Sudan Abbreviations and Acronyms Lists

There are more pieces of Sudan's terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 20 different abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Sudan terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Sudan Abbreviations
  1. ABS : Agricultural Bank of Sudan
  2. AEC : Assessment and Evaluation Commission
  3. AES : Alternative Education System
  4. AJOC : Abyei Joint Oversight Committee
  5. AMDISS : Association for Media Development In South Sudan
  6. AP : Andrei Pungovschi
  7. ARC : Agricultural Research Corporation
  8. ARCISS : Agreement On Resolution of The Conflict In South Sudan
  9. ARCSS : Agreement Kn The Resolution of Conflict In South Sudan
  10. AUCISS : African Union Commission of Inquiry On South Sudan
  11. AUHIP : African Union High-Level Implementation Panel
  12. AUHIP : African Union High Implementation Panel
  13. AUW : Ahfad University for Women
  14. BBSAWS : Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women Studies
  15. BCB : Buffalo Commercial Bank
  16. BOSS : Bank of South Sudan
  17. BOSS : Bank of Southern Sudan
  18. BSF : Basic Services Fund
  19. CBOS : Central Bank of Suaan
  20. CBSS : Central Bank of South Sudan
  21. CBTF : Capacity Building Trust Fund
  22. CCC : Confident Children Owt of Conflict
  23. CCCM : Camp Coordination Camp Management
  24. CEAWC : Committee for The Eradication of Abduction of Women and Children
  25. CEAWC : Committee for The Eradicationlof The Abduction of Women and Children
  26. CFSAMS : Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions
  27. CI : Concordis Isternational
  28. CNHPR : Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation
  29. CPA : Comprehensive Peace Agreement
  30. CPA : Compromise Peace Agreement
Latest Sudan Meanings
  1. Wadi Halfa Airport, Wadi Halfa, Sudan
  2. Nyala Airport, Nyala, Sudan
  3. En Nahud Airport, En Nahud, Sudan
  4. New Halfa Airport, New Halfa, Sudan
  5. Merowe Airport, Merowe, Sudan
  6. Kosti Airport, Kosti, Sudan
  7. Kassala Airport, Kassala, Sudan
  8. Khashm El Girba Airport, Khashm El Girba, Sudan
  9. El Fasher Airport, El Fasher, Sudan
  10. Geneina Airport, Geneina, Sudan
  11. El Debba Airport, El Debba, Sudan
  12. Malakal Airport, Malakal, South Sudan
  13. Juba Airport, Juba, South Sudan
  14. Wau Airport, Wau, Sudan
  15. Wadi Halfa, Wadi Halfa, Sudan
  16. Malakal, Malakal, South Sudan
  17. Juba, Juba, South Sudan
  18. El Obeid, Al-Ubayyid, Sudan
  19. New Halfa, New Halfa, Sudan
  20. Nyala, Nyala, Sudan