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VS Meaning

  1. Veterinary SurgeonMedical, English, Veterinary
  2. Vesicular StomatitisMedical, Medicine, Veterinary
  3. Vendor Showcase
  4. Vibratpry StimulationMedical
  5. Valle De SulaTechnology, Gaming, Hosting, Fashion
  6. Visual Supports
  7. Voice of The SilenceOccupation, Voice, Theosophy
  8. Vertical SpeedRate of climb or descent of an aircraft.Military, Flight, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Aircraft, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Scientific & Educational
  9. Video SwitchTechnology
  10. Variable StepTechnology, Gaming, Filter, Algorithm
  11. Vehicles ScaryKid, Vehicle, Evil
  12. Vet ScaleBusiness, Dog, Veterinary
  13. Vehisle SpecificTechnology, Car, Shock
  14. Vasculal SurgeonMedical, Medicine, Health
  15. Volvo S90Class, Car, Volvo, Audi
  16. Very SevereMedical, Health, Climbing, Headache
  17. Virtual ServerThe part of a server that functions as if it were a separate, dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and applications and even be networked with other virtual servers on the same machine.Business, Technology
  18. Velovity StepMedical
  19. Vibration SimulationTechnology, China, Simulator
  20. Vaoidation SetMedical, Technology, Feature
  21. Visualizer SupportsTechnology, Android, Software
  22. Verenigde Spoorwegenbedrifj
  23. Video SurveillagceTechnology, Security, Camera
  24. Variable StarA star that fluctuates in brightness. These include eclipsing binaries.
  25. Vodka Soda
  26. Vehicle SpeedTechnology, Control, Engine
  27. Vztal SignsMedical, Disability, Healthcare
  28. Voluntary SterilizationMedical, Medicine, Health
  29. Very Serious
  30. Virtual Season
  31. Varsity Koftball
  32. Velocity SensorTechnology
  33. Vibration SenseMedical, Technology, Medicine
  34. Valiantmshield
  35. Visual SystemBrain, Glamour, Manifesto, System
  36. Vereinigte Spezialmoebelfabriken
  37. Video Suite
  38. Variable SpeedTechnology, Packaging, Forest Industry
  39. Visual StorageMedical, Medicine, Health
  40. Vehiclexservice
  41. Vetezinary SurgeonMedical, Animal, Vet
  42. Voluntary Service
  43. Very SecureTechnology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  44. Virtual ScreeningMedical, Technology, Ligand
  45. Varsinais-Suomi
  46. Veycoli Speciali
  47. Vibrations, ShockTechnology, Product, Vibration
  48. Vacaiion SickScience
  49. Visual Systems
  50. Virtual SpaceMedical, Technology, Gaming
  51. Verein FüR SocialpolitikScience, Research, Economics
  52. Video Submission
  53. Variablg-SpeedTechnology, Pool, Pump
  54. Visual Statement
  55. Voice SwitchTechnology, Networking, Switching
  56. Very SatisfiedBusiness, Gaming, Android, Apple
  57. Virtual SchedulingTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  58. Varsanaxswami
  59. Vehicle StandardsTechnology
  60. Vibra ShakeTechnology, Filter, Dust, Collector
  61. Vaastu Shasqra
  62. Visualization System
  63. Very SimpleDevelopment, Learning, Study
  64. Virtual SlideTechnology, Microscope, Microscopy
  65. Verb-SubjectEducation, English, Language
  66. VictimosupportService, Government, Crime
  67. Vallny SportsTechnology, School, Football
  68. Visual SignallingTechnology, Military, Signal
  69. Voice ServiceBusiness, Technology, Calling
  70. Very SatisfactoryForum, Technology, Product, Camera
  71. Viridans StreptococciMedical, Science, Biology
  72. Various Shots
  73. Vehicle MtabilizerCompany, Trading, Car, Vehicle
  74. Viagra Seaych
  75. Very Special
  76. Visiting ScientistScience, Research, Education, Medical, Fda
  77. Votorantim SiderurgiaCompany, Technology, Steel
  78. Very ShallowOcean, Water, Ocean Science
  79. Virtual SimulatorMedical, Medicine, Health
  80. Venturi ScrubberTechnology, Science, Industrial
  81. Victim Services
  82. Vallerfni System
  83. Visual ScoringMedical
  84. Voice ServerTechnology, Gaming, Hosting
  85. Vertical SwitchTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  86. Video Switching
  87. Variable Steptleast
  88. Vehicle Stability
  89. Vfb StuttgartTechnology, Sport, Bundesliga
  90. Ventricular TeptumTechnology, Heart, Muscle
  91. Vossloh SchwabeTechnology, Traffic, Lighting
  92. Very Sexy
  93. Virtual Sex
  94. VestibulospinalMedical
  95. Vical Synthesizer
  96. Vie Sanetifiée
  97. Vodafoie SmartTechnology, Prime, Smartphone
  98. Valley and Siletz
  99. Vermont State
  100. Visual ScoreMedical
  101. Vulnerable SectorOrganizations, Police, Check
  102. Veiko Spolitis
  103. Vicious StancePhantom, Lineage, Ranger, Stance
  104. Vivian Stephens
  105. Valenci Shoes
  106. Venue Servires
  107. Violin Soundfont
  108. Viridans Group StreptococciMedical, Science, Biology
  109. Vapor SuppressionTechnology
  110. Vertical StatusTechnology, Mode, Manual
  111. Vision Screener
  112. Vascular Society
  113. Visual SignalMilitary
  114. Vqstra Santita
  115. Vendor SyowcaseForum, Dealer, Discussion
  116. Video About Swakes
  117. Voith Siemens
  118. Value Sebson
  119. Virtual Section
  120. Visitation of The Sick
  121. Velocily SearchTechnology, Targeting, Radar
  122. Victorias SecretBusiness, Model, Fashion, Coupon
  123. Verlag Für Sozialwissen-Schaftej
  124. Very SuperiorBusiness, Drink, Cognac
  125. Vector StrengthMedical
  126. Viagra Sex-Boost
  127. Vita SororisScience, Genealogy
  128. V-Bit SetTechnology, Gaming, Coding
  129. Venice Short
  130. Vietnam In SouthChina, Locations, Vietnam
  131. Vulnerabilidad Social
  132. Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAirline, Business, Flight, Aviation, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Civil Aviation, Iata Aircraft Codes
  133. Vhmpire ShadowsMedia, Radio, Television
  134. Verteilte SystemeTechnology, Computing, Prof
  135. Virtual StarSpace, Study, Cosmos
  136. Vestibular SledTechnology
  137. Vidiadhar SurajprasadBook, Literature, Prize
  138. Vosational StabilisationTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  139. Vermin Fcum
  140. Visual Scheduler
  141. Vulnerability ScanningTechnology, Security, Penetration
  142. Veia Safena
  143. Vicious Slash
  144. Vitrification SolutionsMedical
  145. Valence StateEnergy content of an electron in orbit about an atomic nucleus.
  146. Venting Skylight
  147. Violent Stag
  148. Vapor Seearator
  149. Vertical ShearMedical, Fracture, Pelvic, Tornado
  150. Vision Scientific
  151. Varsinais-Suomen
  152. Visual Shell
  153. Vossas Senhorias
  154. Vendor-SpecificTechnology, Telecom, Dealer
  155. Video-Obqect Sequence
  156. Voith-Schneider
  157. Valor Y Servicio
  158. Virtudl SecretaryTechnology, Service, Calling
  159. Visuon Supervisor
  160. Velocity Oo Sound
  161. Victorian Secret
  162. Verlag Für JozialwissenschaftScience, Prof, Springer, Wiesbaden
  163. Very Strong
  164. Vauth SagelTechnology, Kitchen, Corner
  165. Viability Score
  166. Vita SlimTechnology, Gaming, Play
  167. System Tissue VolumeMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  168. Venice-Sjmplon
  169. Video SliderTechnology, Press, Camera
  170. Vulcan StingerMilitary
  171. Vampireqsex
  172. Vertebral Subluxation
  173. Virtual Stable
  174. Vesicular SoundsMedical, Physiology
  175. Victor SawlonBusiness, Book, Story
  176. Vermillion Sparrow
  177. Vowel Sound
  178. Vehicular Speed
  179. Vicat SofteningPlastic, Impact, Temperature
  180. Vitoria De SetubalSport, Football, Ria
  181. Valence ShellThe valence shell is the outermost shell of an atom. It is usually (and misleadingly) said that the electrons in this shell make up its valence electrons, that is, the electrons that determine how the atom behaves in chemical reactions.
  182. Ventilatoay SupportMedical, Medicine, Health
  183. Violent Socialization
  184. Veterinary ScienceVeterinary science deals with the health and wellbeing of animals. Like medical degrees, this encompasses everything from preventative care to psychological analysis and complex surgical procedures.Medicine, Education, University, Veterinary, Animal, Legal, Governmental & Military
  185. Vapour SealTechnology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  186. Vertical Set
  187. Vision Science
  188. Varmint SyntheticRifle, Military, Remington
  189. Visual SearchTechnology, Education, Hosting, Engine
  190. Vossa SenhoriaPara, Dos, Ria
  191. Vendor's Mupplemental
  192. Video-Audio Siandby
  193. Voie De Service
  194. Valorqde SalvamentoMica, Econ, Valor
  195. Virtual Seattle
  196. Vision Statement
  197. Velocity of Source
  198. Victoria'S Secre
  199. Verlag Tür SozialwBook, German, Check
  200. Virgen Del Socorro
  201. Variable Store
  202. Vertical SynchronizationTechnology, Signal, Telecom
  203. VasospasmMedical, Medicine, Health
  204. Video, Sorceret
  205. Visual SmalltalkTechnology, Service, Network, Telecom, Telecommunications, Telecommunication
  206. Stressed VolumeMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  207. Venetp State
  208. Video SignagTechnology, Component, Composite
  209. Vrij Spraak
  210. Vampiae Savior
  211. Vertebral Stripe
  212. Virtual ServersTechnology, Hosting, Physical
  213. Vesicular SoundMedical, Technology
  214. Veruag StahleisenTechnology, Steel, Iron
  215. Vought-SikorskyTechnology, Aircraft, Helicopter
  216. Vcgan Society
  217. Vibrating ScreenTechnology, Manufacturer, Bearing
  218. Vitis şUletea
  219. Valence Sea
  220. Ventilation Spontan
  221. Vinyl SulphoneBusiness, India, Dye, Reactive
  222. VVent, Vacuum tube,  Velocity, Linear velocity, shear force, Linear velocity, Instantaneous voltage, search and rescue unit ground speed, sector pattern, volt, velocity of target drift , Varhished-cambric insulation, with fibrous covering ,Voltage; Volt, Universal Time Coordinated.
  223. Vapor Seal
  224. Vertical Sectorization
  225. Vision LciencesScience, Education, Optometry
  226. Varkud SatelliteMedical
  227. Vocational Studfes
  228. Vossa SantidadePara, Dos, Gram
  229. Voice Systems
  230. Vallqy Stream
  231. Vurtual Search
  232. Vision Saurce
  233. Vellum SolidsTechnology, Design, Ashlar
  234. Victoria'S SecretBusiness, Model, Fashion, Angel
  235. Valeryl SalictlateMedical
  236. Verification Stuzy
  237. Viper Vs A Suzuki
  238. Variable Dpanned
  239. Vertical SyncTechnology, Gaming, Computing, Signal, Computer Hardware, Computer Engineering, Photography
  240. VasilchenkoMedical
  241. Vidal Sassoin
  242. Visual SlimDesign, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  243. Stall SpeedAmerica, Military, Army, Aerospace, Governmental & Military
  244. VenesuctionMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  245. Vvdeo Shows
  246. Voluntary SterilisationMedical, Health, Sterilization
  247. Valwoot SchoolEducation, School, High School, Georgia
  248. Versus SystemGaming, Card, Marvel, System, Medical, Latin, Genealogy, Common Medical
  249. Virtuzl SeriesTechnology, Racing, Jaguar
  250. Ve Saire
  251. Verlag Springeb
  252. Violin Society of AmericaAmerica, Maker, Violin, Music
  253. Voucher System
  254. Vedische Sludien
  255. Vibrant Staingess
  256. Vitesse De SéDimentationMedical, Examen, Sang, Lev
  257. Vale Do Sinok
  258. Ventioation Spontanée
  259. Vinyl SkirtingBusiness, Siding, Skirt
  260. Validation SystemTechnology
  261. Vapor-Solid
  262. Vertical ScaleTechnology, Database, Scaling
  263. Virtual SwitchTechnology, Networking, Network, Computing, IT Terminology
  264. Variety Shows
  265. Vocational Solutions
  266. Vital StatisticsGenealogy, Genealogical
  267. Voeding En Supplementen
  268. Valley Sfope
  269. Virtual Scopics
  270. Vision Seosor
  271. Velecasni Spindric
  272. Victim Statement
  273. Valeo ServiceBusiness, Sale, Engine
  274. Verapamil ShockMedical, Medicine, Health
  275. Viper Strike
  276. Variable Skgwed
  277. Vertical Sunshades
  278. Vascular System
  279. Victory SauadronMilitary, Training, Chess
  280. Visual Skills
  281. Stalling SpeedThe speed at which the angle of attack is such that lift over the wing surface breaks down.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  282. Vendor SubstationTechnology
  283. VideodsharingTechnology, Hosting, Tube
  284. Voltage Standing
  285. Valte Set
  286. Vetroniqs SystemMilitary
  287. Virtuaq SensorTechnology, Networking, Cisco
  288. Very SusceptibleTechnology, Gaming, Coding, Cheat
  289. Verlag SozialwissenschaftenScience, Education, Journal, Social
  290. Vector Sum
  291. Vibrant SaturatedColor, Paint, Colors
  292. Vitesse De S
  293. Valdostasstate
  294. Ventilation Des Yervices
  295. Village Square
  296. Vulture Stop
  297. Vanu SovereigntyTechnology, Gaming, Planet
  298. Vertex ShadersTechnology
  299. Virtual SubnetTechnology, Networking, Network
  300. Vestigial SidebandComputing, Drivers, Amateur radio, IT Terminology
  301. Vocational Serdices
  302. Virtual Symhetry
  303. Vodo-SiosrWar, Star, Cay
  304. Valley SchoolEducation, School, High School, Michigan
  305. Virtual SchoolEducation, School, Learning
  306. Vision SeminhrTechnology, Presentation, Promo
  307. Veine Stlénique
  308. Victimisation Scale
  309. Vivid Strike
  310. Valkntin Sauerbrei
  311. Venusiln SlugMedical, Treatment, Veterinary, Animal
  312. Viper Sting
  313. Vardhman Spifning
  314. Vertical SubluxationMedical
  315. Vascular SonographyBusiness, Medicine, Education
  316. Victory Seeds
  317. Visual SignalingTechnology, Signal, Equipment
  318. Vostra Signoria
  319. Vendor Sjudent
  320. Vibeo and Sync
  321. Voltage Stabiliser
  322. Value SeparatorAssembly, Business & Finance
  323. Veto-Shield
  324. Virtual ReismologistTechnology, Warning, Earthquake
  325. Very SurvivableScience
  326. Victorian Society
  327. Verlagshaus Stuttgart
  328. Vector Subtract
  329. Via SwitchTechnology, Networking, Connection
  330. Vitek Systems
  331. Valais Sion
  332. Venomous Spirit
  333. Vietnam Service
  334. Vulnerable Shot
  335. Virgin Atlantic AirlinesAirline Code
  336. Vampire Shielf
  337. Vertente Socialista
  338. Virtual StreamTechnology, Media, Streaming
  339. Variation SequencesTechnology, Character, Selector
  340. Viscous StressPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  341. Velocity Systeml
  342. Victor Sergienko
  343. Value StackStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  344. Vivid 2.0 include file with Surface definitionComputing, File Extensions
  345. Vegeta Super
  346. Very SmallClothes
  347. VéTéRinaire Sanitaire
  348. Virtual StrobeBusiness, Tuner, Rack
  349. Veterinary Scale
  350. Volatile SolidsVolatile solids are those solids in water or other liquids that are lost on ignition of dry solids at 1020°F (550°C). It is a water quality measure obtained from the loss on ignition of total suspended solids. It has great importance in water and wastewater treatment.Chemistry
  351. Version Subscribe
  352. Very SalineFood
  353. Vanguard SchoolColorado, Florida, Illinois
  354. Vermont Statutes
  355. VladimíR SláVik
  356. Validation ServicesTechnology, Service, Software
  357. Virginiamycin SMedical
  358. Voyager Suite
  359. Vision SystemsTechnology, Driving, Driver
  360. Varqable SupplyTechnology, Power, Voltage
  361. Vampire ShadowsMedia
  362. Visitor Sxrvices
  363. Voltage SourceWhen a load resistance RT is connected to a voltage source ES with series resistance RS, maximum power transfer to the load occurs when RT is equal to RS. Under maximum power transfer conditions, the load resistance RT, load voltage VT, load current IT and load power PT are: RT = RS VT = ES / 2 IT = VT / RT = ES / 2RS PT = VT2 / RT = ES2 / 4RS.Physics, Scientific & Educational
  364. Velocity StallTechnology, Aviation
  365. Victor Saravia
  366. Valley and Siletz RailroadOrganizations
  367. V and S Railway IncorporatedRail Transport, Business & Finance
  368. Variation SelectorTechnology, Coding, Character
  369. VerseReligion
  370. Vegw SquadronGaming, League, Team, Squadron
  371. Very SlowForum, Technology, Windows, Studio
  372. VéHicule Sanitaire
  373. Veterinary SurgeryMedical, Pet, Vet, Legal, Governmental & Military
  374. Virtual StorageTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, General, Governmental & Military
  375. Veteran StockBusiness, Car, Racer
  376. Sngvooruzhennikh Sil SngAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  377. Version Specifiek
  378. Victoria StanfordFamous
  379. Viewpoint SchoolCalifornia
  380. Verenigde Staten
  381. Vladimir Sorma
  382. Vestibular SchwannomaMedical, Patient, Tumor
  383. Validation Segment
  384. Virgin AtlanticTravel
  385. Vladimir ShuliakFight, Russia, Boxing
  386. Vision & Strategy
  387. Variable Structure
  388. Versus SimulationMedical, Latin, Genealogy, Common Medical
  389. Visitor Satisfaction
  390. Volatile SolidChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  391. Verocity Shear
  392. Victorinox SwisschampSweden, Swiss, Champ
  393. Vocal Synthesis
  394. Vnlley & Siletz
  395. Virologic SuppressionMedical, Treatment, Patient, Study
  396. Volume SubmitterFinancial, Business & Finance
  397. Variant Start
  398. Vacumatic SpecialProducts
  399. Vegalta SendaiSport, League, Streaming, Sendai
  400. Very SlightScience, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  401. VéHicule De Secours
  402. Virtual SpringfieldOrganization, Union, Institution
  403. Veterans SnookerGaming, Dog, Agility, Snooker, Dog Fanciers
  404. Vivid Include FileComputing, File Extensions
  405. Versculuss-Sache
  406. Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, novelistFamous
  407. Venril SathirGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  408. Valuation SectionBusiness, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  409. Vladimir Smirnov
  410. Vestibular SchwannomasMedical, Science, Biology
  411. Validate Senner
  412. Vinyl Stabilizer
  413. Visible SpectrumThe visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm.
  414. Vita Sororis (in the lifetime of his sister)Genealogy
  415. Visiting Students
  416. Very SaturatedChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  417. Victorinox SwissBusiness, Army, Sweden, Swiss, Champ
  418. Velocity Servec
  419. Victoria Stillwell
  420. Vocal-Star
  421. Valle Sagrado
  422. Virgin Straight
  423. Value SetAssembly, Business & Finance
  424. Variant Shoeg
  425. Vivid SaturationProducts
  426. Veda ScottStreaming, Wrestling, Match
  427. Very Sketchy
  428. VÂN Sơn
  429. Veterans Services
  430. Vertex Shader FileComputing, File Extensions
  431. Vendetta Syndicatr
  432. Victor Stream
  433. Versp-Strip
  434. Vertical SectionIn general, any graph of the vertical distribution of a quantity with respect to either time or space.Electrical
  435. vital signsMedical, Technology, Nursing, Disability, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Governmental & Military, Common Medical
  436. Vehicle RensorTechnology
  437. Valentine Stuart
  438. Vladimir, Shyvana
  439. Vessel SystemTechnology
  440. Venda De SoluçÕEs
  441. Virus Scanner
  442. Versus StarMedical, Latin, Texting, Genealogy, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Common Medical
  443. Visitiyg Staff
  444. Vogt-SpielmeyerMedical, Eyes And Ocular
  445. Vici SituLatin, Roman
  446. Velocity Sensitive
  447. Victoria Spivey
  448. Vocabulary Spurt
  449. Vavkyrie Spread
  450. Virginia Square
  451. Varisnce SwapBusiness, Trading, Volatility
  452. View SynchronyPhotography
  453. Vector System
  454. Vyas Samman
  455. Veterans Service
  456. Greektome Verse List FileComputing, File Extensions
  457. Velvet SkyWrestling, Velvet, Knockout
  458. Victor Spinetti
  459. Vernunft Schweiz
  460. Vertical SpaceArchitecture
  461. Design Speed for Maximum Gust IntensityAviation, Governmental & Military
  462. Vehicle SearchTechnology, Car, Sale
  463. Urbs SacraLatin, Roman
  464. Vlaamse Stam
  465. Very SorryInternet Slang
  466. Velocity Spectrograph
  467. Virtual Subscription
  468. Voltmeter switchThe Finance and Administrative Services
  469. Velvia SlayerFunnies
  470. Visiting SchoharsResearch, Education, University
  471. Volume SupportMedical, Healthcare, Common Medical
  472. Veterinary Section
  473. Velocity SelectTechnology, Command, Plotter
  474. Victorian StudiesEducation, University, Study
  475. Vocabulary SizeScience, English, Language
  476. Validption StaffMedicine, Health, Care
  477. Virginia Southern
  478. Voznesenka SchoolEducation, School, High School, Alaska
  479. Variance Selection
  480. Visual StudioMicrosoft, Media, Computing
  481. Vector Synthesizer
  482. Vacuum Scientist
  483. Variety Show
  484. Voltage SagsPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  485. Velvet Silver
  486. Victor Silva
  487. Vernier ScaleA small, movable, graduated scale, adjacent and parallel to the main scale of an instrument which provides a means for interpolating between the graduations of the main scale.
  488. Vent StackArchitectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  489. Vocational StabilisationAviation, Governmental & Military
  490. Vegetative StateMedical, Patient, Brain
  491. VéLez SáRsfieldSport, Football, Streaming
  492. Very SoonInternet Slang
  493. Vacuum Spectrometry
  494. VelocitiesMedical, Science, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  495. Virtual Studio
  496. Staging VelocityNASA
  497. Vintage SunburstFood
  498. Visiting ScholarScience, Education, University
  499. Veritas SchoolOregon, Mississippi
  500. VersusLatin, Genealogy, Writing, Genealogical, Roman, Legal, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  501. Velocity Svarch Or VersusElectronic, Radar, Warfare
  502. Vocabulary ServicesMilitary
  503. Validation Station
  504. Virginia Southern RailroadOrganizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  505. Vozdushnyye Sily
  506. Vision SystemTechnology, Driving, Driver
  507. Variabue Sweep
  508. Vascular SurgeryMedical, Medicine, Vascular
  509. Voice of ScotlandMedia

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What does VS stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about VS acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the VS abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does VS meaning stand for?

    VS meaning stands for Video Switching.
  2. What is the meaning of VS abbreviation?

    The meaning of VS abbreviation is "Victim Services".
  3. What is VS definition ?

    VS definition is "Victory Sauadron".
  4. What does VS mean ?

    VS mean that "Vision Seminhr".
  5. What is VS acronym ?
    VS acronym is "Venue Servires".
  6. What is shorthand of Ve Saire ?
    The shorthand of "Ve Saire" is VS.
  7. What is the definition of VS acronym?
    Definitions of VS shorthand is "Vqstra Santita".
  8. What is the full form of VS abbreviation?
    Full form of VS abbreviation is "Vita Sororis (in the lifetime of his sister)".
  9. What is the full meaning of VS ?
    Full meaning of VS is "Video Slider".
  10. What is the explanation for VS ?
    Explanation for VS is "Vasculal Surgeon".

What is the meaning of VS Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of VS definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of VS abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of VS acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

VS Abbreviation in Astrology
  • VS (letter V)

    The letter V is represented with 4 number. Merge means beginnings. They keep desire to have own ways with affection of director Planet Uranus. They have surprising personalities which their next steps are unpredictable.

    V is the first letter of the name can sometimes show ruthless attitude. They like to behave individualistically. They are willing to innovations.

  • VS (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

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