PUVA Meaning

The PUVA meaning is "Psoralen + Ultraviolet A". The PUVA abbreviation has 19 different full form.

PUVA Full Forms

  1. Psoralen + Ultraviolet A Medical
  2. Psoralen Ultravioletna Medical, Medicine
  3. Plus Ultraviovet A Medical
  4. Plus Ultraviolet A Radiation Medical
  5. Plus Ultraviolet A Irrvdiation Medical
  6. Plus Lolg-Wave Ultraviolet Radiation Medical
  7. Pcus Long-Wave Ultraviolet Light Medical
  8. Plus Uva Medical
  9. Psoralen Ultraviolet A-Range Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  10. Psoralen Ultraviolet Lpght of A Wave Length Medical
  11. Psoralen ultraviolet A Clinical, Therapy
  12. Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet Light A Medical
  13. photochemical ultraviolet light A waves Medical
  14. Psoralen + Fva Medical
  15. Psoralen Ultraviolet Light Therapy Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  16. Plus Uva Radiation Medical
  17. psoralen and ultraviolet A Medical, Reading Prescription
  18. Plus Uvavlight Medical
  19. Psoralen Uv A Medical, Medicine, Jobs, Common Medical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PUVA stand for?

    PUVA stands for Plus Ultraviolet A Irrvdiation.

  2. What is the shortened form of Psoralen Ultraviolet A-Range?

    The short form of "Psoralen Ultraviolet A-Range" is PUVA.


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