ACBC Meaning

The ACBC meaning is "Armidale Community Buddhist Centre". The ACBC abbreviation has 45 different full form.

ACBC Full Forms

  1. Armidale Community Buddhist Centre
  2. Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist
  3. Alamo City Barber College
  4. Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Finance
  5. Australian China Business Council
  6. Accumbens Core Medical
  7. Asphalt Concrete Base Course Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  8. Airway, C-Spine, Breathing, & Circulation
  9. Arctic Circumpolar Boundary Current
  10. Australian Careers Business College Australia, Education, Course
  11. Abbey College Behaviour Committee Development, Study, Colleges
  12. Asean China Business Council Organizations, Community, Economics, Asean
  13. Advanced Certificate In Business Computing
  14. Anoka County Brotherhood Council Government, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  15. Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference
  16. 1-Amino-1-Cyclobutanecarboxylic Acid Medicine, Health, Care
  17. Asean-China Business Council Technology, Organizations, Association
  18. Addiction Center of Broome County
  19. Albuquerque Chinese Baptist Church
  20. Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Australia, Organizations, Church
  21. Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman
  22. Arts Council of Beaufort County
  23. Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Technology, Research, Analysis
  24. Albina Community Bancorp Organizations
  25. Aloha College Basketball Club Sports, Basketball
  26. Artonne, Combronde, Beaurgard-Vendon, Cellule
  27. Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint Business, Research, Analysis
  28. Albany Creek Business Contacts
  29. Australia-China Business Council
  30. Asphaltic Concrete Binder Course
  31. Aminocyclobutanecarboxylic Acid Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  32. Atlantic City Boardwalk Con
  33. African Capacity Building Centre United Nations
  34. Atlanta Chin Baptist Church
  35. Canada, British Columbia, Summerland, Agriculture Canada Research Station Insect and Spider Collections
  36. Athlete'S Choice Batting Center
  37. Autonomous Community of The Basque Country
  38. Association of Canadian Bible Colleges
  39. Australian Craft Brewers Conference
  40. Association of Certified Biblical Counseling Education, Diploma, Document, Sertification
  41. Australia China Business Council Business, Australia, China, Business & Finance, International business
  42. Australian Commercial Bamboo Corporation
  43. Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Education, Diploma, Document, Sertification
  44. Australia-China Business Council Business, Australia, China
  45. Associa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACBC stand for?

    ACBC stands for Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference.

  2. What is the shortened form of Asean-China Business Council?

    The short form of "Asean-China Business Council" is ACBC.


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