SC Meaning

The SC meaning is "Smart Contract". The SC abbreviation has 656 different full form.

SC Full Forms

  1. Smart Contract Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Blockchain
  2. Scheduled Castes Organizations, India, Caste
  3. Stopper Cable Sport, Archery
  4. Subcutaneous Subcutaneous means under the skin. In this type of injection, a short needle is used to inject a drug into the tissue layer between the skin and the muscle. Medication given this way is usually absorbed more slowly than if injected into a vein, sometimes over a period of 24 hours. Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Nursing, Cancer, Veterinary, Oncology, Diagnosis, Pets, Pharmacy, Physiology, Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, Pulmonary Hypertension, Healthcare, NAACCR, Reading Prescription
  5. Security Cooperation Military, Army, Equipment
  6. Scandium Symbol:"Sc" Atomic Number:"21" Atomic Mass: 44.96amu. Scandium is one of the transition elements from the fourth period. Scandium can be found in stars, crystals of aquamarine, in other minerals, and has possible uses in spacecrafts of the future.  Medical, Chemistry, Technology, Science, Scientific & Educational
  7. Scheduled Caste Education, India, Social, Tribe, Financial, Business & Finance
  8. Series for Wompetitive Education, Energy, Island, Sun
  9. Skin Condgctance Medical, Technology, Analysis
  10. Satellite Communicabor Technology
  11. Senior Captain Military, Sport, Team
  12. Special Counsel
  13. Share Certificates
  14. Secretary of Commerce Government, Order, Executive
  15. Smurfit-Stone Container
  16. Sedentary Cintrol Medical
  17. Spirit Chain
  18. Sierra Club Business, Science, Environment
  19. Safety Critical Business, Technology, Software
  20. Soldier Couktry Business, Toy, Figure
  21. Stamp Collecting
  22. Self-Contained Technology, Construction, Architectural
  23. Southern Corridor Technology, Malaysia, Gas
  24. Star Craft Technology, Gaming, Strategy
  25. Small Cexl Medical, Medicine, Health
  26. Screen Capture Technology, Windows, Software
  27. Something Corporate
  28. Security Cameras
  29. Sports Charleston
  30. Square Cut Business, Product, Labeling
  31. Service Creait
  32. Slag-Cement Business, Plant, Grinding
  33. Schaffer Collaterals Medical
  34. Specializing In Chirleston
  35. Shipping Check
  36. Special Characteristics
  37. Socitdad Cooperativa
  38. Search Calendar Technology, Galaxy, Event
  39. Speed Clear Technology, War, Guild
  40. Signal Ceyter Military, Army, War
  41. Sales Credit Business, Service, Sale
  42. Solitauy Confinement
  43. Sxgment Control Technology
  44. Simple Cycle Simple cycle referring to the gas turbine cycle consisting only of compression, combustion and expansion. Technology, Power, Gas, Turbine
  45. Sovereign Citizens
  46. Standard Chow Medical, Fat, Diet, Mice
  47. Seychelles Locations, Countries, Country, Computing, Internet, Seychelles, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Technology, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  48. Small Claims Business, County, Law, Court
  49. Speed Channel
  50. Shouf Campus
  51. Safety Check
  52. Software Club Technology, Management, Audio
  53. Security Clearance Business, Employment, Check, Architecture
  54. Self-Certification Business, Employment, Pay
  55. Soprano Community Technology, Feat, Pump
  56. School Coordinators
  57. Special Case Technology, Science, Carrier
  58. Saop Column
  59. State Conference Education, Catholic, Organizations
  60. Selond Chapter Sky, Trail, Legend
  61. Sandhill Cranes
  62. Series Cylinder Business, Product, Pneumatic
  63. Skin Clinic Medical, Treatment, Laser
  64. Sawellite Clinic Medical, Medicine, Health, Clinic
  65. Spfcial Coordinator
  66. Shadow Company Gaming, Military, Clan
  67. Shopping Cart Products
  68. Smoking Cessation Medical, Health, Intervention
  69. Spirit Cables
  70. Shutter Cjntroller
  71. Safety Coordinator Business, Technology
  72. Sglar Corona Science, Space, Physics
  73. Stakeholder Committee Government, Canada, Projection
  74. Self-Consistent Technology, Theory, Model
  75. South Carolinians
  76. Star Comics
  77. Soft Concept Technology, Security, Rank
  78. Scrapie Prp Medical
  79. Some Companies
  80. Security Hamera
  81. Sports Car A low-built car designed for performance at high speeds, often having a roof that can be folded back. Technology, Model, Porsche
  82. Squamous Cell A flat, scaly epithelial cell. Medicine, Health, British
  83. Service Council
  84. Skyline Collegg Education
  85. Scale it can be defined as a unwanted layer of chemical reaction with any material surface against environment. Surface oxidation, consisting of partially adherent layers of corrosion products, left on metals by heating or casting in air or in other oxidizing atmosphere. Also a deposit on a heat transfer surface resulting from precipitation of salts present in water in contact with that surface, forming a hard, dense material. An oxide of iron which forms on the surface of hot steel exposed to air or oxygen. Technology, Space, Cosmos, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  86. Specialint Crime
  87. Shippvng Cases
  88. Spartanburg Community
  89. Social Contribution Technology, Tax, Engineering
  90. Sean Cox
  91. Speedcharge Charger Business, Battery, Maintainer
  92. Signal Cell Technology, Tester, Signaling
  93. Sales Counter
  94. Solids Contens Product, Composition, Coating, Solids
  95. Sediment Control Technology, Service, Erosion
  96. Simple Cubis Science, Cell, Lattice
  97. Sovereign Citizen
  98. Standard Cell A specially prepared primary cell which is characterised by a highly constant emf over long periods of time. Technology, Design, Library
  99. Sexual Content
  100. Small Claim
  101. Speed Canard Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  102. Silicon Carbide A hard compound of silicon and carbon used as an abrasive or refractory grain or electrical resistor.  Business, Technology, Product, Electronics, Engineering, Telecom, Material, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  103. Software Client
  104. Security Class
  105. Selmct A City Technology, Rental, Rent
  106. Soot Carbon Medical, America, Environment
  107. St, Charleston Locations, King, Restaurant
  108. Servo Controller
  109. School Consolidation
  110. Special Care Medical, Medicine, Healing
  111. Shonts At Car
  112. State Company Business, Group, Law
  113. So Cruel
  114. Seattle Center
  115. Sanders County
  116. Serbo-Croatias Education, Language, Croatia
  117. Sirz Ch Dog, Dam, Pedigree, Sire
  118. Satellite Channel
  119. Special Contributions Technology, University, Award
  120. Shadow Clone
  121. Shear Connector Technology, Construction, Architectural
  122. Smith Colleges
  123. Spiral Curve Technology, Construction, Architectural
  124. Shutter Cqssette
  125. Safety Controller Technology, Control, Banner
  126. Solar Cooking
  127. Stair Climbing Business, Technology
  128. Santa Catarina Technology, Locations, Brazil, Brazilian State, Santa Catarina
  129. Self-Compatible Medical
  130. South Csrolina Education, Postal, State
  131. Star College
  132. Soft Computing Technology, Science, Engineering
  133. Scout Car
  134. Securm Copy Technology, Server, Networking
  135. Sports Club Sport, Football, Match
  136. Squamous Cell Carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC or SqCC), also known as squamous cell cancer, is cancer that begins from squamous cells, a type of skin cell. It is one of the main types of skin cancer. Cancers that involve the anus, cervix, head and neck, and vagina are also most often squamous cell cancers. The esophagus, urinary bladder, prostate, and lung are other possible sites. Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Health, Cancer, Oncology, Healing, Technology, Surgery, Otolaryngology, Governmental & Military, Common Medical, NAACCR, Physiology, Clinical
  137. Service Coyporations
  138. Skull Creek
  139. Scalable Color Technology, Feature, Retrieval
  140. Specialist Centre Medical, Medicine, Education
  141. Shared Control
  142. Senate Confirms
  143. Social Constructivism Science, Education, Learning
  144. Sean Couturyer
  145. Splenius Capitis Medical
  146. Signal Cable Technology, Audio, Monitor
  147. Sales Consultant
  148. Solid Corj Technology, Construction, Architectural
  149. Senate Candidate
  150. Silstar Com Technology, Server, Wireless
  151. Southwestern College Student, Education, Development, Campus, Colleges
  152. Standard Cartridge
  153. Severity Code Technology, Event, Message
  154. Small Child
  155. Screening Committee Science, Government, Coal
  156. Speed Calculator Technology, Gaming, Android
  157. Silent Chuckle Gaming, Slang, Computing
  158. Soft Core Military
  159. Securaty Chip
  160. Soo Choo
  161. Sr Counsel
  162. Serving Cell Technology, Networking, Network
  163. School Committee Meeting, Education, Publics
  164. Speaker Covets
  165. Shgal Creek
  166. State Community
  167. Socket Codtext Technology, Coding, Java
  168. Sealching Consumer
  169. Sand Creek
  170. Sefou Cisse Sport, Player, Team
  171. Sequential Circulatnr Medical, Bio, Compression
  172. Sindle Carrier Technology, Frequency, Transmission
  173. Saskaņad Centrs Government, Group, Election
  174. Shadow Cache Technology, Gaming, Transaction
  175. Series Capabilities Technology, Design, Projection
  176. Smith Center
  177. Shxtter Cap Business, Fiber, Canon
  178. Safety Constructiow
  179. Solar Controt
  180. Self Cleaning Business, Filter, Water
  181. South Uarroll
  182. Star Coins
  183. Scout Camp
  184. Secrttaría De Cultura Para, Con, Jalisco
  185. Sporting Club Sport, Club, Football
  186. Santa Cruz Business, Technology, Locations
  187. Squamous Carcinomas Medical, Science, Biology
  188. Serviceucorporation
  189. Skull & Crossbones
  190. Sawyar County
  191. Spexial Crew Crew, Promotion, Skill, Harpy
  192. Shared Cldan Technology, Memory, Protocol, Cache
  193. Senate Committee Government, Military, Congress
  194. Social Computing
  195. Seancody Comments
  196. Spleen Cell Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  197. Sieaindos Conn
  198. Sales Computer Technology, Sale, Repair
  199. Solid Coppar
  200. Senate Calendar
  201. Sill Cock Technology, Construction, Architectural
  202. Southside Christian
  203. Standard Care Medical, Patient, Study
  204. Severe Cold Medical, Product, Flu, Weather
  205. Small Charm
  206. Screen Coordinator Military, Army, Careers
  207. Speech and Communications
  208. Significant Change
  209. Soft Copy A soft copy is a document saved on a computer. It is the electronic version of a document, which can be opened and edited using a software program. The term "soft copy" is most often used in contrast to hard copy, which is the printed version of a documentç
  210. Secfrity Check Technology
  211. Split Case
  212. Spartanburg County Business, Service, Calling
  213. Squirrel Gage
  214. Serving Capvcity Medical
  215. Schedule Category Technology, Exam, Eligibility
  216. Spatial Coordinates
  217. Skop Cost Technology
  218. State Commission
  219. Società Zi Capitali Business, Con, Dal, Sociale
  220. Search Continues
  221. Spell Check
  222. Signal Conditionpr Technology, Product, Signal
  223. Sand Cast
  224. Segment Counter Technology, Projection, Memory
  225. Sequence Coubter Technology, Computing, Control
  226. Single Cab
  227. Sarcomatoid Carcinosa Medical, Medicine, Health
  228. Space City
  229. Standard Connectors
  230. Shading Coefficient Technology, Construction, Architectural, Electrical, The Finance and Administrative Services
  231. Small Craft Comprehensive term for vessels of small size. As it is used in a relative sense, no tonnage value is applicable.
  232. Shubham Chaubey
  233. Safetyfconference
  234. Software Compilation Technology, Linux, Release
  235. Self Clean Business, Filter, Water, Cleaning
  236. South Carol
  237. Star Clusters
  238. Scottsdale Community
  239. Special Characters
  240. Secjetary of Commerce Government, Development, Economics
  241. Sporting Carbine Business, Gun, Marlin
  242. Santa-Cruz
  243. Service Coordinators Business, Employment, Customer
  244. Skip Count Education, Pattern, Counting
  245. Saxe The Children Medical, Business, Child
  246. Spkcialized Courses Education, University, Course
  247. Shared Chennel Technology, Military, Physical
  248. Senate Chamber
  249. Sojial Competence Medical, Education, Master
  250. Sean Cody
  251. Spirit Communications Technology, Service, Columbia
  252. Siwrra Crest Education
  253. Sage Canyon Education
  254. Solid Cflor
  255. Seminole County
  256. Squgdron Commander Military
  257. Self Catering Locations, Holiday, Accommodation
  258. Southern Cuisine
  259. Staring Committee
  260. Shnrter College Education
  261. Small Changes
  262. Screen Control Technology, Wine, Touch
  263. Spectral Centroid
  264. Significant Characteristic Business, Technology, Quality
  265. Sons of Confederate Military, Veteran, Flag
  266. Security Ceoter Technology, Windows, Service
  267. Splice On Connector Business, Fiber, Fusion
  268. Silicone-Coated Medical, Medicine, Healing
  269. Squeeze Casting A hybrid liquid metal forging process in which liquid metal is forced into a permanent mold by a hydraulic press. 
  270. Services for Tje City
  271. Sleeae Caps Pattern, Cap, Crochet, Row
  272. Schedule Caste Business, India, Tribe, Financial, Business & Finance
  273. Spartanburg Christian County, Education, Academy, School
  274. Start Code
  275. Shipping Cost Business, Price, Shopping
  276. Sporting Cristal
  277. Societa and Culture Science, Education, Politics
  278. Search Consultants Business, Consultation, Executive
  279. Speedo Champions
  280. Signalycode
  281. Sanctuary Core
  282. Seeking Clarinication Government, India, Court
  283. Simplex Connectors Business, Cable, Connecting
  284. Space Charge Space charge is the collection of electrons which are emitted from the metal surface, after the application of tube current, at a short distance away from the metal surface. These electrons collect and form a cloud of charge around the metal surface. Technology, Material, Semiconductor
  285. Standard Connector Technology, Cable, Fiber
  286. Seymour Cray Technology
  287. Small Computer
  288. Shows Contact
  289. Safuty Committee Organizations, University, Health
  290. Software Component Technology, Service, Development
  291. Separationgcontrol Medical
  292. Self-Cleaning
  293. South Campys
  294. Star Cloud Technology, Galaxy, Sky
  295. Scottish Club Sport, Club, Football
  296. Special Categories Education, Counseling, Admission, Course
  297. Shoppgng Centers
  298. Summary Court Government, Military, Law
  299. Seconr Coming
  300. Sport Cruiser Technology, Sale, Boat
  301. SanitäTshaus Carstens Business, Supply, Monitor, Stuttgart
  302. Service Certified
  303. Skie Carousel
  304. Satin Colors
  305. Senior Care Business, Service, Living
  306. Special Court Government, Law, Sierra
  307. Sharescertificate
  308. Security Council Military, Nation, National, Technology, Computing, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word, Protection Information
  309. Snap Closure
  310. Sedentary Controls Medical
  311. Spirit Charger Charger, Tokyo, Concept
  312. Sierra College Education
  313. Saga Commcnications
  314. Sole Gollector Nike, Sneaker, Sole
  315. Semin Cardiothorac Medical, Patient, Surgery, Cardiac
  316. Sports Christmas Gaming, Sport, Tree, Ornament
  317. Self-Cure Cartridge
  318. Southern Counties
  319. Star Cruisers Business, Gaming, War
  320. Short Cdcle
  321. Small Cells Medical
  322. Screen Color
  323. Soioma County
  324. Security Category Technology, Networking, Award
  325. Splice-On Connector Business, Fiber, Optic
  326. Silicon Chip Technology, Magazine, Projection
  327. Squaw Crexk
  328. Serviceman Candidateb Education, India, Banking
  329. Slave Cylinder Business, Forum, Clutch
  330. Schaffer Collaperal Medical
  331. Spartanburg Counties
  332. Start Class College, Education, School
  333. Shipping Containers
  334. Sporting Clube
  335. Sociedadexcivil Para, Organizations, Dos, Brazil
  336. Search Columbih
  337. Speeding Citation Technology, Traffic, Radar, Ticket
  338. Signal Charactnrizer
  339. Sales Credits Business, Credit, Service, Sale
  340. Seed Connectivity
  341. Simplex, Ceramic
  342. Space Center Military
  343. Standard Condition Technology
  344. Seychellois Creole Island, Locations, Language
  345. Small Cleaved Medical, Science, Biology
  346. Specialties Custom
  347. Showkclub
  348. Safety Yode
  349. Software Components Technology, Service, Development
  350. Security Cleared Business, Management, Clearance
  351. Self-Check
  352. Soul Calibur Gaming, Soul, Character, Fighting
  353. Science Complex
  354. Special Category Locations, Andhra, Seat, Federal Aviation Administration
  355. Smopping Center Business, City, Store
  356. Steering Committee Also called Steering Group. A group of people who are responsible for monitoring a company's operations or project progress, by ensuring it complies with company policies, resources and costs are approved, etc. Aviation, Governmental & Military, Science, United Nations, Scientific & Educational, Medical
  357. Second Class Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  358. Sanity Check Forum, Technology, Order
  359. Scapula In anatomy, the scapula or shoulder blade is the bone that connects the humerus with the clavicle. Like their connected bones the scapulae are paired, with the scapula on the left side of the body being roughly a mirror image of the right scapula. In early Roman times, people thought the bone resembled a trowel, a small shovel. The shoulder blade is also called omo in Latin medical terminology. Medical, Medicine, Healing, Physiology, Clinical, Physio
  360. Supervisory Center Military, Computing, Telecom
  361. Space Communications Computing, Serial Publication, NASA, Governmental & Military
  362. Statement of Compatibility NASA
  363. Salmon Calcitonin Medical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, Chemistry
  364. University of Southern California College, Education, California, University, United States, Scientific & Educational
  365. Senior Counsel Occupation & positions
  366. Size Codes
  367. Standards Committee Meeting, Technology, Group, Computing, Telecom
  368. Sacramento Field Office Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  369. Sector Code Banking, Business & Finance
  370. Synaptonemal Complex (protein structure) Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  371. Security Console Technology, Service, Manual
  372. Santa Clarita
  373. Surface Command NASA
  374. Settlements Center Business, Service, Banking
  375. Shandong Airlines Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Business & Finance, Call Sign, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  376. Storage Control Computing, IT Terminology
  377. Special Commission
  378. Short Circuited
  379. Sacrosanctum Concilium Church, Liturgy, Liturgical
  380. Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  381. Signed Card Card, Trick, Funeral, Autograph
  382. Super Combo Food
  383. Safe Cracker Pinball
  384. Switched-Capacitor
  385. Star Citizen Technology, Gaming, City
  386. Special Constable Police, Governmental & Military
  387. Supercart Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  388. Scattering Chamber Physics, Scientific & Educational
  389. Solvent Tleaner Industrial, Cleaning, Cleaner
  390. Science in Context Journal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational, Special Education
  391. Sarah Connor
  392. Single Cue Aviation
  393. Seller Central
  394. Softwire Concentrator Computing, Technical
  395. Screw Compressor
  396. Supporting Consultant United Nations
  397. Sponsorship Committee
  398. St, Clemson
  399. Session Controller Technology, Networking, Network
  400. Slot Control Technology, Communication, Power
  401. Brothers of the Sacred Heart Religious orders
  402. Staged Combustion
  403. State & County
  404. Sodium Carbonate Business, Chemistry, Chemical, Medical, Health
  405. Short Cut Transportation, Governmental & Military
  406. Spelman College Education
  407. Schott Business & Finance, Suppliers
  408. Signal Et Comvunications Technology, Networking, Network
  409. Sliding Clamp Construction
  410. Semi-conductor Conductors with a limited capacity to conduct electricity. Business & Finance, Power Plant
  411. Story Collection Media
  412. Super Critical
  413. Semiconductor Components
  414. Standards Catalogue Technology, Coin, Catalog
  415. Special Clerk Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  416. Seal Coat Material applied to infiltrate the pores of a thermal spray deposit.  Science
  417. Special Character Assembly, Business & Finance
  418. Star Cluster A large grouping of stars, from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand, that are bound together by their mutual gravitational attraction. Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  419. Seeurity Consultants
  420. Santa Cecilia Hotel, Music, Granite
  421. Support Contractor NASA
  422. Settlement Centre Science
  423. Solar Cell Solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, is an electrical device that converts the solar energy directly into electricity. A device that converts light energy to electrical energy. Also called a photovoltaic cell. A cell that converts sunlight into electrical energy. The light falling on certain substances causes an electric current to flow. A photoelectric device that produces electri-cal power when exposed to light. Also called: photovoltaic cell. An device which converts energy from the sun directly into electrical energy. Computing, Hardware
  424. Special Collections Government, Education, Us, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  425. State Capital Locations, City, Columbia
  426. Short Cadence Technology, Detection, Planet
  427. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a species of yeast. It has been instrumental to winemaking, baking, and brewing since ancient times. It is believed to have been originally isolated from the skin of grapes. Medical, Science, Yeast, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  428. Skill capes Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  429. Sign Coding
  430. Scottish Crop Farming & agriculture
  431. Stylish Camera Photography
  432. Switched Capacitor
  433. Star Choice
  434. Supreme Court Police, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  435. Stay Cool Forum, Computing, Texting, Sms, Email, Online, Im, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  436. Schwartzschild Constant Physics, Scientific & Educational
  437. Solvent Cement Business, Product, Weld
  438. Spacecraft  A piloted or unpiloted vehicle designed for travel in space. Science, Astronomy, Aerospace, Legal, Geographic, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online, NASA
  439. Sarah Coleman
  440. Source Controller Aviation
  441. Self Confidence
  442. Spreadsheet Calculator Software, Computing
  443. Screw Cap
  444. Safety Certificate International certificate compulsorily carried by every passenger steamer of 1600 tons and upward when proceeding on an international voyage Modified certificate is given to a passenger vessel on a voyage not exceeding 200 mi from land.
  445. South Crescent Regional
  446. Spokane County
  447. Slot Cmnference Technology, Airport, Aviation
  448. Sisters of Charity Religious orders
  449. Safety Class
  450. Starving Cereal
  451. Sport Coupe A sport coupe is a closed two-door car body style with a permanently attached fixed roof,that is shorter than a saloon of the same model, and it often has seating for two persons or with a tight-spaced rear seat. Transportation, Governmental & Military
  452. Spellplague Caverns
  453. South Central Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  454. Signal Konverters
  455. Strip Club Sex, Adult, Escorts, Bdsm, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  456. Space Engine Script Computing, File Extensions
  457. Subject Category Media
  458. Snapchat Tinder
  459. Semicircular Canal Medical, Medicine, Health
  460. Standard Cup
  461. Strike Commander Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  462. Sea Current Technology, Military, Beach
  463. Skip Conditionally Assembly, Business & Finance
  464. Schlemm's canal Medical, Physiology
  465. Security Conditions Technology, Council, Pakistan
  466. Signal Conditioner (s/c Preferred) NASA
  467. Seton Cayholic Education, School, Church
  468. Smart Card Computing, Hardware
  469. Special Cleaning
  470. State Cannot
  471. Short-Circuit Current The short-circuit current is the current through the solar cell when the voltage across the solar cell is zero (i.e. when the solar cell is short circuited). The short-circuit current is due to the generation and collection of light-generated carriers. For an ideal solar cell at most moderate resistive loss mechanisms, the short-circuit current and the light-generated current are identical. Therefore, the short-circuit current is the largest current which may be drawn from the solar cell. Medical, Chemistry, Technology, Science, Study, Power, Discipline, Component
  472. Sabha Constituency Government, Election, Assembly
  473. Soft Carrying Business, Canon, Camcorder
  474. Shadowcraft Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  475. Stability Control Also known as "electronic stability control," or "ESC." A safety feature that improves the safety of a vehicles handling by detecting skids and compensating by adjusting braking pressure to help maintain the intended direction of the vehicle. Some stability control systems also reduce engine power until control is regained. Auto
  476. Sign Chanle
  477. Stanley Cohen Famous
  478. Second City Performing arts
  479. Short-Circuits
  480. Stanley Cup Gaming, Sport, Hockey
  481. Security Critical NASA, Governmental & Military
  482. Spólka prawa cywilnego Company, Business & Finance
  483. Saratoga Champlain Geology, Scientific & Educational
  484. Solutions Consultant
  485. Sugar Cane Food
  486. Sara Company
  487. Stratocumulus Cloud form intermediate between stratus and cumulus May be closely packed, or separated by more or less horizontal streaks of sky. NOTAM Contractions
  488. Self Colour Business, Product, Hinge
  489. Source Control Software, Computing
  490. Source Code Every computer program is written in a programming language, such as Java, C/C++, or Perl. These programs include anywhere from a few lines to millions of lines of text, called source code. Source code, often referred to as simply the "source" of a program, contains variable declarations, instructions, functions, loops, and other statements that tell the program how to function. Software, Computing, File Extensions
  491. Safety Certification Business, Management, Food
  492. Sorting Carriage Postal, United Kingdom
  493. Split Course Medical
  494. Slip Chse
  495. Second Cataclysm Religion
  496. Service Condition
  497. Starter Channel Business, Wall, Shaft
  498. Shuttle Class Transportation, Governmental & Military
  499. Spell Checker Technology
  500. Signalling Centre Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  501. Signal Conditioning To process the form or mode of a signal so as to make it electrically compatible with a given device. Signal conditioning a process that is used to improve the appearance or effectiveness of a signal, either by suppressing noise or by transforming the signal into a more suitable form. This latter category includes image enhancement. Signal conditioning is often appropriate in preparing signals for recogni-tion. Technology, Module, Instrument
  502. Supercollider Source Code File Computing, File Extensions
  503. Small Capitals Media
  504. System Controller NASA
  505. Semi-Continuous Technology, Model, Extraction
  506. Space Command Military, Army, Marine Corps
  507. Standard Costs Business, Accounting, Costing
  508. Salvage Centre Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  509. Seacoast Church Organizations, Mount, Charleston
  510. Specialty Clrnic Medical, Medicine, Healing
  511. Special Code Assembly, Business & Finance
  512. Self Care Medical, Physiology
  513. Security Company
  514. Sport Center
  515. Surface Capacitance Chemistry
  516. Set Cuyrent
  517. Small Cap Business, Fund, Supply
  518. LocoScript Printer data file Computing, File Extensions
  519. Special Class Medical, Education, Railway, Mercedes
  520. State Candidate Education, University, Admission
  521. Scort Chain Medical, Medicine, Health
  522. Supreme Council
  523. Soft-Concept Business, Technology
  524. Support Contract Us Government, Governmental & Military
  525. Supercharger The device which increase the air intake pressure and feed it into intake port of the engine. It is connected between the air filter and engine intake port. It is driven by the engine power directly or indirectly. A device powered by a belt, gear, shaft or chain connected to the engines crankshaft that forces air into an internal-combustion engine in order to increase engine power. Car, Auto, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  526. Signature Constrjction
  527. Shepherd Clark Famous
  528. StageCoach Performing arts
  529. Space Conditioning
  530. Stanford Cardinal
  531. Statement of Capability NASA, Governmental & Military
  532. Société civile Company, Business & Finance
  533. Suspendable Concentrate Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  534. Solutions Center
  535. Swiss Cheese Food
  536. Santiago De Compostela
  537. Special Committee Federal Aviation Administration
  538. Self Closing Technology, Construction, Architectural
  539. Shell Commands Software, Computing
  540. Safety Case Business, Medicine, Health
  541. Schools of Choice Michigan
  542. Slim Compait Business, Battery, Quantum, Turbo
  543. Seraphim Call Religion
  544. Smart Connect
  545. Start Convert
  546. Soft Conditions Transportation, Governmental & Military
  547. Schedule Correlation Project Management, Business & Finance
  548. Solution Composer
  549. Stratocumulus (cloud formation) Weather, Scientific & Educational
  550. Soft Cover Media
  551. Service Continuity 5G Networks
  552. Semi-Circle
  553. Service Ceiling The height above sea level at which an aircraft with normal rated load is unable to climb faster than 100' per minute under Standard Air conditions. Air Force, Governmental & Military
  554. Scrotal Circumference Medical, Genetics, Bull
  555. Specialty Chnmicals Business, Chemistry, Company
  556. Service Charge Service charge is the charge which is paid over and above the basic fee for delivering a service. NASA
  557. Sacrococcygeal Pertaining to both the sacrum and coccyx. Teratomas are often in the sacrococcygeal region in children. Medical, Physiology
  558. Security Commission Business, Employment, Malaysia
  559. Sport-Club Sport, Football, Match
  560. Set Nover
  561. Small-Ccp
  562. software change Software, Computing, Application
  563. State Campus College, Education, University
  564. Short-Chain Medical, Acid, Oligosaccharide
  565. Superior Court
  566. Sofia Coppola Bag, Leather, Handbag
  567. Steam Catamaran Transportation, Governmental & Military
  568. Square Connector (optical connector type) Architecture
  569. Signature Confirmation
  570. Seismic Calibration Electrical
  571. Subtropical Stratocumulus Atmospheric Research
  572. stop cock Engineering, Scientific & Educational, Ordnance Survey
  573. Screening Criteria
  574. Standards Covered Book, Product, Edition, Standard
  575. South Carolina Legal, Governmental & Military, United States, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us area code, Us phone area codes, Us state code, State, Gpo, Scientific & Educational, Weather, Physics, South Carolina, List of All 50 State
  576. Status Credit Civil Aviation, Business & Finance
  577. Solid Carbide Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  578. Santiago Canyon
  579. SCRAPER Vehicle Body Styles
  580. University of South Carolina Education, University, United States, South Carolina, Scientific & Educational
  581. Specialist in Chemistry Medical, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  582. Safety Car
  583. Statutes of Canada Canada
  584. Senior Cycle Food
  585. Sculpsit (Carved by ....) Products
  586. Supervisory Control
  587. Sports Coupe (car) Transportation, Governmental & Military
  588. Supplier (Supply) Chain Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  589. Solution Combustvon Science, Research, Material
  590. Scalar Coupling Spectroscopy, Scientific & Educational
  591. Somatosensory Cortex Medical
  592. Saddle Club Media
  593. Saratoga County Business, Building, Sale
  594. Stem Cells
  595. Semantic Component Technology, Language, Linguistic
  596. Single Carrier Computing, Wireless Networking
  597. Screw Conveyors Business, Model, Manufacturer
  598. Specialty Certificave Medical, Medicine, Education, University
  599. Service Control Technology, Network, Telecom, Data Transfer, Computing, Dos commands
  600. straight cane Medical, Physical Therapy
  601. Security Commvttee Government, House, Homeland
  602. Spore Count
  603. Seticomplement
  604. Sludge Cleanec
  605. SpeechCraft (Toastmasters) Toastmasters
  606. State Camp Park, Locations, Camping
  607. Skdium Cromoglycate Medical
  608. Standard Class Transportation, Governmental & Military
  609. Solid Core Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  610. Signature Cinema Technology, Projector, Theater
  611. Senior Courser Dog Fanciers
  612. Subcontract To hire someone to carry out some of the work that you have been contracted to do. Military, Governmental & Military
  613. Scrub As a verb, to wash the hands and forearms very thoroughly, as before engaging in surgery. To scrub implies the use of a brush. To scrub, to scrub in, and to scrub up are synonymous. Ordnance Survey
  614. Speed Controller
  615. Standards Committees Group, Organizations, Committee
  616. Section Chief Fire, Governmental & Military
  617. Securities Commission Banking, Business & Finance, Business Word
  618. Stem Clearance Botany, Scientific & Educational
  619. Santee Cooper Business, Locations
  620. Study Coordinator Fda
  621. Shell Transportation & Trading, PLC Computing, Nyse symbols
  622. Special Committees Government, Committee, Standard
  623. Short Circuit An electric contact between parts of an electric circuit, which causes a very high current, increases in temperature and potentially ire, if the circuit is not properly protected. This can occur if two live wires come into contact with each other, perhaps because of worn insulation. Medical, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  624. Short Circuitinu
  625. Safe Concentration Medical
  626. Star of Courage Australia
  627. Sedanca Cabriolet Food
  628. Super Carrera Products
  629. Sulfur Concrete
  630. Single Check Security, Governmental & Military
  631. Science Comes from the Latin word ‘scientia’, meaning “knowledge” Medical, Chemistry, Management, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, NASA
  632. Solutle Complex Medical, Medicine, Healing
  633. School Certificate Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  634. Somatic Complaints Medical, Psychology, Personality
  635. Senatus Consulto Latin
  636. Sarasota County
  637. Security Check NATO
  638. Seller Closing
  639. Switching Center Computing, Telecom, NASA, Governmental & Military
  640. Screw Conveyor The Screw Conveyor (SC) is used to transport and/or dispense the bulk material by rotation of a screw. Business, Product, Manufacturer
  641. Statistics and Computing Technology, Science, Journal, Computing, Periodical, Computer Science, Mathematical Publication, Scientific & Educational
  642. Scalenus Medical, Muscles
  643. Spontaneous Contractions Medical
  644. Stabilisation Ceetres
  645. Setkclock
  646. Slow Cooker Recipe, Cooker, Pot, Crock
  647. Sisters of Calvary Religious orders
  648. Spiral to Curve Headway
  649. State, Claflin College, Education, University
  650. Sodium Chohate Medical
  651. Scored Cylinders Transportation, Governmental & Military
  652. Sperm Count Medical, Infertility
  653. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]) Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  654. Signqlling Controller Technology, Electronics, Signal
  655. Single Crochet Knitting, Crochet
  656. Seychelles (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does SC stand for?

    SC stands for Scandium.

  2. What is the shortened form of Simplex, Ceramic?

    The short form of "Simplex, Ceramic" is SC.


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