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AA Meaning

  1. American AirlinesAmerican, together with its regional partners, operates an extensive international and domestic network with almost 6,800 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. American Airlines is a founding member of the Oneworld alliance, the third-largest airline alliance in the world.Airline, Aviation, Organizations, Call Sign, Civil Aviation, Transportation, NASA, Governmental & Military
  2. Alcoholics AnonymousAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international mutual aid fellowship founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in Akron, Ohio. AA's stated primary purpose is to help alcoholics stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. With other early members Bill Wilson and Bob Smith developed AA's Twelve Step program of spiritual and character development.Medical, Internet Slang, Disability, Community, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Common Medical
  3. Alcohol AnonymousMeeting, Alcoholic, Alcohol
  4. Amino AcidCompound containing both an amino and a carboxylic acid group.The NH2 group. For more information see Amino Acids.Medical, Chemistry, Biomedical, Healthcare, Biology, Bioscience, Amino Acid, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, Reading Prescription
  5. Always AfloatA contract term requiring that the vessel not rest on the ground. In some ports the ship is aground when approaching or at berth.Transportation, Business, Accounting, Shipping, Freight, Aviation, Texting, Air Cargo, Cargo, Chartering, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  6. Arterial Blood GasMedical, Nursing, Cardiology, Respiratory, Chemistry
  7. Alcoholic AnonymousMedical, Meeting, Program, Alcoholic, Group
  8. Assistant AdministratorsBusiness
  9. Accreditations & AffiliationsProgram, College, Education
  10. Automobile AssociationBusiness, Technology, America, Internet Slang, American, Chat
  11. ArteriesThe channels through which fluid flows away from the heart.Medical, Health, Body, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  12. Academic AllianceMicrosoft, Technology, Development
  13. American ArchaeologyMedia, Radio, Television
  14. Atom Ant
  15. Administrative AssistantsBusiness, Employment, Office, Occupation & positions
  16. Antiquities Authority
  17. AlcoóLicos AnónimosPara, Dos, Ria
  18. Accounting AssistantBusiness, Science, Education, Occupation & positions
  19. Alpe-Adria
  20. Acquisition ActivitiesBusiness, Management, Military
  21. AfarTechnology, Information Technology, Language Codes
  22. All-Star Awards
  23. Asp Is An
  24. Anaheim AngelsBaseball, League, Team, Angel
  25. Auricular AcupunctureMedical, Medicine, Treatment, Acupuncture
  26. Arachidonic AcidArachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. It is the counterpart to the saturated arachidic acid found in peanut oil.Medical, Science, Cell, Chemistry, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  27. Above AverageBusiness, Bond, Rate, Rating
  28. Alternatives AnalysisTechnology, Transit, Alternative
  29. At Attention
  30. Acupuncture AnalgesiaMedical, Medicine, Body, Bone
  31. Anodized AluminumBusiness, Flashlight, Product
  32. Afro-Asian
  33. Arizona Area
  34. Associate of ArtsAcademic Degree, Technology, Graduation, Medical, Nursing, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  35. Assigned Area
  36. Anthranilic AcidMedical, Biomedical
  37. Automobile AccidentMedical, Health, Body, Common Medical
  38. Army Aviation
  39. Academic Activities
  40. American Anorexia
  41. Atocha Aliseda
  42. Administrative Assistance
  43. Antioxidant ActivityMedical, Science, Property
  44. AlcohóLicos AnónimosAlcoholic, Con, Locations
  45. Amino AcidsAmino acids are biologically important organic compounds composed of amine (-NH2) and carboxylic acid (-COOH) functional groups, along with a side-chain specific to each amino acid. The key elements of an amino acid are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, though other elements are found in the side-chains of certain amino acids.Medical, Chemistry, Nutrition, American Chemical Society, Cas
  46. Alma Ata
  47. Acquisition AgentTechnology
  48. Aesop Agatha
  49. All-AmericanTechnology, America, Sport, Community
  50. Ask AboutBusiness, Forum, Service, Texting, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  51. AnaemiaAnemia is a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood or a lowered ability of the blood to carry oxygen.Medical, Unclassified
  52. Auld AllianceHotel, Locations, Restaurant, Scot
  53. Adrenal AndrogensMedical
  54. Arachadonic AcidMedical
  55. Area Assembly
  56. Alternative Arrangements
  57. Activity Agreement
  58. Annie'S Attic
  59. African AmericansMedical, Science, Africa
  60. Arithmetical AverageTechnology, Science, Roughness
  61. Assetization for Asset
  62. Automatic AssociatorMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  63. Arbor AcresMedical, Business, Broiler
  64. Academic AchievementStudent, Education, School
  65. American AncestryScience, Government, Knowledge
  66. Atlanto-AxialMedical, Medicine, Joint
  67. Administrative ApprovalBusiness
  68. Antimicrob Agents
  69. Aircraft Accident
  70. Army ActGovernment, Military, War
  71. Achievement Award
  72. Aegis AshoreMissile, Military, Defense
  73. Articles of AssociationThe document which lists the regulations which govern the running of a company, setting out the rights and duties of directors and stockholders, individually and in meetings.Business, Company, Government, Law, Memorandum
  74. Anadolu Ajansı'NdaSon, Yap, Ilk
  75. Audio Authority
  76. Adrenal AdenomaMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  77. Arab-American
  78. Alkaline AdapterTechnology, Vision, Gen, Binocular
  79. Anti-AircraftGun, Missile, Military, Army, Texting, Navy, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  80. Alternative Approach
  81. Activities Association
  82. Ann Arbor RailroadTechnology, Local Railroad, Organizations, Railroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  83. African-AmericansMedical, America, Africa
  84. Aristolochic AcidsMedical
  85. Asset AllocationBusiness, Investment, Portfolio
  86. Automatic Air-AssistedBusiness, Gun, Spray
  87. Arbitration Act
  88. Abuse Accredited
  89. American AirlineBusiness, America, Flight, Aviation, United States, Governmental & Military
  90. Athletic AssociationSport, Organizations, School
  91. Administrative ArrangementTechnology, Australia, Government
  92. Anti AliasingTechnology, Gaming, Filter
  93. Airborne AssaultTechnology, Gaming, Military
  94. Arms AlchemyAnime, Episode, Manga
  95. AcetylacetoneMedical, Technology, Science
  96. Advices of AllowanceScience
  97. Arthur AndersonBusiness, Accounting, Management
  98. Anadolu AjansıNıNSon, Yap, Bas
  99. Audio Archives
  100. Adoption Agency
  101. Aquariums Ada
  102. Alias AmelBusiness, Photo, Model
  103. Anne ArundelCounty, Locations, Maryland
  104. Alternate Approach
  105. Action AdventureTechnology, Gaming, Movie
  106. Annapolis Area
  107. Afferent ArteriolesMedical
  108. Aristolochic AcidMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  109. Assets AccountingBusiness, Configuration, Financial
  110. Analog Alarm
  111. Automated Advanced
  112. ArachidonicMedical
  113. Abstract Available
  114. American AirAirline, America, American
  115. AthleticaMedical
  116. Administrative AuthorityTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  117. Anonyma AlkoholisterMedical, Alcoholic, Som, Har
  118. Airborne Army
  119. Armored AmbulanceMilitary, Vehicle, Model
  120. AcetaminophenA nonaspirin pain reliever or analgesic. Acetaminophen may be given alone to relieve pain and inflammation or it may be combined with other drugs, as in some migraine medications, which contain acetaminophen, a barbiturate, and caffeine.Medical, Medicine, Therapy, British medicine
  121. Ave Anchorage
  122. Arthur AndersenBusiness, Company, Accounting, Firm
  123. Accelerated AgingA test performed on material or cable meant to duplicate long time environmental conditions in a relatively short space of time.
  124. Anadolu AgencyAnadolu Agency is the official news agency of the Republic of Turkey. It was founded in Ankara on April 6, 1920 by Halide Edip Adıvar and Yunus Nadi, with the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in order to announce the news about the Turkish War of Independence.Technology, Turkey, Turkish
  125. AtresiaAtresia is a condition in which an orifice or passage in the body is closed or absent.Medical
  126. Adobe Acrobat
  127. Appropriate Action
  128. Alcooliques Anonymes
  129. Anadolu AjansıSon, Ankara, Ilk
  130. Alright AlreadyInternet Slang
  131. ActinomycetemcomitansMedical
  132. Ankara AtatüRkSon, Ankara, Tan
  133. Afferent ArterioleMedical
  134. Asset AccountingBusiness, Configuration, Financial, Computing, SAP
  135. AnalgesiaAn analgesic or painkiller is any member of the group of drugs used to achieve analgesia, relief from pain.Medical
  136. Auto AttendantBusiness, Calling, Voice
  137. Arachidonate Derived from linoleate, a 20:4 fatty acid that is a major precursor to several classes of signal molecules, including prostaglandins.Medical
  138. Absolutely Amazing
  139. AluminaAluminum oxide occasionally found as an impurity in water in very small amounts. Or An oxide of aluminum. Or Aluminum oxide produced fron bauxite by a complicated chemical process. It is a material that looks like granulated sugar. Alumina is an intermediate step in the production of aluminum from bauxite, and is also a valuable chemical on its own.Medical, Technology, Science, Legal, Governmental & Military
  140. Atheists and AgnosticsAlcoholic, Group, Organizations
  141. Ad ActaBusiness, Records, English
  142. Anon ArtBook, Anon, Recovery
  143. Air AssistedGun, Technology, Spray
  144. Armed AssaultGovernment, Law, Legal
  145. Associate AdministratorScience, Management, Space, NASA, Governmental & Military
  146. Accurate Armour
  147. Air-To-AirBetween one airborne aircraft and another.Technology, Missile, Military, Aircraft, Heat, Aviation, NASA, Governmental & Military, Flight, Aerodynamics, Scientific & Educational
  148. Ava AlvaresPorn, Sex, Tube
  149. ArteriolarMedical
  150. Academy AwardFilm, Technology, Movie, Media
  151. Amyloid A ProteinMedical
  152. Atomic-AbsorptionTechnology, Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer
  153. Admissions Academics
  154. Anuj Adhiya
  155. Alcolisti AnonimiMedical, Meeting, Alcoholic, Group
  156. American Apparel
  157. Alpha AlphaBusiness, Industrial, Phi
  158. Acta AstronomicaTechnology, Education, Astronomy, Journal, Star, Bibliographic Code, Periodical
  159. Anglo-Arabian
  160. Affected Areas
  161. All Advantage
  162. Assassination Attempt
  163. Anal AtresiaMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  164. Aust Agder
  165. Arachidonic AcidsMedical
  166. Absolute AlcoholAbsolute alcohol is a common name for the chemical compound ethanol. Ethanol is a colorless liquid with molecular formula C2H2OH. It is the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages.Medical, Science, Sale
  167. Alto Alegre
  168. Atheism and Addiction
  169. Acute AbdomenMedical, Medicine, Abdominal, Abdomen
  170. Anon, AlateenAlcoholic, Anon, Organizations
  171. Air ArmsGun, Rifle, Air
  172. Arkham AsylumTechnology, Gaming, Batman
  173. Action Alert
  174. Apollo Artline
  175. Administrator Academy
  176. Arresting Agency
  177. Air-To-Air Missile NumberElectronic, Radar, Warfare
  178. Alleged Assault
  179. Augustiniani AssumptionisEcclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  180. Accountable ActivityDriving, Essay, Custom
  181. Actual Arrival
  182. Arboriculture Australia
  183. Advanced AnalyticsBusiness, Technology, Management
  184. Airsoft Accessories
  185. Alternaria Alternata
  186. About Alcoholism
  187. An Anmazing
  188. AcetateAcetate ion (CH3COO-,C2H3O2 -) an ion formed by removing the acidic hydrogen from acetic acid or a fiber made from cellulose acetate.Medical, British medicine, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  189. Adipic AcidMedical, Business, Chemistry, Food Additives, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  190. Area AttackGaming, Military, Guide
  191. Aerotek Aviation
  192. Alateen Al-AnonAlcoholic, Group, Organizations
  193. Aluminum AssociationBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  194. Academy of AphasiaScience, Academy, Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  195. Aleksandr Arzamasov
  196. Arnold Arboretum
  197. American Advantage
  198. Acceptance AgentBusiness, Service, Passport
  199. Anon and AlateenMeeting, Alcoholic, Organizations
  200. Ara CMedical, Technology
  201. Air AttackGaming, Military, Army
  202. Alliteration and AssonanceLiterature, Language, Linguistics, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  203. Aardman AnimationsBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  204. An AgencyBusiness, Insurance, Travel, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  205. Accounts Administrator
  206. Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryGun, Military, Army, Engineering
  207. Africa Alive
  208. Alcohol-AcceptingMedical
  209. Administration Assistant
  210. Alternative Algorithm
  211. Absorcion Atomica
  212. Ancient Artifact
  213. Apartheid Again
  214. African AffairsGovernment, Organizations, Africa, Us, Report, African
  215. Andrology Australia
  216. Active ArchiveTechnology, Drive, Storage
  217. Application AssistantTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  218. Adoption Agreement
  219. Air AdviserGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  220. Accountant Anywhere
  221. Anonymous Amateurs
  222. Adaptation Au
  223. Arch1.A curved or pointed structural element that is supported at its sides.2.a method of spaning an opening, stronger than a lintel. Usually a curved or pointed structural member, however there are many different types.3.A rounded element that spans an opening is called an arch. A basic element of construction, arches apear in all types of achitecture. Arches can be decorative or structural.
  224. Advantage Agreement
  225. Akkus, Allerdings
  226. Acquired AttributesService, Military, Shibboleth, Assembly, Business & Finance
  227. AntiarrythmicMedical, Heart, Cardiology
  228. Adjuvant ArthritisMedical, Cell, Rats, Bone
  229. Armadillo Aerospace
  230. Age Allowance
  231. All Americans
  232. Atletieke Associatie
  233. AmnesiaAmnesia, also known as amnesic syndrome, is a deficit in memory caused by brain damage, disease, or psychological trauma. Amnesia can also be caused temporarily by the use of various sedatives and hypnotic drugs. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the extent of damage that was caused.Medical
  234. Access AcceptTechnology, Server, Networking
  235. Activity Awareness
  236. Adyar Archive
  237. Airbus A321Airline, Business, America, American
  238. Alopecia Areate
  239. Able and Ambitious
  240. Analyst Architect
  241. Accredited Agency
  242. Anti-AnoxicMedical
  243. Aerie By American
  244. Al AlloyTechnology
  245. Alan AlexanderBook, Biography, Poem, Famous
  246. Altruistic ActionBusiness, Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Medical
  247. Academic Adviser
  248. Andarachidonic AcidMedical, Chemistry, Biomedical, Scientific & Educational
  249. Acrylonitrile and AcrylamideMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  250. Anonymous Area
  251. AlüMinyum AlaşıMıNdaYap, Ala, Metal
  252. Angular AccelerationAngular acceleration, also called rotational acceleration, is a quantitative expression of the change in angular velocity that a spinning object undergoes per unit time. It is a vector quantity, consisting of a magnitude component and either of two defined directions or senses.Physics, Scientific & Educational
  253. Active Assisted
  254. Aquaculture Association
  255. Adult Adoption
  256. Alternative ArmiesHobbies
  257. Aa1 Aa2
  258. Amyloidosis-Associated
  259. Another Ah
  260. Additional AttributesMilitary
  261. Architecture AnalysisTechnology, Design, Software
  262. Always AwfulAirline, Business, Technology, Gaming
  263. An AutoBusiness, Insurance, Car
  264. Anxious Active
  265. Administrative AgencyEmployment, Government, Law
  266. Army Adjutant
  267. Apollo Applications
  268. Administrative Appeals
  269. Arrest Authority
  270. Air-Assisted Airless
  271. All Audiences
  272. Aufklärungs-AbteilungMilitary, Division, Regiment, Panzer
  273. Accountable/Activity AreaScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment
  274. Actual AmountsBusiness, Insurance, Cost
  275. Arboriculture Association
  276. Advanced AnalysisBusiness, Design, Tool
  277. Airship Association
  278. Altered AttitudesMedical, Alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous
  279. Abort Acknowledge
  280. An AnalysisTechnology, Program, Alcoholic
  281. AcetanilideMedical
  282. Adios AmigoInternet Slang, Chat, Online, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  283. Arctic AmplificationClimate, Weather, Warming
  284. Aerostar Aspire
  285. Alaska In Alaska
  286. Alternative Addiction
  287. Aluminum American
  288. Academy of Anesthesiology
  289. Acta Asiatica
  290. Aleksandr Afanas'Ev
  291. Apostolou Associates
  292. American Accent
  293. Acceptance Advice
  294. Anon, and AlateenMeeting, Alcoholic, Anon, Organizations
  295. Arabic Ad
  296. Alabama, Alcoholics
  297. Allison Anderson
  298. Aa Or AaCoding, Genetics, Cheat
  299. An Acronym
  300. Anti Aircrafts
  301. Alcoh
  302. Administrative AssistantBusiness, Office, Letter
  303. Alternative Assurance
  304. Absolyte Action
  305. Ancient ArtsDevelopment, Learning, Study, Universities
  306. Apakah AmelPhoto, Hotel, Movie
  307. Administrative Approvals
  308. African Adventure
  309. Android Auto
  310. Active ApplicationsTechnology, Windows, Management, Device
  311. Applicant AssistanceMedical, Program, Organizations
  312. Adoption Act
  313. Air Adjutant
  314. Accountant AdministratieconsulentBusiness, Accountancy, Door
  315. Anonymous AccessTechnology, Insurance, Car
  316. Adam and AdamBusiness, Prophet, Man, Peace
  317. Arcane ArmorGaming, Guide, Armor, Skill
  318. Advantage AfterForum, Gaming, Play, Advantage
  319. Akkreditierung Austria
  320. Acoustic Array
  321. AntiarrhythmicMedical
  322. Adjuvant Induced ArthritisMedical
  323. Argus Archives
  324. Affiliate Assembly
  325. AcadéMie D'Alsace
  326. Age Advancement
  327. Alko AlcoholMedical, Ethanol, Rats
  328. Atividades Analgésica
  329. Ammunition Area
  330. Acceso AbiertoScience, Para, Access
  331. Anon Al-Anon
  332. Activity Areas
  333. Advogados Associados
  334. Airbus A319Airline, Technology, America
  335. AlopeciaAlopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Hair loss may occur naturally or it may be related to disease or the use of certain medications. Symptoms of alopecia vary depending on the cause of the condition and range from a small bald patch to a complete loss of all body hair.Medical
  336. Abbreviated AnalysisBusiness, Military, Product, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  337. Analysis of AlternativesTechnology, Management, Alternative, Cybersecurity, Computer Security, Splicing, General, Governmental & Military, Integrated Ocean Observing System
  338. Accrediting AuthoritySynonymous with Designated Accrediting Authority (DAA).Security, Education, Accreditation
  339. Anti-Aliasing Antialiasing
  340. Aerial Assault
  341. Al Adawi
  342. Alabama Alcoholics
  343. Altre Attivit
  344. Academic AdvisementStudent, College, Education
  345. AndalucíA Aragón
  346. Acrylic Amide
  347. Alzheimer'S AustraliaMedical, Australia, Alzheimer
  348. Angie Anderson
  349. Active Assist
  350. Aquaculture Authority
  351. Adult AdopteeMedical, Adoption, Family
  352. Alternative AssumptionGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  353. Aa1, Aa2Technology, Coding, Math, Sort
  354. Amyloidosis, AnMedical, Disease, Health
  355. Another Africa
  356. Additional Assessment
  357. Architectural Analysis
  358. Aktenvernichter Aus
  359. Always AvailableMedical, Business, Alcoholics Anonymous
  360. Android Apps
  361. Acquisition AssistanceBusiness, Management, Service
  362. Antichità Altoadriatiche
  363. Administrative AgentBusiness, Management, Service
  364. Army AchievementMilitary, Education, Medal
  365. Annales Aequatoria
  366. Administration & Applied
  367. Array Arguments
  368. Agreement On AgricultureBusiness, Trading, Brazil
  369. All AttributesTechnology, Gaming, Coding, Class
  370. Aufkl
  371. Amour AngelsTechnology, Girl, Nude
  372. Accessibility Agenda
  373. Actual Adjustment
  374. Arboricultural AssociationOrganizations, Tree, Surgeon
  375. Advanced Ammo
  376. Allyl AlcoholMedical, Biomedical
  377. Airservices AustraliaAirline, Australia, Service, Military, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Aviation, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  378. Altered AssemblyTechnology, Motherboard, Computing
  379. Abort Accept
  380. Analyzed AreaPresentation, Researching, Cornea
  381. AcetamidoMedical
  382. Adictos Al
  383. Arctic Alaska
  384. Aerostaff Australia
  385. Alaska Aleutian
  386. Alternatif AkıMYap, Tan, Sin
  387. Aluminum Al-Anon
  388. Academy of Agriculture
  389. Acta Arithmetica
  390. Alcoholics AnnonymousMedical, Meeting, Alcohol
  391. Antimycobacterial Activity
  392. Amazoness Archers
  393. Acceptable AlternativeTechnology
  394. Anon, and Adult
  395. Arab Association
  396. Am3 Alkaline
  397. Al-Asmari
  398. All In Accord
  399. Aalen Achtung
  400. Amyloid Protein AMedical, Technology
  401. Anterior Adductor
  402. Architecture, Art
  403. Addicts AnonymousInternet Slang, Recovery, Sex, Organizations, Love
  404. Alternative Agriculture
  405. Absolutely AwfulGaming, Frost, Hacking
  406. Ancient Art
  407. Aortic ArchThe second section of the aorta following the ascending aorta. As it continues from the heart, it gives off the brachiocephalic trunk, and the left common carotid and subclavian arteries. The brachiocephalic trunk splits to form the right subclavian and the right common carotid arteries, which supply blood to the right arm and the right side of the neck and head.Medical, Vascular, Artery, Healthcare
  408. Administration Agreement
  409. African AmericanAn American of black African descent. The term may also be written with a hyphen as African-American. The term entered into usage largely starting in 1988, when the Rev. Jesse Jackson held a news conference to urge Americans to use it to refer to blacks. African American has largely supplanted black in health matters.Medical, Business, Education, Organizations, Africa, Coca-Cola System
  410. Android AuthorityTechnology, Galaxy, Money
  411. Action AreasBusiness, Kolkata, Touch
  412. Applicant Attorney
  413. Adopted Adult
  414. Arrival Application
  415. Air AcidificationTechnology, Battery, Environment
  416. Account AllocationBusiness, Accounting, Service
  417. Anonyme Alkoholiker
  418. Adam AirAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  419. Arcane ArcherGaming, Class, Cheat, Archer
  420. Advantage AccountAirline, Business, America
  421. Akimbo Assassins
  422. Avenues of Approach
  423. Alternate AddressingTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  424. Acoustic Amplifier
  425. Apollo AllianceBusiness, America, Energy
  426. Adjuvant-Induced ArthriticMedical
  427. Argument Analysis
  428. Affiches, Annonces
  429. Albany AcademyEducation, School, High School, New York
  430. Acad
  431. Age AdditionCorparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  432. Algorithmic ArchitectureTechnology, Military, Design
  433. Articulated Agreements
  434. Ammonium Acetate
  435. Acceptance AuthorityGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  436. Anon Abortion
  437. Airborne Assassins
  438. Alongside Aa
  439. Abbingdon AffiliatesCeiling, Wall, Tin
  440. Anal AneurysmMedical, Physiology
  441. Accrediting AuthoritiesTechnology
  442. Anti-Aliasing Anti-Aliasing
  443. Aerial Applications
  444. Alabanza AdoraciónPara, Music, Song
  445. Aktiengesellschaft Allgemeine
  446. Altre Attività
  447. Academic AdvisingStudent, College, Education
  448. Andaluc
  449. Acrylic Acid-2-HydroxypropylBusiness, Copolymer, Acrylate
  450. Alzheimer Association
  451. Angewandte Automation
  452. Active AssistiveMedical, Health, Body
  453. Aqua Allegoria
  454. Adult Acting
  455. Aa, and Aa
  456. Amyloid AssociatedMedical, Disease, Presentation
  457. Another AcronymBusiness, Technology, Internet Slang
  458. Additional AppointeeArmy, Force, Marine
  459. Architectural Acoustics建筑声学
  460. Adventurers AnonymousMedical, Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous
  461. Akron Areos
  462. Android App
  463. Acquisition Aiding
  464. Antibody ArrayMedical, Protein, Cell
  465. Administrative Account
  466. Arms of America
  467. Administrative AgenciesOrganizations, Water Supply, Water, East
  468. Array Area
  469. Aggancio Automatico
  470. All Armor
  471. Audiology Assistant
  472. Amount AuthorizedBusiness, Accounting, Law
  473. Accessed August
  474. Acts of The ApostlesBook, Education, Apostle, Bible
  475. ArchäOlogischer Anzeiger
  476. Advanced AmigaTechnology, Commodore, Computing
  477. Airports Authority
  478. Alterations and AdditionsTechnology, Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  479. Aboriginal Affairs
  480. Analytical Applications
  481. AcetaldehydeOops, I should have used the systematic name, ethanal! This is a good example of a case where the IUPAC system may be logical, but can easily engender no end of confusion.Medical, Medicine, British medicine, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  482. Adiabatic Approximation
  483. Arctic AirAtmospheric air that has come directly from north polar regions and arrives, eventually, as maritime polar air
  484. Aerospace Auditor
  485. Alaska AirlinesAirline, Business, Flight, Aviation, Travel, Alaska, Airline Code, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  486. Alopecia AreataMedical, Science, Hair, Biomedical, Bioscience, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  487. Aluminium AssociationTechnology, Association, Alloy, Organization, Business & Finance
  488. Academy of ActionEducation, Driving, School, Driver
  489. Acta ArchaeologicaStudy, Archaeology, Archeology, History, Anthropology, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  490. Alcoholism and Alcoholics
  491. Anti AircraftGun, Military, War
  492. Amazon Anaconda
  493. Acceptable ActionForum, Technology, Science, Control
  494. Anon AlateenMeeting, Alcoholic, Organizations
  495. Aquino, Aristides
  496. Advance AgreementBusiness, Management, Contract
  497. AlüMinyum AlaşıMıYap, Ala, Land
  498. Allied ArtsEducation, Architecture, School
  499. Aakash AntheDevelopment, Learning, Study
  500. Amyloidosis In AnimalsMedical, Disease, Amyloid, Systemic
  501. Antenna ArraysTechnology, Channel, Element
  502. Architecture AsiaAsia, Locations, Supply
  503. Adaptation of The AdultMedical, Anime, Study
  504. Alternative Aid
  505. Absolutely Alright
  506. Anchorage Anchorage
  507. Aortic AneurysmMedical, Abdominal, Aorta
  508. Administrative Area
  509. Army Apache
  510. African-AmericanInternet Slang, Education, Africa, Medical, Community, Physiology
  511. Action Appraisal
  512. Applicant'S Attorney
  513. Adolfo Acosta
  514. Arrival Angl
  515. Air AbrasionManufacturing, Business & Finance
  516. Accounting Administrative
  517. Anonyme AlkoholikereMeeting, Alcoholic, Group, Organizations
  518. Adam'S Army
  519. Arcane Adversaries
  520. Advances In AnthropologyScience, Asia, Face
  521. Akiachak Alaska
  522. Avenue of ApproachMilitary, Army, Locations
  523. Alternate Access
  524. Acknowledge AcceptanceMedical, Medicine, Alcoholics Anonymous
  525. Apocrine AdenosisMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  526. Adjudicating AuthorityBusiness, Tax, Excise
  527. Are Announced
  528. Afar Language
  529. Albanian Alternative
  530. Acadia Axemen
  531. African Association
  532. Algorithm Analysis
  533. Arthur Anselm
  534. Ammonia Avenue
  535. Acceptance and ActionMedical, Treatment, Health, General, Governmental & Military
  536. Anon
  537. Airborne AntennaMilitary
  538. Allocation D'Adoption
  539. Abbey Amazon
  540. Anak Ayam
  541. Accreditation AuthorityTechnology, Service, Military
  542. Anti-AliasingAn anti-aliasing filter is used before A/D conversion. It is a lowpass filter that removes signal components above the Nyquist frequency, thereby eliminating their sampled replicas (aliases) in the baseband.Technology, Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Electronics, IT Terminology
  543. Aerial Ace
  544. Alabama AlaskaMeeting, Business, Alcoholic
  545. Airline Alliance
  546. Altoona Area
  547. Absorção AtóMica
  548. Ancient of AncientsOrganization, Union, Institution, Community
  549. Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-MethylpropaneBusiness, Copolymer, China
  550. Angelus AcademyDevelopment, Learning, Study
  551. Active ArmyMilitary, Army Regulation
  552. Approval Action
  553. Adult AccompanimentFilm, Movie, Rating, Music
  554. Amyloid ArthropathyAmino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  555. Anorexics Anonymous
  556. Additional Action
  557. Architecture Associate
  558. Adventure Automatic
  559. Akron Again
  560. Androgen Assessment
  561. Acquisition Account
  562. Antibiotic-Antimycotic
  563. Administrative Assist
  564. Arms Ap9Gun, Military, Firearm, Maryland
  565. Advanced AgreementBusiness, Management, Ukraine
  566. Arquivo Do Autor
  567. Agents AssociationBusiness, Company, Travel
  568. All Appliance
  569. Aubrey Addams
  570. Amos & Andy
  571. Access Authorizations
  572. Actress Again
  573. Archway AcademyEducation
  574. Advanced Amateur
  575. Aircraft Alloy
  576. AlterationsMedical, Ordnance Survey
  577. Abonnés Absents
  578. Analytical ApplicationChemistry, Technology, Science
  579. Accredited In Accountancy
  580. Adherence the act, action, or quality of zinc bonding to steel, measured in pounds per square inch (psi) or mega pascals (MPa)Medicine, Health, Care
  581. ArchäOlogische AnzeigerInstitute, Archaeology, Greek
  582. Aerospace Auditors
  583. Alaska Adventure
  584. Allen Approached
  585. Aluminum AlloyAluminium alloy are alloys in which aluminium is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. There are two principal classifications, namely casting alloys and wrought alloys, both of which are further subdivided into the categories heat-treatable and non heat-treatable. About 85% of aluminium is used for wrought products, for example rolled plate, foils and extrusions.Product, Alloy, Property
  586. Academy Awards
  587. Acta Antiqua
  588. Alcohol and Alcoholism
  589. Anti-Inflammatory Activity
  590. Amazon American
  591. Anon, & Alateen
  592. Aquele AbracoRegional
  593. Adult Application
  594. Astronomy and AstrophysicsScience, Education, Literature, Space, Astronomy, Journal, Periodical, Astrophysics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  595. Allied Artists
  596. Aachen Aachen
  597. Amyloidosis Am
  598. Antenna AnalyzersTechnology, Rig, Expert
  599. Addition of Anti
  600. Architecture Annex
  601. Activity and Analysis
  602. Alternative Arrangement
  603. Absolute AssemblerTechnology, Program, Coding
  604. Anchor AcademyEducation, School, High School, Florida
  605. Aortic AmplitudeMedical, Health, Body
  606. Administrative Adviser
  607. Army AntsGaming, Theory, Ant
  608. Action AngleRod, Weight, Fly, Angle
  609. Apostolicam Actuositatum
  610. Adobe Analytics
  611. Arrhythmia Associates
  612. Air3 AgileBusiness, Vacuum, Cleaner, Upright
  613. Alleluia Aotearoa
  614. Account Administrators
  615. Anti ApostleBook, Catholic, Church, Religion
  616. Adalah AmelPhoto, Indonesia, Jakarta
  617. Arc AbsoluteTechnology, Command, Language, Graphics
  618. Advances In AlgebraBook, Education, Mathematics
  619. Akhtar Amin
  620. Alternate Acceptor
  621. Abraknyde Ancestrale
  622. Ack AckMilitary, Aircraft, War
  623. Apocalypse Alliance
  624. Adjoint AdministratifTechnology, Service, France
  625. Area AuthorityThe custodian of the Permit To Work procedure. The AA is responsible for the review, maintenance of documents, assignment, and communication of work responsibilities.
  626. Afar Afar
  627. Albania Armenia
  628. America'S Army
  629. Acadia Accent
  630. African Arts
  631. Alerting AuthorityMilitary
  632. Arresten Arbitragehof
  633. Ammo Airsoft
  634. Acceptance Angle
  635. Anon Or AlateenMedical, Meeting, Group
  636. Airborne Alert
  637. Allocation AreaTechnology, Internet Slang, Networking
  638. Abbdalstar Abdo
  639. Anak Asuh
  640. Accreditation Accreditation
  641. Anti-Aircraft Or Army
  642. Aea Afa
  643. Alcohol Alkoxylates
  644. Aircraft Artificer
  645. Alternative Alcoholic
  646. Absorption AreaTechnology, Product, Component
  647. Ancient AstronautsMusic, Feat, Remix, Astronaut
  648. Ape AllianceTechnology, Organizations
  649. Angels & Airwaves
  650. Activity AreaTechnology, Science, Planning, Atmospheric Research
  651. Applied AnalyticsBusiness, Technology, University
  652. Adult Abuse
  653. Air Alaska
  654. An AuthorityMedical, Book, Recovery
  655. Account AssignmentBusiness, Accounting, Asset
  656. AnorexiaAn eating disorder characterized by markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food. Anorexia is a serious psychological disorder. It is a condition that goes well beyond out-of-control dieting. The person with anorexia, most often a girl or young woman, initially begins dieting to lose weight. Over time, the weight loss becomes a sign of mastery and control.Medical, Physiology
  657. Additional ActivitiesTechnology, Gaming, Activity
  658. Architectural AssociationTechnology, School, Construction
  659. Advent AcademyEducation
  660. Akron AerosBaseball, Education, League
  661. Andrews AcademyEducation, School, Locations, Michigan
  662. Acquisition AgreementTechnology
  663. Anti AéRea
  664. Adler-Adler
  665. Arms American
  666. Advanced Aged
  667. Arquitectos AsociadosDesign, Architecture, Locations, Architect
  668. Agencia Anadolu
  669. All AnimalsTechnology, Music, Song
  670. Attendants At American
  671. Amorous Adventures
  672. Access Authority
  673. Actor Architecture
  674. Archmere AcademyEducation, School, High School, Delaware
  675. Advanced AlloyBusiness, Product, Helicopter, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  676. Aircraft AddressA unique combination of 24 bits available for assignment to an aircraft for the purpose of air-ground communications, navigation and surveillance.Technology, Aircraft, Avionic
  677. Alter Aeon
  678. Abnormal MetaphasesMedical
  679. Analytical AccountingBusiness, Microsoft, Dynamics
  680. Accredited Assessor
  681. Adeptus Astartes
  682. Aero Aircraft
  683. Alaska Administrative
  684. Alibris Alibris
  685. Aluminium AlloyBusiness, Aluminum, Corrosion
  686. Academic AffairsTechnology, Science, Education, Medical, Common Medical, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  687. Acta Anaesthesiol
  688. Anti-Allergen
  689. Amazon Alliance
  690. Ann Allergy
  691. Active AuthenticationTechnology, Security, Passport
  692. Aquatic Academy
  693. Adult AmateurPorn, Sex, Amateur
  694. Allied AffairsMilitary, Army, War
  695. Aaa To Aa3Business, Bond, Insurance, Margin
  696. Amyloidosis and Acute
  697. Antenna Amplifier
  698. Additional AuthorsMedical, Research, Library
  699. Architecture D'Aujourd'HuiFrance, Architecture, Magazine, Issue
  700. Acederm Adaptil
  701. Alzheimer'S AssociationMedical, Medicine, Association
  702. Absolute Arrhythmie
  703. Anchimeric AssistanceThe participation by a neighboring group in the rate-determining step of a reaction, most often encountered in reactions of carbocation intermediates. Also known as neighboring-group participation.
  704. Anxious ArousalMedical, Symptom, Trauma, Anxiety
  705. Administrative AdvisorCompany, Technology, Genetics, Cacao
  706. Army Anti-Aircraft
  707. Action AllianceGovernment, Group, Party, Politics, Governmental & Military
  708. Apostolicam Actuositatem
  709. Admiral AckbarTechnology, War, Star
  710. Arrhythmia AllianceMedical, Heart, Atrial
  711. Air-To-Air Or Anti-AircraftElectronic, Radar, Warfare
  712. Allegiant AirIata Aircraft Codes
  713. Accountable Actions
  714. Anti Americanism
  715. Actual Audits
  716. ArborizationMedicine, Health, Care
  717. Advancement Act
  718. Airsoft Ammo
  719. Alternate AbilitiesGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  720. Above Address
  721. Anaphase AberrationMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  722. AcetazolamideMedical
  723. Apnea AcademyEducation, Diving, Course
  724. Adjacent Area
  725. Area Attractions
  726. Aetherian ArchiveMilitary, Elder, Scroll
  727. Al Attles
  728. Always Afloat-Daima
  729. Academy of AthensScience, Education, Greece
  730. Alert Areas
  731. Arnold Asking
  732. American AtheistAmerica, Government, Religion
  733. Acceptance AgentsBusiness, Service, Passport
  734. Anon, Or AlateenMedical, Anon, Family
  735. Airborne AcousticTechnology, Club, Portion, Iron
  736. Allocation AdviceUs, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  737. Abastecimento De água
  738. Anak Angkat
  739. Accounts AssistantBusiness, Accounting, Career
  740. Anti-Aircraft Or Army ActMilitary, Army, India
  741. Africa Analysis
  742. Alcohol AbuseMedical, Alcoholic, Treatment
  743. Advance AuthorizationBusiness, Credit, Service, Export, Import
  744. Alternative Art
  745. Absor
  746. Ancient AstrologyScience, Book, History
  747. Apartments Associates
  748. African Ancestry
  749. Andvt AirtermMilitary
  750. Active AreaTechnology, Device, Gate
  751. Application Analytics
  752. AdsıZ AlkoliklerAds, Tan, Antalya
  753. Air Advisor
  754. An Attempt
  755. Accountants Act
  756. AnonüüMsed AlkohoolikudAlcoholic, Alcohol, Olla
  757. Addictions AnonymousMedical, Recovery, Organizations
  758. Archaeologischer Anzeiger
  759. Advantage AmericanBusiness
  760. Akkus, AuchTechnology, Battery, Power, Sind
  761. Acquisition Advisors
  762. Antiarrhythmic AgentMedicine, Health, Care
  763. Adler'S Appetite
  764. Arms Adams
  765. Agence AnadoluSon, Agency, Langue
  766. All Anchorage
  767. Attendance and Abstinence
  768. Amo Ana
  769. Access AuthorisationTechnology, Management, Authorization
  770. Actor ActionMovie, Award, Acting
  771. Archiwum Archidiecezjalne
  772. Advanced Airway
  773. Airbus A321Neo
  774. Alp AslandoganLen, Turkey, Movement
  775. Abnormal AbdomenMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  776. Analytical Abstracts
  777. Accredited AppraiserBusiness, Building, Appraisal, Occupation & positions
  778. Anti-A
  779. AdenoacanthomasMedical
  780. Aero-Ass
  781. Alan Anderson
  782. Alexians Assumptionists
  783. Aluminium AlProduct, Alloy, Aluminium, Lamp
  784. Academic AdvisorCollege, Education, University
  785. Andecha AsturGovernment, Spain, Election
  786. Acta Aleksandra
  787. Ante AuditaLatin, Roman
  788. AlüMinyum AlaşıMıNıNTechnology, Yap, Ala, Kat
  789. Angular Aperture
  790. Active Assistant
  791. Aquarium Aqua
  792. Adult AlternativeMusic, Alternative, Radio
  793. Allied-Signal Aerospace
  794. Aaa, Aa1
  795. Amyloidosis AssociatedMedical, Patient, Disease, Amyloid
  796. Ante AmalapuramMovie, Music, Song, Ante
  797. Additional Author
  798. Architecture & AnalysisTechnology, Security, Power
  799. Acadiana Area
  800. Alyssa Allen
  801. Absolute Arc
  802. Ancestral AlleleCalling, Genetics, Population, Allele
  803. Anxious ApeTechnology, Gaming, Island, Escape
  804. Administrative AmendmentBusiness, Government, Heater
  805. Army AlphaMilitary, Paintball, Psychology, Tes
  806. All AuthorsTechnology, Windows, Book, Journal
  807. Arise AcademyOhio
  808. Amplitud De Acomodación
  809. Anonimowi Alkoholicy
  810. Andre Agassi
  811. Ascorbic AcidAscorbic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties. It is a white solid, but impure samples can appear yellowish. It dissolves well in water to give mildly acidic solutions. Ascorbic acid is one form ("vitamer") of vitamin C. It was originally called L-hexuronic acid.Medical, Medicine, Health, Chemistry, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine, Common Medical, Amino Acid
  812. Amino AcrylateChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  813. Anti-Burning Assembling
  814. Adverse ActionBusiness, Employment, Credit, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word, Occupation & positions
  815. Arch Argent
  816. Augustinians of the Assumption, Assumptionists (religious)Religious orders
  817. Aluminum Anniversary
  818. Andrew Adamson
  819. Awaiting ActivationSecurity, Governmental & Military
  820. Activity Allocation
  821. Advance AssuranceBusiness, Company, Tax
  822. Amalgamated Association
  823. Attendance Allowance (UK housing subsidy)Medical, British medicine
  824. Address AnnouncedMilitary, Traffic, Voice, President
  825. Archive AgentProduct, Software, Specification, Agent
  826. Annual Accounts
  827. AcrylamideAcrylamide is a chemical that can form in some foods during high-temperature cooking processes, such as frying, roasting, and baking.Medical, Science, Medicine, Health, Biomedicine
  828. Administrative Authorizations
  829. Army AttacheMilitary, Army, Intelligence, Force, Marine, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  830. AcadéMie D'Architecture
  831. Arrogant Assholes
  832. Asthma Attack
  833. Avoid AngerMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  834. Allergy AsthmaMedical, Research, Immunology
  835. Automated AttendantComputing, IT Terminology
  836. Amy Anderson
  837. Anglo-ArabeChevaux, Sport, Horse
  838. against actualsStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  839. Aviation AuthorityMilitary, Airport, Flight
  840. Alternate Analysis
  841. Absolute-Axis
  842. Anarchists of America
  843. Affiliate of The ArizonaBaseball, Hotel, League, Locations
  844. Area Agency
  845. Author's AdditionComputing, Ieee
  846. Albert Academy
  847. Anatolia Agency
  848. Always AccessibleTechnology, Shipping, Ship
  849. Aromatic AminesMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  850. Assistance AdministrationUs Government, Governmental & Military
  851. Anon Alanon
  852. Access AuthorizationTechnology, Management, Server, Atmospheric Research
  853. AraşIdonik Asit
  854. Amateur Archaeologist
  855. Arytenoid AductionMedical, Surgery, Otolaryngology
  856. Adenine ArabinosideMedical, Health, Body, Bone
  857. Advance Adapters
  858. Archiv FüR Anthropologie
  859. Alcoholic ActingPerforming arts
  860. Aplastic AnaemiaNoun anemia caused by the bone marrow failing to form red blood cellsMedical, Cell, Anemia, Biomedical, British medicine
  861. Administrativa De Administración
  862. Accelerated ApprovalMedical, Drug, Cancer
  863. Ars Acustica
  864. Air AmericaTechnology, America, Military
  865. Atrophia AreataMedical, Biomedical
  866. Accounting Advisory
  867. Advertising Agency
  868. Atomic AbsorptionQuantitative chemical method used for the analysis of elemental constituents.Medical, Chemistry, Biomedical, Computing, Environment, Electronics, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  869. Aku Ankka
  870. Academic Aptitude
  871. Absolute Analog
  872. Acquisition Alert
  873. Affordability AssessmentBusiness, Credit, Mortgage
  874. Australian ArmyAustralia, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  875. Alchoholics Anonymous
  876. All Asian
  877. Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque, NM)New Mexico
  878. Ampleforth Abbey
  879. Anonimni Alkoholiari
  880. Accounting & Auditing
  881. Anderson AnalyticsBusiness, Research, Social
  882. Of each (Ana)Medical, Reading Prescription
  883. Anti-AéRien
  884. Advanced AuthenticationTechnology, Security, Service
  885. Arch Angel
  886. ArchAngelReligion
  887. Andrew Adams
  888. Asia AfricaPolitics, Governmental & Military
  889. Activities and AttitudesLaw, Legal, Jurisprudence
  890. Advance Alarms
  891. Am Acad
  892. Adenylic AcidA nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP.Medical, Bone
  893. Accounting Auditing
  894. Address Allocation
  895. Archive, Alternative
  896. Advisory Agency
  897. Automatic AcknowledgeIndustry
  898. Acronyms Anonymous
  899. Army ArtilleryArmy, Force, Marine
  900. Arriving AlienAmerica, Law, Immigration, Alien
  901. Associative ArraysTechnology, Coding, Programming, Element
  902. Applied ActionsMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  903. Allergic AsthmaMedical, Patient, Allergy
  904. Auswärtiges AmtOffice, German, Holocaust
  905. Amy AllenWar, Star, Renegade
  906. Anglo-AmericanMedical
  907. Average AudienceBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  908. Avi ArdittiTechnology, America, English, Language
  909. Accountable/activity AreaAtmospheric Research
  910. Alternate AdvancementTechnology, Gaming, Quest
  911. Absolument Absinthe
  912. An ApplicationTechnology, Program, Android
  913. Arctic ArmourPath, Armor, Exile
  914. AMD AssuredComputing, Hardware
  915. Alberta Alliance
  916. An AssessmentService, Government, Research
  917. Alvi ArtisBusiness, Photo, Jakarta, Tube
  918. Arnold Arms
  919. Armed Forces AmericasUs Government, Governmental & Military, Armed Forces Americas, List of All 50 State
  920. Access America
  921. Arara AbadiProgram, Indonesia, Mina
  922. Amateur Action
  923. Agnor AreaMedical
  924. Adenex Allercorb
  925. Archiv F
  926. Artistic AerobaticsPerforming arts
  927. Apex Air-To-Air
  928. Administrative Analyst
  929. Accelerated Academics
  930. Arrow of AchievementBusiness, Guyana, National
  931. Air AmbulanceAir charter of a private jet, helicopter or turbo-prop certified to provide air transport to medical patients.Medical, Service, Military
  932. Astronomical AlmanacTechnology, Software, Linux
  933. Axenfeld AnomalyMedical, Biomedical
  934. Accounts AccountsBusiness, Accounting, Service
  935. Advertisement AgentTechnology
  936. Assisted AscentDiving, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  937. Abraham Another
  938. Absolute Altimeter
  939. Affordability AnalysisBusiness, Military, Projection
  940. AntiaircraftNASA, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  941. Alco
  942. Aplikasi Android
  943. All AreasService, Hotel, Locations
  944. Afar Language (ISO 639-1 Code)Language codes (2 letters)
  945. Anonimni AlkoholiČAri
  946. Account AssistantBusiness, Accounting, Career
  947. An AttributeForum, Technology, Database, Element
  948. Anatomical AdaptationMedical, Physiology
  949. Anti-AéRea
  950. Advanced AsphericalTechnology, Len, Camera, Shot
  951. Allahu Akbar = God is Great in ArabicReligion
  952. Andrei Arshavin
  953. Antiaircraft ArtilleryNASA, Governmental & Military
  954. Activist Agenda
  955. Advance AgroBusiness, Thailand, Paper
  956. acute appendicitisMedical, Bone, British medicine
  957. Accounting Authorities
  958. Address AddTechnology, Routing, Networking
  959. Advisory Action
  960. Antenna ArrayIndustry
  961. Al-AnonMeeting, Organizations, Step
  962. Acronyms About
  963. Army Armament
  964. Allopregnanediol Allopregnanedione
  965. Associate of ArtCollege, Education, Arts
  966. Attitude AdjustmentMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  967. Allergic AlveolitisMedical, Medicine, Body
  968. Australia Alcoholics
  969. Amy AckerCelebrity, Acting, Wallpaper, Acker
  970. Angle of AttackThe acute angle at which a moving airfoil meets the airstream.Technology, Flight, Aviation, Army, Astronomy, Aerospace, Transportation, Military, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  971. Author AlterationBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  972. Generic Cd ImageComputing, File Extensions
  973. Absalom, Absalom
  974. Anaplastic AstrocytomaMedical, Science, Brain, Biomedical
  975. Archived Availability
  976. AMD Athlon processorComputing, Hardware
  977. American AssociationAmerica, Education, Organizations
  978. Alvesta Alternative
  979. Arne Astrup
  980. As AmendedUs Government, Governmental & Military, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  981. Activity ApproachTechnology, Science, Research
  982. Access AfricaCompany, Africa, Tourism
  983. Arakanese Army
  984. Advanced ActuatorsBusiness, Technology
  985. Amarillo Area OfficeGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  986. Amyloid-associatedMedical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, Human genome
  987. Adena Adder
  988. Archives Acquisition
  989. Automobile Association (UK)Transportation, Internet Slang, Police, Chat, General, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Ordnance Survey
  990. Aperture Array
  991. Administrative Appointment
  992. Accelerated AssemblyTechnology, Space, Engineering, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  993. Arrow Assault
  994. Air Ambiant
  995. Astronomical Applications
  996. Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitansMedical, Science, Biomedical, Scientific & Educational
  997. Alliance AirAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  998. Accounting AccountingBusiness, Gaming, Hack
  999. The American AdventureDisney
  1000. Aardvark Abacus
  1001. Alternate AssessmentStudent, Science, Education
  1002. Absolute AltitudeAbsolute altitude is the height of the aircraft above the terrain over which it is flying.Military, Flight, Pilot
  1003. Affirming The Antecedent
  1004. Automatic AnswerComputing, Telecom
  1005. Alc
  1006. Anhydrous Ammonia
  1007. Aplastische An
  1008. All Angels
  1009. Approach AnxietySeduction, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1010. Anonim AlkoholistáKAlcoholic, Meg, Volt
  1011. Accountant-AdministratieconsulentBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy
  1012. Anaplastic AstrocytomasMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1013. Acetic AcidAcetic acid is a colourless liquid traditionally made by fermentation (vinegar is mainly acetic acid). It is a raw material for several key petrochemical intermediates and products, including vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) for coatings and adhesives, purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for polyester production, acetate esters, cellulose acetate, acetic anhydride and monochloroacetic acid (MCA).Medical, Chemistry, Health, Scientific & Educational
  1014. Aspenice AnesthesiologyMedical, Physiology
  1015. Anti-Arrhythmic AgentHealth, Body, Healthcare
  1016. Advanced AlloysBusiness, Company, Science
  1017. Automated AnvilProducts
  1018. Andrei ArlovskiFight, Card, Collection
  1019. Activism Addiction
  1020. Air AssaultGaming, Military, Brigade, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  1021. active avoidanceMedical, Bone
  1022. Accounting AuthorityTechnology, Service, Telecom
  1023. Additive Additive
  1024. Advising Associate
  1025. Action-AdventureHobbies
  1026. Al-AbhathScience, Journal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  1027. Acronym AtticTechnology, Finder, Control
  1028. Angular AccelerometerNASA, Governmental & Military
  1029. Andrew Anker
  1030. Allied Assault
  1031. Associate In ArtsProgram, College, Education
  1032. Alive AgainMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  1033. Allen AcademyEducation, High School, Michigan, Texas
  1034. Aurum ArgentumLatin, Roman
  1035. Amtliche AbküRzung
  1036. AngiomyxomaMedical
  1037. Agricultural AssistantBanking, Business & Finance
  1038. Audible Audio Book FileComputing, File Extensions
  1039. Abrasive Articles
  1040. Anaplastic Anemia
  1041. Architecture Association
  1042. Automatic AdjustComputing, Electronics
  1043. American Anthropologist
  1044. Alumni AssociationMilitary, Education, University
  1045. Adjusted AllotmentUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1046. Activity Anorexia
  1047. Access AddressForum, Technology, Security
  1048. Arakan ArmyMilitary, Group, Myanmar, United Nations
  1049. Advanced Academy
  1050. Amarillo AreaMedical, Texas, City
  1051. ArteriaMedical, Common Medical
  1052. Adelaide Advertiser
  1053. Archive Average
  1054. ArubaTechnology, Computing, Aruba, Internet, Country, Governmental & Military, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  1055. Apendicitis Aguda
  1056. Administrative Appeal
  1057. Arne Andersson
  1058. Always Assign
  1059. Accelerated AssembliesTechnology
  1060. Arrow Arum
  1061. Air AlmanacEphemeris specially compiled for use in air navigation Arranged in daily pages for ready reference and determination of Greenwich Hour Angles to nearest minute of arc
  1062. AstrocytomaAstrocytoma are a type of cancer of the brain. They originate in a particular kind of glial cells, star-shaped brain cells in the cerebrum called astrocytes. This type of tumor does not usually spread outside the brain and spinal cord and it does not usually affect other organs. Astrocytomas are the most common glioma and can occur in most parts of the brain and occasionally in the spinal cord.Medical
  1063. aggregative adherenceMedical, Biomedical, Bacteria
  1064. Alliance AffiliationBusiness, Forum, Nation
  1065. A1 Address
  1066. Accounting, AccountingBusiness, Service, Currency
  1067. Audio-AnimatronicsComputing, Electronics, Disney
  1068. Of EachMedical, Medicine, Common Medical
  1069. Alternate Animation
  1070. Absolute AdvantageBeing able to produce goods more cheaply than other countries.
  1071. Affirmative ActionTransportation, Technology, Employment, Finance, Shipping, Conveyance, Management, Special Education, NASA, Human Resources, General, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, Medical, Common Medical
  1072. Auto-AnswerSecurity, Computing, Telecom, Governmental & Military
  1073. Albuquerque AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Mexico
  1074. Anders Andersen
  1075. All Agreed
  1076. As aboveOften used in online messages boards to refer to a previous post; also used in online chat to reference something previously stated in the conversation.Texting, Sms, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1077. Anonima Alcolisti
  1078. Account AdministratorBusiness, Company, Windows
  1079. Abdominal AortaMedical, Physiology
  1080. Anti-Arrhythmic
  1081. Advanced Age
  1082. Adjustable ArmsProducts
  1083. Andreas Athanasiou
  1084. Aplastische AnäMie
  1085. Accelerometer AssemblyTechnology, Space, Shuttle
  1086. Active PageBusiness, Forum, Technology, Windows, Accounting, Program, Accountancy, Business & Finance, Computing, File Extensions
  1087. Air AsiaBusiness, Flight, Asia, Airline Code
  1088. Abietic AcidMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1089. Accounting Association
  1090. Advise of Allotment
  1091. All AgeFilm censorship
  1092. Al-AbedMedical, Science, Research, University
  1093. Acronym AbuseTechnology, Slang, Internet
  1094. Afghanistan Is Also
  1095. Assistant AdministratorTransportation, Us Government, Governmental & Military, International Development
  1096. Allex Altezza
  1097. Associate ArtsProgram, College, Education
  1098. Amelia AcademyVirginia
  1099. Auli DuoLatin, Roman
  1100. Amstrad Action
  1101. AnesthesiaIn the practice of medicine, anesthesia or anaesthesia is a state of temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness. It may include analgesia, paralysis, amnesia, or unconsciousness. A patient under the effects of anesthetic drugs is referred to as being anesthetized.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Physiology
  1102. Alcoa, Inc.Business & Finance, Asx symbols, Computing, Nyse symbols
  1103. Alumni Association InfoSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1104. Anaplastic AnaemiaMedical, Medicine, Oncology, Biomedical, British medicine
  1105. Advertising Art
  1106. Architecture Archive
  1107. Active ActiveComputing, Electronics
  1108. Alumnae Association
  1109. Andrew Allemann
  1110. America's answerUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1111. Activity Annex
  1112. Arachidonate AcidMedical
  1113. Advance AuthorisationsBusiness, Export, Import
  1114. Amani Ali
  1115. autoanalyserMedical, British medicine
  1116. Addressed Admail
  1117. Archive Appliance
  1118. Anesthesiologist AssistantMedical, Surgery, Occupation & positions
  1119. Acrylic AcidAcrylic acid is used in the production of acrylate esters, superabsorbent polymers, detergents and flocculants. Acrylate esters are mostly used in coatings, adhesives, and elastomers applications, while superabsorbents are used in diapers etc, and most other derivatives are performance chemicals for cleaning or water treatment, also firefighting. Acrylic Acid is a propylene derivative which is produced by propylene vapor-phase oxidation.Medical, Business, China, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1120. Administrative Application
  1121. ArméE Des Alpes
  1122. Accela Automation
  1123. Arrow Air-To-Surface
  1124. AsthmaticsMedical
  1125. agranulocytic anginaMedical, Bacteria
  1126. Allgemeiner Anzeiger
  1127. A-A Air
  1128. Anchor AssemblyConstruction
  1129. AylıK ArtıSSon, Art, Yap
  1130. Alternate AnimationsForum, Gaming, Animation, Slave
  1131. Absolute AddressSometimes known as a real address, machine address, or direct address, an absolute address is the specifically fixed address in the memory of a computer system. This is different from a relative address, which uses the distance between a point of origin and a point of destination as the means of specifying the location. An address of this type helps make it easier for a computer to reference the exact location in the memory where data is stored. The absolute address is only of several different types of memory addresses. Essentially, a memory address is a location in the memory where a software program or some type of hardware device can place data and later retrieve it with relative ease. An address space like this is normally expressed as a binary number with a finite or limited sequence that helps to describe the memory. The space itself may involve a single byte, or multiple successive bytes in the memory location, depending on the size of the data that is stored.Technology, Instruction, Telecom
  1132. Affirmation Action
  1133. Arild Andersen
  1134. Agile AccessComputing, Telecom
  1135. Albino Alligator
  1136. Anchorage AreaAn area in which vessels or seaplanes anchor or may anchor.
  1137. Always AgroundArmy, War, War Force
  1138. All AgesFilm, Gaming, Driving
  1139. Amarillo Area Office (DOE)Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1140. Anonieme Alcoholisten
  1141. Account Access
  1142. Amazon-Atlantic
  1143. amount to be takenMedical, Pharmacy
  1144. Anti-ArmorGaming, Military, Weapon
  1145. Advanced Air
  1146. Archivo Arzobispal
  1147. Automatic AnalyzerProducts
  1148. Anderlecht Antwerp
  1149. Aplastic AnemaMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1150. Acceleration AltitudeFlight, Aviation, Flightdeckfriend
  1151. Arsenal Do AlfeiteClass, Portugal, Portuguese, Arsenal
  1152. Air ArmyTechnology, Military, Force
  1153. Acquired Asplastic AnemiaMedical, Biomedical
  1154. Accounting and AuditingBusiness, Book, Audit
  1155. Advertising Allowance
  1156. Apache AnneFamous
  1157. Akzhan Abdulin
  1158. Acrid Air-To-AirMilitary, Aircraft, Russia
  1159. Afghan ArmyMilitary, Afghanistan, Soldier
  1160. Ascii ArtGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1161. Alcoa Inc.Technology, Organizations
  1162. All Aviation
  1163. Accountant-administratieconsulent (Netherlands)Regional
  1164. Augustinians of The AssumptionCollege, Education, Catholic
  1165. Amplitude of AccommodationMedical, Len, Vision
  1166. Andrew ArchBusiness, Art, Music, Design
  1167. Activation AnalysisChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1168. Advertising AgentBusiness, Company, Technology
  1169. Architectural AcousticsTechnology, Peavey, Sound
  1170. Ahavat AchimSynagogues
  1171. Aluminum Awning
  1172. Andrew Ainsworth
  1173. Airman ApprenticeUs Navy, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  1174. Activity AnalysisBusiness, Strategy, Invention
  1175. Arachidic AcidArachidic acid, also called eicosanoic acid, is the saturated fatty acid with a 20-carbon chain. It is as a minor constituent of peanut oil (1.1%–1.7%) and corn oil (3%). Its name derives from the Latin arachis — peanut. It can be formed by the hydrogenation of arachidonic acid.Medical, Medicine, NANP Modeling Commitee
  1176. Advance AuthorisationBusiness, Export, Import
  1177. Amana AcademyEducation, School, High School, Georgia
  1178. ascending aortaFirst section of the aorta as it leaves the heart and turns upwards. Compare descending aortaMedical, British medicine, Healthcare, Physiology
  1179. Address Attestation
  1180. Archive Alliance
  1181. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  1182. Acrylic Acetate
  1183. Administrative Annex
  1184. ArméE De L'Air
  1185. Accademia Americana
  1186. Arrow, Although
  1187. AsthmaticPertaining to asthma as, for example, asthmatic bronchitis. A person with asthma.Medical
  1188. Avoiding AngerMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  1189. Allergy Alliance
  1190. Avilion Et Al
  1191. Asian Avenue (website)Community
  1192. Axis & AlliesGaming, Military, Ally
  1193. Alternative AnalysisTechnology, Government, Transit, Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  1194. Absolute AbstinenceMedical, Meeting, Alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous
  1195. An AssociateCollege, Education, Arts
  1196. Affine ArithmeticTechnology, Analysis, Signal
  1197. AreataMedical
  1198. Audit AgentComputing, Telecom
  1199. Albino Alenquer
  1200. Anchorage Alaska
  1201. Always Active
  1202. Aromatic Amine
  1203. Atlantic AllianceUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1204. Anon Alcoholics
  1205. Accountable AreaTechnology, Science, Environment
  1206. Amazing Assist
  1207. equal part of eachMedical, Pharmacy, Physiology, Reading Prescription
  1208. Advance Air
  1209. Archivio Arcivescovile
  1210. Auto AperturePhotography
  1211. Aplastic AnemiaMedical, Treatment, Pediatrics, Cell
  1212. Administrativa De Administraci
  1213. Accelerated AssessmentMedicine, Health, Care
  1214. Ars Aequi
  1215. Air ArmamentMilitary, Aircraft, Force
  1216. alkylating agentsMedical, Biomedical
  1217. Accounting Aide
  1218. Advertising AssociationBusiness, Media, Organizations
  1219. Aiven AndriansFamous
  1220. Akutan Alaska
  1221. Acquisitions Also
  1222. Affordability StatementArmy, Force, Marine
  1223. Airplane AvionicsFlight, Aerodynamics, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1224. Alcholics AnonymousAlcoholic, Internet Slang, Organizations, Computing, Computing Slang

Please also find AA meaning in other sources.

What does AA stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about AA acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the AA abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does AA meaning stand for?

    AA meaning stands for Archive Alliance.
  2. What is the meaning of AA abbreviation?

    The meaning of AA abbreviation is "Accelerated Aging".
  3. What is AA definition ?

    AA definition is "Administrative Application".
  4. What does AA mean ?

    AA mean that "Advertising Agency".
  5. What is AA acronym ?
    AA acronym is "Anon, Or Alateen".
  6. What is shorthand of Anon and Alateen ?
    The shorthand of "Anon and Alateen" is AA.
  7. What is the definition of AA acronym?
    Definitions of AA shorthand is "Anti-Burning Assembling".
  8. What is the full form of AA abbreviation?
    Full form of AA abbreviation is "Aleksandr Arzamasov".
  9. What is the full meaning of AA ?
    Full meaning of AA is "AlcoóLicos Anónimos".
  10. What is the explanation for AA ?
    Explanation for AA is "Alaska Administrative".

What is the meaning of AA Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AA definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AA abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AA acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AA Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AA (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

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