VR Meaning in Electronics - What does VR mean in Electronics?

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VR Meaning in Electronics

  1. Vnriable Resistance
  2. Reverse Voltage
  3. Voltage RegulatorA circuit which is connected between the power source and a load, which provides a constant voltage despite variations in input voltage or output load. Voltage regulators control the output voltage, eliminating voltage sags and swells in the input voltage that last from 15 milliseconds to one-half second. They are typically relatively inexpensive feedback controlled transformers and the more expensive ferroresonant transformer.

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What does VR stand for Electronics?

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  1. What does VR meaning stand for Electronics?

    VR meaning stands for Reverse Voltage.
  2. What is the meaning of VR abbreviation in Electronics?

    The meaning of VR abbreviation is `Reverse Voltage` in Electronics.
  3. What is VR definition ?

    VR definition is "Reverse Voltage".
  4. What does VR mean in Electronics?

    VR mean that "Voltage Regulator" for Electronics.
  5. What is VR acronym ?
    VR acronym is "Vnriable Resistance".
  6. What is shorthand of Reverse Voltage ?
    The shorthand of "Reverse Voltage" is VR.
  7. What is the definition of VR acronym in Electronics?
    Definitions of VR shorthand is "Vnriable Resistance".
  8. What is the full form of VR abbreviation?
    Full form of VR abbreviation is "Vnriable Resistance".
  9. What is the full meaning of VR in Electronics?
    Full meaning of VR is "Voltage Regulator".
  10. What is the explanation for VR in Electronics?
    Explanation for VR is "Reverse Voltage".

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