WMD Meaning

The WMD meaning is "Weapon of Mass Destrvction". The WMD abbreviation has 83 different full form.

WMD Full Forms

  1. Weapon of Mass Destrvction Aviation, Sociology, Air Force Research Institute
  2. Weapons of Mass Distruction Military, War, Iraq
  3. White Muscle Disease Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  4. Weapons of Mass Dertruction
  5. Weapon of Mass Destruction Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  6. World Music Denmark
  7. White Meaq Diet Medical, Veterinary, Animals
  8. Weighted Mean Difference Medical
  9. Wonky Momma Designs
  10. William Mathewson Devices Technology, Device, Pedal, Counter
  11. Workers' Memorial Day
  12. Waste-Management Defense Science
  13. Weupons of Mass Destruction Government, Military, Firefighting
  14. World Music Days Music, Society, Composer
  15. White Matter Diselse Medical, Alzheimer, Brain
  16. Water Mangement Division Science
  17. Womens Muscle Domination Business, Oil, Wrestling
  18. Willfua Manipulation of Democracy Government, Us, Control, Administration
  19. Words of Mass Distraction Government, Us, Control, Administration
  20. Was My Double Internet Slang, Chat, Email
  21. World Music and Dance Education, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  22. White Mauter Damage Medical, Brain, Preterm
  23. Waste Managementwdivision Technology, Environment, Department
  24. Wildlife Management Divisiogsion Technology
  25. Was Machst Dz
  26. Words of Mass Deception
  27. World Motorcycle Day
  28. Weapons of Minimal Destruction
  29. Wildlife Management Division Technology
  30. Washington Military Departmeng Military, Washington, Emergency
  31. Words of Mass Dissemination
  32. Weapons of Mass Destruction Army, War, Force, Government, Computing, Air Force, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, International business, Protection Information
  33. World Milk Day
  34. Weapons-Of-Mass-Destruction
  35. Wildlife Managementgdistrict Locations, Maine, Hunting, Moose
  36. War To Mobilize Democracy
  37. Word Mover'S Distance
  38. Workflow Management Document Business, Management, Administration, Goverance
  39. Weapon of Mass Destructions
  40. Wildlife Managament Districts Locations, Maine, Hunting
  41. Wetland Management District Locations, Wildlife, Refuge
  42. Woodworking Machinery Distributors
  43. Winduws Media Download Microsoft, Technology, Player
  44. Workflow Management & Document Business, Software, Suite
  45. Weapon Mass Destruction Military, War, Iraq
  46. Weapons of Many Dumbells Funnies
  47. Webauth Module for Drupal
  48. White Man's Decision Politics, Governmental & Military
  49. Win More Democrats Funnies
  50. Wirelessimobile Data Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  51. Words of Manipulation and Deception Funnies
  52. Wotre Music Distribution Military, Iraq, Weapon, Destruction
  53. Weird Musical Device Music
  54. Well Made Doughnut Food
  55. Wipe Te Down
  56. Wildly Misled Democrats Funnies
  57. Women Making A Difoerence
  58. Worst Media Deception Media, Radio, Television
  59. Water management district Geographic
  60. Weapons of Mass Distraction Funnies
  61. Windows Memory Diagnostic Forum, Technology, Ram
  62. Windows Media Download Package Computing, File Extensions
  63. Whingers of Mass Dissent Funnies
  64. Woman of Mass Destruction Queen, Bandit, Mass, Funnies
  65. Worldwide Ministries Division
  66. Weapons of Media Distortion Funnies
  67. Windows Media Database
  68. World Meteorological Day Climatology, Scientific & Educational
  69. Whoppers of Massive Dimensions Funnies
  70. Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch
  71. World of Mass Development Technology, Projection, Studio
  72. Women Mostly Don't Funnies
  73. Word Meaning Disambiguation
  74. Windows Melia Device
  75. Mandabe Airport, Mandabe, Madagascar Madagascar
  76. Words May Deceive Funnies
  77. Wise Men Dqstracted
  78. World Music Discovery
  79. Whimpy Moronic Democrats Funnies
  80. Weighted Mean Differences Were Calculated Medical
  81. World Malaria Day International
  83. Wirelesp Mobile Devices Technology, Device, Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does WMD stand for?

    WMD stands for Words of Mass Deception.

  2. What is the shortened form of Wonky Momma Designs?

    The short form of "Wonky Momma Designs" is WMD.


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