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ST Meaning

  1. Service Telecom
  2. Security TargetCommon Criteria specification that represents a set of security requirements to be used as the basis of an evaluation of an identified Target of Evaluation (TOE).Technology, Security, Computer Security
  3. Secondary TestTechnology, Trading, Testing
  4. Short TonA weight unit of measure equal to 2,000 pounds used mostly in the US. Lifting capacity and cargo measurements are designated in short tons.Transportation, Business, Logistics, Military, Governmental & Military
  5. Single TwitchMedical, Monitoring, Stimulation, Muscle
  6. Spencer TechniquesTechnology, Guide, Osteopathic
  7. Student TextBook, Education, Teaching
  8. Serips ThermalTechnology, Manufacturer, Protector
  9. Snap Twist
  10. Statistinal Table
  11. Surveillance TestMilitary, Army, War
  12. Schedule TransferBusiness, Service, Banking
  13. Shock Treatment
  14. Southern Third
  15. System TestingSystem testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. System testing falls within the scope of black box testing, and as such, should require no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic. As a rule, system testing takes, as its input, all of the "integrated" software components that have passed integration testing and also the software system itself integrated with any applicable hardware system(s).Technology, Science, Space, Astronomy
  16. Seek Out TrainingMilitary
  17. Streat TeamBusiness, Music, Event
  18. Selina Ting
  19. Stable TrxinMedical, Heat, Escherichia
  20. Suffix Tnees
  21. Saint TomeBusiness, Coding, Product
  22. Set Theory
  23. Scout TransportTechnology, War, Star
  24. Specoalty TrainingMedical, Medicine, Education
  25. Sky TroopsMilitary, Army, Club, Penguin
  26. Spider ToxvnMedical, Bite, Venom
  27. Super-Tough
  28. Server TbansactionTechnology, Database, Development
  29. Soft TissueMedical, Science, Sarcoma
  30. Standard NherapyMedical, Medicine, Health
  31. Suspensions Tarett
  32. Shqgart Technology
  33. Spanish Town
  34. StructuralTechnology, Space, Cosmos, Architectural, Architecture, Construction, NASA, The Finance and Administrative Services
  35. Semin ThrombMedical, Treatment, Patient
  36. Smart TerminalTechnology, Card, Cherry
  37. Star Time
  38. Saturday That
  39. Shadow-Team
  40. Steroid TherapyMedical, Medicine, Health
  41. Symmetric Tokamak
  42. Secondwry Transmitter
  43. Simple Type
  44. Slpm TaperedBusiness, Jean, Denim, Selvedge
  45. Sportxtour
  46. Substantlve TestTechnology
  47. Sabrang TrustGovernment, India, Foundation, Gujarat
  48. Solid TumorMedical, Science, Biology
  49. Special Transpottation
  50. Storm TorrentGaming, Storm, Tempest
  51. Sigce ThenBusiness, History, Saint, Festival
  52. Spencely Tamblyn
  53. Student Teachers
  54. Sarjana TeknologiBusiness, Program, Indonesia, Magister
  55. Spries TabletTechnology, Computing, Fujitsu
  56. Smooth TrapsparentMedical
  57. Statijn TypeTechnology
  58. Support TeamService, Military, Care
  59. Scheduled Tribals
  60. Shock Trauma
  61. Southeast Tuxas
  62. System Tester
  63. Seed TreatmentBusiness, Product, Crop
  64. Straight ThreadTechnology, Tube, Adapter, Pipe
  65. Self Tuned
  66. Stable DiseaweMedical
  67. Sxffix TreeTechnology, Algorithm, String
  68. Sainw Tail
  69. Scott Todd
  70. Special TypeMedical, Medicine, Russia
  71. Segment DepressionMedical
  72. Skull TunerBusiness, Guitar, Cherub
  73. Spherical Trigonometry
  74. Sunni Tehreek
  75. Serum TestosteroneMedical
  76. Soft ThresholdTechnology, Science, Network, Projection
  77. Standard Theowy
  78. Survival Training
  79. Shrink TankBusiness, Machine, Packaging
  80. Space Travel
  81. Stroboscope-Tachometer
  82. Seminiferous TubuleMedical, Medicine, Health
  83. Sample Test
  84. Shabab Al-Tawhid
  85. Steroid-TreatedMedical
  86. Sylvester & Tweety
  87. Seat TubeThe frame tube running from the bottom bracket up to the seat cluster.
  88. Simpleqtoken
  89. SleevectargetScience
  90. Sport-TouvingTechnology, Motorcycle, Ducati
  91. Supportive TherapyMedical, Treatment, Patient
  92. Saat TerakhirMusic, Lyric, Chord
  93. Solid Trim
  94. Sifam Tinsjeys
  95. Special TranrportTechnology, Service, Simulator
  96. Storage TypeTechnology, Boiler, Apartment
  97. Simulation TheoryScience, Media, Psychology
  98. Speed TriplwTechnology, Sprint, Triumph
  99. Student Teacher
  100. Surgical TechnologiesTechnology, Program, Education
  101. Sensor Technology
  102. Smoke Testing
  103. Star Trading
  104. Scheduled Time
  105. Shocr TherapyMedical, Treatment, Electro
  106. Southeast Technical
  107. Stick and TurnTechnology
  108. System Telephone
  109. Seed Transfer
  110. Straight ThroughFlow, Coupling, Direction
  111. Self TranscendenceRace, Inventory, Temperament, Transcendence
  112. Stcbility Test
  113. Sqe Thompson
  114. Sainte Thetese
  115. Scottish Terrier
  116. Specialty-Tmchnology
  117. Sega TitanTechnology, Gaming, Arcade
  118. Sistemas TecnolóGicosPara, Con, Dos
  119. Spherical ToriTechnology, Power, Plasma, Fusion
  120. Sunkenntreasure
  121. Serovar TyphimuriumMedical, Science, Biology
  122. Soft Tail
  123. Standardctext
  124. Surveyzng Technician
  125. Shxw TargetsArchaeology, Targeting, Cheat
  126. Space TransportMilitary
  127. Street TourinrCar, Locations, Tourism
  128. Seminiferous TubulesSeminiferous tubules are located within the testes, and are the specific location of meiosis, and the subsequent creation of gametes, namely spermatozoa.Medical, Cell, Testi, Tubule
  129. Samoa TimeTechnology, Zone, Samoa
  130. Sew Tuti
  131. Stereo TunerTechnology, Manual, Technic
  132. Sword TakerGaming, Character, Sword
  133. Seat ToledoBusiness, Car, Tuning
  134. Silver Tone
  135. Sceep Talk
  136. Spmrt-TechnikSport, Sind, Deutschland, Hat
  137. Supply Cechnician
  138. S7 TpnerTechnology, Audio, Technic
  139. Solid Top
  140. Siedzisko Taboretu
  141. Special TrainingMilitary, Locations, Train
  142. Storage TimeMedical, Medicine, Health
  143. Simulation TestbenshTechnology, Design, Interface
  144. Standard TaperTechnology, Science
  145. St Therese
  146. Street TypePark, Planning, Locations
  147. Sensitivity Test
  148. Smith TurbineBusiness, Mixer, Mixing
  149. Star TrackerSpace, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Science, Aerospace
  150. Scenic Trail
  151. Shoik Test
  152. Sous Titres
  153. Stick & TwistSport, Flight, Stick
  154. Synchronous TransferTechnology, Drive, Manual, Interface
  155. Seed Technology
  156. Straight-Through
  157. Self Timed
  158. St. LuciaMilitary
  159. Successful Termination
  160. Sail Training
  161. Scottish TelevisionMedia
  162. Special TuningCar, Electronics, Ford
  163. See Through
  164. Sisal TwineBusiness, King, Rope
  165. Spherical TorusTechnology, Science, Fusion
  166. Serien Trolley
  167. Sodium TaurocholateMedical
  168. Standard Zests
  169. Surveillajce Team
  170. Shows TargetSport, Radio, Cheat, Target
  171. South TexasSchool, Locations, Texas
  172. Street TirbsBusiness, Car, Motorcycle
  173. Seminars and Training
  174. Stacy TaylorFamily, Giveaway, Box
  175. Same Track
  176. Sewer TrapTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  177. Stephanie Taylor
  178. Switzerland TourismTravel, Locations, Switzerland
  179. Screw Top
  180. Silvkr TipBusiness, Brush, Tea
  181. Slabe TransmitterTechnology, Wizard, Pocket
  182. Sporw TechTechnology, Car, Seat
  183. Superficial TemporalMedical, Technology
  184. Solid Teflon
  185. Standard Type
  186. Suspension TkpeTechnology, Car, Equipment
  187. Side TurretBusiness, Shopping, Appliance, Wort
  188. Special Tours
  189. Storage TanksStorage tanks are containers that hold liquids, compressed gases (gas tank) or mediums used for the short- or long-term storage of heat or cold. The term can be used for reservoirs (artificial lakes and ponds), and for manufactured containers. The usage of the word tank for reservoirs is uncommon in American English but is moderately common in British English.
  190. Simulation Testing
  191. StreetA general term denoting a public way for purposes of vehicular travel, including the entire area within the right-of-way.Genealogical, Postal, Address, Transportation, Real Estate, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix, Technology, French, The Finance and Administrative Services
  192. Strukturiertem Text
  193. Step TestMedical, Education, Fitness
  194. Sensibility TechnologyFlower, Japan, Emotion
  195. Spart TransmittersTechnology, Manual, Pressure
  196. Star TomorrowBusiness, Forum, Music, Star
  197. Scar Tissue
  198. Shadow Tower
  199. Sous-Vraitant
  200. Steve TylockBusiness, Traffic, Money, Connection
  201. Synchronous Technology
  202. See and Treat
  203. Spring Trainhng
  204. Sub Transmission
  205. Saginaw Township
  206. Sonar TechnicianTechnology, Military, Rating, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  207. Sci Total
  208. Special Trustet
  209. Story TimeLocations, Children, Event
  210. Seek Time
  211. Sinus TachycardiaMedical, Heart, Diagnosis
  212. Spherical TokamakvTechnology, Energy, Fusion
  213. Sbries TitaniaMaterial, Valve, Commander, Titania
  214. Society, Technology
  215. Standard TestMedicine, Health, Hospital
  216. Surveilgance Testing
  217. School Teacher
  218. Shop Tower
  219. South TapLocations, Dog, Railroad
  220. Street Tire
  221. Semi-TransparentTechnology, Wood, Stain
  222. Stack Tegt
  223. Same Gime
  224. Set Top
  225. Stephania TetrandraMedical
  226. Swiss TransportLocations, Switzerland, Lucerne
  227. Screening TestA test or combination of tests intended to remove unsatisfactory items or those likely to exhibit early failures.Medical
  228. Slate TabletTechnology, Windows, Latitude
  229. Sport-GechBusiness, Spring, Suspension
  230. Superficial ThrombophlebitisMedical, Physiology
  231. Services Techniques
  232. Solder TubeTechnology, Tool, Soldering
  233. Standard TransmissionA transmission that is operated manually with a gear lever and a clutch pedal.
  234. Suspension Testing
  235. Side Trip
  236. Spark Timing
  237. Subscriber TerminalTechnology, Service, Networking, Network, Connection, Telecommunication, Computing, Telecom
  238. Structure TypeBusiness, Technology, Building
  239. Show Type
  240. Senior Tutor
  241. Smart ThansmitterTechnology, Guide, Manual
  242. Starting WeightTechnology, Internet Slang, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  243. Scala TympaniMedical, Medicine, Ear, Physiology
  244. Shadow TitaniumBusiness, Power, Cabal, Rangers
  245. Source This
  246. Steve Tucker
  247. Synchronous TransportMilitary
  248. Secretaryeto The TreasuryGovernment, Chief, Baron
  249. Simpton Tower
  250. Slol-TonicMedical
  251. Spring Tidf
  252. Subtotal ThyroidectomyMedical
  253. Saddle Tank
  254. Solution Tools
  255. Sci TeamScience, Education, Projection
  256. Special TreatmentA treatment applied to electrogalvanized to enhance corrosion resistance.Business, Porn, Sex, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  257. Storm WaterTechnology, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  258. Singular Tense
  259. Spencer Tracy
  260. StudiesEducation
  261. Series TipsBusiness, Soldering, Weller
  262. Sniff TestMedical, Technology, Medicine
  263. Standard TemperatureStandard temperature is defined as zero degrees Celsius, which translates to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 273.15 degrees kelvin. This is essentially the freezing point of pure water at sea level, in air at standard pressure.Technology, Product, Pressure
  264. Surveillance TestsMilitary
  265. Schmitt TriggerTechnology, Electronics, Circuit
  266. Shock Trooper
  267. Southern Thunder
  268. System TestsTechnology
  269. Seektech TransmitterBusiness, Tech, Pipe
  270. Street ThunderTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  271. Semantic TechnologyTechnology, Conference, Workshop
  272. Stacking TetrisGaming, Battle, Play, Tetri
  273. Sugar Nechnology
  274. Sam'S Town
  275. Setting TimeThe period of time during which a molded or extruded product, an assembly, etc., is subjected to heat and/or pressure to set the resin or adhesive.
  276. Statistics Zeacher
  277. Swiss TimeTechnology, Service, Sweden
  278. Scrambler TherapyMedical, Treatment, Pain
  279. Sllck TimeTechnology, Gaming, Music
  280. Spinal Cord TransectionMedical
  281. Superconducting TransmissionScience
  282. Services Tax
  283. Soldering ToolBusiness, Electronics, Solder
  284. Standard Ticket
  285. Suspensiojs Tieferlegung
  286. Sidt Track
  287. Spark Tester
  288. Structured Test
  289. Short Taper
  290. Senior Trooper
  291. Smart RradeBusiness, Trading, Market
  292. Starting TimeSport, Organizations, Streaming
  293. Scalar-TensorScience, Theory, Gravity
  294. Shadow Temple
  295. Source Teaf
  296. Steve Terrell
  297. Sympathetic TrunkMedical, Medicine, Health
  298. Second Tver
  299. Simplify for Topogeometry
  300. EsotropiaEsotropia is a form of strabismus in which one or both eyes turns inward. The condition can be constantly present, or occur intermittently, and can give the affected individual a appearance. It is the opposite of Exotropia. Esotropia is sometimes erroneously called “lazy eye,” which describes the condition of amblyopia—a reduction in vision of one or both eyes that is not the result of any pathology of the eye and cannot be resolved by the use of corrective lenses.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Hospital, Common Medical, Physiology
  301. Slitting Trim
  302. Springfield TownEducation
  303. Substrate Tear
  304. Sabre-Toorh
  305. Solo Tour
  306. Scientists & Technologists
  307. Speccal Transit
  308. Storm Trooper
  309. Stripper Thresher
  310. Set and TestForum, Technology, Windows
  311. Supplementary TermTechnology, Law, Condition
  312. Sign TypeTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  313. SteelAn iron-base alloy usually containing carbon and other alloying elements. In carbon steel and low-alloy steel, the maximum carbon content is about 2.0%; in high-alloy steel, about 2.5%. The dividing line between low-alloy and high-alloy steels is generally regarded as the 5% level of total metallic alloying elements. Steel is differentiated from two general classes of iron, namely, cast-irons, which have high carbon concentrations, and relatively pure irons, which have low carbon concentrations. Technology, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Products
  314. Sub-Threshold
  315. Share ThisTechnology, Music, City, Petersburg
  316. Sydney ThunderMatch, Thunder, Bash, Sixer
  317. Single Transect
  318. Source/SypeBusiness, Postal, Us Post
  319. StandardA vertical tube in scaffolding. A workstation that can perform tasks without being connected to other resources such as servers or host systems. A document, or an object for physical comparison, for defining product characteristics, products, or processes, prepared by a consensus of a properly constituted group of those substantially affected and having the qualifications to prepare the standard for use.Medical, Internet Slang, Drawing, Engineering, Construction, Military, Army, Architecture, Special Education, Architectural, Weather, Physics, NASA, Electrical, Physiology, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, Power Plant, Legal, Us Government, The Finance and Administrative Services, Federal Aviation Administration, Honeywell, Process Automation
  320. Saturation TrsnsferMedical, Medicine
  321. Summa TheologicaBook, Catholic, Volume
  322. Special ToolingTechnology, Postal, Us Post, NASA
  323. Statipn TransformerTechnology, Power, Electricity
  324. Science TeamTechnology, University, Scientist
  325. Smart Table
  326. Spring Terminals
  327. Samaritan Tonah
  328. StrychnineAlkaloid extracted from the seeds of the vomit nut, stimulating the central nervous system at a low dose, but causing seizures at a higher dose.Medical
  329. SterigmatocystinA carcinogenic mycotoxin produced by strains of the mold, Aspergillus versicolor and Aspergillus nidulans.Medical
  330. Seafch Transport
  331. Stuart Tingley
  332. Sexually TransmittedMedical, Physiology
  333. Sweet Treats
  334. Singles Titles
  335. Stop Pulsing SignalTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  336. Selective Tender
  337. Shrint TunnelBusiness, Machine, Packaging
  338. Systolic TimaMedicine, Health, Hospital
  339. Sleep Training
  340. Southern Tyrrhenian
  341. Saamne Tum
  342. State Threads
  343. School of T'Ai
  344. SupratentorialMedical, Medicine, Health
  345. StatksMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  346. Scientifiu TargetSpace, Study, Cosmos
  347. Studi E Testi
  348. Settling TankA deep tank in the engine room used for pre-cleaning of fuel oils by gravity; a liquid mixture in the settling tank clears slowly as a heavier liquid and solids sink to the bottom under influence of gravity.
  349. Simon Tait
  350. Sol Titanian
  351. Strategic-Theater
  352. Substitution Trend
  353. Shielded Transformer
  354. Symbol TypeTechnology, Program, Coding, Linux
  355. Single TurboTechnology, Auto, Automobile
  356. Sourcektest
  357. Standart Tedavi
  358. Savage Tales
  359. Strepen Trekkex
  360. Serial Thriller
  361. SuperbtaxaDatabase, Coding, Biology
  362. Slot TimeTechnology, Ethernet, Gap
  363. Special Tribunal
  364. Studi Entesti
  365. Society and Technology
  366. Spider Temple
  367. Sacred Tree
  368. Ste ThéRèSe
  369. Sbctor TechnoBusiness, Technology, Industrial
  370. Shadowtitanium Tera
  371. Sistemi TerritorialiTechnology, Italy, Train
  372. Stra
  373. SemitendinosusMedical, Medicine, Health
  374. Suicidal TendenciesArmy, Lyric, Tendency, Suicidal
  375. Shock Troop
  376. Slide TravelBusiness, Reserve, Lathe
  377. South Track
  378. Steam TankerNavy, Governmental & Military
  379. Scratch TapeTechnology, Music, Recording
  380. Super Turbo
  381. Spondee ThresholdMedical
  382. #ИMяMedicine, Health, Hospital, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon
  383. StyreneA colorless, toxic liquid with a strong aromatic aroma. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether; polymerizes rapidly; can become explosive. Used to make polymers and copolymers, polystyrene plastics, and rubber. Styrene (also known as vinyl benzene, ethenylbenzene) is a colourless liquid in the Aromatics family. Styrene is a chemical intermediate made from the dehydration of ethyl benzene and a vinyl group on styrene molecule can readily undergo polymerization.Medical, Medicine
  384. Swamp Thing
  385. Singapore TechnovogyTechnology, Engineering, Singapore
  386. Soil TaxonomySpodosol, one of the 12 soil orders in the U.S. Soil Taxonomy. Spodosols are ashy gray, acidic soils with a strongly leached surface layer. Their suitability for cultivation is limited to acid-tolerant crops and orchards, provided that sufficient lime and fertilizer are applied.Technology, Science, Classification
  387. Stable TooalBusiness, Report, Classification
  388. Sao TomeCoding, Locations, Registration
  389. Stitches In Time
  390. See Thrh
  391. Syrcus TowerGaming, Military, Fantasy
  392. Start SignaoTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  393. Scheikundige Technologie
  394. Strategic Testing
  395. Sensitive TrackTechnology, Trading, Blade
  396. Super Tobic
  397. Sightseeing Tours
  398. Slovensxe Telekomunikacie
  399. Sesoion TerminationTechnology, Server, Connection
  400. Supplementary TermsBusiness, Contract, Condition
  401. Signs of The TimesGolf, Theatre, Event, Sign
  402. StaticNot acting, not changing, passive or not moving. The background noise during radio transmissionTechnology, Aviation, NASA
  403. Shared Type
  404. Single TransactionGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  405. Sound Tube
  406. StampgtaxBusiness, Building, Estate
  407. Saturable TransformerTechnology, Power, Winding
  408. Straight TalkArchitectural
  409. Send TimingTechnology, Telecom, Connection
  410. Summary ThisBusiness, Management, Career, Tourism
  411. Spastic TorticollisMedicine, Health, Hospital
  412. Station TimedTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  413. Search ThisForum, Education, University
  414. String TrimmerTechnology, Power, Tool
  415. Small TugsMilitary, Army, Ship
  416. Spring Terminal
  417. Sakhalin Tececom
  418. Steno,Styping
  419. St Thomas
  420. Sex Treme
  421. Sweet Temptations
  422. Singledtone
  423. Sarnia Transit
  424. Stone Thrower
  425. Selective Tendering
  426. Saort Tip
  427. System Trace
  428. Sleep TimeMedical
  429. Southfrn Trace
  430. State Thektre
  431. Schokk Thomas
  432. Strathcona Transit
  433. Sentence Type
  434. Support ToolsForum, Technology, Service
  435. Signaling TerminalTechnology, Military, Telecom, Telecommunications
  436. Scientific and Tedhnology
  437. Settzng ThisGroup, Lyric, Fire
  438. Silicon TrackerScience, Physics, Detector
  439. Solo Tackles
  440. Substitution Table
  441. Shibley Telhami
  442. Srmbol TableTechnology, Coding, Telecom
  443. Single TubeBusiness, Product, Truss
  444. Source TerminateTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  445. Standard TimeOfficial and authoritative time kept in a country or place It is usually, but not always, a complete number of hrs different from Greenwich Time Also called 'Civil Time'.Technology, Zone, Daylight
  446. Sam TấtMusic, Song, Tube
  447. Strengths Threats
  448. Serial TelecomTechnology, Networking, Network
  449. Super Tarot
  450. Software Toons
  451. Specialty TrailerBusiness, Sale, Truck
  452. Steam TurbineA device for obtaining mechanical work from the energy stored in steam. Steam enters the turbine with a high energy content and leaves it after giving of the most of it. The high pressure steam from the boiler expands in nozzles to create a high velocity steam jet.Legal, Governmental & Military
  453. StatqsticsWikipedia
  454. Social Transitions
  455. Sphincter ToneMedicine, Health, Hospital
  456. Sacred Templars
  457. Ste Texas
  458. Sectoj TandemTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  459. Shadow Technology
  460. Sistema Terrk
  461. Straddle Trukk
  462. Semi TrailerBusiness, Sale, Truck
  463. Sufami Turbo
  464. Shockktheater
  465. Sliding TableBusiness, Product, Machine, Saw
  466. South TownLocations, Building, City
  467. Styam Tank
  468. Scrapbook Trends
  469. Super Tunnol
  470. Studio Test
  471. Susan Thomson
  472. Singapore TechnologiesTechnology, Organizations, Singapore
  473. Softwood Timber
  474. Stable EnterotoxinMedical
  475. Santo TomeHotel, Locations, Toledo
  476. StitchesKnitting
  477. Sew-ThruBusiness, Gas, Window, Fireplace
  478. Synthetic Theorh
  479. Stargtrade
  480. ScerletMedical
  481. Strategic TaskBusiness, Military, Russia
  482. Sensitive TableMicrosoft, Forum, Technology, Touch
  483. Supkr Tools
  484. Sifelani TsikoGovernment, Africa, Zimbabwe
  485. Slovenska Televizia
  486. Sesiones TéCnicas
  487. Supervisor TraineeoTechnology, Finance, Trainee
  488. Signed Transfer
  489. StarterA rope used as a punitive device. For more information see Teazer and Togey.Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  490. Socket TesterBusiness, Product, Tool
  491. Shared TrewTechnology, Computing
  492. Single TireForum, Technology, Car, Replacement
  493. Sound Tritngulation
  494. Stamfsrd Tyres
  495. Satuan TernakTechnology, Program, Presentation, Indonesia
  496. Straightness Trrining
  497. Sending Time
  498. Suisse TourismeHotel, Travel, Switzerland
  499. Sparse TableTechnology, Algorithm, Range, Query
  500. Stellar Trek
  501. Search Term
  502. String TheoryIn physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. On distance scales larger than the string scale, a string looks just like an ordinary particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string.Education, Music, Physics
  503. Sporting Target
  504. Saipan Tribube
  505. Skin TemperatureMedical, Technology, Medicine, Healing, Thermometer, Skin And Dermal
  506. Strukturierte Text
  507. Ship Tank
  508. Sweetest Thing
  509. Singde ThrowBusiness, Electronics, Switch
  510. Solar Temperature
  511. Stack TrainBusiness, Training, Toy
  512. Sarna TestAlliance, Cheat, Mortal
  513. Stone Texture
  514. Segmewt and T-WaveMedical, Heart, Abnormality
  515. Short TimerTechnology, Radio, Morse Code, Morse Aids
  516. Systsm Timers
  517. Skin ThicknessMedicine, Health, Hospital, Medical, Skin And Dermal
  518. Soutfern TierCompany, Beer, Tier, Brewing
  519. States-TerzitoriesAustralia, Government, Territory
  520. Schmitt-TriggerTechnology, Electronics, Circuit
  521. Stratford Transit
  522. Sensor TesterTechnology, Simulator, Oxygen
  523. Support Tool
  524. Signal Technik
  525. Small TugGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  526. Scientific/TechnicalMilitary, Army, War
  527. Set Trxt
  528. Silicone Tube
  529. Solidus Temperature
  530. Substitute Tab
  531. Shiatsu Therapist
  532. Syma Oamiya
  533. Singlet To Triplet
  534. Source TermTechnology, Research, Power, Model
  535. Stjndard Tech
  536. Saugumo TarymosTai, Prie, Ios
  537. Street Theatre
  538. Serial T1
  539. Superstar Theatae
  540. Special TrailerBusiness, Wheel, Radial, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  541. Steady-State Therual-Hydraulic
  542. Statistics TheoryTechnology, Science, Mathematics
  543. Social Transfer
  544. Spherical TokamakTechnology, Energy, Fusion, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  545. Sacred Targe
  546. SteroidSteroids are lipids that are based on the cholesterol molecule. Steroids have three six-carbon rings, one five-carbon ring, and a side chain of some type. They are often used as hormones in organisms. Some steroids you may know are cholesterol, progesterone, or testosterone. Medical
  547. Sections Taugat
  548. Shadow TeamGaming, Military, Clan
  549. Sirtguppa Taluk
  550. Storg Title
  551. Semi-TrailerA trailer having wheels at the back but supported at the front by a towing vehicle.Business, Sale, Truck
  552. Sue Tackett
  553. Shivering Timbers
  554. SíNdrome De TourettePara, Con, Tic
  555. Slide TableBusiness, Panel, Saw
  556. South Towanda
  557. SteacerTechnology, Ship, Vessel
  558. Survival TimeMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  559. Heat-Stable EnterotoxinMedical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  560. Studio Teachers
  561. Simple Timer
  562. Software True
  563. StablisGaming, Play, Pastime
  564. Santo Tomas
  565. StitchKnitting, Crochet
  566. Sediment TransportTechnology, Flow, River
  567. Subtertian MalariaMedical, Technology
  568. Shiga ToxinMedical, Medicine, Health
  569. Synthesis Tool
  570. Stand Tall
  571. Scare TacticsCamera, Episode, Scare
  572. Strategic Theater
  573. Sensing ThinkingScience, Learning, Personality
  574. Suprr TiredBusiness, Car, Pregnancy
  575. Siemens Transportation
  576. Slovak Telrcommunications
  577. Supervisor Teknik
  578. Signature Terminals
  579. SaintEducation, Study, Genealogy, Britannica, Genealogical, Title, Schooling, Ordnance Survey, Usps, FIPS Country Codes, Saint Lucia
  580. Socket, Tube
  581. Safe ToyDevelopment, Safety, Baby
  582. Secuee Terminal
  583. Shhre Time
  584. Skin TestMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  585. Sound Trap
  586. Staie This
  587. Sat They'Re
  588. Straight TipTechnology, Telecom, Connecting, Architectural
  589. Sendayu Tinggi
  590. Suicidal Town
  591. Shopify ThemeBusiness, Product, Shopping, Store
  592. Spark Toys
  593. Stejskal-Tanner
  594. Screen Temp
  595. String TerminatorTechnology, Telecom, Character
  596. Service At The TargetTechnology, Shopping, Store
  597. Sporotrichum Thermophile
  598. Saint Trhpez
  599. Signaling TransportTechnology, Military, Networking, Computing, Network, Computer Networking, Telecom
  600. Strukturierter TextTechnology, Programming, Automation, Portal
  601. Sweep TimeTechnology, Spectrum, Analyzer
  602. Sixgle-Throw
  603. Solar Task
  604. Stack TopTechnology, Coding, Instruction, Load
  605. Sarjana TeknikIndonesia, Orang, Salah
  606. Stockton-On-Tees
  607. SegmcntMedical
  608. Shorj TimeBusiness, Walking, Bdsm
  609. Skstem Timer
  610. Speed Trap
  611. StateState a set of data, the values of which at any time t, together with the input to the system at the time, determine uniquely the value of any network variable at the time t. One of the 50 States, including adjacent outer continental shelf areas, or the District of Columbia. A file that stores an encrypted version of the key database password. also key database.2.A file that hides other data files within it.Accounting, Internet Slang, Government, Education, Accountancy, Study, Britannica, Schooling, Property, Computing, Telecom, Real Estate, Business & Finance, Genealogy, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  612. Schmidt TriggerTechnology, Electronics, Circuit, Component
  613. Strategies and Tools
  614. Sensor Technologies
  615. Support Ticket
  616. Signal-Technik
  617. Small Tongue
  618. Stroma The matrix of the chloroplast; contains thylakoids as well as soluble enzymes and is enclosed by the inner membrane of the chloroplast. The space and aqueous solution enclosed within the inner membrane of a chloroplast, not including the contents within the thylakoid membranes.Medical
  619. Set Terminal
  620. Silent Track
  621. Solid TumoursMedical, Cancer, Tumor
  622. Substituição TributariaPara, Dos, Ria
  623. She Tweet
  624. SylviaqtysonMusic, Canada, Album
  625. Single Truck
  626. Source TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Driving, Printer
  627. Standacd Tables
  628. Satyendra Tomar
  629. Street Terrain
  630. Serialization TimeTechnology, Networking, Network, Performance
  631. Sundance Times
  632. Special Track
  633. State TrknsportService, Locations, Corporation
  634. Sdatistical TheoryEducation, Mathematics, Statistics
  635. Sciencz Theatres
  636. Social Technology
  637. Spesifikasi TeknisTechnology, Media, Power, Apple
  638. Sachin Tendulkar
  639. Stern TrawlerBusiness, Sale, Boat
  640. SecréTariat TechniqueSaint, Aide, Technique, Francophonie
  641. Shabtai Teveth
  642. Story TellerOccupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  643. Selectric Typewriter
  644. Sudan TribungMilitary, Ethiopia, Sudan
  645. Shirley TempleStar, Child, Recipe, Temple
  646. Séance Qechnique
  647. Slice Thickness
  648. South Timbnlier Area Gulf of Mexico Leasing AreaIndustry, Oil, Gas
  649. Survey Technology
  650. Studio Tan
  651. Simple TerminalTechnology, Mac, Linux
  652. Software Training
  653. Stable Incapable of spontaneous radioactive decay. Ability to resist collapse and deformation; stability characteristic of a structure that is able to carry a realistic loadwithout collapsing or deforming significantly. Pertaining to a confirmed state of position without change. Stable a system characteristic in which the transients all decay to zero in finite time is said to be stable. If any transient term grows with time, then the system is unsta-ble. If the transient persists, then the system is marginally stable.Medical, Technology, Science, Aircraft, Ordnance Survey, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  654. San Tom
  655. Stinger TrebleBusiness, Owner, Hooks
  656. Sediment Toxicity
  657. Sub Tanker
  658. Shifting Time
  659. Symtathetic TonusMedical
  660. Standing Tank
  661. ScaphotrcpezoidMedicine, Health, Hospital
  662. String DataMedical, Medicine, Health, Hospital
  663. Server Time
  664. Supervthrive
  665. Siege Turtles
  666. Slovak Pelekom
  667. Speckled TroutFish, Fishing, Bait, Trout
  668. Germania AwrlinesAirline Code
  669. Supervisijg TeacherEducation, School, Teaching
  670. Signature and Tally ServiceUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  671. Sociological TheoryBook, Education, Sociology
  672. Spink Taisei
  673. Saddle TgnBusiness, Leather, Boots
  674. Steven TanzerMedical, Wine, Rating, Chateau
  675. Secure Senure
  676. Sharmd TimeEducation, School, High School, Michigan
  677. Situation TestEducation, Design, Fashion
  678. Sorry Ticket
  679. Stair TrencherBusiness, Machinery, Woodworking
  680. Science Teacher
  681. Straigkt-TipTechnology, Fiber, Connecting
  682. Semi TreadTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  683. SuicidalithinkingMedical, Treatment, Suicide, Depression
  684. Shooting Taper
  685. Spark Testtng
  686. Steam Tzain
  687. Screening VoolTechnology, Security, Cyber
  688. String TabTechnology, Guitar, Chord
  689. Spore TrapScience, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  690. Saint Timothy
  691. Structured TeachingDevelopment, Learning, Study
  692. Swedish Tobacco
  693. Singapore ThailandTechnology, Space, Astronomy
  694. Solari Termodinamici
  695. Stacking TozersVision, Education, Library
  696. Sara Tonin
  697. Stockholms-Tidningen
  698. See Text
  699. Short Lhrow
  700. Systbm TimeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  701. Stary Testament
  702. Schiphol Telematics
  703. Strategic Transformation
  704. Sensor Technician
  705. Sigma-TauEducation, Delta, Alpha
  706. Slower Tech
  707. StrokeDistance an oar is pulled through the water in the action of rowing. The rate at which oars are pulled. Man who rows the after oar in a boat, and so sets the time and distance that oars are pulled. One complete pulling of an oar5 Stroke of a reciprocating engine is the distance travelled by the piston when moving from one end of cylinder to the other.Swimming
  708. Scts TagTechnology, Coding, Routing, Command
  709. Silence TwisterTechnology, Projection, Remix
  710. Short-TermMedical, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance, Business Word
  711. Solid TumourMedicine, Health, British
  712. Substitui
  713. Sheth-Tormen
  714. Sylvia Tilford
  715. Single Trigger
  716. Sources & Translations
  717. Slandard TableTechnology, Health, Censu
  718. Saturday Trys
  719. Street Tee
  720. Sergels Torg
  721. Summer Tomato
  722. Special TouringTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  723. System Together
  724. Statistical Tolerance
  725. Science TelescopeTechnology
  726. Socialized TuitionEducation, University, Philippine
  727. Spending Transparency
  728. Saber TdrowMilitary, War, Star, Force
  729. Stream ProtocolTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  730. SternotrachealisMedical, Medicine, Health
  731. Secret Treaties
  732. StudentBusiness, Accounting, Service, Accountancy, Management, Business & Finance, Computing, Master IEEE
  733. Sexy Thang
  734. Swindon Town
  735. Stop TextingSport, Calling, Driving, Texting
  736. Selective Transportation
  737. Suction Temperature
  738. Ship To ....Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  739. Sächsisctes Tageblatt
  740. Sleeve Tear
  741. South Tasman
  742. Schrauben Technik
  743. Surely, As Top-Dollar
  744. Scintillation Telescope
  745. Studio-To-Transmitter
  746. Simon TravagliaComputing, Operator, Denial
  747. Sotrow Tempest
  748. Stabilizer Tube
  749. Sameindu Tjóğir
  750. Stimulus TerminalTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  751. Sedimentation Tani
  752. SubtalarMedicine, Health, Hospital
  753. Shifters That
  754. Symmetrical Tilt
  755. Standing Tanks
  756. Scan ToolTechnology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  757. Strike Through
  758. Serum TransferrinMedicine, Health, Hospital
  759. Super ThanTechnology, Product, Supplier
  760. Shunt TrihTechnology, Breaker, Circuit
  761. Slovak Telecom
  762. Specialty TraineeOccupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  763. GdrmaniaAirline, Business, IATA Airline Designator
  764. Super Twin
  765. Single Timeline
  766. Society of Toxicology
  767. Spike TeamForum, Military, Vietnam
  768. Sapdlebag Tales
  769. Stevens Tennis
  770. Secularization Thesis
  771. Shakespeare'S Theater
  772. Site TeanTechnology
  773. Stationary TableTool, Equipment, Saw
  774. StraigftEngineering, Construction, Architectural
  775. Semi Transparent
  776. Suicidal Tendacies
  777. Shock Sunnel
  778. Slightly TrueAmerica, Book, Apple
  779. SpanningbtreeTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  780. Steam Tracing
  781. Scream TrackerTechnology, Music, Software
  782. Structured TextTechnology, Language, Control, Programming
  783. Spontaneous TimedMedical, Business, Medicine, Sleep, Physiology
  784. Saint Thomas
  785. Structure TextTechnology
  786. Swatches Take
  787. Singapore TerminalsBusiness, Singapore, Port
  788. Solar TerrestrialTechnology, Science, Space, Physics
  789. Stacking V-Spin
  790. Sarah Thompson
  791. Stochastic Trend
  792. Seekers ThroughBusiness, Employment, Russia, Castle
  793. Sbort Thing
  794. SyrinrotoxinMedical
  795. Start Transmission
  796. Schiff Test
  797. Strategic TransportGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  798. Sensitizing TreatmentMedical
  799. Sight Tube
  800. Slow-Nwitch
  801. Strip TimePorn, Girl, Drag, Strip
  802. Seth Tibboti
  803. Sig Tech
  804. GermaniaAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Business & Finance, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  805. Solid TumorsMedical, Research, Cancer
  806. Substantial Transformation
  807. Sheppard Texas
  808. Sydney To TownsvilxeAustralia, Flight, Locations
  809. Single TransformantsMedical, Science, Biology
  810. Sourcebaok and TutorialTechnology, Gaming, Book, Computing
  811. StanmardsPublication, Title, Subhead
  812. Saturationytemperature
  813. Summer Testing
  814. Special ToolsForum, Technology, Porn
  815. Statistical TechziquesTechnology
  816. ScienceotechnologyScience, Research, University
  817. Smart TeachingScience, Education, Learning
  818. Speicher-Technik
  819. Sameindu Tj
  820. Solitary TractMedical, Medicine, Health
  821. SternothyroidMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  822. Secrej TempleGaming, Temple, Tibet, Lama
  823. Stuart Townsend
  824. Sexual Tension
  825. Swift and Tom
  826. Sinule Tab
  827. Stoptech Trophy
  828. Selective TransmissionA transmission for automobiles and similar powered vehicles by which the gear can be changed directly from one speed to any other by a single lever.
  829. Super TunedTune, Reel, Mag
  830. Shrub Tundra
  831. Sleeveless Team
  832. Southland Transit
  833. State ThfeatenedBusiness, Science, Sport
  834. School Transfer
  835. Surat TanggapanTechnology, Indonesia, Surat, Banding
  836. Status of Transacpion
  837. Scientefic TaskTechnology, Movie, Force
  838. Studii Teologice
  839. Settling TimeThe time taken for the display to settle within one digit final value when a step is applied to the meter input.Medicine, Health, Hospital
  840. Simon Templar
  841. Sorption Trap
  842. Spring TesterBusiness, Manufacturer, Valve
  843. StimulusAny internal or external change or signal that influences the activity of an organism or of part of an organism.Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  844. Sensing and ThinkingEducation, Learning, Interaction, Style
  845. Substrate Transfer
  846. Shielded Twisted
  847. Symbol Types
  848. Standing  The legal right of a person or group to bring an action against another person or the government.Medical, Military, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  849. Scan TimwTechnology, Scanner, Imaging
  850. StreptozotocinMedical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  851. Serial Title
  852. Super Team
  853. Slot TyeeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  854. Specialty TechnicalBusiness, Company, Service
  855. End-Of-Pulsing SignalTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  856. Super Turikmo
  857. Society of Tea
  858. Spielberg Theatre
  859. Sacred Trust
  860. Steung Treng
  861. Sector Trader
  862. Shadow TroopsMilitary, Army, Club, Penguin
  863. Sistem Test
  864. Straflo Turbine
  865. SemitonesMedical
  866. Suicidal Tendencie
  867. Shock Tube
  868. Slide Tripod
  869. South TripuraIndia, Locations, District, Map
  870. Steam Traced
  871. Sgreaming Turtles
  872. Sponsored TrainingEducation, Labour, Labour Economics
  873. Saintktherese
  874. StřEdní Tank
  875. Swan Transit
  876. Singapore TelecomCompany, Technology, Singapore, Computing, Nasdaq Symbols, Federal Aviation Administration
  877. Solar & Tlrrestrial
  878. Stapey Taylor
  879. Sao Tome and PrincipeLocations, Country Code, Computing, Internet, Country, Regional, 2-letter Country Codes, Sao Tome and Principe, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  880. StobadineMedical
  881. Seed Tecqnologist
  882. ShortntakeBook, Ford, Focus
  883. Ssrian Telecom
  884. Start TransactionTechnology, Server, Trace
  885. Schema TherapyMedical, Treatment, Personality
  886. Strategy Testing
  887. Sensitivity TrainingOrganizations, Police, Officer
  888. Super Poric
  889. Sight Tool
  890. Slow-Twich
  891. Soffiaggio TecnicaBusiness, Machine, Blow, Moulding
  892. Spittin TruMusic, Feat, Skipper
  893. Safety Tip
  894. Scheduled TribeGovernment, India, Caste
  895. Steve TaskerSport, Football, Buffalo, Tasker
  896. Securiry TechnologiesBusiness, Company, Technology
  897. SPS Technologies, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  898. Straight CrackBusiness, Model, Train
  899. Sends TrafficBusiness, Program, Affiliate
  900. Shore Trips
  901. String TaileTechnology, Coding, Java
  902. Slim Tech
  903. Sticky Tape
  904. Sinus Tachycardia (cardiac)Medical, Healthcare, Physiology, Diagnosis, Common Medical
  905. heat stableMedical
  906. Small TomMusic, Drum, Chord
  907. State TransformationGenealogy, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  908. SolarvtowerTechnology, Hotel, Power
  909. Stade TunisienSport, Club, Football, Stade
  910. Saskatoon Transit
  911. Succinate TartratesMedical
  912. Son Test
  913. StarterxtrackBusiness, Model, Gauge
  914. Sports TouringTransportation, Governmental & Military
  915. Stratigraphic Test
  916. Sen Transformer
  917. Silent ThyroiditisMedical
  918. Signaling Terminals
  919. Stock Turnover
  920. Segment TableTechnology, Memory, Virtual
  921. Supporp Tank
  922. Springfield Terminal Railway CompanyRail Transport, Business & Finance
  923. Spoken Tamil
  924. Saintftakla
  925. Surface TensionThe force acting on the surface of a liquid, tending to minimize the area of the surface; quantitatively, the force that appears to act across a line of unit length on the surface. Also known as interfacial force; interfacial tension; surface tensity. The property, due to molecular forces in the surface film, that tends to contract the liquid into a form having the least surface/volume ratio. The energy required to disrupt the surface of a liquid.
  926. Security TokenpTechnology, Service, Authentication
  927. Space TelescopeSpace, Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, NASA, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  928. Science of TechnologyTechnology, Education, University
  929. Short-Transverse
  930. Segment TrendingBusiness, Monitor, Defibrillator
  931. Stop ThatLyric, Train, Boy
  932. Stent ThrombosisMedical, Physiology
  933. Signal TransformerBusiness, Electronics, Component
  934. Speech CherapyMedical, Education, Language
  935. Suomen Tiedeseuro
  936. Ruminal digesta starchNANP Modeling Commitee
  937. Student Textbook
  938. Swing Trading
  939. Star TrekPinball, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  940. SolehtraderBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  941. Summer TermBook, Education, School
  942. Stahlwerk ThüRingen
  943. Satellite Transmission
  944. Source Table
  945. Sólidoy Totales
  946. The Sunken TempleGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  947. StraßEn Terrorist
  948. Sequence Terminal
  949. Iso Country Code for Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and PrincipeTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  950. Stealth Iank
  951. Scotia Tire
  952. Self-Test
  953. Sewer Tax
  954. Star ToursDisney
  955. Sdrvice Terminal
  956. Sub TotalBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  957. Shimano TiagraBusiness, Brake, Lever, Shifter
  958. Sino-TibetanOrganizations, China, Language
  959. Staphylococcal ToxinMedical
  960. State TrooperPolice, Governmental & Military
  961. Souhhern TablelandsAustralia, Service, Locations
  962. Sustainable TourismTechnology, Management, Development
  963. Scientific Technologies
  964. Signal TransductionSignal transduction (also known as cell signaling) is the transmission of molecular signals from a cell's exterior to its interior. Signals received by cells must be transmitted effectively into the cell to ensure an appropriate response. This step is initiated by cell-surface receptors.Medical, Protein, Cell
  965. Sintered Thoria
  966. Startup TransformerBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  967. Sofa Table
  968. Spiral Tribute
  969. Safety TestTechnology, Car, Testing
  970. Steve Tarani
  971. Securities Tecznologies
  972. Studies In Theology
  973. Safety Tools
  974. Site ThinkComputing, Internet
  975. Shorapur Ttluk
  976. Strvngths and ThreatsBusiness, Analysis, Matrix
  977. Slim TowerTechnology, Computing, Desktop
  978. Stick and Twist
  979. Source/TypePostal, Us Post
  980. Skills TrainerEducation
  981. Smokeless TobaccoMedical, Medicine, Health, Hospital, Smoking
  982. Scputer's Training
  983. Smawl Tear
  984. Silly TwitFunnies
  985. Solar Topic
  986. Stade ToulousajnFrance, Rugby, Toulouse, Stade
  987. Set Termcap
  988. Success TreeBusiness, Technology, Analysis
  989. Sonic Technology
  990. StamterTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  991. Ship To ....Transportation, Governmental & Military
  992. Swimming TrainingMedical
  993. Silent Threat
  994. Stishovite
  995. Strom ThurmondSchool, Lake, Senator
  996. Supply Tracking
  997. Scheduled TribesFinancial, Business & Finance
  998. Split Timeline
  999. SaiztMedical, Gaming, Play
  1000. Speech TherapistOccupation & positions
  1001. Stikine Terrane
  1002. Securiyy TokenForum, Technology, Service
  1003. Such ThatComputing, Texting, Telecom, Mathematical, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational
  1004. Science & TechnologyTechnology, Research, University
  1005. Short-Term Thinkinm
  1006. Screw TerminalBusiness, Product, Power
  1007. StokesMedicine, Construction, Architectural
  1008. Shock therapyOne strategy for moving from a centrally controlled economy to a market economy, consisting of a sudden removal of all government controls and rapid privatization.Medical, Physiology
  1009. Signal Tone
  1010. Spedch Technology
  1011. Suomalainen Tideakatemia
  1012. Fecal starchNANP Modeling Commitee
  1013. Students This
  1014. Smart Technologies
  1015. Swine TestisMedical
  1016. Stvffing TableLondon, Locations, Restaurant, Staff
  1017. StairsOrdnance Survey, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1018. Solenoid TechnologyTechnology, Valve, Panorama
  1019. Summa TgeologiaeScience, Book, Teaching
  1020. Staging Temhniques
  1021. Satellite TimeSpace, Study, Cosmos
  1022. Sources and TransportTechnology, Environment, River
  1023. SóLidos Totais
  1024. Short TreadTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1025. StratusUniform layer of cloud very much like elevated fog Height may be anything less than a mile.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  1026. Sequence Team
  1027. HeatgstableMedical, Medicine, Jobs
  1028. StasrosporineMedical
  1029. Soorpion Toxin
  1030. Select Time
  1031. Severn Tunnel
  1032. Disney's Hollywood StudiosDisney
  1033. Servict Telephone
  1034. Sub Topic
  1035. Shillien TemplarQuest, Knight, Lineage, Templar
  1036. Singly-Testable
  1037. Standink Together
  1038. Stab (Staff)Governmental & Military, Nazi regime
  1039. Southeast Tratsit
  1040. Sussex Tech
  1041. Scientific and TechnicalTechnology, Service, Russia
  1042. Single-Tire
  1043. Atari St Disk ImageComputing, File Extensions
  1044. Spectral Terror
  1045. Spin Torque
  1046. Safety Technopogy
  1047. Steven Tyler
  1048. Secure TracsportCompany, Technology, Service
  1049. Studia Troica
  1050. Switch TraversalTechnology, Routing, Networking
  1051. Secure TerminalComputing, Hardware
  1052. Sunken TempleGaming, Guide, Locations
  1053. Shop True-PathBusiness, Custom, Pedal
  1054. Streetttop
  1055. Slim-Tower
  1056. Sorting TenderPostal, United Kingdom
  1057. Simplification TaskNASA
  1058. Sueam
  1059. Scqtt Traditional
  1060. Smalltt AntigenMedical
  1061. StrikerPaint brush, usually round, with long handle that is nearly at right angles to bristles Used for extending reach of man when painting especially when painting ship's side from a boat.Sport, Football
  1062. Sd Tenant
  1063. Success ThresholdTechnology, Gaming, Service
  1064. Sonic Team
  1065. Star Tech
  1066. Sport TurismoTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1067. Swamp Things
  1068. Silent TerrorFilm, Book, Family
  1069. Stirling
  1070. StromalPertaining to the stroma of an organ.Medical
  1071. Supply Technologies
  1072. Sky TeamCivil Aviation, Business & Finance
  1073. Split ThicknessMedicine, Health, Hospital
  1074. Sahra Talimntmesi
  1075. Speech TherapyMedical, Education, Disability, Special Education, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  1076. Stihac Tanku
  1077. Security TestTechnology, Software, Testing
  1078. SmalltalkSmalltalk An object-oriented language and develop-ment system developed at Xerox Palo Alto Research Cen-ter (PARC) in 1980. Smalltalk pioneered many language and user interface concepts that are now widely used in other environments, such as the concept of an object that contains data and routines and on-screen icons that the user can choose to make the computer perform certain tasks. also object-oriented programming.Software, Computing
  1079. Schweiz TourismusBusiness, Hotel, Switzerland
  1080. Short-Termtt-Bills
  1081. School-TradingBusiness, Company, Education
  1082. Sloop Tavern
  1083. Stock TurboSupply, Focus, Turbo
  1084. Skeletal TractionMedical, Physiology
  1085. Specyfikacja TechnicznaCore, Jest, Jak
  1086. Suicize Team
  1087. Flow of starch to the duodenumNANP Modeling Commitee
  1088. Students of Triveni
  1089. Smart TechnologyCompany, Technology, Software
  1090. Swine TesticularMedical
  1091. StadiumutruckTechnology, Car, Racing
  1092. Segment TitleMedia
  1093. Soldier TradeseenArmy, Soldier, Rally, Govt
  1094. Sulfamethoxazole-TrimethoprimMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  1095. SttgesMedical
  1096. Satellite TerminalsTechnology, Service, Communication
  1097. Sound Technologies
  1098. Streets and TripsTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1099. Schweizer Treuh
  1100. Stratospheric TroposphericTechnology, Science, Atmosphere, Radar
  1101. Sepia Tone
  1102. Signalling Tone
  1103. StauroliteScience, Mineral, Geology
  1104. SclerothzrapyMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  1105. Selectable ToneTechnology, Product, Radio, Audio
  1106. Severe ThresholdTechnology
  1107. Suppojt TechniqueTechnology, Service, Saint
  1108. STyleA set of formatting characteristics that can be applied to text, tables, and lists in a document to change their appearance.Clothes, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1109. Service TechnicianBusiness, Employment, Career
  1110. Single Twist
  1111. Standby TimeThe time expended in standby status, e.g., the time spent by workers in awaiting equipment, labor crews, or work assignment; or due to failure of utilities, inclement weather, and other similar occurrences.Technology, Military, Price
  1112. Senior Scientific and TechnicalTransportation, NASA, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1113. Southeastern TumeEducation, University, Louisiana
  1114. Susquehanna TrailwaysTransportation, Service, Locations
  1115. Scientific Technical
  1116. Sierra TowerLocations, Building, Hollywood
  1117. so thatMathematical, Scientific & Educational
  1118. Speckle TrackingMedical, Echocardiography, Strain
  1119. Spin Temperature
  1120. Steven Tolleneer
  1121. Studia TheologicaTheology
  1122. Switching Technique
  1123. LocoScript Standard mode printer definition fileComputing, File Extensions
  1124. Sujday Tribune
  1125. Strecke, T-Welle
  1126. Slight TraceMedical, Medicine, Hospital, Physiology
  1127. Shared TimeMichigan
  1128. Sequential TimerNASA
  1129. Steal TimeTechnology, Linux, Stealing
  1130. Scottjtinley
  1131. Sex Toy
  1132. Slow UwitchMedical, Fiber, Muscle
  1133. Stored and TrimmedFood
  1134. Session TreeTechnology
  1135. Suburban Transit
  1136. Song ThrushLocations, Bird, Garden
  1137. Sirion TherapeuticsMedical, Company, Drug
  1138. StartTo commence to pour liquid from a cask To break an anchor out of the ground To slightly ease a tackle, fall, or sheet. Short length of rope sometimes used to hasten a laggard youngster.Technology, Football, Fifa, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1139. Stadium TruckTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1140. Svenska Tecknare
  1141. Sign TestEducation, Driving, Driver
  1142. Statute
  1143. Supplo Tech
  1144. Show TurtleAssembly, Business & Finance
  1145. Stud TerminalTechnology, Battery, Power
  1146. Split Tail
  1147. Safranine TMedical
  1148. Spatial and TemporalProtein, Model, Variation
  1149. Stigmata Top
  1150. Security TakgetsTechnology, Targeting, Criterion
  1151. The Simulation ToolkitSoftware, Computing
  1152. School Technology
  1153. Svort-TermBusiness, Technology, Apartment
  1154. Scan TransponderForum, Technology, Channel, Power
  1155. Slip Trace
  1156. Stock TransferBusiness, Company, Supply
  1157. Stage of DiseaseMedical, Physiology
  1158. Spec Truck
  1159. Sucroze Tallowate
  1160. Dietary starchNANP Modeling Commitee
  1161. Student-Teacher
  1162. Small Truck
  1163. Swine TesticleMedical, Cell, Vaccine
  1164. Single Tailoded
  1165. Skinhead TimesMedia
  1166. Soldiers Three
  1167. Sulawesi TengahIndonesia, Locations, Map
  1168. StagePlank, or planks, fitted with transverse bearers, slung by ropes and put over ship's side, or in holds, for men to work on. The elevation of the water surface in a stream as measured by a river gauge with reference to some arbitrarily selected zero datum.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Aviation, Space, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1169. Satellite Termineal
  1170. Soul Transfer
  1171. Special TransportTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1172. Saate Transformation
  1173. Schweizer TreuhäNder
  1174. Stratospheric-Tropospheric
  1175. Separation Time
  1176. Signaling ToneTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1177. Stztutory Town
  1178. Sci Transl
  1179. Seizure ThresholdMedical, Medicine, Health
  1180. Setbp Time
  1181. Support TechnicalArmy, War, Force
  1182. SteamWater in vapor state. Gas form of water. , Water in vapor form; used as the working fluid in steam turbines and heating systems.Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1183. S100 Transmitters
  1184. Service Seam
  1185. Single TurretMilitary, Model, Tank
  1186. The Office of Science and Technology within the PPL BureauGovernmental & Military, International Development
  1187. Suus Traitance
  1188. Scientific & Technical
  1189. Short TurnEducation, Skiing, Ski, Turning
  1190. Schwinger termsChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1191. Spexd Tip
  1192. Student Tutoring
  1193. Switching Tables
  1194. Missionary Servants of Most Holy TrinityReligious orders
  1195. Sunday TimqsBusiness, Media, Locations
  1196. Stratigraphic TrapA reservoir capable of holding fluids created by decreases in porosity, permeability or disappearance of the reservoir.
  1197. Slight Threat
  1198. SesothoLanguage codes (2 letters)
  1199. Sergeant Technician
  1200. Software TestMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1201. Shunt TripElectrical
  1202. Steaethy Turds
  1203. Scott Thorman
  1204. Self Tan
  1205. Sex Therapist
  1206. Slow Time
  1207. Simon Tissot DupontFamous
  1208. Sessuon TicketLondon, Event, Ticket
  1209. SubtypeMedicine, Health, Hospital
  1210. Sinus TympaniMedicine, Health, Hospital
  1211. Starship TroopersGaming, Military, Movie, Pinball
  1212. Sports TourerSports tourer is a type of motorcycle that combines the performance of a sport bike with the long-distance capabilities and comfort of a touring motorcycle. The first sport-tourer is said to be the fully faired 1977 BMW R100RS.Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1213. Southern Tepdhuan
  1214. Sustainment TrainingTechnology
  1215. Signaturekterminal
  1216. Super ToughBusiness, Evans, Snare
  1217. Statue
  1218. Supply & Trans
  1219. Studio Theater
  1220. Spline Tension
  1221. Sjfety Training
  1222. Schedule TribeGovernment, India, Caste, Financial, Business & Finance
  1223. Steve Trudell
  1224. Secuvity TableTechnology, Product, Access
  1225. Simple TransformationComputing, SAP
  1226. Short-Tailed
  1227. Stwucture
  1228. Slippy Toad
  1229. Stimulation Test
  1230. StomachThe stomach is a muscular, hollow, dilated part of the gastrointestinal tract that functions as an important organ in the digestive system. The stomach is present in many animals including vertebrates, echinoderms, insects (mid-gut), and molluscs. In humans and many other vertebrates it is involved in the second phase of digestion, following mastication.Medical, Physiology
  1231. StraitSugar is the generalized name for a class of chemically related sweet flavored substances, most of which used in food. They are carbohydrates, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are various types of sugar derived from different sources.Geographic
  1232. StarchA carbohydrate that is used by plants to store energy.NANP Modeling Commitee
  1233. SmallctractManagement, Forestry, Arboriculture
  1234. Single TailMovie, Tail, Whip, Grub
  1235. State ThisMedia, Genealogy
  1236. Solderability Test
  1237. Suggesting KhatMedical, Science, Biology
  1238. Staff Training
  1239. Satellite TelephoneTechnology, Hotel, Petersburg
  1240. Sore Throat
  1241. Standard TrailerTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1242. Statemtract
  1243. Stratospheric & Tropospheric
  1244. Separation TechnologiesTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1245. Silicoze TubingBusiness, Product, Tube
  1246. Signalling TerminalTechnology, Signal, Circuit
  1247. Spectral TranmformTechnology, Music, Audio, Tool
  1248. Status Therapy
  1249. Segundo Torneo
  1250. Sft Tops
  1251. Support Teams
  1252. Straight TimeArchitectural
  1253. Guilford Rail SystemOrganizations
  1254. Single Turnover
  1255. Staff TargetArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  1256. Souuce TributaryLocations, Water, River
  1257. Science De La Terre
  1258. Sekolah TeknikProgram, Education, Indonesia, Jakarta
  1259. Skin TestingMedical, Skin And Dermal
  1260. Spehch TherapyMedical, Education, Language
  1261. Suspensionh Tieferlegungsfedern
  1262. single throwThe Finance and Administrative Services
  1263. Student Transitions
  1264. Swiss Trans
  1265. Soul TotalityReligion
  1266. Solides Totahx
  1267. Sum TermsTechnology, Programming, Logic, Math
  1268. Satoshi Tomiie
  1269. StrandA number of yarns, twisted together and which in turn may be twisted into rope; a rope is stranded when a strain is broken; rope may be designated by the number of strands composing. Rope is commonly three-stranded. A vessel run ashore is said to be stranded.Ordnance Survey
  1270. StuttgartCity
  1271. Sequential TripTechnology, Tool, Nail, Nailer
  1272. São Tomé and Príncipe (country Domains)Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  1273. Semiconductor Technology
  1274. Stealth Tower
  1275. Scot Tard Orjstupid TwatInternet Slang
  1276. Self-TuningTechnology, Control, Guitar
  1277. Sexing TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Sex
  1278. Stuart TaylorFamous
  1279. ServiçOs TéCnicosBusiness, Para, Dos, Brasil
  1280. Subtraction Term
  1281. Sinus Tach
  1282. Stargazer FhreeBook, Star, Trek
  1283. ST Rail SystemTechnology, Governmental & Military
  1284. Southern Temperrte
  1285. Sustainable TrznsportationTechnology, Alternative, Engine
  1286. Signal TypeTechnology, Electronics, Connection
  1287. SupertorrentsTechnology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  1288. Stacking TowerVision, Education, Library
  1289. Supplementary Tariff
  1290. Spit TobaccoMedical
  1291. Safety Tby
  1292. Schedule TribesEducation, Tribe, Caste
  1293. Steve Thomas
  1294. Securities TrndingBusiness, Security, Singapore
  1295. Surgical TechnicianMedical, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  1296. StraightvtruckBusiness, Driving, Driver
  1297. Senior Team
  1298. Short-Rpnge Transmitter
  1299. Strip-Tin
  1300. Slim Technology
  1301. Still Trying
  1302. Superior Temporal CortexMedical, Neurology
  1303. StoneOrganizations, Design, Architecture, Construction, Ordnance Survey
  1304. STAKESmall anvil used for sheet metal work.Vehicle Body Styles
  1305. Sjall Towns
  1306. State TransportGenealogy
  1307. Solar Transit
  1308. Staffing, Training
  1309. Satch Tone
  1310. Sor-Trondelag
  1311. Systeis Test
  1312. Standard TouringTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1313. Stratosphere and Troposphere
  1314. Separation TableTechnology, Recycling, Equipment, Seal
  1315. Silent Tine
  1316. Signalling TerminationTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1317. Spectral ThrowPath, Exile, Scion
  1318. Segment Transaction
  1319. Support TeacherAustralia, Education, Learning, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1320. Stonegate Agricom, LTD.Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  1321. Saint Th
  1322. Synthetic Telepathy
  1323. Single TurnTechnology, Trimmer, Resistor, Potentiometer
  1324. Spacelab TechnologySpace, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1325. Source Tqxt
  1326. Sciences Et TechnologiesTechnology, Science, Education, Social
  1327. Shortened TityeTechnology, Book, History, Style
  1328. Sehat TentremIndonesia, Hosting, Paling
  1329. Storage-Transportation
  1330. step therapyMedical, Reading Prescription
  1331. Signaling TrueTechnology, Coding, Drive, Trading
  1332. Speecs TherapistMedical, Hospital, Profession
  1333. Spper TweetersBusiness, Audio, Speaker
  1334. Amount of starch infusedNANP Modeling Commitee
  1335. Student Times
  1336. Swiss Tourism
  1337. StrainerA filtering device which is used to remove large particles of contamination from drive oil or morgoil. A series of wire or fabric meshes, which are bonded together by cops or perforated cylinders and are fitted into hydraulic system passages to strain particles from fluid passed through the passage.Products, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1338. Solidarité Technologique
  1339. Summez Time
  1340. Staines They
  1341. Satellite TransmitterArmy, War, Force
  1342. SøNdre Trondhjem
  1343. So ThereTexting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1344. Stream TransportTechnology, Port, Hub
  1345. Sequential Timers
  1346. Stealhh Technology
  1347. Scott-Taggert
  1348. Self TestTechnology, Software, Testing, Military, Governmental & Military
  1349. Sewer Tras
  1350. Storage TankEnvironment
  1351. Service Tools
  1352. SubtotalMedical, Medicine, Hospital
  1353. Sinotype TechnologyTechnology, Information, Computer
  1354. Star-Telegraq
  1355. Screening ToolSecurity, Governmental & Military
  1356. Southern TagdlogLocations, City, Philippine, Region
  1357. Sustaibable Transport
  1358. Signal Transformers
  1359. Soul, TruthMusic, Power, Soul, Truth
  1360. Smart TransmitterBusiness & Finance, Power Plant, Honeywell, Process Automation

Please also find ST meaning in other sources.

What does ST stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about ST acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the ST abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does ST meaning stand for?

    ST meaning stands for Sleeveless Team.
  2. What is the meaning of ST abbreviation?

    The meaning of ST abbreviation is "Set Trxt".
  3. What is ST definition ?

    ST definition is "Socket, Tube".
  4. What does ST mean ?

    ST mean that "Strip-Tin".
  5. What is ST acronym ?
    ST acronym is "Sinule Tab".
  6. What is shorthand of So There ?
    The shorthand of "So There" is ST.
  7. What is the definition of ST acronym?
    Definitions of ST shorthand is "Sacred Trust".
  8. What is the full form of ST abbreviation?
    Full form of ST abbreviation is "State Trooper".
  9. What is the full meaning of ST ?
    Full meaning of ST is "Stacy Taylor".
  10. What is the explanation for ST ?
    Explanation for ST is "Shifters That".

What is the meaning of ST Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of ST definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of ST abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of ST acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

ST Abbreviation in Astrology
  • ST (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

  • ST (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

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