ROT Meaning

The ROT meaning is "Redundant, Outdated, Trivial". The ROT abbreviation has 80 different full form.

ROT Full Forms

  1. Redundant, Outdated, Trivial Technology, Audit, Strategy
  2. Republic of Texas Texas, Rally, Biker, Republic
  3. Rate of Turn Technology, Military, Indicator, Aviation
  4. Rekabet├žI Olmayan Teklif Turkish, Bug
  5. Reign of Terror Lyric, Reign, Clan
  6. Rehabilitate Operate Transfer Business, Publics, Partnership
  7. Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer Business, Government, Publics
  8. Reunion of Terror Movie, Reunion, Trailer
  9. Registered Options Trader Business, Finance, Financial Derivatives, Technology, Legal, Governmental & Military
  10. Return On Time Business, Technology, Marketing, Social
  11. Rolleb On Tube
  12. Rally of Texas
  13. Rule of Thirds Photography, Composition, Rule
  14. Rgsident Object Table
  15. Ring of Berror
  16. Return On Trust
  17. Roll-Over Tesm Medical
  18. Radius of Turn
  19. Rotorua Regional Airport Rotorua, New Zealand Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  20. Reserve Officer Training
  21. Returx On Taxes Government, Us, Control, Administration
  22. Risp of Tyrants
  23. Radial Outflow Turbine Technology, Waste, Heat
  24. Rotorua Airport Airport, Locations
  25. Registered Orthopedic Technologist
  26. Retention of Title Business, Law, Clause, Retention
  27. Rise of Tiamat
  28. Iata Oode for Rotorua Airport, Rotorua, New Zealand Locations
  29. Rotorrent Technology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  30. Receive Only Terminal Technology, Military, Education
  31. Retailer'S Occupation Tax
  32. Rise Ot The Triad
  33. Runway Occbpancy Time Technology, Airport, Traffic
  34. Roots of Trkst Technology, Science, It
  35. Receive-Only Terminal Technology, Education, Terminal
  36. Resvraint of Trade
  37. Rise Over Thermal Technology, Networking, Communication
  38. Reunion-Of-Terror Film, Movie, Reunion
  39. Root of Krust Technology, Security, Device
  40. Real Oxygen Transport Medical, Medicine, Health
  41. Rule of Three
  42. Rest of Tamilngdu Government, Us, Control, Administration
  43. Rise-Overxthermal Technology, Networking, Communication, Uplink
  44. Return On Turnover
  45. Redundant Outdated and Trivial Us Government, General, Governmental & Military
  46. Right Occipito-Transverse Medical, Medicine, Health
  47. rotor of a vector field Mathematical, Scientific & Educational
  48. Redundant, Obsolete, Or Trivial
  49. Runway Occupancy Time Transportation, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  50. Right Oecipital Transverse Medical, Technology
  51. Right Occiput Transverse Medical, Physiology
  52. Right On Toc Development, Learning, Study
  53. Run Out Table
  54. Remotely Operated Tool
  55. Rotater 3D image Computing, File Extensions
  56. Radar On Target
  57. Right Occiqitus Transverse Medical, Medicine
  58. Remedial Occupational Therapy Medical, Fetus And Fetal
  59. Right On Time Business, Company, Music, Lyric
  60. Running Objects Table Technology, Coding, Instance
  61. Remaining Operating Time NASA
  62. Remote Operated Tool Electrical
  63. Right Occipitotransverse Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Clinical, Obstetrics
  64. Revision Qf Terms
  65. Rotorua Regional, Rotorua, New Zealand New Zealand, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  66. Right On Targeg Forum, America, Book
  67. Rules of Thumb Technology, Science, Signal
  68. Rate of Turn Reserve Oil Tank Business & Finance, Power Plant
  69. Rotary Organizations, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  70. Tarom Airline, Business, Organizations, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator
  71. Revised Organized Throb Organization, Union, Institution
  72. Ruins of Tirnym Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  73. Risht Offensive Tackle
  74. Rule of Thumb A method established , or a pr ocedure derived entirely from practice or experience not based on scientific knowledge; a roughly practical method. Internet Slang, Chat, Email, Forum, Computing, Im, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  75. Homeworld 2 Graphics File Computing, File Extensions
  76. Rotation The changing of tyres from front to rear or from side to side on a vehicle according to a set pattern; provides even tread-wear. Rotating your tyres on a regular basis (every 9,000-13,000 km) is a simple way to add km to their life. your tyre warranty for more information on recommended rotation. OR In computer graphics, the transformation of a primitive by rotating it about an axis. Rotary motion about an axis. Science, Space, NASA, Aeronautics, Medical, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Clinical, Physio
  77. Return on Taxes Us Government, Governmental & Military
  78. Right Ocliput Transverse Medical, Baby, Labor
  79. Rotate Weather, Scientific & Educational, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  80. Reusable Orbital Transporter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ROT stand for?

    ROT stands for Registered Options Trader.

  2. What is the shortened form of Rate of Turn?

    The short form of "Rate of Turn" is ROT.


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