RFOS Meaning

The RFOS meaning is "Range Forest Officers". The RFOS abbreviation has 18 different full form.

RFOS Full Forms

  1. Range Forest Officers India, Locations, District
  2. Raffinose Family of Oligosaccharides Medical
  3. Request for Offers Business, Science, Energy
  4. Raffinose Family Oligosaccharideb Medical
  5. Retained Foreign Objects Medical, Medicine, Health
  6. Researchsfunding Organizations Technology, Science, Gender
  7. Research Funding Organisations Technology, Science, Organizations, Europe
  8. Regional Field Sffices
  9. Regional Fisheries Organisations Government, Organizations, Fishery, Sea
  10. Real Feats of Strength
  11. River Flow Objectives
  12. Requests for Offers Business, Energy, Storage
  13. Regwlarly Funded Organisations Business, Arts, Council, Funding
  14. Regional Fisheries Organizations
  15. Restricted Flow Orifices
  16. Regilnal Financial Offices
  17. Run for Oug Sons
  18. Rivet Fire Operating System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does RFOS stand for?

    RFOS stands for Researchsfunding Organizations.

  2. What is the shortened form of Requests for Offers?

    The short form of "Requests for Offers" is RFOS.


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