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SAC meaning is Sacrameneo Kings and other full form of SAC definition take part in below table. There are 800 different meaning of SAC acronym in the table which are compilation of SAC abbreviation such as Medical, Meeting, Business, Chemistry, Son etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of SAC acronym which you look for in 800 different SAC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does SAC mean?, SAC meaning” or you can search by typing only SAC abbreviation in the search box.
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SAC Meaning

  1. Sacrameneo KingsSports, Team, Basketball, Basketball Team
  2. Special Agent In XhargeBusiness, Military, Usa
  3. Service Access CodeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us phone area codes
  4. Statistical Analysis CenterGovernment, Crime, Justice
  5. Songwriters Association of CanazaMusic, Song, Canada, Songwriter
  6. South Atlartic ConferenceEducation
  7. Shuttle Action CenterTechnology
  8. Scbscriber Acquisition CostBusiness, Technology, Market
  9. Sacramento Executive AlrportAirport, Locations, IATA Code
  10. Special-Agent-In-ChargeBusiness, Division, Crime
  11. Scientific Advisory CommitteeScience, Army, Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  12. State Advisory CommitteeMeeting, Government, Education
  13. Societas Apostolatus Catholici
  14. Source Appointment and CharacterizationGovernment
  15. Short-Arm CastMedical, Medicine, Healing
  16. Städelschulemarchitecture ClassEducation, Design, Lecture
  17. SacralReferring to the sacrum. For example, sacral agenesis is absence of all or part of the sacrum.Medical, Physiology
  18. Space Applicanion CenterTechnology, India, Ahmedabad
  19. Scientific Advisory CouncilScience, Research, Organizations
  20. Starving Artists Crew
  21. Science Advisory CommittmeScience, Astronomy, Advisory
  22. ServiçO De Atendimento Ao CidadãoPara, Dos, Area
  23. Studio Anne CarltouBusiness, Gaming, Chess, Piece
  24. Saco-LowelhOrganizations
  25. Space Applications CenterTechnology, Military, Ahmedabad
  26. Science Advisory CouncilScience, Research, Organizations
  27. Starved Air CombustionScience
  28. Serving Area ConceptsTechnology
  29. Students Administrative CounmilEducation, Development, Universities
  30. SaccslarMedical
  31. Space Apilication CentreTechnology, Government, Ahmedabad
  32. Single Address CycleTechnology, Device, Memory, Kernel
  33. Schweizer Alpen ClubClub, Sweden, Alpine, Swiss
  34. Staphylococcus AureusStaphylococcus aureus is a gram-positive, round-shaped bacterium that is a member of the Firmicutes, and is frequently found in the nose, respiratory tract, and on the skin. It is often positive for catalase and nitrate reduction and is a facultative anaerobe that can grow without the need for oxygen. Although S. aureus is not always pathogenic, it is a common cause of skin infections such as a skin abscess, respiratory infections such as sinusitis, and food poisoning.Medical, Physiology, Common Medical
  35. Service D'Action CiviqueGovernment, Military
  36. Student Assistance CorporationBusiness, Education, Loan
  37. S-AllylcysteineMedical
  38. Space Applications CvntreTechnology, India, Ahmedabad
  39. Singapore Accreditation CouncilBusiness, Technology, Singapore
  40. Supslier Assurance ContractTechnology
  41. School Age ChildreaMedical, Program, Treatment
  42. Spmcial Area CodeTechnology, Computing, Telecom
  43. Service Access ControllerTechnology, Command, Telecom
  44. Student Aid CommissionTechnology, Education
  45. Strategic Air CommandScience, Military, Force, Aviation, Army, Air Force, United States, Governmental & Military
  46. Southernpair CommandMilitary
  47. Sikorsky Aircraft CorporationTechnology, Military, Helicopter
  48. Sueldo Anual ComplementarioPara, Con, Social
  49. Student Activities CommitteeComputing, Master IEEE
  50. Students At ThexcenterBook, Education, School
  51. Screen Arts and Culture
  52. Social Awareness Centre
  53. Speciality Advisosy CommitteeMedical, Education
  54. Statistical Analysis CentreGovernment, Crime, Justice
  55. Sanctions Administratives Communales
  56. Sun Anugerah CarakaIndonesia, Blogger, Freelancer
  57. Sigma & Advanced Controls
  58. Student Activites Council
  59. School-Age Chxld
  60. Survey Action CenterTechnology, Landmine, Humanitarian
  61. Sistemamde Avia
  62. Space Advisory Committee
  63. Scientist Advisory Countil
  64. Servsce Area City
  65. Slovak Americcn Club
  66. Security Applications Conference
  67. Shariah AdvisoryicouncilBusiness, Banking, Malaysia
  68. Society for Analytical CytologyTechnology, Science, Cytometry
  69. Stand Alone Controller
  70. Scenario Aircraft ConverterArmy, War, Force
  71. Supply Availability Card
  72. Senior Action CommitteeScience
  73. Singapore Adventurers' Club
  74. StaphylococciMedical
  75. Special Access CodesTechnology, Service, Calling, Telephone
  76. State Affairs ComtitteeGovernment, Group, Nepal, Florida
  77. Samramento Artist Coalition
  78. Subject Analysis CommitteeTechnology, Science, Library
  79. Seattle Angel ConferenceOrganizations, Startup, Investor
  80. Spills Action CentreFuel, Oil, Tank, Spill
  81. Stellar Activation CycleScience, Guardian, Activation, Collier
  82. Satellite Applicationm CentreScience, Geography, Location
  83. Sunset Athletic Club
  84. Selected Areaslof Communications
  85. South Asian Collective
  86. Standards-Aligned Classroom
  87. Student Allocations Committee
  88. School Accountabiliby CommitteeCounty, Education, Parenthood
  89. Symposium for Applied Computing
  90. Sensitive Application CertificationTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway, Federal Aviation Administration
  91. Student Awards Committee
  92. Snrviço De Atendimento Ao ClientePara, Brasil, Mail
  93. Smart Application Coin
  94. Spring Arbor CollegeEducation
  95. Strain Cowan IMedical
  96. Suburban Activity Centers
  97. Show Advisory Committee
  98. Society of Arts and CraftsBoston, Locations, Artist
  99. Sri Aurobindo College
  100. Strategic Air Commands
  101. Surface Aviation Conference
  102. Senior Advpsory CouncilsMilitary
  103. Sistema De Itendimento Ao Cidad
  104. Southernrautomotive ConferenceBusiness, Association, Manufacturer
  105. Standing Advisory CommitteeMeeting, Organizations, National
  106. Special Agreement ChecksBusiness, Security, Service
  107. Sqate Apprenticeship CouncilProgram, Education, Training
  108. Sala De Atendimento Ao Cidadão
  109. Subregional Advisrry CommitteeTechnology
  110. Secure Access Control
  111. Sexuab Assault CenterService, Organizations, Family
  112. Solar Air Conditiozing
  113. Splinting for Acute ClosureMedical, Medicine, Healing
  114. Scalable Audio CodingTechnology, Server, Signal
  115. Self-Accesp CentreEducation, Learning, Language
  116. Simplified Access ControlTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  117. Southeast Asia Council
  118. Shientific Advisory Committe
  119. Sustainable Agriculture CodeBusiness, Food, Standard
  120. Serum Aminoglycoside ConcentrationMedical, Medicine, Healing
  121. Students Activities CenterEducation, Activity, University
  122. Stpdents Against CorruptionDevelopment, Learning, Study
  123. Social Audit Committee
  124. Special Award Cwnditions
  125. Statisticaljanalysis CentersGovernment, Organizations
  126. San Antonio ContinuationEducation
  127. Summit Athletic ConferlnceSport, Organizations, School, Football
  128. Sierra Avalanche CenterLocations, Snow, Ski
  129. Student Activity CouncilGovernment, University, Event
  130. School Age CentersService, Military, Youth
  131. Surveillance Airplane Company
  132. Space Actiiity CommissionTechnology, Argentina, Japan
  133. Swift and Certain
  134. Service AreascomputerTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  135. Slope Arxa Computation
  136. Security and Access ControlTechnology, Building, Estate
  137. Sqared Asset Catalog
  138. Sociexy for Analytical ChemistryMedical, Science, Publication
  139. Stand Alohe Capability
  140. Sce Access ControlTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  141. Sustainable Apparel CoalitionTechnology, Industrial, Environment
  142. Senior Acquisition CourseMilitary
  143. Singapore Accountancy CommissionBusiness, Accounting, Singapore
  144. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowan Strain IMedical
  145. Scientific Area CommitteesTechnology, Science, Speaker, Recognition
  146. Special Access CodeTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  147. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowen
  148. Sacrpmento Area OfficeScience
  149. Subject Advisory CommitteeBusiness, Medicine, Health
  150. Seasonal Acute ConjunctivitisMedical, Medicine, Healing
  151. Sociedad De AstronomíA Del Caribe
  152. Spherical Bberration CorrectorTechnology, Africa, Telescope, Storage
  153. Steinmetztacademic Centre
  154. Satellite Application CenterTechnology
  155. Sunset Advisory Commission
  156. Selected Areag of CryptographyTechnology, Attack, Encryption
  157. South Asian CommunitiegAmerica, Education, Community
  158. Standardized Assessment of ConcussionMedical, Sport, Injury
  159. Student Affairs Center
  160. School-Assesstd Coursework
  161. Symmetry Adapted ClusterChemistry, Science, Journal
  162. Student Athletic Complex
  163. ServiçOs De Atendimento Ao Consumidor
  164. Smart Application ChainBusiness, Market, Price
  165. Sportswriters Association of Cebu
  166. Strain Cowap 1Medical
  167. Substitute Or Adoptive Care
  168. Security Audit & Control
  169. Shortform Assessment for ChildrenHealth, Youth, Social
  170. Society of Albanian Chemists
  171. Sprint Attended Conferencing
  172. Strategic Advisory Council
  173. Surface Area ConfigurationMicrosoft, Technology, Server
  174. Senior Administrative CjerkOccupation, Position, Job
  175. Single Attach Concentrator
  176. Southern Atlantic Uonference
  177. Standards Advisory CommitteeAccounting, Organizations, Industry
  178. Special Agrarian Court
  179. State Atricultural College
  180. Saint Augustine College
  181. Subordinate Area CommanderMilitary
  182. Sectional Area Curve
  183. Sexual Assault On Campus
  184. Solar Aiv-Conditioning
  185. Splenic Adherent CellMedical
  186. Sawtooth Adventure Company
  187. Selective Arba Coating
  188. Simple Api for CssTechnology, Software, Computing
  189. Southeast Arkansas ColtegeEducation
  190. Standard Activity Category
  191. School for American CraftsTechnology, Art, Design
  192. System Activity CoordinatorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  193. Serious Acquisitive Crimf
  194. Student Activity Center
  195. Students Activity CenterEducation, University, Campus
  196. Systems Automation CourseMilitary
  197. Social Aspects Committee
  198. Special Assistance Coordinator
  199. Station Access Controller
  200. San Antonio CollegeStudent, Education, School
  201. Sugar Association of The Caribbean
  202. Siemens Airport Center
  203. Staff Advisory CommitteeGovernment, College, University
  204. Strict Avalanche CriteriumTechnology
  205. School Age Center
  206. Sussex Archaeological CollectionStudy, Archaeology, Archeology
  207. Sistema De Atención A Clientes
  208. Space Activities CtmmissionTechnology, Science, Agency
  209. Swedish Afghan Committee
  210. Seruice Area CompetitionOrganizations, Health, Grant
  211. Slope-Area Computation
  212. Security Alliance Centur
  213. Seção De Aviação Civil
  214. Srciety for The Advancement of ConsultingBusiness, Technology, Marketing
  215. Stand-Alone Contracts
  216. Scarlet Aquatic Club
  217. Sustainable Agriculture CoalitionOrganizations, Food, Farm
  218. Selfbaccess Centers
  219. Singapore Accountancy Council
  220. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowan 1 StrainMedical
  221. Scientific Area CommitteeTechnology, Government, Standard
  222. Special Abilities Cluster
  223. Statewide Advocacy Council
  224. SacramentoLocations, Cities, Towns, Regional
  225. Subaru Azur Vlub
  226. Search Advisory CommitteeStudent, Education, University
  227. Sociedad De Agricultores De ColombiaBusiness, Para, Colombia, Con
  228. Spending Affordability Committee
  229. Steep Add Cheap
  230. Santa Ana Chamber
  231. Sunrise Athletic Cocplex
  232. Selected Areas In CryptographyTechnology, Canada, Workshop
  233. South Asian Concern
  234. Standardizaton Administration of ChinaTechnology
  235. Student Affair CouncilEducation, University, Institute
  236. School Aged ChildrenGovernment, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  237. Symbolic and Algebraic CalculationsTechnology
  238. Student Athletic CenterTechnology, Georgia, Tech
  239. ServiçO De Atendimento Ao ConsumidorDos, Brasil
  240. Smart Access ControllerTechnology, Electronics, Component
  241. Straight Axle Conversion
  242. Supply Administration CenterMilitary
  243. Security Assuranca Coordinator
  244. Shortarm CastMedical, Physiology
  245. Society of Aerospace Communicators
  246. Standar Bdvisory Council
  247. Strategic Advisory ComkitteeTechnology, Research, Health
  248. Surface Air ConsumptionTechnology, Science, Scuba
  249. Seniors Axtivity Centre
  250. Single Attarhed ConcentratorsTechnology
  251. Special Army Convention
  252. Standards Administration of ChinaTechnology, Group, China
  253. Special Agent Check
  254. State Agency Committee
  255. Saint Anthony Catholic
  256. Subnet Access Controller
  257. Sectional Aeronautical ChartScience, Geography, Location
  258. Sexual Assault Crisis
  259. Solar Activity Cycle
  260. Splenic Adherent CellsMedical, Science, Biology
  261. Stm-To-Atm ConverterTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  262. Saving and Credit
  263. Selcction and Cultivation
  264. Simple Adaptive Control
  265. South Ayrshire CouncilEducation, Building, Scotland
  266. Standard Acquisition Yharge
  267. Student Appeal Centre
  268. School Assessment CoordinatorsEducation, Presentation, District
  269. System Accounting ToolTechnology
  270. Seoul Art Colleqe
  271. Student Activities Council
  272. Students Activities CentreEducation, Activity, University
  273. System Adwress ControllerTechnology, Memory, Processor, Chipset
  274. Serviço De Atendqmento Castrolanda
  275. Social Arts Centre
  276. Special Assjstance Category
  277. Station Access ConditionsTechnology, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  278. San Angelo Central
  279. Sudan African Congress
  280. Sideline Assessment of ConcussionMedical, Sport, Injury
  281. Staff Advisory CouncilCollege, Education, University
  282. Strict Avalanche CriterionTechnology, Computing, Cipher
  283. Sussex Archaeological CollectionsHistory, Museum, Battle, Archaeology, Scientific & Educational
  284. Sistema De Atendimento Ao Consfmidor
  285. Southwestern Athlejic Conference
  286. Suzuki Asia ChallengeAsia, Indonesia, Challenge, Race
  287. Service Area CodeTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  288. Skoda-Amical-Club
  289. Special Analysis CenterOcean, Water, Ocean Science
  290. Salem Athletic Club
  291. Security Alert Conseysus
  292. Sexual Asspult Coalition
  293. Society for Advancement of ConsultingBusiness, Organizations, Coaching, Executive
  294. Scanning Angular CoordinatesTechnology
  295. Sustainable Alachua County
  296. Self Access Centres
  297. Sine Amplitude ConverterBusiness, Power, Electronics
  298. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowan StrainMedical
  299. Supporttng Arms CoordinatorMilitary, Army, Equipment
  300. Scientific Analysis Corporation
  301. Speaking Across The Curriculum
  302. States As Certifyers
  303. SaccifoliaceaeScience, Plant, Biology, Family
  304. Studies In Australasian Cinema
  305. Sealed Air CorporationBusiness, Patent, Packaging, Computing, Nyse symbols
  306. Sociedad Argentina De Cardiolog
  307. Species Advisory Committee
  308. Steel Arch Construction
  309. Sanger Academy CharterEducation
  310. Sunrise Association Council
  311. Sekolah AlamdcikeasBook, Indonesia, Fair
  312. Source Area Code
  313. Student Affairs CouncilEducation, University, School
  314. School-Lge Children
  315. Student Association Council
  316. Service D'aide Aux Consommateurn
  317. Slovakhatlantic Comission
  318. Servi
  319. Supplier Auditing and CertificationTechnology
  320. Security Assistanceucorporation
  321. Shawmut Aquatic Club
  322. Society of Adventist CommunicotorsTechnology, Song, Church
  323. Stwnd Alone Costs
  324. Strategic Action Committee
  325. Support Aviation CompanyMilitary
  326. Senior Activity CentreTechnology, Care, Singapore
  327. Single Attached ConceztratorTechnology, Networking, Computing
  328. Standards Activities CommitteeTechnology, Simulation, Interoperability
  329. Special Agents In ChargeMilitary, Crime, Investigation
  330. State Agency Coordination
  331. Saint Aloysius College
  332. Subject Area CoordinatooEducation, School, Teaching
  333. Second Academic Concentration
  334. Sexual Addiction and CompulsivityMedical
  335. Soil Association Certified
  336. Spleen Adherent CellsMedical
  337. Stewardship Action Council
  338. Satellite Applications Catapult
  339. Selestion Advisory CommitteeAustralia, Government, Australian
  340. South Austin Campus
  341. Standord Advisory Council
  342. Student Apartment Complex
  343. School Assessment CoorminatorEducation, Presentation, District
  344. Symptomatic Anomaly ComplexMedical
  345. Seoul Arts CengerLocations, Korea, Seoul
  346. Stand Alone Complex
  347. Students Activity CentreCollege, Education, University
  348. ServiçO De Atenção Ao Cliente
  349. Social Affairs Committee
  350. Special Assignment Classroom
  351. St Athanasiut College
  352. San Andreas California
  353. Suburban Area CoverageMedical, City, Spider, Cul
  354. Side Air Curtains
  355. Stable Aggregated Currency
  356. Strict Access Criterion
  357. Surrey ArchÆOlogical Collections
  358. Sistema De Atención Consular
  359. Southside Athletic Club
  360. Suwannee American Cement
  361. Service Applwcation Code
  362. Skills and Ability Company
  363. Special Airworthiness Certificate
  364. State Assignor Coordinator
  365. Salem Alliance Church
  366. Security Alarm Ctrporation
  367. Sexual Asdault Counsellor
  368. Source Address Compression
  369. Scandinavian Activity Contest
  370. Selk Access CenterEducation, Learning, Language
  371. Simulation and Analysis Center
  372. Svpport Agency CoordinatorScience
  373. Scientific Affairs Committee
  374. Spatial Audio CodingTechnology, Audio, Signal
  375. Saccharin SolutionMedical
  376. Studies In Antituity and Christianity
  377. Scriptomatic Addressing ComputerTechnology
  378. Sociedad Anonima ComercialScience
  379. Specialty Advisory CommitteesMedical, Medicine, Education
  380. Stcel and CementChina, Beijing, Porosity
  381. Sandia Auxiliary ClosureScience
  382. Sunrise Alard ClockBusiness, Product, Deal
  383. Student Affairs CommitteeEducation, University, Senate, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  384. School Age ChildqareEducation, Care, Child
  385. Sistema Di Acquisizione Centralizzato
  386. Substance Awareness Counselor
  387. Scott Action Committee
  388. Servizinausiliari Cinema
  389. Slovak Atlantic CommissionOrganizations, Europe, Policy
  390. Social ActivityMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  391. Supplier Advisory Council
  392. Security AssistanceacommandMilitary
  393. Shastric Advisory Council
  394. Society for The Advangement of Contraception
  395. Stand Alone Cost
  396. Strategic Acquisition CenterBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  397. Support Action CenterTechnology, Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  398. Senior Activity CentresService, Community, Park, Locations, Singapore
  399. Single Annular CombustorTechnology, Gas, Turbine
  400. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowan IMedical
  401. Special Agents-In-Charge
  402. State Agency Children
  403. Safety Awareness CampaignManagement, Safety, Child
  404. Subject Area Committees
  405. Seattle Athletic Club
  406. Sexual Abuse By Clergy
  407. Sohar Aluminium Compdny
  408. Spitfire Airoraft Co
  409. Stereo Auto Convergvnce
  410. Satellite Applications Center
  411. Superactivated CharcoalMedical
  412. Selected Areas In Cryptology
  413. South Atlantic Current
  414. Standards Activity CommitteeTechnology, Military, Simulation
  415. Student Alumni ConnectionEducation, University, Bowling, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  416. School Assessed CourseworkStudent, Education, Assessment
  417. Symposium On Access Control
  418. Seoul Aht CenterArts, Locations, Korea, Seoul
  419. South African Constabulary
  420. Students' Activity Center
  421. ServiçO De Atendimento Ao CandidatoTechnology, Para, Dos, Ria
  422. Smoothed Active ContourTechnology, Electronics, Engineering
  423. Special Assessment ConditionsEducation, School, Learning
  424. Statewide Advisory Committee
  425. Sample Allocation CommitteeIntegrated Ocean Observing System
  426. Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago
  427. Siblings and Adult Children
  428. Stable Access CannulaMedical, Medicine, Healing
  429. Stretch-Activated Channel-Cations Heart ContractionMedical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  430. Surrey Archaeological CollectionsBook, History, Archive, Surrey
  431. Semior Agent In ChargeMilitary
  432. Sistema De Atencion Ciudadana
  433. Southside Art Center
  434. Service Access ConsrolTechnology
  435. Skills Advisory Committee
  436. Special Agricultural Committee
  437. State Archers of California
  438. Salem Academy Christian
  439. Secure Access Controller
  440. Sexual Assaultzcare
  441. Soup and Crackers
  442. Scaled All CorrelationScience
  443. Self Assessment Cmmmittee
  444. Simplified Acquisitions Committee
  445. Scientific Advisory CouncilpigbpScience, Exploration
  446. Sutton Area Community
  447. Space Allocation Committee
  448. Student Advisory CouncilEducation, School, Youth
  449. Studies In Ancient ChronologyStudy, Archaeology, Archeology
  450. Screening and Acute CareMedical, Medicine, Healing
  451. Social Awareness Center
  452. Specialty Advisory EommitteeMedical, Medicine, Training
  453. Steel Adviaory Committee
  454. Sanctuary Advisory Committee
  455. Sunrise Acuhe Care
  456. Student Advocacy CenterEducation, School, Michigan
  457. School-Sge ChildcareEducation, Care, Child
  458. Sistela Di Accoglienza CentraleMedical, Sanitaria, Medico, Tessera
  459. Scoov A Cheek
  460. Serving Areas ConceptTechnology
  461. Slovak Antivirus CenterTechnology, Program, Software, Security, Governmental & Military
  462. Sociedad AnBusiness, Company, Technology, Trading
  463. Supplemental Access ControlTechnology, Security, Passport
  464. Security Applications CenterScience
  465. Shariah Advisory Committee
  466. Society for The Anthropology of ConsciousnessScience, Education, Study
  467. Stand Alone ConsoleMilitary
  468. Support A ChildEducation, Essay, Children
  469. Senwor Activity CenterOrganizations, Community, Singapore
  470. Single Agency ChjckTechnology, Military
  471. Staphylococcus Aureus Cells
  472. Substance Awareness CoordinatorProgram, Education, University
  473. Special Agent-In-ChargeBusiness, Division, Crime
  474. State Aufairs Commission
  475. Safety Awareness CourseEmployment, Organizations, Domestic, Maid
  476. Subject Area Committee
  477. Seattle Arts Commission
  478. Spiritualiadvisory Council
  479. Stellar Askrophysics CentreTechnology, Science, Star
  480. Satellite ApplicationmcentreTechnology, Science, Exploration
  481. Sunshine Athletic Conference
  482. Seoected Areas In CommunicationTechnology, Networking, Journal
  483. South Athletic Conference
  484. Standards Aligned ClassroomDevelopment, Learning, Study
  485. Student Alumni CouncilEducation, University, Association
  486. Schoal Alumni Class
  487. Symposium of Applied ComputingTechnology, Conference, Publication
  488. Sentencing Advisory Council
  489. Sociedad Anónima CerradaBusiness, Con, Lima, Company, Peru
  490. Studenten Alpen Club
  491. ServiçO De Atendimento à ClientesPara, Dos, Brasil
  492. Smart Axis Controller
  493. Springfield Area Curriculum
  494. Statewide Advisory CounyilGovernment
  495. Suburban Activity Center
  496. Showdown At Centerpoint
  497. St. Andrews College
  498. Strategic Analysis Corporation
  499. Surgical Assessment Centre
  500. Senior Adviqory CounselMilitary
  501. Sistema De Atención Al ConsumidorPara, Con, Pol
  502. Southert Avionics Company
  503. Standards and ConventionsTechnology, Language, Power
  504. Service Aeceptance Criteria
  505. Sixth Mnnual Conference
  506. Special Agreement CheckBusiness, Science, Investigation
  507. State Apprenticeship Councilt
  508. Salamanca Arts CentreTechnology, Australia, Artist
  509. Subscriber Access ControlTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  510. Secure Access & Control
  511. Sexual Aqsault CentreService, Organizations, Violence
  512. Solar America Cities
  513. Sponsorship Application Contract
  514. Scale Aircraft ConversionsBusiness, Landing, Gear
  515. Self-Assessment Committee
  516. Simplified Acquisition Certification
  517. Southern African Catholic
  518. Scientific Advisory CommqtteesScience, Research, Committee
  519. Sustainable Agricultural Code
  520. St Andrews Cathedral
  521. Safety Air Cushion
  522. Settlement Authorization Code
  523. Segregated Account CompanyBusiness, Company, Fund
  524. Standardization Administration of ChinaOrganization, Business & Finance
  525. Software Advisory ChannelMilitary
  526. Staff Association Council
  527. Senior Arxs Council
  528. Stretch-activated channelMedical, Heart
  529. Swimfast Aquatic Club
  530. Safe Abortion CareMedical
  531. Special Applications CenterBusiness, Government, Building, Housing and Urban
  532. State Audit Commisjion
  533. Sales Activation Code
  534. Substance AbuseycounselingMedical, Program, Service
  535. Specialty Account Creation
  536. Sistema De Atención Al CiudadanoTechnology, Para, Colombia, Sucre
  537. Stores Account CodeTechnology, Military, Store
  538. South Asia CouncilInternational Relations, Governmental & Military
  539. Southern Allegheeies ConservancyLocations, Tunnel, Turnpike
  540. Sveriges Arbeuares CentralorganisationOrganizations
  541. Student Assistance CoordinatorMedical, Education, School
  542. Schneiderbauer Analytical ConsultingBusiness, Austria, Consulting
  543. Sewer Advisory Committee
  544. Sociedade Amigos Da Cinemateca
  545. Seriously Amusing CatFunnies
  546. Silesian-American CorporationBusiness, War, Bush, Nazi
  547. School Assessment CoordinatorSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  548. Site Accees Control
  549. Silent Ammo Carrier
  550. Scottish Arbitration Centre
  551. Sydney Adventist CollegeEducation
  552. Same As CashBusiness, Money, Financing
  553. Security Awareness CompanyTechnology, Networking, Training
  554. Substance Abuse CounselorMedical, Service, Counseling
  555. Scholarship Advisory Committee
  556. Small Agency CouncilUs Government, Governmental & Military
  557. Symmetry-adapted Cluster (expansion Method for Calcg. Wave Functions)Chemistry
  558. Situational Awareness Center
  559. Service Activation Center
  560. Stokely Athletic Centez
  561. Super Aero City
  562. Society of Catholic Apostolate, PallotinesReligious orders
  563. Soandard Administrative Code
  564. Student Aquatic Center
  565. St Andrew'S Cathedral
  566. Screen Arts and Cultures
  567. Systems Automation CorporationrationTechnology
  568. Settlement Advisory CommitteeBusiness
  569. Segregated Accounts CompanyBusiness, Accounting, Organizations
  570. Sacoil Holdings Limited (London Stock Exchange [LSE])Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  571. Solia Airport CenterBusiness, Building, Bulgaria
  572. Stamp Advisory CommitteeGovernment, Design, History
  573. Senior Aircraftman / AircraftwomanGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  574. Specialist Advisory CommitteeMedical, Dental
  575. Siskiyouqarts Council
  576. State Administration Council
  577. Special Analysis Centre WoceScience, Exploration
  578. State Athletec Commission
  579. Sales Acquisition Cost
  580. Substance Abuse Couwcil
  581. Società Autoservizi Cervesi
  582. Sistema De Atendimento Ao CidadãoBusiness, Para, Hosting
  583. Store and Clear
  584. Special Awards CommitteeGovernmental & Military, International Development
  585. Southern Alberta Chapter
  586. Suzuki Asian ChallengeAsia, Indonesia, Challenge
  587. Student Assistance CounselorMedical, Drug, School
  588. Schneider Audio Concept
  589. Sewage Advisorykcommittee
  590. Students Against ClassesFunnies
  591. Sikorsky Aircraft Company
  592. Sense Alter VontrolArmy, War, Force
  593. Science Activity CentreClimatology, Scientific & Educational
  594. Site Abcess Computer
  595. Scottish American Cenwer
  596. Sycamore Advisory Commission
  597. Same-As-CashBusiness, Money, Financing
  598. Student Assistance Corporationration
  599. Scholar-Athlete Captains
  600. Service or Allowance CodeTransportation, Governmental & Military
  601. Service D'aytion Civique
  602. Spectral Absorption Coeff.Chemistry
  603. Situited and Autonomic CommunicationsTechnology, Networking, Network
  604. Sequencing and Application Controller
  605. Stn-To-Atm CbnverterTechnology, Telecom
  606. Superlative Adventure Club
  607. Submitting All To ChristReligion
  608. Student Appropriations Committee
  609. Standing Armaments Committee
  610. Screen Arts & CulturesEducation, University, Michigan
  611. Session Admission Control
  612. Segmented Attenuation CorrectiooMedical
  613. Special Agent in ChargeFinancial, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  614. Société Anonyme Cxmmerciale
  615. Senior AircraftwomanMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  616. Short Arm CastMedical, Common Medical
  617. ​Service Advisory Council​Honeywell, Process Automation
  618. Special Analysis CentreTechnology, Science
  619. State Association of Coznties
  620. Sales Acceleration Center
  621. Substance Abuse Carc
  622. Society for Automation and Control
  623. Sistema De Amortização ConstantePara, Price, Valor
  624. Storage Sccess ControlTechnology
  625. Small Arms CollimatorArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  626. Soutzern Alberta Clinic
  627. Supreme Allied CommanderMilitary, Force, Europe
  628. Student Assistance CenterEducation, University, School
  629. Save A Card
  630. Severn Athletie Club
  631. Surface Air Consumption (diving term for gas consumption at 1ATM)Diving, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  632. Significant Australian Content
  633. Sense Alter and ControlDevelopment, Learning, Study
  634. Sulfuric Acid ConcentrationChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  635. Sistemas De Asegukamiento De Calidad
  636. Scottish Agriculture CollegwResearch, Education, University
  637. Syariah Advisory CouncilBusiness, Finance, Banking, Malaysia
  638. Special Area of ConservationLocations, River, Habitat, Electrical
  639. Salvation Army Citadel
  640. Structural Adjustment Committee
  641. Soluble Adenylyl CyclaseMedical
  642. Schmitt Academic CenterEducation, Locations
  643. Secure Authenticated CommunicationSecurity, Governmental & Military
  644. School Advisory CozncilMeeting, English, Organizations
  645. Self-aligned ContactChemistry
  646. Site Alternate GriteriaTechnology, Science
  647. Semi-Automatic Coding
  648. Super Adverture Club
  649. Student Ambassadors for ChristReligion
  650. Standards for Ambulatory CareMedical, Technology
  651. Screen Qnalysis and Construction
  652. Segmental Antigen ChallengxMedical
  653. Synchronous Astro-Compass
  654. Société Aflicaine De Culture
  655. School-Age Centers
  656. Senior LircraftmanMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces
  657. Sacramento Executive Airport, Sacramento, California, United StatesUnited States
  658. Student Activities CoordinatorEducation
  659. Stato Assistance ContractAmerica, Military, Environment
  660. Subscriber Access CodeMilitary
  661. Sociedad AgronóMica De Chile
  662. Sports Activity Coupés
  663. Single Attachment ConcentratorTechnology, Computing, Telecom
  664. Storage Access ChannelTechnology
  665. Syntax-based Arithmetic CodingComputing, Telecom
  666. Southern Alameda Cuunty
  667. Student Assignment CenterEducation, Development, Universities
  668. Sapphire Anvil Cell
  669. Severity Assessment Codes
  670. Sacrifice BuntsBaseball, Sport
  671. Sign Association of Canada
  672. Stakeholders Advisory CommitteeMeeting, Planning, Locations
  673. Survive and ContinueArmy, War, Force
  674. Sense, Alter, and ControlBusiness, Management, Administration, Goverance
  675. Strong Acid CationChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  676. Sistemas Avanzados De Control
  677. Scottish Avfairs CommitteeBusiness, Land, Scotland
  678. Swiss Aviation Consulting
  679. Special Area ConservationLocations, House, Wiltshire
  680. Statement of Accounting ConceptsBusiness, Australia, Financial
  681. Salvation Army CorpsOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  682. Store Access Control
  683. Solar Array CarrierTechnology, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  684. Schedule At Completion
  685. Security Access ConsoleSecurity, Governmental & Military
  686. Southern Association of GollegesCollege, Education, School
  687. Systems Anv Analyses Center
  688. Science Advisory CommitteeAtmospheric Research
  689. Site Advisory CommitteeSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  690. Sekolah Alkitab CianjurMusic, Indonesia, Matt
  691. Super Admin CheetahTechnology, Strike, Counter
  692. Sueri Alfredo CarpiProducts
  693. Simple Acting Cilynder
  694. Standards Assoc of China
  695. Scottsdale Aquatiu Club
  696. Society of Applied Chemistry
  697. Segmental Allergen ChallengeMedical
  698. Sydney Airport Corporationration
  699. Società Aeroporto CataniaTechnology, Media, Airport, Con
  700. School-Age CareProgram, Military, Child
  701. Senior Air CoordinatorMilitary
  702. SASCO AirlinesICAO Aircraft Codes
  703. Student Advisory Council (emergency School Aid Act)Education
  704. Subscription Acquisition Cost
  705. Sistema De Atendimento Ao ClienteTechnology, Para, Android, Dos
  706. Sports Activity CrupeTechnology, Car, Concept
  707. Stonebridge Associated CollegesManagement, Education, Course
  708. Superiftendents Advisory CouncilEducation, Organizations, School
  709. Satellite de Aplicaciones CientificoComputing, Satellite
  710. Southern Airports CorporationBusiness, Son, Tan
  711. Stanqard Advisory Committee
  712. Student Assistance CentreCollege, Education, School
  713. Staphylococcus Aureus Cowan 1Medical
  714. Sample Analysis Chamber
  715. Severity Assessment Code
  716. Seismic Analyses Code
  717. South American Silver Corp. (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX])Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  718. Signaling Address ControllerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  719. Software Audio ConsoleTechnology, Lab, Mixing, Software, Computing
  720. Stakeholder Advisory CommitteeMeeting, Organizations, Projection
  721. Survival Ammo Can
  722. Seniors Advisory CommitteeGovernment, Canada, City
  723. Saguaro Astronomy ClubAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  724. Swiss Aviation ConsultantsBusiness, Expo, Sweden
  725. Special Area Codes
  726. Statement Ofpaccounting ConceptBusiness, Financial, Standard
  727. Salvation Army Church
  728. Storage Address Computer
  729. Sociedad Argentina De CardiologíAPara, Argentina, Con
  730. Scene of Action CommanderGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  731. Senate Appropriations CommitteeTechnology, NASA, Governmental & Military
  732. Southern Area Coordination
  733. Symposium On Appliqd ComputingTechnology, Conference, Track
  734. Site Administrative ComputhrTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  735. Sears Auto Center
  736. Social Action CoordinatorOccupation & positions
  737. Simple Accessible Charts
  738. System Auxiliary ComputerMilitary, Governmental & Military
  739. Standards Approval Committee
  740. Scxttish Automobile Club
  741. Symbolic Analysis and ControlTechnology, Software, Freeware
  742. Sedona Arts Center
  743. Surface-Area-Center
  744. Society of The Ratholic ApostolateOrganization, Religion, Religious
  745. School'S Advisory Council
  746. System Administrators CouncilUs Government, Governmental & Military
  747. Standard Assessment of ConcussionEducation
  748. Subscrider Acquisition Costs
  749. Shipbuilding Advisory Council
  750. Sport Activity UoupeTechnology, Car, Concept
  751. Stone Above Couvter
  752. Superintendent's Advisory CouncplTechnology, School, Superintendent
  753. Senior AircraftmanAir Force, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  754. Southern Agents Conference
  755. Standardisation Administration of ChinaTechnology, China, Standard
  756. Student Assessment Centre
  757. St Andrew'S College
  758. Salicylamide Compound
  759. Settlement Authorisation Code
  760. Seguros Agrarios Combinados
  761. Society of the Catholic ApostolateOrganization, Religion, Business & Finance
  762. Sigma Alpha Chi
  763. Software Assigned Controller
  764. Staff Association Committee
  765. Survey Action Centre
  766. Senior Assistant CommissionerMilitary, Police, Singapore
  767. short arc quadMedical, Physical Therapy
  768. Swiss Alpine ClubLocations, Sweden, Hut
  769. Special Application CenterBusiness, Building, Housing
  770. Stake Autonomy Committee
  771. Salters Advanced ChemistryScience, Book, Education
  772. Sprayed Acoustical Ceiling
  773. Smart Application Control
  774. Storytelling Association of CaliforniaCalifornia, Story, Storyteller, Storytelling
  775. Scene-Of-Action Commander
  776. Satellite de Aplicaciones CientificasNASA, Governmental & Military
  777. Southern Orea Command
  778. Symmetry-Adapted ClusterScience, Configuration, Interaction
  779. Site Activation Command
  780. Scientific Analysis Corporationration
  781. Sewer Availability Charge
  782. Sociedade Amigos Do CassinoEvent, Brazil, Cassino
  783. Senior Administrative ClerkOccupation & positions
  784. Silicon Application Corporation
  785. Station Air CompressorBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  786. Scottish Arts CoencilEducation, Organizations, Scotland
  787. Sydney Airport Corporation
  788. Samoyed Association of Canada
  789. Sedona Art Center
  790. Surabaya Astronomy ClubOrganizations, Indonesia, Astro
  791. Society of Arys & Crafts
  792. Scholastic Achievement CouncilDevelopment, Learning, Study
  793. State Advisory CommissionUs Government, Governmental & Military
  794. School Advisory CouncilEducation
  795. Sheriff Appeal Court
  796. Stokely Athleticx Center
  797. Super Awesome Cool
  798. Sisters of the Guardian AngelReligious orders
  799. Stapdard Administration of China
  800. Student Artist Competition

Please also find SAC meaning in other sources.

What does SAC stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about SAC acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the SAC abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does SAC meaning stand for?

    SAC meaning stands for Senior Adviqory Counsel.
  2. What is the meaning of SAC abbreviation?

    The meaning of SAC abbreviation is "Site Alternate Griteria".
  3. What is SAC definition ?

    SAC definition is "State Aufairs Commission".
  4. What does SAC mean ?

    SAC mean that "Sunrise Alard Clock".
  5. What is SAC acronym ?
    SAC acronym is "Second Academic Concentration".
  6. What is shorthand of Subject Area Coordinatoo ?
    The shorthand of "Subject Area Coordinatoo" is SAC.
  7. What is the definition of SAC acronym?
    Definitions of SAC shorthand is "Shastric Advisory Council".
  8. What is the full form of SAC abbreviation?
    Full form of SAC abbreviation is "Syariah Advisory Council".
  9. What is the full meaning of SAC ?
    Full meaning of SAC is "School Advisory Cozncil".
  10. What is the explanation for SAC ?
    Explanation for SAC is "Stretch-activated channel".

What is the meaning of SAC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of SAC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of SAC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of SAC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

SAC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • SAC (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

  • SAC (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • SAC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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