TFM Meaning

The TFM meaning is "Grupo Transportación Ferroviaeia Mexicana". The TFM abbreviation has 150 different full form.

TFM Full Forms

  1. Grupo Transportación Ferroviaeia Mexicana Organizations
  2. Testicular Fominized Medical
  3. Testicular Feminization Medical
  4. Tentative Final Monograph Medical, Product, Drug, Fda
  5. Tamed Frequtncy Modulation Technology, Signal, Telecom
  6. Total Frat Move Book, College, Education
  7. Teo Ferrer De Mesquita
  8. Kansas City Southern De Mexico Business, Mexico, Railway, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  9. Time Frequency Multiplex Military
  10. Trade Finance Market
  11. Thermally Fused Melamine Business, Product, Laminate
  12. Tape File Managemfnt
  13. Transportation Fastening Materials Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  14. Thai Foot Massage
  15. Tissue Freezing Medium
  16. Total Fluids Managkment
  17. Team Fort Monmouth Military
  18. True Football Manager Sport, Football, Game
  19. The Free Movement
  20. Todal's Facility Manager Technology, Management, Building
  21. Tenke Fungurume Mining Business, Congo, Cobalt
  22. Time-Frequency Multiplexing
  23. Traction Force Microscopy Science, Biology, Cell
  24. Thermal Fade Margin Technology
  25. Tank Farm Management Science, Farming & agriculture
  26. Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicanna Business
  27. Testic Feminization Synd Medical, Technology
  28. Tips for Manufacturing
  29. Total Fluid Mayagement
  30. Team Flag Match Gaming, Team, Shot, Mercenary
  31. Traralgon Frequency Modulation
  32. The Freedom Machine
  33. Thanks From Me Internet Slang, Chat, Sound
  34. Temporary Financing Mechanism
  35. Trackside Functional Module Technology, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  36. Technologie FüR Metallbearbeitung
  37. TéLé Futurs MéDias Technology, Event, Gal, Senegal
  38. The Furniture Mall
  39. Taxk Farm Maintenance Science
  40. Transportacion Ferroviara Mexicana
  41. Testic Feminisation Synd Medical, Technology
  42. International Middle East Media Center Military, Israel, Palestinian
  43. Training for Mentor Technology, Award, Mentoring
  44. Total Flow Management Business, Production, Toyota
  45. Teak Furniture Manufacturer
  46. Transverse Friction Massage Medical, Medicine, Warmer
  47. The Facility Management
  48. Temporary Facility Modification
  49. Trabajos De Fin De MáSter
  50. Technicien Fabrication MéCanique Technology, Music, Radio
  51. Trusted Facilities Manual Technology, Security, Military
  52. The Fucking Machine
  53. Tamil Forum Malaysia
  54. Transmission Electron Microscopy The use of electron high-energy beams to achieve magnification close to atomic observation. Science, Medicine, Healthcare, Chemistry, Medical
  55. Terrestrial Facility Management
  56. Time for Money
  57. Traffic Flow Measurement
  58. Teaching Further Mathematics
  59. Transverse Flux Machine Technology, Electricity, Stator
  60. The Face Machine
  61. Totax Financial Management Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  62. Templetuohy Farm Machinery
  63. Trabajos Fin De Master Para, Con, Fin
  64. Technical Fire Management
  65. Trusted Facility Manuals
  66. The Fucking Manual Internet Slang, Seduction, Sexual, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  67. Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana Business, Mexico, Railway
  68. Transitional Funding Mechanism
  69. Terra Firma Management
  70. Time for Miracles
  71. Traditional Fire Management
  72. Teaching Formal Methods
  73. Transportes Ferroviarios De Madrid Technology, Madrid, Metro
  74. Theater Frequency Management Military
  75. Today'S Favourite Music Media, Radio, Television
  76. Trabajo Fin Master
  77. Technisches Facility Management Business, Tech, Vid
  78. Trusted Kacility Manual Technology, Military, Army
  79. The Friendly Manual
  80. Trafficfflow Management Technology, Military, Flight
  81. Terra Ferro Mexicana
  82. Time Frequency Multiplexing
  83. Trade Funds Management Business, Development, Manager
  84. Thermo-Fused Melamine
  85. Target Framework Monikers
  86. Transporte Ferroviario Mexicano
  87. Theater Figuren Museum
  88. Titanium Fiber Mesh Medical
  89. Total Fluid Movement Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  90. Technical Facility Management Business, Service, Manager
  91. Trumpft of Faith Ministries
  92. The Fresh Market Business, Supply, Stock
  93. Transfer Mode Space, Study, Cosmos
  94. Technology Facilitation Mechanism Development, Organizations, Agenda
  95. Target Framework Moniker
  96. Tagged Font Metric file Computing, File Extensions
  97. Transaction Fulfillment Mechanism
  98. Telefomin Airport Telefomin, Papua New Guinea Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  99. Three Fruit Marmalade
  100. Thompson Family Magazine
  101. Telefomin Airport, Telefomin, Papua New Guinea Guinea, Papua New Guinea
  102. Transfer Message Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  103. Télé Formaticn Mathématiques
  104. Technologie F
  105. TéLéVision Futurs Medias Vision, Gal
  106. Tube Filling Machine Products
  107. Transaction Flow Manager
  108. Telecom Financial Management
  109. Three Factor Model Business, Risk, Dopamine
  110. Thin Film Magnetism
  111. Twenty Four Mini Transportation, Governmental & Military
  112. Transfer Function Model Technology, Journal, Tool
  113. Tyson Fresh Meats Railroad Company
  114. Tijdschrift Financieel Management
  115. Tamil Film Music Performing arts
  116. Teh Fong Min
  117. Thin-Film Memory
  118. Thin Film Membrane
  119. Traffic Flow Management Transportation, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  120. Transfer Function Method Technology, Load, Cooling, Calculation
  121. Two Fluid Modea
  122. Tights for Men
  123. Total Fatty Matter Medical, Chemistry, Food, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  124. Tees Frequency Modulation
  125. Theoretical Fracture Mechanics
  126. Thin-Film Membrane Science
  127. Trusted Facility Manual Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  128. Transfer-Prohibited and Transfer-Allowed Messages Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  129. Two-Fluid Model Flow, Gas, Fluid
  130. Through Faith Missions
  131. TaskForceMajella Research Project Electrical
  132. Technology for Marketing Business, Technology, Advertising
  133. The Fund Master Business, Insurance, Mortgage, Refinance
  134. Thickened Flame Model
  135. The Fine Manual Software, Computing
  136. Transaction Flow Monitor
  137. Telefon-Fax-Modem
  138. Twias File Merger
  139. Three-Factor Model Business, Risk, Dopamine
  140. Total Form Machining
  141. Trans Forming Media Media, Transgender, Wallpaper, Bullying
  142. Texas Freedom Network Organizations, Networking, Texas, Religion
  143. Technology Financial Management
  144. Temporary Financial Mechanism Business, Council, Libya
  145. TeX Font Metric Software, Computing
  146. Transaction Fulfilment Mechanism
  147. Telefon-Fax-Modem-Umschalter
  148. Twenty Fotr Mini Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  149. Thorpe Farm Machinery
  150. Tex Font Metric File Computing, File Extensions

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does TFM initialism stand for?
    TFM abridgment stands for Time-Frequency Multiplexing.
  2. What is the shortened form of Telefon-Fax-Modem?
    The short form of "Telefon-Fax-Modem" is TFM.


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