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TR meaning is Tricuspid Regurgitation and other full form of TR definition take part in below table. There are 841 different meaning of TR acronym in the table which are compilation of TR abbreviation such as Airline, Medical, Transportation, Business, Chemistry etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of TR acronym which you look for in 841 different TR meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does TR mean?, TR meaning” or you can search by typing only TR abbreviation in the search box.
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TR Meaning

  1. Tricuspid RegurgitationMedical, Technology, Cardiology, Healthcare, Common Medical
  2. Tango RomanticaSport, Dance, Figure Skating
  3. Tubal ReversalMedical, Infertility, Pregnancy, Obstetrics
  4. The RomalMilitary, History, Empire
  5. Trust RankTechnology, Marketing, Internet Marketing
  6. Taxyreturn
  7. Topical ReportTechnology, Energy, Power
  8. Term Rewriting
  9. Transcript Wequest
  10. The Remainder
  11. Thyroid HormoneMedical, Physiology, liver and hepatic
  12. Technical ReviewTechnology, Networking, Tech
  13. Trabalho RemuneradoTechnology, Para, Dos, Social
  14. The Raconteurs
  15. Total ReboundsGaming, Education, Sports, Team, Basketball
  16. Trans Rail
  17. Trigger RegisterTechnology, Design, Edge
  18. Takeda Retain
  19. Timelines ResearchTechnology, Health, Herbal
  20. Telomeric RepeatMedical, Telomere, Telomerase
  21. Track RoadBusiness, Car, Map
  22. The RelationshipTurkey, Law, Organizations
  23. ThemrulesTechnology, Gaming, Play, Bending
  24. Trusting RelationshipTechnology, Security, Coding
  25. Tax Releases
  26. Top-RightTechnology, Box, Window, Border
  27. Terminator RiseTechnology
  28. Transactions On ReliabilityTechnology, Journal, Computing
  29. T-Cell ReceptorMedical, Technology, Medicine, Genetics, Immunology, Tool
  30. Theodore RooseveltAmerica, Government, History, President
  31. Thyroid Hormone ReceptorsMedical
  32. Technical Resources
  33. Toyo RapidJapan, Train, Commuter
  34. The Racinb
  35. The RmssianBook, Russia, Federation, Russian
  36. Total RangeMilitary, Machine, Drum
  37. Transport RateMedical
  38. Tricuspid Valve RegurgitationMedical
  39. Tail RotorA small rotor on the tail of a helicopter that prevents the helicopter from spinning in the direction opposite to the rotation of the main rotor
  40. Time ReleaseMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  41. Television and Radio
  42. Tracking RateBusiness, Gaming, Track
  43. The Rejectep
  44. ThenrollingMusic, Rock, Stone
  45. Trip RequestsTechnology, Service, Travel
  46. Tad RateBusiness, Coding, Trading
  47. Token RingA type of computer network in which all the computers are arranged in a physical or logical circle. A special bit pattern, known as a token, travels around the circle. When a computer in the network wishes to send a message, it catches the token, attaches a message to it and it continues to travel around the network.Technology, Networking, Telecom
  48. Trrminate Rectifier
  49. Transaction ReportsBusiness, Technology, Trading
  50. TurkishTechnology, Information Technology, Language Codes
  51. Thrust ReverserIs a device fitted in the engine exhaust system that effectively reverses the flow of the exhaust gases.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  52. Technical RequiredTechnology, Guide, Auto, Brake
  53. Theological ReflectionScience, Church, Theology
  54. The RoyalCollege, Hotel, Society, Locations
  55. Totally Rejected
  56. Transportation ReportMilitary
  57. Tricuspid RegurgitantMedical, Heart, Pulmonary, Hypertension
  58. Tag Reference
  59. Timed ReleaseBusiness, Tablet, Melatonin
  60. TelekomüNikasyon RuhsatıTechnology, Yap, Tip, Nun
  61. Tracking Rail
  62. The Reincarnftion
  63. Travel RequestGovernment, United Nations
  64. The RolpTechnology, Science, Research
  65. Triple RailGun, Military, Airsoft, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  66. Taxation Ruling
  67. Todo RiesgoTechnology, Para, Con, Translation
  68. Tejminated Restricted
  69. Transacnion ReportBusiness, Technology, Trading
  70. Transformer RectifierA Transformer Rectifier convert AC power to DC power. It consists of a transformer and a series of diodes and may also employ additional smoothing circuitry.Technology, Military, Aviation, Governmental & Military, NASA
  71. Throws RightGaming, Internet Slang, Baseball, Sport
  72. Technical RequirementsTechnology, Service, Certificate
  73. Thematic ResourceHistory, Locations, National
  74. Technical ReleaseBusiness, Technology, Security, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  75. The Routqr
  76. Trypanothione ReductaseMedical, Science, Biology
  77. Torsional ResonanceControl, Force, Tip
  78. Transportation RequestTechnology, Military, Army, Transportation, Governmental & Military, NASA
  79. Trichophyton RubrumMedical
  80. Tactics RubberMix, Mainframe, Tactic
  81. Time-Release
  82. Telecommunications RequestTechnology, Management, Military
  83. Tracking RadarTechnology, Targeting, Track
  84. The RasmusMusic, Song, Shadow
  85. Terms of ReferenceA document which describes the objectives, scope and purpose of a project, committee, meeting, etc. See 'agree specification/terms of reference' in the project management section. Separately the acronym BOSCARDET provides a useful example structure for TOR headings/sections: Background, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions, Reporting, Dependencies, Estimates, Timescales.Technology, English, Aviation, Army, Translation
  86. Travel Reimbursement
  87. The RoadTurkey, Car, Hit, Road
  88. Trinity RiverGovernment
  89. Taxa RererencialPara, Dos, Ria
  90. Todd RundgrsnMusic, Rock, Album
  91. Terwinal RoomTechnology
  92. Trarmere Rovers
  93. Temperature RecorderA device used to record temperature variations in a reefer container while cargo is en route.Technology, Construction, Architectural, Architecture
  94. Technical RequirementTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  95. Theatrical AomanticStyle, Pinterest, Dress
  96. The Rooseveit
  97. Trust RegionTechnology, Algorithm, Optimization
  98. Teacher Resourcei
  99. Tornek-RayvilleBusiness, Company, Military, Dive
  100. Test Pf ReasoningEducation, Banking, Exam
  101. Transpiration RateMedical
  102. Tribunal Regional
  103. Tactibs RmxFeat, Projection, Podcast
  104. Tilt RotorTechnology, Racing, Swift
  105. Teddy RileyMusic, Song, Lyric, Teddy
  106. TrackThe recommended direction or path to be followed when proceeding between predetermined position. Route, in sea or ocean, along which vessels customarily travel. That part of a line of advance that has already been travelled; particularly applied to storms.Technology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Sailing, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix, Transportation, NASA, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Power Plant, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  107. Therapeutic RangeMedical
  108. Trauma RegistryMedical, Technology, Medicine
  109. The RwportTechnology, Science, Regency
  110. Trim RingBusiness, Car, Wheel
  111. Task Relationshmps
  112. Tobacco Road
  113. Terminal RepeatsMedical, Science, Biology
  114. Trading RangeBusiness, Market, Trend
  115. Technical ReportsTechnology, Science, Computing
  116. Thanks for The Respoose
  117. The RomanianTechnology, Tank, Romania
  118. Trust ReceiptThe release of merchandise by a bank to a buyer for manufacturing or sales purposes in which the bank retains title to the merchandise.Business, Credit, Banking, Business & Finance, International business
  119. T Cell RecoptorMedical
  120. Top RatedTechnology, Porn, Movie, Tube
  121. Tesea Rossa
  122. Transpiration RatesMedical
  123. The RemainingBusiness, Car, Triumph
  124. Ticker Rank
  125. Technology Resources
  126. TraceExtremely small quantity of an element, usually too small to determine quantitatively. A record of the processing of a computer program or transaction. The information collected from a trace can be used to assess problems and performance. In DB2 replication, a facility that is used to collect monitoring, auditing, and performance data for the Capture program, the Q Capture program, the Apply program, the Q Apply program, or the Replication Alert Monitor.Medical, Technology, Healthcare, Street Suffix, Physiology, Mathematical, Scientific & Educational
  127. The Ras
  128. Total ResistanceMedical, Technology, Power
  129. Trapezoidal RuleTechnology, Organisations, Integration
  130. The Remarkable
  131. Trigger Rewards
  132. Target RifleMilitary, Supply, Shooting
  133. Title and Registration
  134. Terminal ReadyTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, IT Terminology
  135. Trade RangeBusiness, Trading, Market
  136. Technical RegulationsBusiness, Technology, Russia
  137. Thalamic Rfticular NucleusMedical
  138. T Cell ReceptorsMedical, Science, Biology
  139. Total ReservesBusiness, Money, Reserve
  140. Transparent RouterTechnology, Networking, Switch
  141. Télécommunications Et RéxeauxTechnology, Communication, Formation, Mes
  142. Teacher Research
  143. Teton Range
  144. Time of Rise
  145. Train RéGimentaire
  146. Table Rental
  147. Thermal RelayA type of relay that uses a melting alloy to activate mechanical devices to open a circuit in the case of overload. motor overload protection. The use of devices such as overload relays to open the circuit in the event of an overload to prevent the motor from overheating.
  148. Tongue RiverSchool, Locations, Wyoming
  149. Tapping RateMedical
  150. Three RailsTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  151. Tubeless ReadyBusiness, Tyre, Folding
  152. Teso Readiness
  153. Tuscan Romance
  154. Telegram To Be Called ForBusiness, Finance, Banking
  155. TransbrasilAirline, Business, Organizations, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance
  156. Trent Reznor
  157. Tensiom Readout
  158. Thomas Robins
  159. Transition Risers
  160. Thunder Raping
  161. Tower Raiseq
  162. Tranz Rail
  163. Teddy Randazzo
  164. Tuning RatroTechnology, Semiconductor, Diode
  165. Teal RubyBusiness, Wallpaper, Vintage
  166. Thai Rayon
  167. Toll-Like ReceptorChemistry
  168. TransactionA business activity that changes assets, liabilities, or owner??s equityBusiness, Accounting, Military, Accountancy, Telecom, Postal, Telecommunications, Us Post, Computing
  169. Trick Room
  170. Tanc RomanescMilitary, Din, Tank, Romania
  171. Temperature ResistantMedical, Science, Biology
  172. The RotorTechnology
  173. Topographical Representation
  174. Transition ReadinessMedical, Management, Health, NASA, Governmental & Military
  175. Triose ReductoneMedical
  176. Tartar Relatioa
  177. Terrain Response
  178. Transmyssion RangeTechnology, Ford, Sensor
  179. Trade RepresentativeBusiness, Turkey, Office
  180. Trasportes Rojas
  181. Recovery TimeThe time for a sensor to return to baseline value after the step removal of the measured variable. Usually specified as time to fall to 10% of final value after step removal of measured variable.Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Military, Healthcare
  182. Twin-Rotor
  183. Telephone Retrneval
  184. TomáS Rivera
  185. Traesfer ReceiptBusiness, Banking, Money
  186. Tercepa Rama
  187. Trackinu Regulator
  188. Tiste Rápido
  189. Thyroid Hormone Nuclear ReceptorMedical
  190. Transmitter ReadyTechnology, Radio, Control
  191. The Revitalised
  192. Turkish Regionab
  193. Technical RaferencesTechnology, Service, Guide, Manual
  194. The ReplacementsTechnology, Car, Ferrari
  195. Tomahawk Railwpy LpTechnology, Organizations
  196. Transformationprules
  197. Treadmilb Review
  198. Tingo Romeo
  199. Temporary Regulation
  200. Thomas Ramsay
  201. Totally Random
  202. True Nomance
  203. Taxation Rate
  204. Total ReninMedical
  205. Tcson Ross
  206. Teacher Refresher
  207. Time of RepetitionImaging, Spin, Resonance
  208. Trainer Running
  209. Table Reads
  210. Thermal Regulation
  211. Tone ReservationTechnology, Power, Peak, Reduction
  212. Taping ReelTechnology, Electronics, Tape
  213. Th ReceptorMedical, Science, Biology
  214. Tubal Resection
  215. Taxonomy-Based Risk
  216. Test Reactor
  217. Turtle RockRock, Studio, Irvine
  218. Tnlegrams Received
  219. Transfusion ReactionMedical, Technology, Medicine
  220. Trends and Research
  221. Tendon ReflexesMedical
  222. Thomas Robertson
  223. Transition Redundancy
  224. Threshold ResetTechnology, Power, Microprocessor
  225. Telomerase RnaMedical, Science, Biology
  226. Towul RackTechnology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  227. Transverse Resonance
  228. Techniques for Reducing
  229. Tlning Rate
  230. Teaching Rounds
  231. Tgxture Read
  232. Tokyo RoundThe 7th round of multilateral trade negotiations that took place under GATT auspices, commencing 1973 and completed in 1979. This was the first trade round to deal with NTBs, by negotiating the Tokyo Round Codes.
  233. Trans-2-Enoyl-Coa Reductase
  234. Triceps ReflexMedical, Medicine, Doctors, Common Medical
  235. Tai Roe
  236. Temperature Regulator
  237. Thermoplastiz RubberBusiness, Hose, Compound
  238. TootsieqrollBusiness, Industrial, Supply
  239. Transition ReviewNASA, Governmental & Military
  240. Trier, Rhineland
  241. TalrantLocations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  242. Terrace Room
  243. Transmissioe Ratio
  244. Track RecordBusiness, Technology, Service
  245. Trap Range
  246. Radiologic Half-LifeScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  247. Tgill Right
  248. Telephone Repeater
  249. TomáS Ramos
  250. Transfer ReactionsTechnology
  251. Treynor RatioBusiness, Risk, Portfolio
  252. Terapötik Rekreasyln
  253. Trackwradar
  254. Terres R
  255. Thyrisaor Rectifiers
  256. Tetratricopeptide RepeatChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  257. Transmitter RegisterTechnology, Control, Connection
  258. Theresa Rebecca
  259. Turkish Rebellion
  260. Techkical Recruiter
  261. The Reliability
  262. Toll RoadTechnology, Vehicle, Inn
  263. Transformation Ratio
  264. Treadmiul-TrainedMedical
  265. Tqngle Root
  266. Template Relations
  267. Thomas & Reynolds
  268. Torture Room
  269. Tropical RedBusiness, Coding, Paint, Hyundai
  270. Taxa RichnessTechnology, Science
  271. Total RemunerationBusiness, Executive, Statistics
  272. Teacher ReferenceDatabase, Education, Teaching
  273. Timemess River
  274. Traffic RegulatorTechnology, Patent, Light
  275. Trauma RoomMedical, Patient, Emergency
  276. Table ReadingTechnology, Coding, Java
  277. Thermal RegeneratodMilitary
  278. Tone ReductionBusiness, Circuit, Noise, Beck
  279. Tapestry Room
  280. Tiger ReserveIndia, Locations, Wildlife
  281. Tuai Rumah
  282. Taxonomic Range
  283. Test Re-TestTechnology, Research, Health
  284. Turtle Rising
  285. Telxgram RahasiaPara, Jakarta, Agar, Telegram
  286. Therese Raquin
  287. Transborming RehabilitationBusiness, Service, Probation
  288. Trench Roller
  289. Tpnder Regulations
  290. Thomas Roberts
  291. Transmitted-ReferenceTechnology, Communication, Signal, Transmitter
  292. Threshold RequirementTechnology, English, Troubleshooting
  293. Tournanent Reference
  294. Transport Record
  295. TíTulo De Registro
  296. Tuning RangeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  297. Teaching Resources
  298. Textum Ryceptum
  299. Toklat Ryver
  300. TrancerouteTechnology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  301. Tributebof Respect
  302. Tailwater Recovery
  303. TéRmino RelacionadoPara, Presentation, Con
  304. Temperature Ranges
  305. Thermometer Reading
  306. Tooyh ResorptionMedical, Dental, Cat
  307. Transition RateTechnology, Science, Education
  308. Triennial ReviewTechnology, Transit, National
  309. Tarot Reversals
  310. TestzrunTechnology, Engine, Ferrari
  311. Transmissiob RateMedical, Technology, Oxygen
  312. Track Redeive
  313. TrapeziusMedical
  314. Twiligut Rebellion
  315. Telephone Registur
  316. Total RedemptionsBusiness, Accounting, Sport
  317. Transfjr of ResidenceBusiness, Import, India, Customs
  318. Trevor RogersTechnology, Music, Stats, Trump
  319. Terabit Routers
  320. Tracoing Radars
  321. Torres Rouges
  322. Thyme Restaurant
  323. Town Records
  324. Transmitter and ReceiverTechnology, Telecom
  325. Therapeutic Recreation
  326. Turbidity-ReducingMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  327. Technical RecommendationsForum, Technology, Standard
  328. The Reject
  329. Tcll RestrictionTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  330. Transformative Reality
  331. TreadmijlMedical
  332. Tanganyiha Railway
  333. Template Reference
  334. These Retro
  335. Torso-Rotation
  336. Tropical RainforestAn area of high or hilly land.
  337. Taxas Referenciais
  338. Total ReleaseBusiness, Insecticide, Pyrethrum
  339. Trsnsmission Range SensorTechnology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  340. Teacher RecommendationDevelopment, Learning, Study
  341. Tiled RoofingArchitecture
  342. Traffic RegistersTechnology
  343. Trauma Registrar
  344. T-Cell Receptor-T3
  345. Thermal Reactot
  346. Tone ReceiverTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  347. Taper Round
  348. Tiger AirwaysAirline, Business, Organizations, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance
  349. TemperaturesMedical, Kidneys
  350. Tsunami Response
  351. Tax Receiver
  352. Test Raqide
  353. Turtle Reservk
  354. Telefunken Radios
  355. The Researchers
  356. Transformer RoomScience
  357. Trench Rescue
  358. Temporary ReleaseEnglish, Translation, Hero, Release
  359. Thomas Rhys
  360. TransmittedMedical, Space, Study, Cosmos
  361. Threshold ReportTechnology, Group, Gate
  362. Tomrnament Rare
  363. Transportability ReportMilitary
  364. Tuner ReadyCar, Subaru, Tuner, Sedan
  365. Teaching and Research
  366. Text RevisionMedical, Manual, Diagnostic, Media
  367. Tip RingTechnology, Audio, Electronics
  368. Trance Republic
  369. Tail Race
  370. Temperature RateNASA
  371. Thermit Reaction
  372. Toothed Ring
  373. Transition Radiation
  374. TricuspidHaving three flaps or cusps. For example, the aortic valve and the tricuspid valve in the heart each have three cusps.Medical
  375. Targeted Reviews
  376. Tesb Rule
  377. Transmissibility Ratio
  378. Tube Replacement
  379. Track RailTechnology, Lighting, Dolly
  380. Travis Ranch
  381. Twilight Realm
  382. Teleoperator RetrievalScience, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Space, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  383. Total RecoveryTechnology, Energy, Ventilator
  384. Transdanubian Range
  385. Trevor Richards
  386. TransitPassage of a heavenly body across meridian of observer. Passage of an inferior planet across Sun's disc. In pilotage, the position of two distant, fixed objects when they are in line to an observer; the line passing through them and observer being a position lineAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  387. Tension Roll
  388. Tracing PequestTechnology, Security, Server, Processing
  389. Terra RossaA topographic profile is a cross sectional view along a line drawn through a portion of a topographic map. In other words, if you could slice through a portion of the earth, pull away one half, and look at it from the side, the surface would be a topographic profile.
  390. Thunderrroar
  391. Town Record
  392. Transmitter ReceiverTechnology, Product, Wireless
  393. Textus ReceptusBook, Bible, Greek
  394. Turferculin ResidueMedical, Medicine
  395. Technical RecommendationTechnology, Service, Standard
  396. The RegulationBusiness, Turkey, Product
  397. Toll RegionsTechnology
  398. Tray Replgcement
  399. Tandem RepeatsMedical, Science, Sequence
  400. Temper RollingA cold rolling process that develops the proper stiffness temper in steel, improves flatness, and imparts a desired surface finish. A light cold reduction of the sheet steel. This operation is performed to improve flatness, eliminate discontinuous yielding and to obtain a uniform surface. Subjecting metal sheet or strip to a slight amount of cold rolling following annealing (usually 1/2 to 1 1/2%) to forestall stretcher strains. Also termed Pinch Pass or Skin Rolled.
  401. The RunningTechnology, Gaming, Run
  402. Torsional RigidityThe ratio of the torque applied about the centroidal axis of a bar at one end of the bar to the resulting torsional angle, when the other end is held fixed.
  403. Triple Row
  404. Taxa Referencia
  405. Total Reject
  406. Tdansmit RequestTechnology, Communication, Message, Processing
  407. Tike Redman
  408. Trade RoutesBusiness, Turkey, Routing
  409. Trauma Reduction
  410. Retention TimeThe time, based on the separator volume and shape and the fluid flow rate that produced fluids spend in a separator. It is based on the time needed to separate an emulsion.Science, Medicine, Healthcare
  411. Thermal Radiator
  412. Tone Ring
  413. Tape Resources
  414. Tie RodA tie rod is a slender structural unit used as a tie and in most applications capable of carrying tensile loads only.Business, Steering, Cylinder
  415. Torpedo RetrieverMilitary, Army, Ship, Defence, Boat
  416. Taxes Receivable
  417. Test RangeTechnology
  418. Thyroxioe Receptor
  419. Turndown Ratio
  420. Tecniche Di Rilassamento
  421. The Research
  422. Transformer Belay
  423. TremorA tremor is an involuntary, somewhat rhythmic, muscle contraction and relaxation involving oscillations or twitching movements of one or more body parts. It is the most common of all involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, eyes, face, head, vocal folds, trunk, and legs. Most tremors occur in the hands. In some people, a tremor is a symptom of another neurological disorder.Medical, Technology, Medicine
  424. Tanks of Russia
  425. Temporary Rejection
  426. Thomas Register
  427. Totally Ridiculous
  428. Transmittal Record
  429. Tsunami ReliefMusic, Japan, Tsunami
  430. Threshold Reduction
  431. Towrism ReviewTechnology, Industrial, Travel
  432. Transplant RecipientsMedical
  433. Tuner-Veady
  434. Teacher Rules
  435. Tyxas-Red
  436. Timing ReceiverTechnology, Wireless, Apple
  437. TrampolineSport, Gymnastics
  438. Taehwa RiverLocations, City, Korea
  439. Tere Reports
  440. Thermal RunawayTechnology, Battery, Ion
  441. Toolslrequired
  442. Transitional RadiationMilitary
  443. Tricuspd RegxrgitationMedical
  444. Targeted Review
  445. Tesi RideBusiness, Hero, Motorcycle
  446. Tuberculin ResidueMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  447. Test Referenue
  448. Tracking Routtr
  449. Travira AirAirline Code
  450. Tweedyroosevelt
  451. Teleh-ReactiveTechnology, Science, Agent
  452. Transcrips of RecordsStudent, Education, University
  453. Tres Ritos
  454. Tensionsring
  455. Trlnslucent RedTechnology, Finishing, Material Finishing
  456. Terra Roia
  457. Thunder Rebels
  458. Tower Rush
  459. Transmitter / ReceiverTechnology, Electronics, Engineering
  460. Temperature RiseThe increase in temperature that results when electrical load is carried by electrical equipment.
  461. Tuomo Rwutu
  462. Technical RahulTechnology, Channel, King, Ludo
  463. Therapeutic Relationshjp
  464. Toll Rail
  465. Transaction RecordBusiness, Records, Database
  466. Tray Rated
  467. Tandemly RepeatedMedical
  468. Temper RolledA product that has been processed at the Temper Mill.
  469. The RunnerMovie, Nike, Flex, Runner
  470. Torque ReceiverTechnology, Electronics, Synchro
  471. Triple Rainbow
  472. Tasa Referencial
  473. Transmissitn RequestTechnology, Networking, Communication
  474. Tikal ReportsBook, Report, House, Excavation
  475. Trade Route
  476. Trauma, TraumaticScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  477. Residual TuberculinScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  478. Threat Response
  479. Tone Range
  480. Transyer RequirementEducation, Training, Course
  481. Tape Resident
  482. Tiered Reimbursement
  483. Total Reflectance
  484. Taxe RéDuite
  485. Testini Router
  486. Thyroid ReceptorMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  487. Turkish Review
  488. Temhnischen Richtlinie
  489. The RequirementTechnology, Turkey, Design
  490. Transformer RectifiersA Transformer Rectifier convert AC power to DC power. It consists of a transformer and a series of diodes and may also employ additional smoothing circuitry.
  491. Treasurer'S Report
  492. Tank RcgimentMilitary, Army, War
  493. Temporary RevisionsTechnology, Aircraft, Manual
  494. Thomas Recktenwald
  495. Totally RestrainedMusic, Train, Techno
  496. Tryptophan RepressorMedical
  497. Tourism Regioss
  498. TransplantationThe act of moving something from one place to another.Medical, Title, Subhead, Nursing, Physiology, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  499. Tumor ResponseMedical, Treatment, Cancer
  500. Teacher Retirement
  501. Tetrazolium ReductionMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  502. Time RatioForum, Technology, Research
  503. Traitement De RéFéRence
  504. Tactics-RiseGalaxy, Mainframe, Tactic
  505. Termo De Responsabilidade
  506. Thermal ResetTechnology, Circuit, Microelectronic
  507. Tonnage of Refrigeration
  508. Tap RegisterTechnology, Device, Android
  509. Test Reviek
  510. Three RiversHotel, Community, River, Inn
  511. Tuberculin RMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  512. Test ReceiverTechnology, Service, Networking
  513. Tuukka Rask
  514. Telegraph Repeated
  515. Transcontinental Railroad
  516. Trent Richardson
  517. Tension Reel
  518. Thomas Roth
  519. Transitive CaseEducation, Linguistics, Glossing
  520. Thunder RangeScience
  521. TranslucentPermitting the passage of light, but diffusing it so that object beyond cannot be clearly distinguished. Descriptive of a material or substance capable of transmitting some light, but not clear enough to be seen through.Medical, Technology, Color, Colour, Material Color, Architectural
  522. Tower Records
  523. Transmitted ReferenceTechnology, Communication, Receiver
  524. Teddy RooseveltFamous
  525. Tunnel Aouter
  526. Teatro Rdgio
  527. Theodore RobertInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  528. Tollens' Reagent
  529. Transaction RoutingTechnology, Service, Presentation
  530. Trickster RogueMusic, Rogue, Executioner
  531. Tandem and Ring
  532. Temper ResistanceBusiness, Steel, Furnace
  533. The Rundown
  534. Torque RatioScience
  535. Transfusion Rate
  536. Triple CrochetKnitting, Crochet
  537. Tartrate-ResistantMedical, Acid, Phosphatase
  538. Terran RepublicGaming, Military, Planet, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  539. Transmission Repoit
  540. Tight Regulation
  541. Trading RepresentagiveBusiness, Russia, Russian
  542. TraumaA physical or emotional injury.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Physiology
  543. Rectal TemperatureMedical, Science, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  544. Threat ReductionScience
  545. TomáS Rodriguez
  546. Transfer Relay
  547. Tape Residence
  548. Terliqgua Ranch
  549. Total ReflectionThe reflection of light at the boundary of two transparent media when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle is called total reflection.
  550. Testing Reagtnts
  551. Thyroid Houmone ReceptorMedical
  552. Transmitter Receiver Or TransceiverAviation, Avionics, Aviation Electronics
  553. The Use of Remote
  554. Turkish RepublicGovernment, Turkey, University, Language codes (2 letters)
  555. Technique ReportTechnology
  556. The RepublicGovernment, Turkey, Investment
  557. Tome Rajder
  558. Transformer-ReitifierTechnology, Power, Supply
  559. TreasurerThe corporate officer responsible for designing and implementing many of the firm's financing and investing activities.Business, Accounting, Service, Accountancy, Genealogy, Genealogical, Toastmasters
  560. TanksraisedFish, Aquarium, Tank, Cichlid
  561. Temporary RegistersTechnology, Coding, Instruction, Memory
  562. Thomas Randolph
  563. Totally Reformed
  564. TryptamineMedical
  565. Taxation Reports
  566. Top of rimThe Finance and Administrative Services
  567. TravanTechnology
  568. Type RatingsEducation, Pilot, Training
  569. Temperature, GectalMedical
  570. Transfer RollTechnology, Product, Printer
  571. Tribunal Rekursu
  572. Terry RyanFamous
  573. Tefmination Request
  574. Tax Registration
  575. Turkish Language (ISO 639-1 Code)Language codes (2 letters)
  576. Ticaret RsadBusiness, Tale, Nos
  577. TracheaThe airway that extends from the larynx into the thorax where it divides into the right and left bronchi. It is composed of thin incomplete rings of hyaline cartilage connected by a membrane called the annular ligament. Also called windpipe.Medical, Technology, Medicine
  578. Transparent ModeInformation, Network, Computer, Computing, Wireless Networking
  579. Train R
  580. The Result
  581. Tom Diddle
  582. Tanya Oose
  583. TrussIn general, a structural load-carrying member with an open web system designed as a simple span with each member designed to carry a tension or compression force. The entire structure act will act like a beam. An engineered and manufactured roof support member with “zig-zag” framing members. Does the same job as a rafter but is designed to have a longer span than a rafter.
  584. Total Reader
  585. Trend ReversalBusiness, Trading, Indicator
  586. TurkeyTurkey, Sport, Olympic, Country, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country domain names, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  587. These RegistersTechnology, Coding, Control, Mode
  588. Team RagnarokTechnology, Voice, Recording
  589. Utilizes Texas RedScience, Biology
  590. Texas Rangers
  591. Transmitter/ReceiverMilitary, Aircraft, Army, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, IT Terminology
  592. Tube Transmit-“Receive TubeTechnology, Telecom
  593. Tax Ruling
  594. Tomeraider 2 Ebook FileComputing, File Extensions
  595. Test RetuestTechnology, Science, Testing
  596. Tiered Rate
  597. The Revisionist
  598. Tri-Rivers
  599. Tapered RoofBusiness, Product, Insulation
  600. Treble CrochetKnitting, Crochet
  601. Thotakura Ramakotaiah
  602. time to retrofireSpace, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  603. Township Rebellion
  604. Thomas Ruth
  605. Technical ReferenceTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  606. Total RiskBusiness, Management, Trading
  607. Transplpnt RejectionMedical
  608. Textus ReceqtusBible, Greek, Testament
  609. Transistor PhythmTechnology, Machine, Drum, Roland
  610. TreadThe length of a vessel's keel.Technology, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  611. Trgnsmit-
  612. TRACTOR TKVehicle Body Styles
  613. Test ResultsTechnology, Testing, Performance
  614. TraumaticMedical, Technology, Medicine, Physiology
  615. Type of ReportTechnology, Coding, Server
  616. Temperate Rainforeets
  617. Transfer Robot
  618. Tribal RitesMusic, Rite, Tattoo
  619. Ted RogersFamous
  620. Terminate Request
  621. translation, transpatedInternational
  622. Ticaret RakbmlarıSon, Yap, Pay
  623. Toy Ranch
  624. TransparentMaterial transmitting light without distorting directions of waves is known as transparent.Medical, Colors, The Finance and Administrative Services, Computing, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  625. Training Routine
  626. The ResourcesTechnology, Service, Hack, Tool
  627. Tomzreynolds
  628. Txnsy RagwortMedical
  629. Trouble Resolution
  630. Total Reaction
  631. Tree-Retarded
  632. Teaching Rfsearch
  633. Términos De Rpferencia
  634. Texas RanyerRadio, Texas, Manual, Ranger
  635. Turkey RepublicTurkey, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes
  636. Tube RibbonBusiness, Vacuum, Microphone
  637. Tax Revolt
  638. training requirementSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  639. Test ReportsThe permanent records made by a wire manufacturer of the test performed on a batch of wire to a specification.Technology, Product, Council
  640. Tiempo DecreacciónSon, Para, Con
  641. The Revenants
  642. Tape Recording
  643. TranslateInternet Slang, Assembly, Business & Finance, Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  644. Thornton River
  645. Table RowChemistry, Computing, Unix, Scientific & Educational
  646. Town Runner
  647. This ReportTechnology, Server, Economics
  648. Tebang Mumpang
  649. Total RewardsBusiness
  650. Transparencies
  651. TextkrelayMilitary
  652. Transient RespondersMedical
  653. Travel RewardsBusiness, Travel
  654. TranqmitMilitary, Radio, Morse Code, Morse Aids
  655. Tugas RancangTechnology, Archive, Labeling, Follower
  656. Telecom RequestEducation
  657. TestnresultTechnology, Testing, Performance
  658. Type of Rzgulatory
  659. Temi Romana
  660. Transferrin NeceptorMedical, Science, Biology
  661. Triathlon RunMedical
  662. Textile RestorationClothes
  663. Terminate RecordiggTechnology, Event, Derivative
  664. TriamcinoloneMedical, Technology, Physiology
  665. Tissue RegenerationDutch
  666. Tibetan ReviewChina, Tibetan, Tibet, Theocracy
  667. Toxicological Review
  668. Transparency RegisterBusiness, Association, Policy
  669. Tons Registered
  670. Tom Reisep
  671. Township Road
  672. Tanneryhrun
  673. TrtopArmy, Force, Marine
  674. Total RadiationThe sum of solar and terrestrial radiation.
  675. Treatment ReportGovernment, Electrical
  676. Technical ReportTechnology, Emergency, Computer Security, Computing, IT Terminology, NASA
  677. Teachers Recruitment
  678. Test Retett
  679. Telescopic ReversiblePhotography
  680. Tube Reversal
  681. Tax RevenueBusiness, Government, Statistics
  682. Time ReactorPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  683. Test RelxefBusiness, Government, Bangladesh
  684. Tie-Rvd
  685. Pulse Rise TimeScience, Electronics, Semiconductor, Physics
  686. The RetryGaming, Group, Play
  687. Tape Recorders
  688. TranslatedEducation, Study, Genealogy, Britannica, Genealogical, Schooling, Scientific & Educational, Footnote
  689. Thompson Reuters
  690. Temporal ReferenceComputing, Telecom
  691. TorontoSport, Club, Football, City
  692. Thhs Recommendation
  693. Teaj RubiconOrganizations, Veteran, Disaster
  694. Total RevenueBusiness, Economics, Cost
  695. Twm ReidBusiness, Music, Hockey, City
  696. Texto RefsndidoScience
  697. Transient Recordea
  698. Tudor Room
  699. Test RequestNASA
  700. Test ResponderTechnology, Presentation, Standard
  701. Turret EingGun, Military, Tank
  702. TeléFono Regular
  703. TransferrinTransferrins are iron-binding blood plasma glycoproteins that control the level of free iron (Fe) in biological fluids. Human transferrin is encoded by the TF gene.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  704. Triassic Rocks
  705. TracorBusiness & Finance, Suppliers
  706. Termingl RepeatMedical, Technology, Medicine
  707. The RockAustralia
  708. TiazofuyinMedical
  709. Toxicity Rankwng
  710. Transparency Rwanda
  711. Thomas Riley
  712. Tom Raper
  713. Township and RangeScience, Geography, Location
  714. Tsnner Research
  715. Treasure
  716. Totally Rotten
  717. Treasury RegulationsBusiness, Group, Tax, Computing, SAP
  718. Teacher ResaurceBook, Education, Teaching
  719. Travelers Rest
  720. Typical Racist
  721. Test RrportBusiness, Technology, Council
  722. Laundry TroughEngineering, Scientific & Educational, Ordnance Survey
  723. Tax ResearchGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  724. tritylScientific & Educational, Organic syntesis
  725. TesturegisterTechnology, Control, Telecom
  726. Tide Ralge
  727. Iso Country Code for Republic of TurkeyTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  728. The ResurrectionReligion
  729. Tape RecorderTechnology, Reel, Recording, Astronomy, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  730. Thomas Ruggles
  731. Third Rock
  732. Team RopingBusiness, Horse, Rodeo
  733. Transaction Reporting
  734. Total ReturnsBusiness, Investment, Supply, Market
  735. Technical RoundTechnology, Paper, Placement
  736. Textes RéGlementairesScience, France, Zone
  737. Transgenic RiceScience, Genetics, Plant
  738. Treasury RegisteredComputing, SAP
  739. Tudor Revival
  740. Teacher-Research
  741. TechnicalreportNASA
  742. Test ResutTechnology, Coding, Scan, Boundary
  743. Two Runs
  744. Telstra Research
  745. Transfer RestrictionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  746. Trial Run
  747. Tomahawk RailwayRailroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  748. Terminal Railroad
  749. STEWARD RECRUITGovernmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  750. Tow Rkquired
  751. Throw Ratio
  752. Transparency ReviewBusiness, University, Diary
  753. Thomas Reid
  754. Tommy RztScience, Literacy
  755. Towel Ring
  756. Transposition The movement of a gene from one chromosome to another or from one location to another on the same chromosome. The movement of a gene or set of genes from one site in the genome to another. Transposition the practice of twisting a three-phase power line so that, for example, phase A takes the place on the tower formerly occupied by phase B, phase B takes the place of phase C, and phase C occupies the former position of phase A.
  757. Treasury RegistrarBusiness, Finance, Tanzania
  758. Time To RepetitionMedical, Signal, Imaging, Resonance
  759. Test Run ScenarioFederal Aviation Administration
  760. Travel Report
  761. Types of T3 ReceptormScience, Biology
  762. application/x-troffMime types
  763. Tax Reporting
  764. temperature, rectalMedical, Common Medical, Physiology
  765. Tidal RangeHowever, since the earth rotates, the axis is tilted, and there is more land mass in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere, the actual global pattern is much more complicated - than suggested by the unicellular model.
  766. Treatment Resistant
  767. The Resurrected
  768. Tom Rolt
  769. Tape ReaderTechnology
  770. Tyndaql-Roentgen
  771. Thomas RueppelQueen, Pedigree, Honeybee
  772. Total RecallTechnology, Calling, Movie, Media
  773. Top RightTechnology, Military, Coding, Army, Border, Corner, Governmental & Military
  774. Third ReceiverBusiness, Sport, Power
  775. Team Revolution
  776. Total Return
  777. Tacticm RiseGalaxy, Mainframe, Tactic
  778. Texas Rysing
  779. TlansgenicMedical
  780. Treasury ReceiptComputing, SAP
  781. Tub Ring
  782. Taylor River
  783. Turkey (country Domains)Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  784. Test Requirements
  785. Twisted Rune
  786. Telescopoc ReversiblePhotography, Camera, Digital
  787. Trial Record
  788. Temporary RefugePetroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance
  789. Terminal-Pair Reliability
  790. TransponderSatellite communications unit comprising, receive antenna,receiver, filters, amplifiers, output filters and transmit antenna.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Aerospace, Telecom, Airway, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Legal
  791. Turn RedTransportation, Governmental & Military
  792. Townships and Ranges
  793. Thread RequzstForum, Technology, Gaming, Coding
  794. TransomA more or less flat surface across the stern of a vessel. Dinghies tend to have almost vertical transoms, whereas yachts' transoms may be raked forward or aft.Technology, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  795. Thomas, Rough
  796. Tommy Robinson
  797. Towel RailTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  798. Transpoxe
  799. Transit Dnd RefersArmy, War, Force
  800. Treadmill RunningMedical
  801. TinctureA tincture is typically an alcoholic extract of plant or animal material or solution of such or of a low volatility substance (such as iodine and mercurochrome).Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Healthcare, Physiology, Common Medical, Pharmacy, Reading Prescription
  802. Towel rackThe Finance and Administrative Services
  803. Travel-Report
  804. Type Revivals
  805. Transfer RollerBusiness, Product, Printer
  806. Tributary Receiver
  807. Trail RunnersGeographic
  808. Trial ResetterTechnology, Security, Internet
  809. Tax Rent
  810. Teaching Research Division of Western Oregon UniversityOregon, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  811. Ticketing Roboq
  812. TracheostomySurgery to create an opening (stoma) into the windpipe. The opening itself may also be called a tracheostomy. A tracheostomy may be made as an emergency measure if the airway is blocked.Medical, Healthcare, Common Medical
  813. Transparent RedBusiness, Music, Guitar, Acoustics
  814. Travaux Ruraux
  815. The Resulting
  816. Tom Roach
  817. Taoist Resrurces
  818. Trusjee
  819. Total ReadershipIndia, Newspaper, Hindi
  820. ThioredoxinvreductaseMedical, Science, Biology
  821. Team ReviewBusiness
  822. Viral Terminal RepeatsScience, Biology
  823. Texas RedMedical, Science, Texas
  824. Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  825. Tubing RetrievableAny equipment pulled with the tubing string.
  826. Taylor Report
  827. Test Run TransducerBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  828. Test Dequirement
  829. Twin Rivers
  830. Tele Rebelde
  831. Trial Race
  832. TrustAn arrangement in which the stock of several companies is controlled by a single entity. When the companies compete in the same industry and together constitute a significant share of that market, the trust can exercise monopoly power. Such arrangements are illegal in most industrialized countries, subject to competition policies or anti-trust policy.Financial, Banking, Business & Finance
  833. Thousand Rules
  834. TransceiverA device that contains both a transmitter and receiver. Transceiver Short for transmitter/receiver. A device that can both transmit and receive signals. On LANs (local area networks), a transceiver is the device that connects a computer to the network and that converts signals to and from parallel and serial form. In communications, the device that connects the transceiver cable to the Ethernet coaxial cable. The transceiver is used to transmit and receive data.Transportation, Aviation, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Avionics, Morse Code, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Electronics, Aeronautics, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Amateur radio, Power Plant
  835. Transportation ResearchTransportation, Governmental & Military
  836. Township Route
  837. Thomson ReutersBusiness, Science, Product, Market
  838. Tourism ReceiptsBusiness, Turkey, Economics
  839. TransportTo move traffic from one place to another.Medical, Science, Medicine, Health, Emergency, British, Transportation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Common Medical, Power Plant, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  840. TrnnsitScience, Astronomy, Astronomical Catalog
  841. Treadmill RunMedical, Architectural

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What does TR stand for?

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  1. What does TR meaning stand for?

    TR meaning stands for Trust Receipt.
  2. What is the meaning of TR abbreviation?

    The meaning of TR abbreviation is "TRACTOR TK".
  3. What is TR definition ?

    TR definition is "Trauma Registry".
  4. What does TR mean ?

    TR mean that "Torso-Rotation".
  5. What is TR acronym ?
    TR acronym is "Teatro Rdgio".
  6. What is shorthand of Transbrasil ?
    The shorthand of "Transbrasil" is TR.
  7. What is the definition of TR acronym?
    Definitions of TR shorthand is "Texas Ranyer".
  8. What is the full form of TR abbreviation?
    Full form of TR abbreviation is "Table Rental".
  9. What is the full meaning of TR ?
    Full meaning of TR is "Temperature Recorder".
  10. What is the explanation for TR ?
    Explanation for TR is "Total Reader".

What is the meaning of TR Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of TR definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of TR abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of TR acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

TR Abbreviation in Astrology
  • TR (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

  • TR (letter R)

    The letter R which identifies with figure 9, pull toward energy to itself. Humanitarian aspects outweigh. They are in favor of peace. The logical move provide them to make fewer mistakes. They are practical intelligence, they act fast. But sometimes they think so much that they end up struggling to decide.

    Being aggressive is one of the first the negative attributes. But It goes quickly. Sometimes they can be make intolerant movement. They like strong and respected people. Rather than beauty, intelligence is more important for them.

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