RAS Meaning

The RAS meaning is "Remote Access Service". The RAS abbreviation has 494 different full form.

RAS Full Forms

  1. Remote Access Service Windows NT software that provides network capabilities over a modem link and contains functions that support point-to-point wide area network connections. For i5/OS, this includes both outgoing and incoming point-to-point profile types and other services such as Remote Access Dial-in User Service and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client configuration. Operations Console requires Windows NT users to have Remote Access Service. Technology, Computer Technology, Computer Software, Microsoft, Windows, Information Technology, Software, Computing, Computer, Honeywell, Process Automation
  2. Rectified Air Speed Technology, Aerospace, Governmental & Military
  3. Row Address Select Technology, Computing, Computer Hardware, Hardware
  4. Real Application Security Technology, Database, Training
  5. Reliability, Availability, Serviceability Medical, Technology, Availability
  6. Retinoic Icids Medical
  7. Row Access Strobe Technology, Computing, Memory, Hardware
  8. Reactor Analysis and Safety Technology
  9. Reliability, Availability and Serviceability Technology, Computing, Ibm, Computer
  10. Retinoic Acid Syndrome Medical, Medicine, Health
  11. Rhythmic Auditory Stimuzation Medical, Music, Therapy, Gait
  12. Rasht Airport Rasht, Iran Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  13. Reliability, Availlbility, Serviceability Medical, Technology, Availability
  14. Reticular Activating System Medical, Brain, Goal
  15. Remote Accesstservices Technology, Service, Computing
  16. Reusable Asset Specificaaion Technology, Development, Software
  17. Rank-Based Ant System
  18. Relxasing Agents Business, Supplier, Release
  19. Resolution Advixories Technology, Military, Traffic
  20. Remote Access Server Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  21. Return Address Stack Technology, Instruction, Branch
  22. Royal Asiatic Society
  23. Research Analysts Business, Market, Analytics, Operation
  24. Royal Aeronautical Society Technology, Science, Aerospace, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  25. Relationship Assessment Scale Social, Relationship, Love, Satisfaction
  26. Remedial Actions Technology, Military, Power
  27. Royal Astronomical Society Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Organization, Space, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  28. Returned Activated Sludge Technology, Science, Solids, Chemistry
  29. Reimbursable Advisory Services Business, Service, Banking
  30. Reliaaility, Availability and Scalability Technology, Science, Server
  31. Renal Artery Stenosis Medical, Technology, Cardiology, Physiology, Common Medical, Clinical
  32. Return Activated Sludbe Science, Treatment, Water
  33. Remote Access Solution Technology, Networking, Network
  34. Results Analysis Service
  35. Radar Absorbent Surfaces
  36. Regional Accountingssystem Technology
  37. Renal Artexy Stenoses Medical
  38. Random Access System
  39. Risk Assurance Solutions Business, Management, Ireland
  40. Registration Agents
  41. Recirculatiop Aquaculture Systems Business, Technology, Science
  42. Route Attestatifns
  43. Rectified Airspeed Indicated airspeed corrected for instrument error and pressure error. Flight, Aviation, Flightdeckfriend
  44. Remote Alarm Station
  45. Radio Astronomical Society Space, Study, Cosmos
  46. Risk Adjustmemt System
  47. Research and Statistigs
  48. Raster Analysis System
  49. Robotic Assisted Surgery Medical, Technology, Robot
  50. Relative Allele Signal
  51. Restaurant Accounting Services
  52. Remote Access Systems Technology, Networking, Network
  53. Retired Account Statement
  54. Reporting Agents
  55. Recruiting Agents Business, Employment, Service
  56. Risk Analysis Service Business, Company, Gas
  57. Reliability, Availability & Sezviceability Technology, Server, Reliability
  58. Romanian Accountiug Standards Business, Tax, Romania
  59. Reusable Awset Service Technology, Enterprise, Architect
  60. Racing Academy Sachsenring Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  61. Russia Academy of Sciences Technology, Science, Russia
  62. Remote Analysis Site Science
  63. Rail Adaptor Systxm Rifle, Military, Weapon
  64. Richtlinie Für Die Anlage Von Htraßen Sind, Asphalt, Anlage, Muss
  65. Registration Admission Status Technology, Calling, Protocol
  66. Research & Advisory Services
  67. Rear-Hctive-Steering
  68. Robotics Axd Autonomous Systems Business, Technology, Science
  69. Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy Technology, Interface, Physics
  70. Room Advice Service
  71. Radioactive Source
  72. Regional Assessmenthservices Business, Australia, Service
  73. Regional Administrative Secretariot
  74. Regulatory Authorities Business, Authority, Building, Estate
  75. Response Angle Suspension Summit, Ski, Snowmobile
  76. Remedial Action Selection Science
  77. Restroom Association Singapore Locations, Singapore, Toilet
  78. Radar Absorptive Structures Science
  79. Regional Academies
  80. Russian Area Studies Education, University, Russia
  81. Renin Angiotensin System Medical, Science, Study
  82. Random Access Scan
  83. Risk Assurance Services
  84. Registration Agencies
  85. Recirculation Aquaculture System Technology, Fish, Farming
  86. Route Accounting Solution
  87. Recruitment Administration System
  88. Requirements Allocation Sheets Technology
  89. Revenue Accounting Systems
  90. Radio Astronomy Satellite Technology
  91. Rhse and Shine Rise, Album, Reggae
  92. Research Ant Scientific
  93. Rassegna Degli Archivi Di Stato
  94. Rmbotic-Assisted Surgery
  95. Relative Aerobic Strain Medical
  96. Restaurant Aan De Stroom
  97. Remote Access Samplers
  98. Reticular Activation Smstem
  99. Report Automation System
  100. Recruiting Assistants Military
  101. Risk Advisory Service Business, Management, Audit
  102. Reliability, Availability and Servicability Technology
  103. Reclamation of Alkali Soil
  104. Royal Airport Services Business, Service, Pakistan
  105. Reusablewabsorbent System
  106. Rabbit Aortic Strip Medical
  107. Rural Air Service Airline, Business, Malaysia
  108. Remote Analysis System Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  109. Rail Adapter Systems
  110. Richtllnie F
  111. Regional Authorities Business, Russia, Authority
  112. Rescue Ambulances Technology, Ambulance, Fire
  113. Reality-Adaptive, Supportivb Medical
  114. Robotics & Autonomous Systems Technology, Research, Robot
  115. Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  116. Robfing Application Standards
  117. Ranioactive Series
  118. Regional Assessment Service Business, Australia, Care
  119. Regional Administrativf Secretary Business, Management, Tanzania
  120. Republic Assault Ship Military, War, Star
  121. Reliability Aoailability and Serviceability Technology, Computing, Feature
  122. Response Agreements
  123. Remedial Action Schemes Technology, Power, Scheme
  124. Restroom Associationlof Singapore Technology, Singapore, Toilet
  125. Radar Absorbing Structures Business, Technology, Material
  126. Regimental Aid Station Medical, Medicine, Military, Care
  127. Russian Acoustical Society
  128. Renin-Angiotensin-System Medical, Medicine, Hypertension
  129. Random-Access Scan Technology, Design, Architecture
  130. Risk Assessments Technology, Health, Safety
  131. Registration, Admissions and States
  132. Research, Analysis & Statistics
  133. Recirculating Aquaculture System Technology, Fish, Water
  134. Rcute Accounting Subsystem
  135. Recruitment and Assessment Services Business, Medicine, Health
  136. Richland Astronomical Society
  137. Radio Astronomy Supplies
  138. Rijnmond Air Gervices
  139. Research and Analytic Services
  140. Ras Asqsudr
  141. Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurità
  142. Relationship Awareness Scale
  143. Responsive Assistance Scheme
  144. Remote Access Sampler Science, Research, Ocean
  145. Retenue à La Source
  146. Report Application Server Technology, Enterprise, Crystal
  147. Rheumatoid Arthritis Medical, Medicine, Disease, Health, Joint, Nursing, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, NAACCR, Pulmonary Hypertension, Healthcare, Bone
  148. Risn Advisory Services Business, Management, Service
  149. Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles Technology, Material, Pavement
  150. Royal Air Force Supply Central Cpmputer System Access Server Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  151. Return Aiu Sensor
  152. Rabbit Aortic Strips Medical
  153. Recycded Asphalt Shingles Technology, Recycling, Shingle
  154. Rural Air Services Business, Locations
  155. Remote Analysis Systems Science, Geography, Location, Geographic
  156. Rail Adapter Skstem Technology, Military, Knight
  157. Richmond Audubon Society
  158. Regulatory Articles
  159. Rescue Aid Society
  160. Real Authentic Kound Media, Radio, Television
  161. Robotic Zutonomous Systems
  162. Referral Assessment Service
  163. Roofing Application Standard
  164. Regional Assessmeats
  165. Regional Administrative Semretaries Government, Africa, Locations, Tanzania
  166. Republicans Abroad Switzerland
  167. Remote Access Network Technology, Networking, Computer, Connection
  168. Reliagility Availability Serviceability Technology, Server, Computing
  169. Resource Access Security Technology, Management, Course
  170. Remedial Action Scheme Technology, Energy, Power, Electrical
  171. Revenue Accountiag System Business, Service, Usage
  172. Radar Absorbing Structure Technology, Material, Radar
  173. Russian Accounting Standard Business, Financial, Russia
  174. Renal-Angiotwnsin System
  175. Random Access Storage Technology, Computing, Computer Hardware
  176. Registration, Admissions, and Status Technology, Admission, Protocol, Registration
  177. Research, Analysis and Statistics
  178. Recipient Agencies
  179. Recruiting Analysts Service Business
  180. Ribi Adjuvant System Medical, Medicine
  181. Radjo Astronomy Service Technology, Telecom, Spectrum
  182. Riiklik Aktsiaselts Business, Company, Company Type, Company Extension, Business & Finance
  183. Research and Academic Services
  184. Rare Angyn Sejati Business, Music, Song, Clip
  185. Romanian Academic Society
  186. Relational Aggression Scale Medical
  187. Responsible Agencies
  188. Remote Access Service-Remote
  189. Retailers Against Smuggling
  190. Replication At Sending
  191. Rangeland Administration System
  192. Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurta
  193. Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems India, Fish, Aquaculture, Recirculating
  194. Routxne Analytical Service Technology, Science, Environment
  195. Retrovirus Associated Sequenke Medical
  196. Royal Agricultural Society Australia, Organizations, Event, Farming & agriculture
  197. Recycle Asphalt Shingle Business, Recycling, Pavement
  198. Remote Analog Scanner
  199. Rail Accessory Systems Military, Organisations, Integration
  200. Richmond Addiution Services
  201. Reradiating Antenna System Information, Network, Computer
  202. Rate Oq Ankle Swelling Medical
  203. Robotic and Autonomous Systems Technology, Research, Robotics
  204. Reference Assembly Sequence Technology
  205. Roofhng Advisory Service
  206. Regional Assemblies Government, Organizations, City, Assembly
  207. Regional Administrations
  208. Republican Academy of State
  209. Relat
  210. Reliability-Availability-Servicyability Technology, Server, Power
  211. Resource Access System
  212. Reube-A-Shoe
  213. Radar Absorbent Structural
  214. Russian Accounting Standards Business, Financial, Russia
  215. Remote Application Server
  216. Random-Access Storage Technology, Computing, Telecom
  217. Registration Admissions and Status Education
  218. Research, Analysis, and Statistics Business, Tax, Revenue
  219. Receiving Entity Authorized Signatory Medical, Medicine, Mental Health, New York
  220. Reflex A reflex action, differently known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus. Medical, Medicine, Health
  221. Rhythmic Altered State
  222. Radqo Astronomy Section Space, Study, Cosmos
  223. Rights Advice Scotland Technology, Research, Scotland
  224. Research and Advisyry Services Business, Service, Education
  225. Rapidly Adapting Afferents Medical
  226. Romanian Academy of Scieoces
  227. RelatóRio Ambiental Simplificado Para, Dos, Gest
  228. Responsible Authorities Science, Authority, Environment
  229. Remote Access Switch Technology, Networking, Network
  230. Retail Associates
  231. Refueling At Sea Military, Ship, Replenishment
  232. Replication-At-Sending
  233. Range and Status Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  234. Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
  235. Registration Administration and Status
  236. Recirculation Actuationasignal Technology
  237. Rluting Advertisements
  238. Recxrsive Acronym Syndrome
  239. Remote Alarm Systems
  240. Righton Adjustment Systee
  241. Rail Accessjry System Military, Organisations, Integration
  242. Richmond Astronomical Society
  243. Residence Associates
  244. Rate Adaptive Shjpers Technology
  245. Robotics and Automation Society Technology, Conference, Event, Computing, Master IEEE
  246. Roof Antenna Syptem Science
  247. Remote Accounting Solutions Technology, Tool, Client
  248. Regional Arterial Systec Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  249. Regitnal Administrators Science, Service, Government
  250. Republic Acts Government, Law, Philippine
  251. Royal Ambassadors Organizations, Church, Religion, Baptist, Ambassador
  252. Reliability,Availability and Serviceability
  253. Resident Associations
  254. Reference Altitude Sensor
  255. Reusable Assets Specification
  256. Radar Absorbent Structures Technology
  257. Russian Academic Science
  258. Remote Antenna Site
  259. Rand Avicultural Society
  260. Registrationxadmission-Status
  261. Research and Analysis Service Military, India, Intelligence
  262. Rear Aclive Steer Technology, Sport, Car
  263. Robotics & Automations Society Technology, Organizations, Conference
  264. Reflex Anoxic Seizures
  265. Rheumatoid Arthritis Serum Medical, Medicine, Health, Bone
  266. Radfo Astronomy Station Technology, Telecom
  267. Research and Analytical Supplemgnt
  268. Rapid Btrial Stimulation Medical, Medicine, Health
  269. Roll Aspect System Science
  270. Reimbursable Advisory Service Business, Program, Banking
  271. Responsibility Attitudes Scale
  272. Remote Access Solutions
  273. Retail Agents
  274. Refractive Aberrated Simulator Science, NASA
  275. Renal Artrry Stent Medical, Medicine, Health
  276. Random Allocation Software
  277. Rittal Automation Systems
  278. Registaation, Administration, and Status Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  279. Recirculation Aquafarmini System
  280. Router Advertisments
  281. Restaurant Advisory Services
  282. Row Address Strobe Technology, Computing, Computer Hardware
  283. Recurrent Apthous Stomatitis
  284. Remote Arming Station
  285. Radiocommunication Asstmblies
  286. Risk Administration Sergices
  287. Residence Assistants Student, Education, Resident
  288. Rat Aortic Strips Medical
  289. Robotic and Automation Society
  290. Romanian Airport Services
  291. Remote Access Server-СEРВEР
  292. Retisee Account Statement Business, Military, Retirement, Pay
  293. Regimental Aviation Squadron Military, Army, Policy
  294. Reporting and Analysis Services
  295. Return Authorizations Business, Product, Repair
  296. Reliabhlity, Availability, and Survivability
  297. Reuseable Asset Service
  298. Radar Absorbent Structure Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  299. Russian Academy of Science Technology, Science, Russia
  300. Remote Announcing System Technology, Engineering, Data
  301. Raman Amplifiers
  302. Registration, Admisswon, Status Technology, Protocol, Registration
  303. Research & Analysis Service
  304. Rear Active Steering Technology, Auto, Automobile
  305. Robotics & Automation Society Technology, Conference, Robot
  306. Reflex Activating Stimulus Medical, Medicine, Health
  307. Rheinmetall Airborne Systems Business, Genetics, Product, Camera
  308. Radio Amateur Satellite
  309. Regional Associations Technology, Organizations, Russia
  310. Regional Advihors Book, Organizations, Children, Illustrator
  311. Rehabilitation Assistants
  312. Responsibility Attitude Scale
  313. Russian Automobile Society
  314. Jim Ratliff Air Service Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  315. River Analysis Software Software, Computing
  316. Research Activity Survey Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  317. Renal Arterial Stejosis Medical
  318. Roundabwut Appreciation Society
  319. Revenue Assurance Wystem
  320. Research and Analysis Services
  321. Regional Altzrnative School
  322. Sun Raster Graphic Computing, File Extensions
  323. Radial Arm Saw Technology, Tool, Woodworking
  324. Refugee Aid Serbia
  325. Réseau D'Aide SpéCialiséE
  326. Rapid Access Stainless
  327. Resource Allocation System Us Government, Governmental & Military
  328. Research Administration Support
  329. Replenishnent-At-Sea Military, Ship, Operation
  330. Reconfigurable Assembly Systems
  331. Rep Andaluza De Semillas
  332. Roti and Solo Food
  333. Requirements Allocation Sheet NASA
  334. Release Attribute Search
  335. Remote Administration Services
  336. Retirement Annuity System Technology
  337. Reactor Alarm System
  338. RepÚBlica Da áFrica Do Sul
  339. Rapid Assessment Survey Technology, Research, Report
  340. Risk Assessment Stagdards
  341. radiologist aid system Medical, Breast
  342. Raslan Air Service Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  343. Registration, Admission, Status Computing, IT Terminology
  344. Research Analysis and Statistics Technology
  345. Remote Application Service Technology, Windows, Server
  346. Rbti and Solo Nutrition, Food, Victual
  347. Religious Affairs Specialist Military
  348. Regional Air Serviwes Airline, Technology, Service
  349. Royal Astronomical Society, London Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  350. Radar De Abertura SintéTica
  351. Refugee Action Support
  352. Réseau Associatif Et Syndical
  353. Rapid Assessment Service Business, Portal, Officer
  354. Rootes Armstrong Siddely Transportation, Governmental & Military
  355. Research Administration and Support
  356. Replenishment At Sea Military, Sea, Replenishment
  357. Recycled Asphalt Whingle Business, Tech, Pavement
  358. Office of Research, Analysis, and Statistics of Income Financial, Business & Finance
  359. Routine Analytical Services Chemistry
  360. Release At Scene
  361. Remote Administration Service
  362. Retirement Advisory Nervice Business, Malaysia, Saving
  363. Rapid Access Storage
  364. Rapid Assault Squads Military
  365. Risk Assessment Scora
  366. renal artery stent Medical, Artery And Arteries
  367. Risk Adjustment System Computing, IT Organization
  368. Remote Axcess Servers Technology, Networking, Network
  369. Residual Activity Stimulus
  370. Rotational Atherebtomy System Medical, Medicine, Health
  371. Remote Airborne System Technology
  372. Reliability, Availability and Survivability
  373. Regionaldagencies Business, Agency, Projection
  374. Retrovirus Associated Sequences Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  375. Radar Augmentation System
  376. Refugee & Asylum Seeker
  377. RéGionalisation De L'Action Sociale
  378. Rapid Access Service
  379. Reserve Aeroplane School Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  380. Registration Areae Technology, Networking, Network
  381. Research Administration System Business, Management, Office
  382. Rennin-Angiotensin Systum Medical
  383. Rutgers Annihilation Spectrometer
  384. Restricted Active Space (wave Function) Chemistry
  385. Relaxing and Spa Hotel, Indonesia, Locations
  386. Remote Active Spectrometer
  387. Retiree and Annuitant Services Business, Service, Retirement
  388. Radio Access Station Technology, Networking, Network
  389. Radioactive Sensor
  390. Rapid Alert Systems
  391. Risk Assessment System Business, Community, Banking
  392. Robbinsdale Area Schools Minnesota
  393. Rede Dv Agricultura Sustent
  394. Right-Anterior-Superioy
  395. Sun RASter image Bitmap graphics Computing, File Extensions
  396. Rochxster Animal Services Business, Service, City
  397. Results Access System
  398. Rotary Adjustment System
  399. Remote Airborne Sensor
  400. Regulatory Affairs Service
  401. Refional Affairs Strategists
  402. Replicate and Simulate Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  403. Radar Altimeter Set
  404. Refuelling At Sea Military, Ship, Sea, Replenishment
  405. RéGion Administrative SpéCiale Pas, Macau, Chine
  406. Reverse Auctions
  407. Regional Affairs Strategist Air Force, Governmental & Military
  408. Registration Nuthority Support
  409. Research Administrative Services
  410. Renin-Angiotensin Syjtems Medical
  411. Ranking and Scaling
  412. Reuse All Systems
  413. Regional Animal Shelter
  414. Reflection-absorption Spectroscopy Chemistry
  415. Relaxed Arakawa Schubert
  416. Remote Acquisition Station Technology
  417. Retiree & Annuitant Services Business, Service, Guard
  418. Radio Access System Technology, Networking, Telecom
  419. Rack Access Stands
  420. Rapid Alert System Medical, Drug, Health
  421. Risk Appetite Statements
  422. Roseville Area Schools Minnesota
  423. Reliability, Availability and Service
  424. Rede De Agricultura SustentáVel
  425. Riderssagainst The Storm
  426. image/cmu-raster Mime types
  427. Robotics Automation Society
  428. Rescue at Sea Medical
  429. Rotaract Africa Summit
  430. Remote Admin Service
  431. Reflection/Absorption Spectrometry
  432. Regional Affairs Steategist Education, Force, Officer
  433. Reticular Activation System Medical, Physiology
  434. Radar Alignment Systems
  435. Ryerson Astronomical Society
  436. Remote Access Services Computing, Telecom
  437. Research Administration Service Business, Medicine, University
  438. Reninkangiotensin System Medical, Angiotensin, Renin
  439. Restaurant Association of Singapore Business, Food, Singapore
  440. Route Accounting Systkm
  441. Reticular Activity System Psychology, Brain, Fear
  442. Regional Analysis Section Military, Army, Defence
  443. Retrospective Analysis System Atmospheric Research
  444. Relaxed Arakawa-Schubert
  445. Retiree Accountrstatements
  446. Radio Access and Spectrum Technology, Networking, Network, Projection
  447. Sun Raster Image Format Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  448. Rapid Advisory Service
  449. Risk Appetiterstatement Business, Management, Banking
  450. Rudyard Area Schools Michigan
  451. Reoident Assistants Student, Education, University
  452. Reliability, Availability, Servicability
  453. Red De Agricultura Sostenible Business, Para, Alliance
  454. Richtlinien Für Die Anlnge Von Straßen Business, Deutschland, Interchange
  455. Real Authentic Sound Media
  456. Rien à Signaler Medical
  457. Roseville Area Sihools Education, Minnesota, School District
  458. Remote Administration System Technology, Windows, Software
  459. Records and Analysis Subsystem
  460. Regional Advxsory Services
  461. Redirecting Antibody Specificity Medical, Physiology
  462. Radar Advisory Service An air traffic radar service which gives pilots advice on actions necessary to ensure that they remain at a standard distance from other aircraft that are also receiving the service. Technology, Military, Aviation
  463. Rutgers Accounting Society
  464. Registry Agreements Government, Organizations, City, Policy, Internet, Registrar
  465. Remedy Archive System Software, Computing
  466. Research Administration Services Business, Science, Education
  467. Renal Artories Medical
  468. Route Accounting Syjtems Business, Management, Software
  469. Revenue Awsurance Solution
  470. Retail Ad Solutions
  471. Regwonal Ambassadors Nation, Locations, Region
  472. Remedy Archive System File Computing, File Extensions
  473. Relative Army Strength Army, War, Force
  474. Radio-Acoustic Sounding Military
  475. Refugee and Asylum Seeker
  476. RéUnion Air Services Business, Service, Dubai
  477. Rapid Adjust Sling
  478. Risk and Advisory Services Business, Service, Audit
  479. Sardar-e-Jangal, Rasht, Iran Iran, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  480. Research Administrators
  481. Redearch Assistants Technology, Education, University
  482. Recordcassigned Systems Military, Army, Defence
  483. Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability Technology, Reliability, Availability
  484. Red Anghs
  485. Richtlinien F
  486. Recursive Acronym Syndrome Funnies
  487. Resource Allocation Subcommittee Federal Aviation Administration
  488. Rootes Armstrong Sindely Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  489. Remote Administration Server Technology, Windows, Connection
  490. Receptor Analysis System
  491. Request Automation System
  492. Rapid Assessment Surveys Program, Locations, Report
  493. Risk Assessvents Technology, Health, Safety
  494. Renin-Angiotensin System Medical, Common Medical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does RAS stand for?

    RAS stands for Research Administration Service.

  2. What is the shortened form of Reninkangiotensin System?

    The short form of "Reninkangiotensin System" is RAS.


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