VAT Meaning

The VAT meaning is "Value-Added Tox". The VAT abbreviation has 109 different full form.

VAT Full Forms

  1. Value-Added Tox Business, Construction, Architectural
  2. Value Admed Tax Technology
  3. Value-Addedctax Business, Finance, Banking
  4. Value Added Tax A form of indirect sales tax paid on products and services at each stage of production or distribution, based on the value added at that stage and included in the cost to the ultimate customer. Business, Finance, Trade, Financial, Aviation, Travel, Property, Banking, Computing, Texting, Police, Tourism, Telecom, Real Estate, Rail Transport, Mortgage, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, International business
  5. Value-Added Taxes Business, Tax, Economics, Vat, Construction, Special Education, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Business Word
  6. Vikeo-Assisted Thoracoscopic Medical, Medicine, Surgery, Lung
  7. Ventricular Lctivation Time Medical, Wave, Cardiac
  8. Value-Added Tbxes Business, Government, Rate
  9. Vatican City State Business, Technology, Locations, Communication, Scanner, Computing, Internet, Country domain names, Vatican, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  10. Valuedbadded Tax Business, Service, Rate
  11. Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Medical, Medicine, Health
  12. Voluntary Aid Tax Development, Learning, Study
  13. Vaso-Occlusive Angiotherapy Medical, Medicine, Health
  14. Virtual Application Table
  15. Valve Adjustment Tool
  16. Video Analysis Tool
  17. Virtual Address Translator Technology
  18. Vehicle Anti-Theft Technology, Service, Locksmith
  19. Visionair Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  20. Value and Tax
  21. Victims of Arab Terror
  22. Volume Averaging Theory Science, Media, Heat
  23. Vflve Addressing Test Technology
  24. Video Audio Tool Technology, Interface, Computer Software
  25. Vinyl Isbestos Tile Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  26. Vehicle and Traffic Business, Driving, Law
  27. Visible Alpha Tool Science
  28. Validation Test Technology, Information Technology, Testing, Application Testing
  29. Vertical Axis Turbine Technology, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  30. Volt-Amp Tester
  31. Valaes Action Team Government, Group, Politics
  32. Video-Audio Tool Software, Computing
  33. Vehicle Acceptance Test Technology
  34. Visceral Adipose Tissue Area Medical
  35. Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Medical, Patient, Surgery
  36. Validation and Testing
  37. Vertical Aviation Technologies Technology, Aircraft, Helicopter
  38. Volontaire à L'Aide Technique
  39. Value Attribute Table Technology, Grid, Raster
  40. Video-Assisted Thyroidectomy Medical
  41. Vatomandry Airport Vatomandry, Madagascar Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  42. Visceral Adipose Tissue Medical, Fat, Obesity, Physiology
  43. Valid Accounting Transactions
  44. Vertical Angle Theorem
  45. Visual Apperception Test Medical, Medicine, Health
  46. Value-Added Tax
  47. Video Assisted Thoroscopy Medical, Physiology
  48. Vatican City Locations, Countries, Country, Vatican, 3-letter Country Codes
  49. Virtual Automated Technologies
  50. Vane Air Tempereture Technology, Auto, Automobile
  51. Video Audio Text Media, Radio, Television
  52. Valeur Agronomique Et Technologique
  53. Vertical Access Tower Science
  54. Visual Action Time Medical, Medicine, Health
  55. Vibro-Acoustic Test Space, Study, Cosmos, Physics, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  56. Values Added Tax
  57. Video Assisted Thoracotomy
  58. Voter Assist Terminal Technology, Software, Election
  59. Vaterstettener Auto-Teiler
  60. Virtual Asset Tracker Business, College, Radiant
  61. Vane Air-Flow Temperature
  62. Video Arts and Technology
  63. Vakuum Apparat Technik
  64. Vehicle Automatic Transmission
  65. Visiting Allocation Team
  66. Vinyl Asbestos Tile Architecture, Construction, Special Education, Architectural, Scientific & Educational
  67. Vulnerability Assessment Techniques
  68. Vinyl Asbestos Tile (flooring) Education
  69. Variable Angle Tribometers
  70. Vietnamese Association of Toronto
  71. VöLlig Anderes Thema
  72. Variable Allocation Table Assembly, Business & Finance
  73. Vascular Access Team Medical, Hospital, Catheter
  74. Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook Medical, Technology
  75. Vulnerability Assessment Tool Technology, Management, Security
  76. Victim Assistance Team Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  77. Variable Dngle Tow
  78. Vietnamese Association, Toronto Association, Canada, Toronto
  79. VéRification D'Absence De Tension
  80. Vascular Access Thrombosis Medical
  81. Virtual Allocation Table Technology, Computing, Storage
  82. Voice Activation Technology
  83. view assist technology Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  84. Variable Awlocation Table Technology, Science, Development, Developer
  85. Viennese Armenian-Turkish
  86. VéHicule D'Assistance Technique
  87. Varming's Audio Tools
  88. Virtual Air Traffic
  89. Vesicular Amine Transformer Medical, Medicine, Health
  90. Vinyl Asbestos Tiles
  91. Very Acute Tip Medical, Physiology
  92. Veriable Access Table
  93. Video Audio Teleconference
  94. VéHicule Assistance Technique
  95. Variant Annotatkon Tool Technology, Genetics, Genome
  96. Virtual Adversarial Training
  97. Vermont Agency of Transportation Technology, Science, History, Geography, Vermont, Location, Transportation, Car, Geographic, Governmental & Military
  98. Value Add Tax Business, Government, Rate
  99. Vibrationallyjassisted Tunneling
  100. Vatomandry Airport, Vatomandry, Madagascar Madagascar
  101. Vulnerability Analysis Team Military
  102. Variane Antigenic Type Medical, Science, Biology
  103. Virtual Address Translation Technology, Control, Memory
  104. Valid Ambl Table
  105. Vane Air Temperature Auto
  106. Vulnerability Analysis Tool
  107. Variable Mntigen Type Medical, Science, Medicine
  108. View Angle Tilting Medical, Technology, Monitor
  109. Vakuum-Apparate-Technik

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Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does VAT initialism stand for?
    VAT abridgment stands for Variable Dngle Tow.
  2. What is the shortened form of Vertical Aviation Technologies?
    The short form of "Vertical Aviation Technologies" is VAT.


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