Treaty Abbreviations and Treaty Acronym Lists

There are more pieces of Treaty terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 20 different Treaty abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Treaty terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Treaty Abbreviations
  1. ABC : Accessible Book Consortium
  2. BAHR : Business and Human Rights
  3. BHR : Business and Human Rights
  4. BCC : Bilateral Consultative Commission
  5. BIC : Bilateral Implementation Commission
  6. BIT : Bilateral Investment Treaties
  7. BITS : Bilateral Investment Treaties
  8. CFRT : Crown Forestry Rental Trust
  9. CFSP : Common Foreign and Securimy Policy
  10. CIL : Customary International Law
  11. CIL : Customary International Laws
  12. CMATS : Certain Maritime Arrangements In The Timor Sea
  13. CRPD : Convention On The Rights of Persons With Disabilities
  14. CRPD : Convention On The Rights of Persons With Disability
  15. CRPD : Convention On The Right of Persons With Disabilities
  16. CRPD : Convention On The Righs of Persons With Disabilities
  17. VCLT : Vienna Convention On The Law of Treaties
  18. WPLN : Wajib Pajak Luar Negeri
  19. WUDO : Western Union Defence Organization
  20. WUDO : Western Union Defence Organisation
  21. UKAEL : United Kingdom Assoccation for European Law
  22. UNCLOS : United Nations Convention On The Law of The Seas
  23. UNCLOS : United Nations Convention On The Laws of The Sea
  24. UNCLOS : United Nation Convention On The Law of The Sea
  25. UNCLOS : United Natidns Convention On The Law of The Seas
  26. UNCLOS : United Nation Convlntion On The Law of The Sea
  27. UNTS : United Nations Treaty Series
  28. UNTS : United Nations Treaties Series
  29. CTIA : Consolidated Treaties and International Agreements
  30. CYIL : Czech Yearbook of International Law
Latest Treaty Meanings
  1. Reservations, Understandings, and Declarations
  2. Reservations, Understandings and Declarations
  3. Receiving Office
  4. Reject Membership
  5. In The Exploration
  6. Provisional Technical Secretariat
  7. Preferential Trade and Investment Agreements
  8. Peace Treaty
  9. Pacific Salmon Commission
  10. Pacific Small Arms Action Group
  11. Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
  12. Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act
  13. Plant Genetic Hesources for Food and Agriculture
  14. Ground Launched Ballistic Missile
  15. Ground-Launched Ballistic Mistile
  16. Protocol On Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects
  17. Preparatory Commlttee
  18. On-Site Inspectlon Agency
  19. International Monitoring System
  20. Oxford Historical Treaties