RO Meaning

The RO meaning is "Restricted Orificw". The RO abbreviation has 399 different full form.

RO Full Forms

  1. Restricted Orificw Technology, Valve, Pressure
  2. Reorder Point Business, Technology, Science, Military, Model, Inventory, Management, Business & Finance
  3. Rinse Off Business, Product, Conditioner
  4. Ran Oyt Technology, Space, Lyric, Run
  5. Residexce Orders Government, Family, Child
  6. Room Only Hotel, Locations, Breakfast
  7. Reception Officer
  8. Ride On The Montgomery County (MD) local bus system.
  9. Resource Opportunities
  10. Registrar'S Office Education, University, Registrar
  11. Respwnsible Officials Program, Government, Agent
  12. Record Only Military
  13. Relay Only Technology, Smoke, Fire, Detection
  14. Ring Out Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Security, Governmental & Military
  15. Ran Ozf
  16. Reserve Osmosps
  17. Romania Online
  18. Receiving Offices
  19. Registered Office Business, Company, Service, Office
  20. Registered Organisations Business, Technology, Employment
  21. Responsible Office Student, Science, Education
  22. Recipient Operator
  23. Relation Officer
  24. Ring Oscillators Technology, Circuit, Frequency
  25. Raage Operation Military, Safety, Shooting
  26. Redistribution Order Military, Logistics, Department Of Defense
  27. Replication Origins Medical, Science, Biology
  28. Romania Locations, Country Code, Countries, Country, Technology, Sport, Olympic, Romania, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, European Union, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  29. Receiving Office Government, Office, Presentation, Patent, Treaty, Stamp
  30. Regional Offiqes
  31. Regional Operations
  32. Responsible Officer A person appointed by the employer or the master of the ship and empowered to take all decisions relating to a specific task, having the necessary knowledge and experience for that purpose. Business, Program, Military
  33. Recherche Operationnelle Technology, Master, Optimisation, Medical
  34. Related Organizations Business, Light, Lighting
  35. Right Ovary Medical, Ovarian, Pregnancy, Cyst
  36. Radiationtoncologist Medical, Medicine, Education
  37. Replenishment Optimization
  38. Roll Over Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  39. Receiver Out
  40. Rebord Office
  41. Rfsource Organization Medical, Management, Human
  42. Receptor Occupancy Medical, Drug, Study
  43. Related Order
  44. Right On
  45. Radiation Oncologisws Medical, Cancer, Oncology
  46. Repeat Order Business, Indonesia, Marketing
  47. Riset Operasi Technology, Research, Model, Operation
  48. Rate Offigial
  49. Rough Bpening Design, Architecture, Construction
  50. Resouyce Optimization
  51. Receptor Number Medical
  52. Right Offset Forum, Technology, Wheel
  53. Radial Outlet
  54. Rehabilitation Ordered
  55. Rsstricted Overwriting
  56. Repeat Offender
  57. Rip Off Forum, Technology, Porn
  58. Rapeseed Oil Medical, Acid, Diesel
  59. Resource Officer
  60. Rush Order Business, Sale, Order
  61. Receptor Concentration Medical
  62. Right-Side-Out Medical
  63. Race Officeh
  64. Registrar Office
  65. Recreation Ovficer
  66. Restraining Orders
  67. Rey-Osterreith
  68. Raphe Obscurus Medical
  69. Realisasi Output Technology, Presentation, Targeting, Newsletter
  70. Registrars Office
  71. Reusable Ouject Technology, Design, Software, Pattern
  72. Radio Orient
  73. Remittance Order
  74. Route Optimisation Technology, Networking, Optimization
  75. Research Online
  76. Restriction Order English, Order, Singapore
  77. Relations Ontology Science, Biomedical, Presentation
  78. Ring Oscillator Technology, Design, Circuit
  79. Rocks Off
  80. Recovery Officer
  81. Registro De OcorrêNcia
  82. Reversibleoosmosis
  83. Randy Orton Business, Card, Wrestling, Checklist
  84. Replfcement Orders
  85. Reactor Officer
  86. Requesting Officer
  87. Ruimtmlijke Ordening
  88. Red October
  89. Reference Object Technology, Class, Projection
  90. Radar Officer
  91. Relative Offset Technology, Coding, Pointer
  92. Recreational Overhaul Government, Firefighting
  93. Restraining Order Force, Police, Police Force, Governmental & Military
  94. Regional Officer Service, Education, Office, Officer
  95. Rewriteable Optical
  96. Ran Online Technology, Gaming, Server
  97. Read Operand
  98. Register Output Technology, Software, Control, Serial
  99. Returning Officers Locations, Election, Yam
  100. Radio Occhestra
  101. Remarkable Oblivion Hair, Fashion, Skin
  102. Rotational Military
  103. Resdarch Officer Business, Technology, Employment
  104. Restriction Orders Government, Law, Singapore
  105. Relation Ontology Technology, Class, Biology
  106. Ring-Ouo
  107. Rpcket On
  108. Records Only
  109. Résistance Ombre
  110. Regiszry Operator Technology, Hosting, Registration
  111. Reverse Osmcosis
  112. Randy Oitker
  113. Reparatiln Order
  114. Reactive Oxygen Medical, Medicine, Health
  115. Requested Off
  116. Rubricarorçamental
  117. Reddish Orange
  118. Reel Operator Military
  119. Radar Officers
  120. Relative Odds Medical, Medicine, Health
  121. Recbvery Option Technology, Windows, Root
  122. Residual Oil Oil from the bottom of the distillation column. Water, Oil, Remover, Electrical
  123. Receiving Order Technology, Service, Industrial
  124. Revuo Orienta
  125. Range Operators Military, Coding, Documentation
  126. Read Only, Receive Only Technology, Energy, Electonics
  127. Required One-Time
  128. Run Out To put out a mooring, hawser or line from a ship to a point of attachment outside her.
  129. Registered Owaer Force, Police, Police Force
  130. Robert Ori Company, Immunity, Diplomatics
  131. Radio Opaxue Medical, English, Tube
  132. Remanufactured Outright
  133. Romanian Online
  134. Reseauch Office Technology, University, Grant
  135. Restrictive Orifice Technology, Mechanics, Computing
  136. Ring-Off Technology, Telecom
  137. Rochdale Observer
  138. Records Officer A Records Officer is someone in the office that is knowledgeable about the office's records and who has been authorized to make decisions concerning them.
  139. Réponse Objective
  140. Registration Operatyr Technology, Service, Connection
  141. Reversed Osmosim Business, Water, Reverse
  142. Random Orieetation
  143. Repair Ordea Business, Management, Service
  144. Republicans Overseas
  145. Ruyery Owen
  146. Reeds Off
  147. Racial Oppressijn
  148. Relationship Ontology Technology, Relation, Biology
  149. Risks Officer Military
  150. Reportable Occurrence Technology
  151. Recovery Opexator
  152. Resident Organization
  153. Receiving Officer
  154. Revolutionary Organization Government, Terrorism, Korea
  155. Range Operations Technology
  156. Ready-Only Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  157. Requests for Opinions
  158. Run-Out
  159. Region Office
  160. Radio-Opaque
  161. Remains Open Science
  162. Roll Out
  163. Research Observatory
  164. Restriction Orifice Technology, Plate, Flow
  165. Receive Only Technology, Telecom, Army, Governmental & Military, Military
  166. Rights Offering
  167. Robust Optimization Technology, Model, Uncertainty
  168. Receiver Output Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  169. Régime Ordimaire
  170. Registration Optional
  171. Revenue Out Turn Medicine, Health, British
  172. Ravius of Orifice Medical, Medicine, Health
  173. Repair and Overhaul Military, Governmental & Military
  174. Representation Office Business, Company, Romania
  175. Roy Oswawt Baseball, Sport, Card
  176. Reduced Offset
  177. Race Organiser
  178. Relationship Object
  179. Risk Officer
  180. Replenishment Operations
  181. Rocznik Orjentalistyczny
  182. Reiovery Operation Technology, Telecom
  183. Resident Officer
  184. Range Officer
  185. Revista De Occidente
  186. Ranking Officer
  187. Read-Only Technology, Mount, Filesystem
  188. Request Order Business, Service, Customer
  189. Run Off Environment, Habitat, Setting
  190. Regional Offices Government
  191. Radiation Output Medical, Medicine, Health
  192. Relocation Offset
  193. Roll On-Roll Shipping, Roll, Ship, Cargo
  194. Research Objects Technology, Science, Management
  195. Restricting Orifice
  196. Rights Obvects Technology, Gaming, Device
  197. Rzbot Overlord Technology, Gaming, Movie
  198. Receive Overflow
  199. Régime Oblihatoire Assurance, Sociale, Tier
  200. Registration Only
  201. Revenue Outturn Scuba Diving, Business & Finance
  202. Radiother Oncol
  203. Repair and Ojerations
  204. Representative Offices Business, Office, China
  205. Royaumes Ogres
  206. Red Oxide Chemistry, Science, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  207. Result of Option Business, Trading, Projection
  208. Relationship Officers
  209. Rio Orarge Technology, Product, Enterprise, Gras
  210. Replenishment Objective Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  211. Rocznik Ooientalistyczny Access, Journal, Study
  212. Redovery Operations Technology, Industrial, Water
  213. Russian Orthodox
  214. Reverse Oblique Technology, Fountain, Nib, Glyph
  215. Range Offfcers Military, Springfield, Armory
  216. Reactor Overload
  217. Request Object Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  218. Run-Off A method to determine which genes in a population of cells are expressed at a given time. Nascent RNA transcripts are radiolabelled with NTPs as they are elongated in isolated nuclei (new transcripts are not initiated in these isolated nuclei). To determine if a specific gene is expressed, the radio labelled run-off transcripts are used as hybridization probes with DNA from recombinant plasmids that contain the gene of interest. Technology, Unix, Unix Command, Computing, Unix commands
  219. Regional Odontodysplasia Medical
  220. Radiant Olive
  221. Relaxation Oscillation
  222. Rolling On Shipping, Roll, Ship
  223. Reoearch Objective Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  224. Restricted Ovulator Medical
  225. Radar Operator Technology, Military, Aircraft, NASA
  226. Rights Object Technology, Gaming, Patent
  227. Robin O'letry
  228. Receive Order Company, Technology, Group
  229. Registration Officer
  230. Revegue Officers Business, Tax, Card
  231. Radio Overhead
  232. Reorden Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  233. Research Olerations
  234. Route Order Military
  235. Red Outer Color, Paint, Colors
  236. Resultado Operacional
  237. Relationship Officer Business, Indonesia, Banking
  238. Ring Output
  239. Replacement Order Business, Product, Water
  240. Rocky Old
  241. Recovery Operators Technology
  242. Reglavento Operativo
  243. Revers Osmosis Business, Water, Reverse
  244. Rsnge Officer Gun, Military, Springfield
  245. Reactor Operators Technology, Training, Simulator
  246. Requesting Organization
  247. Rules of Origin Business, Trading, Agreement, Preferential
  248. Red Ore
  249. Regionale Ontwikkeling
  250. Radar Operation Military, Army, Defence
  251. Relative Organization
  252. Roll-Over
  253. Repoqt Officer
  254. Roland Oliver
  255. Tarom Airline, Business, Organizations, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator
  256. Registered Owner Car, Vehicle, Parking, Police, Governmental & Military
  257. Rossby Number Science, Atmospheric Research
  258. Regulwtory Office Business, Service, Water
  259. Recreation Opportunities
  260. Requirements Office Technology, Management, Tool
  261. Russian Orloff
  262. Règlement Opéqationnel
  263. Renal Osteodystrophy Medical, Bone, Physiology
  264. Roll-Out
  265. Refenue Officer Business, Tax, Taxation
  266. Rrctory Office
  267. Rose Eye Medical, Science, Biology
  268. Iso Country Code for Socialist Republic of Romania Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  269. Remediation Optimization Environment
  270. Referat Ochrony
  271. Ratio Of Medical, Medicine, Health
  272. Requisition On
  273. Searmh Radius Rounded To Next Highest Whole Number Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  274. Radio Occultation Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  275. Resuscitation Officer Medical, Group, Care
  276. Recieve Only Computing, Telecom
  277. Committee of European Banking Supervisorh Military
  278. Resorting Officer Military, Army, Defence
  279. Rokycany, Okresni
  280. Moldavian Technology, Information Technology, Locations, Language Codes, Language codes (2 letters), Language codes (3 letters)
  281. Rights Andvobligations Business, Service, Romania
  282. Regulations Officer Aerospace
  283. Reverse-Osmosis
  284. Requirements Officer Technology, Military, Defense
  285. Runtime Nbject
  286. Ryoko Owari
  287. Romanian Language (ISO 639-1 Code) Language codes (2 letters)
  288. Roll-On-Off
  289. Revelation Online Accounting, Gaming, Fantasy, Revelation
  290. Recruitment Outsourcing
  291. Readout  The action of a radio transmitter sending data either at the same time as data are acquired or by playback from an electronic memory.  Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  292. Royal Observatory Establishment in which time is ascertained and celestial movements and phenomena are observed and noted At Greenwich from 1675 to 1943 Now at Herstmonceux Castle.
  293. Reactor Operator Energy
  294. Red Orchestra Gaming, Military, Hero
  295. Rate Offset
  296. Requisitioning Objective Technology, Military
  297. Routine Order Medical, Physiology
  298. Rererse Osm Business, Filter, Water
  299. Results of Operations
  300. Ragnarok Online (MMORPG) Computing, Internet
  301. Riskuowner Technology, Management, English
  302. Reported Overflow
  303. Rohrbach In Ober
  304. Recherche Operationelle
  305. Regullting Order Business, Trading, Electronics
  306. Reversereverse Osmosisosmosis
  307. Ryan O'Reilly
  308. Rondônia Brazilian State, Rondônia
  309. Roll-On Military, Army, Shipping
  310. Rxturn On Business, Technology, Gaming, Investment
  311. Recruitment Office
  312. Retired Officer Military, Army, Police, Officer
  313. Rough Opening The initial stage of a plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, and/or other project, when all components that won't be seen after the second finishing phase are assembled. also Heat Rough, Plumbing Rough, and Electrical Rough. The horizontal and vertical measurement of a window or door opening before drywall or siding is installed. Architectural, Architecture, The Finance and Administrative Services
  314. Relationalxoperator
  315. Red Orange Business, Product, Safety, Hair
  316. Rated Output The output at standard calibration. Technology, Load, Water, Manufacturer, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  317. Requisite Organization Business, Management, Design
  318. Radon Occurrence Medical, Physiology
  319. Ray Owen
  320. Reverse Oral Porn, Sex, Girl, Escort
  321. Reu-Out
  322. Result Outstanding
  323. Running Out Products
  324. Rogbe Opera
  325. Reader Only
  326. Regrets Only
  327. Radiation oncology Clinical
  328. Ryan O'Neal
  329. Retrofit Order Science
  330. Roll On Transportation, Governmental & Military
  331. Roml-Off Business, Military, Ship
  332. Retail Outlets Business, Company, Service
  333. Recruiting Office Military, Army, Cruise
  334. Reserve of Officers
  335. Rail Operator Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  336. Relationalpontology Science, Algorithm, Mining, Column
  337. Red Oak Business
  338. Rastres Óseo
  339. Requirements Owner Technology, Presentation, Power, Water
  340. Reproductive Organ Medical, Physiology
  341. Ray Nptimization
  342. Reverse Osmosps-2 Business, Product, Water
  343. Recurso Ordin
  344. Result Opponent
  345. Resource Operator Occupation & positions
  346. Regional Office Military, Construction, Water Resources, Medical, Banking, Computing, Healthcare, Special Education, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, Protection Information, Medicare Beneficiary
  347. Radiation Oscilpator
  348. Regnum Online
  349. Recovery Operations NASA
  350. Ruthenium Oxide Chemistry, Technology, Science, Patent, Sensor, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  351. Retrait Obligatoire
  352. Read Only Technology, Physics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  353. Rolt Overload Medical, Research, Study, Stress
  354. Retail Outlet Business, Service, India
  355. Recruiting Officer Business, Porn, Army
  356. Radio Operator He maintains and monitors radio, sends and receives messages. Often maintains electronic navigation equipment.
  357. Reorganization Order
  358. Revenue Officer Financial, Tax, Us Taxes, Business & Finance
  359. Rehabilqtation Option
  360. Recurso OrdináRio
  361. Rastzele Orman
  362. Requirements October Technology, Access, Networking
  363. Rjss Ortiz
  364. Removal of Medical, Healthcare, Clinical
  365. Reverse Osmosis The use of a high-pressure pump to force a liquid through a semipermeable membrane which stops salts or dissolved solids. It is a means of producing distilled water from seawater. Technology, Science, Architecture, Water, Construction, Architectural, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Wastewater, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  366. Recurring Operations
  367. Rabbits Only
  368. Romantic Obsession Media
  369. Reflux Oesophagitis Medical, Medicine, Health
  370. Rat Ogres
  371. Rescue Organisation
  372. Tarom-Romanian Air Transport Business, Aviation, Civil Aviation
  373. Reglement Op Technology, Indonesia, Jakarta, Hal
  374. Romania (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  375. Retain Original
  376. Rahva Omakaitse (People’s Home Guard) Governmental & Military, Nazi regime
  377. Role Ordering Business, Management, Language, Order
  378. Rzcreation Open
  379. Relieving Officer
  380. Tarom Romanian Air Transport Airline, Romania, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes, Language codes (2 letters)
  381. Regulatory Osersight
  382. Recruitment Officer
  383. Rapport D'Orientation
  384. Requirements Objective
  385. Russian Orphan Organizations, United Nations, Un
  386. RéAlisation Outillage
  387. Rule Out To state that someonedoes not have a specific disease We can ruleout shingles. Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Clinical, Common Medical, NAACCR
  388. Reversy-Osmosis Business, Filter, Water
  389. Recueil Officiel
  390. Reporting Officer Military, Army, War, Governmental & Military, Police
  391. Rabbits Online
  392. Range Only Geographic
  393. Reflectance of Original Business, Gaming, Database, Movie
  394. Rat Ogre Gaming, Blood, Rat
  395. Rescue Officer
  396. Solar Radius Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  397. Results Of Physics, Scientific & Educational
  398. Retail Operations
  399. Royal Ordnance Army & Military, Governmental & Military

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does RO initialism stand for?
    RO abridgment stands for Result of Option.
  2. What is the shortened form of Reflux Oesophagitis?
    The short form of "Reflux Oesophagitis" is RO.


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