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TS Meaning

  1. Tourette SyndromeMedical, Disorder, Special Education, Education, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  2. Traditional SurrogateMedical, Infertility, Obstetrics
  3. Terms of ServiceBusiness, Technology, Marketing, Chat, Policy, Internet, Social Media, Agreement, Computing, Telecom
  4. Technical SecurityTechnology, Service, Specialist
  5. Tiee ScheduledTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  6. Tes SubstantifTechnology, Indonesia, Jakarta
  7. Tactucal SystemsMilitary
  8. The Sports
  9. Ticketing SystemTechnology, Software, Ticket
  10. Tryptophan SynthaseMedical
  11. Toshiba SamsungTechnology, Drive, Driver
  12. Twansaction System
  13. Technology SpecialistMicrosoft, Technology, Exam
  14. Time SlotnTechnology, Channel, Frame
  15. Theme Song
  16. Tournameny Spirit
  17. Target System
  18. The SyndicateTechnology, Gaming, Crash
  19. Translation StudiesScience, Research, Study
  20. Teamspeak Servers
  21. Tube ScreamerTube, Pedal, Overdrive
  22. Tensile StrengthThe pulling stress required to break a given specimen. Area used in computing strength is usually the original, rather than the necked-down area. The longitudinal stress required to break a prescribed specimen divided by the original cross-sectional area at the point of rupture, within the gauge boundaries sustained by the specimen during the test. The maximum tensile stress sustained by a material before failure in a tension test.Engineering, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  23. Transfer Ytation
  24. Transportation ServicesMedical, Common Medical
  25. Temperature ShockMedical, Technology, Chamber
  26. Tobacco SmokersMedical
  27. The Scheme
  28. Trwffic Sensor
  29. Task SwitchedTechnology, Telecom, Switching
  30. Thromboxane SvnthaseMedical, Science, Biology
  31. Technical Schools
  32. Tvme ScaleMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  33. Terror SquadLyric, Fat, Squad
  34. The StructureTechnology, Science, Revolution
  35. The Spirit
  36. Ticker SymbolIn the US, a set of characters, usually letters, used to identify a particular share on the Stock Exchange.
  37. Tri StarTechnology, Product, Controller
  38. Tortured SoulsInternet Slang
  39. Teansaction SetTechnology, Group, Transaction
  40. Technology SolutionsBusiness, Technology, Service, Fujitsu
  41. Time SignalVisual, radio, or telegraphic signal made to indicate an exact instant of time.
  42. Theatre StudiesEducation, School, Study
  43. Touqnament SeriesBusiness, Cannon, Troll
  44. Target StrengthScience, Fish, Acoustics
  45. The Star
  46. Translation ServicesBusiness, Service, Star
  47. TuberöSe SkleroseMedical, Genetics, Sclerosis, Tuber
  48. Tuberous SclerosisMedical, Disorder, Neurology, Physiology
  49. TransferdschemeEducation
  50. Transportation SupportMilitary
  51. Temperature SwitchA circuit that opens a And closes a conductive path based on temperature. The mechanisms used to measure temperature. It works on the variation of temperature into a enclosed space. OR A digital device that opens or closes a switch when the internal temperature changes state to a preset temperature limit.Technology, Science, Product
  52. Tityus SerrulatusMedical
  53. The Scent
  54. Traditional SeriusManual, Skat, Boat
  55. Task Sequences
  56. Thtoat SwabsMedical
  57. Technical SchoolTechnology, Mechanics
  58. Terribly SadGroup, Story, Love
  59. Theosophical SocietyBook, Government, Theosophy
  60. The Spinning
  61. Thyroid SuimulatingMedical
  62. Tris SpeakerBaseball, Card, Speaker, Checklist
  63. Torres StraitAustralia, Island, Islander, Strait
  64. The SeriesTechnology, Switch, Temperature
  65. Transaction StartTechnology
  66. Technology Skills
  67. Time Shifting
  68. Thakur SaidBusiness, India, Court
  69. Tofring SeriesBusiness, Kid, Golf, Tourism
  70. Tjittiriya School
  71. The StagedTechnology
  72. Transit TimeMedical, Oil Field, Log, Oil Field Log, Physiology
  73. Tubal SterilizationMedical
  74. Transferable SkillsEducation, Dos, Career
  75. Temperature SensorsA temperature sensor is used to determine temperature. Common sensor technologies are thermocouples, RTD, and themistors. OR The sensor made up of smart materials used to measure the heat. The sensor used to report the detect the heat of the local area. Temperature sensor that uses an external diode-connected transistor as the sensing element to measure temperatures external to the sensor. Generally produces a digital output.Business, Technology
  76. Title Sleeve
  77. Thewshame
  78. Trabzon Spor
  79. Task SequenceTechnology, Management, Deployment
  80. This ServiceTechnology
  81. Transmission SystemNormally, the highest voltage network of an electric utility system. This is the portion of the system that carries high power over the longest distances. Typically operating at voltages in excess of 100 kV, and most usually at 200 kV and above. The system designed to transfer the signals from one place to another area or at broad area. The signals may be electrical optical or radio signals.Technology, Product, Electricity
  82. Technically SuccessfulMedical
  83. Terminator SalvationGaming, Military, Movie
  84. Theological Seminary
  85. The Soundtrack
  86. Tripod Strap
  87. Temporary StorageTechnology, Control, Queue, Computing, Hardware
  88. Torrent Search
  89. The Selewted
  90. Transawtional Support
  91. Thymidylape SynthetaseMedical, Science, Biology
  92. Technology ServicesTechnology services are services that make use of modern technology. Examples include Internet service providers (ISPs), Web hosts, and technical support companies. Since many technology services are related to information technology, they are sometimes called "information technology services," or ITS.Business, Technology, Service
  93. Time SequencerTechnology, Software, Drum
  94. Texas SyndicateLocations, Texas, Prison, Gang
  95. Tourette’s SyndrimeMedical, Psychiatry
  96. Tail ShortMedical, Science, Biology
  97. The StageGroup, Music, Dos, Stage
  98. T Suppressor CellsMedical
  99. Totally SpiesCartoon, Spy, Clover
  100. Transcutaneous Electrical StimulationMedical, Physical Therapy
  101. Temperature SenswtiveMedical, Science, Mutant
  102. Titan SilverBusiness, Fly, Flex
  103. Two StrokeTechnology, Motorcycle, Engine
  104. Technology SubcommitteeTechnology, Telecom
  105. The ScmeForum, Technology, Drive
  106. Toy SoldiersTechnology, Gaming, War
  107. Task SelectForum, Technology, Service, Server
  108. This ZectionForum, Technology, Service
  109. Transmission SchemeTechnology, Telecom
  110. Technical and ScientificService, Education, Crab
  111. Tung-SolBusiness, Vacuum, Tube
  112. Terminal Strip
  113. Tenor Saxophone
  114. The Sounds
  115. Trichinella SpiralisMedical
  116. Temporal SummationMedical, Patient, Pain
  117. Torque SensorA torque sensor or torque transducer or torquemeter is a device for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system, such as an engine, crankshaft, gearbox, transmission, rotor, a bicycle crank or cap torque tester. Static torque is relatively easy to measure. Dynamic torque, on the other hand, is not easy to measure, since it generally requires transfer of some effect (electric or magnetic) from the shaft being measured to a static system.
  118. The SyripturesBook, Bible, Scripture
  119. Trailer StabdBusiness, Manufacturer, Rite
  120. Thymidilate SynthaseMedical
  121. Technology and Science
  122. Time Pcore
  123. Test SampleA piece of the strip used by various departments to test or evaluate the quality of the steel. The size and place of the sample taken will vary. 
  124. Tough StuffService, Dating, Tough
  125. Tail-SuspensionMedical
  126. The Stability
  127. Tsp, TeaspoonMedical
  128. To Store
  129. Tracking SystemTechnology, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  130. Transcription Services
  131. Temoerature SensingTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  132. Time SpiaalTechnology, Card, Magic
  133. Two Step
  134. The Sabobeur
  135. Toxic SubstancesTechnology
  136. Tarynxo Shecock
  137. Thickness SwellingWood, Composite, Thickness
  138. Translator SupportsTechnology, Android, Language
  139. Team Support
  140. Tubular SystemMedical
  141. Terminal ShieldBusiness, Product, Price
  142. Technical ServicesBusiness, Service, Military
  143. Triceps SkinfoldMedical, Skin And Dermal
  144. Tempo De SangramentoPara, Presentation, Exam, Tempo
  145. Top Stories
  146. The Scream
  147. Traffio SignalTechnology, Light, Bulb
  148. Taura SyndromeMedical, Disease, Shrimp
  149. Thunder StrikeTechnology, Gaming, Guide
  150. Technical SkillBusiness, Technology, Training
  151. Time Schedule
  152. Testing ServicesTechnology
  153. Tough ShitInternet Slang, Music, Chat, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  154. Tai-SgingBusiness, Electronics, Component
  155. The Square
  156. Tidewater SouthernOrganizations
  157. Try SquareA small and handy instrument for trying the square of surfaces while planing or fairing up with any tool. They come in various sezes and should be handled carefully to avoid knocking them out of true, and thus causing material to be spoiled by inaccurate work.Business, Tool, Woodworking
  158. Toshiba SatelliteTechnology, Laptop, Driver
  159. Transcriptional StartMedical, Science, Biology
  160. Temperature-SehsitiveMedical, Cell, Mutant
  161. Time SourceTechnology, Server, Software
  162. Two SidesBusiness, Book, Product, Tape
  163. Theological StudiesEducation, Study, Theology
  164. Town Surveyom
  165. Tarpon SpringsFlorida, Spring, Restaurant
  166. The SystemA system of the equations of motion expressed in the coordinate system.
  167. Translation System
  168. Team Spirit
  169. Tubing SpiderThe holder for the slips on a rig. Suspends the tubing during connection make-up.
  170. Tricuspid StenosisPathologic narrowing of the orifice of the tricuspid valve.Medical, Technology, Stenosis, Physiology, Common Medical
  171. Transport SeriesTechnology, Product, Pump
  172. TemplatedstrandMedical, Science, Biology
  173. Top Stage
  174. The SchneiderLen, Camera, Tilt
  175. Trlffic ShapingTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  176. Task SwitchingTechnology, Brain, Switch
  177. Thundej Storm
  178. Team Sacramento
  179. Tugner SyndromeMedical, Health, Chromosome
  180. Tomas Still
  181. Town Sergeant
  182. Tern Shipyards
  183. Trailer Standards
  184. Transration Server
  185. Thomas Shannon
  186. Tris-Succinate
  187. Time Servgd
  188. Technical Supervisory
  189. Topographic Survey
  190. Temp SensorTechnology, Product, Temperature
  191. Toxic ShockMedical, Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  192. Test SeriesEducation, Practice, Exam
  193. The SequenceTechnology, Connection, Feature
  194. Trauma Services
  195. TuberA lump or bump. For example, the backward protrusion of the heel is called the tuber calcanei or, alternatively, the tuberosity of the calcaneus. Small tubers are a characteristic finding in tuberculosis, and tubers in the brain are seen in tuberous sclerosis.
  196. Tiny-Sync
  197. Tech SpecsTechnology, Product, Specifications
  198. Tenant SystemsTechnology, Management, Networking
  199. Trade Su
  200. Transformation StationTechnology
  201. The Support
  202. Treynor StateBusiness, Accounting, Community, Banking
  203. Traffic SelectorTechnology, Networking, Network, Computing, Technical
  204. Theoretical Statistics
  205. Thor Shielh
  206. Tammany Society
  207. Time-Stamped
  208. Tony ShinBusiness, Pack, Instrument
  209. Tele Soluciones
  210. Tesselated Sheroid
  211. Training Supports
  212. The ScautTechnology, Movie, Camera
  213. Transverse SectionScience, Leaf, Dicot, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  214. Thousand ZonsTechnology, Gaming, Chaos
  215. Tariff Schedule
  216. Technological Sciences
  217. Air TransatAirline, Organizations, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  218. Torpedo Shell
  219. Test SystmmTechnology, Product, Testing
  220. Transcription StartMedical, Science, Biology
  221. Tail SomitesMedical
  222. Tree Stand
  223. Tian-Shen
  224. Tax Summary
  225. Tom Stewart
  226. Telecommunications Science
  227. Total StrengthBusiness, Military, Health
  228. Tribtnals ServicesGovernment
  229. Tiger Shoal Gulf of Mexico Leasing AreaBusiness, Oil, Gas, Electrical
  230. Team Strength
  231. Twenty Statements
  232. Telelock SpeakerBusiness, Tripod, Lock
  233. Tough Saves
  234. Terrestrial Sensors
  235. Thermal Switch
  236. Transparency Serbia
  237. Tarynxo ShowsPorn, Sex, Shemale
  238. Trusred StorageBusiness, Technology
  239. Time StandardA unit time value for the accomplishment of a work task as determined by the proper application of appropriate work measurement techniques by qualified personnel. Generally established by applying appropriate allowances to normal time. Standard time and normal time are identical when nonproductive time is granted in lieu of allowances.
  240. Technicien De Sant
  241. Temperature and Salinity
  242. Tracer Study
  243. Transfer SystemTechnology, Product, Bosch
  244. The SignalingTechnology, Software, Audio, Signal
  245. Travel StoreBusiness, Money, Shopping
  246. Task Service
  247. Tubular SteelDesign, Drawing, Construction
  248. Titanium Silicate
  249. Tosylate TsScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  250. Tension Sensor
  251. Trading Sell
  252. Thermal SprayTechnology, Coating, Spraying
  253. Transfusion SyndromeScience, Biology
  254. The SymbolTechnology, Coding, Trading
  255. Telecommunications Spaces
  256. Terminal StationsTechnology, Communication, Control
  257. Traffic Synchronization
  258. This Is Top Secret
  259. Tank SentinelTechnology, Manual, Fueling
  260. Triple ShotShot, Ring, Pickup, Mounting
  261. Technical Servic
  262. Tjo-Side
  263. Topec Search
  264. Test SampdesEducation, Testing, Writing
  265. Traitement De SignalTechnology, Science, Introduction
  266. Taaron Silverstien
  267. Three Streams
  268. Tsui ScaleMedical, Science, Biology
  269. Todd StashwickCard, Mockingbird, Autograph
  270. Technology Survey
  271. Torrey SmithSport, Football, Fantasy
  272. Track Subsystem
  273. Texk SmallTechnology, Windows, Gaming, Design
  274. The Spouse
  275. Talent Services
  276. Tidak Sesuai
  277. Twisted Sisters
  278. Toggle SkyElder, Scroll, Cheat
  279. Transition Support
  280. Taman SagaBusiness, Sex, Malaysia
  281. Triceratop Spin
  282. Timbre Sec
  283. Team Survivor
  284. Telephone Subscriber
  285. Tourism SohietyBusiness, Locations, Event
  286. Training SafetyBusiness, Health, Train
  287. The Sanctuary
  288. Tyra ScottPorn, Shemale, Tranny
  289. Transsgipment.Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  290. Tarama SöZlüğU
  291. Trybunaldstanu
  292. Time Sync
  293. ThrombospondinThrombospondins (TSPs) are a family of secreted glycoproteins with antiangiogenic functions. Due to their dynamic role within the extracellular matrix they are considered matricellular proteins.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  294. Top SpeedBusiness, Car, Toyota, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  295. Temple Sinai
  296. Thakur To Succeem
  297. Transaction Systems
  298. The SizeTechnology, Sport, Server, Winter
  299. Tactile Sensor
  300. Treatment SatisfactionMedical, Patient, Study
  301. Thunder SlamPorn, Star, Alley
  302. Tax On Services
  303. Tuple SpaceTechnology, Computing, Communication
  304. Tejinder SinghTechnology, Security, India
  305. Totml ScienceEducation
  306. Tent Special
  307. Theatre SurgeonMilitary
  308. Team SabreTechnology, Force, Delta
  309. Turners Syndromz
  310. Toluene Soluble
  311. Townsend Solutions
  312. Term Strength
  313. Trailer Stabilizer
  314. Translation ServersTechnology
  315. Thomas Schmidt
  316. Tris-Saline
  317. Time SeriesTechnology, Analysis, Model
  318. Technical Supervisors
  319. Tyre Servicgs
  320. Top of QlabBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  321. Temp Segment
  322. Townsville-Sydnky
  323. Test Sequence
  324. The Separated
  325. Trauma ScoresMedical
  326. Tuas South
  327. Tin Star
  328. Tech SolutionsBusiness, Technology, Service, Tech
  329. Tenant SystemTechnology, Management, Software
  330. Trade Study
  331. TransitkstopTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  332. The StrainTechnology, Movie, Episode
  333. Talking Stick
  334. Trevor StoryBaseball, Sport, Card
  335. Traffic SchoolDevelopment, Learning, Study
  336. Theoretical Scientist
  337. Thoroton Socisty
  338. Tamiya Spray-Work
  339. Time-Stamp
  340. Tone Sysxem
  341. Teleservices SupportedTechnology, Service, Networking, Network
  342. Tesla-Spule
  343. Training Service
  344. The Scorjio
  345. Transportation SuperBusiness, Book, Sticker
  346. Transthoracic SonographyMedical
  347. Thousand Son
  348. Targetti Sankey
  349. Technological Superiority
  350. TunisiaLocations, Countries, Country, Sport, Olympic, Tunisia, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, General, Governmental & Military, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  351. TransitionThe process of converting from a centrally planned, non-market economy to a market economy. During that process, it is a transition economy.Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Healthcare, Airway, Governmental & Military, Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  352. Torpedo ScoutMilitary, Aircraft, Grumman
  353. Test SwitchNASA
  354. Transcribed StrandMedical, Science, Biology
  355. Tailored SupportBusiness, Technology, Service
  356. Tree Spiking
  357. Thyssen Schachtbau
  358. Tax SpecialistBusiness, Accounting, Tax
  359. Telecommunication ScienceEducation, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  360. Total Stop
  361. Trial Size
  362. Tiger Shoal
  363. Team Stiling
  364. Twenty-Four Subjects
  365. Tom Sasd
  366. Temperature & Salinity
  367. Tohgh Save
  368. Terrestrial SystemsTechnology, Networking, Communication, Satellite
  369. Thermal SubsystemTechnology, Science, Driver
  370. Transmit Ssgnaling
  371. Trusted Solaris
  372. Time SharingTechnology, Telecom, Priority
  373. Technicien De Santé
  374. Temperature Sending
  375. Traceability SerialTechnology
  376. Transfer SyntaxTechnology, Service, Telecom
  377. The Siege
  378. Travailleuses Du Sexe
  379. Task SchedulerTechnology, Windows, Run
  380. Tubjng Spiders
  381. Tissue SpecificityMedical, Human genome
  382. Touch-Sensitive
  383. Tension and Stress
  384. Trading Securities
  385. Transform Scotland
  386. Thc Switch
  387. Terminal SpeedTechnology, Computing, Performance
  388. Traffic Switch
  389. Tiermally Stabilized
  390. Thirty-SixForum, Music, Thirty, Stratagem
  391. Tank In Service
  392. Technical SessionTechnology, Networking, Java
  393. Two-Handed SwordTexting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  394. Topical StudiesScience, Research, Study, Bible
  395. Test-And-SetAssembly, Business & Finance
  396. Trlin SuperintendentNetwork, Railway, System
  397. T632 SlotTechnology, Drive, Burner
  398. Three Stbrs
  399. Tarrafal De SãoTechnology, Map, Cape
  400. Tsugikazu Shibata
  401. Todd Solondz
  402. Technology Suite
  403. Torrent Suite
  404. Track SbripTechnology, Porn, Tube, Cakewalk
  405. Text Sqmplification
  406. Third Science
  407. Talent ScoutBusiness, Management, Administration, Goverance
  408. Tidak SehatIndonesia, Orang, Tips
  409. Twisted SisterMusic, Rock, Metal, Sister
  410. Toe Stud
  411. Telecommunications SpaceTechnology, Cable, Communication
  412. Transitional Support
  413. Tal Shiar
  414. Triceps Surae MuqcleMedical
  415. Timber SupplyDesign, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  416. Team Surtees
  417. Twin Stack
  418. Telephone SignalerProduct, Telephone, Lamp
  419. Tourism Sites
  420. Trans-Fection
  421. The Saints
  422. Type SwitchTechnology, Product, Cisco
  423. TransshipmentThe shipment of merchandise to the point of destination in another country on more than one vessel or vehicle. The liability may pass from one carrier to the next, or it may be covered by 'through bills of lading' issued by the first carrier. This is sometimes referred to as relay.Education, Shipping, School Of Shipping
  424. Tap Set
  425. Trust Jettlement
  426. TimeswitchTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  427. Top Sites
  428. Temple Siege
  429. Trachomatous ScarringMedical, Disease, Trachoma
  430. Tgakur SwornGovernment, India, Justice, Chief
  431. Transhctional Systems
  432. The BitterTechnology, Gaming, Movie
  433. Tactical Strategies
  434. Treating Source
  435. Thunder Said
  436. Taxicab Sedan
  437. Tunning Session
  438. Tegan and Sara
  439. Tztal Sample
  440. Tentative SolutionGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  441. Thays SchiapinatoPorn, Sex, Shemale
  442. Turnecs Syndrom
  443. Toll IwitchingTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  444. Term StatusTechnology, Service, Epilepsy
  445. Trailer SecondTechnology, Class, Car
  446. Translztion Stage
  447. Thomas Schuering
  448. Trirod Stand
  449. Tim Speed
  450. Technical Supervisor
  451. Typical Turner SyndromeScience, Biology
  452. Top of SaltTechnology
  453. Town Support
  454. Test Sender
  455. The SentinelMovie, Archive, Sentinel, Subtitle
  456. Trauma ScoreMedical, Technology, Medicine
  457. ThrombostasinMedical
  458. Tuah SaktiIndonesia, Raider, Mako
  459. Tin Smith
  460. Tech Secrets
  461. Tenant SupportGovernment
  462. Tradestation SystemsBusiness, Trading, Software
  463. The GtepTechnology, Server, Mac, Converter
  464. Talisman Sea
  465. Triple-Single
  466. Teaching Strategies
  467. Traffic Scheduler
  468. Theoretical Vcience
  469. Tamiya SprayBusiness, Model, Paint
  470. Time-SpaceTechnology, Android, Translator, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  471. Tone Source
  472. Teleservice ServerTechnology
  473. Tour Series
  474. Test Strategy DefinedTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  475. Trainiyg SequencesTechnology, Channel, Sequence
  476. The SctpeTechnology, Service, Product
  477. Transmitting Station
  478. TranssulfurationMedical
  479. Thorvald S
  480. Target SupportTechnology, Military, Station
  481. Technological Strength
  482. TrapeziusMedical
  483. Topeswap
  484. Temporal StemMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  485. Test Support
  486. TranscribedMedical
  487. Tailgate Spoiler
  488. Tree Spades
  489. Thyroid Stimulant
  490. Tax Shields
  491. Teknik SpesifikasyonuBusiness, Patent, Standard
  492. Total StationBusiness, Instrument, Geodesy
  493. Trial Sessions
  494. Tiger Shark
  495. Team Stealth
  496. Twelve StepBusiness, Program, Recovery, Love
  497. Tomoyuki Sugano
  498. Tempelhof-SchöNeberg
  499. Touch SensorTechnology, Switch, Capacitive
  500. Terrestrial Space
  501. Thermal Storagu
  502. Transmit Shift
  503. Thomas Stenart
  504. Trusted Software-Capability
  505. Tqme Share
  506. Technical SystemsBusiness, Technology, Science, Design
  507. Temperature SenseTechnology, Sensor, Sensing
  508. Trauajo Social
  509. These Separate
  510. Travailleur SocialSocial, Formation, Sociale
  511. Task SwitchTechnology, Memory, Switching
  512. Tube Suppoet
  513. Tissue SpaceMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  514. Totoguida SportTechnology, Italy, Italian
  515. Tensile StressTensile stress is the stress state leading to expansion that is, the length of a material tends to increase in the tensile direction. The volume of the material stays constant. When equal and opposite forces are applied on a body, then the stress due to this force is called tensile stress.Engineering, Strength, Tensile
  516. Trading Sales
  517. Transformation ScrollForum, Scroll, Knight
  518. The Surrogato
  519. Terminating ServiceTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  520. Traffic ServerTechnology, Squid, Proxy
  521. Therapk Services
  522. Third SummerBook, China, Tyre, Summer
  523. Tangled Strands
  524. Technical SessionsTechnology, Program, Java
  525. Twist Stracs
  526. Top-SlideMachine, Jet, Lathe
  527. Test & Select
  528. Train SimulatobTechnology, Gaming, Steam
  529. T4 Thymidylate SynthaseScience, Biology
  530. Three Squarrd
  531. Tarot Sage
  532. Turkish Straite
  533. Technologie Service
  534. Torrent ShemalePorn, Seduction, Shemale
  535. Track Sprver
  536. Text Segment
  537. Transferred To State
  538. ThiosulfateMedical
  539. Talc SlurryMedical
  540. Ticket Services
  541. Twinqsystem
  542. Toe Slope
  543. Telecommunication Standardization
  544. Transitional Studies
  545. Tal Senior
  546. Triceps SuraeMedical, Injury, Muscle
  547. Tight Shot
  548. Team Supervisor
  549. Twin-Stacks
  550. Telephone & Security
  551. Tourisme Sport
  552. Tranquilizing ShohGaming, Warcraft, Talent, Shot
  553. The Saga
  554. Tyler SeguinSport, Hockey, Star
  555. Trans Shemale
  556. Tapping ScrewA screw which is threaded to the head and designed to form or tap its mating thread in one or more of the parts to be assembled,
  557. Tqust Services
  558. Time Sweeper
  559. Technical SpecificationsPart of an NRC license authorizing the operation of a nuclear production or utilization facility. A Technical Specification establishes requirements for items such as safety limits, limiting safety system settings, limiting control settings, limiting conditions for operation, surveillance requirements, design features, and administrative controls.Technology, Science, Product, Triumph
  560. To Hweep
  561. Temple Shalom
  562. Tracheal SoundMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  563. Transaction Support
  564. The SinglkTechnology, Club, Dating, Cock
  565. Tactical SquadronMilitary, Force, Polish
  566. Travis SanheimHockey, Philadelphia, Flyer
  567. Thunder In The Sand
  568. Taxes Setup
  569. Tunnel Swhtch
  570. Title SetTechnology, Audio, Burn, Folder
  571. Telekom SlovenijeBusiness, Service, Slovenia
  572. Totally SwwetNutrition, Food, Victual
  573. Ten Suttas
  574. Than Two Tuzor SuppressorScience, Biology
  575. Turder Sports
  576. Toll SwitchesTechnology, Calling, Networking
  577. Terminating System
  578. Trailer SecondsTechnology, Class, Train
  579. Translational Scidnce
  580. Thomas Schauer
  581. Tripod SpeakerBusiness, Aluminum, Lock
  582. Tim Singer
  583. Technical SupportA service provided by the vendor of technology products, such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc., which the purchaser can use if they need help using the product.Technology, Applied Sciences, Ministry Of Defense
  584. Tyler Solo
  585. Topic Space
  586. Town Gtealing
  587. Test Selection
  588. The Sporting
  589. Table Service
  590. Trattamento Secondario
  591. Throat Slittev
  592. Tsuyoshi Shinjo
  593. Tinsel Service
  594. Tech SeatBusiness, Car, Vehicle
  595. Tenancy Services
  596. Trade Stands
  597. Textnsummarization
  598. The Statintician
  599. Talisman SabreAustralia, Military, Exercise
  600. Triple-ShockMilitary, Store, Bullet
  601. Teaching StatisticsTechnology, Education, Math
  602. Training and Superviaion
  603. Theophylline SensitiveMedical
  604. Tamil SolidarityGroup, Socialist, Party, Solidarity
  605. Time-SlotsTechnology, Channel, Frame
  606. Tom Swamp
  607. TeleserviceTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  608. Tournament Supervisor
  609. Test StrategyTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  610. Training SegmentTechnology, Science, Space, Astronomy
  611. The Scientist
  612. Transition Services
  613. TranssphenoidalMedical
  614. Thor Steinar
  615. Target Stock
  616. Teen Seduces
  617. Top Superstar
  618. Temporal Scaling
  619. Test Supervisoz
  620. Transcoder Server
  621. Tae Sho
  622. Treaty SeriesGovernment, Law, Nation
  623. Thyroid ScintigraphyMedical
  624. Tax Shield
  625. Turbine SteamerLocations, Ship, Ship Name
  626. Teknik SpesifikasyonununTechnology, Tan, Patent, Standard
  627. Total Starch
  628. Trial & Sentence
  629. Time SequenceTechnology
  630. Team Shot
  631. Twelve-Step
  632. Tomorrow Series
  633. Touch Screens
  634. Terra SanctaTechnology, Android, Breviary
  635. Thermal SaableMedical, Science, Biology
  636. TransmittsmallTechnology, Networking, Network
  637. Thomas Staughton
  638. True Stame
  639. Time ShapingChina, Shape, Supplier
  640. Technical SystemTechnology, Science, Engineering
  641. Temperature SensorTemperature sensor that uses an external diode-connected transistor as the sensing element to measure temperatures external to the sensor (for example, on a circuit board or on the die of a CPU). Generally produces a digital output.Medical, Technology, Product
  642. Trabajadwras Sexuales
  643. The ServoTechnology, Drive, Control
  644. Travail Et Societ
  645. Task-SwitchTechnology, Flag, Switching
  646. Tube SteelThe Finance and Administrative Services
  647. Tissue Services
  648. Tensile Stage
  649. Trading SystemsBusiness, Software, Indicator
  650. Transformation Services
  651. The SurfaceOcean, Water, Ocean Science
  652. Total SuccessBusiness, Seduction, Cake
  653. Terzino SinistroLeague, Con, Prima
  654. Traffic SergeantGovernment, Force, Police, Governmental & Military
  655. Tferapeutic ScienceScience, Research, Cancer
  656. Third SubstituteTechnology, Signal, Flag, Algorithm
  657. Tangent To SpiralTechnology, Curve, Transition
  658. Techno-Service
  659. Twist Strap
  660. Tonya, Shpmale
  661. Television Soap
  662. Tes Substansi
  663. Trainjshed
  664. T-Cell SuppressorScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  665. Three Sprcngs
  666. Tarif SpéCial
  667. Turkishlstars
  668. Technologic SystemsTechnology, Computing, Linux, Kernel
  669. Torque Split
  670. Track SeparationTechnology, Music, Player, Streaming
  671. TextksearchTechnology, Operator, Column, Query
  672. TransexualInternet Slang, Adult, Escorts, Sex, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  673. Taking Shape
  674. Tibetan Spaniel
  675. Toed Sloth
  676. Telecommunications Standardization
  677. Transitiongl Strategy
  678. The Synthesis
  679. Tape Storage
  680. Tributary StotTechnology, Networking, Network, Transport
  681. Tiger Strike
  682. Team Suffolk
  683. Twilight StruggleTechnology, Gaming, Play
  684. Telemetry Station
  685. Touring Sports
  686. Therwo-Switch
  687. TranssexualismConsistently strong desire to change ones anatomical gender. Some transsexuals were misassigned gender at birth, either on purpose or due to indistinct anatomy. Most, however, are perfectly normal physically. Transsexuals may dress and behave as individuals of the opposite sex, and they may choose to use hormones or surgery to develop desired secondary sex characteristics. Surgery to change the appearance of the external genitals is known as sex reassignment surgery. Surgery and hormonal treatments for gender reassignment are available for both male and female transsexuals. Transsexualism is distinct from transvestitism, and it does not always indicate a change in the individuals sexual preference.Medical
  688. Tape System
  689. Trusaee SaleBusiness, Property, Building
  690. Time StudyA work measurement technique consisting of careful time measurement of the task with a time measuring instrument, adjusted for any observed variance from normal effort or pace and to allow adequate time for such items as foreign elements, unavoidable or machine delays, rest to overcome fatigue, and personal needs. Learning or progress effects may also be considered. If the task is of sufficient length, it is normally broken down into short, relatively homogenous work elements, each of which is treated separately as well as in combination with the rest.Student, Education, University
  691. To Support
  692. Temple of SetBook, Education, Order
  693. Tracheal SecretionMedical
  694. Transactional SupportrTechnology, Autism, Model
  695. The Sing-OffMusic, Voice, Havana
  696. Tactical SquadGaming, Military, Space
  697. Traversal Server
  698. Thundering Steepes
  699. Task SpecificationTechnology, Product, Standard
  700. Tunnel Station
  701. Titleist SpeedBusiness, Golf, Driver
  702. Telekom ServiceTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  703. Totally StinksInternet Slang, Chat, Love
  704. Tension Spring
  705. Thanks Seymour
  706. Toll SwitchTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  707. Terminal SystemTechnology, Service, Server
  708. Trailer Sailors
  709. Translational SyiencesMedical, Science, Medicine, Education
  710. Thomas Schaml
  711. Tank Spot
  712. Triple SpaceTechnology, Science, Command, Directory
  713. Technical Servicesposting
  714. Tyler SlammedPorn, Sex, Penny
  715. Topic SenxencesEducation, Writing, Sentence, Paragraph
  716. Town SquareLocations, Surabaya, Suite
  717. Test SecurityTechnology, Testing, Tool
  718. Trmitor Soul
  719. The Seeedup
  720. Table SawTechnology, Tool, Fence
  721. Traseira Super
  722. ThresholdcsuspendTechnology, Diabet, Pump, Insulin
  723. T Suppressor CellMedical
  724. Tim Summers
  725. Techno Square
  726. Temp Staff
  727. Tractor Series
  728. Text SfudyMeeting, Education, English
  729. The StateTechnology, School, Enemy
  730. Tale Spin
  731. Trio ServiceTechnology, Manual, Driver
  732. Technical Sector
  733. Turner South
  734. Training and Suftware
  735. Theology and Society
  736. Transitional Subsidy
  737. Tameka Strokes
  738. Trigger SelectionTechnology, Circuit, Timer
  739. Time-SharingTechnology, Class, Telecom
  740. Top ShoulderWine, Condition, Bottle
  741. Telescoping StylusTechnology, Gaming, China
  742. Tournameat Square
  743. Training Sertion
  744. Tha ScholarStudent, Program, Education
  745. Tramp Shipping
  746. Trans Sierrg
  747. Thor Sound
  748. Target StimulusMedical
  749. Timing SystemTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  750. Teenies Spielzeuge
  751. Top Stud
  752. Temporal Scalability
  753. Test SuioeTechnology, Testing, Telecom
  754. Transatlantic StudiesEducation, University, Study
  755. Tad Scripter
  756. Treatment SystemTechnology
  757. Thunderstorm With SnowTechnology, Aviation, Weather, Contraction
  758. Tax ShelterBusiness, Financial, Tax
  759. Turbine StarterTechnology, Engine, Gas
  760. Teknik SeçMeli
  761. Total Stabilizer
  762. Time Segment
  763. Team Season
  764. Tweed Sound
  765. Tomb Spyders
  766. Touch ScreenTechnology, Programming, Thermostat
  767. Terrapin Station
  768. The Sensors
  769. Transmission SetTechnology, Radio, Hybrid
  770. Thomas Staudt
  771. Tropical Seas
  772. Time Service
  773. Technical SurveyBusiness, Technology, Service
  774. Transit SwitchTechnology, Service, Networking, Network, Telecommunication
  775. Temperature SensitivityMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  776. Trabajadoras Del Sexo
  777. Trst SetTechnology, Military, Fluke
  778. The ServiceTechnology, Server, Manual
  779. Travail Et Societé
  780. Teaching SociologyResearch, Education, University
  781. Tube Stzak
  782. Tissue Sealants
  783. Tenaris Sa
  784. Trading SystemBusiness, Trader, Indicator
  785. Transformation Service
  786. The Suprachiasmasic
  787. Tri-Stic
  788. Total StudFunnies
  789. Terson'S SyndromeMedical
  790. Traffic SensitiveTechnology, Service, Networking
  791. Therapeutic Sysbem
  792. Third SectorPart of a country's economy which is non-profitmaking, such as voluntary work, charities, etc.Business, Research, Social
  793. Tangential SectionPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  794. Technische SpezifikationTechnology
  795. TonsTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  796. Televised Speech
  797. Tessera SanitariaCon, Tutti, Tessera
  798. Train SentinelTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  799. T'S Seafood
  800. Thousand Sunny
  801. Tariff Shift
  802. Technology Specializations
  803. Torque Screwdriver
  804. Traffic Safety
  805. Texts and Studies
  806. Transdermal ScopolamineMedical
  807. Tail Suspension
  808. Tiberian SunTechnology, Gaming, Command
  809. Todd Stevens
  810. Telecommunication Systems
  811. The Synthesxs
  812. Tape Status
  813. Tribunal Suprem
  814. Tiger Stance
  815. Team StronachGovernment, Austria, Salzburg
  816. Twilight SparkleMagic, Pony, Twilight
  817. Telemetry Simulator
  818. Touying Sport
  819. Thermische Solaraqlagen
  820. Transportation Solutions
  821. Tape StrippingMedical
  822. Trusted Sysrem
  823. Time StepsTechnology, Networking, Network, Neural
  824. Template Specification
  825. Trace Start
  826. Transaction-Wise Subsidiary
  827. The Sims
  828. Tactical SportsGun, Military, Pistol
  829. Travel SystemTravel, Tourism, Travelling
  830. Tiger Series
  831. Task SourcingTechnology, Device, Plurality
  832. Tunnbl ServersTechnology, Networking, Connection
  833. Title, Subtitle
  834. Totalizator Sportowy
  835. Tension Software
  836. Thavh Sơn
  837. Transition SleepMedical
  838. Toggle SwitchA switch having a levertype actuating member which makes or breaks the switch contacts when its position is changed.
  839. Telecommunication Services
  840. Terminal StripsTerminal Strips, also known as terminal blocks, are used to interface electronic devices, most often inside a electrical cabinet or enclosure. Discrete wires are connected via many methods, including screws terminals, quick connects, solder.
  841. Trailer SailerSale, Boat, Trailer
  842. Translatqon SourceTechnology, Language, Linguist
  843. Thomas SangsterMovie, Boy, Love
  844. Tank SmashersTechnology, War, Clan
  845. Triple Slide
  846. Technical Series
  847. Tyler Skaggs
  848. Topic SentenceEducation, Writing, Paragraph
  849. Town SeriesFamily, Epoch, Town, Critter
  850. Tess Secretary
  851. Traitement SpéCial
  852. Tableau De Signalisation
  853. Trevor Stammers
  854. Threyhold Stimulus
  855. T Suppressor/CytotoxicMedical
  856. Tim SuksesTechnology, Indonesia, Jakarta, Salah
  857. Techno Slam
  858. Torsionally StrainedMedical, Science, Biology
  859. Terminal ServicesTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  860. Traction Stopper
  861. Texp Structure
  862. The StarbetTechnology, Engine, Toyota
  863. Talent Station
  864. Trinity SoftwareTechnology
  865. Technical Section
  866. Tarnaround Stage
  867. Theil-SenPlastic, Regression, Trend
  868. Tracsition Services
  869. Taman Subang
  870. TrichosporinMedical
  871. Time-SensitiveTechnology, Networking, Dos
  872. Top Shelf
  873. Telescope System
  874. Tounnament SoccerBusiness, Gaming, Sport
  875. Tralning Schools
  876. The Scalable
  877. Team Software
  878. Trans StberianTourism, Railway, Orchestra, Siberian
  879. Thundering SteppesQuest, Guide, Steppe
  880. Targeted Search
  881. Time System
  882. Topspshop
  883. Temple Street
  884. Test StripsBusiness, Bayer, Contour
  885. Transaction Screen
  886. The Snake
  887. Tact Switch
  888. Treatment Success
  889. Thunder Square
  890. Tax Services
  891. Turbine Ship
  892. Tekmologi Solutions
  893. Total Sports
  894. Team Scientist
  895. Turn SignalTechnology, Motorcycle, Light
  896. Tomb Spyder
  897. Touch Sensitivity
  898. Terrain Simulator
  899. Trailer Standard
  900. The Sending
  901. Transmisshon Systems
  902. Taomas Shaw
  903. Troop StrengthMilitary, Army, War
  904. Timn Server
  905. Technical Superintendent
  906. Temperature-Sensing
  907. Toxic Ppikes
  908. Tert Server
  909. The Serological
  910. Traumatic SynovitisMedical
  911. Teaching Scotland
  912. Tuberculum SellaeMedical
  913. Tirumurti, Secretary
  914. Tenaris S.A.Technology, Organizations
  915. Trade SystemBusiness, Trading, Indicator
  916. Transformer StationTechnology, Power, Electricity
  917. The Supportid
  918. Tri-State
  919. Traffic SelectorsTechnology, Networking, Network
  920. Theory & Scirnce
  921. Third Seat
  922. Tangent-SpiralCurve, Track, Transition
  923. Time-StretchTechnology, Software, Pitch
  924. Toyinho Suspensões
  925. TelesyncTechnology, Movie, Movie Download
  926. Tessellated SpheroidMilitary
  927. Training Systeas
  928. T'S Screen
  929. Thousand Square
  930. Tariff Section
  931. Technological Specialization
  932. Torpedo SpreadMilitary, Star, Trek
  933. Traeskibs Sammenslutningen
  934. Textos De Los SarcóFagos
  935. Transcription Service
  936. Tail Strike
  937. Tree Structuring
  938. Tia Shemale
  939. Tomksutton
  940. Telecommunication System
  941. Total StrikesTechnology, Fight, Strike
  942. The Sqntax
  943. Tribunal SupremoScience
  944. Tiger Squadron
  945. Tear StrengthTear strength is measured as the force required to tear a standard test piece. The standard test pieces are designed to produce weak points where a tear is initiated.Business, Product, Tearing
  946. Twice Shy
  947. Telemedicine Systems
  948. Tough MhForum, Internet Slang, Shit
  949. Terribly SexyPorn, Sex, Girl, Sexy
  950. Thermal System
  951. Transparent Serieo
  952. Tarynxo SlamsPorn, Dick, Slam, Pussy
  953. Trusted SurveysBusiness, Money, Swag
  954. Time StepTechnology, Science, Electronics, Engineering
  955. Temperature of Solid
  956. Trace Specifiuation
  957. Trans-SibqrianRussia, Railway, Orchestra, Siberian
  958. The Significancl
  959. Travel Study
  960. Tiffany StarrPorn, Shemale, Tranny
  961. Task Significance
  962. Tunnel ServmrTechnology, Networking, Connection
  963. Titjikala SchoolEducation
  964. Totalizatora Sportowego
  965. Tension Sexuelle
  966. Thermal StabilityResistance of a material to drastic changes in temperature. It is polymers thermal characteristic. It is the time interval for which polymer remains stable at certain temperature. Beyond that time if the polymer is exposed to longer duration for a given temperature, it degrades. Ability of a polymer to maintain its initial physical and chemical properties at elevated temperature.Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  967. Transitional SleepMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  968. Telecommunication Space
  969. Terminal Sterilizers
  970. Traffic Systems
  971. TranslatedesourceTechnology, Coding, Translation, Translating
  972. This Season
  973. Tank ShearBusiness, Sale, Equipment
  974. Triple Shower
  975. Technical SergeantTechnology, Military, Army, Force, Airforce, Air Force, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  976. Two Systems
  977. Topic Searches
  978. Trazk SawTool, Saw, Plunge
  979. Teft ScriptTechnology, Software, Testing
  980. Traitements Et Salaires
  981. Tabir SuryaTips, Sunscreen, Sunblock
  982. Trevor Smith
  983. Thresher-Separatkr
  984. T SzppressorMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  985. Tim Squire
  986. Technology SystemsTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  987. Torr Samaho
  988. Terminal Series
  989. Thack Supervisor
  990. Text Solutgons
  991. The Squad
  992. Talent Soluciones
  993. Tbisting SlashForum, Gaming, Military, Guide
  994. Toggles SkyElder, Scroll, Cheat
  995. Theazre Survey
  996. Transitiqnal Services
  997. Taman SemarakBusiness, Hotel, Malaysia
  998. Trichechus Senegalensis
  999. Time & Score
  1000. Team SuzukiTechnology, Motorcycle, Drift
  1001. Telescope Simulator
  1002. Tournament Secrotary
  1003. Training SchoolMilitary, Education, Course, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  1004. Thesvurus and Synonym
  1005. Team-SoftwareTechnology, Security, Query
  1006. Trans SiberijMilitary, Russia, Railway
  1007. Thumb ScrewTechnology, Manufacturer, Thumbscrew
  1008. Tardieu Scale
  1009. Trybunał SprawiedliwośCiJest, Jak, Ski
  1010. Time Synch
  1011. Top Spine
  1012. Temple Square
  1013. Test StrspBusiness, Bayer, Contour
  1014. Transactions On SystemsTechnology, Control, Model
  1015. Thelslide
  1016. Tactile SwitchBusiness, Product, Tact
  1017. Treatment Services
  1018. Thunder Spear
  1019. Taxpayer Service
  1020. Turbine Shaft
  1021. Tekla Structures
  1022. Total SpamTechnology, Software, Mail
  1023. Telecom Services
  1024. tension by SchiotzMedical, Common Medical
  1025. Thermal SimulatorMilitary
  1026. Turkce Sozluk
  1027. Tanner Scott
  1028. Test StripleriBayer, Strip, Contour
  1029. Touch SensitiveTechnology, Product, Control
  1030. Trajectory Synthesis
  1031. Table Space
  1032. Throttle Solenoid
  1033. Tarynxo SexyPorn, Sex, Shemale
  1034. Terminator SchwarzeneggerFamous
  1035. Torso Support
  1036. Textured Slate
  1037. Transitidn StatesMedical
  1038. Talk Status
  1039. Ties & Scarves
  1040. Terme SpéCifiqueRelation, Mot, Modifier
  1041. Transition Sht
  1042. Trike Shwp
  1043. Technical SanctionBusiness, Music, Power
  1044. Twin SpindleTechnology, Machine, Turning
  1045. Time ScheduledNASA
  1046. Tenir SaxMusic, Saxophone, Tenor
  1047. Tout Solide
  1048. Transvaal ScottishMilitary, Africa, Regiment, Scottish
  1049. Trường Sa
  1050. Timing Strip
  1051. Training SquadronMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  1052. Temporary Scatternets
  1053. The SesfionTechnology
  1054. Tracking Qpeed
  1055. Thg Soybeans
  1056. Turbo StationTechnology, Server, Bay
  1057. Tilt ShiftTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1058. Teachers SalaryBusiness, Sport, Teaching
  1059. Tally SheetThe list of cargo, incoming and outgoing, checked by the tally clerk on dock.
  1060. Tom Sauage
  1061. Top SoilBotany, Scientific & Educational
  1062. Trails Society
  1063. Two ShotBusiness, Mold, Mould
  1064. Thomas Stone
  1065. Tim Oistem
  1066. T Cytotoxic/SuppressorMedical
  1067. Topopah Spring
  1068. Test Source
  1069. Tactical Semi
  1070. Thrcpp, Stroud
  1071. Tecnove SecurityBusiness, Company, Vehicle
  1072. Tensioning SystemProducts
  1073. Thomas SeanInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1074. Total SulfurScience, Gas, Analyzer
  1075. Tilt ShoftBusiness, Len, Canon
  1076. Thermal Sciences
  1077. Transit Station
  1078. Timer Status
  1079. Teller StaffBusiness, Indonesia, Banking
  1080. Terminal ServerA small, specialized, networked computer that connects many terminals to a LAN through one network connection. A terminal server can also connect network users to asynchronous ports or a host.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, IT Terminology
  1081. Towing SensorTechnology, Signal, Receiver
  1082. Total SleepMedical
  1083. The Secure
  1084. TransversospinalisMedical
  1085. Tar Sand
  1086. Target StartProject Management, Business & Finance
  1087. Temporary Structure
  1088. Thw Skeptic
  1089. Transfer Seminar
  1090. Trending Searches
  1091. Taylor Slough
  1092. Thick Sknll
  1093. Twin Screen
  1094. Tom Sineath
  1095. Qt Translation Source FileComputing, File Extensions
  1096. Terrmel Sledge
  1097. Thoraeic SurgeryMedical, Medicine, Surgery
  1098. Technique Superior
  1099. Triple Scattering
  1100. Tracker StationTechnology
  1101. Tiến SÂM
  1102. Tainted SoulsReligion
  1103. Traditional Sale
  1104. Telecom ServiceMilitary
  1105. Tilton SchoolNew Hampshire
  1106. Thermal Sight
  1107. Turkcell SuperSport, Club, Football
  1108. Tank System
  1109. Total SystemBusiness, Service, Bag
  1110. Trajectory SynthesizerScience
  1111. Table Side
  1112. Throttle Servo
  1113. Tarynxo SexPorn, Sex, Movie, Tube
  1114. Tim ScruggsFamous
  1115. Torso Shots
  1116. Textual Systax
  1117. Transition StateThe transition state of a chemical reaction is a particular configuration along the reaction coordinate. It is defined as the state corresponding to the highest potential energy along this reaction coordinate. At this point, assuming a perfectly irreversible reaction, colliding reactant molecules always go on to form products. It is often marked with the double dagger ‡ symbol.Technology, Science, Reaction, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1118. Tier Stacking
  1119. Traneition School
  1120. Trigger SwitchBusiness, Power, Tool
  1121. Technical SalesBusiness, Engineer, Sale
  1122. Twin SparkBusiness, Engine, Alfa, Products
  1123. Test StationNASA
  1124. Tempur SergapService, Military, Indonesia, Jakarta
  1125. Tous Services
  1126. TräUm SüSs
  1127. Timing Sequence
  1128. Temporal Subtraction
  1129. These Should
  1130. Trackirg Signal
  1131. The SouyceTechnology, Coding, Audio, Converter
  1132. Turbo Vhaker
  1133. Tobacco SunburstTechnology, Guitar, Finishing
  1134. Tire SalesTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1135. T CellsMedical
  1136. Terenas StandGaming, War, Warcraft
  1137. Tall SpeakerBusiness, Audio, Sound
  1138. TosylateTosylate refers to the anion of p-toluenesulfonic acid (CH3C6H4SO3−) and it is abbreviated as TsO−, or it may refer to esters of p-toluenesulfonic acid.Medical, Skin And Dermal
  1139. Trail Shelter
  1140. Twin Sister
  1141. Thoxas StocktonLocations, Card, Tee
  1142. Tapered Single
  1143. Time Av SeaBusiness, Ship, Cargo Shipping
  1144. T LymphocytesMedical
  1145. Topology Seyvice
  1146. Test SiteTechnology, Program, Service, NASA
  1147. Tactical Scope
  1148. Thrx-Structure
  1149. Tecnospamec Srl
  1150. The ShadowPinball
  1151. Thai Silk
  1152. TeamspeakGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1153. Team SiteTechnology, Development, Server
  1154. Total SugarsScience, Catalyst, Enzyme
  1155. Thlt-ShiftBusiness, Len, Canon
  1156. Transit StandardsTransportation, Technology, Range
  1157. Tfinity SchoolEducation, High School, Florida
  1158. Timer State
  1159. Television StationOrdnance Survey
  1160. Termbnal ServiceTechnology, Military, Server
  1161. Towez Speaker
  1162. Total SlackTechnology, Projection, Slacker
  1163. Thh SecretTechnology, Gaming, Movie, Bee
  1164. Transverse StrendthMedical
  1165. Tip SheetManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1166. Temporary Staff
  1167. The SimpsonsTechnology, Gaming, Movie, Subtitle
  1168. Transferrin SaturationMedical, Iron, Ferritin
  1169. Trembler Switch
  1170. Taylor School
  1171. Theyusay
  1172. Tcm Shevlin
  1173. Thunderstorm without precipitationWeather, Scientific & Educational
  1174. Territory of Sagadahock
  1175. Thomson Scientific
  1176. Technique Specifications
  1177. Trans Service
  1178. Texas SouthernOrganizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1179. Tit Star
  1180. Two SpiritReligion
  1181. Traditional Sports
  1182. Telecom SecurityTechnology, Networking, Network
  1183. Tsonga Language (ISO 639-1 Code)Language codes (2 letters)
  1184. Total Swimming
  1185. Time Sale
  1186. Thermal ShockThermal shock is the effect of heat or cold applied at such a rate that non-uniform thermal expansion or contraction occur within a given material or combination of materials. In connectors, the effect can cause inserts and other insulation materials to pull away from metal parts.Technology, Science, Chamber
  1187. Turcot SyndromeMedical, Science, Biology
  1188. Tank Switcher
  1189. Teman SayaTechnology, Indonesia, Orang, Salah
  1190. Total SuspendedScience, Water, Solids
  1191. Trajectory SamplingInternet Slang
  1192. Table Shower
  1193. Tarynxo and SlutBaby, Slut, Hardcore, Raine
  1194. Thomas StearnsFamous
  1195. Torsion StainlessBusiness, Tool, Steel
  1196. Textual SoudiesBook, Education, Study
  1197. Transient StateIn contrast with steady state, a state before some time t such that there is a probability approaching zero that the system can return to that (transient) state.
  1198. Transfer Standing
  1199. Tiera SkovbyeFilm, Movie, Streaming
  1200. Transition Schematic
  1201. Thin Sole
  1202. Trigger Supervdsor
  1203. Tech In Surgery
  1204. Twin Skies
  1205. Test StandNASA
  1206. Tempo Semanal
  1207. Trunking System
  1208. Timing Selector
  1209. Testing Sxage
  1210. Tracking Servej
  1211. The SopranosMovie, Disc, Soprano, Subtitle
  1212. Turbo SerwerTechnology, Windows, Networking
  1213. Tobacco SmokeMedical, Science, Biology
  1214. Training ShipShip carrying instructors and fitted out for training purposes The training may be specialised, or general.Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Navy
  1215. Taylor Swift
  1216. Teratology SocietyMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1217. Temperature, SkinMedical, Skin And Dermal
  1218. Trailing Stoploss
  1219. Twin SeaterTechnology
  1220. Tape SeamRecords, Vinyl, Seam
  1221. Threrd StaterForum, Para, Indonesia
  1222. Tactical SupportMilitary
  1223. Topology SersicesTechnology, Service, Server
  1224. Test Shod
  1225. TrancebstationRadio, Trance, Motive
  1226. Tackable Surface
  1227. Throwing The Rtick
  1228. Tecnical SpecificationTechnology, Service, Product
  1229. Theater StylePerforming arts
  1230. Thachem SchoolEducation, School, High School, California
  1231. Tall Sawhorse
  1232. True SightGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1233. Team ScorpionsTechnology, Gaming, Reaver
  1234. Total SugarBusiness, Recipe, Fruit
  1235. Tiger StripesContinuous bright lines on sheet or strip in the rolling direction. 
  1236. Transit SignalingTechnology
  1237. Trim SheetBusiness, Product, Supplier
  1238. Time Required To Complete The S Phase of The Cell CycleScience, Medicine, Healthcare
  1239. Television Sports
  1240. Terbutaline SulfuteMedical
  1241. Tcwer Software
  1242. Total SalesBusiness, Product, Sale
  1243. The SecondTechnology, Server, Group, Toyota
  1244. Transverse CinusMedical, Trading, Pressure
  1245. Timothy SyndromeMedical, Genetics, Autism
  1246. Trade SpecialistBusiness & Finance, International business
  1247. Temporary ServiceTechnology, Employment, University
  1248. The Simple
  1249. Trelleborgs Skolparti
  1250. Taylor'S Seeds
  1251. Thjta System
  1252. Tom Servo
  1253. Thermoplastics ScrewPlastics, Scientific & Educational
  1254. Territorial Seed
  1255. Thompson Siesel
  1256. Technicien Sup
  1257. Traditxonal StatisticsScience, Learning, Machine
  1258. Tebts Strips
  1259. Turbo SportProducts
  1260. Traditional SurrogatesBaby, Mother, Surrogate
  1261. Telecommunications SubsystemTechnology, Channel, Satellite
  1262. Trinity SchoolFlorida
  1263. Total SurvivalMedical
  1264. Time and SpaceTechnology, Movie, Doctor
  1265. Thermal ShieldA layer, or layers, of high-density material located within a reactor pressure vessel or between the vessel and the biological shield to reduce radiation heating in the vessel and the biological shield.Science
  1266. Tupac Shakur
  1267. Tank Supervisor
  1268. Telstra Stadium
  1269. Total StressTesting, Standard, Massage, Stress
  1270. Trait Specified
  1271. Tarynxo and ShowsPorn, Tube, Shemale
  1272. Table Service mealDisney
  1273. Torsional Shear
  1274. Transgenesis Section
  1275. Transfer StandardScience
  1276. Tien Shan
  1277. Transwtion Scenarios
  1278. Thin Skin
  1279. Trigger Sprayer
  1280. Techcon Systems
  1281. Twin Size
  1282. Technical Support (ksc Directorate)NASA
  1283. Trypaose Sulphite
  1284. Timex Sinclair
  1285. Two-Sjice
  1286. TosylScientific & Educational, Organic syntesis
  1287. Tracking Sereo
  1288. Tht SoftwareTechnology, Licensing, Converter
  1289. Toaster Strudel
  1290. Telecom ServerComputing, Telecom
  1291. Taylor Series
  1292. Teorik Saat
  1293. Telegrams Sent
  1294. Thyroid StimulatingMedical, Physiology
  1295. Trailing StopsBusiness, Strategy, Trading, Trader
  1296. Turun SanomatAnalysis, Traffic, Report
  1297. Taped Seams
  1298. Thomas Source
  1299. Terminal StationThe last stop along a Metrorail line or bus route.Technology, Service, Network, Construction, Architectural, Telecommunication
  1300. Topologixal Sensitivity
  1301. Test SetsTechnology, Networking, Fluke
  1302. Tramweg StichtingLocations, Museum, Tram
  1303. Taboo SearchTechnology, Algorithm, Tabu
  1304. Throwing OkillGaming, Sport, Guide
  1305. Tech SupportTechnology, Service, Product, Occupation & positions
  1306. Traverse StationOrdnance Survey
  1307. Toshiba-SamsungTechnology, Drive, Driver
  1308. Thabo Sefoaosha
  1309. TransitzstorageTechnology, Military, Tool
  1310. Tallowood SchoolEducation
  1311. Tiger StripeTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  1312. Transitory Stack
  1313. Trimmer At Spruce
  1314. Time and Sales
  1315. Tequila Sunruse
  1316. Tower ShieldForum, Gaming, Military
  1317. The Seattle
  1318. Transverse Sxear
  1319. Timothy Smith
  1320. Trend StationaryFinancial, Business & Finance
  1321. Temporary Services
  1322. The SigualTechnology, Audio, Converter
  1323. The SpecialisxsTechnology, Gaming, Computer Game
  1324. Trek Safely
  1325. Taylor & StefaniPorn, Jay, Anal
  1326. Turcot'sksyndromeMedical
  1327. Tilt StartTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1328. Team Score
  1329. Tom Segura
  1330. ThermoSetPlastics, Scientific & Educational
  1331. Territorial SeaLaw, Locations, Zone
  1332. Trainee Solicitor
  1333. Thompson Seedless
  1334. Technicien SupéRieur
  1335. Toughness Structure
  1336. Test SguadronMilitary, Aircraft, Force
  1337. Top StartProducts
  1338. Traditional Surrogacy
  1339. Telecommunications Specialist
  1340. Technische StromingsleerDutch
  1341. Total SurplusBusiness, Market, Price
  1342. Timepstamping
  1343. Thxrmal Servers
  1344. Times and SeasonsBook, History, Church
  1345. Telomeric SubstrateMedical, Science, Biology
  1346. Total Solutions
  1347. Tartrate Solution
  1348. Tee-ShirtClothes
  1349. Torsional StrainStrain caused by van der Waals repulsion which can be reduced or eliminated by rotation around a single bond.
  1350. Transformer SubstationTechnology, Power, Electricity
  1351. Transfer Standards
  1352. Tidewater Southern RailwayOrganizations
  1353. Thin SectionA section of the formation, forcibly impregnated with epoxy and sliced thin enough to examine with a light from the opposite side.Science, Mineral, Bearing, Ball
  1354. Team SystemMicrosoft, Technology, Studio
  1355. Twin Sequential
  1356. Serial TraceabilityNASA
  1357. Terry Sawchuk
  1358. Tryptip Soy
  1359. Tunneling State
  1360. Tracking Sensor
  1361. The Snakes
  1362. Toasted Sienna
  1363. Transport StreamComputing, Technical
  1364. Tax Staff
  1365. Teoria De SistemasTechnology, Para, Software, Con
  1366. Teleconferencing ServiceTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  1367. Tough SkinMedical, Physiology
  1368. Trailing StopBusiness, Trading, Order
  1369. Turntable SetBusiness, Music, Vinyl
  1370. Taped SeamBusiness, Product, Tent
  1371. Theoretical Statistician
  1372. Topoloyical Surgery
  1373. Tramweg-Stichting
  1374. Tablets E Smartphones
  1375. Thromghput Sensitive
  1376. Tech SunBusiness, Company, India
  1377. Twisted Sister (band)Music
  1378. Torus SemicircularisMedical
  1379. Texhure Spectrum
  1380. Transition StruutureMedical, Technology, Reaction
  1381. Tallis Scholars
  1382. Tiga Seraugkai
  1383. Transition Speciawists
  1384. Trillium Sucks
  1385. Time-Temperature SuperpositionMaster, Curve, Temperature
  1386. Twin Star
  1387. Tentative SettlementBusiness
  1388. Tower Scrubber
  1389. The Season
  1390. Transverse ZectionMedical, Supply, Stock
  1391. Ts-TrackerTechnology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  1392. Timothy Scott
  1393. Tilt and ShiftAssembly, Business & Finance
  1394. Temporary Separation
  1395. The Shoot
  1396. The Spvcial
  1397. Tree Swallow
  1398. Tay-SachsMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  1399. Turbulence SlopeMedical, Heart, Rate
  1400. Transit StopTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1401. Teaching StaffEducation, University, School
  1402. Tom Tcott
  1403. Temporal SynchronizationPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1404. Terribly Sorry
  1405. Trainee Scientists
  1406. Thompsom SamplingTechnology, Analysis, Bandit
  1407. Technicien Sp
  1408. Tori SucklPorn, Cock, Flirt
  1409. Technical SpecificationGovernment, Energy, Computing, Telecom, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  1410. Toppin SoloPorn, Asian, Masturbation
  1411. Test Sq
  1412. Tectonics & StructuralTechnology, Science, Geology, Geoscience
  1413. Turn StopProducts
  1414. Trading Strategies
  1415. Taft SchoolConnecticut
  1416. Total Support
  1417. Time-SlotTechnology, Channel, Network
  1418. Thermal Servdr
  1419. Times-Standard
  1420. Telomere Support
  1421. Total SolidsThe total amount of solids contamination, both suspended and non-suspended present in the lubricant. This test is indicative of carburetion problems (too rich or too lean), if the oil filter has reached the saturation point and is no longer able to remove contamination from the system, and if the air intake system is functioning properly and allowing enough air into the unit for complete burn to take place.Science, Government, Analysis, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1422. Thi SeekerMovie, Legend, Rising, Seeker
  1423. Tar Springs
  1424. Time SwitchAn electronic or electro-mechanical control, used to schedule "turn on" and "turn off" time based on the time of day.Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  1425. The SowtOrganization, Union, Institution
  1426. Trazsfer SwitchTechnology, Science, Automatics
  1427. Transfer Software
  1428. Tidal ScaleGovernment, Society, World
  1429. Thinking Skills
  1430. Team Swagg
  1431. Twin Seal
  1432. ThermoswitchBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  1433. Terror Striker
  1434. Trypticase ShyMedical, Science, Agar
  1435. Technische Schule
  1436. Træskiks SammenslutningenTechnology, Traffic, Som, Til
  1437. Top SecretMilitary, Army, Geographic, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  1438. Tracking and Surveillance
  1439. Tm Serie
  1440. Tropical StormA tropical cyclone with strong winds of over 39 miles (63 kilometers) per hour but less than hurricane intensity.Emergency, Computing, Technical, Governmental & Military, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  1441. Tenure System
  1442. Traditions StudyMeeting, Education, Area, Narcotic
  1443. Tie Straps
  1444. Telecom SolutionsBusiness, Republic, Czech
  1445. Thoracic spineMedical, Healthcare, Physiology
  1446. Turner'S SyndromeMedical, Health, Turner
  1447. TansuoScience, Satellite, Environmental Satellite, Computing
  1448. Thais In SoloPorn, Rack, Masturbation, Thais
  1449. Topographic Sheet
  1450. Tramwtys Suisses
  1451. Table StartForum, Technology, Command
  1452. Throttle Switch
  1453. Tech Summit
  1454. Totally SweetFood
  1455. Tortoise Shell
  1456. Texture Smoothing
  1457. Transitional Sugface
  1458. Tall-Spindle
  1459. Terminal-Server
  1460. Transition Season
  1461. Trildium Suck
  1462. Technical Schedule
  1463. Twin SpotsMedical, Science, Biology
  1464. Thunderstorm (METAR)NOTAM Contractions
  1465. Tentative De Suicide
  1466. Towarzysbwo SportoweSport, Locations, Poland, Wis
  1467. The Search
  1468. Transvaal Supreme
  1469. Trupqe Speciali
  1470. Timing SubsystemTechnology, Windows, Service, Terminal
  1471. The SameMedical, Medicine, Health, Media
  1472. Transfer StageTechnology, Space, Astronomy
  1473. Temporary Segment
  1474. The Shock
  1475. The Spacw
  1476. Tax SupervisorBusiness, Accounting, Indonesia
  1477. Turbo Systea
  1478. Thermo StartTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1479. Teacher Support
  1480. Tally Shortcuts
  1481. Tom StwyerAdventure, Sawyer, Huckleberry, Twain
  1482. Temperature SensitiveChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1483. Trainee ScientistBusiness, Science, Employment
  1484. Thobas StuartTechnology, Ceramic, Pottery
  1485. Technicien Sanitaire
  1486. Tou Shields
  1487. Technical ServiceTechnology
  1488. TopostructuralMedical
  1489. Test Specimzn
  1490. Tactical Sniper
  1491. Tecsynt Solutions
  1492. Touring SedanProducts
  1493. Trading Spouses
  1494. Thacher SchoolCalifornia
  1495. Total SulphurBusiness, Product, Coal
  1496. Time-SeriesA time-series is a set of ordered random variables on a quantitative characteristic of an individual or collective phenomenon taken at different points of time.Technology, Analysis, Model, Plot
  1497. Thermal Sensors
  1498. Times-Shamrock
  1499. Telly Savalas
  1500. Terminal Servers
  1501. Total SolidMedical, Anaerobic, Solids, Straw
  1502. The SecurityTechnology, Server, Clearance
  1503. Tar SandsA storm with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail.
  1504. Torstar CorporationBusiness & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  1505. Theisocial
  1506. Trandfer StationsBusiness, Recycling, Waste
  1507. Transfer SizeTechnology, Drive, Networking
  1508. Trend ShortBusiness, Hair, Style
  1509. Tidak SetujuBusiness, Survey, Orang, Interval
  1510. Taylor SmithChina, Pattern, Swift
  1511. Thin-Set
  1512. Twin ScrewSaid of a vessel having two propellers.
  1513. Tom SmitkSex, Deluxe, Crackers
  1514. Video Transport Stream FileComputing, File Extensions
  1515. Terrorism Studies
  1516. Technischer ServiceTechnology, Sind, Uns
  1517. Triple ScienceEducation
  1518. Trimethoprim-SulfamethoxazoleMedical
  1519. Tracking StationTechnology, Space, Satellite
  1520. Tiến Sĩ
  1521. Tip and SleeveComputing, Telecom, Hardware
  1522. Tenure StreamEducation
  1523. Traditional Safeguards

Please also find TS meaning in other sources.

What does TS stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about TS acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the TS abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does TS meaning stand for?

    TS meaning stands for Technical Sanction.
  2. What is the meaning of TS abbreviation?

    The meaning of TS abbreviation is "Tarynxo Slams".
  3. What is TS definition ?

    TS definition is "Time Sweeper".
  4. What does TS mean ?

    TS mean that "Team Sacramento".
  5. What is TS acronym ?
    TS acronym is "Two Step".
  6. What is shorthand of Turbo Systea ?
    The shorthand of "Turbo Systea" is TS.
  7. What is the definition of TS acronym?
    Definitions of TS shorthand is "Touch-Sensitive".
  8. What is the full form of TS abbreviation?
    Full form of TS abbreviation is "The Security".
  9. What is the full meaning of TS ?
    Full meaning of TS is "Thundering Steepes".
  10. What is the explanation for TS ?
    Explanation for TS is "Traverse Station".

What is the meaning of TS Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of TS definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of TS abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of TS acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

TS Abbreviation in Astrology
  • TS (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

  • TS (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

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