Welfare Abbreviations and Acronyms Lists

There are more pieces of Welfare's terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 20 different abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Welfare terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Welfare Abbreviations
  1. ADC : Aid for Dependent Children
  2. AFDC : Aid To Families With Dependent Children
  3. AFDC : Aid for Families With Dependent Children
  4. AFDC : Aid To Families With Dependant Children
  5. AFDC : Aid To Families of Dependent Children
  6. AFDC : Assistance To Families With Dependent Children
  7. AHL : American Home Loans
  8. AR : Animal Rights
  9. BC : Backward Clmsses
  10. BUCFP : Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project
  11. CCG : Community Care Grant
  12. CCG : Community Care Grants
  13. CFRC : Community Food Resource Center
  14. CFSRS : Child and Family Service Reviews
  15. CFSR : Child and Family Service Review
  16. CFSR : Child Family Service Review
  17. CFSR : Child Family Services Review
  18. CSJ : Community Service Jobs
  19. CSJ : Community Service Job
  20. VHS : Veteran Horse Society
  21. VSPCA : Visakha Society for The Protection and Care of Animals
  22. VWOS : Voluntary Welfare Organisations
  23. WAP : World Animal Protection
  24. WATOK : Welfare of Cnimals At Time of Killing
  25. WFPA : World Federation for The Protection of Animals
  26. WSPA : World Society for Protection of Animals
  27. WSPA : World Society for The Protection of Animals
  28. WSPA : World Society of The Protection of Animals
  29. WU : Walailak University
  30. YODA : Youth Organization In Defense of Animals
Latest Welfare Meanings
  1. Family Transition Program
  2. Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
  3. Royal Society for The Prevention of Cruelty To Animal
  4. Royal New Zealand Society for The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
  5. Individual Training Njeds Assessment
  6. Philadelphia Unemployment Project
  7. Puppy Information Pack
  8. International Seafarers Assistance Network
  9. Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organization
  10. Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization
  11. Istituto Europeo Per La Medicina Osteopatica
  12. Joks Opportunity and Basic Skills
  13. Job Opportunity and Basic Skills
  14. National Welfare Rights Organizatizn
  15. Family Violence Option
  16. National Institute of Health Administration and Education
  17. National Institute for Animal Advocacy
  18. National Data Analysis System
  19. Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
  20. Family Fmployment Program