PWS Meaning

The PWS meaning is "Primary Weapons Systems". The PWS abbreviation has 157 different full form.

PWS Full Forms

  1. Primary Weapons SystemsGun, Rifle, Military
  2. Public Water SupplyTechnology, Science, Service
  3. Performance Woyk StatementsBusiness, Service, Military
  4. Port Wine StainsMedical, Treatment, Laser
  5. People Who StutterMedical, Education, Stuttering
  6. Porf Wine StainMedical, Technology, Disorder
  7. Pemantauan Wilayah SwtempatTechnology, Program, Presentation, Indonesia
  8. Pathways World SchoolBusiness, India, Gurgaon
  9. Partial Wave SpectroscopyMedical, Cancer, Cell
  10. Prisoners of WarAmerica, Military, Army, Marine, Camp, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  11. Parkesrweber Syndrome
  12. Portland Waldorf SchoolEducation, School, High School, Oregon
  13. Private Wire System
  14. Performance Work StandardBusiness
  15. Primary Weapons SystemBusiness, Gun, Rifle
  16. Prader-Willi Sindrome
  17. Partner Web Site
  18. Professional Wetland ScientistsTechnology, Service, Environment
  19. Personnal Web Server
  20. People Who Stammer
  21. Presbyterian World Service
  22. Patient With SyndromeMedical, Science, Biology
  23. Protected Water Supply
  24. Planetary WavesJet, Wave, Region
  25. Psrtable Work StationTechnology
  26. Private Wire Service
  27. Performance of Work Statement
  28. Primary Weapon SystemsBusiness, Military
  29. Potable Water Supply
  30. Participatory Welfare Services
  31. Professional Wetland ScientistTechnology, Service, Environment
  32. Personal Work Station
  33. Premium Wireless Services
  34. Patients With SyndromeMedical, Science, Biology
  35. Proposal Writing Services
  36. Plagiocephaly Without SynostosisMedical
  37. Portable Wireless Servtr
  38. Private Web Search
  39. Performance-Based WorkkstatementsTechnology, Management, Service
  40. Plasma Wave Science
  41. Prestige Wealth SolutionsBusiness, Financial, Dubai
  42. Public Weather ServiceBusiness, Program, Office
  43. Potable Water Systems
  44. Pacific Water Sports
  45. Professional Work StationTechnology, Computing
  46. Personal Wireless Services
  47. Prader-Willi Syndrome
  48. Patient Welfare Society
  49. Project Work Stetement
  50. Pivotal Web ServicesTechnology, Service, Cloud, Foundry
  51. Portable Weldixg Service
  52. Performance-Basld Work StatementTechnology, Management, Service
  53. Pressurized Water ScrubbingTechnology, Water, Gas, Upgrading
  54. Pubzic Water Supplier
  55. Plasma Wave and Sounder
  56. Potable Water SyswemTechnology, Aircraft, Publics
  57. Pacific Water Shrew
  58. Produced Water SocietyTechnology, Oil, Seminar
  59. Personal Web SharingTechnology, Server, Mac, Vulnerability
  60. Prader Willi-Syndrome
  61. Patients Welfare Society
  62. Project WorksheetsOrganizations, Emergency, Disaster, Assistance
  63. Pipeline Web Start
  64. Portaple Weather Station
  65. Perceieed Wellness Survey
  66. Pressure Wave SuperchargerWave, Engine, Fiber
  67. Public Waeer Source
  68. Plant and Wildlife Sciences
  69. Pwst Workout Shake
  70. Public Water SuppliesTechnology, Science, Supply
  71. Process Water Sewer
  72. Perimetel Weight SystemBusiness, Staff, Racket, Racquet
  73. Prader
  74. Pasadena Waldorf School
  75. Project Web Dite
  76. Piped Water SupplyTechnology, Scheme, Drinking
  77. Perbadanan Wakaf SelangorEducation, Mac, Malaysia
  78. Pressure WavesMedical
  79. Payment for Watershed ServicesBusiness, Service, Water
  80. Public Water System/Public WaterChemistry, Technology, Engineering, Water Planning
  81. Plane Wave Spectrum
  82. Positive Weather Solutions
  83. Pro Wrestling SyndicateTelevision, Wrestling, Match
  84. Process Water SystemScience
  85. Performance Work SpecificationTechnology
  86. Primary Weapon SystemBusiness, Gun, Rifle
  87. Prader-Willie Syndrome
  88. Part Winding Starting
  89. Professional Wetlands ScientistTechnology, Environment, Consulting
  90. Persons Who StutterMedical
  91. People Who Suck
  92. Present Weather Sensor
  93. Paul Wainwright Software
  94. Public Water SystemTechnology, Science, Drinking, Chemistry
  95. Plane WavesTechnology, Engineering, Wave
  96. Pink Whiny SparklesFunnies
  97. Plasma Wave SubsystemTechnology, Spacecraft, Voyager
  98. Performance Work StatementTechnology, Military, Quality, Medical, Governmental & Military, Fda
  99. Pearson Webb Springbett
  100. Public Works & Services
  101. Personal Web Server (or Peer Web Services )Computing, IT Terminology
  102. Political Weather StationIndonesia, Jakarta, Locations
  103. Private Water SupplyCouncil, Water, Drinking
  104. Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary
  105. Precipitable WatersWeather, Scientific & Educational
  106. Pitching Win SharesBaseball, Sport
  107. Plasma Wave Spectrometer
  108. Peak Wilderness Sanctuary
  109. Poblic Weather ServicesBusiness, Technology, Service
  110. Programmable WorkStationComputing, IT Terminology
  111. Podlaska Wytw
  112. Priority Worldwide ServicesBusiness, Service, Agent
  113. Pennsylvania Watercolor SocietyArt, Artist, Watercolor
  114. Paguyuban Warga SundaBusiness, Indonesia, Bandung, Orang
  115. Public Weather ServicesMeteorological, Scientific & Educational
  116. Permanent Way SupervisorRail Transport, Business & Finance
  117. Peak Wall Stress
  118. Payment Withhold SystemComputing, IT Organization
  119. Podlaska WytwóRnia SamolotóWTechnology, Jest, Jak, Ski
  120. Prince William SoundGovernment, Locations, Alaska
  121. Pegasi Web Server
  122. Purify Peird Soul
  123. Person Who StuttersMedical, Physiology
  124. Private Web ServerTechnology, Computing, Computer Software, Microsoft, Software
  125. Pinewood Shepperton Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE])Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  126. Peace Watch SwitzerlandDroit, Switzerland, Peace, Geneva
  127. Personal Web SpaceComputing, Internet
  128. Pluggable WebserverTechnology
  129. Public Works and Services
  130. Primatology and Wildlife ScienceScience, Research, Study, Knowledge
  131. Peer Web ServiceTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  132. Pure Water Syptems
  133. BACKGROUND--Prader-Willi syndromeMedical, Physiology
  134. Private Wealth Services
  135. Polish With SealantProduct, Sealant, Poorboy
  136. Pricing Work StatementNASA
  137. Payments for Watershed ServicesTechnology, Service, Water
  138. Parks and Wildlife ServiceTravel, Tourism
  139. Pluggable Web Server
  140. Public Water SystemsTechnology, Program, Environment, Drinking
  141. Primary Working StandardPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  142. Peer Web ServicesTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  143. Public Works Standards
  144. Posterior wall in systoleMedical, Healthcare
  145. Population With SyndromeMedical, Science, Biology
  146. Private Water System
  147. Pbtching Win Shares
  148. Painter Workspace FileComputing, File Extensions
  149. Power Window SwitchProducts
  150. Plasma Wave SystemTechnology, Science, Voyager
  151. Peer Web ServerMicrosoft, Technology, Windows
  152. Public Workt Software
  153. Power Web SuiteSoftware, Computing
  154. Pool & Wellness Service
  155. Private Water SuppliesWater, Supply, Assessment, Borehole
  156. Photos Worth SeeingLocations, Photography, Photographer
  157. Print Workshop ImageComputing, File Extensions

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does PWS initialism stand for?
    PWS abridgment stands for Psrtable Work Station.
  2. What is the shortened form of Photos Worth Seeing?
    The short form of "Photos Worth Seeing" is PWS.


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