ZBB Meaning

The ZBB meaning is "Zero-Based Budgeting". The ZBB abbreviation has 19 different full form.

ZBB Full Forms

  1. Zero-Based Budgeting A system in which a yearly budget for a department in a company starts at zero with no pre-authorised funds, and the department has to justify its budget requests. Business, Base, Budget, Business & Finance, Business Word
  2. Zero Based Budgeting Business, Finance, Human Resources
  3. Zero-Based Budget Business, Military, Budgeting
  4. Zero-Base Budget Business, Management, Budgeting
  5. Zero-Base-Budgeting
  6. Zero Based Budget Business, Technology, Budgeting
  7. Zero Base Budgeting Business, Science, Budget
  8. Zero-Base Budgeting Medical, Business, Budget
  9. Zero Base Budget Business, Technology, Budgeting
  10. Zero Bug Bounce Technology, Software, Testing
  11. Zompist Bulletin Board Technology, Language, Construction
  12. Zac Brown Band
  13. Zinc Bromine Batteries
  14. Zero Based Budgetting
  15. Zinc Bromine Battery
  16. ZöLd A BíBor Band
  17. Zinc-Bromine Battery Technology, Energy, Electrolyte
  18. Zero Balance Budgeting Military
  19. Zero-Body Bias

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ZBB stand for?

    ZBB stands for Zero-Base-Budgeting.

  2. What is the shortened form of Zinc Bromine Batteries?

    The short form of "Zinc Bromine Batteries" is ZBB.


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