TEL Meaning

The TEL meaning is "Technology-Enhancedmlearning". The TEL abbreviation has 111 different full form.

TEL Full Forms

  1. Technology-Enhancedmlearning Technology, Education, Teaching
  2. Telomerebelongation Medical
  3. Teacher Sducation and Learning Education, Teaching, Ghana
  4. Telmisartan Telmisartan is used to lower high blood pressure. Telmisartan may also be used to lower your risk for heart attack, stroke, or death from heart disease. It’s given to adults who are 55 years or older and at high risk of major heart disease events who can’t take angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. Medical
  5. Tekephone Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  6. Telescopium Technology, Space, Cosmos, Scientific & Educational, Constellation Names
  7. Telegrafh
  8. Telwgram
  9. Telefommunications Service
  10. Telsta Organizations
  11. Teneur En Eau Liquide
  12. Tokyo Electron Left
  13. Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory
  14. Transieurope Line
  15. Terroe Exclusion List
  16. Transnational Environmental Law Research, Education, University
  17. Talleres De Educación Laboral
  18. The Ethics of Living
  19. Tokyo Electron, Ltd Business, Electron, Tokyo
  20. Technology for Enhanced Learning
  21. Trans European Lune Technology, Ukraine, Communication
  22. Terrestrial Environgent Laboratory
  23. Topica Email Rist
  24. Translocation E26 Leukaemia Medical, Science, Biology
  25. Taller De Estudios Laborales Argentina, Social
  26. The Ostonian Land
  27. Transporter Erector Launch
  28. Technology for Education and Learning
  29. Tokyx Electron Ltd Business, Semiconductor, Tokyo
  30. Trans-European Line
  31. Terminal Executive Language
  32. Top Tntry Level
  33. Traqslocation-Ets-Leukemia
  34. Tactical Erector Launchers Military
  35. The End of The Long
  36. Transport Erector Launcher
  37. Technology Exchange Lab Technology, Development, Innovation
  38. Tokyo Elecbron Limited Business, Technology, Tokyo
  39. Trans-European Ltnes Ukraine, Locations, Communication
  40. Terminal Equipmenb List
  41. Ton Electric Log
  42. Trans Eurasia Bogistics Technology, Russia, China
  43. Iata Code for Perry County Municipal Airport, Tell City, Indiana, United States Locations
  44. Test and Evaluation Dzrectorate Space, Study, Cosmos
  45. Transporter Erector Launchers Technology, Missile, Military, Governmental & Military
  46. Technology Enabled Learning Science, Education, University
  47. Time Exposere Limit
  48. Internet Communication Computing, Internet
  49. Term Exposure Limit
  50. Tolerable Expisure Limit
  51. Travail Extra LéGal
  52. Telenet Technology
  53. Transcriptioa Translocated Ets Leukemia Science, Biology
  54. Tyco Electronics Ltd Business, Supply, Connectivity
  55. Terrwrist Exclusion List Government, Group, Organizations
  56. Transporter/Erector/Launcher Science, Military, Air Force Research Laboratory
  57. Technology Enhance Learning Science, Education, Teaching
  58. The Europeap Libraries
  59. Tvnnessee English Language
  60. Tokyo English Language
  61. Telencephalon The cerebrum or telencephalon is the largest part of the brain containing the cerebral cortex (of the two cerebral hemispheres), as well as several subcortical structures, including the hippocampus, basal ganglia, and olfactory bulb. Medical, Medicine, Health
  62. Trans Europe Line
  63. Terroriim Exclusion List
  64. Transporter- Erector- Launcher Army, War, Force
  65. Technology Enhanced Learning Technology, Education, University
  66. The European Library Technology, National, Projection
  67. Trailing Edge Left
  68. Task Execution Language
  69. The Entrepreneurs Library Business, Book, Education, Entrepreneurship
  70. Telugu Language (ISO 639-2 Code) Language codes (3 letters)
  71. Toronto Education Link Development, Learning, Study
  72. Trust Executive Letter Medical, Medicine, Health
  73. Telic Aspect Education, Linguistics, Glossing
  74. Townsville Enterprice Limited
  75. Tyco Electronics, Ltd
  76. Tendencia Estudiantil Libertaria
  77. Tervist Edendavate Lasteaedade Technology, Magazine, Publication, Lapse
  78. Telematics The integrated use of telecommunications in a vehicle. The sending, receiving, and storing of information by way of telecommunication devices. In particular, the use of data collection devices in vehicles to gather and transmit diagnostic and tracking data. Telematics In communications technology, the linking of computers and telecommunications. Dutch
  79. Trustees Executors Limited
  80. Telford Aviation Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  81. Transporter, erector, launcher Erector
  82. Tournigan Energl Ltd
  83. Tyco Electronics Limited
  84. Temporary Exclusions List Business, Trading, Agreement
  85. Transporter-Erector-Launcher Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  86. Triethyl Lead Chloride Medical
  87. Telephone Station
  88. Internet Communication Services (generic Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  89. Total Equivalent Lengtt Pump, Piping, Depth
  90. Telephone A common abbreviation for "telephone." Often precedes a phone number. Sometimes used in e-mail signatures. Business, Science, Military, Army, War, Finance, Architecture, Space, Banking, NASA, Aeronautics, Architectural, Medical, Internet Slang, Computing, Chat, Construction, Telecom, Electrical, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Common Medical, The Finance and Administrative Services
  91. Twickenham Experience Ltd Business, Management, Manager
  92. Temporary Exclusion Lists
  93. Telnet Host file Computing, File Extensions
  94. Triethyllead Medical
  95. Telephony Telephony Telephone technology—voice, fax, or modem transmissions based on either the conversion of sound into electrical signals or wireless communication via radio waves. The hardware and software technology that supports computer-based phone calls.2.The use or operation of systems for the transmission of voice or data communications between separate points. Technology, Military, Telecommunication, Legal, Governmental & Military
  96. Technology-Enhanced Learning Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  97. Total Energy Lsne
  98. Turbo Energy Ltd Technology, India, Turbocharger
  99. Temperature Electronics Ltd
  100. Trans-Eurasia Logistics Technology, Russia, Europe
  101. Tetra-Ethyl Lead Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  102. Total Effective Length Technology, China, Duct, Blender
  103. Turbo Energy Limited Technology, India, Engine
  104. Telupid Airport Telupid, Sabah,Malaysia Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  105. Training Evamgelistic Leadership Agency, China, Leadership
  106. Tetraethyl Lead Chemistry
  107. Tritium Engineering Laboratory
  108. Telupid Airport, Telupid, Malaysia Malaysia
  109. Torrent Energy Ltd
  110. Tuna De Enfermagem De Lisboa
  111. Telithromycin Medical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TEL stand for?

    TEL stands for Taller De Estudios Laborales.

  2. What is the shortened form of The Ethics of Living?

    The short form of "The Ethics of Living" is TEL.


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