VN Meaning

The VN meaning is "Varsity Networks". The VN abbreviation has 143 different full form.

VN Full Forms

  1. Varsity Networks
  2. Vigt Nam Locations, Countries, Country
  3. Viet Nam Locations, Countries, Country, Technology, Vietnam, Governmental & Military, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes
  4. Variable Node Technology, Coding, Decoding
  5. Vereinten Nationen Technology, Organizations, Nation, Fur
  6. Van Nguyen
  7. Vereinte Nationen Technology, Organizations, Nation
  8. Virtualizatien-Aware Networking Technology, Network, Cisco
  9. Value Name
  10. Venturi Nozzle
  11. Viet Rews
  12. Vacancy Notice Business, Program, Management, Officer
  13. Vendor Name
  14. Vietnam News Technology, Vietnam, Tin
  15. Vehicular Node
  16. Vietnam Aqrlines Airline, Business, Airline Code, IATA Airline Designator
  17. Vietnam National Technology, University, Vietnam
  18. Van Zandn Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  19. Vibra Nickel
  20. Concession The term used in GATT negotiations for a country's agreement to bind a tariff or otherwise reduce import restrictions, usually in return for comparable "concessions" by other countries. Use of this term, with its connotation of loss, for what economic theory suggests is often a source of gain, is part of what has been called GATT-Speak. Vehicle Body Styles
  21. Voice Number
  22. Valley News
  23. Vincentz Network
  24. Vascular Xevus Medical
  25. Visit Number Business, Hotel, Analytics, Plaza
  26. Vakstudie Nieuwc
  27. Vestibular Nucleus Medical, Medicine, Health
  28. Vietnamese National
  29. Van Juys Business, Service, Car
  30. Via Node Technology, Networking, Network
  31. Voice Notification
  32. Valle Uacional
  33. Vincent Novello
  34. Vulnerability Number Military, Army, Defence
  35. Vascular Neurology
  36. Visiting Nurse Medical, Business, Family
  37. Vbgus Nerve Medical
  38. Vereent Natiounen
  39. Van Nostrand
  40. Vialone Nano Genetics, Plant, Rice
  41. Voice Network
  42. Valgd Nutrition
  43. Village Nordique English, Municipality, Township, Village
  44. Vulcan Nomad Technology, Sale, Motorcycle
  45. Variation Nbtice
  46. Volleyball Net Business, Sport, Champion
  47. Visited Network Technology, Service, Networking
  48. Vereenten Natschonen
  49. Voice Networks
  50. Valid Negativem Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  51. Vet Nurse
  52. Village Neighborhood
  53. Vrij Nederland Technology, Media, Rank, Netherland
  54. Variayce Notice
  55. Vietnamese Army, Locations, Language, Force, Marine, Cognitive Science
  56. Volcano Nest Dragon, Nest, Abyss
  57. Visibility At Night
  58. Verb Net
  59. Vocational Nursing Program, College, Education
  60. Validationznotice
  61. Veterans Network
  62. Vietnam Network
  63. Vrais Néeatifs Technology, Hotel, Internet, Tin
  64. Variance Normalizatizn
  65. Victim Notification Program, County, Victim, Department
  66. Vietnam Government, Sport, Trigramme, Vietnam, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country domain names, Regional
  67. Volatile Nitrogen
  68. Vinyl Nitrile Business, Giro, Helmet, Discord
  69. Verbal Noun Education, Linguistics, Glossing, Legal, Governmental & Military
  70. Panel A three-person committee assembled by the WTO to hear evidence in disputes between members, as part of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. Panels are also used to settle disputes under NAFTA. Aviation, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Electrical, The Finance and Administrative Services, Vehicle Body Styles
  71. Vocal Nodules Medical
  72. Validation Network Business, Service, Networking
  73. Vestibular Nystagmus Medical
  74. Vietnam Net
  75. Variablb Nodes
  76. Vibrant Nation
  77. Voie Normale
  78. Vintage Natural Guitar, Yamaha, Acoustics, Vintage
  79. Vaud-NeuchÂTel
  80. Visual Naming Technology, Memory, Firmware
  81. Vllidate Name
  82. Vestibular Nuclear Neurons Medical
  83. Vowel Nasalization
  84. STEP VAN Vehicle Body Styles
  85. Violon Music
  86. Vulnerability Nbtes
  87. Victoria Nuland
  88. Volume Number
  89. Vanguardia Nacional
  90. Vein In the circulatory system, vein are blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart. Most veins carry deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart; exceptions are the pulmonary and umbilical veins, both of which carry oxygenated blood to the heart. Medical, Physiology
  91. Viclan Business & Finance, Suppliers
  92. Vorarlberger Nachrichten Technology, Gaming, Android, Newspaper
  93. SPORTS VAN Vehicle Body Styles
  94. Violin Music
  95. Victorian Newsletter
  96. Virtual Network Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  97. Voltage Null Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  98. Vancouver Locations, City
  99. Verenigde Nasies (Dutch: United Nations) United Nations
  100. Vertical Needle
  101. Viet-Nam Vietnam, Tin, Tai
  102. Voorpagina Nieuws
  103. PARCEL DEL Vehicle Body Styles
  104. Visual Novel
  105. Victorian Naturalist
  106. Vietnam Airlines Airline, Organizations, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Vietnam, Iata Aircraft Codes
  107. Vanadsum Nitride Business, Product, Material
  108. Verification Note Postal, Us Post
  109. Valor De Negocio
  110. Vie Numismatique
  111. Von Neumann Technology, Machine, Algebra, General, Governmental & Military
  112. Vwn Noord
  113. OFFICE TRL Vehicle Body Styles
  114. Visual News Media
  115. Victoria Nader
  116. Vampirennation
  117. Very Nice Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  118. VÕ Ngọc Tin, Thu, Khi
  119. Video Notion
  120. Von-Neumann
  121. Van Niln Technology, Android, Play, Tin
  122. BOX TRL Vehicle Body Styles
  123. Vernon Gulf of Mexico Leasing Area Electrical
  124. Value Notice
  125. Violino Music
  126. VéHicule Neuf
  127. Video Networking
  128. Vomeronasal Medical, Medicine, Health
  129. Van Ness
  130. Vietnam (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  131. Versatile Newfoundland Dog Fanciers
  132. Vrai NéGatif
  133. VAN Vehicle Body Styles
  134. Verbal Nouns Legal, Governmental & Military
  135. Valor Natural
  136. Violine Music
  137. Vu Nxuyen Business, Con, Tin
  138. Vida Nueva
  139. Valence Number The valence is the number of electrons that can form compounds with other atoms. The valence number for the same element can be different. Sulfur has the valence numbers 2, 4, and 6 depending on the type of compound it forms. Chemistry, Science, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  140. Volunteer Network Technology, Networking, Vietnam
  141. Vanilla Ninja
  142. Virus Neutralization Medical, Veterinary
  143. Very New Clothes

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does VN initialism stand for?
    VN abridgment stands for Volume Number.
  2. What is the shortened form of Viet-Nam?
    The short form of "Viet-Nam" is VN.


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