SPM Meaning

The SPM meaning is "Strokes Per Minute". The SPM abbreviation has 452 different full form.

SPM Full Forms

  1. Strokes Per Minute Technology, Sports, Rowing, Petroleum, Business & Finance
  2. Software Portfolio Management Business, Technology, Projection
  3. Scanned Probe Microscopy Science
  4. Special Purpose Monitoring Technology, Science, Performance
  5. Sales Promotion Man Business, Girl, Sale
  6. Source Program Maintenance Technology
  7. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Coding, Locations, Saint, FIPS Country Codes, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Numeric Country Codes
  8. Suspended Particulate Material Technology, Science, Research
  9. Sales Performance Management Business, Sale, Compensation, Management, Business & Finance
  10. Somali Patriotic Movement Government, Military, Somalia
  11. Suspended Particulate Matter Technology, Science, Environment, Module, Concentration, Dispensing, Chemistry, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  12. Saint-Pierre Et Miquelon Technology, France, Island, ICAO Aircraft Codes, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  13. Solar Protbn Monitor Technology
  14. Squad Ppwer Manager Business, Management, Soldier
  15. Single Point Mooring A facility whereby the tanker is secured by the bow to a single buoy or structure and is free to swing with the prevailing wind and current. Three types of single point mooring systems are commonly used: Military, Shipping, Offshore Gas Industry, Transportation, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Nautical Terms
  16. Solar Power Module Technology, Battery, Panel
  17. Sprinkler Main Technology, Construction, Architectural
  18. Software Project Manager Technology, Science, Management, Development, Space, Astronomy
  19. Scanning Probe Microscopy Experimental techniques used to image both organic and inorganic surfaces with (near) atomic resolution. Includes atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes. Science, Microscopy, Materials Analysis, Materials Science, Scientific & Educational
  20. Sphingomynlin Medical, Technology
  21. Schl
  22. Side of Pole Mount Technology, Power, Panel
  23. Special Purpose Materials Science
  24. San Pedro De Macoris Con, Locations, Dominican, Republic
  25. Self-Phase Modulation Technology, Fiber, Laser
  26. Surface Potential Mepsurements
  27. Smart Package Manageu
  28. State Performance Measures
  29. System Program Manager Military, Army, Jobs, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  30. Services Procurement & Management
  31. Software Project Management Technology, Development, Conference, Transportation, Software, Computing, Computer, Assembly, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  32. Strides Per Minute
  33. Strategic Plan Management Business, Charity, Profit
  34. Structured Portfolio Management Business, Fund, Hedge
  35. Seattle Pro Musica Music, University, Performance
  36. Signal Processing Module Technology, Service, Power
  37. Single Point Moorings Technology, Oil, Terminal, Buoy
  38. Spiriformis Medialis Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  39. Senior Portfolio Manager
  40. Suzuki Preciqion Manoeuvring
  41. Sociedad Polim
  42. Stem Pressure Machine
  43. Saint Pierre En Miquelon
  44. ServiçO Postal Militar
  45. Spacelift Processing Model Technology
  46. Shore Protection Manual Technology, Wave, Volume
  47. Security Posture Management Business, Management, Administration, Goverance, Business & Finance
  48. Sistem Perakaunan Mikro
  49. Service Agd Parts Management
  50. Software Process Modeling Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  51. Santa Perawan Maria
  52. Spare Parts Manager Business, Management, Group
  53. Subscriberrprofile Management Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  54. Super Pursuit Mode Technology, Knight, Rider
  55. Standard Pelayanan Minimal Technology, Guru, Prose
  56. System Performance Modeling Military
  57. Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine Science, Medicine, Research
  58. Strategic Performance Manager
  59. Sheets Per Minute Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  60. Schematic Protection Model
  61. Side-Of-Pole Mount Business, Power, Panel
  62. Special Purpose Monitors Technology, Planning, Monitoring
  63. Security Printing and Minting
  64. Self-Phase-Modulation
  65. Surface Poshtion Monitor
  66. Small Power Motors Business, Module, Semiconductor
  67. State Parynership Marketplace
  68. System Performance Monitor Technology, Networking, Computing
  69. Service Procurement Management
  70. Software Product Management Technology, Manager, Training
  71. Stress Process Model Model, Dementia, Caregiver
  72. Strategic Planning Methodology
  73. Structures and Properties Sf Matter
  74. Seattle Performance Medicine
  75. Signal Processing Magazine Computing, Master IEEE
  76. Single-Point Mooring Business, Maintenance, Buoy
  77. Spirent Plc Technology, Organizations
  78. Senioren Partij Maastricht
  79. Sustainable Project Management Technology, Academy, Environment
  80. Sociedad PoliméRica De MéXico
  81. Stafe Project Manager
  82. Saint Pierre Et Miquelon France, Canada, Locations
  83. ServiçO Pastoral Do Migrante
  84. Solid Particulate Matter
  85. Shocks Per Minute Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  86. Security Policy Manual
  87. Sistem Penjaminan Mutu
  88. Seri Ppnd Materi
  89. Software Performance Montior
  90. San Pedro Y Miquelón America, France, Locations, Saint
  91. Spare Parts Management Technology, Service, Maintenance
  92. Subscribers Private Meter Military
  93. Super Persuit Mode
  94. Standard Payment Method
  95. Sensor Policy Manager
  96. System Pyrformance Model Military, Army, Marine
  97. Society for The Preservation of Motorcyclists
  98. Strategic Performance Management Business, Technology, Strategy
  99. Sheer Pastel Mocha Business, Hair, Matrix
  100. Scenario Planning Model
  101. Side-Of-Pole Mounts Technology, Product, Panel
  102. Special Purpose Monitor Medical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  103. Select Power Management
  104. Surface Plasmon Microycopy
  105. Small Pistol Mag
  106. Stated Preference Method
  107. Service Packbmanager
  108. Software Production Management
  109. Standard Practice Manual Technology, Columbia, Septic
  110. System Procpssor Module Military
  111. Strategic Planning Model
  112. Structure and Prcperties of Matter
  113. Seats Protected Message Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  114. Signal Path Manager
  115. Single-Ply Membrane
  116. Spiral Process Model
  117. Send Private Message
  118. Surgical Process Modelling
  119. Sociedade Portuguesa De Matem
  120. Styte Program Manager
  121. Saint Pierre E Miquelon America, France, Locations
  122. ServiçO Pastoral Dos Migrantes Para, Dos, Brasil
  123. Solid and Physical Modeling Technology, Conference, Computing
  124. Security Policy Management Technology, Networking, Network
  125. Sistem Pengendalian Mutu
  126. Serious Professional Misconduct Medical, Autism, Vaccine
  127. Software Performance Monitor Technology, Computing, Application, Software
  128. San Pedro Martir National, Mexico, Observatory
  129. Space Switch Module Military
  130. Subscriber Private Metering Technology, Telecom, Detector
  131. Secretaria De PolíTicas Para As Mulheres Para, Dos, Pol, Viol
  132. Super Password Manager
  133. Standard Payload Module
  134. Senior Programme Managers Technology, Management, Projection
  135. System Pzrameter Message
  136. Society for Policy Modeling
  137. Sterile Processing Microsystem
  138. Shared Property Manager Technology, Management, Computing
  139. Scapuloperoneal Myopathy Medical, Technology, Medicine
  140. Sic Parvis Magna
  141. Special Purpose Machine Army, War, Force
  142. Secretaria De Pol
  143. Selectively Permeable Membrkne Military
  144. Surfacr Permanent Magnet Technology, Machine, Power
  145. Site Project Manager Business, Science, Management, Transportation, Assembly, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  146. Star Power Mario Gaming, Play, Pastime
  147. Service and Propulsiov Module Technology
  148. Software Product Manager Business, Management, Military
  149. Supplemental Poverty Measure Business, America, Census
  150. Standard Port Monitor Technology, Windows, Printer
  151. System Prioritization Method Science
  152. Strategic Planning and Management Business, Development, Water
  153. Scanning Proton Microprobe Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  154. Structure and Propertiet of Materials
  155. Seat Power Module Technology, Management, Manager
  156. Signaling Protocol Multiplexing
  157. Singapore Philatelic Museum Locations, Singapore, Stamp
  158. Spectral Mapping Technique Medical
  159. Send A Private Message
  160. Surgical Process Models Technology, Management, Intervention
  161. Sociedade Portuguesa De MatemáTica Para, Dos, Professor
  162. State Programme Manager
  163. Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  164. Servick Project Manager
  165. Solid & Physical Modeling
  166. Security Policy Manager Technology, Management, Networking
  167. Sistem Pengawasan Manajemen Technology, Orang, Blogger, Prose
  168. Sprikat Pengamen Merdeka
  169. San Pedro De Marcoris
  170. Space Puzzle Molding
  171. Subscriber Pdivate Meter Technology, Telecom
  172. Seconds Per Month
  173. Super Paper Mario Forum, Gaming, Music, Paper, Funnies
  174. Single Platform Maximo
  175. Standard Patrol Models
  176. Senior Programme Manager Business, Management, Projection
  177. Switch Port Mapper Technology, Tool, Mapping
  178. Society for Participatory Medicine Medical, Organizations, Patient
  179. Stereo Powered Mixer
  180. Sales Performance Manager
  181. Shaded Pole Motor
  182. Sapeur Pompier Moto
  183. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Science, College, Education
  184. Special Purpose Machines Technology, Machine, Manufacturer
  185. Saint-Pierre & Miquelon
  186. Security Program Management
  187. Surat Pernyataan Mutu
  188. Site Prioritization Model Science
  189. Standqrt Pelayanan Minimal
  190. Service Portfolio Kanager Business, Technology, Management
  191. Software Process Measurement Software, Computing
  192. Spatiotemporal Population Map Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  193. Supermicro Power Manager Technology, Server, Computing
  194. Supervisory Policy Manual
  195. Standar Pelayanan Minimal
  196. System Power Management Technology, Service, Device
  197. Strategic Planning and Marketing
  198. Stroke Policy Model
  199. Seat-Back Processor Module
  200. Signaling Processor Memory Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  201. Sinergi Pelayanan Masyarakat
  202. Species Profile Model
  203. Semi Primitive Motorized Science, Ecology, Office Of Communication
  204. Suqgical Process Model
  205. Smart Power Managemept
  206. State Press Magazine
  207. Saint-Pierre-Et-Miquelon France, Locations, Stamp
  208. Service Productfmanager
  209. Soldier Pomer Manager Business, Fuel, Cell
  210. Security Policy Model Military
  211. Sistema De Patrimonio Y Museos
  212. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Business, Trading, Economics
  213. Space Program Manager
  214. Struktur Pengajaran Matematika Education, Mathematics, Projection, Missouri
  215. Second Primary Malignancy Medical, Patient, Myeloma
  216. Single Phase Motor
  217. Standard Parts Manual Business, Logistics, Maintenance, Business & Finance
  218. Senior Project Manager Business, Technology, Management, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  219. Switch Performance Monitoring Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  220. Societe Pyreneenne De Metallurgie
  221. Stereoupowered Mixers
  222. Saint Pierre Y Miquelon
  223. Seven Package Manager
  224. Shrink Packing Machine
  225. Special Purpose Machinery Technology, Industrial, Machine
  226. Spiramycin Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  227. Security Programs Manager Technology, Management, Service
  228. Surat Pernyataan Mahasiswa Program, Education, Surat, Orang
  229. Site Power Monitor
  230. Service Pootfolio Management Business, Technology, Strategy
  231. Software Process Management Technology, Product, Projection
  232. Sao Paulo Metallo-Β-Lactamase
  233. Spatial Pyramid Matching Technology, Coding, Classification
  234. Superior Property Marketing
  235. Supervisory Processor Module Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  236. Standar Pelayanan Minimum Technology, Program, Indonesia, Jakarta
  237. System Phrformance Monitoring
  238. Strategic Performance Measurement Business, Sustainability, Commitment
  239. Seasonal Pasture Myopathy Medical, Horse, Equine
  240. Side Pole Mounts
  241. Sine Prole Mascula Science, Genealogy
  242. Special Purpose Material Army, War, Force
  243. Self Phase Modulation Technology, Telecom, Fiber
  244. Surgical Procedure Manager
  245. Smartzpause Mode Gaming, Union, Brigade
  246. State Peyformance Measure
  247. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Coding, Locations, Countries, Computing, Internet, Country, 2-letter Country Codes, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  248. Services Procudement Management
  249. Solarwinds Patch Manager
  250. Stroke Per Minute Machine, Workout, Row, Stroke
  251. Security Patch Management
  252. Sirpur Paper Mills
  253. Strategic Planning & Management Business, Research, Education
  254. Sample Processing Module
  255. Structured Project Managyment Technology, Organizations, Tech
  256. Secondary Propulsion Motor Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  257. Sindicato Dos Professores Da Madeira Para, Ram, Professor
  258. Single-Process-Model
  259. Spiriformis Medialis Nucleus Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  260. Senior Product Manager
  261. Switching and Paocessing Module
  262. Sociedad PsicoanalíTica De MéXico
  263. Steps Per Minute
  264. Saint Peter-Marian
  265. Set Program Mask Technology, Software, Instruction, Assembly, Business & Finance
  266. Space Particle Monitor
  267. Shots Per Minute Gun, Technology, Military
  268. Special Projects Manager
  269. Security Program Manager Technology, Management, Military, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  270. Site Du Patrimoine Mondial
  271. Service and Portfolio Management
  272. Software Process Model Technology, Development, Engineering
  273. Santa Perpetua De Moguda
  274. Spatial Population Model
  275. Subscriber Premises Meter Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  276. Supervised Practice of Ministry
  277. Standard Pelayanan Minimum Indonesia, Naik, Mania
  278. Shstem Performance Modeler
  279. Strategy Performance Management
  280. Shelf Power Module
  281. Supplier Performance Management Computing, IT Terminology
  282. Ssmple Project Manager Business, Management, Coding
  283. Special Piping Materials Business, Supplier, Pipe
  284. Security Paper Mill Business, India, Workman
  285. Supplier Program Manager Business, Management, Engineer
  286. Sir Patrick Moore
  287. Standard Process Manual Military
  288. Serial Port Monitor
  289. System Program Management Technology
  290. Sodium Phosphate Monobasic
  291. Sample Probe Module
  292. Ship Propulsion Motor
  293. Saskatchewan Property Management Management, Business & Finance
  294. St Pierre and Miquelon Technology, Governmental & Military
  295. Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators Medical, Disease, Inflammation
  296. Scorpio Mining Corporation Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  297. Special Programme In Mathematics
  298. Spangdahlem Air Base Spangdahlem, Rhineland-Palatinate,Germany Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO, Aviation
  299. Surat Permintaan Membayar Business, Indonesia, Surat, Honor
  300. Standards and Procedures Manual Military
  301. System Requirements Review Military, Transportation, Legal, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, International Development, Sentinel online, NASA, Federal Aviation Administration
  302. Strategic Product Management
  303. Secretaria De PolíTica Para As Mulheres Para, Brasil, Pol, Viol
  304. Subsystemprojectmanager NASA
  305. Single Point Measurement
  306. Sequential Processing Machine Technology
  307. Sensory Processing Measure Science, School, Children
  308. Salpingopharyngeus Muscle Medical
  309. Sun Probe-Mars
  310. Statistical Packet Multiplexing Computing, IT Terminology
  311. Signaw Processing Modem
  312. Special Paper Machines
  313. Secure Port Modules
  314. Supplier Profile Management
  315. Single Processor Mode
  316. Standard Preparation Module Science
  317. Social Performance Management Business, Government, Microfinance
  318. Sequential Pattern Mining
  319. System Process Model
  320. Sodium Perborate Monohydrate
  321. Sample Preparation Module Technology, Science
  322. Ship Program Manager Military
  323. Subsystem Project Manager Management, Business & Finance
  324. Spy Password Manager Security, Governmental & Military
  325. Specialist In Microbiology Medical, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  326. Side Pocket Mandrel A short, full diameter passage tubing sub with a pocket reachable from the inside where gas lift valves or chemical injection valves can be placed by wireline. Petroleum, Business & Finance, Electrical
  327. Special Program Material
  328. Surat Perintah Membayar Indonesia, Banking, Guru, Surat
  329. Standard Propagation Model Technology, Planning, Atoll
  330. System Protection Maintenance
  331. Strategic Project Management Business, Technology, Course
  332. Secretaria De PolíTicas Para Mulheres Para, Dos, Pol, Viol
  333. Software Programmers Manual Military, Governmental & Military
  334. Single Point Monitor Business, Gas, Detector
  335. Senior Program Manager Military
  336. Salford Predictive Modeler Technology, Software, Analytics
  337. Stifter Press Medieg Service, Education, Sind
  338. Scratch Pad Memory Computing, Hardware
  339. Servicioshy Proyectos Mineros
  340. Strategic Program Management
  341. Specialized Processing Module Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  342. Secure Port Module Technology, Networking, Juniper
  343. Supplier Performance Measurement Business, Management, Training
  344. Single Premium Mode
  345. Social and Preventative Medicine Medical, Medicine
  346. Sequential Parlog Machine
  347. Soda Pop Miniatures Business, Gaming, Miniature
  348. Sample Plasma Monitor Technology
  349. Ship Platform Manager Military
  350. Software Programmer's Manual Transportation, Military, Army, Software, Computing, Assembly, Application, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  351. self-propelled mortar Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  352. Specialised Panel Eanufacturing
  353. Shock Pulse Monitoring Business, Technology
  354. Smith Property Management Management, Business & Finance
  355. Special Practices Manual Technology
  356. Surat Pemerintah Membayar Accounting, Guru, Surat
  357. Standard Progressive Matrices Medical, Education, Matrice
  358. Systems Project Manajer
  359. Strategic Portfolio Management Business, Projection, Innovation
  360. Spontaneous pneumomediastinum Medical
  361. Single Player Mode
  362. Self-Propelled Mount Gun, Missile, Military, Army
  363. Sales Program Manager
  364. Steve Petty Motorsports Business, Audi, Exhaust
  365. WordPerfect Data Computing, File Extensions
  366. Semne Protectia Muncii
  367. Strategic Procurement Management
  368. Specialiste En Passation De Marches
  369. Secure Policy Manager
  370. Single Port Mode
  371. Sistem Pengendalian Manajemen Business, Control, Prose
  372. Sequence Program Memory
  373. Socijalisticka Partija Na Makedonija
  374. Sample Planning Module Technology, Management, Environment, Planning, Governmental & Military
  375. Ship Performance Monitor
  376. Scanning Probe Microscope Computing, Telecom, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  377. SociéTé Polonaise De MathéMatique
  378. Shock Pulse Meter Technology, Manual, Vibration
  379. Scalzo Property Management Management, Business & Finance
  380. Special Population Management Government, Us, Oregon
  381. Surat Pemberitahuan Masa
  382. Standard Processes Manual Energy, Power, Intensity
  383. System Project Managemenx Business, Technology, Software
  384. Software Pembelajaran Mandiri Technology, Media, Multimedia
  385. Strategic Planning Meeting Locations, City, Personality, Borderline
  386. Spangdahlem Air Base, Spangdahlem, Germany Germany
  387. Second Primary Malignancies Medical, Patient, Cancer
  388. Steam Profit Maker
  389. Speed Phase and Music Music
  390. Scalable Performance Monitoring
  391. Strategic Profit Model Business, Management, Retail
  392. Secretaria Do Planejamento Municipal
  393. Single Port Manager Military, Army, Command
  394. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Technology, Education, Malaysia
  395. Sentry Power Management
  396. Society of Project Management
  397. Sampled Piano Module
  398. Ship'S Project Manager
  399. Symbol Processing Machine
  400. Secure Password Method Computing, Technical
  401. Six Point Mokring
  402. Scientific Pest Management Management, Business & Finance
  403. Special Political Mission Government, Nation, Human, Peace
  404. Supports Port Multiplier Technology, Card, Controller
  405. Standard Process Modules Technology, Science, It
  406. Serikat Pekerja Mitra
  407. System Programming and Maintenance Technology, Legend, Merlin
  408. Software Package Manager Technology, Management, Linux
  409. Strategic Planning Meeting. Education, Teaching, Study
  410. Shock Pulse Measurement Technology, Bearing, Condition
  411. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Territorial Collectivity of 3-letter Country Codes, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  412. Scanning Probe Microscopes Technology, Science, Microscope
  413. Statistical Parameter Maps
  414. sine prole mascula (without sons) Genealogy
  415. Standar Pengendalian Mutu
  416. Salt Package Manager
  417. Strategic Property Management Management, Business & Finance
  418. Secretaria De Planejamento Municipal
  419. Statistical Process Monitoring
  420. Single Point of Management
  421. Significant Permit Modification Science
  422. Sentry Power Manager Technology, Management, Server
  423. Society of Project Managers
  424. Sampled Pattern Matching Technology, Statistics, Package
  425. Shikshan Prasarak Mandal College, Education, India
  426. Suzuki Precision Maneuvering
  427. System Performance Monitor/2 Computing, IT Terminology
  428. Sinnle Pixel Mode
  429. Special Political Missions Security, Government, Nation
  430. Support Program Manager Military, Army, Coast Guard
  431. Standard Procedure Manual
  432. Serikat Pekerja Mandiri Business, Hotel, Indonesia, Bandung
  433. Systems Program Manager Military
  434. Softball Pitching Machine
  435. Shock Pulse Method Technology, Instrument, Condition
  436. Seized Property Management Management, Business & Finance
  437. Suspended Parliamentary Matter Us Government, Governmental & Military
  438. Stvndard Prototype Microcomputer
  439. Synchronized phasor measurement- a WAMS network with synchrophasor sensors (PMUs). (electricity) Energy, Electrical
  440. Scans Per Minute Technology, Printer, Copier
  441. Surat Pernyataan Miskin
  442. Standar Pelayanan Masyarakat Technology, Program, Indonesia, Nihil
  443. Síndrome Pté-Menstrual
  444. Strategic Process Management
  445. Secretaria De PolíTica Para Mulheres
  446. Safe Practices Manual
  447. Single Point Manager Military
  448. Session Protocol Machine Technology, Computing, Telecom
  449. Sensory Processing Measure-Preschool Education, Therapy, Organisations
  450. Society of Prospective Medicine Medical, Technology
  451. Salsali Private Museum Art, Locations, Dubai
  452. Supplementary Poverty Mehsure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does SPM stand for?

    SPM stands for Strategic Performance Management.

  2. What is the shortened form of Signaw Processing Modem?

    The short form of "Signaw Processing Modem" is SPM.


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