TCDS Meaning

The TCDS meaning is "Type Certificate Data Sheet". The TCDS abbreviation has 27 different full form.

TCDS Full Forms

  1. Type Certificate Data Sheet A document associated with a type certificate, giving information about why the certificate has been granted and general information about the design which has been approved. Military, Aircraft, Organizations, Certificate
  2. Trellis-Coded Direct Sequence
  3. Teilman Community Day School Education
  4. Travis Community Day School
  5. Transcranial Doppler Sonography Medical
  6. Tambaram Community Development Society
  7. Transregional Center for Democratic Studies Education, School, Study, Politics, Governmental & Military
  8. Taft Community Day School Education
  9. Transdermal Contraceptive Delivery System
  10. Tactical Cross Domain Solution
  11. Teller Cash Dispensers Business, Banking, Money, Finance, Business & Finance
  12. Tactical Control Directives Military
  13. Telemetry Concatenated Decoding System Space, Study, Cosmos
  14. Tri-County Dental Society Medical, Dentistry, Dentist, Dental
  15. Type Certificate Data Sheets Technology, Military, Aviation
  16. Telemetry and Communications Data System Science
  17. Type Certification Data Sheets Technology, Flight, Aircraft
  18. Treasure Coast Dental Society Medical, Dental
  19. Type Certificate Date Sheet
  20. Traffic Control Devices Bicycling, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  21. Tulsa County Dental Society
  22. Thyristor Controlled Drive System
  23. Tucson Country Day School
  24. Tandem Cylindrical Deflector Spectrometry
  25. Trinity College Dramatic Society
  26. Type Certificate Data Sheets Tcds All Aircraft Models Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  27. Type Certification Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TCDS stand for?

    TCDS stands for Thyristor Controlled Drive System.

  2. What is the shortened form of Tactical Cross Domain Solution?

    The short form of "Tactical Cross Domain Solution" is TCDS.


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