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TE Meaning

  1. Tight EndSport, Football, American Football
  2. Telogen EffluviumMedical, Hair, Loss
  3. Thread Expressions
  4. Technical Experience
  5. Thermal EnergyEnergy related to heat, the random motion of the atoms and molecules.Technology, Heat, Temperature
  6. Tracheal EpithelialMedical
  7. Telephone ExchangeOrdnance Survey
  8. Training Exgrcise
  9. Terrestrial EcologyScience
  10. Tiempo Estándar
  11. Teague Enterprises
  12. Transpirition EfficiencyMedical, Science, Water
  13. The EdgeTechnology, Space, Universe
  14. Tool EquipmentMilitary
  15. Technical EvaluationBusiness, Technology, Force, Defense, Sound, Military, Governmental & Military
  16. Type EnforcementTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  17. ThermalhemittanceTechnology, Roofing, Roof
  18. Trace ElementsNutrients which are required in very small amounts (plants or animals).Medical, Business, Mineral, Soil, Puissance
  19. Terminal EquipmentTechnology, Networking, Network, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, Computing, Telecom, IT Terminology
  20. Training Evaluation
  21. Terminal EndpointsTechnology, Service, Networking, Network
  22. Thymic EpitheliumMedical
  23. Trade and Exchange
  24. Table Entry
  25. Transfer Efficienmy
  26. The Economist
  27. Tomato ExtractMedical
  28. Technical Equipment
  29. Tyler Eifert
  30. Therapeutic ExerciseMedical, Science, Medicine, Treatment, Therapy, Healthcare, Physical Therapy
  31. Toxoplasmic EncephalitisMedical, Patient, Infection
  32. TelluriumIts main use in the steel industry is as an additive in leadbearing freecutting steels to further improve their machinability. Its presence in the steel is either within the manganese sulphide paarticle where it is parially soluble, or as particles combined with lead or manganese. For certain applications it offers significant improvements in machinability but the added cost is a factor that should be taken into account.Medical, Health, Healthcare, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  33. Training EqurpmentTechnology, America, Military
  34. Tennis EuropeOrganizations, Europe, Tourism, Junior
  35. Thymic EpithelialMedical, Science, Biology
  36. Traction EngineA steam or diesel-powered road vehicle used (especially formerly) for pulling very heavy loads.Business, Model, Steam
  37. Expiratory TimeMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  38. Transfection EificiencyMedical, Science, Cell
  39. Textule ExchangeBusiness, Industrial, Organic
  40. To EstablishTechnology, Networking, Network
  41. Technical Editor
  42. Travel ExpenseSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  43. Therapextic ExercisesMedical, Technology, Exercise
  44. Toxic EquivalentMedical, Science, Medicine, Healthcare
  45. Training EnvironmentTechnology, Program, Military
  46. Tempo E EspaçO
  47. Thromboembolic ComplicationsMedical
  48. Thegmo-Electric
  49. Tracheo-OesophagealMedical
  50. Thomas EdwardBook, Education, War, Library
  51. Transduction EfficiencyMedical
  52. Text EditorA text editor is any word processing program that you can use to type and edit text. Hey, they don't call it a text editor for nothing. Word Pad and NotePad for Windows and SimpleText and TextEdit for the Mac are common text editors. Larger programs such as Microsoft Word and Word Perfect are also text editors, but they have many more features.Technology, Windows, Query
  53. Tight EndsSport, Football, Fantasy
  54. Team Event
  55. Travaivleurs Étrangers
  56. Thenar EminenceMedical
  57. Toxic EncephalopathyMedical
  58. Temperature Effect
  59. Threshold EnergyMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  60. Thermal ExaporationFilm, Technology, Deposition
  61. Tracheary ElementMedical, Science, Cell
  62. The Evolution
  63. Transactive EnzrgyBusiness, Technology, Grid
  64. Tetanus ToxoidMedical, Veterinary, Vaccine, Reading Prescription, Common Medical
  65. Tiger EyeBusiness, Guitar, Bracelet
  66. Team Elite
  67. Transposable ElementsMedical, Science, Genome
  68. Theistic EvolutionScience, Evolution, Creation, Creationism
  69. Tools and EquibmentMilitary
  70. Transverse ElectricTechnology, Science, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, Master IEEE
  71. Temperature ElementTechnology, Control, Sensor
  72. Threat EvaluationResearch, Military, Craft
  73. Technical Expertise
  74. Thermal ElgineeringCollege, Education, Paper
  75. Tracheary ElementsMedical
  76. The EndotheliumMedical, Disease, Endothelial
  77. Transaqtion EndTechnology, Server, Message
  78. Tertiary EducationEducation, University, Union
  79. Tiempo Y Espacio
  80. Team Effort
  81. Transposable ElemqntScience, Genetics, Genome
  82. The Following Equation
  83. Tools & Equipment
  84. Trackang & EvaluationMedical, Science, School, Model
  85. Edge ThicknessMedical, Technology, Len, Optometry, Lens, Contact Lens, NASA
  86. Truckee Elementary
  87. Texas-ElSport, Locations, Texas
  88. Tim EuhusSport, Football, Draft
  89. Transepithemial EliminationMedical
  90. Thurmal Efficiency
  91. Tooth Edge
  92. Transmission EquipmentTechnology
  93. Termination EnableTechnology, Drive, Connecting
  94. Threaded Ends
  95. Teaching Efficacy
  96. Territury Executive
  97. Transaction EditorGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  98. Turbo EngineersBusiness, Company, Service
  99. Type ExtensionForum, Technology, Windows, Tool
  100. Technology EvaluatorTechnology, Aircraft, Sky
  101. The ElectricTechnology, Model, Mode, Wave
  102. Transitional EmployeesBusiness, Postal, Us Post
  103. Tammy Evans
  104. Tempgral Expression
  105. Thermostatic ExpansionBusiness, Valve, Refrigeration
  106. Trosex EquivalentsHealth, Benefit, Blueberry
  107. Tick-Borne EncephalitisMedical, Medicine, Healthcare, Physiology
  108. Traditional-Export
  109. Trunk Equipment
  110. Tocopherol EquivalentMedical, Food, Vitamin
  111. Transferred ElectronTechnology, Device, Photocathode
  112. Transmission ErrorTechnology, Book, Design, Gear
  113. Thermal EquatorThe Public Land Survey System is the surveying method used historically over the largest fraction of the United States to survey and spatially identify land parcels before designation of eventual ownership, particularly for rural, wild or undeveloped land.
  114. Torxional Energy
  115. Transport Entity
  116. TarıK EmreBio, Ram, Gigabyte
  117. Teamlet Evaluation
  118. Test EnableTechnology, Signal, Circuit, Scan
  119. Time Error
  120. Transient EventTechnology
  121. This Ergonomic
  122. Telecommunication EnclosuresTechnology, Product, Fiber, Enclosure
  123. The Enigma
  124. Too Early
  125. Tank EconomfTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  126. Terminal Exchanae
  127. ThioesteraseMedical
  128. Training Establisvment
  129. Tuff Enuff
  130. Techiical ExhibitMeeting, Technology, Service, Manual
  131. Tolerable Error
  132. Tacfma Eastern Railway CompanyTechnology, Organizations
  133. Temper EmbrittlementEmbrittlement of low-alloy steels caused by holding within or cooling slowly through a temperature range (generally 300 to 600°C, or 570 to 1110 °F) just below the transformation range. Embrittlement is the result of the segregation at grain boundaries of impurities such as arsenic, antimony, phosphorus and tin; it is usually manifested as an upward shift in ductile-to-brittle transition temperature. Temper embrittlement can be reversed by retempering above the critical temperature range, then cooling rapidly.
  134. Tough Enough
  135. Triple Energiser MeridianMedicine, Hospital, Clinic
  136. Tau Empire
  137. Effective Half-LifeThe time required for the amount of a radioactive element deposited in a living organism to be diminished 50% as a result of the combined action of radioactive decay and biological elimination.Medical, Science, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  138. Troy EdwardsSport, Football, Draft
  139. Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine
  140. Time ExpectedTechnology, NASA, Aeronautics
  141. Transepidermal EliminationMedical
  142. Telephone Engineer
  143. Thermal Effectiveness
  144. Tooling Elevent
  145. Terminatiod EfficiencyMedical
  146. Threaded EndBusiness, Industrial, Valve, Pipe
  147. Tracb Extractor
  148. Teachers EditionBook, Education, Teaching
  149. Territorio Wspa
  150. Trans-Ecro
  151. Turbo EncoderTechnology, Coding, Decoder
  152. Technology EvaluationTechnology
  153. The Economy
  154. Transmission EfficiencyThe ratio of delivered power to shaft power.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  155. Tama Exprews
  156. Temporal Expansion
  157. Tritium ExtractionScience
  158. Trading EconomicsBusiness, Research, Russia
  159. Truly Evil
  160. Text Entry
  161. Tochmarc Emire
  162. Transfer Electron
  163. Training Exercises
  164. Thermal Ensironments
  165. Torqne Equalizers
  166. Transport SmptyEarth, Transport, Packet, Cheat
  167. Tartu, Estonia
  168. Thyrotoxic ExophthalmosMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  169. Team ExtremeTechnology, Gaming, Minecraft, Championship
  170. Test Electrode
  171. Tire Elapsed
  172. Transient Equilibrium
  173. Theological Examination
  174. Telecommunicatvons EnclosureTechnology, Networking, Cabling
  175. The Enhanced
  176. Tangible Earth
  177. Tensile ElongationProduct, Amine, Polypropylene
  178. Thin EthernetTechnology
  179. Tiffany Evans
  180. Training Error
  181. Tubule EctractMedical
  182. Technical Excellence
  183. Toledo Edison
  184. FlylalAirline, Business, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance
  185. TemporaturesMedical
  186. Touch Exit
  187. Triple EnergizerMedical, Acupuncture, Meridian, Jiao
  188. Tata ElxsiCompany, Technology, India
  189. Troublm Entry
  190. Tetrahxdral Site
  191. Time Expansion
  192. Tmansducing ElementsMedical, Science, Biology
  193. Telemetsy-EastTechnology, Remix, Hardy
  194. Theistic Evolutionist
  195. Tooling Rnd Equipment
  196. Terminating ElektrolyteMedical
  197. Thread Ersteller
  198. Track Exprkss
  199. Territorko EspañolPara, Spain, Con
  200. Trance Vnergy
  201. Turbo ElmasYap, Disk, Turbo, Lama
  202. Technology Engineering
  203. The Economies
  204. Translation Editor
  205. Talker Extendcd
  206. Temporal Ediqor
  207. Trisetpylenediamine Tetraacetic AcidScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  208. Teacher Evaluation
  209. Traction Engiues
  210. True Earth
  211. Texl ElementMedia, Radio, Television
  212. Tina Evans
  213. Traesfer-EncodingTechnology, Server, Proxy
  214. Training Exercise
  215. Thermal Engineer
  216. Torque Effectiveless
  217. Transport Edge
  218. Thymus EpitheliumMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  219. Team ExplorerTechnology, Server, Studio
  220. Test EfficiencyTechnology, Software, Testing, Metric
  221. Txme EfficiencyBusiness, Research, Blueprint
  222. Transient ElastographyMedical, Patient, Hepatiti, Liver
  223. The Examination
  224. Telecomm EirannTechnology
  225. The Engineering
  226. Tangenziale EsternaBusiness, Con, Italy
  227. Tennis EmivatesSport, Dubai, Emirate
  228. Thickening EfficiencyCopolymer, Composition, Polymer
  229. Tidal EnergyTidal energy is produced by the surge of ocean waters during the rise and fall of tides. Tidal energy is a renewable source of energy.
  230. Training Snterprise
  231. Tubular EsophagusMedical, Technology
  232. Technical Exchange
  233. Tokamak Experiment
  234. Echo TimeMedical, Neurology
  235. Temperature of Environment
  236. Totally EnclosedApparatus with an integral enclosure so constructed that, while not airtight, the enclosed air has no deliberate connection with external air except for draining and breathing.Technology, Industrial, Industry, Floor
  237. Triple Elergizer Acupuncture PointsMedical, Technology
  238. Task Evaluation
  239. Typical ErrorTechnology, Power, Exercise, Reliability
  240. Tech Events
  241. TetracycbineMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  242. Time Event
  243. Transit ExchangesTechnology, Calling, Networking, Network
  244. Telefis Eireann
  245. The Eye
  246. Tooling & EquipmentBusiness, Tool, Supply
  247. Termination EquipmextTechnology, Networking, Network
  248. Thread-Ersteller
  249. Tracking ErrorBusiness, Risk, Signal
  250. Terridorial Engagement
  251. Tracpolino ElasticoSport, Con, Fitness
  252. Turbo Eductor
  253. Technical Expekts
  254. Theatrical Edition
  255. Translation EngineerTechnology, English, Engineering
  256. Thermal ExpansionThe increase in a linear dimension and volume of a material accompanying a change of temperature. The expansion of a material when subjected to heat. It is the tendency of materials to change their physical state under change in temperature of material surroundings due to change in kinetic energy. The expansion of a material when subjected to heat.Product, Expansion, Supplier, Valve, Auto
  257. TacticaljenduranceTechnology
  258. TempcralMedical
  259. Toxic EpidermolysisMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  260. Tris Ethylenediaminetetraacetic
  261. Teacher EnhancementTechnology, Science, Education, Teaching
  262. Traction Energy
  263. True-Envelope
  264. Texas Electric
  265. Timing for Emphasis TechniqueMedical, Technology
  266. TransesophagealMedical
  267. Thermal ElementBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  268. Toronto EsportsSport, Team, Toronto
  269. Transportation & Energy
  270. Thumb Exception
  271. Team Exercises
  272. Terry Edwards
  273. Time Effect
  274. Tutellx D'etat
  275. Technical ElectiveEducation, Engineering, Course
  276. Telecom EireannTechnology, Service, Ireland
  277. The EmpireGaming, War, Star, Empire
  278. Tangent ElevatiotGun, Military, Abbot
  279. Tennis ElborMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  280. Thickened Epidermis
  281. Ticket ExaminerBusiness, Card, Exam
  282. Traditional Expressions
  283. Tub EnclosureTechnology, Door, Shower
  284. Technlcal Evaluations
  285. Tokamak Energy
  286. Echo-TimeScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  287. Totally Embedded
  288. Tri-Compound Extrusion
  289. Task EntryTechnology, Software, Projection
  290. Type EntryAssembly, Business & Finance
  291. Tech Enthusiast
  292. TetanusTetanus is a medical condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers. The primary symptoms are caused by tetanospasmin, a neurotoxin produced by the Gram-positive, rod-shaped, obligate anaerobic bacterium Clostridium tetani.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  293. Time Evaluation
  294. Transit ExchangeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  295. Telehommunication Entity
  296. The Extensions
  297. Tool Experiment
  298. Terminaticg EquipmentsTechnology, Networking, Network
  299. This ExampleTechnology, Coding, Command, Java
  300. Track ErrorBusiness, Signal, Tracking
  301. Terrestrial Environment
  302. Trainino Extension
  303. Turbo ElectricTechnology, Class, Destroyer
  304. Technical Experimente
  305. Translation Equivalence
  306. Tactical Elite
  307. Template Extraction
  308. Toute Ecriture
  309. Tris-QdtaMedical, Medicine
  310. Teacher Elementary
  311. Tractebel EngineeringTechnology, Energy, Projection
  312. Temporal CortexMedical, Physiology
  313. True-Elliptical
  314. Texas Educatots
  315. Timing for EmphasisSong, Rehabilitation, Neuro
  316. Transesophageal EchocardiographyMedical, Medicine, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Cardio, Scientific & Educational
  317. TéCnico De Enfermagem
  318. Thedmal Electric
  319. Top Echeloa
  320. Transmit EnableTechnology, Service, Network, Control, Power, Serial, Telecommunication
  321. Terminologia Embkyologica
  322. Throwing ErrorsForum, Technology, Windows, Issue
  323. Team Exercise
  324. Terrorism Exposed
  325. Turbo Expander
  326. Tangent ElevationArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  327. Technology ExplorationTechnology, Design, School
  328. The Elites
  329. Transitional EmployeeBusiness, Service, Postal, Delivery, postal service
  330. Tamper EpidentProduct, Packaging, Cap
  331. Tennessee EastmanTechnology, Industrial, Control
  332. Thesis Examiner
  333. Ticket Endorsement
  334. Traditional Expression
  335. Tube TxchangerMedical
  336. Techvical EvangelistMicrosoft, Technology, Windows
  337. Tohum Eni
  338. Tudor English
  339. Thermal Etching
  340. Total Extreme
  341. Travaux D'éTude
  342. Task EntriesTechnology, Management, Software
  343. TebufeloneMedical
  344. Test Environment AvailableTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  345. Time EstimationMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  346. Transit Enhancements
  347. Telecommuniaations Engineer
  348. The ExtendedTechnology, Product, Music, Software
  349. Tool Engiveering
  350. Terminating EbuipmentTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  351. This Enhances
  352. TracheosophagealMedical
  353. Terrestrial Ecotoxiaity
  354. Tryining Executive
  355. Turbo-Electric
  356. Technical ExpebtBusiness, Management, Service
  357. Tolerant Enclosure
  358. Tactma Eastern
  359. Template ElementTechnology, Design, Custom
  360. Tourism English
  361. Tfipwire EnterpriseTechnology, Security, Agent
  362. Taxable Equivalent
  363. Tracking EnhancerTechnology, Guide, Eve
  364. Truck EngineTechnology, Ford, Diesel
  365. Texas Eastern
  366. Timing Error
  367. TransepithelialScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  368. Tyra East
  369. Therial Electron
  370. Tooth EnamelMedical
  371. Transmission EncryptionTechnology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  372. Terminator EnableTechnology, Drive, Manual, Jumper
  373. Thread End
  374. Team Evil
  375. Terrorism Enhancements
  376. Turbo Equalizatoon
  377. Türk EdebiyatıTurk, Bat, Ilk
  378. Technology Evangelist
  379. The Electron
  380. Transitional EmploymentBusiness, Community, Clubhouse
  381. Tamperaevident
  382. Tender Enquiry
  383. These Echo
  384. Ticketed Event
  385. Traditional Exports
  386. Trunk ExchangeTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  387. Technical EstwmateTechnology
  388. To Examine
  389. Transfervengineering
  390. Transportation and ExportationCustoms form used to control cargo movement from port of entry to port of exit, meaning that the cargo is moving from one country, through the United States, to another country.
  391. Thermal EquilibriumThermal equilibrium is defined as the state in which two objects connected by a permeable barrier don't have any heat transfer between them. This happens when the two objects have the same temperature. Thermal equilibrium obeys the zeroth law of thermodynamics. A system is said to be in thermal equilibrium with itself if the temperature within the system is spatially and temporally uniform.
  392. Toscaninb Edition
  393. Travail Etranger
  394. TarıM Ekonomisi
  395. TeavMedical
  396. Test EnclosureTechnology
  397. Time Eztimated
  398. Transient Evoked
  399. Telecoxmunications EngineeringTechnology, Engineer, Electronics
  400. The ExpendablesFilm, Movie, Expendable
  401. Tool Engineer
  402. Tank Ending
  403. Teqminal Exit
  404. This Echoes
  405. TerrellLocations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  406. Training Event
  407. Turbine Entertainment
  408. Technical Exhibits
  409. Tolerant Enclosures
  410. Taloma Eastern RailwayOrganizations
  411. Templatx Elements
  412. Tour Edge
  413. Tripurabde Era
  414. Taux Effectif
  415. Trailing EdgeThe trailing edge of the wing is the section behind the rear spar and is of light construction because the aerodynamic loads on this area are relatively low.Technology, Aviation, Leading, NASA
  416. Technical EfficiencyAnalysis, Agriculture, Economics, Efficiency
  417. Type Enforcing
  418. Tractive EffortTechnology, Railway, Locomotive
  419. Telephwne EntryTechnology, Vision, Channel
  420. TECO Energy, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  421. Target Exchange
  422. Time EarliestTechnology, NASA, Aeronautics
  423. Tom Ehman
  424. Tool (Tooling) design EngineerManufacturing, Business & Finance
  425. Toxoplasma EncephalitisMedical, Hosting, Brain
  426. Transposable elementBiology, Scientific & Educational
  427. Technical Escort
  428. Textierror
  429. Tearing EffectTechnology, Nokia, Display
  430. Trmperatura Efetiva
  431. Training EstablishmentNavy, Governmental & Military
  432. Termo Específico
  433. Traditional EducationEducation, School, Kid
  434. Time Earliest/expectedNASA
  435. Tecnologia Educativa
  436. Twin Eogine
  437. Transition ElementTransition elements are found in the middle section of the periodic table. They have two electron shells that are not filled. The shells are usually the outer two shells and are good conductors of electricity. Copper, silver and, and gold are examples of transition elements.
  438. These EvhntsTechnology, Service, Organizations
  439. Top ExecutiveOccupation & positions
  440. Tracheo-Esophageal
  441. Tropical Elology
  442. Terra No Uspaço
  443. Tigers Eye
  444. Textual EntailmentTechnology, Language, Recognizing
  445. Transfert D'Embryon
  446. Trenbolone Enanthate
  447. Thermal Extractor
  448. Tissue EngineeringGenerating tissue in vitro for clinical applications, such as replacing wounded tissues or impaired organs. The use of tissue scaffolding enables the generation of complex multi-layered tissues and tissue structures.Medical, Human genome
  449. Traffic ExchangeBusiness, Money, Manual
  450. Technical EducationEducation, School, Career
  451. Telecommunications Equipment
  452. Tyndall EffectThe effect of light scattering on particles in colloid systems, such as suspensions or emulsions.
  453. Tournament EditionTechnology, Gaming, Boat
  454. Translation Equivalent
  455. Thoroughly EducatedEducation, Development, Universities
  456. Today's EngineerComputing, Ieee
  457. Target Enterprise
  458. TimeMode by which is measured the passage of events. A measure of duration. In navigation, all time is measured by hour angle of a specific body or point, and is based on diurnal rotation of Earth, monthly revolution of Moon around Earth, the annual revolution of Earth round Sun.Medical, Telecom, Time Zone, Telecommunications, Time, Chemistry, Aviation, Computing, Nursing, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, IT Terminology, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  459. Tom Edwards
  460. Tax exempt, tax exempt organizationFinancial, Business & Finance
  461. Thermoplastic ElastomerUsed for insulation and jacketing compound for portable cords with the following U.L. designations. SE, SEO, SRDE, SPE, SJE, SJEO. OR The family of polymers that resemble elastomers in that they can be repeatedly stretched without distortion of the unstressed part shape, but are true thermoplastics and thus do not require curing.Chemistry, Polymer, Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  462. Toxicity EquivalentsMedical
  463. Thapeutically EquivalentMedical, Physiology
  464. Technical Entrepreneurship
  465. Türkiye Elektrik
  466. Temel Egitim
  467. Task ElementNavy, United States, Naval, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  468. Termo De DncerramentoBusiness, Para, Report
  469. Thermionic EmissionThermionic emission is the thermally induced flow of charge carriers from a surface or over a potential-energy barrier. This occurs because the thermal energy given to the carrier overcomes the work function of the material.Chemistry
  470. Technology ExamTechnology, Computing, Certification
  471. Tween 80-EtherMedical
  472. Tony EspositoMusic, Radio, Card
  473. Transition Editor
  474. Thermodynamic EqvilibriumTechnology, Plasma, Transfer
  475. Triennium EndingMedia
  476. Trace Evidence
  477. Tropical and EquacorialTranslation, Wind, Desert, Equatorial
  478. Texts From Excavations
  479. Tranmfer of Equipment
  480. Transportation Ecoefficiency
  481. Thermal Uxtraction
  482. Tris-EDTA buffer solutionMedical, Health
  483. Terra No Espa
  484. Zone Telecommunications EngineerTechnology, Network, Railways, Railway, Railway Consultancy, System, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  485. Traffic EnforcementGovernment, Vehicle, Police
  486. Technical Earth
  487. Telecommunication EngineeringTechnology, Electronics, Telecommunications
  488. Tyler EnqisGaming, Stats, Basketball
  489. Total Emoluments
  490. Translation EnableTechnology, Language, Telecom
  491. Thompson ElementaryEducation
  492. Timing ElectronicsComputing, Electronics
  493. Target EnrichmentMedical, Gen, Sequencing
  494. Timah Eksplomin
  495. Tomasian Ent
  496. Table ExpressionAssembly, Business & Finance
  497. ThermoelectrixMilitary, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  498. Toxicity EquivalentChemistry, Environment, Discipline
  499. Triggered EffectsMedical, Physiology
  500. Technical English
  501. TéRminos Específicos
  502. Telecom EgyptTechnology, Telecom, Egypt, Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  503. ThermoelectricComputing, Telecom
  504. Tariff Equivalenf
  505. Terminology ExtraztionTechnology, Language, Translation
  506. Training Equipment (device)Military, Governmental & Military
  507. Technology EducationEducation, School, Teaching, Educational
  508. Tutor EvaluatorOccupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  509. TonsillectomyTonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which each tonsil is removed from a recess in the side of the pharynx called the tonsillar fossa. The procedure is performed in response to repeated occurrence of acute tonsillitis, sleep surgery for obstructive sleep apnea, nasal airway obstruction, diphtheria carrier state, snoring, or peritonsillar abscess. For children, the adenoids.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  510. Transition Economies
  511. Thermo ElectricTechnology
  512. Text ElementMedia
  513. Trace End
  514. TrophectodernalMedical
  515. Textile Engijeer
  516. Transfer Equkvalency
  517. Time To RepetitionMedical, Signal, Imaging, Resonance
  518. Thermal ExponsionTechnology, Minecraft, Coefficient
  519. Therapeutic EquivalenceMedical, Fda
  520. Terran Empire
  521. Traffic Engineer
  522. Tektronix EditionTechnology, Signal, Instrument
  523. Tyyer Eif
  524. Topographical Engineers
  525. Translation, Editing
  526. ThomasmedisonEducation, History, Park
  527. Tickford Economy Car (Ford)Products
  528. Target Engxgement
  529. Tilt End
  530. Toll Exchange
  531. Thermocouple Extension
  532. Transposon ExcisionMedical, Physiology
  533. Technical EngineerTechnology
  534. TéLé-Enseignement
  535. Training Equipment
  536. Tell Error
  537. Test EquipmentComputing, Telecom
  538. Tarzfas De Energia
  539. Teruinological Entry
  540. Thermoelectric Test EquipmentBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  541. Transactiobs On Education
  542. Technology and EngineeringTechnology, Science, Education
  543. Tonic ExtensionMedical
  544. Transitional To Eastern
  545. Technomancer EditionMedia
  546. Trace ElementThis is an element of the periodic table that living organisms need to survive. These are not the major ones we need to survive; these elements are only needed in very small amounts. A chemical element required by an organism in only trace amounts.Medical, Plant, Fertilizer
  547. TrophoctodermMedical
  548. Textile EngineeringEducation, Diploma, Admission
  549. Tranyfer Equilibrium
  550. Threefold Edge
  551. Temporature ElementsTechnology, Control, Sensor
  552. Thermal Evolutiov
  553. Temporary Employeepostal service
  554. Terrain Estimatiow
  555. Traffic EngineeredTechnology, Networking, Engineering
  556. Teknik EtkinlikBusiness, Para, Yap, Kazan
  557. TylerteckerSport, Football, Draft
  558. Topographical EngineerGeography, Location, System, Geographic
  559. Transitron Electronic
  560. This E-Mail
  561. Testosterone oenanthateProducts
  562. Tardy Excused
  563. Tiller ElectricBusiness, Sale, Outboard
  564. Thairo Estrada
  565. Tolkien Enterprises
  566. Tacoma Eastern Railway CompanyOrganizations, Technology, Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  567. Thetmo-Electrical
  568. Throat ErosionMedical, Physiology
  569. Training EmphasisTechnology, Military, Education, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  570. Technical Elimination
  571. Trade Expenses
  572. Televisibn Engineer
  573. tunnel endpointComputing, Technical, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  574. Tarifa De Energia
  575. Textease Ct Database FileComputing, File Extensions
  576. Time EcoDrive, Thermo, Picnic
  577. Transaction EngineTechnology, Management, Database
  578. Technical ExperimentationTechnology, Program, Military
  579. Toner End
  580. Tax ExaminerTax, Us Taxes, Business & Finance
  581. TrabeculectomyMedical
  582. Tron Evolutcon
  583. Textile Enlg
  584. Transfer EntropyBrain, Toolbox, Entropy
  585. TetraFour : having four : having four parts tetravalent. Containing four atoms or groups tetrachloride.
  586. Temperature EfficiencyThe thermal efficiency is a dimensionless performance measure of a thermal device such as an internal combustion engine, a boiler, or a furnace, for example. The input to the device is heat or the heat–content of a fuel that is consumed.
  587. Telugu Language (ISO 639-1 Code)Language codes (2 letters)
  588. Terrain EdiyorTechnology, Gaming, Map
  589. Tropical EstablishmentMilitary
  590. Traffic EngineeringTechnology, Networking, Communications, Transportation, Computing, Telecom, Technical, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  591. Top elevationThe Finance and Administrative Services
  592. Teknik Elektro
  593. Twinkle Eyed
  594. Toning Equipment
  595. Transition EngineTechnology, Server, Linux, Heartbeat
  596. Thyrd EyeTechnology, Music, Camera
  597. Testosterone EnanthateProducts
  598. Tapered Effeqt
  599. Tight End-Defense
  600. Texture Envinonment
  601. Transformation EvaluationTechnology, Group, Issue
  602. Trunk Equalizer
  603. Thermionic EmissifnTechnology, Science, Electron
  604. Therapeutic exercisesMedical, Physiology
  605. Training ElementTechnology
  606. Technical ElectivesEducation, Engineering, Faculty
  607. Trade Edition
  608. Television Klectronics
  609. Table EditorSoftware, Computing
  610. Target ExtractionScience
  611. Time Echo
  612. Transaction Execulive
  613. Tommy EmmanuelGuitar, Acoustics, Ranch
  614. TechnipowerBusiness & Finance, Suppliers
  615. Toyota EngineTechnology, Manual, Toyota
  616. Trolox EquivalentActivity, Oil, Antioxidant
  617. Total energyPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  618. Textile EffqctsBusiness, Industrial, Huntsman
  619. Terrestrial ExplorationTechnology, Rover, Explorer
  620. Tempexature-Entropy
  621. Tank EconomyTransportation, Governmental & Military
  622. Terrace ElementaryOrdnance Survey
  623. Traffic-EngineeringTechnology, Networking, Network
  624. TENT TRLVehicle Body Styles
  625. Teken En
  626. Twinkle EyeLyric, Pony, Vintage, Twinkle
  627. Tired of Engineering
  628. Transition EnableTechnology
  629. Third Element
  630. testosterone estersProducts
  631. TracheoesophagealRelating to the trachea and the esophagus.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare, Common Medical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  632. Tropical EcosystemsResearch, Locations, Forest
  633. Tight-EndSport, Football, Fantasy
  634. Texturg Engine
  635. Transformation Efficiency
  636. Trend Error
  637. Theraally Enhanced
  638. Tamper EvidentMedical, Physiology

Please also find TE meaning in other sources.

What does TE stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about TE acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the TE abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does TE meaning stand for?

    TE meaning stands for The Expendables.
  2. What is the meaning of TE abbreviation?

    The meaning of TE abbreviation is "Textile Engijeer".
  3. What is TE definition ?

    TE definition is "Transverse Electric".
  4. What does TE mean ?

    TE mean that "Table Expression".
  5. What is TE acronym ?
    TE acronym is "Tyler Eifert".
  6. What is shorthand of Tool Engineer ?
    The shorthand of "Tool Engineer" is TE.
  7. What is the definition of TE acronym?
    Definitions of TE shorthand is "Thermionic Emissifn".
  8. What is the full form of TE abbreviation?
    Full form of TE abbreviation is "Tropical Ecosystems".
  9. What is the full meaning of TE ?
    Full meaning of TE is "Timing for Emphasis Technique".
  10. What is the explanation for TE ?
    Explanation for TE is "Teacher Enhancement".

What is the meaning of TE Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of TE definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of TE abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of TE acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

TE Abbreviation in Astrology
  • TE (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

  • TE (letter E)

    Amiable, feed with love and compassion people. E person is not fast since energy is consumed easily for them. However they are fond of freedom. Therefore, they can show rebellious movements. Mercury and the twins have a bearing on this letter, communication and intelligence are most distinct character of them.

    Their imagination is so powerful. They live reality and dream in the same time. Sadness and cheerfulness are live together with them. They are compeller and they want to get benefit from opportunities immediately, they can make wrong due to hurriedness.

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