UB in Education Meaning

The UB meaning in Education terms is "University of Bristol". There are 38 related meanings of the UB Education abbreviation.

UB on Education Full Forms

  1. University of Bristol
  2. University of Buea
  3. University of Botswana
  4. University of Barcelona
  5. University At Buffalo
  6. Universitetet I Bergen
  7. Universidad De Barcelona
  8. Universityrsity of Bridgeport
  9. Universitatea BucureşTi
  10. Universidad De Belgrano
  11. Universidade De Brasilia
  12. Universityrsity of Buffalo
  13. Universitatea Din BucureşTi
  14. University of Belgrano
  15. Universitat Barcelona
  16. UniversitäT Bern
  17. University of Buffalo
  18. University of Birmingham
  19. UniversitäT Bremen
  20. University of Bath
  21. University of Baguio
  22. Uni Bern
  23. UniversitäT Basel
  24. Universityrsity of Ballarat
  25. University of Ballarat
  26. Universityrsity of Baltimore
  27. University of Baltimore
  28. University of BorÅS
  29. University of Burundi
  30. University of Belize
  31. Universityrsity of Buckingham
  32. Universitas Borobudur
  33. Upward Bound
  34. University of Bridgeport
  35. Universityrsity of Brighton
  36. Universityrsity of Bolton
  37. Union Board
  38. Universityrsity of Bath

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does UB stand for Education?

    UB stands for Universidad De Belgrano in Education terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of University of Bridgeport in Education?

    The short form of "University of Bridgeport" is UB for Education.


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