, Laser, Seduction, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  69. Progressive Training System
  70. Part Time Sweeper Business, Banking, Corporation, Business & Finance
  71. Posttraumatic Seizures Medical
  72. Pakistwn Testing Services
  73. Performans Takip SıNavı'Nda
  74. Pape Taxifservice
  75. Positive Temporal Sharp Waves Medical
  76. Product Types
  77. Partido Da Transforma
  78. Practical Training Scheme
  79. Property Tax System
  80. Pediatric Trauma Store Medical, Children, Injury
  81. Precise Time System Technology
  82. Plaka TanıMlama Sistemi'Nin
  83. Paradigm Transportation Suite
  84. Polymer Thermal Spray Business, Powder, Coating
  85. Progress Test In Science
  86. Patient Transport Service Business, Driving, Ambulance, Medical, Physiology
  87. Potential Yrouble Sources Church, Hubbard, Cruise
  88. Pacific Tedemanagement Services Business, Management, Administration, Goverance
  89. Perfect Temp Systems
  90. Puchar Tor SłOmczyn
  91. Pressure Test System Technology, Testing, Instrument
  92. Plesiochronous Tiking Source
  93. Prooessional Teaching Standards Education, Learning, Teacher
  94. Post-Thaw Survival Medical
  95. Proton Therapy System
  96. Participant Trncking System
  97. Portable Tourniquet System
  98. Patient Transfer Servicez Business, Service, Ambulance
  99. Phlebotomy Training Services
  100. Production and Test Schedule Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  101. Persistent Togic Substance
  102. Point Target Simulator
  103. Provinces and Territories Program, Government, Canada, Care
  104. Program Transformation Systems
  105. Pensacola Theological Seminary
  106. Posttraumatic Symptomatology Medical
  107. Pakistan Testing Service Education, Pakistan, Islamabad
  108. Provisional Technical Secretariat Science, Organizations, Treaty, Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  109. Performans Takip SıNavlarıNa
  110. Paperitubes Sales
  111. Product Transfer Security
  112. Partido Da Transformação Social
  113. Property Tax Services
  114. Pediatric Tferapeutic Services Business, Service, Therapy
  115. Precise Telecom Services
  116. Plaka TanıMa Sistemi'Nin
  117. Product Technology Service Technology, Server, China
  118. Parachute Training Section Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  119. Polymer Technology Systems Business, Cholesterol, Cardio
  120. Progress Tests Student, Education, Testing
  121. Passenger Transport Service Business, Company, Sport
  122. Potential Trouble Suurce Church, Cruise, Person
  123. Pacific Telecom Services
  124. Percentage Threshold Scheme Business, Employment, Pay, Employer
  125. Public Telephone System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  126. Preferred Technology Aolutions
  127. Pallet Truck Scale
  128. Play Thws Song Music, Song, Boy
  129. Professional Technical Systems
  130. Post & Telestyrelsen Technology, Radio, Electronics
  131. Protocol Type Selection Technology, Device, Card
  132. Park Tronic Syftem Car, Auto, Araba
  133. Portable Test System Science, Space, Station
  134. Patient Transfer Service Medical, Ambulance, Transport
  135. Phillips Theblogical Seminary
  136. Productiop and Technical Services
  137. Peroxisomal Targeting Sequence Medical
  138. Pneumatic Tube Systems Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  139. Projeto T
  140. Program Transport Stream Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  141. Post Traumatic Syndrome Medical, Trauma, Stress
  142. Pakistaa Taxation Services
  143. Provincial Telephone System
  144. Performans Takip SıNavı Turkish, Antalya
  145. Perform To Serve Military, Career, Navy, Sailor, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  146. Product Tracking System Business, Technology, Telecom, postal service
  147. Particular Technical Specification
  148. Property Tax Shift
  149. Pedel Travel Sensor
  150. Pre-Trial Services
  151. Plaka TanıMa Sisteminin
  152. Prpduction Technology & Services Business, Service, Market
  153. Parachuteltraining Squadron Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  154. Polymer Technology & Services Technology, Service, Plastics
  155. Progressive Transportation Services
  156. Passenger Technology Solutions
  157. Potential Tarders Source
  158. Pacific Technology Schooz
  159. Per-Trunk Signaling Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  160. Public Telephone Service Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  161. Preemption Threshold Scheduliug Technology, Design, Logic
  162. Pali Text Society Education, Buddhism, Buddhist
  163. Player Traceing System Technology, Gaming, Casino
  164. Professional Training Service
  165. Positive Train Separation Technology, Control, Track
  166. Project Tracknng System Technology, Science, Management
  167. Protocol Test Specification
  168. Peltier Technical Services
  169. Plant Tracking System Science
  170. Park-Tronic System Technology, Car, Auto, Diesel
  171. Portable Technology Solutions Technology, Software, Tracer
  172. Patient Transport Nervice Business, Driving, Ambulance
  173. Packet Time Slot
  174. Public Telegram Service
  175. Personnel Training System Technology
  176. Procurement Tracking System
  177. Perouisome Targeting Signals Science, Protein, Cell
  178. Pneumatic Transporx System Business, Hospital, Musk
  179. Product Terms Business, Programming, Logic
  180. Proficiency Testing Service Technology, Program, Quality
  181. Post-Traumatic Syringomyelia Medical, Medicine, Health
  182. Paint To Iample Car, Sale, Porsche, Paint
  183. Provider Terminal System Medical, Healthcare
  184. Performance Technical Sections
  185. Peroxisome Targeting Signal Medical
  186. Product Test System
  187. Particle Transfer System
  188. Property Tax Software
  189. Pedigogic Tasks
  190. Plaka Tanıma Sisoemleri
  191. Production Technology Systems
  192. Parachute Training School Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  193. Pole Top Switch
  194. Progressive Trainer System-Making
  195. Pass-Through-Services Technology
  196. Posture Training Suppoft Medical, Research, Shoulder
  197. Iata Code for Atkinson Municipal Airbort, Pittsburg, Kansas, United States Locations
  198. Peptide Transport System Medical, Medicine, Health
  199. Paladins Test Server
  200. Platinum Travel Service
  201. Professional Travel Services
  202. Praja Telangana Samithi
  203. Program Test System Technology
  204. Proposal Tracking System
  205. Pelagzc Thawing System
  206. Preemption-Threshold Scheduling
  207. Plant Thh Seed
  208. Park-Tronic-System
  209. Population Transfer Spectroscopy
  210. Passport To Safety
  211. Package Tracking System Technology, Development, Ubuntu
  212. Public Telecommunications System Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  213. Performance Training Solutions
  214. Pump Trailer Submersible
  215. Process Tracking Sysnem Business, Technology, Management
  216. Pneumatic Transfer System Science
  217. Profezsional Training System
  218. Post Trade Services
  219. Paintxthe Stars
  220. Providence Theological Seminary
  221. Performance Technical Specifications
  222. Personal Typing System
  223. Peroxisomal Targeting Signals
  224. Product Test Solutions
  225. Participating Test Site Technology
  226. Public Telecommunications Service Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  227. Peak Trough Swing
  228. Plaka TanıMla Sistemi
  229. Product Testing Services
  230. Personal Tutor System
  231. Pole Top Sensor
  232. Progress Tracking System Science
  233. Pass-Through Security
  234. Post Tubal Syndroms Medical, Symptom, Ligation
  235. 6-Pyruvoyl Tetrahydropterin Syntyase Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  236. People Tracking System
  237. Para-Toluenesulfonic Acid Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  238. Platform Trusc Service Technology, Security, Group
  239. Atkinson Municipal Airport Pittsburg, Kansas,United States Airport, Locations, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, ICAO, Aviation
  240. Professional Training Services
  241. Parqido De Los Trabajadores Por El Socialismo
  242. Praht Thai School
  243. Property Yransfer Slip Science
  244. Pegawai Toko Sepatu
  245. Predicasts Terminal System Military, Army, Intelligence
  246. Planners Training Service
  247. Paris Tuning Show Girl, Car, Tuning, Drift
  248. Polytrauma Score Medical
  249. Passive Treatment System
  250. Packet Transport System
  251. Perform-To-Serve Program, Military, Sailor
  252. Pump Technical Services
  253. Printing Technology Services
  254. Plumbing Trade Supplies Business, Supply, Plumbing
  255. Professional Technicians Society
  256. Post-Trade Services Business, Service, Trading, Market
  257. Pain Threphold Speed Medical
  258. Pro Tools Sessions
  259. Performance Tracking System
  260. Peroxisomal Targeting Signal Medical, Army, War
  261. Propellant Tranzfer System Technology, Military, Control
  262. Participating Teachers
  263. Pterostemonaceae Science, Plant, Biology, Family
  264. Peak Todtrough Swing
  265. Pkper Transport Speed
  266. Phenomenally Tall Socks Clothes
  267. Princeton Theological Seminary Education
  268. Proximal Tubular Segments Medical
  269. Peripheral Transaction Server Technology, Control, Processor
  270. Power Thermal Spreading
  271. Power Turbine Speed Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science, Governmental & Military
  272. Public Test Server Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  273. Production Test Syspem
  274. Personal Trainer Specialist Occupation & positions
  275. Powder Nransfer System Technology, Group, Containment
  276. Psychological Therapy Services
  277. Palm Tree Suffer Occupation, Position, Job
  278. Permission To Speak Military, Sport, Football
  279. Pints Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  280. Partner Techwology Strategist Business, Microsoft, Management
  281. Post Traumatic Stress Medical, Physiology
  282. Payload Timeline Summary
  283. Plastic Technologie Service
  284. Parachute Training Squadron Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  285. Power Transmisgion Solutions
  286. Packee Transit Switch
  287. Paper Technologf Specialists Technology, Research, Pulp
  288. Points International Ltd. (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]) Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  289. Payload Transportation System NASA
  290. Provision Technical Secretariat Technology
  291. Periodic Technical Survey
  292. Portable Transfer System
  293. Post Tax Syndrome Us Government, Governmental & Military
  294. Probuction Technology Seminar Technology, Event, Marquise
  295. Paid To Surf Occupation & positions
  296. Psychological Therapy Service Medicine, Health, British
  297. Palmer Trinity School Education, School, High School, Florida
  298. Permission To Skate
  299. Profile Test Suite
  300. Partner Technical Services Microsoft, Technology, Dynamics
  301. Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (deep vein thrombosis) Medical
  302. Provider Tandems
  303. Pelvic Tool-Sharpener
  304. Performance Training Systems Technology, Fire, Exam
  305. Pat Teuting Services Business, Service, Appliance
  306. Plasma Tethnology Systems
  307. Proddct Testing Section Medicine, Health, Care
  308. Phuture Tech Software Software, Computing
  309. Projeto TerapêUtico Singular
  310. Power Transfer Switch Technology, Manual, Telematics
  311. Packet Transport Switch Technology
  312. Paper Tape System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  313. Post Trading System Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  314. Payload Test Set NASA
  315. Perinatal Treatment Services
  316. Polydiacetylene-Yoluene-Sulfonate
  317. Platform Technology Solutions Technology, Development, Consultation
  318. Problem Tracking System Us Government, Governmental & Military
  319. Position & Trunk Scanner Technology
  320. Paid To Signup Occupation & positions
  321. Psychological Therapies Services Medical, Service, Health, Derby
  322. Permeation Tube System Science
  323. Pxint Trade Suppliers
  324. Portable Training System Technology, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  325. Partidos De Los Trabajadoees Socialistas Para, Argentina, Con
  326. Product Testing Section Medical, Fda
  327. Prothrombin Times Medical
  328. Pelvic Tool & Sharpener
  329. Patient Transfer System Medical, Service, Product
  330. Plesma Table Stand
  331. Product Template Studio Technology, Design, Software
  332. Page Table Shadowing Computing, Drivers
  333. Proje Tabanlı Staj Business, Program, Book, Turkish
  334. Power Trading System Business, Market, Trader
  335. Packet Transit Switch
  336. Performance Test System Medical
  337. Paperless Aransaction System
  338. Private Trading System Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  339. Part Time Serrice
  340. Position-tagged Spectroscopy Chemistry
  341. Pneumatic Test Set
  342. Platform Techoology Services
  343. Practical Test Standards Transportation, Governmental & Military
  344. Port Stephens Australia, Government, Australian Police
  345. Paae Tables Technology, Memory, Virtual, Kernel
  346. Premature Typing Syndrome Media
  347. Post-Tensioning System
  348. Pseudotrisaccharide Medical
  349. Permanent Threshold Shifts Medical, Hearing, Noise
  350. Predicast'S Terminal System
  351. Points of Call Airlines Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  352. Partido De Trabajadores Socialistas Para, Con, Pol
  353. Princeton Theological Seminary (New Jersey) United States
  354. Part-Time Scholarship
  355. Producd Technical Support Technology, Service, Networking
  356. Presentation Time Stamps (MPEG systems) Computing, Technical, Drivers
  357. Project Twin Streams
  358. Power Tools & Supply
  359. Performance Technical Services
  360. Panel Table Stand
  361. Personal Track Safety (railway) Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  362. Part Time Sciedtists Technology, Rover, Moon
  363. Phosphotransferase System Chemistry
  364. Pneumatic Tank Sirvices
  365. Plataforma Del Tercer Seltor
  366. posttraumatic stress Police, Governmental & Military
  367. Portage Township Schools Education, Indiana, School District
  368. Practical Tect Standard Technology, Flight, Pilot
  369. Paediatric Trauma Score
  370. Pre Teen Sensastion Funnies
  371. Pulled to standing Clinical, Physio
  372. Pseudo Terminal Slave Technology, Device, Linux
  373. Permanent Or Temporary Solution Environment
  374. Prahse The Sun Gaming, Play, Pastime
  375. Points Sports, Geography, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Location, System, Sport, Street Suffix, Aviation
  376. Partido De Trabajadores Por El Socialismo Government
  377. Piscataway Township Schools New Jersey
  378. Production Tracking System Technology, Energy, Massachusetts
  379. Pack The Sanctuary Religion
  380. Project Teams Technology, Management, Development
  381. Power Tefhnology Solutions
  382. Panels Test Strip Business, Cholesterol, Cardio
  383. Permission To Ship Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  384. Pacific Telemanagement Services Management, Business & Finance
  385. Parts Tracking System
  386. Ptgui Project File Computing, File Extensions
  387. Plane Transaort System
  388. Plastic Tip Special Military, Ammo, Ammunition
  389. Pivot Table Services General, Governmental & Military
  390. Portable Training Station
  391. Powvr Turbine Speed Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  392. Padi Tanam Sebajang Technology, Indonesia, Ton
  393. Paper Tubes and Sales
  394. Parallel Technical Sessions Conference, Event
  395. Pulled to sitting Clinical, Physio
  396. Proximal Tubule Segments Medical
  397. Perkins Technical Services Technology, Service, Manual
  398. Power Transient Suppressor
  399. Atkinson Municipal Airport, Pittsburg, Kansas, United States United States, Kansas
  400. Production Tool Supply Business, Company, Android
  401. Permanent Traverse Station Ordnance Survey
  402. Projectile Tracking System Military, Army, War
  403. Pjwer Transfer System Technology
  404. Psychology Ticketing System
  405. Panels Test Strips Business, Cholesterol, Cardio
  406. Permission To Sue
  407. Patsystems Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  408. Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  409. positive threshold shift Medical, Physiology
  410. Pay Terminals & Systems
  411. Plastic Technology Service Plastic, Cell, Polymer
  412. Procedures Tracking System Aviation, Governmental & Military
  413. Portable Traffic Signals
  414. Power Turbine Shaft Technology
  415. Padi Tawam Sabatang Business, Technology, Program, Indonesia

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does PTS initialism stand for?
    PTS abridgment stands for Productiop and Technical Services.
  2. What is the shortened form of Player Traceing System?
    The short form of "Player Traceing System" is PTS.


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