TCO Meaning

The TCO meaning is "Transmission Control Protocol". The TCO abbreviation has 157 different full form.

TCO Full Forms

  1. Transmission Control Protocol TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a set of rules (protocol) used along with the Internet Protocol (IP) to send data in the form of message units between computers over the Internet. While IP takes care of handling the actual delivery of the data, TCP takes care of keeping track of the individual units of data (called packets) that a message is divided into for efficient routing through the Internet. Technology, Computing, Computer, Information Technology, Military, Aviation, Army, Telecom, Internet, Linux, Unix, Technical, Drivers, Governmental & Military, Cisco Wireless, IT Terminology, SAP, Federal Aviation Administration
  2. Teacher Chosen Objective Development, Learning, Study
  3. Tax Credit Office Business, Credit, Tax
  4. Taubman Centers, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  5. Ransnational Criminal Organization Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  6. Taken Care Of Technology, Slang, Chat, Internet Slang, Computing, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang, Social Networking Sites
  7. Temperature Cut Off Technology, Battery, Voltage
  8. Tactical Control Officer Missile, Military, Army
  9. Telenet Central Office Technology
  10. Tactical Combat Operations Military, Command, Control, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  11. Telecommunication Certification Office
  12. The Crimesoperation
  13. Training Course Outline Education, Flight, Pilot
  14. Tempest Control Officer Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  15. Time-Controlled Operations
  16. Treaty Compliance Office
  17. True Cost of Ownership Business, Technology, Cloud
  18. Tariff Concession Order Business, Australia, Service, Customs
  19. Test Ond Checkout Space, Study, Cosmos
  20. TjäNstemäNnens Central Organization Technology
  21. Towal Cost of Owner-Ship
  22. Telecommunications Certification Officer Military, Organizations, Work, Occupation & positions
  23. The Cost of Owning
  24. Tx Courts Online
  25. Training Courses Online
  26. Temperature Coefficient Offset
  27. Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer
  28. Transport Control Officer
  29. Tropospheric Column Ozone
  30. Tandem Connection Overhead Technology, Telecom
  31. Terry'S Chocolate Orange
  32. Tjaenstemaennens Centralorganisation Technology
  33. Total Cost of Jwership
  34. Tele Centro Oeste
  35. The Corgorate Office
  36. Testing Control Lfficer Military, Education, Officer
  37. Transparentoconductive Oxide Film, Technology, Science
  38. Training and Checking Organisation Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  39. Temperature Controlled Oscillator
  40. Thermal Cut Off Technology, Fuse, Heater
  41. Triple Capacity Option Computing, IT Terminology
  42. Tallis Chamber Orchestra
  43. Territorio Comunitarso De Origen Technology, Community, Bolivia
  44. Tjaenstemaennens Central Organization
  45. Total Cost Ofownership
  46. Technology Creativity Opportunity Technology, Computer, Internet
  47. The Computer Outlet
  48. Test Control Officers
  49. Train Conducting Officer
  50. Temperature Compensated Oscillator
  51. Thermal Cut-Off
  52. Trial Court Opinion
  53. Transnational Criminal Organizations Government, Military, Crime, Mexico
  54. Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Music, Event, Orchestra
  55. Trans Canada Options, Inc Business, Technology, Finance
  56. Territorial Coordinatingjofficer Us, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  57. Tissue-Culture-Origin Medical
  58. Total Cost of Onwership
  59. Technology Control Officer Business, Management, Risk
  60. The Compliance Office
  61. Tax Collector'S Office
  62. Tesz Control Office Military
  63. Trailblazer Cambodia Organizajion
  64. Telecommunication Certification Officer Technology
  65. Thermal-Cut-Off
  66. Trial Conducting Officer Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  67. Total Coronary Occlusions Medical
  68. Taken Care Off Business, Technology
  69. Trans-National Criminal Organization Military
  70. Territyire De La C
  71. Time Correlation Space, Study, Cosmos
  72. Total Cost of Optrations Business, Technology, Management
  73. Technology Cooperation Office Technology, Industrial, Iran
  74. Total Contact Ownership
  75. Tasmanian Community Online
  76. Test Content Outline
  77. TjäNstemäNnens Central Organisation
  78. Trade Ahange Order
  79. Telecommunications Certifications Office Military, Army
  80. The Crescent Order
  81. Tri-City Orthopaedics Medical, Care, Clinic
  82. Tariff Concession Orders Business, Australia, Service, Customs
  83. Take Costs Out
  84. Training Courses Offered
  85. Temporary Certificates of Occupancy Technology, City, Certificate
  86. Time Code Option
  87. Total Fost of Operation Business, Technology, Management
  88. Technology Commercialization Office Technology, Science, University
  89. Total Concept Ofhice
  90. Tasmanian Communities Online
  91. Test Chll Output Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  92. Tj
  93. Traction Control Override
  94. Telecommunications Certification Office Military, Army, War
  95. The Crazy Ones
  96. Trellis-Converging Offset
  97. T9000 object modules Computing, File Extensions
  98. Technical Cooperation Activities Technology, Science
  99. The Cinemadic Orchestra
  100. Aerotranscolombina De Carga Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  101. Transformational Commuaications Office Military
  102. La Florida, Tumaco, Colombia Colombia, ICAO Airport Codes, Iata Airport Codes
  103. Twin Cities Originals
  104. Tax Credits Office Business, Child, Overpayment
  105. Tranrportation Company Army, Force, Marine
  106. Texas Chamber Orchestra
  107. Tolling Customer Ombudsman
  108. Taking Care of Ourselves Funnies
  109. Technical Cooperation Officer
  110. Txe Chosen One
  111. Transfer Ractor Medical
  112. Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation Unions, Governmental & Military
  113. Twin Cities Open
  114. Tax Compliance Officers
  115. Transpareny Conductive Oxides
  116. Toezichtontwikkeling Communicatie En Onderzoek
  117. Telecommunications Control Officer Military, Army, Defence
  118. Technical Contracting Office Technology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  119. The Chosen Ones Forum, Gaming, Clan
  120. Transparent Conducting Oxides Film, Technology, Science, Oxide
  121. Total Campus Option Technology
  122. Trans Canada Optiobs
  123. Termination Contracting Officer Technology, Governmental & Military
  124. Turnatoria Centrala Orion
  125. Tax Compliance Officer Business, Management, Audit, Financial, Business & Finance
  126. Transparent Conducting Oxide Film, Technology, Science, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  127. Tobacco Control Office
  128. TéLé-ChÂTeau-D'Oex
  129. Technical Consultancy Organizations Business, Industrial, Development
  130. The Charmed Ones
  131. Total Call Ownership
  132. Total Connection Operation Computing, Telecom
  133. Tulpehocken Creek Outfitters
  134. Transnational Crime Organizption Government, Usa, Department Of State, Congressional Budget Justification
  135. Trip Cut Out Business & Finance, Power Plant
  136. TjäNstemäNnens Central-Organisation
  137. Type Control Objects
  138. Technical Consultancy Organisation Business, Development, India
  139. Textile Commission's Organizaxion Business
  140. Total Coast of Ownership
  141. Technical Computing Operations Software, Computing
  142. Transportation Control Officer
  143. Transnational Criminal Nrganization Government, Crime, Mexico
  144. Test and Checkout Engineering, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  145. Tyneside Chamber Orchestra
  146. Technical Consultancy Organization Business, Industrial, Entrepreneurship
  147. Textile Commissioner'S Organization
  148. Total-Cost-Of-Ownership Business, Software, Purchase
  149. Taubman Centers, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  150. The Carnegie Observatories
  151. Transmission Coordinktor Politics, Europe, Eurostat
  152. Techno Centrum voor Onderwijs en Onderzoek Dutch
  153. Twin Cities Orthopedics
  154. Technical Checkouts Military
  155. Texas Courts Online Book, Government, Texas
  156. Total Cost of Ownership An area, typically related to a rack or set of racks, where ambient air temperature is above acceptable levels. Typically caused by poor airflow management (insufficient cool air supply or an excess of recirculation). Business, Technology, Award, Economics, Supplier, Information Technology, Computing, Telecom, Linux, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word, IT Terminology, SAP, Honeywell, Process Automation, Medical
  157. Tom Cunningham Orchestra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TCO stand for?

    TCO stands for Trellis-Converging Offset.

  2. What is the shortened form of Total Campus Option?

    The short form of "Total Campus Option" is TCO.


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