ABML Meaning

The ABML meaning is "Aditya Birla Money Ltd". The ABML abbreviation has 14 different full form.

ABML Full Forms

  1. Aditya Birla Money Ltd
  2. Aditya Birla Minerals Ltd Business, Company, Industrial
  3. Abml-Associacao Brasileira De Movimentacao E Logistica
  4. American Board of Medical Laboratory
  5. Air Battle Management Level
  6. Aditya Birla Minerals Limited
  7. Aditya Birla Money Limited
  8. Andrew Bayne Mem Library Education
  9. American Bullion Minerals Ltd
  10. Address Book Markup Language
  11. Auke Bay Marine Lab
  12. Associação Brasileira De Movimentação E LogíStica
  13. Associação Brasileira De Medicina Legal
  14. Argument Based Machine Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABML stand for?

    ABML stands for Address Book Markup Language.

  2. What is the shortened form of Abml-Associacao Brasileira De Movimentacao E Logistica?

    The short form of "Abml-Associacao Brasileira De Movimentacao E Logistica" is ABML.


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