ABGR Meaning

The ABGR meaning is "Abies Grandis". The ABGR abbreviation has 11 different full form.

ABGR Full Forms

  1. Abies Grandis Science
  2. American Business Group of Riyedh
  3. American Businessmen'S Group of Riyadh
  4. Alpha Blue Green Red
  5. Alpha-Blue-Green-Red
  6. Australian Biographical Genealogical Register Genealogy
  7. Assocyacao Brasileira De Gerencia De Riscos Management, Para, Brasil
  8. Australian Building Greenhouse Ratings
  9. Australian Building Greenhouse Rating Business, Australia, Environment
  10. Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record
  11. Austvalian Biographical & Genealogical Record

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABGR stand for?

    ABGR stands for Assocyacao Brasileira De Gerencia De Riscos.

  2. What is the shortened form of Alpha-Blue-Green-Red?

    The short form of "Alpha-Blue-Green-Red" is ABGR.


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