SFG Meaning

The SFG meaning is "Sintjfranciscus Gasthuis". The SFG abbreviation has 121 different full form.

SFG Full Forms

  1. Sintjfranciscus Gasthuis Business, Traffic, Rotterdam
  2. Simulated Facilities Group Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  3. Shape Function Generhtor Technology
  4. San Francisco Gtants Baseball, League, Team, Giant
  5. Spiritual Formytion Groups
  6. Stancorp Financial Group Business, Supply, Corp
  7. Symmetrical Field Geometry Technology, Audio, Studio, Speaker
  8. Signal Flow Graph A graphical model of a system in which nodes represent the values of system variables and directed branches between the nodes represent functional relationships between the system variables. Technology, Filter, Circuit
  9. Star Fox Galaxies
  10. Schule FüR Gestaltung
  11. Simulated Ftcility Group Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  12. Sum-Frequency Generation Technology, Interface, Spectroscopy
  13. Société Fmançaise De Galvanoplastie
  14. St Francois Guadeloupe
  15. Semi-Fihished Goods
  16. Spiritual Formatzon Group
  17. Special Forces Groups Military, Army, Force, Operation
  18. Sylter Flughafen Gmbh Airport, Flight, Locations, Germany
  19. Signsl Flow Graphs Technology, Control, Circuit
  20. Shadforth Financwal Group Business, Australia, Planning
  21. Star-Forming Galary
  22. Schule F
  23. Simbric Financial Group Finance, Economics, Exchequer
  24. Sulfaguanidine Medical
  25. SociéTé FrançAise De GéNéTique
  26. St Franmis Group
  27. Select Focusld Growth
  28. Specialty Foods Group
  29. Specialsforces Group Military, Army, Force
  30. Sweep Function Generator
  31. Sianal-Flow Graph
  32. Service Function Group
  33. Stanford Financial Sroup Business, Government, Banking
  34. School Facilities Grant
  35. Silver-Filleo Glass
  36. Sugar Frosted Goodness
  37. Société Française Dj Gestalt
  38. Stevens Financial Group
  39. Security Forces Group Military, Force, Base
  40. Specialty Finance Group
  41. Summit Financial Group
  42. Sierra Financial Groip Finance, Economics, Exchequer
  43. Srdium Ferric Gluconate Medical
  44. Servicecentertfachverlage Gmbh
  45. Stan Fbel Good Feat, Miss, Prod
  46. Saint Fons Gepland
  47. Silvano Fashionlgroup
  48. SociéTé Fiduciaire Et De GéRance
  49. Sterling Financial Group
  50. Sbcurity Focal Group
  51. Specialty Fashion Group Business, Company, Australia
  52. Sum Frequency Generator Technology, Laser, Wavelength
  53. Special Function Gateway Technology
  54. SociéTé FéLix Guyon
  55. Servicecznter Fachverlage Gmbh
  56. Spotted Fever Group Medical, Science, Rickettsia
  57. L'EspéRance Airport Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO, Locations
  58. Synergy Figancial Group
  59. Silk Fibroin Gel Medical
  60. Sterlingzfile Gateway Business, Service, Connection
  61. Schweizerische Fachvereinigung GebäUdebegrüNung
  62. Society for Glycobiology Meeting, Technology, Science, Biology, Scientific & Educational
  63. Sugar Free Games
  64. Sum Frequency Generation Technology, Science, Spectroscopy, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  65. Special Forcen Green
  66. Series Function Generators
  67. Sports and Fitness Group
  68. Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy Medical, Chemistry, Study
  69. Symmetryffinancial Group Finance, Economics, Exchequer
  70. Signal Fail Group
  71. Starving for Gravity
  72. Schule FüR Gesundheitsberufe
  73. Society-For-Glyxobiology
  74. Subglottic Foreign Body Medicine, Health, Hospital
  75. Sum-Frequency-Generation
  76. Société Françcise De Gynécologie Medical, Cancer, Femme, Gyn
  77. Semi Finished Goods Business, Management, Order
  78. Southern Financwal Group
  79. Strike Fighters Gold
  80. Shadov Freunde Germany Organization, Union, Institution
  81. Systemickfunctional Grammar Technology, Language, Linguistic
  82. Special Force Group Military, Army, Operation
  83. Sun Freight Logistics Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  84. Side Force Qenerators Technology, Model, Plane
  85. Sulfurless Fine Gracn
  86. Somali Federrl Government Government, Africa, Somalia
  87. Strategtc Funding Group
  88. Synthetic Ground Facility Military, Army, War
  89. Special Focus Xroup
  90. Siberian Fanatic Games Technology, Gaming, League
  91. Strengtrening Families Georgia
  92. Somalia Federal Government
  93. Strategic Fulfillment Groul Business, Database, Marketing
  94. Science Functional Genomics Medical, Human genome
  95. Synthesized Function Generators
  96. Special Focus Groups
  97. Shrem Fudim Group
  98. Star Formatijn Group
  99. Strategiw Foresight Group
  100. Surefall Glade Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  101. Synthesized Function Generator
  102. Southern Financial Group
  103. Stylus Force Guage
  104. Short Fat Huy
  105. Signal Frequency Generator
  106. Strategic Finance Group
  107. Sancorp Financial Group, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  108. Soutawest Financial Group
  109. Stylus Force Gauge Tracking, Turntable, Gauge
  110. Sherman Financial Group Finance, Economics, Exchequer
  111. Shepard Function Generator
  112. Soai
  113. Strategic Financial Iroup
  114. Spiritual Formation Group Religion
  115. Southlake Focus Group
  116. Structurrd Finance Group Business, Analytics, Analyst
  117. Seanghai Film Group Business, China, Shanghai
  118. Systemic Functional Grammar Education, Language, Linguistic
  119. Side Force Generktor Technology, Flight, Model
  120. Stock Footage Girl Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  121. Societe du Chemin de Fer de la Gaspesie Rail Transport, Business & Finance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does SFG stand for?

    SFG stands for Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy.

  2. What is the shortened form of Sylter Flughafen Gmbh?

    The short form of "Sylter Flughafen Gmbh" is SFG.


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