TWU Meaning

The TWU meaning is "Tawau Airport". The TWU abbreviation has 40 different full form.

TWU Full Forms

  1. Tawau Airport Tawau, Sabah,Malaysia Airport, Locations, IATA Code, Aviation
  2. Transport Workers' Union
  3. Transport Workers Union Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  4. Transit Workers Union Business, City, Street
  5. Texas Women University
  6. Trinity Western University Education, Law, Canada
  7. The Western Union
  8. Texas Women'S University Development, Study, Universities
  9. Texas Womens University
  10. Treffen Wir Uns
  11. The Web Union
  12. Texas Woman'S University Education, Texas, Denton
  13. Texas Womans University
  14. Travel With Us Travel, Banking, Power, Tablet
  15. The Weather Underground
  16. Texas Wesleyan University Student, Education, Texas
  17. Texas Woman'S Universityrsity Education
  18. Theatrical Wardrobe Union Union, Labor, Teamster
  19. Tactical Weapons Units
  20. That'S What'S Up Slang, Texting, Internet
  21. Tactical Weapons Unit Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  22. Thames Water Utilities
  23. Timber and Woodworkers Union
  24. Tawau Airport, Tawau, Malaysia Malaysia
  25. Transport Worker'S Union
  26. Telecommunications Workers Union Unions, Governmental & Military
  27. Transport Workers Unions
  28. Transport Workers Union of Malaysia Transportation, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Governmental & Military
  29. Transportation Workers Union Airline, America, Government
  30. Transport Workers' Union of Australia Unions, Governmental & Military
  31. Transport Workers Union of America Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Governmental & Military
  32. Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities
  33. Two Worlds United Organizations, Non-Profit
  34. Transportation Workers Union of America Business, Labour, Labour Economics
  35. Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Program Government, Organizations, Us
  36. Tri Wahana Universal Business, Indonesia, Oil, Gas
  37. Tobacco Workers Union
  38. Timber and Wood Workers' Union of GTUC Ghana
  39. Transportation, Warehousing & Utilities
  40. Trinity Western Universityrsity Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TWU stand for?

    TWU stands for Transport Workers Union of America.

  2. What is the shortened form of Texas Wesleyan University?

    The short form of "Texas Wesleyan University" is TWU.


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