ABLE Meaning

The ABLE meaning is "Abilities Beyond Limitations & Expectations". The ABLE abbreviation has 86 different full form.

ABLE Full Forms

  1. Abilities Beyond Limitations & Expectations
  2. Activity Balance Line Evaluation Technology, Science, Research, Atmospheric Research
  3. Able Energy, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  4. Adult Basic Literacy Education Program, Education, Ohio
  5. Adult Basic and Literacy Education Program, Education, Ohio
  6. Adolescent Behavioral Learning Experience Business, Bond, Social, Impact
  7. Achieving Better Life Experience Business, Accounting, Disability
  8. Amazon Boundary Layer Experiment Technology, Science, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Research
  9. Association of Biotech Led Enterprises Business, India, Crop
  10. Academy for Building Lifelong Employakility Business, India, Training
  11. Anne Bates Leach Eye
  12. Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises Organizations, India, Enterprise
  13. Adult Basic Learning and Education
  14. Automated Bridge Launching Equipment Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  15. Alcoholic Beverageolaws & Enforcement
  16. Association of Biology Laboratory Educators Science, Research, Education
  17. Academe for Black and Latin Education
  18. Annandale Beginning Learners Education Development, Learning, Study
  19. Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations Business, Singapore, Ability
  20. Adult Basic Learning Exam Education
  21. Association for Better Living & Education
  22. Audio Braille Literacy Enhancement Science, Literacy
  23. Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Organizations, Commission, Oklahoma
  24. Association of Biology Laboratory Education
  25. Academips Based On Life Experiences Education, Special Education
  26. Alliance of Basiness Leaders & Entrepreneurs
  27. Adult Basic Learning Examination
  28. Association for Beaver Lake Environment
  29. Airborne Laser Evaluation Technology, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Flight, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  30. Association of Black Law Enforcers
  31. Advanced Baccalaureate Learning Experience
  32. Academic Bridges To Learning Effectiveness Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  33. Alliance Oe Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Business, Chicago, Loan
  34. Adult Basic Literacy and Education
  35. Apprenticuship-Based Learning Environment
  36. Aids Brdget Legislative Effort Government, Politics, Policy
  37. Association of Black Law Enforcement
  38. Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology
  39. Academic and Behavior Leaqning Environment
  40. Alliance of Biodiesel Leaders and Educators
  41. Adult Basic and Literacy Educators
  42. Applied Business Learning Experience
  43. Agile Based Learning Environuent
  44. Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprise Business, India, Biotech
  45. Adult Blind Learning Experience Development, Learning, Study
  46. Association of Better Living and Education Medical, Medicine, Drug
  47. All Belandan Labor Entejprises Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  48. Adult Basic and Literary Education
  49. Applied Behavioral Learzing Enterprises
  50. Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises Organizations, India, Biotech
  51. Adult Basic Literacy Exam
  52. Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforiement
  53. Adventure Based Learning Experience Student, Science, Education
  54. Association for Biology Laboratory Education Education, Association, Organization, Biology, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  55. Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment Government, Community, Church, Georgia
  56. Affiliated Black Laboratory Employees Science, Sandi, Nuclear Science
  57. Arctic Boundary Layer Expedition Chemistry
  58. Advancing Better Living for Elders Technology, Aging, Place
  59. Action for a Better Living Environment Organization, United States, Student Organization, Business & Finance
  60. Association of Biology Lab Educators
  61. Advocates for Budget Legislation Equality
  62. Academics Based on Life Experiences Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  63. Advanced Base Logistics Envelope Military
  64. African-American Business Leaders for Excellence
  65. Association of The Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs Education, Entrepreneurship, Bulgaria
  66. Advocates for Basic Legal Equality Service, Government, Ohio
  67. AIDS Budget Legislative Effort Politics, Governmental & Military
  68. Audio and Braille Literacy Enhancement
  69. Achieving Better Life Expectancy
  70. Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs Technology, Entrepreneurship, Bulgaria
  71. Advocates Building Lasting Equality
  72. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment Technology, Science, Climatology, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  73. Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement
  74. Automotive Bridge Launch Equipment Military, Army, Force
  75. Association of Black Laboratory Employees
  76. Advocate, Boldness, Leadership and Empowerment
  77. Able Energy, Inc. Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  78. Attitudes and Beliefs About Living With Epilepsy Medical, Attitude, Seizure
  79. Automotive Bridge-Launching Equipment
  80. Association of Biotech-Led Enterprises Medical, India, Crop
  81. Adventure Based Learning Experiences
  82. Able Bodies Laboring Everywhere Community
  83. Atmospheric Balloon Lidar Experiment
  84. Agent Building and Learning Environment Technology, Science, Java, Software, Computing, IT Terminology
  85. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiments Chemistry
  86. Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABLE stand for?

    ABLE stands for Association for Biology Laboratory Education.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adult Basic Literacy and Education?

    The short form of "Adult Basic Literacy and Education" is ABLE.


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