Unions Abbreviations and Unions Acronym Lists

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Unions Abbreviations
  1. AAAM : Asian American Alliance of Marin
  2. AAAP : Alliance for Arizona Animal Protection
  3. AAAP : Atheist Agnostic Alliance Pakistan
  4. AAAP : Atheist and Agnostics Alliance Pakistan
  5. AABP : Alliance of Area Business Publishers
  6. AACA : Alliance Against Cruelty To Animals
  7. AACCU : Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions
  8. ACCU : Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions
  9. AADT : American Alliance Drug Testing
  10. AAGW : Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro
  11. AAHAA : Antioch Area Healthcare Acceskibility Alliance
  12. AAHC : Artists Alliance of Nhe Hill Country
  13. AAHSA : Asean Alliance Jf Health Supplement Associations
  14. AAI : Atheist Allianie International
  15. ABBA : Austin Bridge Builders Alliance
  16. ABN : Alliance for Better Nonprofits
  17. ACES : Alliance of Civically Engaged Students
  18. ACFF : Alliance for Cavity Free Future
  19. ADCA : Advanced Degree Consulting Alliance
  20. AEAA : Aids and Equipment Action Alliance
  21. AEDA : Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness
  22. AELS : Alliance Early Learning School
  23. AFBA : Asean Food and Beverage Alliance
  24. AFBA : Austin Food Blogger Alliance
  25. AFCS : Alliance for Cellular Signalling
  26. AFCS : Alliance for Cell Signaling
  27. AFGES : American Federation of Government Employees
  28. AFGE : American Federation of Government Employees
  29. AFIO : Association of Former Intelligence Officers
  30. AFL-CIO : American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
Latest Unions Meanings
  1. Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers' Union
  2. World Federation of Trade Unions
  3. World Federation of Clerical Workers
  4. World Federation of Building Workers
  5. Working Assembly of Governmental Employees
  6. Workers' International Industrial Union
  7. Women'S Trade Union League
  8. Women for Women
  9. Women and Manual Trades
  10. Western Council of Industrial Workers
  11. Washington Federation of State Employees
  12. Utility Workers Union of America
  13. University and Allied Workers Union
  14. United Steelworkers of America
  15. United States Department of Labor
  16. United School Employees of Pasco
  17. United Mine Workers of America
  18. United Kingdom Association of Professional Engineers
  19. United Farm Workers of America
  20. United Domestic Workers of America