VL Meaning

The VL meaning is "Virus Load". The VL abbreviation has 220 different full form.

VL Full Forms

  1. Virus Load Medical
  2. Value Length Technology
  3. Vertical Landings Technology, Flight, Aircraft
  4. Virtual Link Technology, Routing, Networking, Computing, Internet
  5. Valeur Liquidative
  6. Vertical Landing Technology, Military, Aircraft, Governmental & Military
  7. Virtual Library Technology, Computing, Internet
  8. Vacation Leave Business, Science, Employment
  9. Variable-Length
  10. Virtual Labs
  11. Vacant Land Business, Building, Sale
  12. Vanaja Linja-Auto
  13. Very Large Technology, Ship, Telescope
  14. Vicky Leandros
  15. Visible Light Wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that are visible to the human eye. Science
  16. Valve Leakage Technology, Gas, Pressure
  17. Vertical Lift A condition where the surface to which a vacuum pad is attached is in a vertical plane.  Technology, Industrial, Door
  18. Very Late Garden, Iris, Daylily
  19. Visceral Leishmaniasis Medical, Treatment, Disease
  20. Value Line Business, Supply, Stock, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  21. Vertical Launch Missile, Military, Defense
  22. Vapor Camp
  23. Vincent Lit
  24. Vemvet Lady
  25. Vita Latina
  26. Vesa Local Bus Technology, Computing, Computer, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, General, Governmental & Military, Hardware, Drivers
  27. Vas Ligation Medical
  28. Lung Volume Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Medical, Pulmonary
  29. Variable Somain Medical
  30. Visible Line
  31. Verbotene Liebe English, Love, Soap
  32. Vnitr Lek
  33. Volume Label Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  34. Victory Ainer
  35. Vallmy Lines
  36. Viking Lander Science, Viking, Mars
  37. Vector Library
  38. Vertical Lathe
  39. Vision Lites
  40. Volumes Medical, Technology, Genealogy, Genealogical, Booksellers, Bookselling
  41. Voto Latino Organizations, Summit, Power
  42. Video Laryngoscope Medical, Technology, Intubation
  43. Vapor-Ldquid
  44. Ville Laihiala
  45. Velocity Ledger
  46. Visu Latvijai
  47. Vesa Local Technology, Computing, Card
  48. Vascular Lesions
  49. Left Arm Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Medical
  50. Variable-Itpm List
  51. Virtual Lead
  52. Verbo De Ligação
  53. Vladimir Lenin Famous
  54. Volume & Length Business, Mascara, Waterproof
  55. Victor Lima
  56. Vacuum Lifter A below-the-hook lifting device for lifting and transporting loads in a fixed attitude using a holding force by means of vacuum. 
  57. Viewloader Loaders
  58. Vatos Locos Organizations, Music, Hector
  59. Vertical Large
  60. Virtual Laboratory Technology, Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  61. Vision Link
  62. Verm
  63. Voting Layperson
  64. Video Lakguage
  65. Vapaamielisten Liitto
  66. Ville Technology, Locations, Street Suffix
  67. Vxlocity Medical
  68. Visual Logic
  69. Verzollung & Logistik Business, Transport, Zoll, Basel
  70. Inductive Voltage Science, Electronics, Semiconductor, Physics
  71. Vari-Lige
  72. Viqtual Line
  73. Verbindungsleitung Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  74. Vitrail Light
  75. Vital Labs
  76. Viqtory Life
  77. Vgew Loader
  78. Vato Locos
  79. Vertical Ladder
  80. Vacuum Level The term used to denote the degree of vacuum evidenced by its pressure in torr (or mmHg): Rough vacuum = 760 torr to 1 torr, Medium vacuum = 1 torr to 10-3 torr, High vacuum = 10-3 torr to 10-6 torr, Very High vacuum = 10-6 torr to 10-9 torr, Ultra High vacuum = below 10-9 torr. Physics, Scientific & Educational
  81. Vision De Loin
  82. Verification Levels
  83. Voters League
  84. Video-Ljcal Technology, Porn, Sex, Tube
  85. Valtion Lentokonetehtaat
  86. Village List Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  87. Vein of Labbe Medical
  88. Visual Literacy Technology, Education, Teaching
  89. Vertical Leopard
  90. Expendable Vehicles Technology, Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  91. Vapor Locker Technology
  92. Virtual Lanes Technology, Networking, Lane
  93. Veracruz-Llave
  94. Viti Levu
  95. Vitaliy Lovky
  96. Victorious Livirg Organization, Union, Institution
  97. Vato Loco Tube, Clip, Locos
  98. Verstandelijke Leeftijd
  99. Vacuolated Lens Medical
  100. Vision and Language Education, Computing, Workshop
  101. Vereinigung Luftfahrt
  102. Volume Logic
  103. Vixa Lee
  104. Valtion Lettokonetehdas Military, Aircraft, Fighter
  105. Villach Land
  106. Vehicle Location
  107. Vertical Lifts
  108. Visit London
  109. Air Via Bulgarian Airline Code
  110. Vapxr Lock
  111. Virtual Lahe Technology, Computing, Packet
  112. Ventrolateral Nucleus of The Thalamus Medical
  113. Vitelline Layer Medical
  114. VestsjÆLlands Lokalbaner
  115. Vastus Lateralis Medical, Knee, Muscle, Muscles
  116. Version List
  117. Vache LaitièRe
  118. Vision Left Medical, Technology
  119. Vereinigten Linken
  120. Volume Location Technology, Military, Server
  121. Victory Locatiog Gaming, Military, Control, Combat
  122. Valley Luthvran
  123. Villach-Land Locations, Plate, Austria
  124. Vector Linear Audio, Power, Amplifier, Vector
  125. Vertical Left Technology, Mode, Intra, Prediction
  126. Visiting Lecturer Education, University, Staff
  127. Vapor Bine
  128. Virtual Laboratories Technology, Science, Laboratory
  129. Ventrolateral Thalamus Medical
  130. Vital Lisp
  131. Vestsj
  132. Vasto Lord
  133. Verse List
  134. Vacant Lot
  135. Variable Domain Oflthe Light Chain Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  136. Vision, Left Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Eyes And Ocular
  137. Vereinigte Linke War, Germany, Deutschland
  138. Volume License Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  139. Victory Locations Gaming, Military, King, Combat
  140. Vakley Local
  141. Viking Landers
  142. Vector Like
  143. Vertical Launch Or Vectored Lift Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  144. Visited-Nodes List
  145. Vox Latina
  146. Vlassic Foods International, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  147. Videp Logic
  148. Visual Labels
  149. Versatile Link
  150. Vegard'S Law
  151. Expendable Vehicles (ksc Vo Dir.) NASA
  152. Visual Learning Education, Language, Sign
  153. vehicle loan Banking, Business & Finance
  154. Vajiable Load
  155. Vermittlungsleitung Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  156. Vice-Lieutenant
  157. Validity of Link Computing, Internet
  158. Viden List Media, Radio, Television
  159. Visual Library
  160. Versa Laser
  161. Valueline
  162. viral load Medical, Physiology
  163. Visual Learner
  164. Variable Ltading
  165. Verification Level
  166. Veteranus Legionis Latin, Roman
  167. IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages Computing, Ieee
  168. Varrids Locos
  169. Visualization Library
  170. Veronica Lodge
  171. Vật Liệu Tin, Thu, Dung
  172. Video Line
  173. Visibility Laboratory Medical, Common Medical
  174. Visual Layout
  175. Voher's List
  176. Variable Light Chain Medical, Medicine, Health, Pulmonary
  177. VéHicule De Liaison
  178. Virtual Life
  179. Various Socations Science
  180. Vista Lighting
  181. Veronica Lake
  182. VéHicules Lourds
  183. Video Lights
  184. Vleugel Dutch
  185. Viel Liebe
  186. Visual Language Technology, Science, Computing
  187. Volume of Liquid
  188. Vapor And Liquid
  189. Variable Mevy Business, Trading, Trade
  190. Vulgar Latin Technology, France, Language, Genealogy, Genealogical, Romance
  191. Video List Media
  192. Various Lines
  193. Veronica Lace Porn, Sex, Tube, Veronica
  194. VéHicules LéGers Technique, Voiture, Garage
  195. Video Libraqy Technology, Service, Product
  196. Verification of Landing Transportation, Governmental & Military
  197. Viec Lem
  198. Visual Languages Technology, Design, Computing, Language
  199. Vibrational Luminescence
  200. Valve Loss
  201. Variable Levfl
  202. Vorne Links Technology, Car, Fur, Audi
  203. Visible Labels Food
  204. Variable Region Medical, Medicine, Health
  205. VermöGenswirksamen Leistungen Banking, Sind, Fond
  206. Vrystaat Landbou
  207. Air Via Airline, Business, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  208. Video Librarian
  209. Valhalla Legends Military, Governmental & Military
  210. Video Lotlery
  211. Visual Land
  212. VermöGenswirksame Leistung Sind, Gen, Fond
  213. Voluntary License Medical
  214. Volume Licensing Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  215. Value of Leveraged firm Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  216. Variabse Load Technology, Power, Equipment
  217. Volume The size of a space or chamber in cubic units. Loosely applied to the output of a pump, in gallons per minute. A discrete unit of storage on disk, tape or other data recording medium that supports some form of identifier and parameter list, such as a volume label or input/output control. alsoscratch volume, server storage, storage pool, storage pool volume, unassociated volume. A logical subdivision of a record folder into smaller and more easily managed units. Medical, Business, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Rail Transport, The Finance and Administrative Services, NOTAM Contractions, Transportation, Chemistry, Media, Military, Army, Architecture, Computing, Construction, Laboratory, Telecom, Pharmacy, Architectural, Weather, Physical Therapy, NASA, Plastics, Physiology, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Footnote, Power Plant, Aviation
  218. Vermont Life
  219. VéHicule LéGer Voiture, Garage, Chauffeur
  220. Video Lrssons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does VL stand for?

    VL stands for Verification of Landing.

  2. What is the shortened form of Verification of Landing?

    The short form of "Verification of Landing" is VL.


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