ACBR Meaning

The ACBR meaning is "Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research". The ACBR abbreviation has 16 different full form.

ACBR Full Forms

  1. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research
  2. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research Science, Education, University
  3. Akron-Canton Boxer Rescue
  4. Afghanistan Central Business Registry
  5. Acbr-Associacao Campograndense Beneficente De Reabilitacao
  6. American Chiropractic Board of Radiology Medicine, America, Education
  7. Addison County Board of Realtors
  8. Austrian Center of Biological Resources
  9. Auditory Cortex Behind The Rhinal
  10. Associação ComunitáRia De Barra Do Riacho
  11. Association of Citizens and Band Radio
  12. Adjustable Constant Bit Rate
  13. American Computer Barrel Racing
  14. Autoridade Certificadora Brasileira De Registros
  15. Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors Business, Atlanta, Building
  16. Automated Carrier Baggage Rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACBR stand for?

    ACBR stands for Austrian Center of Biological Resources.

  2. What is the shortened form of Autoridade Certificadora Brasileira De Registros?

    The short form of "Autoridade Certificadora Brasileira De Registros" is ACBR.


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