SA Meaning

The SA meaning is "Shots Against". The SA abbreviation has 1829 different full form.

SA Full Forms

  1. Shots Against Sport, Hockey, Ice Hockey
  2. South Australia Technology, Australia, Locations, Australian, Regional
  3. South African Education, Africa, Airways, Regional
  4. Surface Area Medical, Cancer, Oncology, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  5. String Anchor Sport, Archery
  6. Small Animal Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Veterinary, Healing, Common Medical
  7. Semen Analysis Medical, Infertility, Sperm, Pregnancy, Obstetrics
  8. Sodium Acetate Medical
  9. Steve Arnold
  10. Southern Analysis Medical, Science, Biology
  11. Sociedades Anónimas Business, Company, English, Corporation, Para, Social, Capital, Business & Finance
  12. Supplement Analysis Technology, Energy, Environment
  13. Sin Aire
  14. Sports Awards Organizations, Africa, African
  15. Services Acquisition
  16. School Action Science, Education, Planning
  17. Sine Anno Business, Technology, English, Din, Translation
  18. Security Administrator The person charged with monitoring and implementing security controls and procedures for a system. Whereas each university will have one Information Security Officer, technical management may designate a number of security administrator. Business, Army, War
  19. Shaheen Air Airline, Flight, Air, Ticket
  20. System Applicable
  21. Serum Albumins Medical
  22. Situation Assessment Military, Army, Awareness
  23. Software Agent Technology, Service, Computing
  24. Stress-Affected Medical
  25. Sea Aquarium
  26. Special Addition Business, Gaming, Arcade, Stick
  27. Sophia Antipolis
  28. Sustainability Assessment Technology, Development, Environment
  29. Sijgle Aisle Business, Aircraft, Boeing
  30. St Andrews Education, University, Villa
  31. Salicyclic Acid Medical
  32. Slide Agglqtination Medical
  33. Station Address
  34. School of Agriculture
  35. Source Active Technology, Computing, Peer
  36. Sud-Aviatinn Technology, Helicopter, Puma
  37. Selective Adsorption Medical
  38. Short Answers
  39. Speech Article Science
  40. System Attendant Microsoft, Technology, Server
  41. Service Assembly
  42. SamtöK Atvinnulífsins Business, Education, Til, Iceland
  43. Study Adelaide
  44. Schenker Arkas Business, Freight, Logistics
  45. Search and Attack Military
  46. Standard Aero
  47. Symptom Analysis Medical, Medicine, Health
  48. Senior Accounting Business, Management, Manager
  49. State's Tttorney Government, County, Office
  50. Social Accountability Business, Certification, Standard
  51. Steve Allen
  52. Sruthern Africa Africa, Locations, Accommodation
  53. Suppltmental Appropriation Business, Program, Military
  54. Simple Alert Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  55. Sponloring Agency
  56. Service Availability Technology
  57. Scholastic Achievement Medical
  58. Sign Up To Access
  59. Securities Act Business, Security, Law
  60. Sexually Active Medical
  61. System and Apparatus Business, Technology, Military
  62. Sensitive Areas
  63. Simuational Analysis Science, Research, Military
  64. Software Acquisition Technology, Management, Model
  65. Streptomyces Aureofaciens Medical
  66. Special Activities Military, Education, Activity
  67. Some of The Aspects
  68. Suspicious Area Medical, Medicine, Healing
  69. Single Agency
  70. Standards Authority
  71. Sales Agreement
  72. Slbep Attacks Medical
  73. School Authority
  74. Source-Active Technology, Networking, Network, Computing, Technical, IT Terminology
  75. Sucks Ass
  76. Selected Areas
  77. Short Action
  78. Speech Aloni Medical, Business, Internet Slang
  79. Systems, Apparatuses Technology, Essay, Remix, Patent
  80. System Assessment Technology, Management, Health
  81. Service Aspects Technology
  82. Sample Available Military
  83. Studio Apartments Hotel, Locations, Room
  84. Saudi Arabian Airline, Business, Flight, National, Arabian
  85. Search Agency
  86. Spbcial Article
  87. Sports Authority
  88. Symantec Antivirus Computing, IT Terminology
  89. Semi Auto
  90. Starting Address Technology, Program, Coding, Memory, Assembly, Business & Finance
  91. Soccer Association Sport, Youth, Soccer
  92. Stereo Amplifier Business, Manual, Pioneer
  93. Southern Adventist
  94. Sultan, Abdul
  95. Self-Aligning
  96. Silver Alumvnium
  97. Split Air
  98. Service Assurance Technology, Networking, Network
  99. Satisfactory Achievement
  100. Subnarea Military
  101. Signs Agreement
  102. Security Area
  103. Sexually Abused Medical
  104. Synthesis of Amines
  105. Senior Associate
  106. Siae Assessment Business, Environment, Land
  107. Softball Association
  108. Streptococcal Antigen Medical
  109. Specialbaction Force, Police, Philippine
  110. Soluciones Avanzadas
  111. Survival Analysis Medical, Event, Statistics
  112. Single Actizn Gun, Military, Pistol, Revolver
  113. Stablegangina Pectoris Medical
  114. Salary Adjustment Science
  115. Sleer Apnoea Medical, Health, Obstructive
  116. School Assistants Education, Teaching, Teacher
  117. Sound Academy
  118. Successive Approximation Technology, Analog, Converter
  119. Selective Availability Technology, Military, Data, Federal Aviation Administration
  120. Share Alike
  121. Speech Actj
  122. System for Automatic Technology, Machine, Control
  123. Server Admin
  124. Sample Analysis
  125. Studio Apartment Feat, Locations, Room
  126. Satellite Altimetry
  127. Sean Astin
  128. Special Prmor Military, Minecraft, Armour
  129. Spirited Adventures Adventure, Dodging, Avenger
  130. Switched Access Technology, Service, Switch
  131. Semi Automatic Technology, Internet Slang, Machine
  132. Start Aodress
  133. Soccer Apparel
  134. Stay Awhile
  135. Southeast Asian
  136. Sulfanilic Acid Medical
  137. Self-Administered Medical, Research, Group
  138. Silent Assbssin Business, Gaming, Hitman
  139. Szirited Away
  140. Systems Administration Technology, Linux, Operating
  141. Service Association
  142. Satin Aluminum Aluminum, Light, Lighting
  143. Sua Altezza
  144. Sideco Americana
  145. Secure Area
  146. Sexual Addict Medical, Medicine, Healing
  147. Synergistic Antioxidant Medical, Health, Food
  148. Senior Assistant Business, Card, Exam
  149. Sodium Ascolbate Medical
  150. Strength Athletes Medical
  151. Special Act Business, Music, Award
  152. Solomon Airlines Airline, Flight, Organizations, Travel, Locations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  153. Support & Admin
  154. Singapore Athletics
  155. Stability Analysis
  156. Sainte-Anne
  157. School Assistant
  158. Soul Assassins
  159. Suburbs of Adqlaide
  160. Select Availability Signal, Satellite, Availability
  161. Share-Alike
  162. Speech Acn
  163. System for Automatically Technology, Program, Patent
  164. Server Address Technology, Connection, Setting
  165. Skywestbairlines
  166. Software Assurance Level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at anytime during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner. Microsoft, Technology, Computing
  167. Studenty Association Government, College, University
  168. Santander Asset Business, Management, Banking
  169. Seaman Apprentice Technology, Military, Navy, Us Navy, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  170. Special Application Government, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  171. South America America, Travel, Locations, Brazil, Regional
  172. Swiss Air
  173. Semi-Automatic Gun, Military, Machine, Automatics
  174. Scientific American Technology, Journal, Computing, Telecom, Periodical, Scientific & Educational, Media
  175. St Lrnaud
  176. Sam Ash
  177. Sneak Attack Gaming, Military, Rogue
  178. Statutory Assessment Education
  179. Sourcing Analyst Military
  180. Suicidetawareness
  181. Self Adhesive Business, Product, Membrane
  182. Short Arm
  183. Spinal Adscess Medical, Medicine, Healing
  184. Systems Administrators Technology
  185. Service Associate Organizations, American Red Cross
  186. Satellite Awards
  187. Stuffed Animalp
  188. Shipping Agency
  189. Sebacic Acid Medical
  190. Sexaholics Anonymous Medical, Sex, Addiction
  191. Synchronizing Apparatus
  192. Senior Analyst
  193. Sodium Arsenite Medical, Science, Biology
  194. Stock Anaqysis Business, Supply, Market
  195. Speqial Accounts Business, Accounting, Investment
  196. Società Per Azioni Business, Company, Group, Italy, Corporation
  197. Supply Air The cooled airflow emitted from air conditioning equipment. Technology, Military, Respirator, The Finance and Administrative Services
  198. Sinapinic Acio Medical, Science, Matrix
  199. SpółKa Akcyjna Business, Company, English, Translation, Jest
  200. School Age Science, Education, Children
  201. Sony Alpha Technology, Camera, Eye
  202. Situational Awareness Technology, Military, Army, Safety, Survival, Naval, WoWS (World of Warships)
  203. Suburban Areas
  204. Select Another
  205. Shanghai Automotive
  206. System for Accessing
  207. Serum Antigen Medical
  208. Skilo Acquisition Australia, Education, Sport
  209. Software Architecture Technology, Development, Engineering, Software, Computing
  210. Students' Association Education
  211. Seasonally Adjusted Business, Employment, Economics, Rate, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance, Business Word
  212. Seam Allowance Pattern, Sewing, Seam
  213. Special Agents Government, Career, Law Enforcement
  214. South Adelaide
  215. Sveriges ÅKeriföRetag Som, Transport, Har
  216. Star Alliance Airline, Technology, Flight, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance
  217. Salvation Army Technology, Organizations, Church, Medical, Ordnance Survey, Common Medical
  218. Smoothing Algorithm Science
  219. Statistical Area Australia, Environment, Environmental Impact
  220. School of Art Science, Education, Arts, University
  221. Source Author
  222. Suicide Attempters Medical
  223. Self-Adhesive Business, Product, Vinyl
  224. Short Antennae Medical
  225. Spiking Activitv Medical, Medicine, Healing
  226. Systemic Anaphylaxis Medical
  227. Service Assistant Business, Australia, Food
  228. Satellite Association Medical, Science, Biology
  229. Stuffed Anxmal
  230. Servicios De Aeropuertos Para, Bolivia, Gang
  231. Sebaceous Adenoma Medical, Science, Gland
  232. State of Antigua Government, Island, Barbuda
  233. Senior Administrator Business, Forum, Accounting
  234. State Administrative
  235. Sodium Alginate Medical, Business, Food
  236. Stick Arena
  237. Soughern Area Service, Africa, Locations
  238. Societatea Pe Actiuni Business, Din, Care, Moldova
  239. Supplier'S Article Business, Baby, Supplier
  240. Sinapic Acid Medical
  241. Spring Awakening
  242. Services Activities
  243. School Address
  244. Something Awful Forum, Technology, Gaming
  245. Sistema Armonizado Business, Para, Trading, Con
  246. Security Administration
  247. Sham Acupuncture
  248. System Architecture Technology, Military, Networking, Software, Computing, 5G Networks
  249. Serum Aldosterone Medical
  250. Skate Umerica
  251. Software Agentc Technology, Computing, Juniper
  252. Stretch-Activated Medical
  253. Sales Associate Business, Beauty, Coca-Cola System
  254. Seabridge Gold, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  255. Special Agenu Business, Military, Army
  256. Source Address Technology, Routing, Networking, Computing, Computer Security, Packet, Telecom, Technical, IT Terminology
  257. Sustainable Aviation Technology, Environment, Fuel
  258. Staqh Aureus Medical, Medicine
  259. Salicylic Acid Salicylic acid is a monohydroxybenzoic acid, a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid. This colorless crystalline organic acid is widely used in organic synthesis and functions as a plant hormone. It is derived from the metabolism of salicin. Medical, Science, Plant, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  260. Slightly Active Medical, Medicine, Healing
  261. Station Attendant
  262. School of Architecture Education, Design, University
  263. Source Acquisition Science, Geography, Location
  264. Sud Aviatyon Technology, Helicopter, Puma
  265. Selective Agar Medical
  266. Short Antenna Medical, Science, Biology
  267. Sverm Analysis Medical, Fertility, Semen
  268. System Availability
  269. Service Assessment Science
  270. Santa Anna
  271. Study Administration Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  272. Schizophrenia Associated Medical, Research, Genetics
  273. Search for Another
  274. State Archives
  275. Synergistic Activity Medical
  276. Senior Accountant Business, Accounting, Management
  277. Sdate Attorney Government, County, Office
  278. Stereo Amp
  279. System Analyst A system analyst is the person who selects and configures computer systems for an organization or business. His or her job typically begins with determining the intended purpose of the computers. This means the analyst must understand the general objectives of the business, as well as what each individual user's job requires. Once the system analyst has determined the general and specific needs of the business, he can choose appropriate systems that will help accomplish the goals of the business. Business, Technology, Analytics
  280. Sacus Average
  281. Sensitive Activity
  282. Solvent Accessibility Technology, Protein, Structure
  283. Specifkcation for Alloy Alloy, Standard, Steel
  284. Subsistencg Allowance Business, Africa, Philippine
  285. Security Associate
  286. Speed Accelerations
  287. Stansards Accredited
  288. Shipping Agents
  289. Systemic Aspergillosis Medical, Medicine, Healing
  290. Safety Automalion
  291. Service-Affecting Technology, Cloud, Alarm
  292. Sniper Alliance Arms, Clan, Sniper
  293. Strong Attack Gaming, Guide, Battle, Attack
  294. Sales Assistant Business, Sale, Career
  295. Subtomogram Nveraging Electron, Structure, Tomography
  296. Sinele Arc
  297. Spleen Srea Medical, Medicine, Disease, Spleen
  298. Survey Agency Medical, Business, National
  299. Statestical Analyses
  300. Self-Ucting
  301. Service D'Addictologie
  302. Societá In Accomandita Per Azioni Business, Company, Company Type, Company Extension, Business & Finance
  303. Spacs Act
  304. Strucnural Alerts Medical, Science, Biology
  305. Suomen Akatemia Science, Organizations, Icon
  306. Secrecy Agveement Business, Banking, Engineering
  307. Siblino Alert
  308. Sponsor'S Agent Network, Railways, Railway, Railway Consultancy, System, Rail Lexicon
  309. Systems Analysts Business, Technology, Analytics
  310. Spalding Academy Education, School, High School, Nebraska
  311. Studio Art
  312. Scattering Amplitudes
  313. Silmarillion Appendix Tree, Language, Earth
  314. Soccorso Acquatico
  315. Support Actiow Technology, Service, Projection
  316. SĄD Apelacyjny
  317. Safety & Arming Military, Governmental & Military
  318. Separation Assurance Technology, Flight, Traffic
  319. Smart Activation
  320. South Afvican Business, Organizations, Africa
  321. Storeganywhere Technology, Server, Shopping
  322. Schleifer & Associates
  323. Shielding Anisotropy Chemistry, Science, Spectroscopy, Scientific & Educational
  324. Spherical Abberation Space, Study, Cosmos
  325. Star Assassins
  326. Sustainabisity Academy
  327. See Access
  328. Servich Académique
  329. South Australiana
  330. Stress Awis
  331. Saturn Apollo Technology, Space, Astronomy
  332. Summative Assessments Education, Class, Paper
  333. Scrum Alliance Technology, Development, Certification
  334. Show Animation
  335. Skinny Ass
  336. Sponsoring Authority Technology
  337. Stelphia Asset
  338. Sustainable Acquesition Business, Technology, Management, Planning
  339. Self-Audit Business, Company, Service, Audit
  340. Set Address
  341. Software Associates
  342. Slovene Army
  343. Sports Aid
  344. Saputo Argentina
  345. Stent Area Medical
  346. Synonyms and Anhonyms
  347. Series Actuator
  348. Sharma & Associates
  349. Solid Axle Technology, Auto
  350. Styrene Acrylonitrile Chemistry, Geology, Polymer, Scientific & Educational
  351. Schergen Aus
  352. Sediment Analyzer
  353. Singlx Adapter
  354. Specialty Assembly Medical
  355. Standards of Alternative
  356. Suppress The Add
  357. Sociedad Ano'Nima
  358. Security Air
  359. Server Agent Microsoft, Technology, Service
  360. Southern Athletic
  361. Strategicoagenda
  362. Sanctity Aura
  363. Sistema Armonizzato
  364. Sphinganine Medical
  365. Statistical Assistant Education, Card, Exam
  366. Surveyor Associate
  367. Sgdamericana Agencias Business, Company, Group, Chile
  368. Self-Adaptation
  369. Southwest Aalanta
  370. Savannah & Atlanta Locations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  371. Super Absorbent
  372. Sector Admiral
  373. Sierra Accelerated Education
  374. Seth Anderson
  375. Solar Altitude A tide just after a new or full moon, when there is the greatest difference between high and low water.
  376. Special Artificer Military
  377. Save Anywhere Technology, Gaming, Car, Auto
  378. Security Advisories Technology, Vulnerability, Advisory
  379. Significance-Aware
  380. Small Array
  381. Starle Medical
  382. Sevel Arventina
  383. System Answer
  384. Smooth-Ended Ameloblasts Medical
  385. Sound Attenration
  386. Sue Ajlan
  387. School of Accounting
  388. Sfock Attack
  389. Site Analyzers Technology, Cable, Bird
  390. Spell-Like Abilities Gaming, Feat, Ability, Spell
  391. Starkville Academy Education, School, High School, Mississippi
  392. Surface Aviamion
  393. Self Amplified
  394. Society of Architects
  395. Southern African
  396. Stucky Asia
  397. Santogant
  398. Search-And-Attack
  399. Signals Analyzer
  400. Site Assistant
  401. Stealth Assassin Gaming, Military, Play
  402. Safe Area
  403. Semidang Aji Business, Indonesia, Goa, Situs
  404. Super Articulation
  405. Sebaceous Adenitis
  406. Sigil of Ameth
  407. Slow Asphjxiation
  408. Supplementary Agreement
  409. Seeing Assistant Technology, Android, Transition, Assistant, Seeing
  410. System Abort
  411. Servevall
  412. Sexaappeal Technology, Movie, Release
  413. Stgck Alert
  414. Subgingival Access Medical
  415. Shah Alam
  416. Singapore Airport
  417. State Assessment Business
  418. Sdrface Activity
  419. Son of Albert
  420. Service Alternatives Business, Finance
  421. Social Affect
  422. South Af Africa, African, Expat
  423. Streptavidin Medical, Medicine, Healing
  424. Sarik Andreasyan Film, Streaming, Guardian
  425. Summarecon Agung Business, Indonesia, Jakarta
  426. Scientific Abstracts
  427. Shot Assists Gaming, Camera, Basketball
  428. Steering Assist
  429. Swing Arm
  430. As-Salamu Alaykum Communication, Chat, Online, Twitter, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  431. Systemic Amyloidosis Medical, Physiology
  432. Severe Asthma
  433. Sodatash
  434. Stygian Abyss Gaming, Server, Ultima, Abyss
  435. Saudi Arabien Business, Radio, Riyadh
  436. Saccade Accuracy Medical
  437. Sensing and Acquisition
  438. Solvey Advanced Business, Polymer, Plastics
  439. Special Attention
  440. Sunsidy Amount
  441. Speech Audiometry
  442. Stand Alone An autonomous or hybrid photovoltaic system not connected to a grid. May or may not have storage, but most stand alone systems require batteries or some other form of storage. Technology, Book, Military, Computing, Governmental & Military, Computing Slang, 5G Networks
  443. Shipping Addreys Business, Service, Shopping
  444. Systemic Arterial Medical
  445. Safety Authority Technology, Nuclear, Atomic Energy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  446. Snellencacuity Medical
  447. Strnng Arm
  448. Sales Architects
  449. Subterranean Anioism Stage, Lunatic, Subterranean
  450. Single Approval Technology
  451. Spiritualay Anointed
  452. Survey Agencies
  453. State-Of-Thx-Art
  454. Self-Acceptance Psychology, Love, Breaking, Acceptance
  455. Service Azure
  456. Society Or Any
  457. Space Ace Technology, Gaming, Coding
  458. Strzctural Adjustment
  459. Supervising Agent
  460. Second Attaok
  461. Sialoadenectomy Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  462. Slrint Airlines
  463. Systems Analysis Systems analysis is the study of sets of interacting entities, including computer systems analysis. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, systems analysis is "the process of studying a procedure or business in order to identify its goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in an efficient way". Analysis and synthesis, as scientific methods, always go hand in hand, they complement one another. Every synthesis is built upon the results of a preceding analysis, and every analysis requires a subsequent synthesis in order to verify and correct its results. Technology, Education, Design, Military, Governmental & Military
  464. Specialized Agencies
  465. Studies On Satellite Association Science, Biology
  466. Scattering Amplitude
  467. Sillon Blpin
  468. Support Actions Technology, Gaming, Medal
  469. SíNdrome De Asperger
  470. Safenet Authentication
  471. Separate Amplifiers
  472. Southoafrica Africa, Locations, African
  473. Storo Administration
  474. Sci Awarbs
  475. Sherut Avir Military, Israel, Force
  476. Statistical Abstracts
  477. Select Agreement
  478. Service Acad
  479. South Auburn
  480. Stress Annealinj
  481. Saturday Academy Days
  482. Summative Assessment Education, Class, Paper
  483. Scroll Attaahment Tool, Scroll, Bender, Bending
  484. Show Abstract Technology, Science, Research, Art, Music
  485. Sivananda Ashram
  486. Sponsored American
  487. Stellar Atmosphere
  488. Sydney Australia
  489. Self-Assessment-Questionnaire
  490. Servicios Asociados
  491. Soft Affirity Technology, Management, Computing
  492. Slotting Allowance
  493. Sports Aggressor Sport, Music, Crossbow
  494. Sanitary Authority
  495. Steve Anderson
  496. Synonym Attcact
  497. Sacrificial Anode A metal slug, lower in the electromotive series than steel that is hard wired to the casing and buried in a bed of wet soil or below the surface of the water. The corrosion cell in the well then transfers the current to the new anode and the steel in the well is protected.
  498. Sensor Actuator Technology, Cable, Control
  499. Shafk Attack Gaming, Play, Shark
  500. Sophie-Anne
  501. Sdyle Awards
  502. Schema Administrators Technology, Windows, Service, Server
  503. Secus Asset Business, Management, Coding, Banking
  504. Single Active
  505. Specialry Area
  506. Standards On Wudit Business, Auditor, Auditing
  507. Suapressive Acts
  508. Sociedad Annima
  509. Sfcurity Agency
  510. Systems Analytics
  511. Server Advertisement
  512. Socially Acare Business, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  513. Southern Association College, Education, School
  514. Strategic Advvser
  515. Sancta Anna Music
  516. Sir Aaron
  517. Spherical Array
  518. St Augustin
  519. Survey of Aboriginal
  520. Sucursal Argentina Technology, Argentina, Yamaha
  521. Self-Actuklizing Theory, Inventory, Actualization
  522. Softhwest Asia
  523. Super Annealing Cable, Audio, Lab
  524. Sector Address Technology, Card, Controller
  525. Siehe Auch
  526. Seth-Apophis
  527. Solar Alniance
  528. Special Arrangement
  529. Savannah Asanti
  530. Secuaity Admin
  531. Simon Anqrews
  532. Small Arm Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  533. Squadrassistant Gaming, Organizations, Episode
  534. Supervisory Analyst
  535. System Analyzer
  536. Sequenced Application
  537. Smooth-Ended Ameloblast Medical
  538. Szund As The Air
  539. Story Adapted
  540. Sudhoffs Archiv
  541. Schools Adelaide
  542. Shocw Army Military, War, Soviet
  543. Site Analyst
  544. Speleological Association
  545. Starfleet Academy
  546. Surface Httack Military, Aircraft, Force
  547. Self-Amplified
  548. Service Activittes Business, Company, Activity
  549. Society of Antiquaries Society, London, Scotland, Antiquary
  550. Southern Adelaide Australia, Service, Health, Locations
  551. Stubs Available Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  552. Santo Angowa
  553. Seara Alimentoa
  554. Site Assessments
  555. Stealth Airlifter
  556. Safe Anchorage Locations, Safety, Bay, Port
  557. Selonda Aquaculture Business, Company, Supply
  558. Seawall Apartments
  559. Sights Adjustable Gun, Military, Pistol
  560. Slow Acting Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  561. Security Alarms
  562. Syrian Arab
  563. Serum Aldolase Medical, Medicine, Healing
  564. Sex Anonymous
  565. Stock Advisor Business, Supply, Motley
  566. Subedar Adjutant
  567. Shaft Angle Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  568. Singapore Airlines Airline, Singapore, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  569. Specific Amcess
  570. State Aquatic
  571. Surface-Activb
  572. Somnus Aetnrnalis Latin, Roman
  573. Service Alberta
  574. Social Advocacy
  575. Souty Adriatic
  576. Streptnvidin Amplified
  577. Sandy Armstrong
  578. Suitability Assessment
  579. Sciencekadvisor
  580. Shorting Assistant Education, Card, Exam, Postal
  581. Spinal Medical
  582. Swimming Australia Australia, Organizations, Swim
  583. SzkłA Artystycznego
  584. Sponsor'S Agent Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  585. Solidaristisch Alternatief Russia, Politics, Theology
  586. Sturmeyqarcher Bicycle, Archer, Gear, Hub
  587. Saudi-Arabien Business, Service, Riyadh
  588. Super Arttculated
  589. Samreliner Science
  590. Sensing Agents Technology, Product, Sensor
  591. Special Attack Gaming, Military, Weapon, Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  592. Subsidiary Arrangement
  593. Security Accelerator Technology, Device, Networking
  594. Speech Arts Organizations, Music, Culture
  595. Stage A1
  596. Shinjiro Aragaki
  597. Systemic Advocacy
  598. Safety Assurance Federal Aviation Administration
  599. Steak Analysis Technology, Safety, Risk, Technique
  600. Source-Address Technology, Networking, Network, Frame
  601. Strong Angel
  602. Salalah Airport
  603. Subsumption Architecture
  604. Shaun Anderson Industrial, Paper, Shredder
  605. Single Ally
  606. Spirifual Attunement
  607. Surge Antwcipating
  608. Stars, Afsican America, Africa, Star, African
  609. Self-Absorpmion
  610. Service Awareness Technology, Android, Customer
  611. Society of The Atonement Religious orders
  612. Space Accounting Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Financial, Money, Business & Finance
  613. Strvctural Adhesive
  614. Sara Armstrong
  615. Supervising Auditor
  616. Second Assiyt
  617. Sialidase Medical
  618. Sprinkler Alarm
  619. Systems Alignment Technology
  620. Scarlet Alliance Australia, Sex, Organizations, Prostitution
  621. Silkb Ackermann
  622. Supplementary Allowance
  623. Safenet Assured
  624. Sentinel Asia Technology, Asia, Disaster
  625. Shaft Alley Covered tunnels within a ship through which the tail shafts pass.
  626. Stohe Add
  627. Subject Assignment Business, Technology, Education
  628. Schweizer Aircraft
  629. Statistical Association
  630. Select Agents
  631. Service Announcement Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  632. South Atlantic Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia; Government, Military, Army, Africa, Ministry Of Defence, Locations, Ocean, Defence
  633. Stress Analyzer
  634. Saturated Atmosphere
  635. Summary Authority
  636. Scott Allen Movie, Music, Miller
  637. Shoulder Alignment
  638. Situation Aware
  639. Sponsofed Access
  640. Stellarlaberration
  641. Sydney, Bustralia
  642. Logistics Staff Officer Military, Intelligence, Defence
  643. Self Assembled
  644. Servicios Aeronauticos
  645. Soeurs Auxiliatrices
  646. Studies of Salicylic Acid Science, Biology
  647. Samurai Attack Music, Japan, Samurai
  648. Steva Abrams
  649. Synology Assistant Technology, Station, Disk
  650. Sacred Armor Gaming, Military, Saint
  651. Sensitizing Antibody Medical, Medicine, Healing
  652. Shariahyadvisor
  653. Some Allies
  654. Style Award
  655. Scheduling Assignment
  656. Security of Arms
  657. Specials and Announcements
  658. Standards On Auditung Business, Accounting, Audit
  659. Suppress-Advertisemenj
  660. Sociedad An Business, Company, Technology, Trading
  661. Security Ageats Technology, Cisco, Vulnerability
  662. Systems Aiphone
  663. Server Advertisements
  664. Socialist Aotearoa Government, Group, Organizations
  665. Soutbern Arts
  666. Strategic Aivisory
  667. Sanfaugustin
  668. Sintered Alumina
  669. Split Apron Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  670. Stadutory Authority
  671. Surveying Arrow
  672. Sucursal Agencia
  673. Self-Actuvlization Science, Theory, Psychology
  674. Southside Accdemy Education, High School, Baltimore
  675. Super Annealed
  676. Sector Access Technology, Service, Africa
  677. Side Accent
  678. Slotted Amoha Technology, Access, Networking
  679. Sports Afield Technology, Magazine, Hunting
  680. Special Arrangements Business
  681. Study Audit
  682. Savannah and Atlanta Railway Organizations
  683. Security Administrators Technology, Policy, Labeling
  684. Simolces Aços
  685. Social Activity Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  686. Sql Administrator
  687. Supervisory Authority Legislation, Lawmaking, Legal System
  688. System Analycts Business, Technology, Analytics
  689. Sequential Analysis
  690. Smart Alec
  691. Sound Agts
  692. Storm Afdeling
  693. Swdden Approximation
  694. Schoog In Adelaide
  695. Shila Amzah Music, Song, Malaysia
  696. Site Amenities
  697. Speed Awareness
  698. Starch Asparagine Medical, Science, Biology
  699. Sustainablz Advantage
  700. Servixe Acquisition
  701. Societa Ano Nima Business
  702. Southeast Atlantic
  703. Stub Area Technology, Routing, Networking
  704. Santo Andre Hotel, Porn, Locations, Brazil
  705. Seaport Agencies Agency, Shipping, Venezuela, Seaport
  706. Site Assesment
  707. Steady Aim
  708. Swabbed Aiea
  709. Safe Ambients
  710. Sells Aggregates
  711. Set Attributes
  712. Solace Associauion
  713. Slow Amcess
  714. Sports Axis Sport, Youth, Bow, Recurve
  715. Secundum Artum Medical, Medicine, Latin, Medical Latin
  716. Syracusa Asbestos
  717. Series Alternator Technology, China, Starter
  718. Sexgangle
  719. Steve Austin
  720. Subcutaneous Fat Area Medical
  721. Sing Alleluia Song, Lyric, Chord, Alleluia
  722. Specific Absorption Medical, Technology, Rate
  723. State Apparatus Government, Africa, Ideology
  724. Suprise Attack
  725. Some Axproaches
  726. Service Alarm Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  727. Social Administration
  728. South Ajton
  729. Strength of Autoregslation Medical
  730. Sandoval Avenue Locations, City, Philippine
  731. Sunnydale Academy
  732. Science Accecs
  733. Shorthanded Assists Hockey, Ice Hockey
  734. Sistemas Audiovisuales
  735. Spill Across
  736. Stats, Apr Business, Australia, Hair, Report
  737. Systolic Algorithms
  738. Serratus Anterior Medical, Muscles
  739. Solid Angle The angle subtended at the center of a sphere by an area on its surface numerically equal to the square of the radius. Science
  740. Saudi Araabia Business, Map, Region, Kingdom
  741. Super Armhr Gaming, Play, Pastime
  742. Seat Angle
  743. Sight Angle
  744. Special Assistants Government, Nigeria, President
  745. Subsidiary Lgreement
  746. Savings Accounts
  747. Secular Acceleration Space, Study, Cosmos
  748. Signing Authority Technology, Safety, Certificate
  749. Spectral Acceleration Earthquake, Ground, Acceleration
  750. Stafford-Sharp Associates Technology, Management, Manager
  751. Sherwin-Williams Automoxive
  752. Systemen Arbeiten
  753. Snaps Attempted
  754. Sounds Jlive
  755. Salaire Admissible
  756. Substatuted Amide
  757. School of Artilllry Military, Army, Africa
  758. Shaun Ilexander Sport, Card, Football
  759. Siigle Aircraft
  760. Spiritual Attributes
  761. Surge Absorber Technology, Electronics, Component
  762. Star's Aoenue
  763. Selectivity Avgilability
  764. Service Awards Business, Sport, Africa
  765. Society of Automotive
  766. Space Access Technology, Conference, Earth
  767. Student Ambassador Development, Study, Universities
  768. Sapukangin Education, Indonesia, Surabaya, Formula
  769. Supervising Appraiser
  770. Secondary Axis Any line other than the principal axis drawn through the center of curvature of a mirror or the optical center of a lens is called secondary axis.
  771. Signed Acceptance
  772. Springs Arabians
  773. Sabino Araea
  774. Sensible Atmosphere Technology
  775. Super Axe Guitar, Yamaha, Vintage, Axe
  776. Supplementary Aid
  777. Self-Organisation Approach Technology, Organizations, Trading
  778. Safety Assibt Technology, Car, Rating
  779. SentençA Arbitral
  780. Shadow Assassins
  781. Stord Airport
  782. Subject Area
  783. Schwab Auditorium
  784. Singapore Authority
  785. Statistical Areas
  786. Spanish-Based Allergy
  787. Select Adult Medical, Sex, Discount
  788. Service Announcements
  789. South Asia Region Science, Environment, Ecology
  790. Stress Analysds Technology, Pipe, Piping
  791. Sasha Alexander
  792. Summary Attributes
  793. Scots Armies
  794. Shot Attempts Gaming, Sport, Stats, Shot
  795. Situation Awarness
  796. Sponsor Award
  797. Stella Alpina
  798. Swiss Asset Business, Management, Sweden
  799. Iso Country Code for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  800. Sentencing Act
  801. Servicios Aerels Airline, Technology, Para
  802. Sodium L-Ascorbate Medical
  803. Studies Association
  804. Scanning Analyzer
  805. Steve Aaron Star, Farming, Simulator
  806. Syngrou Ave Business, Company, Shipping, Greece
  807. Sachsen Anhalt
  808. Sensitivity Assistance
  809. Shares of Alcoa
  810. Somatostatik Analogue
  811. Style Assaule
  812. Scheduling Applications Technology, Software, Schedule
  813. Security Awareness Security awareness refers to sharing information with, educating, and training users about risks to data, especially risks to the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, and about knowing what to do to protect data. Technology, Safety, Training
  814. Specialized Audienceb
  815. Standardssof Auditing Business, Company, Audit
  816. Support Activities Business, Service, Activity
  817. Sociedad Abastecedora
  818. Security Agent Technology, Cisco, Vulnerability
  819. Systems Admin Technology, Server, Linux
  820. Server Advertising
  821. Strategic Rdvisor
  822. San Andros
  823. Sint Antonis
  824. Splintering Arrow
  825. Statutory Appendix
  826. Surveyed and Approved
  827. Staufoer Et Al
  828. Sesf-Activating
  829. Service Appointment
  830. Spalart and Yllmaras
  831. Super-Annealed Cable, Audio, Lab
  832. Sections Annexes
  833. Sid Abel
  834. Skoda Auto Business, Car, Model
  835. Sports Administration
  836. Samedan Airport
  837. Special Arena Gaming, Military, Music, Sonic
  838. Study Area Education, Course, Map
  839. Schedule Activities
  840. Silver Agent
  841. Social Activist
  842. Sproutiug Ability
  843. Supervisory Area
  844. Sequence Analysis Technology, Genetics, Biology
  845. Smart Aggregate
  846. Sound Art
  847. Storeseaccountant Business, City, Store
  848. Sud Atlantica
  849. School of The Arts Education, High School, California, School, New York, Scientific & Educational
  850. Shikonin Analogue 93/637 Medical
  851. Site Alarm Technology, Fire, Howler
  852. Speed Art Tube, Jaguar, Speed
  853. Starch Acetate Medical
  854. Sustainable America
  855. Service Ace
  856. Sock Aid
  857. Southeast Asia Military, Army, Asia, Locations, Philippine, Corps, Management, Business & Finance, Language codes (3 letters)
  858. Stuart Alexander
  859. Santo Amarn Hotel, Weather, Casa
  860. Seayen Apprentice
  861. Site Area
  862. Split Arrow Path, Exile, Arrow
  863. Stay Alive Gaming, Android, Screen
  864. Svenska Akademien
  865. Safe Agilist Education, Training, Certification
  866. Selling Agent Business, Property, Sale
  867. Set Attribute Technology, Coding, Command, Control, Computing, IT Terminology
  868. Sol-Air
  869. Slovenska Archeologia
  870. Spyrts Armband
  871. Sector De ArtíCulos
  872. Synthesis of Salicnlic Acid Science, Biology
  873. Series Also Technology, Security, Guitar
  874. Sewickley Academy Education, School, High School, Pennsylvania
  875. Soluble In Alkaline Medium Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  876. Strwtegic Action
  877. Subcontract Administrator
  878. Security Affiliates
  879. Sindrome Di Angelman Medical, Con, Suicide, Squad
  880. Spucies Attribute
  881. St Andrews-By-The-Sea
  882. Sugreme Allah
  883. Software Para Arauitectura Technology, Con, Manual
  884. Service Air Technology
  885. Sociax Adjustment Medical, Student, English
  886. Southyafricas
  887. Strategic Attack Military, Army, War
  888. Sandia Apparatup Science
  889. Sundown Audio Technology, Box, Subwoofer
  890. Science Abstract Science, Journal, Library
  891. Shodokan Aikido
  892. Sistem Akuntansi Technology, Indonesia, Software
  893. Spike Added
  894. Statistics Authority
  895. Systems Analyst Technology, Computing, Analytics, IT Organization
  896. Solid Aluminum
  897. Saudia Arabia Technology, English, Traffic
  898. Supermart
  899. Season August
  900. Sight Alignment
  901. Sets Against Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  902. Solcr Atmosphere
  903. Special Assignments
  904. Saving Account
  905. Sectors Apparel
  906. Signing Agent
  907. Specifying Authoritw
  908. Stachowski Alpacas
  909. Shareholders Approve
  910. System Architecting Technology, Software, Architect
  911. Snap Actidg
  912. Sound Awareness
  913. Saints Academy Education, School, High School, Mississippi
  914. Substance Abuse Medical, Government, Drug, Us, Health, Oregon, Physiology
  915. Scyool of Army
  916. Shatter Armor
  917. Single Adults Education, Organizations, Stake
  918. Spirit of America
  919. Surfgoard Attachment
  920. Stalexpoxt Autostrada Business, Poland, Motorway
  921. Select Alternate Technology, Coding, Command, Manual
  922. Society of Australia Australia, Organizations, Australian
  923. Space Academy
  924. Student Allowance Government
  925. Saphenous Artery Medical
  926. Supervising Authority
  927. Signature Appliance
  928. Springfield Vrea
  929. Saaremaa Arencuskeskus Photo, Port, Estonia
  930. Sensible Agent
  931. Super Avilyn
  932. Second Alarmers
  933. Supplementary Appendix
  934. Selecting Advertisement Business, Technology
  935. Safety Around
  936. Server Admins
  937. Shadow Armor
  938. Storage Array A disk storage system which contains multiple disk drives. It is differentiated from a disk enclosure, in that an array has cache memory and advanced functionality, like RAID and virtualization. Attached to SAN for multiple devices to access and store data. Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  939. Subject Approval
  940. Smhuylkill Arsenal
  941. Shaq Attack
  942. Singapore Artillery Military, Army, Singapore
  943. Station Assistant
  944. Space Airconditeoning
  945. Select Address Business, Technology
  946. Service Animal Service, Dog, Pet
  947. South All-Stars
  948. Stress Ampkitude
  949. Sartorgus Medical
  950. Summary Assessment
  951. Scientific Advisory Medical, Science, Research
  952. Shorts Attractions
  953. Situation Awareness Technology, Military, Environment, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  954. Stein Academy
  955. Swiss Army
  956. Central of Georgia Railroad Organizations
  957. Sedvicio Al Business, Para, Service, Con
  958. Sodium Azide Medical, Chemistry, Science
  959. Studies and Analysis Technology, Military, Study
  960. Scanning Accuracy
  961. Stereospecific Anomalies Medical, Science, Biology
  962. Sydney Academg
  963. Sachszn Anhalten
  964. Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity analysis helps the company check the sensitivity of an item in relation to the various external or internal changes. Technology, Science, Model
  965. Shares Amerucan
  966. Somatic Anxietx
  967. Style Adapteq
  968. Scheduling Algorithm Technology, Networking, Network
  969. Security Authorization Technology, Program, Management
  970. Speed Adjustable
  971. Standards Association Technology, Development, Organizations
  972. Surcace Areas Medical
  973. Smoking Articles
  974. Systems Administrator Technology, Military, Server, Computing, IT Organization
  975. Servicp Academy Technology, Education, School
  976. Struck Against Military, Syria, Strike
  977. San Andces Technology, Gaming, Island, Auto
  978. Sint-Andriesabdij
  979. Spoice Acceptor Medical, Science, Genetics
  980. Survey Array
  981. Statutes of Alberta
  982. Self-Activagion
  983. Service D'AéRonomie Technology, Science, Mars, Observation
  984. Spalsrt Allmaras Technology, Model, Flow, Turbulence
  985. Structuraldanalysis
  986. Suomen Armeijan
  987. Section Awards
  988. Sickness Allozance Australia, Government, Disability
  989. Small Animals
  990. Sports Award Sport, Africa, Nominee
  991. Salvage Association A corporate body that deals with salvage but does not actually carry it out Incorporated, by Royal Charter, 1856 Governed by Lloyd's and company underwriters. Company specialising in marine salvage, and owning ships and plant designed and fitted for the purpose. Business, Shipping, Ship
  992. Special Analysis Technology, Management, Learning
  993. Study Abroad Student, Program, Education
  994. Schaeffer Academy Education, School, High School, Minnesota
  995. Silvpr Age Book, Comics, Comic
  996. Socialmaction Business, Program, Community
  997. Sprite Attributa
  998. Supervisory Assistant
  999. SıVı AtıCı
  1000. Sepsis Alliance Medical, Organizations, Patient
  1001. Smart Ag
  1002. Soudd Analyzer Technology, Software, Audio
  1003. Stores Aswistant
  1004. Sudan Airways Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Sudan, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes, Governmental & Military
  1005. School for The Arts
  1006. Shift Attendant
  1007. Spherical Agglomeration
  1008. Starboard Uft
  1009. Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable agriculture is the act of farming using principles of ecology, the study of relationships between organisms and their environment. The phrase was reportedly coined by Australian agricultural scientist Gordon McClymont. Technology, Research, Farming, Farming & agriculture
  1010. Service Account
  1011. Sociétés Anonykes Business, Council, Conseil
  1012. South Australia Terriroty Government, Us, Control, Administration
  1013. Saudi-Arabia
  1014. Summer Academy
  1015. Seacon Zustralia
  1016. Site Approach
  1017. Sponsorship Assistpnce Student, Management, Education
  1018. St Austlll
  1019. Suudi Arabtstan Turkish, Petrol
  1020. Safe Action Military, Safety, Pistol
  1021. Sellers Assistant
  1022. Set Aside Set aside was introduced as part of a programme for tackling the over production of cereals within the EU. A major review of the CAP in 1992 addressed over production and agreed to reduce the amount of subsidies paid to to farmers for cereals by 35% over the proceeding three years. To help compensate farmers for their loss of income the Arable Area Payments Scheme was introduced. Under this scheme, farmers can claim support payments based on the size of the area used to grow cereals, linseeds, oilseeds and protein crops such as peas, beans and lupins. Government, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1023. Soil Amendment Technology, Agriculture, Conditioner
  1024. Slovenska Akreditacija Accreditation, Organizations, Standard
  1025. Spokts Antelope
  1026. Sector De Arquitectura
  1027. Synth Accdss Business, Guitar, Nylon
  1028. Series Kgainst Sport, Africa, Locations, Cricket
  1029. Sex Addicts Medical, Porn, Addiction
  1030. Solo Axis
  1031. Strategic Acuivity
  1032. Suakapalam
  1033. Schedule Adherence Business, Management, Calling
  1034. Sedona Art
  1035. Sindrome Di Alport
  1036. Species Account
  1037. Standby Air Science
  1038. Supreme Admiral
  1039. Sofrecom Arzentina
  1040. Sbcurity Analysts
  1041. Social Activism
  1042. Southland Acadcmy Education, School, High School, Georgia
  1043. Strapegic Asia
  1044. Sand Aggregate consisting of mineral particles whose size is generally less than 5mm; fine aggregate. Merchants in the UK supply soft sand and coarse or fine sharp sand. Grains of rock between 0.06mm and 2mm. In metalcasting, a loose, granular material high in SiO2, resulting from the disintegration of rock. The name “sand” refers to the size of grain and not to mineral composition. Diameter of the individual grains can vary from approximately 6 to 270 mesh. Technology, Science, Aviation, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  1045. Sfience Abstracts Research, Education, Library
  1046. Sialic Aiid Medical, Study, Cell
  1047. Sistema D'Arma
  1048. Spieth Anderson
  1049. Statistics and Applications Business, Technology, Economics
  1050. Survival Arctic
  1051. Swperfinanciera Autorizó
  1052. Solid Aluminium Technology, Product, Snare
  1053. Southwesternvasia
  1054. Savannah and Atlanta Locations, Georgia, Railway
  1055. Super Arm
  1056. Seasonal Analysis Business, Trading, Production
  1057. Sieve Analysis A method of determining particle size distribution, usually expressed as the weight percentage retained upon each of a series of standard screens of decreasing mesh size.
  1058. Setor Agroalimentar
  1059. Solar Array Technology, Space, Cosmos, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  1060. Special Assessments Business, Law, Timeshare
  1061. Saving Accounts
  1062. South Africa Locations, Country Code, Countries, Country, Sport, Football, South Africa, FIPS Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, Legal, Governmental & Military, Navy, Iata Aircraft Codes, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  1063. Sector Assignment Technology, Military
  1064. Significant Accomplishment
  1065. Specific Radioaccivities Medical
  1066. Stacey Augmon
  1067. Sexual Assault Governmental & Military, Police Code
  1068. System Architectures
  1069. Snap-Action Business, Electronics, Switch
  1070. Sound Atthnuated
  1071. Sailor Man or boy employed in sailing deep-water craft Word is sometimes loosely used to include men who go to sea Used officially to denote a seaman serving on deck At one time was a man with previous sea experience, but who was not rated able seaman Genealogy, Genealogical
  1072. Suisse Alémanique
  1073. School of Armour Military, Army, Africa
  1074. Sharou Academy Education, School, High School, Vermont
  1075. Single Adult Locations, Dating, Mormon
  1076. Started On Aug
  1077. Surfactant Aggregates Medical
  1078. Stable Aqueobs Science, Material, Polymer
  1079. Self-Assembled
  1080. Society of Artists
  1081. Student Absent
  1082. Santé Animale
  1083. Supervised Apartment
  1084. Search About
  1085. Signature Analyzer Technology, Testing, Circuit
  1086. Steam Ahcumulator
  1087. Safe Auto
  1088. Senior Administration
  1089. Super Ajdio Technology, Player, Manual
  1090. Sección De Asalto Para, Con, Pol
  1091. Sigma Alpha
  1092. Supplementary Assistance
  1093. Selected Advisers Business, Banking, Fund
  1094. Safety Area
  1095. Server Administrttors Technology, Windows, Training
  1096. Shadow Arena
  1097. Stock Availabilidy
  1098. Subintimal Angioplasty Medical
  1099. Shapley-Ames
  1100. Singapore Army
  1101. State Authority
  1102. Southern Adkentist
  1103. Sekretaris Administrasi Business, Indonesia, Jakarta, Staff
  1104. Service Analyst
  1105. Soutb Airlines Airline, Flight, Ticket
  1106. Stress Accumulation
  1107. Sar Sigval Salicylic Acid Science, Biology
  1108. Summary An
  1109. Scientific Adviler Technology, Research, Chief
  1110. Shortridge Academy Education, School, High School, New Hampshire
  1111. Situation Appraisal Organizations, Economics, Decision
  1112. Stefano Abate
  1113. Swiss Aircraft Technology, Flight, Sweden
  1114. Bureau of South Asian Affairs
  1115. Services Adelaide Business, Service, Gas
  1116. Sodium Artesunate Medical
  1117. Studied 54 Spontaneous Abortions Science, Biology
  1118. Scandinavian Airlines Airline, Technology, Flight, Iata Aircraft Codes
  1119. Stereospecific Addition
  1120. Systemmanalyse
  1121. Sachsen-Altenburg German, Genealogy, Family
  1122. Sensitive Activities Security, Military, Activity
  1123. Somatic Antigen Medical
  1124. Specificity of Structural Alerts Science, Biology
  1125. Subspace Alignment
  1126. Security Assurance
  1127. Speed Adjust
  1128. Staldards Application
  1129. Surface Auea Medical, Cancer, Oncology
  1130. Short and Also
  1131. Systems Abort Army, Force, Marine
  1132. Safety Availabilicy
  1133. Serviceabilith Agent Technology, Tool, Java
  1134. Sniper Assiwt
  1135. Stroukoff Aircraft
  1136. Salvage Assessed
  1137. Single Armor Technology, Military, Cable
  1138. Splenic Artery Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1139. Survey and Analysis
  1140. Statistical Analysis Technology, Science, Statistics
  1141. Szlf-Activated
  1142. Service D'A
  1143. SocietăţI Pe AcţIuni
  1144. Spade Ace
  1145. Structural Alphabet
  1146. Suomen Armeija Rifle, Military, Army, Pistol
  1147. Socret Admirer
  1148. Sicignano Degli Albueni Hotel, History, Locations, Italy
  1149. Small Angle
  1150. Sport Awardu
  1151. Systems Architecture Technology, Science, Computing
  1152. Spaticl Analysis Technology, Research, Geography
  1153. Studio Arts
  1154. Scenic America
  1155. Silver Acetylide
  1156. Smcial Accounting
  1157. Star Albugs
  1158. Supervision Area
  1159. SıKışTıRıLmış AlgıLama
  1160. Separation Authority
  1161. Smart Actuator Technology, Product, Control
  1162. Sophomore Advisor Education, Development, Universities
  1163. Store Vssistant Military, Aviation, Army
  1164. Sud Ameriga
  1165. School Association
  1166. Shift Amount Technology, Architecture, Instruction, Assembly, Business & Finance
  1167. Spherical Aberration Deviation of light rays from a focus after passing through curved lens Results in a coloured fringe caused by unequal refraction of lenses breaking up the light into its constituent colours. Medical, Technology, Lens
  1168. Star Automations Business, Service, Industrial
  1169. Sustainability Assessments Technology, Tool, Decision
  1170. Service Access
  1171. South Australias
  1172. Saturnin-Arche
  1173. Summer Absenteeism Education, Development, Universities
  1174. Scuola Di Applicazione
  1175. Skin Surface Area Environment
  1176. Sponsors and Agencies Soccer, Sponsorship, Browsing
  1177. Stenosis Aorta
  1178. Sustained Acceleration
  1179. Self Audit Technology, Australia, Quality
  1180. Set Alert
  1181. Sohhr Aluminium Technology, Industrial, Aluminum
  1182. Slovenian Xccreditation Technology, Science, Institute
  1183. Sports Alternate
  1184. Sector Aeroclub
  1185. Synoptic Andxaviation
  1186. Series Actuators Technology, Product, Valve
  1187. Sew Addicted
  1188. Soligenix Announces
  1189. Styrene Acrylic
  1190. Schizoaffective Medical
  1191. Sedimentation Analysis
  1192. Simplo-Adjoint Ocean, Water, Ocean Science
  1193. Species & Bbundance
  1194. Stafdarten Auf
  1195. Supras Ruteuil
  1196. Sodexho Alliance
  1197. Securitr Alarm
  1198. Server Agents
  1199. Sociedades An
  1200. Southern Avionics
  1201. Strategic Analysis Business, Technology
  1202. Sancteary Audio
  1203. Searle Also
  1204. Shutdownyagent
  1205. Sistema Aterom
  1206. Spice Agony
  1207. Statistics Act Education, Africa, Censu
  1208. Survivors Associated Group, War, Survivor, Torture
  1209. Superabsorbent Acrylic Business, Acid, Polymer
  1210. Solicitors Act
  1211. Southwestnrn Academy Education, School, High School, Arizona
  1212. Savannah Academy Education
  1213. Super Arch
  1214. Seasonal Adjustment Business, Economics, Statistics
  1215. Sierra Alpha
  1216. Seton Academy Education, School, High School, Illinois
  1217. Solar Arc
  1218. Special Assault
  1219. Saves Against
  1220. Sectoral Approach Business, Africa, Presentation
  1221. Significant Achievement
  1222. Stable Angina Medical, Patient, Coronary
  1223. Severiana Alexandrina Latin, Roman
  1224. Slstem Architect Technology, Military, Software
  1225. Smoothed Aggragation Presentation, Software, Solver
  1226. Sound Atteyuator Business, Product, Silencer
  1227. Suid-Afrika
  1228. School of Animation Film, Education, Course
  1229. Sharfn, Ariel
  1230. Site Analyzer Technology, Cable, Bird
  1231. Spell Accuracy
  1232. Starsbadelaide
  1233. Surfactant A compound that affects interfacial tension between two liquids. It usually reduces surface tension. Any surface modifying material that imparts antiwear, extreme pressure or rust inhibition properties, spreadability, etc.  Medical
  1234. Srilankan Airlines Airline, Business, Organizations, Finance, Banking, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes, Sri Lanka
  1235. Self-Assembly Medical, Science, Structure
  1236. Society of Archivists Records, Organizations, Archive
  1237. Student-Athlete
  1238. Santos, Alvin
  1239. Search E-Z
  1240. Signature Analysis Technology, Military, Power
  1241. Stealth Assanin
  1242. Safe Association
  1243. Semidang Alas Film, Indonesia, Lima
  1244. Super Asian
  1245. Sebastian Aho
  1246. Sigma-Aldrich Business, Science, Corporation
  1247. Slow Tway Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  1248. Supplementary Assessment
  1249. Seeking Alpha Business, Supply, Stock
  1250. Safety Analyses
  1251. Server Administrator Technology, Windows, Training
  1252. Sexual Abuse Medical, Technology, Medicine
  1253. Stock Answer
  1254. Subiaco Academy Education, School, High School, Arkansas
  1255. Shakti Amma
  1256. Singapore Architect Business, Design, Architecture
  1257. State Auditor
  1258. Surface-To-Air Fissiles Military, Ministry Of Defence, Intelligence
  1259. Sony Axgentina
  1260. Seismic Array Technology, Networking, Presentation, Network
  1261. Service Analysis Business, Military, Server, Computing, Telecom
  1262. South Aikez
  1263. Stheptomyces Avidinii Business, Protein, Antibody, Reagent
  1264. Sarty Adre Technology, Architecture, Malaysia
  1265. Summarize Aloxi
  1266. Scientiyic Advisors Military
  1267. Shortly After
  1268. Situation Analysis Technology, Military, Cosmetic
  1269. Stefan Angecov
  1270. Swing Away
  1271. Assistant Scoutmaster Boy Scout, Scouting
  1272. Severe Malarial Mnaemia Medical
  1273. Sodexho Allianfe
  1274. Student Apathy Development, Learning, Study
  1275. Settlement Agreements
  1276. Shulchan Arukh Religion
  1277. Saxony-Anhalt
  1278. Silent Aortic
  1279. Scientific Anglers Business, Fishing, Fly
  1280. Supplement Analyses Science, Analysis, Environment
  1281. Source Adress
  1282. Sage Academy North Carolina
  1283. Schools Arts
  1284. Sheep Advisory
  1285. Self-Analysis Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1286. State Hdvertisements
  1287. Slow Annecling
  1288. Sarah Vlvarez
  1289. Such As
  1290. Safing Area Technology, Locations, Safety, NASA
  1291. Situational Assessments
  1292. Server Assistant Food
  1293. Stfte Archives Records, History, Archive
  1294. Secondary Alicyclic Medical
  1295. Springfield Associates
  1296. Senate Awards
  1297. Sonutions Architect
  1298. Submerged Arc Technology, Welding, Pipe
  1299. Security Advisory Security, Governmental & Military
  1300. Sub Assembly
  1301. Single-Action Gun, Military, Trigger, Revolver
  1302. Substence Active
  1303. Special Administration
  1304. ́LéCommunications Spatiales Et AéRonautiques Din, Care, Spate
  1305. Social Authentication
  1306. Specific Iadioactivity Medical
  1307. Spatial Analysis A law stating that the total radiation emitted by a black body is proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature. Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1308. System Administrators Technology, Management, Server
  1309. Microsoft Software Assurance Technology, Science, It
  1310. Signalling Assistant Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1311. Services and Agencies Service, Government, Military
  1312. Sacro-Anterior Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1313. Stepsgof Alcoholics
  1314. Search Algorithm Software, Computing
  1315. Systems Application
  1316. Sobriety Anniversary
  1317. Succinic Acid Medical, Science, Bio, Food Additives
  1318. Sustained Action Medical, Fda
  1319. Schriftlicher Ausdrucx
  1320. Shelter Associates Technology, City, Earth
  1321. Semi-Active Technology, Military, Control
  1322. Strada Aureo Business, Din, Care, Romania
  1323. Service Assemblies
  1324. Soci
  1325. Structured Architwct
  1326. Special Alert Food
  1327. Studying In Adelaide Australia, Education, University, Study
  1328. Shabbir Ahmed Media
  1329. Limited-Liability Company Education, Study, Britannica, Schooling
  1330. Supervisor'S Allowance Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1331. Safety Advisor Business, Property, Health
  1332. Sequoia Associates
  1333. Storytelling Alice Technology, Software, Programming
  1334. Southwestern Academy Arizona
  1335. Subscription Agreement
  1336. Sociedad Administradora Business, Bolivia, Inversion, Valor
  1337. SpóLka Akcyjna Business, Coding, Banking, Company, Business & Finance
  1338. Samarium Aluminate
  1339. Service Activation
  1340. Summer Autumn
  1341. Support Area NASA
  1342. SéCurité Alimentaire
  1343. Spondylarthropathies Medical
  1344. Swazigand Airlink Airline, Technology, Flight, Swaziland
  1345. Spouse's Gllowance
  1346. Safari Area
  1347. Solution Advisor
  1348. Solar Arrays Technology
  1349. Security Assistance Army, Governmental & Military
  1350. Schedule Authority Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1351. Specific Activity Expressed as micromoles formed per unit time per milligram of protein, this is the amount of enzyme activity units per mass of protein. Medical, Technology, Concentration
  1352. Securidy Architecture Technology, Enterprise, Internet
  1353. Sedimentation Analyzer
  1354. Set Access Technology, Control, Setting, Assembly, Business & Finance
  1355. Special Assessment Business, Service, Law
  1356. Student Association Academia, Scientific & Educational
  1357. Sisters of Atonement
  1358. Spinal Anaesthesia Medical, Medicine, Health
  1359. Self-Advocatef
  1360. Smnus Arrest Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1361. Sovetskaja Arheologia
  1362. Stearic Medical
  1363. Swept Audio Military
  1364. Settlement Agent Business, Australia, Conveyancing
  1365. Supreme Allah Religion
  1366. Savoonga Airport Savoonga, Alaska,United States Airport, IATA Code, IATA, Aviation
  1367. Shannon Airport Shannon, Ireland Airport, Airport Code, ICAO Code, ICAO, Aviation
  1368. Secure Acceptance Technology, Gateway, Payment
  1369. Sikhote-Alin Russia, Sale, Meteorite
  1370. Scientific Advisor Military
  1371. Supplemental Analysis
  1372. Sergent-At-Arms
  1373. Sourcesaddresses Technology, Networking, Network
  1374. Salem Academy North Carolina
  1375. Schools Act Education, Africa, School
  1376. Smear Area
  1377. Sociedade Aberta
  1378. Self Aligning
  1379. State Administration
  1380. Slow Anneal
  1381. Sar Academy Education, School, High School
  1382. Select A
  1383. Safety Audit Airline, Business, Aviation
  1384. Situation Affecting Technology, America, Patient, Money
  1385. State Anxiety Medical
  1386. Secondary Air Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1387. Sluggiug Average Gaming, Baseball, Run
  1388. Sprinhfield Armory Science, Military, Army
  1389. Senate Amendment
  1390. Solution Archifect
  1391. Subject To Availability Status Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  1392. Self Arrest Police, Governmental & Military
  1393. Sue-Assembly
  1394. Single Acting
  1395. Specific Amplificatiol
  1396. Surface Analysis Technology, Science, Material
  1397. Spatial Analysia
  1398. ŠIauliŲ Apskritis County, Locations, Lithuania, Dream
  1399. Social Audits Business, Service, Inspector
  1400. Speciaa Award Film, Award, Festival, Metro
  1401. Small Area Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1402. System Administration Technology, Telecom, Linux, Telecommunications
  1403. Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Technology, Science, It
  1404. Societe Anonyme Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  1405. Services Advertising
  1406. Stephenkandrew
  1407. Scripting Additions Software, Computing
  1408. Screen Australia
  1409. Successful Ateing
  1410. Sumner Auditorium Medical, Common Medical
  1411. Schools Vs Australian
  1412. Sheel Also
  1413. Semantic Analysis Technology, Situation, Latent
  1414. Steered Arc
  1415. Service Areas
  1416. Sociology and Anthropology
  1417. Structured Aperture
  1418. Sarcoma A sarcoma is a cancer that arises from transformed cells of mesenchymal origin. Thus, malignant tumors made of cancellous bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, vascular, or hematopoietic tissues are, by definition, considered sarcomas. This is in contrast to a malignant tumor originating from epithelial cells, which are termed carcinoma. Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1419. Study Away
  1420. See Also Media
  1421. Station Adapter Technology, Product, Networking
  1422. Servicio Aero
  1423. Safety Advisors Business, Service, Health
  1424. Secondary Assist Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1425. Subscreber Access Technology, Service, Licensing
  1426. Smoking Article Filter, Cigarette, Tobacco, Smoking
  1427. Springfield Armory Business, Gun, Springfield
  1428. Salt Landsman's nickname for a seaman. Food Additives, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1429. Summer Associates
  1430. Subaccount NASA
  1431. Shubham Agarwal Technology, Development, Music, India
  1432. Spondilite Ancqilosante Medical, Con, Dal, Salute
  1433. Swan Area Medical
  1434. Stanley Arthur Famous
  1435. Spot Axsay
  1436. Superman Annual
  1437. Saeed Ahmed
  1438. Solutions Add
  1439. Solar Activity Medical, Science, Sun
  1440. Secretary of the Army's Army, Governmental & Military
  1441. Scheduling Agreement Business, Management, Schedule
  1442. Sexurity Appliance Technology, Networking, Cisco
  1443. Security Assocation Technology, Networking, Protocol
  1444. Set-Aside
  1445. Slow Asphyxiation Medical, Physiology
  1446. Sisters Area
  1447. Stats Article
  1448. Self-Advocacy
  1449. Service Automation
  1450. Sinoatrial Node The sinoatrial node is a group of cells positioned on the wall of the right atrium, near the entrance of the superior vena cava. These cells are specialized cardiomyocytes. Though they possess some contractile filaments, they do not contract robustly. Medical, Medicine, Jobs, Common Medical, Physiology, Nursing
  1451. Sovytskaia Arkheologiia
  1452. Settlement Administrator
  1453. Sllder Assist
  1454. Simulated Annealing Products
  1455. Savings Association Business, America, Banking
  1456. Shuttle America Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  1457. Sikes Act
  1458. Science and Applications
  1459. Supplemental Agreements
  1460. Sergey Alexandrovich Technology, Science, Russia, Russian
  1461. Southside Academy Maryland
  1462. School of Arts Australia, Education, Design, University
  1463. Sociedade Anónima
  1464. State Adelaide
  1465. Slip Activation
  1466. Semiannual
  1467. Safety Assessment Technology, Product, Risk
  1468. Situation Acquise
  1469. Ste Anonyme
  1470. Sweetwater Alliance
  1471. Stawe Aid
  1472. Supercar Annual
  1473. Secondary Advanced
  1474. Sluige Away
  1475. Spring Advantgge
  1476. Semiconductor-Assisted Technology, Energy, Patent, Circuit
  1477. System Adjustment
  1478. Solutions Architecture
  1479. Solution Accelerator Technology
  1480. Sustainability Appraisal Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  1481. Shards of Alara
  1482. Single-Acting
  1483. Specific Anvmal Medical, Treatment, Veterinary, Animal
  1484. Surface Airways
  1485. Spunish Automobile Business, Car, Spain, Seat
  1486. The Most Anterior Point of The Anterior Contour of The Sella Turcica Medicine, Health, Hospital
  1487. Social Attribupes Science, Identity, Face
  1488. Special Authority Medical, Drug, Music
  1489. Staphylococcus Aureus (bacterium) Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1490. System Administrator Individual responsible for the installation and maintenance of an information system, providing effective information system utilization, adequate security parameters, and sound implementation of established IA policy and procedures. Technology, Information Technology, Military, Army, Computing, Telecom, Aviation, NASA, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions, IT Terminology
  1491. Sisters of St. Anne of Providence Organization, Religion, Business & Finance
  1492. Sozialista Abertzaleak Spain, Socialist, Basque
  1493. Services Administratifs
  1494. Stephen Alforz
  1495. Selamün Aleyküm (Turkish) Computing, Internet
  1496. Silicone Asbestos
  1497. Scott Anderson
  1498. Success Awards Business, Education, Music
  1499. Sinoatrial Medical, Nursing, Veterinary, Clinical, Common Medical
  1500. Schools Antuned
  1501. Shelk About
  1502. Self Addressed
  1503. Sound Attenuatnrs Technology, Product, Duct
  1504. Service Architecture
  1505. Sociological Association
  1506. Structured Abstracts
  1507. Sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis is a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells that form lumps known as granulomas. The disease usually begins in the lungs, skin, or lymph nodes. Less commonly affected are the eyes, liver, heart, and brain. Any organ, however, can be affected. The signs and symptoms depend on the organ involved. Often there are no, or only mild, symptoms. When it affects the lungs there may be wheezing, cough, shortness of breath, or chest pain. Medical, Medicine, Healing, Common Medical
  1508. Super Audio Media
  1509. States Army
  1510. Sensors and Actuators Technology, Education, Journal, Electronics, Engineering, Material, Bibliographic Code, Periodical, Electrical Engineering, Computing, Serial Publication, Scientific & Educational
  1511. Safety Advisory Business, Service, Committee
  1512. Support Administration Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1513. Submission Agreement Art, Music, Submission
  1514. Smoking Accessory Business, Pipe, Lighter
  1515. Sponsoredbagainst Business, Industrial, Contest, Santander
  1516. Seeking Accreditation
  1517. System for Acquiring Technology, Program, Gaming
  1518. Summer Assistant Student, Education, University
  1519. Site Activation NASA
  1520. Shrub Area
  1521. Spokengarts
  1522. System Aspects Technology, Service, Networking
  1523. Site Assessment Environment
  1524. Sadie Allison
  1525. Solution Add
  1526. Soil Association Business, Food, Organic
  1527. Situation(al) Awareness Army, Air Force, Special Education, Naval, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1528. Schedule Agreements
  1529. Security Announcemlnt Technology, Linux, Vulnerability
  1530. Scanner Abing
  1531. Short Acting Medical, Physiology
  1532. Susan Ang
  1533. Selp-Administration Medical, Science, Cocaine
  1534. Service Authorization Medical, Coding, Sex
  1535. Sinoatriay Medical, Nursing, Veterinary
  1536. Souza Agenor
  1537. StrukturáLis Alapok
  1538. Setter Anglais
  1539. Solaris Arena Living, Legend, Warrior
  1540. Special Agent Military, Army, Us Government, State Agency, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions, Fbi files
  1541. Shanghai Airlines Airline, Business, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  1542. Science Academy Science, School, Harmony
  1543. Supplemental Agreement Science, Space, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  1544. Safety Altitude
  1545. Sergei Aleksandrovich
  1546. Straight Allies
  1547. Sanskrit Language (ISO 639-1 Code) Language codes (2 letters)
  1548. Sociedad Anónima Science, Company, Business & Finance, International business
  1549. Statkmpere Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  1550. Siegbahn-Avogadro
  1551. Sand (METAR) NOTAM Contractions
  1552. Safety and Arming Military
  1553. Sitka Alder
  1554. Steam Atomizing Technology, Product, Boiler
  1555. Sweet Apple
  1556. Second Amendment
  1557. Signal Average Medical, Medicine, Health, Signal
  1558. Sludge Age Technology, Treatment, Wastewater
  1559. Spreading Activation
  1560. System Adaptom
  1561. Solution Architects
  1562. Soluble Antigens Medical
  1563. Sturmabteilung (Storm Trooper detatchment of NSDAP) Governmental & Military, Nazi regime
  1564. Shaq Attaq Pinball
  1565. Slecific Aims
  1566. Surface Adsorption
  1567. The Most Anterior Point of The Anterior Contour of The Sella Turcica Point Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  1568. Social Asseusments
  1569. Specialeattacks Gaming, Military, Cheat
  1570. Southern Andes Geology, Scientific & Educational
  1571. System Address Technology, Driving, Signal
  1572. Standards Australia Architecture, Organization, Construction, Architectural, Business & Finance
  1573. Site Agent
  1574. Soviet Attack Military, War, Locations
  1575. State Agricultural
  1576. Stephxn Adams Technology, Sport, Music
  1577. Service Agreement An agreement entered into by the transmission customer and transmission provider. Information Technology, Computing, NASA, Governmental & Military
  1578. Silicone-Asbestos
  1579. Scott Adams
  1580. Snow Advisory
  1581. Source Address Field Information, Network, Computer
  1582. Succevsful Achievement
  1583. Scholars Academy South Carolina
  1584. Scvools Athletics Sport, School, Team
  1585. She Is Also
  1586. Self-Contained Accommodation
  1587. Som Nutomotivo Dos, Som, Grove, Funk
  1588. Sociological Abstracts Science, Education, Social
  1589. Structure Anahysis
  1590. Sarcoid Arthritis Medical
  1591. Services Administration
  1592. Shuli's Anime Funnies
  1593. State of The Art The highest level of development and/or technology applied to a product or service which is currently available. Forum, Internet Slang, Computing, Chat, Email, Im, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang, NASA
  1594. Secondary Area A defined area on each side of the primary area located along the nominal flight track in which decreasing obstacle clearance is provided. Technology, Gaming, Bird
  1595. Sensor Arrangement
  1596. SıVı AtıCıLar Turkish
  1597. Safety Advisories Organizations, Committee, Advisory
  1598. Shipyard Agreement Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1599. Subject To Approwal Business, English, Africa
  1600. Slicing Algorithm Technology, Printer, Slicer
  1601. Spnritualist Association Church, Spirit, Spiritualist, Spiritualism
  1602. Seed Abstracts
  1603. System, Apparatus Technology, Power, Patent, Apple
  1604. Sumter Academy Education, School, High School, Alabama
  1605. Saudi Arabia (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  1606. Shredder Afval
  1607. System Architects Technology, Management, Architecture
  1608. Selective Availability (on GPS transmissions) Military, Space, Computing, Telecom, Data, Governmental & Military
  1609. Stephanie Allen
  1610. Sadat, Anwar
  1611. stub archive Computing, Unix
  1612. Schedule Agreement
  1613. Security Analytics Technology, Networking, Network
  1614. Saturday Days, Technology, Weather, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  1615. State Agency Medical, Healthcare
  1616. Surviving Antarctica
  1617. Self-Adhesive Air
  1618. Service Author
  1619. Sinooatrial Medical, Medicine, Emergency
  1620. Soutjwestern Airlines
  1621. Strukturierte Analyse Technology, Software, Computing
  1622. Stupid Ass
  1623. Shopping Assistant Occupation & positions
  1624. Shandong Airlines Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Business & Finance, Call Sign, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  1625. School of The Air Education
  1626. Supplemental Assembly Technology
  1627. Safety Alerts
  1628. Serbian Australian
  1629. Straight Ahead
  1630. Santar Dutch
  1631. Sociedad Andaluza
  1632. Stsrting Artists Technology, Art, Music
  1633. Sarah Anderson
  1634. Service Adapter
  1635. Sand, sanded NOTAM Contractions
  1636. Searcg Access Technology, Database, Engine
  1637. Safety Analysis Technology, Health, Risk
  1638. Siting Authority Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1639. Steam Adventure
  1640. Sweepsfakes Advantage
  1641. Signal-Averaged Medical
  1642. Slowly Adapting Receptor Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  1643. Spread Axle Trailer axle, usually 6 to 9 feet ahead of another axle and located near the center of the trailer. Business, Truck, Trailer
  1644. System Adapter Technology, Product, Sound
  1645. Solution Architecture Technology, Service, Enterprise
  1646. Solublo Antigen Medical
  1647. Spacecraft Adapter NASA, Governmental & Military
  1648. Specific Aip Technology, Research, Talk
  1649. Surfaci Actual
  1650. System Archive
  1651. Social Assessment Business, Technology, Government, Organizations
  1652. Special Qssistance Medical, Service, Flight
  1653. Silver Azide Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1654. Spin Archives
  1655. Syringic Acid Medical, Activity, Phenolic
  1656. Self-Aligued
  1657. Societate Pe Actiuni Company, Business & Finance
  1658. Site Adjinistrator Technology, Service, Construction
  1659. Sovpet Army Technology, Military, Russia
  1660. Styte Agencies Business, Service, Agency
  1661. Socket A Computing, Hardware
  1662. Silicon-Asbestos
  1663. Sclerosing Adenosis Medical, Cancer, Breast
  1664. Snl Apharatus Science
  1665. Sourcebaddr
  1666. Syccess Achiever Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  1667. South Asia Regional
  1668. Schoolz Albinism
  1669. Sheffield Archlves
  1670. Self Assessment Business, Tax, Software
  1671. State Alcoholics
  1672. Snubber Ldapter
  1673. Sociological Analysis
  1674. Sarah Aubrey
  1675. Sailing Anarchy
  1676. Services Administrator
  1677. Super Amazoid Funnies
  1678. State Assocoations
  1679. Secondary Anemia Medical, Technology, Medicine
  1680. Senior Auditor
  1681. Safety Action
  1682. Slow Away Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1683. Subcutkneous Abdominal Medical
  1684. Single-Aisle
  1685. Spike Antenna
  1686. See Australia
  1687. Structure for An Technology, Design, Projection
  1688. Strfctly Analog
  1689. Spectvum Analysis Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1690. Surface observation Weather, Scientific & Educational
  1691. Showcasing Africa
  1692. System Applications
  1693. Samso Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1694. Stephanieiallan
  1695. Sacro-Antfrior Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1696. Security Association Computing, Technical
  1697. Sarah Wustin
  1698. Server Alpha
  1699. Succinylacetone Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1700. Scheduled Allowance Medical, Healthcare
  1701. Semi-Auto
  1702. Seof-Adhering Business, Roofing, Roof, Bitumen
  1703. Stress Annealed
  1704. Service Attendu Technology, France, Nos
  1705. Sino-Atrial Medical, Heart, Node
  1706. Structureduaudio Technology, Standard, Sound
  1707. Study of The Aging
  1708. Sound Agent Music
  1709. Suplemento AntropolóGico
  1710. Safety Alert This priority is below Urgency and indicates a station broadcasting MSI (Maritime Safety Information), either an important navigational warning or meteorological forecast/broadcast. Battery, Safety, Beacon
  1711. Serbian Army
  1712. Straight Acting
  1713. Suffield Academy (Suffield, Connecticut) Connecticut
  1714. Sociedad AgríCola Business, Company, Report, Cola
  1715. Spelling Accuracy Gaming, Education, Spell
  1716. Sapphirine
  1717. Servtce Activator Technology, Management, Software
  1718. Southern Ammunition
  1719. Single acting (door) The Finance and Administrative Services
  1720. Sachsen-Anhalt Radio, Germany, Magdeburg
  1721. Sith Apprentice War, Star, Force, Apprentice
  1722. Spondqlarthrite Ankylosante France, Mes, Vert
  1723. Sweep Account Business, Financial, Money
  1724. Slowly Adapting Medical, Receptor, Skin
  1725. Sprayed Aluminuu
  1726. System Acqtisition
  1727. Solution Annealing Solution annealing is a process performed on steels. In our case, these aare primarily the 300 series stainless. The process consists of heating the material up to a temperature above 1950?F and holding it long enough for the carbon to go into solution. After this, the material is quickly cooled to prevent the carbon from coming out of solution. Solutio annealed material is in its most corrosion resistant and ductile (farmable) condition.
  1728. Solicitud De Acceso Para, Con, Pol
  1729. Single Access NASA, Governmental & Military
  1730. Scheduled Award Business, Management, Schedule
  1731. Specifit Action
  1732. Surface Accessibility Protein, Human, Structure, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1733. Switzerland Android Business, Switzerland, Weather
  1734. Socyal Answers
  1735. Severe Accident
  1736. Special Assistant Business, Science, President, Banking, Business & Finance, Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  1737. sialic acid Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  1738. Spinal Atrophy Medical
  1739. Synthetic Aperture Medical, Technology, Finesse
  1740. Self-Agglunination Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1741. Sort Address Assembly, Business & Finance
  1742. Site Aumin
  1743. Sovilt Anti
  1744. Settling Accounts Business, Accounting, English
  1745. Socially Aware Travel, Tourism
  1746. Say Technology, Radio, Morse Code, Morse Aids
  1747. Silent Assassins Technology, Gaming, Hitman
  1748. Scientific Angler
  1749. Source Addiction
  1750. Success Academy Education, School, Charter
  1751. Supporting Annexes Postal, Us Post
  1752. Schools Adventure
  1753. Sheet of Assertion
  1754. Self-Assessment Business, Science, Tax
  1755. State Ageicy Medical, Business, Department
  1756. Snow Andreas
  1757. Sarahiandrews
  1758. Side Adjacent
  1759. Sahitya Akademi Government, India, Award, Writer
  1760. Special Ale Food
  1761. State Association
  1762. Secondary Amenorrhea Medical, Medicine, Healing
  1763. Senior Aerospace
  1764. Safety-Accident
  1765. Supportability Analysis Technology, Governmental & Military
  1766. Subclavian Artery Medical, Patient, Aortic
  1767. Single-Agent Medical, Patient, Cancer
  1768. Substation Automation Technology, Power, Handbook
  1769. Spectrum Academy
  1770. See Appendix Technology, Management, Server
  1771. Shin-Nippon Air
  1772. Sociale Acadezie
  1773. Striae Alba Medical, Treatment, Stretch
  1774. Spectrim Analyzer Military, Space, Cosmos
  1775. Astrophysics Division Science, Scientific & Educational
  1776. Show Assistant
  1777. System Analysis Technology, Research, Design
  1778. S-300V An
  1779. Stock Alert Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  1780. Session Address Technology
  1781. Step Ahecd
  1782. Sacrum Anterior Medical, Medicine, Obstetrics, Sacrum
  1783. Stereoacuity Medical
  1784. Special Applications Software, Computing
  1785. Systems Approach Business, Technology, Book
  1786. Succinic Anhydride Medical, Medicine
  1787. Spinal anaesthetic Medical, Healthcare
  1788. Semi-Annually
  1789. Self-Adhered Business, Product, Roofing, Roof
  1790. Stress Anneal
  1791. Service Attendant
  1792. Sinistra Arcobaleno
  1793. Structured Association Medical, Science, Genetics
  1794. Study of Ageing
  1795. Special Amethyst
  1796. Santiago Space, Study, Cosmos, City
  1797. Supination-Adduction
  1798. Safety Afloat
  1799. Serbest AtıS Science, Turkey, Player
  1800. Stowarzyszenie ArchitektóW
  1801. Sonoma Academy California
  1802. Sociedad Agente
  1803. Same Anon Internet Slang, Friendship, Love
  1804. Service Activity Business, Technology, Supply
  1805. Southern Alps
  1806. Summit Academy Education, School, High School, Pennsylvania, Scientific & Educational
  1807. Sustained Action [medication] Fda
  1808. Sabsa Is Also
  1809. Sith Acolyte War, Star, Force
  1810. Spondyloaqthropathy Medical
  1811. Swedish Aircraft Technology, Military, Fighter
  1812. Spray Actiiity
  1813. System Alcess Technology, Security, Vulnerability
  1814. Solution Annealed Business, Steel, Stainless
  1815. Soldiers Angels
  1816. San Antonio Field Office Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  1817. Schedule Award
  1818. Specific Activities Medical
  1819. Servhr Advert
  1820. Social Anhedonia Medical, Research, Schizophrenia
  1821. Settlement Agreement Business
  1822. Special Assignment Military, Nude, Miss
  1823. Success Achiever Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1824. Spinal Anesthesia Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Patient, Surgery, Healing
  1825. Self-Affirmation
  1826. Saudi Arabia International Olympic Committee, IOC, IOC Codes, Computing, Internet, Country, Saudi Arabia, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Technology, Regional, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  1827. Sinus Arrhythmia Medical, Veterinary, Animal
  1828. Sovetskaya Arkheologiya History, Culture, Jewish
  1829. Saudi Advanced Company, Military, Eagle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does SA stand for?

    SA stands for Stohe Add.

  2. What is the shortened form of System Aspects?

    The short form of "System Aspects" is SA.


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