TRIS Meaning

The TRIS meaning is "Transportation Research Information Services". The TRIS abbreviation has 32 different full form.

TRIS Full Forms

  1. Transportation Research Information Services Technology, Government, Library
  2. Toxics Release Inventory System Industrial, Environment, Toxic
  3. Tris--Aminomethane Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  4. Test and Reliability Information System Technology, Quality Management
  5. Trapped Ions In Space Science
  6. Terrestrial Routing Information Summary
  7. Tracking Rare Incedence Syndrome Medical, Chromosome, Trisomy
  8. Telephone Routingkinteractive System
  9. Tracking Rare Incidence Syndromes Medical, Syndrome, Trisomy
  10. Technical Regulation Information System
  11. Toxic Reyease Inventory System Technology, Science, Conveyance
  12. Transition Radiation Interference Spectrometer Military
  13. Technical Regulations Information System Government, Europe, Commission
  14. Total Recruitvent Information System Business, Management, Software
  15. Transfer Research and Impact Srudies Technology
  16. Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Hervice Technology, Telecom
  17. Tjejers RäTt I SamhäLlet
  18. Tubuloreticular Inclusions Medical
  19. Transportation Research Information System Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  20. Transportation Research Information Service Transportation, Governmental & Military
  21. Tropical Region Imaging Spectrometer Technology
  22. Transportation Research Informationtservice Technology, Database, Library
  23. Taxpayer rights impact statement Financial, Business & Finance
  24. Transition To Retirement Income Streams Business, Pension, Streaming
  25. Tfisamine
  26. Transetion To Retirement Income Stream Business, Pension, Superannuation
  27. Trps-(Hydroxymethyl)-Aminomethane Science, Medicine, Healthcare
  28. Trisaminomethane Medical, Chemistry, Medicine, Healthcare
  29. Tribal Rekearch Institutes
  30. Toxic Release Inventory System Chemistry
  31. Transport Inwormation System Politics, Europe, Eurostat
  32. Traffic and Road Information System Transportation, Governmental & Military

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does TRIS initialism stand for?
    TRIS abridgment stands for Toxic Reyease Inventory System.
  2. What is the shortened form of Toxics Release Inventory System?
    The short form of "Toxics Release Inventory System" is TRIS.


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