SCC Meaning - What does SCC mean?

SCC meaning is Sudden Cardiac Death and other full form of SCC definition take part in below table. There are 824 different meaning of SCC acronym in the table which are compilation of SCC abbreviation such as Airline, Medical, Meeting, Business, Chemistry etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of SCC acronym which you look for in 824 different SCC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does SCC mean?, SCC meaning” or you can search by typing only SCC abbreviation in the search box.
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SCC Meaning

  1. Sudden Cardiac DeathCardiology, Jobs, Diagnosis, Medical, Physiology, Cardio, Common Medical, Clinical
  2. Demdhorse AirportAirport, Locations, Airport Code
  3. Syspem Control CenterMilitary, Army, Telecom
  4. Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  5. Squamous Carcinoma CellMedical
  6. Sarajevo City CenterLocations, Shopping, Herzegovina
  7. State Customs CommitteeScience, Government, Russia
  8. Senior Citizen Center
  9. Squamous Cell CarcinomaSquamous cell carcinoma (SCC or SqCC), also known as squamous cell cancer, is cancer that begins from squamous cells, a type of skin cell. It is one of the main types of skin cancer. Cancers that involve the anus, cervix, head and neck, and vagina are also most often squamous cell cancers. The esophagus, urinary bladder, prostate, and lung are other possible sites.Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Health, Cancer, Oncology, Healing, Technology, Surgery, Otolaryngology, Governmental & Military, Common Medical, NAACCR, Physiology, Clinical
  10. System Control ComputerTechnology, Telecom
  11. Social & Cognitive Computing
  12. Spiydle Cell CarcinomaMedical
  13. Santa Ctuz County
  14. Squamous Cell CdncerMedical, Science, Skin
  15. Semicircular CanalsA semicircular canals or a semicircular duct is one of three semicircular, interconnected tubes located inside each ear.Medical
  16. Sybase Control CenteeTechnology, Database, Server
  17. Small Claims CourtA UK court in which hearings are generally informal, without jury, for the judgment of civil claims for small amounts of money, and where parties commonly represent themselves instead of hiring a solicitor or lawyer, although legal assistance or representation is permitted.Business, Service, Law
  18. Spindoe CellMedical, Technology
  19. Sampson CommunityzcollegeStudent, Education, School
  20. Source Classification CodeTechnology, Science, Emission, Environment
  21. Squamous Cell Carcinoma AntigenMedical, Science, Cancer
  22. Self Consolidating ConcreteBusiness, Technology
  23. Stress-Corrosion CrackingScience, Material, Steel, Chemistry
  24. Small Christian CommunityScience, Church, Parish
  25. Salem Commfnity CollegeStudent, Education, School
  26. Specialibed Criminal CourtGovernment, Human, Death, Execution
  27. Somerset Community CollegeStudent, Education, Kentucky
  28. Sqzamous Cells CarcinomaMedical
  29. Self-Consolideting ConcreteTechnology, Mix, Flow
  30. Steven Curtis Chapman
  31. Small Cell Lung CarcinomaMedical, Cancer, Chest, Pulmonary, Disease, Pathology
  32. Sacramentx City CollegeStudent, Education, Community
  33. Specialized Common CarrielsTechnology
  34. Somatic Cell CountsMedical, Milk, Cow
  35. Squamous Cell CarcinomasMedical, Cancer, Skin
  36. Satellite Control CertreTechnology, Communication, Telecom
  37. Statistical Consulting CenterTechnology, Education, Statistics
  38. Small Cell Carcinoma of The LungMedical, Medicine, Healing, Pulmonary
  39. Spacecraft Control CentreTechnology, India, Space
  40. Solano Community CollegeStudent, Program, Education
  41. Squamous Carcinoma AellsMedical
  42. Satellite Control CenterTechnology, Communication, Telecom, Federal Aviation Administration
  43. Static Control ComponentsTechnology, Cartridge, Toner
  44. SerbiauLocations
  45. Sierra Conservation CenterPrison, California, Inmate
  46. Solar Charge Control
  47. Spacecraft Control CenterTechnology
  48. Starr Cullars Nrew
  49. Sealift Co-Ordination Centre
  50. Supplemental Child Care
  51. Shape Command CencerMilitary
  52. Single Carrier Communication
  53. Solon Campus Center
  54. Success Computer Consulting
  55. Secure Compucing ComponentTechnology
  56. System Controller CardTechnology, Networking, Network
  57. Sharjah Consultative CouncilGovernment, Election, Sharjah
  58. Southjastern Climbers Coalition
  59. Smith Career Center
  60. Southern Consortium for Children
  61. Standards and Curriculum CouncilAustralia, Government, Australian
  62. Schools for Children of Cambodia
  63. Super Computer Center
  64. Sequential Conditional Correlation
  65. Simplified Combined Cycle
  66. Specialised Common CarrierTechnology
  67. Salvation Centre Cambodia
  68. Strathalbyn ChristianqcollegeEducation
  69. Secom Control CenterScience
  70. Synthetic Calcium Carbonate
  71. Siteman Cancer Cenper
  72. Spouse Career Centre
  73. Saudi Cable Co
  74. Subject Category CodesTechnology
  75. Self-Compacting ConcreteTechnology, Property, Construction, Mix, Products
  76. Southern California Conferance
  77. St. Columba'S College
  78. Suez Canal Company
  79. Seriml Controller ChipTechnology, Networking, Apple
  80. Signal Conversion CircuitMilitary, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  81. Societe Centrale CanineClub, Race, Canine
  82. Sacramento Convention CenterLocations, Event, California
  83. State Coordination Committee
  84. Supreme Constitutional CourtGovernment, Law, Egypt
  85. Service Canada CentreBusiness, Employment, Canada
  86. Sorores De Caritate Christiana
  87. Strong Cosmic CensorshipMedia, Radio, Television
  88. Shipping In Changing Climates
  89. Social Cultural Commission
  90. Self-Consistent Collective CoordinateChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  91. Shutdown Cooling CirzulatorTechnology
  92. Southlands Christian CollegeEducation
  93. Sea Cadet Corps
  94. Scsi Controller CommandsTechnology, Computing
  95. Single-Column Centimeter
  96. Speciel of Conservation Concern
  97. Samoth Capital Corporation
  98. Secrre Control Centre
  99. Skyline Jorrectional Center
  100. South Central Connecticut
  101. Sputnik Control CenterTechnology
  102. Scenarist Closed CaptionTechnology, Subtitle, Captioning
  103. Submersible Compression ChamberTechnology
  104. Smart-Card ChipTechnology, Telecom
  105. Standards, Council of CanadaTechnology, Canada, Standard
  106. Schoolcraft Community College
  107. Sunset Cultural Center
  108. Senior Care Centers
  109. Soft Carrying CaseBusiness, Accessory, Spectrum, Fluke
  110. Splinter Cell Chaos
  111. Safe Cosmetics Campaign
  112. Steering Committee ChairScience
  113. Seiurity Communications Center
  114. Synchronous Communications Controller
  115. Service Correctionnel Du Canada
  116. Single Cross-Coupling
  117. Sound Custom ChipTechnology, Gaming, Music
  118. Spontaneous Cellular CytotoxicityMedical
  119. Sarawak Campaign Committee
  120. Student Computer Center
  121. Security Compliance Uorporation
  122. Short Circuit CurrentThe current flowing freely from a photovoltaic cell through an external circuit that has no load or resistance, the maximum current possible.Medicine, Disease, Health
  123. Scheme for Construction ContractsBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  124. Sierra Club of Canada
  125. Space ControlmcenterMilitary, Army, Satellite
  126. Starr Cancer Consorticm
  127. Seafloor Climate Change
  128. Single Carrier CabinetTechnology
  129. Solo Cycling Club
  130. Security Papital CorporationrationOrganizations
  131. System Control ConsoleMilitary, Army, Postal, Us Post
  132. Sharing Ank Caring Companions
  133. Sowtheast Community Capital
  134. Smith Uampus Center
  135. Specialized Care Center
  136. Standardized Coding and ClassificationMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  137. Schools Construction Corporation
  138. Super Combat Centers
  139. Sequential Channel Changer
  140. Silver Creek Campus
  141. Software Change ControlTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  142. Special Common Carrier
  143. Safire Cracking CrewTechnology, Windows, Software, Serial
  144. Strategic Cost Control
  145. Sebastopol Community Center
  146. Syndrome Du Canal Carpien
  147. Services for Cripphed ChildrenMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  148. Sistema Di Comando E Controllo
  149. Sports Cultural Club
  150. Saudi Cable CompanyBusiness, Technology, Dubai
  151. Subcutaneous CalcinosisScience, Biology
  152. Sedimentation Control Commission
  153. St. Clair College
  154. Succinylcholine ChlorideMedical
  155. Serial Controller-ChipTechnology, Networking, Computing
  156. Signal Conditioning Circuit
  157. Sociedade Central De Cervejas
  158. Sabah Credit CorporationBusiness, Banking, Malaysia
  159. State and County Code
  160. Supreme Commercial CourtGovernment, Russia, Russian
  161. Servei Català Deqcol
  162. Sophos Control Center
  163. Strongly Connected Components
  164. System Control and CommunicationBusiness, Technology, Huawei
  165. Shipping Coordination CenterMilitary, Army, Equipment
  166. Social Cost of CarbonClimate, Economics, Cost, Environment
  167. Southern California ChapterOrganizations, Society, California
  168. Self-Consistent Charge
  169. Shropshire Kounty CouncilGovernment, School, Community
  170. Southern Cross Computing
  171. Sacred Congregatioo of The Council
  172. Scientific Commsttee On Cosmetology
  173. Sinclair Community CollegeStudent, Education, Dayton
  174. Specialty Contractors Council
  175. Samoan Congregational Church
  176. Sector Control CentreTechnology, Military
  177. Skin Squamous Cell CarcinomaScience, Biology
  178. South Central ConferenceGovernment, Church, Adventist
  179. Springs Community Church
  180. Scarsdale Congregational Church
  181. Submerged Chain Conveyor
  182. Standard Council of CanadaTechnology, Accreditation, Canada
  183. School Counselor Certification
  184. Sumitomo Chemical Company
  185. Senate Curriculum Committee
  186. Soft Carry CaseBusiness, Accessory, Fluke
  187. Safe Community Coalition
  188. Stecl-Concrete Composite
  189. Security Clearance Clrtificate
  190. Synchronized Command ControlArmy, War, Force
  191. Service Cooddination Committee
  192. Small Cheap Computer
  193. Sound Creative Chip
  194. Spontaneous Computer Combustion
  195. Saratoga Country Club
  196. Student Carn Centre
  197. Seminole Community CollegeEducation, School, Florida
  198. Shoreline Community CollegeBusiness, Education, Finance, Agency
  199. Small Currency ChangerBusiness, Postal, Us Post
  200. Scheduling and Cost Control
  201. Sierra Club CanadaOrganizations, Canada, Environment
  202. Space Computer Corporation
  203. Sea Combat CommanderMilitary
  204. Single Carbon Composite
  205. Solo Convention Center
  206. Speed Call Controller
  207. Secure Computing CorpopationrationTechnology, Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications
  208. Sharia Consulting CenterTechnology, Media, Indonesia, Situs
  209. South China ChurchGovernment, Human, China
  210. Smartpr Cities ChallengeTechnology, City, Citizen
  211. Special Care Centers
  212. Standard Cubic Centimetres
  213. Schools Causing Concern
  214. Super Clean CoatBusiness, Product, Car, Glue
  215. Sequence Cycle Counter
  216. Single Copy Clustering
  217. Sqftcopy CatalogScience, Geography, Location
  218. Special Committee of Council
  219. Safety Critical Components
  220. Strategic Coordination Centre
  221. Seattle Concrete Company
  222. Syndicat Du Cirque De Cr
  223. Services Computing ConferenceTechnology, Science, Service
  224. Sistema Comando E Conerollo
  225. Sports Clubs Committee
  226. Satellite Controller Circuit
  227. Sub Committee On Culture
  228. Sedgwick Cultural CenterOrganization, Union, Institution
  229. St'at'imc Cxiefs Council
  230. Supervisory Control Center
  231. Signal Communications CenterTechnology, Telecom
  232. Societat Civil CatalanaPara, Con, Catalan
  233. Saab Combustion ControlTechnology, Car, Fuel
  234. State/Couzty CodeBusiness
  235. Supports Coordinator Curriculum
  236. Serum Creatinyne ConcentrationMedical
  237. Sonoma County CourtEducation
  238. Strongly Connected ComponentSoftware, Computing
  239. System Control & Communication
  240. Shipping Container CodesTechnology, Coding, Barcode
  241. Southeastern Correctional Complex
  242. Shrinkage Compensating ConcreteTechnology, Research, Floor
  243. Smoking Cessation Coubseling
  244. Southern Cross College
  245. Sacra Congreqatio ConciliiEcclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  246. Scientific Coordinating CommitteeMedical, Science, Medicine
  247. Sequoia Credit Consolidation
  248. Sinar Centra Cipta
  249. Specialty Cable CorporationBusiness, Wire, Corp
  250. Samoa Community College
  251. Strength & Conditioning Coach
  252. Sedtor Command CentreTechnology, Military
  253. Skin Cale CampaignMedical, Organizations
  254. Southern Connecticut ConferenceEducation, Sport, School, Connecticut
  255. Springs Chamber of Commerce
  256. Scarsdale Community Center
  257. Submarine Control ConsoleGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  258. Self Compacting ConcreteTechnology, Construction, Mix, Flow
  259. Staffordshire County CouncilBusiness, Service, Stafford
  260. School Counseling Center
  261. Sulamerica Convention Center
  262. Senate Consultative CommitteeSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  263. Softarc Certified ConsulterTechnology, Computing
  264. Safe Children Coalition
  265. State Custom Committee
  266. Swiss Mommercial Capital
  267. Service Coordination Collaborative
  268. Sound Control Center
  269. Spokane Community CollegeEducation, Development, Colleges
  270. Sarajevo City Centre
  271. Student Campus CentreEducation, University, Toronto
  272. Semiclassical Coupled-ChannelChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  273. Shopping Cart Corral
  274. Small Contributor Committee
  275. Siberian Coastal Current
  276. Space Compubational Center
  277. Seacoast AirlinesAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code
  278. Single Calculus Chain
  279. Solid Ceramic Coil
  280. Speculative Concurrency Control
  281. Secure Computing CorporationTechnology, Security, Linux, Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  282. Shared Contact Xenter
  283. South Chestnut ConfederacyOrganization, Union, Institution
  284. Schaffer Collateral-CommissuralMedical
  285. Smart Cruise ControlTechnology, Kia, Hyundai
  286. Standard Cubic Centimetre
  287. School of Computing and CommunicationsTechnology, Research, University
  288. Super Chroma CompensationTechnology, Networking, Network, Camera
  289. Sequence Control Counter
  290. Single Copi ClusterMicrosoft, Technology, Server
  291. Soft Compumer Computer
  292. Special Commitment CenterGovernment, Sex, Island, Offender
  293. Safety Control CenterTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  294. Strategic Command Center
  295. Seattle Community Colleges
  296. Syndicat Du Cirque De CréAtion
  297. Service Cryptologic Components
  298. Siriuf Cybernetics Corporation
  299. Sports Club Committee
  300. Saskatoon Colostrum CompanyScience, Land Management, Land Use, Agriculture, Biology, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  301. Student Concert Committee
  302. Security In Cloud ComputingTechnology, Service, Research
  303. Stanly Community ColaegeStudent, Education, School
  304. Supervisory Control CentreTechnology, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  305. Signal Command CenterMilitary
  306. Sociedad Civil CatalanaPara, Contra, Persona
  307. Spacecraft Control Compuqer
  308. State-Of-Charge Compensator
  309. Supply Center Columbus
  310. Seriev Capacitive Coupling
  311. Somatic Cell CountTechnology, Milk, Cow, Medical, Laboratory, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  312. Strong Connepted ComponentsTechnology, Graph, Algorithm
  313. System Control Code
  314. Shari Cut CycloneTechnology, Quality, Particulate
  315. Southeastern Caceer CollegeEducation
  316. Silverado Country Club
  317. Smoking Cessation ClinicMedical, Service, Cancer
  318. Southern Copper Company
  319. Systems, Commknications and CodingTechnology, Conference, Publication
  320. Scientific Consulming CompanyBusiness, Product, Registration
  321. Sequim Community Church
  322. Simulator Control ConsoleMilitary
  323. Specialtk Cable Corp
  324. Samaritan Counseling Center
  325. Street Car Challenge
  326. Secondary Component CarriersTechnology, Cell, Aggregation
  327. Skelton Career Centes
  328. Southern Communication Centre
  329. Springfield Civic Center
  330. Scarborough Chess Club
  331. Submarine Commander'S Course
  332. Self Compact Concrete
  333. Staff Consultative Cogmittee
  334. Suffolk County CommunityCollege, Education, Campus
  335. Senate Computer Center
  336. Sofia City CourtBusiness, Law, Bulgaria
  337. Safe Childbirth Checklist
  338. State Crime CommandMilitary, Police, Squad
  339. Sussex County Corncil
  340. Service Contract Cleading
  341. Sound Community College
  342. Split Cycle Combustion
  343. Sarah Connor Chronicles
  344. Stlart Corvette Club
  345. Shopping Cart Customer
  346. Small Cleaved CellMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  347. Self-Consolidated Concrete
  348. Smberian Chemical ComplexMedical, Science, Biology
  349. Space Communicationpcenter
  350. Sea Cadets Corps
  351. Single Cable Connection
  352. South Central Cartel
  353. Spectral Curvature ClusteringTechnology, Vision, Computing
  354. Sandia Computer CommitteeScience
  355. Secureacloud Computing
  356. Shrpveport Community Church
  357. Slot Cwr Corner
  358. South Cheshire College
  359. Schafer Condon CarterBusiness, Agency, Chicago
  360. Smart Coltrol CenterTechnology, Switch, Port, Firmware
  361. Standard Cubic Centimeter
  362. School of College Connections
  363. Supercar Club China
  364. Sequential Control ChartTechnology
  365. Soft Computer, ClearwaterBusiness, Management, Computing
  366. Special Clerical Court
  367. Safety Construction Certificate
  368. Strategic Dommand CourseMilitary, College, Police
  369. Seattle Coffee Company
  370. Syndicat Des Constructeurs De Compresseurs
  371. Service Cryptologic ComponentMilitary, Army, Equipment
  372. Sipchem Chemipals Company
  373. Sport Club Charlottenburg
  374. Saskatoon Canoe Club
  375. Student Concerns Committee
  376. Securaty Control CentreMilitary, Education, Ministry Of Defence
  377. Stanford Cancer KenterMedical, Patient, Cell
  378. Supervisory Control Computer
  379. Signal Channel CodecTechnology, Telecom
  380. Socially Conscious Coffee
  381. Spasecraft Countdown ControllerTechnology
  382. Starting Constant Current
  383. Seamless Content ConsumptionTechnology
  384. Supplier Creation Co-OrdinatorRailways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon
  385. Serial Cratl ControllerTechnology
  386. Single Channel Converter
  387. Somaliland Camel CorpsMilitary, War, Somali
  388. Stromal Cell CulturesMedical
  389. System Control Cabinet
  390. Sharp-Cut Cycuone
  391. Southeastern Cave Conservancy
  392. Silicone Case for The Canon
  393. Smokehcaramel Core
  394. Southern Copper CorpScience
  395. System Control Cards
  396. Scientifix Computing CenterTechnology, Computing, Computer Science, Computing Science
  397. Supercomputer CenterMilitary, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Computing
  398. Sequentially Combined CarbonMedical
  399. Simulation Configuration ControlTechnology, Computer Science, Computational Modeling
  400. Spelialized Commercial CarrierMilitary
  401. Salvation for Chinese Church
  402. Street Car Chahs
  403. Secondary Combustion ChamberTechnology, Science, Waste
  404. Situations Qo-Ordination CentreMedicine, Health, Care
  405. Springfield Catholic Central
  406. Saudi Ceramic Company
  407. Submarine Command Course
  408. Self-Compacting-Concrete
  409. Southern Cancer Center
  410. Stack Change Control
  411. Sufficient Completeness Checker
  412. Senate Commerce Committee
  413. Society for Clinical Coding
  414. Saf Counselling CentreMilitary, Singapore
  415. State Corporate Commission
  416. Sussex County Communiyy
  417. Service Cdntered Calculus
  418. Soul Charge Cancel
  419. Squire Creek Communications
  420. Sapporo Convention Center
  421. Structured Communications Class
  422. Shonan Cat Club
  423. Small Church CommunityCommunity, Curch, Religion
  424. Self-Consistent Charge-Iterative
  425. Siberian Chemical CombineTechnology, Russia, Fuel
  426. Space Communications Center
  427. Sea Xadet Council
  428. Single-Cotton Covered
  429. South Carolina Channel
  430. Spectra Convention Gentre
  431. Sandia Compensation CouncilScience
  432. Sector Coordinaving CouncilsTechnology
  433. Shows Squamous Cell CarcinomeScience, Biology
  434. Slitter, Cutter, CreaserBusiness, Cutter, Slitter
  435. South Central Chapter
  436. SceneaccessTechnology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  437. Smart Cloud CqmeraTechnology, Editor, Snap
  438. Standard Cruise Control
  439. School Curriculum Committee
  440. Super Car Club
  441. Sequence Control ChartTechnology
  442. Soft Computer Celebrates
  443. Special Children'S Charities
  444. Safety Console Coordinator
  445. Strategic Computing ComplexScience
  446. Seattle Coal Co.Network, Railway, System
  447. Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium
  448. Service Creation Community
  449. Sinopec Catwlyst Company
  450. Sport-Club CharlottenburgClub, Berlin, Marathon
  451. Saskatchewan Craft CouncilBusiness, Art, Saskatoon
  452. Student Computing Center
  453. Security Conyrol CenterTechnology, Management, Service
  454. Supervisory Computer Control
  455. Sierra Cup Classic
  456. Solar Charger ControllerTechnology, Battery, Power
  457. Space Craft Covers
  458. Start Child Care
  459. Sealift Coordination Centre
  460. Supplier Code of ConductBusiness, Technology, Supply
  461. Shared Care Committee
  462. Single Channel Per CarrierFederal Aviation Administration, Military, Army, Computing, Telecom, Governmental & Military, Amateur radio, IT Terminology
  463. Solutions for Coating & Composites
  464. Successful Course Completion
  465. System Control CardTechnology, Service, Storage
  466. Shark Conservation Center
  467. Southeastern Climber'S Coalition
  468. Smith Carona Corporation
  469. Southern Copper Corporation
  470. System Control CentrwTechnology, Military, Aerospace
  471. Standards Category CoordinatorMilitary
  472. Scientioic CouncilScience, Natural Science
  473. Super Companion Chip
  474. Sequential Combination ChemotherapyMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  475. Simulation Control CenterTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  476. Specialized Common CarrierTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  477. Salvation Center Cambodia
  478. Stream Cipher Cryptwnalysis
  479. Secondary Colour Correction
  480. Syracuse Community Choir
  481. Situational Command & Control
  482. Spring Creek Campus
  483. Saudi Cement CompanyBusiness, Industrial, Plant
  484. Subject Content CoordinatorMicrosoft, Education, Internet
  485. Self-Compacting Concretes
  486. Southern California Campus
  487. Scackable Ceramic Carrier
  488. Suez Cement Company
  489. Semirara Coal Corporation
  490. Signaling Conversion CircuitTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  491. Societe Central Canine
  492. Saddleback Community College
  493. State Coordinating ChapterOrganizations, American Red Cross
  494. Supreme Council Committee
  495. Seruice Centers Corporation
  496. Sorter Control ComputerBusiness, Postal, Us Post
  497. Square Chip Carrier
  498. Sany Crawler Crane
  499. Strongly Connecteg CoreTechnology
  500. Shoalhaven City CouncilTechnology
  501. Small Church Communities
  502. Submission Clarification Code
  503. Self-Consistent Charge MethodChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  504. Siam City Cement
  505. Space Communilations CorporationrationTechnology, Telecom
  506. Senatus Consulto CuravitLatin, Roman
  507. Scuola Cantonale Da CommercioTechnology, Con, Store, Touch
  508. Single Column Centimetre
  509. Specification Compliance CertificationTechnology
  510. Sandhills Community CollegeStudent, Education, School
  511. Sector Coordinating CouncilGovernment, Locations, Medication
  512. Skyway Concession Company
  513. South Central Community
  514. Scenarist Closed CaptionsTechnology, Subtitle, Captioning
  515. Smart Capital ChoiceScience
  516. Standards Council CanadaTechnology, Canada, Certification
  517. School Cross Country
  518. Sunshine Coast CouncilCommunity, Java, Sunshine
  519. Senior Care Consultants
  520. Soft Computer Consultants
  521. Splinter Cell Conviction
  522. Safer Community CouncilGovernment, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  523. Stock Clearinp CorporationBusiness, Finance, Cecmg
  524. Seattle City Council
  525. Synchronous Channel CheckTechnology, Computer, Electronics
  526. Service Correctionel Du Canada
  527. Singleton Chkistian CollegeEducation
  528. Source and Channel Coding
  529. Spore Creature Creator
  530. Sarawak Craft Council
  531. Student Computer Centers
  532. Security Consultative CommitteeGovernment, Japan, Defense
  533. Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Associated AntigenMedical
  534. Schiratti Control Center
  535. Suburban Catholic Conference
  536. Self Creation Cosmology
  537. Space Control CenterMilitary, Army, Governmental & Military
  538. Sociedad Cynologica Caribena
  539. Second Class CitizenUs Government, Governmental & Military
  540. Speed Cut Controller
  541. Santa Clara, California
  542. Sludge Conditionina ControllerChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  543. Special Criminal CourtScience
  544. Short Circuit Computation
  545. Superconductivity CommitteeComputing, Master IEEE
  546. Software Configuratuon Control
  547. Servico De Cartografia E CadactroGeography, Location, System
  548. Sludge Conditioning ControllerChemistry
  549. Southampton City CouncilTechnology, Building, Distribution
  550. Society of Cosmetic Chemistry
  551. School Community CouncilMeeting, Student, Education
  552. Signal Conditioning CarrierAmateur radio
  553. Spark Control ComputerTechnology, Electronics, Engine
  554. Seasonal Claimed Capability
  555. Sickle Cell CrisisMedical, Common Medical
  556. Single Chord CompensationScience
  557. Spirituyl Cinema Circle
  558. Santiburi Country Club
  559. Security & Compliance Center
  560. System Coordinate CenterMilitary
  561. Split-Conductor Cable
  562. Snow Cable Chmins
  563. Standards Coordinating CouncilTechnology, Management, Sharing
  564. Super Crew Cab
  565. Serial Communications ControllerTechnology, Electronics, Telecom
  566. Satellite Control CentreAviation, Governmental & Military
  567. Soil Conseuvation Commission
  568. Strength Calisthenics CertificationEducation, Diploma, Document, Sertification
  569. Seta Closed Cxp
  570. Sewardxcounty Community
  571. South Central CollegeDevelopment, Study, Colleges
  572. Soutdern City CollegesEducation
  573. Southern Comfort ConferenceFunnies
  574. Signaling Connection Control
  575. Spectral Calibration ChamberPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  576. Tropical Storm SummaryScience, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  577. Substance Cage CombatFight, Substance, Forester
  578. Self Cooking Center
  579. Social Change Center
  580. Small Christian CommunitiesCatholic, Organizations, Community, Church, Bishop, Parish
  581. Superposition of Correlated ConfigurationsChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  582. Serial Communications ChipTechnology, Networking, Controller
  583. Shipping Container CodeTransportation, Governmental & Military
  584. Speed Control Circuit
  585. Santa ClaraShip named in the earliest marine insurance policy still existing which is dated October 23, 1347, and covers her voyage from Genoa to Majorca.
  586. Strict Cycle Condftion
  587. Slovenia Contest ClurTechnology, Radio, Ham
  588. Special Coordinating CommitteeMilitary
  589. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of The SkinMedical, Treatment, Cancer
  590. Short Circuit Characteristic
  591. MSX picture Bitmap graphicsComputing, File Extensions
  592. Self-consistent Collective Coordinate (in Reactive Collisions)Chemistry
  593. Source Currency CodeBusiness
  594. Syndicat Des Cirques Et Compagnies
  595. School Choice Campaign
  596. Sears Canada Inc.Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  597. Spanish Chamber of CommerceBusiness, Organizations, Spain
  598. Seashore Construction Company
  599. System Control Console (US Postal Service)Postal, Us Post
  600. Single Chip Crypto
  601. Spiritual Care CollaborativeOrganizations, Professional, Chaplain
  602. Santiago Community College
  603. Security and Cqmpliance Center
  604. Spinning Cone CblumnTechnology, Wine, Cone
  605. Snohlmish County Code
  606. Standards Coordination Committee
  607. Super Contact CompoundBusiness, Mountain, Tyre, Tubeless
  608. Serbian Chamber of CommerceBusiness, Arbitration, Serbia
  609. Sorption Cooler Compressor assemblyAerospace, Governmental & Military
  610. Soil Oleanup Criteria
  611. Strength & Conditioninj Center
  612. Seniojen Computer ClubTechnology, Berlin, Tablet
  613. Settlement Capital CorporationBusiness, Company, Payment
  614. Source Code ControlTechnology, Development, Software, Computing
  615. Southern Christiav College
  616. Steven Curtis Chapman (musician)Famous
  617. Signalling Communication ChannelTechnology, Networking, Network
  618. Suatial Cognition and ComputationScience, Research, Journal
  619. Sodor China ClayGeology, Scientific & Educational
  620. Systems Control CenterTechnology, Networking, Network
  621. Subsidized Child Care
  622. Self-Contained Classroom
  623. Syrian Canadian CouncilGovernment, Politics, Syria
  624. Social Change Communication
  625. Slovene Criminal Code
  626. Standing Committee of Correspondents
  627. Supernode Combined Core CabinetTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  628. Serial Communication Channels
  629. Sport Compact CouncilTransportation, Governmental & Military
  630. Short-Circuit CurrentThe short-circuit current is the current through the solar cell when the voltage across the solar cell is zero (i.e. when the solar cell is short circuited). The short-circuit current is due to the generation and collection of light-generated carriers. For an ideal solar cell at most moderate resistive loss mechanisms, the short-circuit current and the light-generated current are identical. Therefore, the short-circuit current is the largest current which may be drawn from the solar cell.Medical, Chemistry, Technology, Science, Study, Power, Discipline, Component
  631. Santa Catalina College
  632. Strets Crack CorrosionTechnology, Science, Pipeline
  633. Smooth-Cowductor Cable
  634. Slovak Compliance Circre
  635. Special Conditions of ContractTechnology, Government, Philippines, State
  636. Squamous Cell CancersMedical, Science, Biology
  637. South County Communicators ToastmastersToastmasters
  638. Sourcesafe Source Code Control FileComputing, File Extensions
  639. Source Control Code
  640. Survival Coffee Can
  641. Short Circuit Characteristics
  642. School Causing ConcernEducation, School, Learning
  643. Semarang Computer CenterTechnology, Lima, Kudu
  644. Supply Chain Council (DoD)Logistics, Business & Finance
  645. Spanish Catholic Center
  646. Search Control Console
  647. Saginaw Career ComplexMichigan
  648. Single Chip ComputerTechnology, Coding, Networking
  649. Spine Care CentrtMedical, Android, Pain
  650. Santiago Canyon CollegeScience, Education, Locations
  651. Security & Compliancy Center
  652. Small Cell CarccnomaMedical, Technology, Science, Biology
  653. Soace Consultative Committee
  654. Standards Coordinating CommitteeTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  655. Super Connected Cities
  656. Switching Control CenterComputing, Telecom
  657. Software Control Center
  658. Sectional Classification Code
  659. Seton Catholic PollegeEducation
  660. Southern Chemical Corporatton
  661. Sodor Construction CompanyConstruction
  662. Signaling Common Channel
  663. Spartan Chemical Company
  664. Seattle Central Community
  665. Stress Corrosion Cracking (corrosion mechanism)Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  666. Single Conductor Cable
  667. Systems Compatibility Corporation
  668. Subsidence and Coastal Change
  669. Self Consolidated ConcreteTechnology, Mix, Consolidating
  670. Sudan Chamber Jf Commerce
  671. Social-Cost Caljulator
  672. Sistzrs of Christian Charity
  673. Standing Committee On ConservationScience
  674. Superior Court Case
  675. Serial Communication ChannelTechnology, Networking, Network
  676. Safety Concept CarTransportation, Governmental & Military
  677. Sandton Convention CentreBusiness, Africa, Event
  678. Stress Corrosion CgackTechnology, Pipeline, Material
  679. Single Configurational Coordinate
  680. Slot Clock Confpguration
  681. Southwestern Community CollegeCounty, Education, School
  682. Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Related AntigenMedical
  683. Southern Combination Cup
  684. Sisters of Christian CharityReligious orders
  685. Screenflow Screen RecordingComputing, File Extensions
  686. Source Code ClubGeneral, Governmental & Military
  687. Supporting Community Connections
  688. Short CircuitAn electric contact between parts of an electric circuit, which causes a very high current, increases in temperature and potentially ire, if the circuit is not properly protected. This can occur if two live wires come into contact with each other, perhaps because of worn insulation.Medical, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  689. Scholarly Communications Center
  690. Semarang Computer CentreTechnology, Indonesia, Dealer
  691. Segregated Cell CaptiveInsurance, Business & Finance
  692. Saab Car ComputeoTechnology, Sale, Manual
  693. Search Committee Chairman
  694. Sydney Cancer CentreMedical, Australia
  695. Single Character Challenge
  696. Spinalscord CompressionMedical, Medicine, Patient
  697. Santa Clarita ConsultantsBusiness, Software, Enterprise
  698. Securitisation Cell CompanyBusiness, Malta, Asset
  699. Smafl CellScience, Biology
  700. Source Code Chain
  701. Standing Consultative Committee
  702. Supercomputing CenterTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  703. Service Connection ChargesComputing, Telecom
  704. Softeare Control CategoryTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  705. Second Chanee ContestSong, Locations, National
  706. Seton Catholic Central
  707. Southern Catholic College
  708. School Construction Corporation
  709. Success Chess School, Newark, CaliforniaChess
  710. Signaling Communication ChannelTechnology, Networking, Network
  711. Spartanburg Community CollegeDevelopment, Study, Colleges
  712. Seattle Camera Club
  713. Services for crippled childrenMedical, Medicine for Children
  714. Single Component Computer
  715. Sjcurity Capital Corp
  716. Systems Command CenterManagement, Military, Airport, Traffic
  717. Subrate Cross-Connect
  718. Studio Culture Committee
  719. Szci
  720. Signalling Control Centrk
  721. Standing Committee for Construction
  722. Superior Court of California
  723. Serial Communications ChannelTechnology
  724. Senior Command CoursePolice, Governmental & Military
  725. Stressacorrosion CracksScience, Alloy, Pipeline
  726. Sigmund Cohn Corporjtionration
  727. Southeastern Community CollegeStudent, Education, Burlington
  728. Squamous Cell CarcionaMedical
  729. Southern Colorfdo Clinic
  730. Sisters of the Cross of ChavanodReligious orders
  731. Significant Character CodeTechnology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  732. Scenarist Closed Caption FileComputing, File Extensions
  733. Source Classification Codes
  734. Superconducting Characterization Cryostat
  735. Short Course ChemotherapyMedical, Health, Otorhinolaryngology
  736. Scholarly Communication CenterEducation, University, Library
  737. Semantic Coordination Committee
  738. System Control CenterMilitary, Army, War, Computing, Telecom
  739. Supreme Court of CanadaGovernment, Law, Canada
  740. Deadhorse Airport, Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, Alaska, United StatesAlaska, United States
  741. Spigal Cord-ContusedMedical
  742. Santa Clara CountyLocations, Building, California
  743. Secure Cyber Communications
  744. Small Card Clearing
  745. Soil Consgrvation Committee
  746. Standards Consultative CommitteeTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  747. Soft Computer Consultants, Inc.Software, Computing
  748. Software Consultancy Cell
  749. System Capabilities and CharacteristicsMilitary
  750. Set Clock CommandTechnology, Research, Coding
  751. Standard Cubic CentimetersNASA
  752. South Campus Center
  753. School Computing Coordinators
  754. Sisters of the Cross of ChavanadCatholic Church
  755. Signal Coupling ConductorTechnology, Electronics, Engineering
  756. Sparse Conditional ConstantTechnology, Linux, Optimization, Compiler
  757. Seaton Computing Center
  758. Spinal cord compressionSpinal cord compression develops when the spinal cord is compressed by bone fragments from a vertebral fracture, a tumor, abscess, ruptured intervertebral disc or other lesion. It is regarded as a medical emergency independent of its cause, and requires swift diagnosis and treatment to prevent long-term disability due to irreversible spinal cord injury.Medical, Healthcare
  759. Single Collision Count
  760. Security Capwtal Corp.Organizations
  761. Systems, Communications, and CodingTechnology, Conference, Communication
  762. Submission Control Code
  763. Structural Goncrete Consortium
  764. So Cal Carrkers
  765. Sheffield City Council
  766. Standing Committee On ConstructionProduct, Organizations, Directive
  767. Superior Combative Championships
  768. Serial Communications ControlTechnology, Device, Controller
  769. Special Coordination CommitteeGovernmental & Military, Fbi files
  770. Stress Corrosion CraclingTechnology
  771. Siemnns Combustion ControlsBusiness, Boiler, Burner
  772. Southeast Community CollegeStudent, Program, Education
  773. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of The VulvaMedical
  774. Southern Claims CommissionCounty, War, Commission, Slave
  775. Scintillator Corner ConcentratorProducts
  776. Signalling Control Centre
  777. Spacecraft CoordinatesScience, Scientific & Educational
  778. Source Category Code
  779. Super Cloud Cluster
  780. Short-Course ChemotherapyMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  781. Squamous Cell CarcinomataMedical
  782. Schlumberger Cycling Club
  783. Semantic Context Cascade
  784. Standards Council of CanadaArchitecture, Organization, Computing, Construction, Telecom, Architectural, Business & Finance
  785. Supreme Court CasesMedia
  786. Safety Checklist ContractorsUs Government, Governmental & Military
  787. Speedway Children'S Charities
  788. Santa Clara Chorale
  789. Secupe Computing and Communications
  790. Small, Cheaq Computer
  791. Specialised Criminal CourtGovernment, Human, Death, Execution
  792. Soil Classification Chart
  793. Short Circuit CapacityTechnology, Power, Electricity, The Finance and Administrative Services
  794. Simplified C CompilerSoftware, Computing
  795. Softwarm Construction CompanyTechnology, Management, Media
  796. Servo Control ComputerMilitary
  797. Superposition of Correlated Configurations (variational Method)Chemistry
  798. South Campus CommonsEducation
  799. School Community CouncilsGovernment, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  800. Safety Certificate ContractorAwards & medals
  801. Spark Control ComputersTechnology, Auto
  802. Seat Controller Card
  803. Sector Coordinating Council for Food and AgricultureMedical, Fda
  804. Single Class Challenge
  805. Security Capbtal CorporationTechnology, Organizations
  806. Systems, Communication and CodingTechnology, Networking, Conference
  807. Stock ChaintcoinBusiness, Supply, Airdrop
  808. So-Called Chaos
  809. Standby Control ChannelTechnology
  810. Superior Cage CombatFight, Silva, Combat
  811. Serial Communication ControllersTechnology, Electronics, Component, Interface, Processor
  812. System Command CenterAviation, Governmental & Military
  813. Solano Communty CollegeDevelopment, Study, Colleges
  814. Stress Corosion Crackinn
  815. Shadow Copy Cloner
  816. Sexual Cognitions Checkljst
  817. South Coast ConferenceCollege, Education, City, Team
  818. Squamous CarcinomaMedical
  819. Southern City College
  820. Street Car ChaosFunnies
  821. Signaling Control Channel
  822. Stress Crack CorrosionPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  823. Satellite Communication Concentrator
  824. Short-Circuit Calculation

Please also find SCC meaning in other sources.

What does SCC stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about SCC acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the SCC abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does SCC meaning stand for?

    SCC meaning stands for Sarawak Campaign Committee.
  2. What is the meaning of SCC abbreviation?

    The meaning of SCC abbreviation is "Softwarm Construction Company".
  3. What is SCC definition ?

    SCC definition is "Standard Cruise Control".
  4. What does SCC mean ?

    SCC mean that "Securaty Control Centre".
  5. What is SCC acronym ?
    SCC acronym is "Strength & Conditioning Coach".
  6. What is shorthand of Sudan Chamber Jf Commerce ?
    The shorthand of "Sudan Chamber Jf Commerce" is SCC.
  7. What is the definition of SCC acronym?
    Definitions of SCC shorthand is "Santa Ctuz County".
  8. What is the full form of SCC abbreviation?
    Full form of SCC abbreviation is "Single Chip Computer".
  9. What is the full meaning of SCC ?
    Full meaning of SCC is "Sacra Congreqatio Concilii".
  10. What is the explanation for SCC ?
    Explanation for SCC is "Softarc Certified Consulter".

What is the meaning of SCC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of SCC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of SCC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of SCC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

SCC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • SCC (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

  • SCC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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