VR Meaning

The VR meaning is "Virtual Reality". The VR abbreviation has 397 different full form.

VR Full Forms

  1. Virtual Reality While the word "virtual" is typically overused in the computer world, it is aptly placed in the phrase "virtual reality." According to the American Heritage Dictionary, virtual means "existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name." It can also mean "created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network." Therefore, virtual reality is best described as an illusion of reality created by a computer system. Technology, Telecom, Architectural, Information Technology, Military, Army, Architecture, Computing, Texting, Computer, Construction, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, IT Terminology, Police
  2. Vocational Rehabilitation Medical, Special Education, Disability Education, Business & Finance, Business Word, Technology, Disability, Physiology, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Human Services
  3. Velvet Revolution
  4. Voltage Regulators Technology, Power, Supply
  5. Victoria Regina Rifle, Military, Holm, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  6. Video Recording Technology, Mode, Camera, Media
  7. Verification Request Business, Accounting, Identity
  8. Vancomycin Resistant Medical
  9. View Royal
  10. Velocity, Relative Technology
  11. Visual Reception Technology, Autism, Monitor, Pixel
  12. Vibration Reduction Government, Photography, Digital, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  13. Vila Real Technology, Hotel, Portugal, District
  14. Verification Rate Technology, Recognition, Face
  15. Valentina Ricci
  16. View Restore
  17. Verapamil A calcium antagonist with vasodilating and antiarrhythmic effects. Appl. As a class IV antiarrhythmic and coronary medication. Medical
  18. Vehicle Resistance Technology, Class, Guard
  19. Visual Reality Technology, Gaming, Virtual
  20. Vasectomy Reversal Medical, Getting Pregnant, Infertility, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  21. Vida Real
  22. Verification Report Government, United Nations, Logistics
  23. Volume Regulator
  24. Valdosta Railway Local Railroad, Locations, Railroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  25. View Range
  26. Vantage Can Receive
  27. Visualization and Reasoning
  28. Verbal Reasoning Education, Paper, Practice, Exam
  29. Volume Reduction Technology
  30. Vacuum Return Technology, Construction, Architectural
  31. Viewing Room Technology, Gaming, Hotel
  32. Vanessa Rodriguez
  33. Virtuellu Realität Technology, Virtual, Reality, Rift
  34. Ventricular Repolarization Medical
  35. Volume-Rendered Medical
  36. Vacate The Room
  37. Viewer Review Technology, Gaming, Virtual
  38. Vandal Resistant Business, Product, Camera
  39. Virtuzlle Realitaet Technology, Virtual, Reality
  40. Venous Return Medical, Curve, Cardiac
  41. Voltage Relay A relay that turns on when a certain voltage in an AC circuit is reached. There are two basic ways that voltage relays work: detecting too much voltage and too little voltage. Voltage relays are used to find sudden jumps in voltage caused by a broken generator or low voltages caused by power outages or short circuits, among other things. It can also happen when any power tool is being charged. Technology, Control, Electrical Engineering, NASA, The Finance and Administrative Services
  42. Vacant Ready
  43. Videotape Recorder Science, Space, Environment
  44. Vandal-Resistant Business, Product, Camera
  45. Viking Red
  46. Vetsatile Rescue Business, Safety, Vest
  47. Visiting Relative Gaming, Organization, Vietnam
  48. Vanilloid Rnceptors Medical
  49. Victoria Railway Australia, Locations, Train
  50. Von Rammstein
  51. Vasorejctivity Medical
  52. Village Road Hotel, India, Locations
  53. Vacuum Regulators Technology, Product, Pressure
  54. Visalia Ransacker
  55. Vocational Rehabilitative
  56. Voie Routi
  57. Ventral Roots Medical
  58. Valley Raiders
  59. Very Reliable
  60. Visit Eequest
  61. Variable Rate Business, Control, Telecom, Computing
  62. Video Rendjrer
  63. Vol Relatif
  64. Volunteer Reserve Military, Force, Officer
  65. Velo Rossa
  66. Violation Reports
  67. Venture Research
  68. Value Retail Business, Company, Village
  69. Veterinary Research
  70. Vasco Rossi Technology, Movie, Music, Rock
  71. Viewer Roundup
  72. Radial Velocity The movement of an object either towards or away from a stationary observer. Technology, Science, Space, Study, Star, Cosmos, Astronomy, Physics, Astrophysics, Scientific & Educational
  73. Voter Register
  74. Visum Et Repertum Indonesia, Surat, Orang
  75. Vnriable Resistance Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  76. Video Review
  77. Volume Ratio Medical, Medicine, Health
  78. Vendor Report
  79. Virtuelle Rundgang
  80. Verpacklngs-Rundschau Business, Trading, Container, Packaging
  81. Vision Resourcer
  82. Vanilloid Receptor Medical, Medicine, Health, Physiology
  83. Victorianbrailway
  84. Vomeronasau Receptor Medical, Science, Biology
  85. Vasomotow Rhinitis
  86. Village Residential Education, Building, City
  87. Vorpommern, RüGen Gen, Germany, Mecklenburg
  88. Vacuum Regulator Medical, Technology, Product
  89. Virus Resistance Science, Genetics, Disease
  90. Vocational Recognition
  91. Vital Records Vital records are records of life events kept under governmental authority, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. In some jurisdictions, vital records may also include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships. Genealogy, Genealogical
  92. Valley Ridge
  93. Very Rare Factory, Seat, Mitsubishi, Food
  94. Visitor Request
  95. Variable Ralio Medical, Technology, Schedule
  96. Video Recorder VR could also stand for Video Recorder in the context of police. Body-worn cameras and other types of video recording devices are increasingly used by police departments to document interactions with the public, as well as to provide evidence in criminal investigations and court proceedings. Technology, Manual, Recording, Media, Police
  97. Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Technology, Server, Banking
  98. Volume Regulation Medical, Medicine, Health
  99. Vehezence Realized
  100. Viiyl Roof Forum, Car, Roof
  101. Ventricular Rale Medical, Medicine, Health
  102. Value Reset
  103. Veterinary Record Medical, Research, Dog
  104. Vasa Recta Blood Medical
  105. Viewer Required
  106. Heading To A Vor Radial Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  107. Visual Routes Technology, Routing, Software
  108. Variabqe Resistors Technology, Power, Circuit
  109. Videz Retrieval Technology, Processing, Multimedia
  110. Volumen Residual Medical, Para, Con
  111. Vendor Relations
  112. Virtueller RealitäT
  113. Veronica Rodriguez Porn, Sex, Movie, Veronica
  114. Volcanic Rock
  115. Valve Repair Business, Service, Industrial
  116. Viafier Retica
  117. Volunteer Rifles
  118. Vascular Resiseance Medical, Technology, Medicine
  119. Village Regional
  120. Vorne Rechts Technology, Bay, Fur, Audi
  121. Vacuum Reducer
  122. Virus Removjl Technology, Security, Cyber
  123. Vocational Registration Medical
  124. Volume Resistivity The volume resistance between two electrodes of unit area and unit distance apart that are in contact with, or imbedded in, a specimen, is the ratio of the direct voltage applied to the electrodes to that portion of the current between them that is distributed through the volume of the specimen. Usually expressed in ohms/centimeter. The measure of ratio of the potential gradient parallel to the current in the material to the current in density. Technology, Composition, Polymer, Resin
  125. Valley & Ridge
  126. Verwaarloosbaar Risiconiveau
  127. Vismtor Record
  128. Vauiable-Ratio Psychology, Schedule, Reinforcement, Ratio
  129. Video Racord
  130. Volksbanken Raffeisenbanken
  131. Vegas Robaiza
  132. Vinyl Roll
  133. Ventricular Rate Medical, Therapy, Atrial, Physiology, Clinical
  134. Value Research
  135. Veterinary Regulations
  136. Vary Rare
  137. Cabo Verde Airlines Airline Code
  138. Ventilatory Response Medical
  139. Valor De ReferêNcia
  140. Very Restricted
  141. Visual Route Technology, Tool, Trace
  142. Variablenreserve
  143. Video Resources Technology, Service, Manual
  144. Volumen Regurgitante
  145. Vendor Recommendation
  146. Virtual Replicator
  147. Vernoz River
  148. Volatility Ratio Business, Moving, Indicator
  149. Valve Relief Business, Pressure, Piston
  150. Viable Resources
  151. Voluntary Retirement
  152. Vascular Removal Technology, Porn, Virtual, Reality
  153. Vilhon Reach
  154. Voodoo Rvcords
  155. Vacation Resort
  156. Virus Rating Medical, Compound, Antiviral, Nucleoside
  157. Vocationally Registered Medical, Business, Medicine, Australia
  158. Volume Residual Para, Dos, Ria, Volume
  159. Vertical Rotation
  160. Visiting Room
  161. Van Orjreefer
  162. Victorian Review
  163. Volcano Run Science, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  164. Vega Robaina
  165. Vsnyl Resin
  166. Valle Romano Regional
  167. Ventricular Rhythm Medical, Technology, Medicine
  168. Value Representations Technology, Software, Standard, Dump
  169. Veterans Rand Medical, Health, Study
  170. Voice of Russia
  171. Votum Reddidit Latin, Roman
  172. ValléE Des Rois
  173. Very Respectfully Technology, Military, Military Slang, Us Army, Governmental & Military
  174. Visual Rock Music
  175. Variable Reluctor Forum, Technology, Engine, Sensor
  176. Video Resolution
  177. Volumen Reducido
  178. Vulnerability Remediation Technology, Management, Security
  179. Velvet Room
  180. Virtual Rack
  181. Vernalization Requirvment Medical, Science, Biology
  182. Valve Reactor Business, Guitar, Vox
  183. Viability Ratings Business, Banking, Fitch
  184. Vascular Rejection Medical
  185. View Rope Android, City, Crossing, Rope
  186. Von Rmelmann
  187. Vacation Rentals
  188. Vocal Resonance Medical, Technology, Medicine
  189. Volume Rendered
  190. Venous Flow Reversal Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  191. Virtuoms Retail Business, India, Surat
  192. Vertical Retrace Technology, Mode, Monitor, Display
  193. Visiting Resource Education, School, Learning, Special Education
  194. Vanishing Reazms Technology, Gaming, Vive
  195. Victoria Reports
  196. Volcano Rope Android, Crossing, Rope
  197. Vedr Science
  198. Vintagefrose
  199. Validation Rule Technology, Coding, Development
  200. Value Relationships
  201. Vestischer Reisedienst
  202. Vogel Rok
  203. Votre RéFéRence
  204. Ventricular Response Medical, Medicine, Health
  205. Valley Royals
  206. Very Resistant
  207. Visual Ring
  208. Variable Reluctance Technology, Sensor, Stepper, NASA
  209. Video Report
  210. Volta River
  211. Voter Registration Technology, Election, Vote
  212. Velvet Revolver Organizations, Music, Band
  213. Virtualbracing
  214. Verbal Reasoning Section of The Mcat Medical, Medicine, Education, Health
  215. Valve Regulated Technology, Battery, Lead
  216. Viability Rating
  217. Vascular Repistry
  218. View Reserved
  219. Reverse Voltage Science, Electronics, Semiconductor, Physics
  220. Victorian Reports Law, Canada, Law Report
  221. Vocal Refrain
  222. Volume Rendering Medical, Medicine, Health
  223. Venkat-Ramakrishnan
  224. Virtural Reality
  225. Vertical Response
  226. Visiting Researciers
  227. Vanilloid Receptor-1 Medical, Cell, Capsaicin
  228. Victoriax Reports Australia, Government, Law
  229. Volcano Red Guitar, Eclipse, Audi, Volcano
  230. Veeder-Root
  231. Village Roads Hotel, India, Locations
  232. Validation Review Technology, Management, Report
  233. Visa Request
  234. Vocation Rehabilitation Technology, Service, Disability
  235. Voie RoutièRe
  236. Vent Rib
  237. Valley Resources Business, Innovation, Corp
  238. Very Remote Business, Technology, Android, Travel, Tourism
  239. Visoa Ready
  240. Variable Reducrion Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  241. Video Rentals
  242. Voltage-Regulating
  243. Vorpommern-RüGen Locations, Gen, Mecklenburg
  244. Velvet Red
  245. Virtual Rabbids
  246. Venture Resources
  247. Valve-Regulated
  248. Vfr Military Training Route Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  249. Vascular Rfdiology
  250. Viewport Right
  251. Relaxation Volume Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  252. Vocabulary Representative Technology
  253. Video Aoller
  254. Volume Remote Business, Control, Headset
  255. Vengeance Rising
  256. Virtuell Reality
  257. Velocity Relative NASA
  258. Vulnerability Reduction
  259. Value Received
  260. Variable Reduction Transportation, Governmental & Military
  261. Vested Rights
  262. Vario Roof Technology, Car, Tool, Scanner
  263. Vietnam Railway
  264. Volume Reversal Business, Trading, Supply, Stock
  265. Ventilation and Radiation Science
  266. Vapor Retarder A material that retards the movement of water vapor through a building element and prevents insulation and structural wood from becoming damp and metals from corroding. Often applied to insulation batts or separately in the form of treated papers, plastic sheets, and metallic foils. Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  267. Vehicle Registration VR could also refer to Vehicle Registration in the context of police, which is the process of registering a vehicle with the appropriate government agency and obtaining license plates and other necessary documentation. Police officers may need to access vehicle registration databases to identify stolen vehicles, track down suspects, or investigate traffic accidents. Police
  268. Visibne Radiation
  269. Varietal Range Medical, Physiology
  270. Voice Reminder Technology, Android, Recorder
  271. Virtualios RealybėS
  272. Visiting Researcher Science, Research, Education
  273. Valor Residual Technology, Para, Con
  274. Vertical Reader Computing, Hardware
  275. Very Rosy Government, Us, Control, Administration
  276. Veteran Rank Elder, Veteran, Scroll
  277. Uti Rogas Latin, Roman
  278. Variable Resistor Voltage Regulator Business & Finance, Power Plant
  279. Vulcanozed Rubber
  280. Value Ratio
  281. Vehicle Rule Transportation, Governmental & Military
  282. Vessel Registration Technology, Driving, Driver
  283. Varietal Rapge Business, Wine, Hardy
  284. Vielnam Railways Locations, Train, Vietnam
  285. Volume Respired Environment
  286. Ventilated Rib
  287. Ventral Root Medical, Technology, Medicine
  288. Voltage Regulator A circuit which is connected between the power source and a load, which provides a constant voltage despite variations in input voltage or output load. Voltage regulators control the output voltage, eliminating voltage sags and swells in the input voltage that last from 15 milliseconds to one-half second. They are typically relatively inexpensive feedback controlled transformers and the more expensive ferroresonant transformer. Architecture, Auto, Construction, Architectural, Aircraft, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  289. Voltage Regulation
  290. Visibility Rande
  291. Veins Rupturing Medical, Physiology
  292. Voice Recorder Technology, Berry, Recording
  293. Vicious Realitc
  294. Valor De Refer
  295. VocalRun Music
  296. Very Ripped Gaming, Porn, Sex, Clothes
  297. Vestibular Rehabilitation Medical, Treatment, Patient
  298. Urbs Roma Latin, Roman
  299. Veer To slack off or move off; also said of a change of direction of wind, when the wind shifts to a different direction. Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  300. Vr1 Oestored
  301. Value Range Technology, Car, Guide
  302. Virus Removal Security, Governmental & Military
  303. Vessel Rate Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  304. Vagiable Road Business, Product, Carbon
  305. Vietnamese Railways
  306. Virtua Racing Technology, Gaming, Arcade
  307. Venous Resistance Medical, Medicine, Health
  308. Ventilatory Rate Medical, Patient, Mechanical, Ventilation
  309. Voucher Recharge Banking, Business & Finance
  310. Voltage Ratio
  311. Viscosity Reduction
  312. Vision Rectitis Medical, Physiology
  313. Voice Receive Technology, Android, Manual
  314. Viewer Rating Gaming, Viewer, Hutch
  315. Vertex Denormalization
  316. Ventilation Reduction
  317. Virtual Radio Media
  318. Very Rapid Technology, Science, Gaming, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  319. VéHicule RéCréAtif
  320. Vibrational Rotational Physics, Scientific & Educational
  321. Voyage Repair Military, Aircraft, Presentation
  322. Valued Representation Technology, Element, Dump
  323. Verbal Refusal "Verbal Refusal" in police refers to a situation where an individual refuses to comply with a law enforcement officer's instructions or requests verbally, without necessarily physically resisting or fighting back. This could occur in a variety of situations, such as during a traffic stop, when officers are questioning witnesses or suspects, or when attempting to detain a suspect. Police, Governmental & Military
  324. Vesicular Rosette Medical, Medicine, Health
  325. Victory Red Business, Golf, Nike
  326. Varrable Reward
  327. Vienna-Raab Ry. Network, Railway, System
  328. Venkateswara Rao
  329. Venous Reflux Medical, Medicine, Health
  330. Validation Aad Recovery
  331. Visual Range
  332. Visayus Region Locations, Philippine, Capiz
  333. Vision, Right Medical, Healthcare, Eyes And Ocular
  334. Varsity Reserve
  335. View-Ritv
  336. Vendu Regkement
  337. Ventilation Ratio Medical, Medicine, Health
  338. Virtual Radiography Media
  339. Vertical Riser Technology, Construction, Architectural
  340. Tacv Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  341. Vision & Robotics
  342. Vibrationally resonant Physics, Scientific & Educational
  343. Void Return
  344. Vox Romanica Science, History, Anthropology, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  345. Valtion Rautatiet Technology, Finland, Train, Railway
  346. Vazovhoplovna Radionica Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  347. Vesamicol Receptor Medical
  348. Vibration Research Technology, Testing, Corporation
  349. Variable Retarder
  350. Vipe R
  351. Velocity Ratio Technology, Machine, Mechanical
  352. Volumetric Root
  353. Vulnerability Researcher
  354. Visa Revocation
  355. Vrijhof Dutch
  356. Varnish Removal Business, Oil, Boost
  357. Vietoris-Rips
  358. Vehecules Recreatifs Caravan, Salon, Condo
  359. Ventilator Rate Medical, Ordnance Survey
  360. Vermillion Area Gulf of Mexico Leasing Area Electrical
  361. Vertical Right Technology, Mode, Prediction
  362. Vision & Robotique
  363. Vibration Resistance Physics, Scientific & Educational
  364. Void Reaver
  365. Voluntary Return Australia, Government, Law, Immigration
  366. Voting Rights
  367. Valsalva Ratio Medical, Medicine, Health
  368. Virtual Router Computing, Telecom
  369. VerzlunarmannaféLag ReykjavíKur
  370. Vibration-Reduction
  371. Vagiable Response Medical, Technology, Gaming, Medicine
  372. Video Room
  373. Vehicle Register
  374. Variable-Reluctance
  375. Vulnerability Jeport
  376. Value Record
  377. Vyas Ram Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  378. Vestibuloocular Reflex
  379. Variorum Reprints
  380. Vietnam Register
  381. Vane Radiometeu
  382. Ventilation Rate Medical, Business, Building, Physiology
  383. Victoria Regina (Queen Victoria) Coins
  384. Verify Read
  385. Victim Rights In some contexts, VR might be used to refer to Victim Rights, which are legal rights afforded to individuals who have been victimized by crime. These rights might include the right to be notified about court proceedings, the right to make a statement at sentencing, or the right to receive compensation or restitution. Police
  386. Visible Record
  387. Vertex Replacement Physics, Scientific & Educational
  388. Void Ray Star, Craft, Rush, Void
  389. Voluntary Restraint
  390. Vottrs Rights
  391. Variable Region Medical, Medicine, Health
  392. Valsalva Manoeuvre Medical
  393. Virtual RAM (Random Access Memory) Computing, Hardware
  394. Very Rotten Nutrition, Food, Victual
  395. Vibrant Response Military, Training, Exercise
  396. Variable Rhsolution Technology, Gaming, Station, Play
  397. V2K With No Rules Business, Movie, Networking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does VR stand for?

    VR stands for Cabo Verde Airlines.

  2. What is the shortened form of Vascular Removal?

    The short form of "Vascular Removal" is VR.


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