ABRI Meaning

The ABRI meaning is "African Butterfly Research Institute". The ABRI abbreviation has 21 different full form.

ABRI Full Forms

  1. African Butterfly Research Institute Science, Africa, History, Butterfly
  2. Aurora Biophysics Research Institute Business, Student, Education
  3. Advancing The Blue Revolution Initiative
  4. Armed Forces of The Republic of Indonesia Military
  5. Adjusted Blood Requirement Index
  6. Anak Buah Rhoma Irama Indonesia, Bang, Haji
  7. Academic and Behavioral Response To Intervention Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  8. Amsterdam Business Research Institute Management, Education, University
  9. Abrams Industries, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  10. Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute
  11. Associação Brasileira De RelaçÕEs Internacionais Para, Government, Internacional
  12. Agricultural Business Research Institute Science, Australia, Genetics, Cattle, Farming & agriculture
  13. Architecture and Building Research Institute Technology, City, Taiwan, Architecture
  14. Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute
  15. Apartment Building Recycling Initiative Environment, Habitat, Setting
  16. Agricultural Business Research Institutetute
  17. Australian Biofuels Research Institute Asia, Ecology, Renewable Energy
  18. Australian Beef Research Institute
  19. Abrams Industries, Inc. Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  20. Australian Battery Recycling Initiative Technology, Australia, Environment
  21. Associa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABRI stand for?

    ABRI stands for Australian Biofuels Research Institute.

  2. What is the shortened form of Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute?

    The short form of "Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute" is ABRI.


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