RVM Meaning

The RVM meaning is "Remzte Volume Mirror". The RVM abbreviation has 62 different full form.

RVM Full Forms

  1. Remzte Volume MirrorTechnology, Exam, Storage
  2. Reference ValidationimechanismMilitary
  3. Rajiv Vidya MissionEducation, Teaching, Teacher
  4. Radio Valyis Multien
  5. Relioious of The Virgin MaryEducation, Catholic, Order, Congregation
  6. Research Value MappingTechnology, Science, Education
  7. River Valley Market
  8. Repertoire Des Vedettes-MatiéRe
  9. Realtors Valuation Model
  10. Rostral Ventral MedullaMedical
  11. Relevant Vector MachineTechnology, Learning, Model
  12. Risk and Value Management
  13. Renewable Vending Machine
  14. Royal VictorianimedalMilitary, Order, Honour
  15. Rosarium Virginis Mariae
  16. Relevance Vector MachinesTechnology, Learning, Machine, Model
  17. Renal Ventures Management
  18. Rostral Ventromedial MedullaMedical
  19. Rogue Valley Masters
  20. Rear View Mirror
  21. Remote Volume MirroringTechnology, Configuration, Course, Storage
  22. Reverse Vending MachineBusiness, Market, Recycling
  23. Rogue Valley Mall
  24. Rear-View Mirror
  25. Remote Viewing ModuleTechnology, Management, Manager, Gem, Software, Computing
  26. Research VirtualfmachineTechnology, Software, Java
  27. Rogue Valley Manor
  28. Real Value Management
  29. Remote Video MonitoringTechnology, Camera, Surveillance, Military, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  30. Rockers Vs Mods
  31. Requirements Verification MatrixMilitary
  32. Realtor Valuation Model
  33. Ruby Version Management
  34. Religious of The Virgin MaryEducation, Philippine, Mother
  35. Religious of the Virgin Mary, PhilippinesReligious orders
  36. Return Voltage Measurements
  37. Routing Vector Method
  38. Religious Order of the Virgin Mary, CongregationReligion
  39. Retro Vending Machine
  40. Refined Vegetal MixtureGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  41. Rotary Video Magazine
  42. Right Ventricular MassMedical, Medicine, Health
  43. Revett Minerals, Inc.Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  44. Responsive Vector Maps
  45. Recoverable Virtual MemoryGeneral, Governmental & Military
  46. Rotarian Video MagazineService, Organizations, Club
  47. Ribble Valley Media
  48. Rsync Vault Manager
  49. Residual Vector ModulationTechnology, Sound, Plug, Reverberation
  50. Radar Video MapAviation, Governmental & Military
  51. RéPertoire Des Vedettes-MatièRes
  52. Review MinutesTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  53. Royal Victoria MarathonCanada, Run, Race, Marathon
  54. Requirement Verification MatrixBusiness, Management, Development
  55. Research Virtual MachineComputing, Hardware
  56. RéPertoire De Vedettes-MatièReTechnology, Canada, Library, Heading
  57. River Ministries Air CharterAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign
  58. Reverse Vending MachinesBusiness, Machine, Recycling
  59. Royalty Video Magazine
  60. Remote Volume MirrorComputing, Hardware
  61. Return Voltage Measurement
  62. Royale Video Magazine

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does RVM initialism stand for?

    RVM abridgment stands for Rogue Valley Mall.
  2. What is the shortened form of Residual Vector Modulation?
    The short form of "Residual Vector Modulation" is RVM.


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